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8pm Bedroom – Cody & Mark.
Cody – there was even a little bit of a$$ kissing from me this week. I was like no, no I totally understand. Absolutely. It was ripping my soul out with a blunt object. I was like why don’t you look at me as an asset. AHHH.. it killed me to do that. So you do something for someone else and it never works out. Cody – should I just make up a havenot bed now? Mark – I’m going to go piss and see if Elena will look at me. F**king self-evict. Cody – don’t put yourself with the likes of Megan. Mark – oh never.

8:06pm HOH room. Paul, Matt and Raven.
Paul – the showmance killer is back! Paul – if we convince Jessica that she is only targeted because of Cody, I think she might let us kick him out of this game because she is pissed at Cody right now. She said he just blew up my whole game again by the way he acted. So the hex is if both of them are up and she doesn’t feel safe, she can use the hex and its a dud week or something. Matt – that doesn’t help them anyways. Paul – so I said to her the only reason you’re targeted is because of Cody. Christmas, Alex and Josh join them. Josh – he got in your face? Paul – he tried to yeah. Jess started talking loud and I said hey Jess keep your voice down a little bit. And he was like don’t f**king tell her what to do! You treat them all like dogs down there. And you know what Paul, I’m tired of your sh*t! You walk around thinking you’re the best player ever. You constantly tell people your on day 136. Paul – that’s a fact! That’s a fact and I’m not putting it in your face, its more like maybe listen to me, I kind of know what’s going on. I never said I was a better player. Christmas – you’ve had 3 months experience at this. Paul – and then he was like F**K you Paul. And I was like NO f**k you Cody!! Get the f**k out of here. He was like what the f**k are you going to do about it?! Paul – tell you to get the f**k out of my room you emotional pu$$y! Are you sure you’re 32 buddy, I’m pretty sure you’re 12. Paul – I am going to unearth him this week. I am going to GI JOE him. I’m going Josh on him! Christmas – there is no way he has safety and he is acting like that! Paul – nope, nope, nope!! If Cody tries to talk to me I will just say sorry Cody no air time buddy! Elena joins them. Paul – Now I am going full Josh on him!

Josh – someone doesn’t react like that if they’re safe. Paul – I’m calling their bluff! Josh tells Elena that she is beautiful. He doesn’t deserve you. Can I give you a kiss?! Josh leaves to go tell the meatball he kissed her girl. Elena – at what point did he (Mark) think that was okay in the game or in real life. He thinks it was funny.

8:10pm Bathroom. Elena and Jessica.
Elena – so you guys just take yourselves off on Thursday and he will have to put up two new people or some crazy thing will happen in the house. Jessica – I honestly don’t even want to talk about it. It doesn’t matter any more. Elena – I can’t believe that sh*t. Its good that you’re safe but it sucks. Jess – if you win HOH next week are you going to give the house what they want? Elena – I have no idea what the house wants at this point. I was 99% certain that I was going up and out this week. I knew this week specifically was going to determine a lot. Elena – and then Mark is going to get in sh*t from production. Jessica – did he swing? Elena – it wasn’t good. Big Brother switches the feeds.

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8:17pm Havenot room. Cody and Kevin.
Kevin – what are you doing? Cody – just giving Jessica a minute. Kevin – are you guys coveted? Next Thursday?! Cody – yeah, but I will probably tell Jess to not use it and keep me up there. Kevin – don’t get emotional, just breath man. Cody – but as far as I am concerned I am the worst for her game. As long as I am here its going to keep f**king with her game. Kevin – you’re a good man for that. Just sit up there and relax.

8:25pm Kitchen – Josh, Paul, Alex and Jason.

Mark walks by the kitchen and heads up to the HOH room. Josh yells at him – WAS MY QUE TO RUN WHEN YOU CAME UP TO ME?! BECAUSE IT DIDN’T WORK!! YOU’RE STILL GOING HOME MEATBALL! YOU’RE STILL GOING HOME! You can’t get in my face but if you want to do it .. then do it! You can do it. Don’t play yourself meatball!! YOU PLAYED YOURSELF WHEN YOU THREW A DRINK IN MY FACE! YOU F**KED UP! I TOLD YOU BY THE POOL YOU F**KED UP AND YOU DIDN’T LISTEN TO ME. WELL GUESS WHAT?! THERE’S NO SLEEPING TILL YOU LEAVE. THERE’S NO EATING! I’M GOING TO TORTURE YOU AND BE YOUR WORST LIVING NIGHTMARE TILL YOU WALK OUT THOSE DOORS. Paul tells Josh to go up and sit in the HOH room. Josh gets called to the diary room. Soon after Cody comes out of hiding to get a drink of water from the kitchen.

8:30pm HOH room. Kevin tells them that Cody is in his room crying saying that he’s had enough. He said he’s going to tell Jess to leave him up there. He said he’s just bad for her game at this point. They all watch Josh on the spy TV. Josh comes up to the HOH room and asks Mark for the too-too. Mark – its mine. Josh – its not yours its big brothers. You don’t deserve the too-too. You’re not apart of friendship so what are you doing up here. You were just defending Cody so go be with him in the havenot room you big meatball. Come on you big meatball get out of here!! Josh leaves. Elena – I quit my job for this. This is going to get exhausting real quick.

8:35pm Kitchen – Josh, Paul, Alex and Christmas are all dancing and yelling.

8:50pm Mark, Paul, Elena, Christmas,
Paul – this is big brother, its only going to get funnier. Don’t try and tough guy around me. That sh*t don’t fly. If he wants to fight me we can set up a time and place outside of the show and we can fight. You’re shaking and your eyes can’t stay still. Get the f**k out of here. Small di*k complex!

8:55pm Kevin tells Paul that Jessica said she just can’t do it no more. The way Cody acted towards you was wrong and she can’t do it no more. It looks like the guy she’s been with, she’s going to be done with. Paul – well I’m sorry, it ain’t my fault. Kevin – bottom line he acted inappropriately and I’m not covering him any more.

8:57pm Lounge room. Paul and Elena.
Paul – this is a hash tag blessed moment .. you better back the f**k up if you want to make some serious moves in this game. I told you to f**king trust me. You’re f**king welcome. Pivot! Even though I had nothing to do with that. Back the f**k away. Don’t be an idiot in this moment right now. Elena – the only thing I am afraid of is.. Paul – Cody and Mark are done! Gone. Cody I am pretty sure is about to self-evict because Jessica no longer gives a sh*t about him. Cody is gone. Mark is next! Abandon ship. Elena – I just feel like I still .. Mark’s behavior today is not something I feel comfortable with in this game or in real life. Paul – also all the things that they’re saying .. I was watching Marks face specifically when I was nominating him because I had a hunch and he looked over and was like (nodding). I was going to call him out on it and be like hey buddy what are you doing in here .. Cody is down there .. why don’t you go smile at him more. But he is high tension and I don’t need to do that is a conversation I will have at a later time. You need to rip the band-aid off on that one. If they truly are that safe why is Cody acting like that. Elena – I feel safe with you but not the rest. Paul – its repairable.

Josh comes out of the diary room and tells Paul, Kevin, Jason, Elena and Alex – I need to stop. Paul – what? Josh – everything. Paul – really? Josh – yeah I need to chill. I know that I am not going to hit someone but we don’t know if they are going to hit somebody. It is coward to get them to him me and get kicked out. I want them to walk out the front door. Stand with the pots and pans right there. Jason – oh damn it right .. because we can’t bait them. Paul – really. Josh – I can’t provoke a fight. I want to get under their skin.

9:10pm HOH room Mark telling Matt what production told him. Mark – I said I didn’t touch him. They said a man of your size charging at somebody.. big brother blocks the feeds.

Christmas – a lot of people weren’t expecting Cody to come back. You showed a different side of you when he wasn’t here. I think that you held onto that. A lot of people don’t trust Cody. I think that a lot of people just don’t trust Cody. Jessica – if I was seen as separate, I shouldn’t have been nominated. Christmas – everyone prefers you here over Cody. They didn’t want to put you up but the temptation peeked their curiosity. Jessica – I feel exhausted in this house. Christmas – you are not the top target. Jess – I am scared to see how all this plays out in the real world. I don’t agree with how he (Cody) handled the situation and if that is how he handles things in the outside world, it is not okay with me. Jess – you realize he is going to be here for another 2 weeks. With the hex, no one goes home. Not Jason, not anyone! Christmas – how is that a plus. Jess – no one is going home this week and Paul can’t compete in HOH next week. I honestly didn’t think Paul would nominate us. Christmas – if you felt safe would you keep it up? Jess – I don’t know. I think if anyone was on the block next to Cody, they would feel safe. Christmas – this hex is a good thing for you but you have to figure out how to use it for a good thing. Use the hex, don’t use the hex just make sure it works for you. Jessica – my biggest fear about getting into a showmance was going through a break up.

HOH room – Elena and Mark.
Mark – being bullied as a kid that whole feeling of being defenseless and just sitting there taking it. It is just very painful. Elena – I know, I’m sorry. I don’t think you should have said anything to him. I am not discounting the way you feel.. when you’re already not in a good mindset. I don’t discount that. Its just unacceptable. Elena – I have found ti really had so maintain friendships. Everyone struggles with… you should not have gone after him. But Josh is clearly not mentally stable. Trying to have a rationally conversation with him leads to this. Mark – I need you in this house. Elena – you can’t behave that way. Mark – I clearly can’t do that again or I’m out of this house. Elena – you have to understand that this is a game. You got in his face! Mark – I took the pans from him. Elena – it didn’t look good. You’re terrifying and it didn’t look good. I believe that you wouldn’t have but it didn’t look good. Everyone said. Mark put his hands on him. Elena – my association with you could be changing the amount of time I have left in this house. Mark – if I had touched him, I would be out of this house. Elena – if they’re not going home.. someone has to go home. I am literally in a place right now where I don’t know what to do. There is no guarantee that any move or pivot I make will make any difference. Elena – I just don’t know what to do. Mark – I know you’re in a tough spot.

9:45pm HOH room. Mark – because of what just happened between me and Josh am I a bigger target than Josh? In your eyes? Paul – in my eye’s no. Josh isn’t even a target to me. Josh I can get out at any time. My objective right now is Jessica and Cody. And Jess only because she is attached to Cody. I told Jess that the only reason people are lying to her is because no one likes Cody. Nobody likes Cody. Everybody doesn’t like Cody. Everybody wants Cody gone. You’re safe this week right? That is one week you can un-f**k yourself. Don’t be outside the numbers because Cody’s a cool guy. I know this is a marathon and not a sprint… just like how Cody gassed out for the second time. Its going to be sweet to tell him to f**k off for the second time on my HOH because he is an emotional player. Remember when Josh had a week of safety and everyone for sure thought he was going home… learn from that and un-F**k yourself. Mark – thank you.

10:25pm Kitchen – Christmas and Paul.
Christmas – give her a night. He is acting like an a$$ and will continue to act like an a$$. Paul – if we can keep this wound open till tomorrow after the veto, then we’re done and we can make a deal. But we have to win the veto to make the deal. But I am not willing to pull her off because if we pull her off and she uses the hex and Cody is safe. She has to be up there and be in a room of 10 people saying we are up there right now Cody is who we want. We don’t know exactly what it is and Production can’t lie for her.

10:50pm Havenot room. Jessica and Cody.
Cody – I am extremely sorry for everything. Jessica – so you showing that you’re sorry for everything is you packing your bags, not even addressing me and making up your bed in here? Cody – I was just giving you space. That’s it. I am sorry. Jessica – I’m sorry doesn’t cover it. Mark reacted to someone that was screaming for 20 minutes and banging pots and pans in his face. I can understand a snap there. And I understand that we have been kicked so many times in this game that you’re going to snap. But at the end of the day this house is a game. But when we leave this house we have to answer to people. I don’t know who you have to answer to in your life but in my life I am a representation of my family and I have a job and those people expect me to behave in a specific way and the people that I associate myself with are held to those same standards. So considering the situation that we were in you reaction was overwhelmingly too much. Could you react. You were well within your right to react but it did not match the situation. I came in saying that I would not attack anyone’s personal character or throw a temper tantrum and you got into Paul’s face and called him names which attacks someone personally. This is a game and we have to answer for our actions personally and I don’t like that side of you. I am 26 and you are 32, I have been in enough altercations with people to know what I can handle and what I can’t and I don’t want to be dating a hot head that gets into fist fights. I need someone that balances me out. I appreciate that you were defending me but the degree was too high. If people can’t come after you they will come after me. Cody – I don’t think I can balance you out the way you want me to balance you out. Jessica – you don’t want to? Or you can’t? Cody – I can’t. Jessica – I can only do so much. Cody – I can’t do anything to help you. Jessica – so what was the point of this. Cody – I didn’t know how much I would let you down. Jessica – this is not just a game, this is my life. Cody – I don’t know what I can do to make you happy right now. Jessica – you didn’t even try to make it better, you just said that you can’t do it. Cody – you are asking me to not be myself. Jessica – you can try to not be as hot headed. Cody – the only way to try that is to go through another situation and I don’t want to put you through that again. I just want you to be happy.

11:20pm Storage room. Paul and Jessica.
Paul – you can make it to jury. I get that you like Cody and Cody likes you but he will be there outside of the house. If you guys have genuine feelings for each other he will be there. He strikes me as the type of guy that would take a bullet for you. When I asked you to keep your voice down, he thought I was attacking you. That’s just his machismo character. This is a game homie! Maybe you and Cody will work out, maybe you won’t. Do you think he will be upset that you went so far in the game? Think about it. Next week if you want to take a shot back next week then do it. This is a game. I take risks in this game. I enjoy it. You never wronged me. You never wronged anyone. You have a good track record in this house. You’re only downfall was being associated with Cody. Jessica – don’t take my expression as anything.. I am in reboot mode.

11:35pm Havenot room – Jessica and Cody.
Cody – its a game. Jessica – you need to f**king control yourself. Cody – I am not going to stop myself from being myself. Jessica – that action upstairs.. Cody – that up there I will not stop myself from doing that. That’s how I am. And you don’t like that so there is nothing I can say to change that. I will do that every damn time. Jessica – what does that accomplish. Cody – it doesn’t matter what it accomplishes. That’s what I wanted to do and I’m going to do what I want to do in that situation. I am not going to change that and it is hurting your life. I am incredibly sorry. All I can do is disassociate myself from you. Cody – you live in a society with people you can’t act like that. Jessica – you’re being so stupid. Cody – I don’t think I can make you happy the way you want me to. I don’t have the same social light that you have. Cody – I don’t want my daughter to see me like that either. I will try to pull myself from that every time. I am not giving up but I am defeated. Cody – can I go back to not talking. I was cool the first part of the came winning competitions .. that’s what I do. Jessica – I can’t not use the hex on you. I just can’t not do it.

12:43pm Big Brother give the house guests an announcement. “Everyone gather in the living room…” Paul – I know what this one is. No one is going to sleep tonight. Big brother blocks the feeds. “This is a BB storm watch update. Big brother was tracking a mild storm Cameron. With BB storm Cameron only lasted 11 hours some residents are wonder if the storm even happened. This storm came in at 17 miles per hour, however other readings of storm Cameron were so strong it felt like a super fan. We’re also tracking BB storm Jillian, it started out as a massive weather system with strong gusts but was downsized after going through Tijuana. With BB storm Jillian bearing down on the house there were reports that house guests were fearful of its shear power and force. Those reports were quickly proven false. BB storm Jillian swept through an apple orchard but only swept up poison apples. BB storm Jillian ended up spending most of its time in Loxburg. Stay tuned to the BB storm channel.

12:55am HOH room. Paul, Elean, Josh, Alex, Jason, Matt, Raven, Christmas, Mark and Kevin.
They’re studying the BB storm updates..

1:50am – 2:10am Another BB storm update.. All the house guests run to the living room except for Cody and Jessica.
Fast changing weather conditions are breaking out in the immediate BB area. Stay tuned throughout the night for crucial information and details. This is a BB storm update… After the update they head up to the HOH room to go over what they remember.

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    1. this has got be be the most dysfunctional, bizarre and strangest BB cast ever. instead of Mark just rounding up everyone and apologizing to them all at once, he goes on some Frankenstein tirade repeating his rehearsed apology speech to everyone separately. Cody, enough already with the “I will fall on a grenade for you Jessica” mumbo jumbo. Josh may be the only sane person on the feeds tonight.

      1. I have been watching BB since day one. Never have I seen this many unlikeable people in any season. Paul said “he (Cody) said I treat you like dogs. D-O-G-S ???? What the F— is he talking about. HEY GET OUTTA HERE AND GO WATCH THE DOOR!!!! I have an idea that would save CBS a lot of money. Ms Grodner, why don’t you drop a care package in the backyard? Half a million for Paul, 50,000 for the scammer, so she can show her mom she was listening and learning. A luxury suite for one week for Cody and Jess, so they can get “it” out of their systems, and go back to their very different lives. A couple of phone numbers from “decent” women that are actually interested in him for Mark. AFP for Kevin, another 25,000. And please don’t forget the puppy chow for the minions. Then we can get on to OTT (if there’s going to be one).

      2. OMG I know this is a game but my heart was racing while reading the recap. The bullying that’s going on is outrageous and dangerous, both mentally and physically.

        Some of these houseguests are seriously mentally unbalanced. I thought what Jessica said to Cody was the most mature thing I’ve heard in the House this season.

        I certainly hope the admonishments by
        production stops the harassment and bullying.

        1. Agree!

          Josh is hypocritical. He claims he hates bullying, but he’s been bullying since the first day. Paul quickly noticed how valuable Josh’s temperament would be for his game and has effectively USED him ever since. Josh is in for a rude awakening once he’s back in the real world. I wonder what his friends and family think of his behavior.

          I’m glad BB intervened, however, they should have put a stop to the kitchen ware destruction much earlier. How is anyone going to cook on those dinged up pans now? lol

          1. same can be said about Mark. He talks about how he was bullied growing up and how it affected him, yet he bullies Josh all the time. Both are wrong. Mark is no better than Josh in that regard. BB should have put an end to that within the first week and it would never have gotten this far.

      3. Josh is idiot and should be arrested and the girls in house should all press criminal charges if I was mark I would self evict myself and mop the floor with Josh before I let someone peadafile punk me CbS should also be accountable for allowing Josh to remain in house and getting away with his actions this is worst big brother by far there been talk previous season about it being rigged I couldn’t see it but this season I can see it big time and we ain’t even to jury I can tell who wins this season and they really need to stop bringing back old cast member like Paul who is a total nerd and doose bag it’s not fair he already had the experience at big brother and Cody is a moron if he shit his mouth and let play the game like she wants to they be better off he has no social game

        1. It’s truly difficult to understand what you are trying to say when you leave punctuation completely out of your post. Just sayin’

          1. and his language does not help.. very poor at that .. also what show is he watching that he feels the girls should lay charges… dang he should of had his first cup of coffee before he started this comment .. just saying ..think Dan …

        2. The hairy loud mouth btich GNOME is the down fall of #19. Everytime his mouth opens, my volume of the TV goes to mute. NO MORE LOSER GNOMES!!!

        3. umm, what criminal charges do you think the girls can press against josh? and I think you tried to call (josh?) a ‘pedophile’ (not sure due to your spelling if that is what you actually meant), how did you come up with that? Don’t recall anything from any of the HGs talking about having sex with children. You do realize that Mark hasn’t been exactly the kindest to Josh all season either ..right? Josh has been acting like an ass all along but so have many of the other HGs. Maybe there will be some fall out when they exit the house like there was on BB15, for all the racial slurs that were made that season. No one is that house is innocent of being bullies at some point. It’s really disappointing to see so-called adults behaving this way.

      1. Production needs to send Josh home. The house is not a safe place with him in it.Talk about an unsafe work enviroment.

        It is going to be fun watching Paul get to steppin.

        1. I think he is harmless, just loud and annoying. He’s reminds me of a Furby…..can’t shut up.

          It’s just up to Mark and Cody not to react in the wrong way. But, now that production has told Josh he can’t instigate any longer, I doubt we will see another blow up.

  1. I knew it…Jessica’s going to stay with this psycho. This will end up being an abusive relationship if it continues out of the house.

    1. Yeah, who wants someone to stand up for you, how awful, actually if anything, I think Jess would whoop his butt, cody doesn’t seem the type to hurt women. Unlike Josh or Paul who clearly feels nothing talking down to or hollering at women, belittling them, Paul is no better than Paulie bb18. Paul feels every woman who disagrees with him is a c*nt…Meech last year, Dom this year, and whoever is next. Paul would run from Cody or Mark in the real world. Or any other real man. Get outta here with that! Smh

    2. Let’s take a hypothetical question to ask yourself … if you and/or your family members were in danger of being hurt or killed…who would you want next to you protecting your loved ones? Paul? Josh? or Cody?
      I don’t need to be reminded this is BB not real life:)

      1. Kevin was not portraying Cody accurately to the house saying Cody was crying etc. He was trying to work through and find the best way to handle what had transpired in Jessica’s best interest. He did react to Paul’s bulls&!t and shouldn’t have. If you rewatched the feeds… it was actually Paul with the majority of the “name” calling. Most of what Cody said to Paul was spot on. Paul couldn’t take being called out. Also Cody was not All up in Paul’s face. That was exaggerated. Of course then Paul ran down to gather support to bash Cody some more. It’s ironic that C actually had their backs and sees clearly how Paul manipulates them. They still follow their leader. Unbelievable to me.

  2. Josh is a male version of Amanda zuckerman, just with very sloppy game play.
    A bully who can dish it but can’t take it.

  3. I just cant, most people I know would have layed this idiot out by now! I just don’t get it, we all know Mark and Cody have made enemies, but enough already! BB encourages this in its script, and then glorifies the one who made the news for wanting to go black-faced on air! BB must really need the ratings! lol

    1. Oh brother. Give it a rest. The “black face” was elanas idea, and it was part of a costume. They don’t have green makeup, they have black. Stop thinking every tiny stupid thing is racist. Smh

      1. Black face is racist , Only 1 girl was black their and im sure Dom wasnt sharing her makeup,He was going to use a blackmask to represent Dom.That is racist , sorry to bust you bubble , must feel nice mnot having to indure that as some people of all colors have to !

        1. How sad!

          Honey, you are mistaken. Paul was trying to dress as a snake. He wasn’t trying to paint his face as an insult to race. Production jumped in (another blatant exhibition of Paul-love) and helped Paul see how it could be misunderstood and then he dropped the plan, simple as that.

          My family is full of color. But, we don’t have a herd mentality. Don’t believe everything you see and hear, especially the news. It’s full of lies and personal agendas; it’s sensationalistic for ratings. *sigh

          1. I don’t like Paul but in his defense he is not racist or was he trying to degrade Blacks. It was merely a costume.

        2. Wrong. They were talking making the costume I’ve watched and rewatched it several times. You, and anyone else, acting like they wanted to add a black “mask” to throw a racist jab toward Dom are seriously stretching to turn it into racism. I doubt that even remotely crossed their minds in the very slightest. And in no way have either of them ever said or acted in a way that pointed to them being racist either.

    2. Your comment is based on misinformation, and it’s tone (suggesting a malicious racist act on Paul’s part) is the type of crap that creates completely unnecessary gossip, lies, and just all around negativity. There is no possible way Paul meant to use the mask as a dig at Dom’ s race, and anyone watching the feeds or there in the room would know that.

      It’s despicable to make such an assertion. Shameful.

      This is why I never trust anyone else’s word on the details of things I didn’t observe myself. When I can’t attest to exactly what happened, I keep my opinion to myself unless I can back up my stance, and I think for myself.

      Imagine what our world could be like if people stopped taking of her people’s word on things and formed opinions for themselves.

      I do agree, however, that production favors Paul and gave him two completely unfair advantages:
      1. To play as the only experienced vet with newbies
      2. To have complete safety for 4 full weeks with an unprecedented reward

      Is BB fair? No!

      Gossip spreads gossip so verify what you hear. Find concrete evidence to support your opinion based on others’ words. Speak and think for yourself…..Don’t just assume what you hear is true. Get the facts, then decide. Otherwise, you are behaving just like Paul’s minions (allowing yourself to be manipulated and brainwashed)..

  4. Can’t stand a bunch of cowards aggressively licking Paul’s asshole like pigs, even though it is as hairy as a bush

    1. I’d rather rip the FN stove out of the wall and pummel that “chiulli bean-eating” MOFO to death with it!

    2. Well if I was there I’d be going home. After the way they were acting I would have punched Josh in the face, took away his pots and pans and beat the sh!+ out of everyone and if they moved I’d beat them again and I’m in my 70s. My Mom’s in her 90s and she says she would help me. Even if it’s not directed at you, who could stand to listen to that crap and not go crazy. I’m amazed a brawl didn’t break out. BB took way too long to step in. Seems like they wanted something to happen.

  5. Please Paul, tell Cody you want to fight him outside the show. Please livestream your ass getting f*cking pounded.

    1. Does Cody have twitter? He needs to see that quote of Paul’s. I would really enjoy seeing the TMZ story of Paul getting whooped.

    2. I’d love to see that. Paul is the definition of “little equipment syndrome”. He has never been in a fight, but wears all those rings hoping they will help him outside if he ever does, Cody wouldn’t be fazed, Paul’s azz would be out before he had time to say ” wait, sir..your boy wants friendship!” GTFOH with that Paul, no one believes you, you’ve drank your own koolaid, officially lost a fan today. More than one I’m sure. Making Josh look like a even bigger stupid tool and a showdog ,as well. Josh’s reward, Paul telling him to F Off and get out, (of HOH, APSR room, bedroom, then orders him to go bug them, etc. I hope Elena pivots from Paul. And waiting to see what glassy eyed Christmas will do after being open with Jess, two-faced for Paul I’m sure. I wouldn’t talk to her as a mentor for anything she feels too important knowing another’s business and telling it to feel special. A practiced trait, since she finds it so easy. She needn’t say anything, and then lets see Paul’s genius when he has to think on the fly!! PROUD OF MARK! So glad he won.

      1. I just realized that this post’s title could well be Simon and Dawg’s comment on their existence right now. I’m sorry for that, and thank you very much! You’re definitely taking one for this team of 1!

      2. You had me nodding my head in agreement with everything until the last line. Nothing about Mark’s game is impressive. I am glad he won the temptation battle because it messes with Paul’s plan and I do feel empathy for what he’s dealing with around Josh’s torturous behaviour.

      3. Yes, Paul’s ‘small d syndrome’ comments are definately projection. He’s heard that more than once.

  6. I hate Josh with a passion. What a coward, if they weren’t on the show, Mark and Cody would’ve knocked Josh out 5 times over. It’s also pretty funny Paul thinks he could beat Cody’s ass. The next 2 weeks are going to be jammed to the max with drama.

  7. Josh is a puss. He wants to yell at Mark and come at him with pots and pans and the moment Mark reacts Josh cowers in fear. Also, Mark tried to apologize and shake hands with Josh and Josh said he’s not going shake Mark’s hand and I’m going to keep acting like this. Josh is pathetic.

  8. Why is everyone in the house little pussies? Oh no, don’t attack Paul…he is king. Not that I like Cody…but he is the only one with the balls to try to put Paul on the block and the only one to call him out trying to rule the house. Now Jess is giving him sh*t for it, please. Paul actually thinks he can beat up Cody outside the house, the guy is a midget with a zero athletic build. Get the f*ck out of here.

  9. They all want Cody’s girl.hahahaha!!!! Alex is a waste of space. Should’ve left that thot at the taco bell she works at.

    1. She doesn’t even do that. She takes mind altering drugs and plays games online. She’s gonna have an out of body experience when Paul sends her Friendship out the door. She is the biggest disappointment this season, what a legacy. She let Paul run her HOH, Chrismas was the one to go, but Paul changed her mind, because he feared Dominique because he couldn’t control her.
      Paul has no backbone. Cody would snap him. If Codys eyes were jumping it was because he was so mad he couldn’t see straight, not out of fear little man. Love to see him try and smack Cody outside. I hope Jess sticks with him if she wants, they are the bullies. People have it all twisted in Paul’s favor, not true analogy of Cody or Mark.

    1. And when the doc goes to remove it. Some faceless peon steps in and gives it an extra 3 weeks.

  10. ya cody is a bitch made pussy with small dick complex. i was just saying he has little man syndrome. hes such a punk bitch. i hope jess lets him get voted out this week and i hope josh tortures cody this week.. jessica is such a skank bitch.. i hope she wakes up and dumps his ass. if she did i would have so much respect for her and not think of her as a slut whore. i basically hate her cause i hate cody so much. hes a strait up goof

    1. First, I’d love for you to say this to Cody’s face. It is your right to like or dislike someone, but you don’t know these people, so why call them those horrible names? Well!! Heaven forbid that someone told Paul to go f*ck himself! Good for Cody and if Jess thinks Cody is going to change for her, she had better think again! Alex is a troublemaking, lying little b*tch and while Raven may be sick, she sure has enough energy to run to Paul and inform him of useless trivialities. When are these idiots going to realize that Paul is using them and it will only be a matter of time before he plans their evictions? As far as Josh goes, this moron does not belong there, he should be sent to pre-school. Does he want us to count the amount of times he has cried in front of the cameras? Why does he insist on calling Jess, Cody, and Mark bullies? What then, does that make Paul? C,mon guys, FLIP THE HOUSE!!!

      1. Lol You say that we don’t know these people and ask why we call them names, then call Alex a trouble making lying little bitch. Pretty hypocritical of you.

      2. It appears from the comment that you personally “know them”. I mean that would make sense because otherwise you would be a hypocrite considering you’re calling them names and talking sh!t about them, right?

    2. Honey, it seems you have anger issues. You are sounding mean and hateful. Researching Taoism might help. The world doesn’t need anymore hate.

    3. Would love to say it to his face bc I can kick he shit out of him easy. He’s a Bully and I teach kids kickboxing and BBj so they can defend themselves against racist bullies like that. He’s a punk bitch strait up. Hot head that needs a kick in the head. And ur obviously one of his hick buddies that think they are king shit and work a dead end job. Bunch of coward pussies that think white privilege gives u a right to look down on other races. I dare u to act like that towards ppl bigger then him

    4. Would love to say it to his face bc I can kick he shit out of him easy. He’s a Bully and I teach kids kickboxing and BBj so they can defend themselves against racist bullies like that. He’s a punk bitch strait up. Hot head that needs a kick in the head. And ur obviously one of his hick buddies that think they are king shit and work a dead end job. Bunch of coward pussies that think white privilege gives u a right to look down on other races. I dare u to act like that towards ppl bigger then him

    5. Who are you Pauls bitch there was absolutely nothing right about what those idiots did last night. You need to go in the house you’ll fit right in.

  11. Not having the feeds, I’m not understanding what’s going on. Why is Jessica pissed with Cody? Because he stepped in to defend her when she and Paul were having words? I’m not getting why this was bad for Jessica’s game when she herself was arguing with Paul at that time. How did Cody make things worse? Paul and Josh are intolerable for me at the moment. And Alex and Xmas are supporting this childishness?

    1. Jessica keeps telling Cody not to act certain ways (in this case, not to blow up and make them seem defensive) and Cody pretty much said he doesn’t care what she wants from him, that’s the way he is.
      Jessica is frustrated because her intuition for the game has been ok, but Cody has messed her game up the whole way so far and she’s realizing that someone that’s going to do what they want regardless of what the other person needs from them might not be the best thing for her outside of this house.
      But they’ll get back together so it’s just temporary drama.

  12. I’m all for drama and fun and games but I can’t respect Josh or Paul, theres ways to create drama and stress people out without being dicks.
    Can’t wait for Josh to be on the block and realize he’s in the bottom of the food chain. Or rewatch these and realize how ridiculous he looks.

  13. OMG!!!! Josh slayed me with his rant. Had me on the floor with this remark for Cody … BOUGHT A PERSONALITY OFF OF AMAZON .. RETURN THAT SH*T! GET A REFUND.

    Best insult in all BB history. Best laugh I’ve had in a long time.

    1. Well!! Heaven forbid that someone told Paul to go f*ck himself! Good for Cody and if Jess thinks Cody is going to change for her, she had better think again! Alex is a troublemaking, lying little b*tch and while Raven may be sick, she sure has enough energy to run to Paul and inform him of useless trivialities. When are these idiots going to realize that Paul is using them and it will only be a matter of time before he plans their evictions? As far as Josh goes, this moron does not belong there, he should be sent to pre-school. Does he want us to count the amount of times he has cried in front of the cameras? Why does he insist on calling Jess, Cody, and Mark bullies? What then, does that make Paul? C,mon guys, FLIP THE HOUSE!!!

    1. Yet they condemn Cody for a few heated arguments and verbal exchanges he had with people during the course of the game!

      Paul’s nothing more than ((Alison Grodner’s)) little money-hungry bitch and fame-whore!

      Paul. and all of his liberal progressive SJW fans, are intimidated by Cody because he’s a masculine, white, cishetero male.

      Also, Paul, like all liberal, progressive SJWs , “reflect” (on to, falsely accuse) their enemy of, all the psychological and/or physical abuse/oppression that they themselves are guilty of inflicting upon their enemy.

      victims of living in a white, patriarchal capitalist and colonized society

      1. What is an “SJW”? This has been posted a few times. I don’t know what you’re basing your liberal-progressive philosophy on, but I don’t read Paul as liberal or progressive in the least. I’m curious.

      2. white, patriarchal, capitalist, You are an SJW!!!. And you’re more than confused. America is the best, and its history is no worse than any other country.

  14. Hate how theyre letting Paul win. soo gay and embarrassng. Hate this cast & the lame roll over and die attitude plaguing most seasons lately.

    Hate kathy from season 12 – she caused the boring old haggard mom persona BrokenLegmas and RavenScam copy daily… at least kathy was entertainig.

    Hate jessicas gameplay but she ROCKS on a physical & threat to paul level.. so hope she wins. EWWW AT ALEX… she’ll only be redeemed if her haggard 38 year old glasses-wearing book keeper-looking ass makes a HUGE move & gets Paul out near the end. An axe to remember! But she’ll probably keep licking his buttsack as always. stupid h*e. GO CODY AND JESS!! DESPITE AMERICA LIKING PAUL (according to productions LIES) JESS STILL WON THE TEMPTATION HEX TO HINDER PAULS GAME AND SPICE IT UP HAHAHA HE KNOWS THIS & it makes him salty! LOOL. GO JODY! LOSERS hate them!

  15. “You’re not part of Friendship” How ironic is it that these people including “big brother master” Paul have no idea that the friendship is the most hated alliance in the history of this show.

  16. I know people say this all the time but… I’m done watching. I always had hope that things would get better, but the drama isn’t even entertaining to watch anymore. It’s just sad. There is so much better TV out there. I’ll just watch Game of Thrones.

  17. The drama!
    Best the show has been in awhile.
    All of a sudden everyone’s a victim.
    He’s mad at him.
    She’s angry at him.
    Wow! In just one night.

  18. Well!! Heaven forbid that someone told Paul to go f*ck himself! Good for Cody and if Jess thinks Cody is going to change for her, she had better think again! Alex is a troublemaking, lying little b*tch and while Raven may be sick, she sure has enough energy to run to Paul and inform him of useless trivialities. When are these idiots going to realize that Paul is using them and it will only be a matter of time before he plans their evictions? As far as Josh goes, this moron does not belong there, he should be sent to pre-school. Does he want us to count the amount of times he has cried in front of the cameras? Why does he insist on calling Jess, Cody, and Mark bullies? What then, does that make Paul? C,mon guys, FLIP THE HOUSE!!!

  19. omfg. on after dark jason said “jessica is like a pin coushin for celeberties. if u flip her inside out she would look like a porcupine from all the dicks that been inside of that hoe. lols jason.. jessica needs to dump cody. she said i cant have a hot head that keeps getting into fist fights and he said. i cant change like that . i wont change for u. what an idiot. hes such a loser

    1. Listening to Paul’s rant to Mark in the HOH room, “Start playing for the right side, Bud. It’s a number’s game, if you’re not in the numbers, you’re outside the numbers….” Can someone enlighten me as to what numbers he is referring to? It’s Jess and Cody against the whole house. Also, Paul demands, that he wants Cody out this week. Why is it ok, for Paul to demand that everyone vote out Cody, but it wasn’t ok for Jessica to have wanted Josh out?

      When Cody was in the HOH room talking to Paul, he referred to the house as dogs, he was exactly right. Paul is the master and they fall in line to whatever he wants.
      Josh is nothing more than a henchman when Paul orders annoyance and he should have been put down long ago, with a fist to the face. I’m sure anyone that watches the feeds, as I do, is more than tired of him saying, “You disrespected me and my family is watching…” How about we see your family watch as you get knocked out?

      I see Christmas and Alex as evil sloths. Alex being the worst. When all this chaos was going on, Alex encouraged more, at one point when it was suggested that Cody was crying, she replied that she wanted to, “go make Jessica cry”, and when Paul was basking in the notion that he wanted to break Jessica and Cody up, she was dancing and screaming…

      As much as Evil Dick was an ass when he went after a cast member, I have respect for him. He did it alone, and he owned it. Watching these antics with everyone joining in was just heart wrenching. Not on a game level, but a human level.

      1. Big brother seems to be encouraging and promoting bullying. Where I live anti-bullying media is everywhere. How did CBS lose control? They didn’t……they are promoting it.

  20. Paul is playing a good game using what he learned from last season. Most replays say he’s an asshole but he’s friendly and shares the loot and room when he’s HOH. But he is sneaky like a bb player should be. Hate Josh, yes tape his mouth shut. Marks muscled body includes his brain, he’s really a wimp. Elena has the personality of bored housewife. Jess needs to dump Cody, take off all the hair extensions, eyelashes and makeup. Alex and Whistle-Nut need to both leave quietly. Cody is a PRICK and psychotic with PTSD and scary. He needs to be gone quickly. Kevin is a back stabbing bastard whos playing everybody, and has the hots for Jess. Xmas no makeup, pretty, awesome body, smart and tough. My pick to win.

    1. I agree with you Barbara Brooks I’d like to see Paul win and I don’t think shoving someone young kinda fresh from that war zone mentality should be in a stressed out house because Cody can’t handle it. He must’ve served long cuz he mimics a mentally ill ptsd almost robotic person, not human, possibly thing two in the game. Oh that’s it Dr Seuss with thing one and thing two with her 9.99 weave. Just grow your hair out, fake everything on thing one. Don’t fault Paul for people listening to him, blame them, it’s a game not love connection Jessica worrying about a break up ummm really? Paul wants to play the game and he’s doing great

  21. Simon,

    Do you think Big Brother will limit what Josh is doing (pots and pans, in your face hollering) or will CBS allow him free reign to do what he wants? Is this really how they want Big Brother to be played? It’s obvious that Paul is using Josh to hopefully have either or both Cody and Mark react by punching Josh and getting evicted. If any of those pots or pans accidentally hit Cody or Mark, would Josh get evicted? Josh’s behavior is disturbing but even more disturbing is that CBS is allowing it.

  22. This is not Big Brother at all… I miss the old good times! What an exemple to show to the young generation… If those people represent America what a shame! A 37 years old dude (JASON) using so many bad words when talking about Jess. Is he a father? Whats the next step? Raping Cody with some tools?! PAUL is not a good player at all. Apart pushing hate and violence what this guy is doing? XMAS a 35y old laughing at Josh actions… Poor girl! RAVEN selling her sickness to make it far… Pathetic! JOSH family should be embarras by him… Doing what others telling to do… Man up dude! Seems production is loving it instead of giving warnings! So many people hating cody but when you have 8 people on you 24/24 how would you react?! Shame on production and on CBS for letting this happening! I will miss Bb USA but See you for BB canada!

    1. The truth is, this is the kids today in the U.S. it’s very sad how parents are raising their kids. So much disrespect for others. It’s “all about me” world.

          1. Alot of bad habits are formed in kiddie prison. Parents can’t be blamed for all of it. They have the attention of your kids for 13 of their most formative years.

        1. I live in a good public school district, thank you. It IS how children are being parented or rather not parented. So many parents addicted to drugs, men, booze, whatever. So many parents working, who is raising the children? Crazy world these days… course, i’m sure they said that in the 60s, 70s too when i was a kid.

  23. Lamest season of BB I’ve ever seen. The Paul Show has gotten beyond old. There is nothing of value to this cast. BB19 is the reality tv version of THE EMOJI MOVIE. Just go to
    Imdb and read the headlines. Seriously BB19 is cancer!

  24. Dear Lord in Heaven! I hate that little Gnome. But, he sure is good at manipulating these sheep. They don’t even understand how he’s directing every one of them. Even, especially, the ones who are against him.

  25. For all you haters who are running their mouth saying Paul said he could take cody in a fight. Try watching the feeds. He specifically said I’ll prob end up with a few broken bones meaning he knows he can’t take him. He’s just man enough to do it outside the house. So pay attention before you start hating.

    And I love people saying how unstable josh is. Unstable no. Annoying sure. Funny surprisingly. They’re two unstable men in this house. Mark and Cody and they both need psych help. And Cody knows it. He should’ve never been cast at all given his aggression and defensiveness. And if him and Jessica stay together after this he is exactly the type of man who would hit his wife in a fit of jealousy. Her job entails her flirting with men and probably woman’s and let’s face it he won’t be able to handle that. I don’t like her but I feel bad for her and her game would’ve been soooooo much better without him. If he was a real man he would self evict to give her a shot at repairing things. There is a reason why Cody doesn’t have friends or a girlfriend and he knows it. He’s no good for jess or anyone until he gets the help he needs mentally. It’s scary such a loose cannon is in that house. And if I were Paul I would try to ruffle his feathers as much as possible just to mess with him and see him snap. It’s the best game move possible.

    I get that they want to cast crazy but they went too far with Cody this season.

    And people watch the feeds or read before commenting things that are false

    1. So you think you’re an expert at diagnosing mental illnesses?
      Is that from personal experience or just something you pulled out of your a$$hole?

    2. Josh is just as unstable as cody. Did you not see how he acted the first day, thinking everyone wanted him out, going off on Meghan. That’s not normal.

  26. Big Brother 19 has been preempted this season with a new show….Dr Paul Frankenstein, with a bunch of lab rats scurrying around his feet, and his new creation, Baby Josh Frankenstein. I’m tuning out until Big Brother returns next season!

  27. This season is like watching kindergarten recess. Josh, Mark and Cody are all emotionally unstable and Paul is manipulating the hell out of the house as a result.

  28. I just realized that this post’s title could well be Simon and Dawg’s comment on their existence right now. I’m sorry for that, and thank you very much! You’re definitely taking one for this team of 1!

  29. Love how Jessica and Elana are now having to reassess their games … showmance fever wears thin once it becomes obvious that a little snuggle cuddle does not outweigh being associated forever with mental midgets who have no game skills.

  30. “He was just defending my honor and stuck up for me,” said the domestic violence woman discussing the first time her ‘hot-headed’ boyfriend displayed anger. You all need to watch a few episodes of 48hours to see the ramp up from “hot-headed” to “murderer.” Did anyone notice how Cody grabbed her arm telling her to “have a talk with Mark or I will,” about this finger situation? What do you think Cody would do, if he heard about Jessica’s fingering shenanigans? Remember that? Or did we all forget already? The only positive thing I can say about Cody, is that he at least told the truth, that if put in that situation again, he would not do anything different. WOMEN! WHEN A MAN TELL’S YOU SOMETHING ABOUT THEMSELVES- LISTEN!!! Who’s in there hugging him tonight? The girl that will be featured on the next 48hours episode. It’s a win-win situation for CBS.

  31. This season is a great example of how showmances screw your game so much that you can’t focus. Paul is pimping these people 24/7. I admit I don’t agree with his methods, but it’s as if no one is really vying for winning. They only want exposure and jury. Elena said she would forego the 500k, if this show will propel her career. How?….what exposure?….what is she doing that is so noteworthy and memorable? I don’t get it! Right now the attention is on Cody, Mark and Josh, who is not a threat. But after, those two leave, is it possible for someone to get a clue to evict Paul? Or will they just wait their turn to be plucked off like feathers. I think it’s hilarious how everyone is now realizing that Raven is exaggerating her condition, but she does not. I think even Matt knows, she is not what she appears to be. I would love to know what Dom thinks, about what is happening now. If I were a cast member, I would literally slap myself for being an idiot, after watching the show and realizing I allowed myself to be played by Paul. Josh does need to stop, because none of his crew have his back and would step him and help him fight. They would only watch him get whipped and laugh, about it later. Everyone has a breaking point.

  32. WOW! What a wake up this AM. I sure hope some of these antics are on AD (rubs hands together as coffee brews!) A lot has happened over night it appears, love it or hate it at least it has been an eventful season for a change and I think the first time in recent memory where I didn’t already know what was going to happen on a Thursday. Simon and Dawg another great job recapping for those of us without feeds. The added one liners you add sometimes are comedy gold. So many things to talk about but the first thing that Jumped out was Jess telling Cody about coworkers and family watching and having expectations of certain behavior? So they want her to be nice and not be a bully but slinking around all over a guy you just met, giving up the goods even before the live feeds started they say? And now duh you are seeing traits you do not like or feel are in line with you or your life? Yea maybe should have gotten to know them better. Anyway on to the comments about Josh, Mark, Cody and Paul. (did Paul really say we can schedule a time and a place for a fight after the show??) I don’t care for Cody but I am pretty sure he would rip Paul’s head off and sh*t down his neck

  33. Not sure why people are so emotional and talking smack about the house guests. All of them are closer to winning half a million dollars than most of us ever will be.

  34. Josh is like that friend in a group that no one really likes and they egg him on to do stupid things to make him look stupid, the whole time laughing at him and making fun of him…. Josh thinks Paul and all his minions are his friends……they are NOT!!! I wonder how Josh will feel when he can see what they all have said about him.

    And did Josh say his Cousin was bullied and that he doesn’t like bullies? WTH A$$hole…..You ARE a Bully!!! I am getting real tired of the way he’s acting….and calling Cody a Baby for crying….Are you kidding me??? He is the biggest baby in the whole house. He cries more than the girls.

    I can’t wait for him to leave and see that Paul never really had his back.

  35. I am disappointed in Alex..i thought she was going to be a force in this game!
    She would have been if she would have aligned with Cody when he asked her in the beginning! Instead she just worships Paul.

  36. After all these years of watching BB, I have to say, these are the most verbally vial, and vulgar speaking guest that I have ever seen. I really liked Jason, but after tonight, I am no longer a fan. Any man, that can say “so if you turned her, (Jessica), inside out, she would look like porcupine if you stuck all the d!cks on her that have been in her…”, Raven adds, “so your saying she sleeps with every Tom, Dick and Harry”, and Jason adds, “Yes, yes….. I don’t know her…” and then you have the vindictive and jealous Alex, follow up this conversation with a, “This is why we are friends!” exclamation along with a high-five. What a bunch of pieces of sh!t! More importantly, Jason is a married man and a father of a child, which makes it even worse. I hope his wife has more class than him, and how would he like it if someone said that about his child? As usual, Paul is sitting there relishing in all this disgusting talk and at times adding to it. I feel really bad for Jessica’s family that I’m sure, like Josh’s, are watching and have to hear this in regards to their relative.

  37. The only reason Paul is in this game is because BB production fixed the game so he would be safe for three weeks…just enuff time for the new show kandy krush to air and hopefully get ratings becuz of Paul..But looks like its backfiring as Paul is being a super egotistall ass this year…i truly hate when BB manipulates the entire show and will soon quit watching!

  38. So, I’m assumming Jess is going to use the hex this week, since she and Cody aren’t getting out of bed to listen to the storm updates. I guess that’s good. . . .at least everyone will finally know exactly what it is and Jody aren’t safe “for a few weeks”. Next week should be interesting, depending on who wins HOH.

    Paul may be encouraging Josh’s behavior because he’s secretly planning on taking him to F2 (if either of them last that long). . . ? Paul might be thinking that the more obnoxious and irrational Josh appears the less likely the jurors would be to vote for him. After losing last year due to a bitter jury, this might be on his mind. Just sayin’.

    1. What are Jess And Cody thinking by not listening to the storm updates? If Jess uses the hex on eviction night this week, she and Cody will be saved this week only. Right? If they aren’t safe next week, they need to win HOH on Thursday which they can’t do if they don’t listen to or study the updates like the other houseguests! Sometimes I think Jess is smart, then other times . . .

  39. Can you imagine if the roles were reversed? What if Paul was in Cody’s situation the entire season and been alone with one ally and had the entire house against you. Do you think he would be handling it as well as Cody? Human nature has Cody on the defensive when everyone is against you for weeks. He is not the bully as everyone says, he has had to defend the whole season. And Josh…. what if it were Paul on the receiving end of that all season? He couldn’t handle it

  40. I can’t imagine my Parents would be Proud of me playing a game like Josh ( even for 500K ) if it meant the tactics he used last night towards Cody and Mark. Yet, Josh keeps repeating his MANTRA ” It’s okay, as long as my Parents love me, and know I’m only acting, I can do whatever the F**K I want to them ! ” – You aren’t acting Josh you actually HATE Cody and Mark, because if you didn’t when Mark would try and apologize you would accept it !!
    After Josh came out of the DR last night and they told him to STOP F***ing with them – Paul couldn’t believe the reasons why, and was shocked. Really Paul, you knew Josh was trying to provoke violence out of Cody and Mark the whole time by sending him on a one man mission – Paul should have been called into the DR room to and told to STOP sending Josh out to provoke them. He’s just as guilty. But we all know who’s up who’s ass this Season.

    1. Couldn’t agree more.. they should also talk to Christmas that tells josh his parents are proud of him and that he shouldn’t accept marks apology. Josh is in for a rude awakening when he re enters the real world when men don’t act like children who don’t know any better.. his enablers Paul and Xmas won’t be there and he will return to being the victim

  41. Like Cody or hate him, he was honest about not changing who he is for Jessica. I don’t know him or her or anybody else in the house but he at least is being true to himself. I expect him to leave soon but I will respect his service to our country and his honesty about who he is. Nobody knows what he has been thru in his life and what he saw while in the Marines. Walk in his boots and maybe you would be more tolerant. 1sgt US Army (retired)

    1. @1SGT, 100% Agree! It saddened me to hear Cody’s heartbeat when he and Jessica hugged. One thing it made clear, is that Cody isn’t acting like 95% of this cast. He is a true Marine, and he is standing his ground. He knew from watching the previous season, how Paul was. He wasn’t going to let anyone sway his opinion or feelings. I love that about him. I would love to see him on Survivor, and I hope when this ends for him, whether now or later, he has that chance.

    2. Well said. Thank you for your service.

      I could do without the PDAs, but that being said, I do think Jess and Cody have genuine feelings for each other and may, in fact, be “in love”. However, I believe Cody got a wake up call last night and realized they would not be together outside of the BB house. Jess would try to change Cody to be the type of man she wants and he won’t be able to change who he is.

  42. I know this is a game and all but your true characteristics are on display for the world to see. When you’re on top. The ego and condescending attitudes shine. When you’re on bottom, the insecurities and anger shine. Everyone can be pushed to their limit. Everyone makes mistakes. And I totally understand how mark feels defenseless in the house. Even with the pool incident, and his reaction, he has a good heart. He feels guilt and when Elena admionishes him he’s like a sad puppy dog. I feel for him. And glad that production finally told josh to stop provoking him. That has just become hard to watch. Josh needs some self awareness in his life. He was brutal to Megan and it was unprovoked. And his behavior might be to fit in with the cool kids but that’s an extension of his true personality. It’s not just what he’s doing on a show in my opinion.

  43. I would love to know why the bullying behavior being exhibited by Josh hasn’t been addressed nyc production. Bullying is a big problem.. people can be pushed to react in a violent way and then be judged for doing so.. josh is clearly insecure and I have a theory as to why but I’ll keep it to myself.. what upsets me is that he is name calling and pushing mark and then the people he goes to in the house seem to be encouraging him to continue.. will Christmas and Paul be there for josh when he re enters the real world and suffers the consequences for his juvenile ugliness in the house? Christmas is disgusting for encouraging him to keep it going and not accept Marks apology.

  44. You guys are so easily triggered… I.e. “I want to see him get his ass kicked.” First off, step away from your keyboards (assuming you guys haven’t smashed it while going through a rage induced commenting session) and go view some episodes of Bad Girls Club; I think that would be more up your alley rather than watching BB… easily triggered marks who rage over reality tv… relax and count to 10.

  45. I can’t even watch the show anymore because I want to punch Paul, Josh and Raven in their throats. I come here to read what is going on. When and if they get booted from the house… I may start watching again. I’d love for Cody to win!

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