Andrew says my goodbye message to Kyle wasn’t super overly mean but Paul’s was pretty mean.

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony March 10
HOH Winner: Andrew Next HOH: March 13
Original Nominations: Paul & Neda
Current Nominations: Paul and Kyle
Last Evicted Houseguest Anick
Have Nots Rachelle, Neda, Heather and Sarah

BBCAN2-2014-03-13 06-51-27-323
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9:50am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. In the living room Arlie, Andrew, Heather are waking up and talking about random things. Andrew leaves and heads up to the HOH room. Andrew talks to Kenny about how annoying Arlie is being already. In the storage room – Paul and Adel are talking. Adel says we need to win this HOH today or we’re out. Paul says if we don’t then we strategize. We come as a package now and everyone knows it. You never know if someone wants to flip the house we’re two votes. In the bathroom – Ika and Heather talk about the cold showers. Ika wants to just use a wet towel to wipe her pits instead of taking a cold shower.

Out in the hot tub room – Andrew and Kenny talk about how the HOH competition is tonight. They talk about their goodbye messages and how mean they were. Kenny says my goodbye message to Kyle was mean. Andrew says mine to Kyle wasn’t super overly mean but Paul’s was pretty mean. Andrew says its not going to be half as mean as its going to be when we finally get rid of him.

10:50am In the bathroom – the girls are getting ready for the live eviction/HOH tonight. Sabrina tells them that they really can’t be fighting any more. Neda agrees and says we need to enjoy our time here in the house. Sabrina comments on how yesterday was hard for Ika. Ika says thanks for reminding me.

live eviction day bbcan2

11:20am – 11:30am In the HOH room – Andrew talks about how he has an hour left in the HOH room before he has to move out of it. Andrew tells Kenny to just win it tonight (HOH). They talk about what the HOH competition might be. Kenny says if its a A or B question comp or True / False it is A or True always. Andrew says I can’t compete. Kenny says oh yeah. Andrew tells Kenny to run it by the others. Meanwhile in the storage room – Sarah is talking to Sabrina about how she thinks we’re good with the guys. Sarah says even if the guys start taking out the girls at least we aren’t the first to go. Sarah talks about how Ika’s tearing us apart. Rachelle joins them.

BBCAN2-2014-03-13 08-20-46-242

11:30am – 11:55am Up in the HOH room – Kenny, Andrew, and Arlie discuss needing to win the HOH tonight to stay safe. They talk about trusting Jon and going to the end with him. Arlie comments how how Jon brought up last night how much he liked being brought into their discussions. Arlie says we should do that more often. They agree. Kenny says that Ika and Heather are trying to strategize but failing miserably at it. He says that with Neda I just don’t know where her head is at. Andrew comments on how the girls are falling a part and how one in particular ..the one we thought was of the highest caliber .. have you noticed any thing different about her. I am not going to say her name but she likes to eat a lot of candy. Kenny says that he hasn’t really noticed it. Andrew says I have and I think that is really going to start to affecting them.

12pm – 12:30amBig Brother tells the house guests that the live eviction will happen in 4 hours. Big Brother tells them that the nominated house guests must have their bags packed and placed in the storage room and their small bags placed by the stairs in 3 hours. In the main bedroom – Paul, Kyle and Adel devise a plan to create confusion and chaos in the house to take the attention off of them. The plan to use the fights between the girls to stir the pot more and keep the girls fighting. Adel comments on how he and Paul are in a great position. Kyle asks what about me? Adel comments how Jon’s shoulder is f**ked.. I don’t care if he’s here for the next two months. I don’t even know why the doctors let him back in here. That will take weeks before it doesn’t hurt to move it.

12:35pm – 1pm All of the house guests are sitting around the living room couch talking and joking around.

1:10pm- 1:20pm The live feeds are blocked for a few minutes and when they return all of the house guests are on a bedroom lock down. SABRINA says they’re changing COUCHES around does that mean we’re going to have a TWIST tonight? Big Brother tells them not to talk about production. Sabrina starts talking about her past relationships.

BBCAN2-2014-03-13 10-05-47-551

1:30pm – 1:45pm Big Brother cuts the live feeds…

2:15pm Still blocked.. and likely won’t be back on until after the live show tonight.

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dang… life got interesting!!! can KYLE go into overdrive
and save his derriere by ripping open the fractures in
the MEAN/NICE girl alliance if he says what he heard?
i so want KYLE to stay over PAUL becuz things are so
soon to get interesting. Hayden verses Tyson intense.
or does KYLE mildly go out the door but with a few fans?



Alright Alright

Yeah S A V E K Y L E

Alright Alright

Did I say I hate Kenny…I really really do.


The War Room folk are correct. Anick went out the door soooooo… fast!


Bye bye Kyle! glad to see your self centered ass go!


Self centered??? what show are you watching?


My god, watching the feeds now and Andrew is such a dick…. “don’t you find that the diets had made some of the girls not has hot as they were… specifically the one we thought was highest calibre?|

He needs to go


ya, was andrew talking about rachelle? who is he talking about? who likes candy?

meanwhile, he’s showmancing sabrina….


It drives me nuts when players don’t campaign to stay. Kyle spent last night hanging out with Paul and Adel rather than trying to save his ass…as much as I would love for him to stay, he has no gameplay. I hope there is a shift this week because the 1st 5 needs to be knocked off their high horse for a little while, I’m sure once they are humbled I might like some of them again, right now they just look like 5 assholes who think they’re better than everybody else.


IDK but I still like Andrew..maybe he will not be so nasty after he is no longer in power.
I just hate how Kenny is always behind him like a love sick puppy.


Does IKA remind anyone else of CHIMA from BBUS?????


Why, cause they are both black?


No – because they’re both egotistical narcissistic bitches.


Anya – what’s that on your shoulder??




neda is super pretty when she smiles. she’s my fave.


Funny I was just watching that last night and realized how Rochelle looks like Aria (face shape, baby face, dark hair, similar style)


Did anyone see the secret room when they were talking about BB telling them that whoever goes into the house can’t mention where they were and who they were with? I hope its true, because maybe the secret room isn’t over yet. Maybe Kyle will be going to the secret room and compete against the other 2 to win a chance to enter the game again in a few weeks. I hope so! I like the secret room twist and it would be awesome if there was a redemption island kind of twist. I hope they actually get to compete for it, not just Canada’s vote. I really didn’t like Kyle, but for the sake of the game, I hope he isn’t completely done today. I really don’t want to see Andrew steamroll through the game to the end, and I didn’t think I would say this, but I hope Adel wins the HOH tonight, or maybe the secret HG will be the HOH. I am ready to see Andrew and Sabrina sweat.


As much as I would love a Kyle save, if they were going to do a war room twist these week, I feel like they definitely would have at least hinted it to the viewers by now.


the 5th camera from the live feeds is gone. there is only 4 cameras now. so probably no hope for kyle 🙁


To be honest i Think the war room is going to turn into the jury house for the first like 4 evicted houseguests later on when we get to vote someone back in like last season. But those four houseguests get to still look and watch the house, instead of watch the tapes and hear from houseguests like normal! Should be interesting… Because why else cant allison let them know ehh?


Sabrina and Andrew have to go. Then I would love to see Kenny scrambling without his pal (crush) around.

Douche hater

These people are tools … Well the first 5 lol
Ya Sarah “Ika is tearing us apart .”.. Lol
Look in front of you and you will see
What is so obvious …duh


i’d love a redemption island twist!


not sure Kenny has to go but his beard does. I hated it on AJ from the backstreet boys and I hate it even more on Kenny. HAHA BIG/Thick beards like that are just evil.


Shut up Sabrina


Hey Kids, if your parents ever talk about auditioning for Big Brother, threaten to grow up and become serial killers! Then call 911 right away!

Anyone remember Chicken George?
I have fond memories of that season.

How to put it? More people, less “Product” maybe.
Oh well.
C’mon Big Brother – TWIST the livin’ crap outta these folks!


It’s been fun but……………….

I’m not stopping watching the show but I see a lot of frustration written about here regaurding the cast. Much of it fair and warranted. Don’t blame the dumb azzes in the house blame Kasting! Truth is how do you choose folks and not consider showmances? This isn’t BB’s 1st or 2nd rodeo. They are a cornerstone to a decent BB season. All the girls have boyfriends or not interested. Most of the guys the same. BAD casting leaves the season lacking an essential element of the show.

As a result we all seem to be fixated on the norm and irritated about it. The “cool kids” tend to control early, have potty mouths and frankly seem like bullies behind everyone elses back. Pretty standard week 1/2 stuff but we collectively have very little else to comment on. Game play is predictable and stagnant. The next 3 out are…..Kyle and his 2 friends. So now we look at what comes next and we are watching the 1 viable alternative(girls) to the 1st 5 self emplode!

I saw Simon even lament about not liking several folks this cast and how unusual that is for him. Niether Simon or any of us are the problem! I for 1 was hoping for growth with season 2 and for some reason they botched the casting. Now what for us fans? Time to make some lemonade I guess.

Week 3 or 4 will be a double eviction IMHO. A little fun there at least. Sadly I think 1st 5 has a solid 4 leaving Arlie 5th wheel. A small hope here he figures it out early enough that there are enough live bodies to put together a counter run at the 4 running the house. Jon/Neda(Joneda maybe?) can find away to get a little traction. The problem is who can you trust to talk alliance with and it not get back to Kass(Kenny, Andrew, Sabrina, Sarah). Another potential positive week is F10 down to F9(Jury). Might be fun to see what/who goes out the door before jury. But at the end of the day we basically are faced with this apparent truth. A group of pretty nasty self absorbed people are running the house and they have a comp beast. That parts important to our collective frustration level. There isn’t a Jillian in the cast. By that I meen a physical woman that can give the boys a run for their money.

The best hope we have as fans is that someone, I repeat anyone can get in the middle of these folks and break things up. Dare I think Allison hooking up with Andrew would cause fireworks? Allison seems like to nice a girl. I hope I’m wrong! Unlike Andy last season I don’t see Kenny flipping his alliance at this point. Sadly we need Andrew of all people to flip his alliances and I don’t see that happening.


Team JEDA for the win!


Andrew and Kenny of put huge targets on their backs already. Sabrina’s game will blow up in her face and Sarah will most likely go down with her. I see Arlie being the lone survivor of the first five alliance once it goes down in flames. It’s only a matter of time and i can’t wait to watch it happen!


Are you seriously watch the same BB CAN 2 I am? Those 4 may, and I stress may end up F4 at this rate! A couple questions for you to consider please. Who is going to win an HOH? B/c until these 4 douchebags get nominated no one goes home. Eventually we get over hurdle number 1 and someone other than these 4 gets HOH(sooner the better)! Now we need the noms to be done right. Basically you put up 2 of the alliance. POV is used and at minimum 1 of the other 2 goes up and one goes home. Otherwise you need NUMBERS to vote out any of these 4. Chipping a girl or 2 off to get the votes with the cattiness seems obvious to save any single one of these 4 on the block.. For now lets say Arlie is a solid vote. Jon has to risk his whole game to take a shot and if he fails he’s done, ect.
That’s the problem with your theory these 4 are not leaving anytime soon. And when someone does win HOH they’ll over think it and talk about back dooring someone. Then the 4 win POV and the opportunity gets missed. Frankly unless these 4 turn on each other get use to them sitting up in the HOH room and running the game. At this stage I feel confident all 4 make top 6.
Just let me be clear I do not like any of them but you cannot deny game. Hate Brina but she is playing the game hard. Don’t like bullies like Andrew but he’s a tank running over everything and everybody at the moment. Kenny is interesting because I think he’s the BB brains of this outfit. At some point he has to analyze who he can’t beat F2? Maybe Brina cools on Andrew and tries to get her and Sarah to the final. Not thinking this is gonna happen either. I keep coming back to these 4 need to self distruct. I just don’t see it at the moment!


Gah! They block the feeds SO early in the day. How am I supposed to entertain myself at work for the rest of the afternoon??


Sure hope you’re not a government employee being paid by us tax payers??!!


Which would be better than sitting at home, employed by nobody, ignoring your three government supported children (all whom have different fathers) and browing this site, right?

This is a great place to check in during down time @ work. Don’t get petty. 😉


I don’t see the words “down time”, just “the rest of the afternoon” – you speak from guilt? Petty isn’t what I am – sick of freeloaders and people who don’t pull their weight at their jobs, is what I call it.


Haha! Well I do live in Ottawa, so your guess is not completely misdirected. But no, I’m not a public servant.


6-1-3 represent!


Is it just me or did Kyle just not play the game? Don’t get me a wrong, I like the guy, and I hope a twist saves him, but I think that he was really discouraged with the fact that people in the house were basically avoiding him since his nomination. Had he overcame this and actually played the game, he could have been saved. No one likes Paul and his fate has been set in stone. Kyle, however, is funny, strong, and is a much needed weapon against andrew and kenny. He could have won over Jon ( who wants andrew out), Neda (who wants a strong guy out), Ika, Heather (maybe?), and Adel. The last vote could come from working Rochelle. It’ll be hard, but it isn’t impossible. I mean she knows that the guys are coming after them. From that angle, Kyle could have won her vote if he was able to get the votes of the others.

Let me know if I am wrong.

little mouse

BB has a chance to show Canada what bullies deserve….nothing…. . BBCAN should not tolerate it. what message are they sending out to the young people of canada watching this show….. continue to bully and you will be rewarded and have bimbos falling over you. Save Kyle somehow and let him squash the bullies and hanger ons ..we see what a good person he is by standing beside paul when Andrew, the god of bullies, ruled to his minions that everyone should shun paul.. Sabrina the sensationalist who hates on anyone that is a threat speaks badly about anyone that is a threat and stretches everything to suit her… so she can crawl futherl up the arse of the god of bullies.and get his attention. kenny who will do anything the god of bullies wants so his secret doesn’t come out and he shunned into the other camp. This is not the big brother game i love ,… cheering some years for the evil some years for the good and others for the underdog, no game at all this year just a bunch of dogs picking pruning and licking themselves. Shame on you BBCAN for allowing it to continue.


Little mouse, while I agree with most of what you say, Andrew didn’t have to convince anyone to shun Paul. Paul did that to himself the second he tried to play the victim by calling Andrew a racist, not once but multiple times. The only reason Andrew went after Paul initially was because Paul threw the first stone the first week in nominating Andrew. After watching him for two weeks I can only say I am really glad I have never signed up for a motivational course presented by Paul. I am sure I would be asking for money back.

little mouse

Jeff, sorry on my tablet don’t know if the other comment went thru. Andrew approached the accusation wrong. I for one if accused of being racist would want to know what i said or what i did for the accuser to think that. not saying paul was correct but i guess he observed this the first night in the house and andrew supposedly got drunk Which a few other house guests have also commented on. Andrew was more worried on how he would be perceived on TV then why he was accused..which we all know he is doing a great job on his own showing what he truly is …. he is a sexist pig which was also included in the accusation by paul. We saw Arlie approaching paul apologizing to him because he couldn’t be seen talking to him it would put him in jeopardy and it was nothing personal…We heard Jon saying it was just not right and after the game he was writing each one to let them know this as well as hearing Sarah saying it was wrong. So somewhere someone is pulling them to shun him ..i don’t think its kyle or Adel.


they aren’t shunning him because Andrew told them to. They are shunning him because its a bad game move to hang out with the most hated person it in the house, it makes you a target just look at Kyle and Adel this week. It is so annoying when people try and say people are being manipulated like that. These are all grown ass people who can make their own decisions, plus Andrew said a couple days ago that he was going to try and talk to Paul more. Also Andrew knew why he was being called a racist, which is why he didn’t ask paul, “Hey man, why are you trying to make me look like a shitty person on national television?” It was because of the Urban thing and because Andrew was doing a bad jamacian accent. Correct me if im wrong here, but andrew not being able to do an accent doesn’t make him racist towards the skin color of the people he is imitating and if he had said something like ghetto instead of urban I think people would actually have a case here but its just people making something out of nothing. Paul is literally the only person in the house who cared about the comment, but now its out there because Paul wanted to drag Andrews name through the mud.


As I said, I do agree with you, and understand where the comment came from on the first night with his “Island Accent” and comment to IKA about her being Urban though I would maybe consider more along the line of ignorant (which Andrew has proven he is). I for one am just disgusted in Paul in him thinking it might be a good idea for his game for him to use racism as a game maneuver as he claimed to in a diary room discussion. In saying that I probably would have reacted the same way Andrew did and would have no interest in having any further discussions with someone who called me as such.


omg how gross is Andrew ! constantly got his finger up his nose and flicking the crap he digs outta there. Anyone watch the live feeds this morning when he was makin breakfast ? And he doesnt wash his hands ever…. I wouldnt eat anything this pig makes !


I don’t see much hygiene from ANYONE. Adel never washes his hands after using the bathroom. Not even after a poo. People grab cereal by the hand to put it in a bowl. What’s with that? Ika is always picking at food, licking her fingers and going for more. (Like Cheerios out of the container.)

Don’t even get me started with the all the farting and announcing of poos. These people are really disgusting. So much so that I had to open a Twitter account so I could vent and feel better!


CANNOT wait until everything blows up in Andrew, Kenny and Sabrina’s faces. Kenny’s edited to be nice when you watch big brother canada but on the live feeds hes anything but that. I am so sick of them acting as though Kyle’s the plague, Kyle could have been your biggest asset ladies but instead you followed all the arrogant SOB’s like a bunch of sheep, even though you don’t even like them. Andrew, its so hilarious how empowered he thinks he is in that house, never seen such a loose cannon in that house other than Tom from BBC1, feel sorry for Alberta girls with psychos like them to choose from. As for Sabrina STFU already, the attention needs to be on her constantly, it’s pathetic!!


not related to this post but I just gotta say that I think we all waited for the predictable moment to come to pass – it’s funny that Sabrina had the forethought of shaving her crotch when she got a whiff of a man’s attention.


gross!! another reason I would never last in a BB house. disgusting slobs that make a mess and don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom. WTF?


Who is the eat way too much candy?? Was he possibly talking about sabrina??

Johhny (the European one!)

He said it was one of the Have Not’s. So it’s either Rachelle, Heather, Neda or Sarah.
I think he was talking about Rachelle.


Dawg/Simon, do you guys know a live stream for USA viewers? Ustreams were all shut down during last nights episode. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Yes, any help would be greatly appreciated. I tried to find some last night, but didn’t.


I hate that I cant watch the tv shows about bb but I am glad we have this site to go to . don


max, thank you very much for your website. It is so enjoyable and it lets me see what is going on in the house. watching the videos and the conversation really helps me understand the undercurrents going on in the house. thank you don


Did you mean simon?


BBCAN has done a good job of erasing the show from the internet. All copies of youtube have been removed and all the streams have been shut down. The only option for Americans is to sign up for a VPN


Thanks Simon! I downloaded the hma app and was able to view the feeds on Do they air the show on the website live? If not, how would watching the live shows work with the VPN?


I think they post the show right after it airs.

Glad you have the VPN working, I had to use one last year for the US show. I wish this Geo Blocking BS would stop.


Sabrina reminds me of Amanda from BBUS. They both talk way too much for my liking.


Amanda was/is smarter than Sabrina. Amanda did not stand for lying so much and called people out on trust issues. And that was one of her strengths within the game. Sabrina is just slimey.


Why are so many people already saying this season sucks and its going to be the worst season ever? I’ve seen all over the place in other websites too. Like it’s only week 2 things are going to change. When Alison goes into the house its going to shake everyone in there and when it gets to jury the entire game does a 180. The brigade is the only alliance made week 1 to make it to the end so 1/16 for alliances made early on in a season, first five are definitely going to turn on each other so relax.


It’s standard Big Brother Fan behaviour, I’m also to blame for this sometimes.

Past seasons always seems better for some reason.


Save Kyle!!! Don’t go just yet evict Paul!!


A good punishment for this bunch (especially Ika and Rachelle) would to be black out every mirror in the house for 48 hrs. They would implode. I’ve never seen women stare at their own reflection as much as Ika. She wants to date herself, I’m sure. What’s up with that?


I actually do agree with Riley. I don’t hate the whole cast. Technically speaking, BBCA did their job by casting someone that’ll get fans talking (Sabrina), whether its good talk or bad talk.

Im a huge BB fan, but I really like BBUK and BBAU much more. But, I do like BBCA more than BBUS. Also, I don’t know why BBUS and BBCA have significantly different Diary Rooms. I like the royal throne-like chairs that UK and AU use for the Diary Room, it makes it feel more like a psychological experiment where the house guests can vent to BB.


I’ve never seen BBAU but I cannot stand BBUK.

Sabrina is great, it’s not that I like her I can’t stand her but she makes the feeds fun


I only watch the BBUK celeb version because its shorter and gets stuff going right from the first episode.

The BBAU version is so different. The first time I saw it I thought it was so lame, but then I got into it because it really was so different.

They use a number system and nominate via points and the top few with the most nomination points is up on the block. But, one of the main reasons I like BBAU is because AU votes for who stays in the house.

So, you can’t really have people like Sabrina and Andrew creating a “cool crowd” and isolating others.


I hate Sarah, I just finished watching yesterday’s episode, what a bitch, I hate her more than Paul