IKA goes off on Heather “Ratchet a$$s pimple a$$ b!tch”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 24
HOH Winner: Racehlle Next HOH: March 27
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paul, Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Adel, Sabrina, Heather, Arlie

12:15AM Hot tub Room Adel IKA and Arlie
Heather tries to join them but IKA order her to leave. On her way out she fingers IKA. Great capture via @Bmcooney

(Best to watch these fight videos as my text does not do it justice)

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-20 21-21-31-208

12:22AM Sabrina and Racehlle POOLSIDE
Sabrina says that IKA is trying to make them think that Sarah is the brains behind the operation to keep Heather. Rachelle says for now she trusts NEDA but doesn’t trust IKA.

Sabrina says that Heather is going next week followed by Heather.

Sabrina says now all they have is each other. Rachelle thinks Sabrina has the boys to. Sabrina says to an extent because she went against them today.

Sabrina says the boys wanted Heather to win so that she would put up IKA.

Sabrina warns if they don’t take IKA out this week then next week she can compete and if she doesn’t win the HOH they are dead the boys will take them out.

Sabrina wonders if Adel will use his veto on Ika
Rachelle thinks he’ll wait and use it one him, ”
If he uses the veto I will be f****”

(The current plan is to put up Allison and Heather and try to Backdoor IKA. Sabrina may wants Allison gone)


Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-20 21-37-02-361

12:36AM Heather and Sabrina

Heather says she’s nots a bad person..
Sabrina – “you told me to s*ck a d1ck”
Heather – “no I told Rachelle to su*k a d!ck because she was being mean to me”
Heather says she’s not the type of person to make up things.
Sabrina starts to cry because the slop is so gross. Heather says slop is rough to be on but she’ll be there for Sabrina. Sabrina thanks her being cordial.
Heather – “IKA told me a lot of sh!t before she tried to kick me out of this house.. that is why she is so mad”
Heather says that IKA told her that Sabrina and her were not close.
Heather adds that IKA told her Rachelle and Sabrina are close and that Sabrina and Rachelle use to make fun of her.

Sabrina wants to bring IKA in and clear it up. Heather doesn’t want to IKA just was trying to get her out of the house.

Heather says from what IKA todl her Rachelle has your back 100% but IKA also mentioned that Rachelle and IKA would also talk about Sabrina. Now IKA says whatever she tells Rachelle goes to Sabrina.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-20 22-18-19-508

1:06AM IKA and Sabrina
Sabrian confronts IKA about what Heather told her.

IKA Swears on her kids that she never said these things, Says that Heather is making stuff up. IKA now claims that she only was with Heather those nights in the HOH because she was going home and IKA was picking her brain, “what else can I do for fun”
IKA says Heather was telling her that Andrew is using Sabrina and doesn’t like her.
Ika lists of a bunch of dirt that Heather told her about Sabrina and Andrew. Heather told her she likes the new girl but doesn’t like Rachelle. She said she liked Sabrina but isn’t sure she can trust her.
IKA again and again claims she was only picking Heather’s brain because she thought Heather was leaving.

Sabrina calls Heather over asks IKA to please let Heather talk and not get too heated.
IKA – “I’ll punch her in the face”
Heather comes by and IKA says she’s not going to talk to Heather.
Sabrina asks for clarification about somethings Heather is saying. Sabrina brings up when was crying did IKA say Sabrina was searching for attention.

Heather corrects them says that she said “It could be seen as emotional” not that Sabrina is crying for attention.
IKa start yelling at her “Did I say that DID I SAY THAT”
Heather is trying to explain. IKA continues to yell “Did I say that DID I SAY THAT”
Sabrina asks her to be quiet and let her finish
Heather no I didn’t say you said Sabrina was a emotional wreck and cried for attention.
IKA – “You are a liar”
Feeds cut
Heather – “Don’t f*&** call me a liar.. this is bullshit you lied to me”
Heather – “IKA shove it up your a$$”
IKA – “Take your pimple limps and leave b!tch”

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-20 22-19-13-394

Heather leaves inside tells Sarah and Neda that she just told Sabrina all the crap IKA told her about Sabrina and RAchelle and now IKA is freaking out.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-20 22-19-53-378

Sabrina comes back in Apologizes for laughing when Ika called her a pimple lip b!tch, Heather doesn’t care about that says she’s not going to talk to someone that calls her a liar and yells at her.
Heather – “I’m not going to stand in front of IKA while she’s making fun of me”
Heather – “why did you make me go over there she’s so mean to me”
Heather – “She’s a evil B1tch”

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-20 22-23-06-873

IKA chases Heather down and Heather runs into have nots to cry
IKA – “Good let her cry she’s a f*** liar”

Adel comes out and tell them all to chill out.

Sabrina brings up how Heather said IKA told her Sabrina makes fun of heather eating all the cookies. Ika says she’s a liar IKA never said those things. (They are both lying but IKA is lying more.. LOL)

1:26am Storage room IKA and Sabrina
IKa keeps going off that Heather is a liar. Ika says Sabrina knew she was going to go off on Heather that is why she pressed they talked.
IKA – “Ratchet a$$s pimple a$$ b!tch”

bandicam 2014-03-20 22-57-11-764

2:00AM bathroom Sabrina and Rachelle
(Conversation starts on the hammock and ends in the bathroom)
Talking about getting IKA out..

They are worried Adel will use the veto power on IKA. Rachelle thinks it would be “Kinda Dumb” if Adel did that.

Sabrina – “You know IKA is going to flip when you put Allison and Heather up and not Kenny”
Rachelle – “My HOH not yours”
Sabrina – “She told Heather she hated you”
Rachelle – She’s crazy
They start going over schemes to prevent Adel to use the power on IKA. Racehlle feels confident he won’t. Sabrina wishes Sarah would have won HOH because then they could have gotten Sarah to do all this dirty work.
Rachelle – “I don’t care about the dirt”
Sabrina – “So you don’t care if she hates your guts”
Rachelle doesn’t
they head inside and can hear IKA yelling in the diary room.

Sabrina wonder if it’ll be better for them to take out Heather right now. Rachelle thinks next week she will be the target. Sabrina doesn’t she’s convinced it’ll be Allison, “Trust me”.
Sabrina’s main worry if they take out IKA she will go around and tell everyone the things they say.

Sabrina points out how NEda was pretending to be shocked at the fight between IKA and Heather.
Racehlle is thinking maybe getting Heather out is best then they can use the guys to get out IKA.
Sabrina counts the votes to evict IKA the following week. Jon, Sarah, Andrew, KEnny, Allison, Arlie against me you NEda and Adel and we don’t have to expose ourselves.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-20 23-30-41-475

2:20pm Hammock IKA, Racehlle and Sabrina

Ika is trying to talk them into taking out the guys instead of Heather. She says that was a big mistake she made.
IKA says there is a guys alliance and the new girl wit with them, “They are coming after our alliance.. they are not going after Allison YET.. they are coming after us first”
Sabrina says if Rachelle targets the guys they will be coming after her.
IKA – “If you put Heather up it’s a complete waste”

Rachelle tells her she’s thinking about putting up Heather and Allison. IKa wants Andrew up, “So what you are saying is we’re leaving 6 strong players in the game”

Ika tells them that Jon has telling her if she had put Andrew up he wouldn’t have been coming after her. JOn also told her Kenny felt the same way.

IKA wants Kenny and Andrew nominated. Sabrina explains POV will be played and either Kenny or Andrew will come off. Since the guys have the votes they can evict whoever is the replacement nominee. IKA suggests if that happens they put up Jon and make it difficult for the guys. Sabrina says Rachelle can’t because she swore with Jon she would never put him up.
IKA – “Oh that is why he was so happy today”
IKA wouldn’t mind the new girl leaving over Heather, she suggests putting up new girl and a guy on the block.

IKA strongly wants to take out the guys says she would have done it but she wanted to keep Paul so that they would have the numbers. Racehlle says the guys are not going to put her up so why make a target out of her.


2:50AM IKa and Racehlle

IKa suggesting Rachelle puts up Sarah and Heather

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Its so crazy how Sabrina lies and lies and lies and NOBODY sees it. Heather is going to be shocked when she leaves and sees the show and sees that Sabrina is the one who started all this shit.
Ika should be smart and not make any enemies. Why doesn’t she see how Sabrina is even being nice to Heather in front of her face!
Neda is the only girl in this game with a brain and Allison is a huge disappointment.


my sentiments exactly! Are the houseguests this stupid to not even see what a liar and pig Sabrina is. I really want Heather to stay so she can send Rachelle’s pale sun deprived ass home


Honestly i think the whole house knows Sabrina is a BIG FAT ASS LIAR. It’s just that everybody is either afraid of her and/or in an alliance with her.
Sarah admitted that Sabrina’s “….such a fucking good liar”, Adel read the tweet about “seeing through Sabrina’s bullshit”, Ika said she has to act nice to her or Sabrina will turn the house against her, Paul called her a virus that spreads false information, Kenny in DR said he’s using her because she is the best social player, Arlie thinks she talks way too much, Neda knows Sabrina is good at being fake best-friends with people. C’mon houseguest, WTF!?!! Sabrina is a manipulative propaganda machine, if you try to give her the truth, she just gathers more information to make new lies, i don’t know why they let her get away with it.


Rachelle is the most useless player in this house. This HOH belongs to Sabrina because Rachelle can’t use her brain.


Why does Rachelle want to put up Ika who is her closest ally up


Isn’t Ika a mother? Why is she tormenting and bullying Heather just because of her own personal insecurities? Lord knows how her kids will turn out to be. Could be as disgusting as their mom. Sure, heather made mistakes but she does not deserve the amount of harassment she’s been getting from the trio of bi*ches ( Sabrina,ika and rachelle ) I’m hoping that some time soon Neda will disband from them and she can hopefully form an alliance with Jon, Heather and Adel. Currently, that is my top final 4.
All though Neda is aligned with them, she never takes it too far and is by far the most STRATEGIC. I’m starting to like her more and more.


Ika is the BOMBB!!! She is the only one who see what is really coming and not riding on Andrews D$$$ and the only thing disgusting here is your nasty self talking about people’s kids and predicting what they will turn out to be why don’t you sit there and hush hush with your ignorant self


Sounds like the Jamaican bandwagon is coming out of the basement to defend their ratchet princess the skanky weave.


wow, that sounded racist.


i really really hope slobina does not convince rachelle to backdoor ika. ika is a vote to keep rachelle and ika is a big target to keep in the house. i think if she manages to get allison out, it will not be a total waste of an hoh, bc she’s strong and on the boys side. that is, if she absolutely wont take out andrew or kenny. i cannot believe rachelle, the boys ARE coming after her and if rachelle nominates andrew’s new girl, she might as well nominate andrew…

rachelle’s current plans are to get on the bottom of the boys alliance and shove herself up as far as possible in sabrina’s ass.


By the way correct yourself you ignorant pig.. WHO ARE YOU YOU ARE A NOBODY at least people know who Ika is….so whatever you have to say to anybody is irrelevant and nobody cares.. So take your nobody self somewhere else.


Straight up F$&@ everybody who is riding Andrew and Kenny’s d@@@ mind you I can’t wait for everybody to find out he is gay Andrew sleeping in the same bed with them. Kenny is a phony I would be disgusted in myself as Sabrina kissing Kenny like dat god only knows where his mouth has been…Kenny is son phony and he wouldn’t be sitting so nice if he exposed that he love men LOL what a joke this man is


Yep Ika “Mother Of The Year” I sure don’t see her on any PTA committee any time soon. Nothing but a bully and a liar, but not a very good one.


I wish they would tell Zombiegirl to wear a bra. Her pasty boobs are not cute.


Ika is a cold bit*h who doesn’t wash her ‘hair’.


If a girl won HOH you knew the hypocrisy was coming from Ika. No one can play another person’s HOH like Ika… Whoops I mean except Brina! Now she actually plays the shit out of others HOH’s. Ika is going to be one nasty B come Monday if she is a renom after a POV is used. There is a point in most BB seasons where the house has had enough of the bully(s). Later in the US seasons and I believe earlier in Canada. If Ika blast Heather all weekend expect a backdoor special on Monday!
Poor Adel cannot catch a break. Hooks his wagon to Ika and that’s not working. He has to hope the Arlie sub alliance gets going and he’s in it. Well Andrew and Kenny are going to be freaking amazed if Brina keeps these 2 off the block today. They may even get to the point sooner rather than later that Brina is running the house! She has the girls twisted around her fingers. Brina’s biggest problem atm is she is to good at what she is doing. If Kenny and Andrew survive this week who the heck goes after them. I must say it will be interesting to see Andrew deal with Allison on the block. I predict the target Brina decides on will be Allison and Ika squeaks by this week.
Fun weekend coming with some real uncertainty. If a girl goes home and all the guys stay great week Brina. If a guy goes home great weak Brina! If we just think back to BB USA 15 and think how Andy was in the middle of everything it pretty parallel. But their games are very different. Brina is like a “bull in a china shop”! I cannot figure out why everyone basically has her trust but it appears day after day to be true. She is in a cherry spot ATM.


Ya except that she didnt do it herself so therefore sounds like a fool


SABRINA is doing all this hard work for the guys and she wont win this game …. andrew and kenny told her to get rachell to put up ika


Can’t believe Canada voted in Allison. What a waste. What does she do but go start a showmance with the most volatile person in the house. Don’t get herpes with his coldsore!
If Rachelle is smart she would put up Heather and Andrew but Sabrina is in her ear so that won’t happen. Another boring HoH
Adele is looking good right now because Ika is target number one at the moment!
Jon, Arlie and Adele my Final 3. No one better f*ck it up for me LoL.


I didn’t vote for her. Like what did people expect??? Rachel Riley? Allison is very similar to Jillian from last season. Is it any surprise she’s started a showmance for the strongest guy??? Scott or even Nate wouldn’t have been welcomed by the ‘bros’. Thy would have been on Team Adel who is seriously the only person I like at the moment.

I am SO annoyed with ALL THE FEMALES. Seriously, we need a major powershift.

I love Neda’s talk but she is all talk no action. No one listens to her and until she makes them, I am slowly losing respect for her.

AND now a week of the goth attacking the weak girl. INSTEAD OF GOING AFTER THE HUGE GUYS WHO ARE CLEARLY IN AN ALLIANCE.

Like, kill me know. These people are idiots. I can’t.


Great Post!

I’d be happy if we got Britney Hines from BB USA 14. Not her original season as she was terrible. Brit became one of my all time favs on that “14” season. Best DR accept for “Chilltown” IMHO.

I don’t know about you Marissa but I think the frustration of watching the “girls alliance” shot itself in the foot week after apparently week is incredibly frustrating! 1st 5 was Brina’s idea and she has held the game in her hand every since day 1. My question is what’s her end game? Seems on the surface getting rid of the boys leaves her stronger competing for F2 with the girls. I guess she is playing Kendrew and her F3 and both take her to the final. Like her or not she is “the straw that stirs the drink” in BB Can 2!


Just amazes me how the ONLY reason Sabrina wants Allison out is due to jealousy, I mean this is Big Brother, where do they find these light weights…..

I hope Sabrina is gone next week…


And so she should.


Somebody please shove some food down sabrinas throat so she can shut the hell up

BBC2-Biggest Morons in BB History

I was sort of excited to see how Rachelle was going to use this HOH and emerge in this game finally since she has been so quiet and rather useless…..

Well what an epic fail this is going to be. ONCE AGAIN EVERYONE believes that fat fuck lying meatball.

IKA is the only one that sees what’s coming for her and Rachelle should they fail to take out Kenny or Andrew or one of that alliance. Rachelles’ response to IKA was laughter with the nosepicking meatball as though IKA was soooo cray cray. Wow Rachelle you really are the useless bitch that most people have you painted out to be.

LOVE LOVE LOVE how Sabrina had an answer for everything IKA said and spun it around so Rachelle would back down off of putting up one of her little buddies. If I were Ika I would tell Rachelle to put Sabrina up next to one of her precious alliance members and use Sabrina as a “Pawn”…. it’s driving me absolutely bonkers how they don’t see Sabrinas antics and with who she is really aligned with.

It’s hilarious to see Sabrina on slop, she is already going bizzerk and crying…
This week is going to bring a lot of fireworks as it already has… can’t wait to see what is going to emerge.

Big Daddy

No doubt Sabrina that bitch needs here callories..


It’s so insane and frustrating to watch. I’m having a hard time enjoy it.

Nose-Pickers-R-Us Slobrina and Andrew are ruling this game and its frickin disgusting.

I wish Neda would step up and give her two cents more forcefully. She always says the right thing, has most of them figured out. She voices her opinion but no one really listens.

I am having Andy war flashbacks but for some reason I dislike him less than fat f*ck ratchet ass nose picking Slobrina. She is the absolute worst.

A powershift would be a godsend right now. Maybe Marsha the Moose will help with that. Maybe Marsha will dish out a DPOV to a worthy effin player.


What happened to Adel’s hair. Is he trying to bond with Arlie?


Ika, there’s a ratchet girl in this house but you’re pointing your finger at the wrong person. Turn that sucker right back around.


Turn that finger around and point it at yourself ha ha


Ika is Delusional!!!! “Who are you?” To tell rachelle What to do??? You had your chance, what don’t you go scream at the poor girl who have NO friends??!! She is an idiot!


I feel like Sabrina is really evil. I really feel sorry for Heather! I can’t believe how mean all the girls are to Heather!


Ika was a chicken shit during her HOH and now that it is Rachelle’s HOH she suddenly becomes the tough girl and wants to make a big move. Too funny.


Uh wait – Ika says she would have put up Kenny and Andrew but she wanted to keep Paul…. Has no one listening to her stories asking her to back the f**k up and repeat that. She is a gifted liar and actress. Oh, and ratchet too.


Can someone please explain to me what the fascination is with Adel???? I don’t see it. I have seen every season of BB USA and the first season of BBCAN and this little weiner would have been eaten for breakfast if he was on any of those seasons but somehow in here he is being hailed as some sort of hero or “Canada’s player”. I live in Canada and this knucklehead does NOT represent me. The sooner he goes the better……and he can take is sidekick Ika with him.


I think the main reason that people are voting for Adel is they want the House shaken up and he is about the only one that can do that. I’m not a fan of Adel but think he is the last one that can cause havoc in the house.


Thanks for the constructive reply Bohratom 🙂


It is quite interesting that the players you like least happen to both be minorities. I am not suggesting anything, but it’s kid of odd.


Why is it interesting and odd to you? Are you, for some reason only you know, wanting to scream RACIST??


Please tell me you are fucking kidding me right now? I don’t give a shit if you are black, white, brown, or purple for that matter! I am talking on a game level you butthead.


If you don’t like Adel, who do you like? Andrew??

Adel is the opposition on the house. People want the power taken down a notch. He’s the one to do it. Clearly Ika missed her chance and Rachelle is a fuckin idiot so…

Also Adel is funny.


No I definitely don’t like Andrew. He is either picking his nose or grabbing his crotch….it’s nasty. As far as game play I like Kenny, Sarah, Jon and Arlie. I was proud of Sarah for what she did Thursday. As the days go by some people impress me more and others reiterate my first impressions of them. I just was wondering if I missed something about Adel that other people saw.


Sounds to me you’re one recist white lover sorry!


I feel like I’ve never seen a group of people on BB hate someone else so badly on a personal level than with these mean girls vs. Heather. I’d love to see them defend their words once they’re out – they’re going to look like dumbfounded idiots.


It baffles me how Sabrina is getting away with all these lies. She truly has selective memory, and then adds in so much nonsense and makes so much up that never was said or done.

Sabrina’s strategy: Pick off an emotionally weak player and plant seeds around the house. (in this case she is planting seeds against Ika)

Rachelle: What a disappointment

I know a lot of people are upset with Ika wasting her HOH … and POV, but Ika is actually smart. She already knows Rachelle is stupid and Ika knows shes not safe.

Sabrina’s moral compass is shot and broken.


So is the girls alliance officially the most dysfunctional alliance in BB US+CAN history? There seems to be zero trust there, and I don’t think it’s even all Sabrina’s doing…

Johhny (the European one!)

Thanks so much, guys, for uploading those (longer) vids so we can all see and behold of Sabrina’s ultimate rule over the mentally deficient girls.
It’s no coincidence that Neda “misses” those conversations; Sabrina knows that Neda isn’t THAT hopelessly dumb. She would have none of it. That’s why Sabrina waited for Neda to be in the DR to start “stirring $hit up”.
They’re all afraid of Sabrina, she’s the biggest bully and sheer wreckingball in this game.
This magic only works on the likes of Ika, Rachelle and Heather though. Ika woke up from her Sabrina-infused coma, but it’s too late. After repeating a dozen times what is OBVIOUS Rachelle should do, disregarding it was just as obvious this last week when Ika was HOH herself, she realized there’s no point talking to Rachelle with Sabrina present. I think many in there have resigned to “have to cope with the Rule of Sabrina” until her alliance members themselves decide that they don’t need her anymore.

I hope Neda will have the clarity of mind to tell Jon that she’s DONE WITH THE GIRLS once and for all, and hopefully Jon can get Arlie to reconsider adding her to his “soon to come alliance”.

Quote from IKA from when she was HOH: “those people always want you to make a big move when you’re HOH, but never when they’re HOH themselves”. Pot; Kettle. Duh.


I think heather is adorable, I wish the girls could have heard Kyles exit speech and been more excepting of others , everyone is different … They never gave the port girl a chance!


I don’t get this, so Adel asks Ika to put up strong players, Ika then wimps out, now doesn’t get her way and is hoping by some grace of god that Rachelle will do what she didn’t have the ball to do.

I’m a big fan of Team Adel, but Ika is the bottom of the totem pole, time for ARLIE’s plan to take effect. His reasoning for wanting Paul out is to have Adel become his close ally, and I think with Ika gone this week we will finally see smart gameplay from Arlie and company!


I’m honestly putting all my eggs in the Adel and Arlie basket. I don’t want New Girl (Ya w/e I am calling her that) to be a part of it though. Sarah – ugh, fine. Neda – Definitely!


\worst. women. ever.


THE only way the first five gets broken up is with a coup dtat. this idiots need guidance from production.. how about making this canada”s hoh? let canada decide who to put up, that would be a good twist……


why is sabrina following orders from kenny and andrew? does she really believe she can beat this guys in the end? why is she so loyal to first five? best way for her to win this game is to align herself with a girl she can beat in the end.. kenny and andrew will eat her up alive if she is final 3 with those two..


sabrina u need a tissue? stop with your nose picking beach whale…


Rochelle please do not confirm your stupidity by targeting your ali. Hopefully Neda will talk some sense into this girl.
Sabrina what a piece of work this girl is.. how can they not see that she is the devil.
Ika Ika you blew it girl…you had the opportunity to get rid of a strong player but did not so stfu.
Heather a sweet girl who does not deserve the venom directed at her.
This week should be fun.


Little slop piggy liar Sabrina has to go! Can’t wait until they all figure her out and boot her ass out the door!!

pretty trickster

I finding truly disgusting how these ladies are treating Heather. This season is really bothering me. I like game play, I enjoy when players actually know something about the game. I’m not sure how to describe this season, could it be worse than BB US 15?




It’s getting there. There will never be that level of racism as there was in BB15 but the bullying is right up there.

They are single-handedly ruining Canada’s reputation of being nice and accepting people.


And it’s all because of ring leader Sabrina.. Wish they would expose her for what she truly is. If we didn’t watch the live feeds we wouldn’t know what she is really like as she comes across as not that bad on the edited version of the show.


Jumped ship from team Iks don’t stand for bullying no matter what


does everyone know,sabrina is amanda zuckermann’s cousin? they look so much alike….


Lie, lie, lie with so much ease (and so much practise)
manipulate and deceive – just because – no game logic needed
fake emotions histrionically presented
knows who to target and how
unfeelingly injure others

I hope none of you ever have to deal with a “Sabrina” in real life.
Call it what you want – HPD, pathological liar, narcissistic…
Fucking psychopaths.
Predatory subspecies of Humanity.
I’m just thankful she’s not better at it. Or a CEO. Or a politician.


This one was angry! lol


I want to marry Neda


Don’t these houseguests realize that fighting burns bridges and that is the last thing you want. And Andrew should keep his hormones in check. For someone who claims emotions don’t belong in big brother, he is arguably one of the most emotional players. I’m going for Neda and Jon. They both seem to be waiting for their chance to make a move, and staying on peoples good side in the meantime. Arlie is doing fine too, but sarah could easily leak his plan b to Kenny and Andrew to make them target him first.


With Kyle’s exit speech and praying with Adel, and Adel being loyal to Paul even when Paul kept throwing him under the bus. I was bursting with pride for being Canadian, now with these bullying girls picking on Heather and I still haven’t figured out why yet, I am embarassed.
I saw Scott on an interview on Youtube with Liza’s Dish. He said he cannot figure out what Allison is doing! He said they all talked about their stategy and he said she knew she had to take out Kenny and Andrew, and get in an alliance with others. He is disappointed too with her gameplay

Willy from Halifax

“I swear to god on my head, just listen to me I’m not finished! ”

IKA wants Rachelle to do during her HoH,
– exactly what everyone wanted IKA to do during IKA’s HoH.
– And IKA doesn’t even realize
– the stupidity of her position.

This is not a social experiment it is a Kafka universe.