Big Brother 13: Porsche must be HOH Rachel offers her final 4 (JRKP), they don’t want a floater to win

8:40pm Kitchen Porsche pouring 3 glasses of wine (hopefully for her self) Moments after feeds cut..

what happened before is this P nominated JR huge surprise there. Rachel hints she wants to talk about a deal with Porsche. They decide to talk later in the HOH.

8:50pm everyone but Shelly Chit chat wine drinking. Adam is telling them about how bad his sleep apnea was when he was fat.

8:56pm Shelly drinking a beer by herself

8:56pm KP HOH

Kalia says she was talking to Jordan and told her nobody has a problem with her they have the problem with Rachel… feeds cut..

Kalia thinks they will be having the Veto tomorrow night because they were given alcohol. Porsche brings up a previous POV that they had where they were given booze the night before.

Jordan comes in, “since they are all outside smoking can we just talk about it and get it over with”.
Porsche offers her a snack. Porsche says no.
Jordan starts: “hmm OK I never talked game to you yesterday because i have never talked game in the past.. I dunno .. we can all work together for this week if you want. .. Clean slate now.. there’s no grudges.”
Jordan brings up how they got BJ out and JJR got Dani out so in her mind they are even.
Jordan understands how they might not trust Jordan because of the dani thing. Jordan explains when JEff lied to dani. She says JJ never swore to Dani they wouldn’t backdoor her, Jordan swears on her mother she didn’t. Jordan continues the only reason why we told her we wouldn’t backdoor her is because we just caught her in 3 lies that night so Jeff thought it was the best game move to say whatever. . “I dunno I dunno “.. (she tugs on her hair).

Rachel jumps in says they needs to get Shelly and adam out because they’ve been workign both sides. Jordan: “we can make a deal one week we’re safe one week you’re safe”..Rachel warns them that KP are not going to make it and SA will luck out and win a comp, rachel thinks they wil get picked off.

Jordan goes on and on about being backstabbed and how upset she is.. she wants to get Shelly out. Jordan: “you 2 decided to stick together rachel and I have stuck together .. so lets get shelly and Adam out and compete”.

POrsche brings up that Jordan never came and talked to her before the nominations. Jordan says she was too upset because she never got picked for Thursday’s POV, she lost Jeff, and She got back-stabbed. Porsche says she understands.

Rachel says it will be tragic if Adam and Shelly make it to the finals, she wants one of them 4 to win. Porsche says that it’s anyone’s game right now BR Vs SA, winner of the POV is safe.

Rachel tells them she’s straight forward and honest, she thinks that working together will be a really great move on all 4 of their parts. Rachel floats to them and offers them a final 4 deal.

Rachel says the back and forth going on with SA is getting a bit ridiculous and tiring.. Jordan gets up tells Rachel they understand she thinks it’s time to go. they Leave.

(Jordan did much better than rachel imoo)

Porsche says regardless of what happens on the POV the week is going to be hilarious. Kalia agrees is happy now because she thinks it puts them in a good spot for next week.

Kalia says worst case scenario JR win the veto and put SA up on the block and Shelly goes home. POrsche: “I will BLANK  die if She (Jordan) wins again”. Porsche wishes they could get rid of Adam over Shelly..

They agree that rachel winning HOH next week is worst case scenario.. she’ll put up Kalia and Adam. Porsche thinks it’ll be Kalia and Porsche she reminds Kalia how close Jordan and Adam were.

They start strategizing with the jelly beans. (hard to follow when they don’t show the beans on the cam)
Kalia: “I’m freaked out that this is the wicked witch that cannot die.. we threw holy water on her week 4” (Kalia is talking about rachel) During one of their scenarios Kalia shows POrsche how Rachel staying in the game is the most Dangerous for them. Kalia says this is why it’s imperative that we win the veto and get her out of here.

(So Kalia and Porsche wants Rachel gone this week but if they lose then they will tell JR they threw it)

9:22pm Purple Room Jordan and Rachel Rachel says she’s going home.. they need to win the veto tomorrow and go from there. Rachel adds she was onto Shelly week 2 .. They start to play cards..

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179 thoughts on “Big Brother 13: Porsche must be HOH Rachel offers her final 4 (JRKP), they don’t want a floater to win

  1. I enjoyed watching the conversations in the HOH room. Porsche and Kalia are doing a good job at planning ahead and I think they’re putting themselves in a really good spot to get to the Final Four. Even their worst case scenario can get them to the Final Four, but I’m pretty sure that the worst case scenario won’t happen. Hopefully KP can win the POV and get Rachel out. KP are currently in the best position in the house.

      1. I so agree. First of all she can’t complete a whole sentence without jumping into 5 different thoughts and sometimes not even separated by her trademark “ummmmm”……and just watching those hands fling about made me dizzy. Poor girl.

  2. to be fair to rachel, she WAS on to shelly very early. and everyone thought rachel was “crazy” because of it. not realizing that sometimes even crazy is the truth

    1. Yes but back then Jeff and Jordan knew what Shelley was doing and
      she was doing it for Team J/J.
      Rachel didn’t know that.

      1. But did you watch? Rachel was right though, JJ was considering backdooring BR, if not for Jordon’s gut feeling. Rachel was not crazy, what she only missed was the biggest devil -Porsche.

        1. I totally agree.

          Everyone is so hard on Rachel, and I don’t get it. She’s a good competitor (or used to be), and she doesn’t lie. She doesn’t make stuff up and she’s only as paranoid as you need to be to survive in BB.

          She is made fun of incessantly because she is loud, obnoxious, has had her boobs done, wears short skirts/shorts, leads with her emotions, talks non-stop about Brendon and likes to drink. There are tons of people on the show through the years who have had work done, dress a little less modestly than some are comfortable with, are over-emotional, etc…yet she seems to take more of everyone’s crap.

          I respect that she makes no apologies for who she is.

          They always say that she’s “mean”, but everyone else is far meaner to her than she has ever been. It breaks my heart, honestly.

          1. 100% agree. I went on another feed website and Shelly went up in Jordan’s face about Jeff being gone. She wanted to talk and Jordan basically said not now, so Shelly started to yell and put her finger in Jordan’s face. Jordan at the time was on a bed and feeling sorry for herself. When Shelly did not honor Jordan’s request to not talk now, and put her finger in Jordan’s face (you should see Shelly’s yelling face in the pictures, and all I could think of is that Shelly when she feels like she’s been caught lies and becomes an unreasonable bully).

            It got so bad, that Jordan finally got out of the bed and fought back with Shelly. Jordan said Jeff trusted her (and the dummy did) and that she trusted her and even went into solidary confinement to give her that phone call. Shelly went beserk then, because she felt Jordan had no right to bring up that Jordan gave her that phone call. Personally I would have done the same thing.

            It got so bad, that the feeds show Rachel coming in between them, then you see Rachel pulling Jordan across the house to another room. By the way the entire time Rachel is trying to get Jordan away, Jordan is facing Shelly because Shelly is following them and screaming. What I noticed about Shelly is when she is caught in a lie she starts yelling. Plus she is the one who makes Rachel look bad, especially since Rachel caught her in a lie and called her on it. From that point on, Shelly does nothing but go to everyone and bring up how bad Rachel is, she acts like a teenager and at 41 she should be past that point in her life. Shelly stole Rachel’s dog and when Adam told her to put it back she refused, again acting like a teenage girl in a cat fight. Porche was more disgusting, she put Rachel’s duck in the back of the toilet bowl, and even said to the girls face she can’t wait to go to the jury room and do things with her bf.

            I don’t dislike Adam, Jordan, Rachel and hope one of them win. Adam telling Shelly to put the dog back showed me he is not a sleeze like the Shelly and porche.

            By the way Shelly your comments to Jordan why you voted Jeff out, because this is for her family all for her family – reality check you’re not going to win. Your alliance is going to dump you in a week or two, but then again Karma’s a B*tch.

            1. I am SO glad that someone finally said what I have been thinking .. everyone keeps acting like Jordan went off on Shelly just because of her “game move” when in fact that wasnt the reason they started to fight. Shelly came into where Jordan was and started yelling at her and getting into her face and then when Jordan had enough she got up and started screaming and yelling at Shelly. .. I am SO tired of people saying that Jordan was wrong for yelling at Shelly. Watch it again – Shelly came to Jordan screaming and yelling and getting in her face first.

            2. I cannot wait to see Shelly OUT!!! Shelly has been horrible and such a liar this whole game. She has issues and needs anger management. For a 41 yrs old woman, she acts like a child. I had her pegged from the start. Talk about a floater. Not my favorite. Not my favorite. Oh, did I say, Not my favorite???

              1. I am 41 years old and find the way that shelly acts embarrassing . I agree that when she is caught in a lie (which is quite often for a person who claims she has never been dishonest to anyone) she always gets defensive and then says horrible things. Rachel was on to shelly very early on and Jeff and Jordan did not listen . Jeff should have never thrown the veto and let brendon get voted out…… His biggest mistake besides trusting she man shelly.

          2. I agree, people have been awfully hard on Rachel,she is a good game player,she’s played hard and she plays to win. She’s even willing to help Jordan who needs so much help lol. I love Jordan I really do but she really is no good at comps. The thing that really is irritating to me is how Adam is bashing Jeff & Jordan after everything they’ve done for him and shelly. Jordan always treated shelly with respect and for Shelly to yell all those nasty comments to her is wrong. I hope shelly gets the boot and gets nothing but misery in jury. Her own daughter said she needed to stop lying so much and stick with Jeff & Jordan. Oh well hopefully something good will come from the POV.

      2. And Rachael was right to suspect everyone since day one everyone including her own alliance was out to get them!
        You people are as pathetic as the extremely JEALOUS losers in the house who pick on Rachael, leave her the hell alone.
        Why you people so obsessed with hating this poor woman, I mean seriously what has she done that is so terrible?
        She had sex with the man she is engaged to marry, OMG how horrible and guess what hypocrites? She wasn’t alone,
        Brendan did it too. Many people have on this show, Dani did in her season, where was all the hate for her and name calling?
        I just am amazed at the level in which people pick on this woman, it’s really sad and IMO speaks negative volumes about the haters
        not her. Her and Brendan can’t even go on the internet because of the hurtful things said about her. I can picture her sitting at
        her computer crying because of all the nasty things said about her here and on the show. I think its horrible you’re all a bunch of
        child like school yard bullies making fun of the fat kid or the kid with glasses. Grow up and get some class!

      3. da, they all were too… Okay, these players are the biggest idiots of all time. How do you want Rachel gone when anyone of them besides the two floaters would have the best chance of winning the 500k. I am lost on how they are not thinking jury votes. All they are thinking about is their personal views on Rachel and how scared they are on what she will do if she wins HOH.. TAKE THE DEAL. She wants floaters out and unlike others, she is not scared to fight it out with the best players.

      1. I have to say, if Rachel goes… I cant watch it anymore. Talk about boring. I mean, PK are good players but their personalities are boring. The jury house is way more of an entertaining place now.. They need feeds there.

  3. the house is too divided to make deals at this point. Porshe needs to think for herself, and just not pay attention what Khalia is saying. didn’t Khalia earlier today make a deal with Adam for F2? Adam pack-up your bacon tees and reunite with jeff’s ass in the jury house.


    1. What I think about that idea is no, shelly won’t be doing any ballet moved for a bit I think she is deeply hurt and feelin vulnerable right now. J think she’s going to stay tru to her girl alliance to show her loyalty to the houseguests and the viewers.

    2. Keeping Rachel might be a good thing, if Adam and Shelly was thinking objectively.. But in all fairness, Rachel.. if she won HOH.. would put Shelly and Porsche up. Rachel is the only one that shelly and Adam see as a threat. They will also want to win favor with the jury.. by keeping the “belle”. Rachel is so full of herself.. she would appreciate them getting her out as a big game move.. because she’s the bigger threat. I hate the C-word.. Adam is a puss. I can’t stand Shelly.. don’t believe her tears or using her family for sympathy. I don’t like Rachel.. but she’s been redeemed a bit by covering for Jordan, during her time of need. (remembering Jordan wasn’t so nice as the babysitter as Rachel is now) Who is left? Kalia… she’s wishy washy.. and could screw up Porsche’s game. Now who’s left? Oh yeah… Porsche. I didn’t like her at first. She was too quiet, but now I realize she was observing and rattling Brendon, by flirting. Ah to hell with it all.. the only person I really want to win at this point is Porsche or Kalia. I don’t care where the money goes when they get it.. it would just pain me soooo much to see any of the others get it. : )

    1. definetly, jr are pretty much out the door and they give them this last minute save since when do they do stuff like this that late in the game if they wanted to do this twist they would have done it earlier. I think production got scared that since both jeff and dani are gone and if JR leave then everyone will stop watching so i really think they want them to stay so their is still drama

      1. Also if this was a planned twist from the begining then julie would have said something to give some sort of suspence she always mentions a twist or something coming to the audience but this time she didn’t which makes me think that it was point in last minute i guessing so people will keep watching

      2. WTF! It was P choice to open up Pandoras Box or not. After K and A warned her not to.
        Yet she did anyway, so how is this now productions fault?

    2. I just want shelly gone early in the season rachel said that she was the most hated player by america i pretty sure shellly is now but i have to say if JR pull this off then maybe there is still hope for this game instead the boring game that we were heading to

      1. I disagree and look forward to a celebration when Jordan and Rachel leave the BB House
        and then watching the Vets have to pick a BB Winner from the Newbies left in the game.

      2. I hope Shelly is out of the game next. I also think and hope Shelly is the most hated person in the game. Rachel is loud and tells it to your face while Shelly is stabbing you behind your back.

    3. It actually hurts Rachel’s game. She now has Jordan the “ball and chain” during the pov comp.

      This twist could bite Rachel in the end.

      1. Does the POV comp necessarily HAVE to be played in pairs though? What I mean is, when they had pairs earlier, Dom won the veto, making him and Adam safe. So maybe the veto itself might be individual but if Rachel wins, Jordan is also safe?

  5. I hope Rachel and Jordan win POV…Shelly is evicted.

    Rachel wins HOH and nominates Porshe and Kalia. Porshe gets evicted.

    Adam wins HOH, nominates Rachel and Kalia. Kalia gets evicted.

    Adam/Rachel/Jordan Final 3.

    Rachel wins HOH and takes Jordan to F2.

    Rachel or Jordan wins Big Brother 13 and I can die happy.


    1. That’s the best case scenario I’ve heard all night. But the odds of that happening are as good as lightning striking down on me at this very moment.

    2. I have to agree and hope that this is possible. At this point, I hope that Shelly leaves this week.

    1. Adam’s the bigger wimp. He is the ultimate wimp and floater. I think it’s smart to throw him under the bus so it can get Shelly and Adam put up and then Shelly gets evicted. Like Rachel said earlier, if R or J gets eliminated, the other person NEEDS Adam in the F2 (or Kalia).

  6. They dont want a floater to win? I’m sorry wtf is porche!?

    I want dani back dang it. Poor girl trapped in a house with jeff AND monkey brain?!

    1. Sorry but Dani is gone for good her Jeff and brandon are in the jury house asking each other why dident we work togather. Their egos just gave the money to a lame new person.

      1. like zingbot said she is riding dady’s coat tail, she had no game or an alliance that was smart, if they were so good why did it take her 2 hoh’s to get out brendon? she is a loser with her jailhouse tats…

  7. Its official, Jordan does not understand the game at all. I am pretty sure this convo is supposed to happen before noms.

    1. well it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out that her game was flipped upside down and she wasnt prepared for that

    2. That’s because PK can throw the veto if they want or if not and one of them wins the veto save jordan and put shelly and vote out shelly… IF they agree

    3. Yeah but i don’t think she figured there was a point to it since it was a given they were going up but the twist changed everything

    4. no it doesn’t because they are playing as pairs so all of the power lies in the hands of the veto winner ..its just like final three ..doesn’t matter if they are nominated or not.

  8. well well what do you know porsche thinks she is hot stuff now…..and whats up with her wearing the key around her head so that it bobbles on her forehead….that child is way too cocky right now, giddy from winning 2 comps in a row i for this new kpjr deal whatevs, we know kp feel like the game is theirs to win so they will say anything to cover their bases at this point…course cbs knows the ratings will drop if rachael leaves this week so gotta make sure they win that pov….b-c no offense those newbs are heck boring to watch, who are they goin to gossip about …jordan..i think not…and they are not smart those guys they should be thinking about jury votes …vets are voting on the winner they might want to keep that in mind in the comin weeks…i myself am hopingfor a rj win so i can see shellys face when she is sent home..

  9. I wanted to leave a smart comment so here it is….
    This game would have played out totally different if a “few” things hadn’t happened.
    1. Evel Dick being in the game (started the vets vs newbies)
    2. Evel Dick leaving put Dani in a tough spot (final five would have been BRJJ, Dani is odd “man” out)
    3. Rachel’s ego prevented her from listening to Dani’s BD plan on Jeff (This would have saved the vets)
    4. Dom throwing the veto
    5. The twist (screwed over Dani)
    6. Kalia’s HOH was a waste (twist)
    7. Brendon coming back becasue of twist (Dani could have gottin out Jeff instead of getting out Brendon again)
    8. If Adam had voted to keep Dani, Jeff may still be here. (Kalia won HOH, she would have been gawn and Jordan would have probably won HOH)
    9. Had Adam not thrown the HOH comp, Jeff may still be there
    10. Porsche opening Pandora’s Box

    Team Dani 4 Life, Yo!

    1. Is that not that like saying if the Queen had balls she would be King? Would’ve, could’ve should’ve….

      At the end of the day, it is what it is on the day that it is!!!!

      1. I get it you hate Dani! Can you please not spread your frakin diesese around!? Everyone hates Dani cause she’s arrogant but that’s a good reason to love her!

    2. To summarize: Dani’s horrible gameplay is everyone’s fault but Dani’s.

      I’m sorry but she shouldn’t need Dick to play the game, she should have known her backdoor jeff plan was too early, she should have known that if the plan didn’t work Dom would be leaving, she should have known the best move would be to send her home. But she didn’t.

  10. Interesting dynamic with the pending veto ceremony. KP are safe for a week. JR have to play for their lives (if not Rachel goes home). AS also have to play for their lives (if JR wins veto, then Shelley goes home). If AS win veto (Rachel goes home). In any event, Adam makes final five without having to do anything in competitions other than showing up.

    I am just hoping that KP or AS really step-up in this veto ceremony.

    Still rooting for KPS because they have played the game well so far, with only one major mistake. Kalia/Dani putting up Lawon vs. Rachel in the eviction nomination.

  11. Jordan swears on her mother and her brother that J/J didn’t say to Dani that they wouldn’t backdoor her…

    Can we roll back the tapes where Jeff said “no” when Dani asked if he would backdoor her?

    Still lying. And she’s swearing on family members. Tisk tisk, Jordan.

    1. What the hell is this pairs thing?? Is this BB’s way of helping to keep J/R?? Just when they get nominated BB suddenly decides to play pairs again? Nice way of helping the two witches stay!

      1. Basically the conversation between Dani and Jeff was to make sure that Daniele wasn’t leaving the house that week. Jeff said no and went back on that. That’s that.

    2. Technically speaking, Jordan isn’t lying. I am pretty sure it was only Jeff and Dani outside when she asked him if she was safe. Jeff kept his motives and plans pretty close to the vest. Jordan might not have known what he was planning. She clearly wouldn’t have understood it anyway.

    3. Plus, she threw Adam under the bus, again.
      He did everything J/J asked of him. The Jerk!
      Jeff had the nerve to question Adam after the vote and yelled at him.
      Jordan is as phony as Jeff. They’re, both, hypocrites.
      She has no shame and is a disgusting and ignorant woman.

    4. Technically JJ did NOT backdoor Dani, Dani played in the veto and she played hard to win it but did not. A backdoor is when the person had no chance to save themselves at all. Cassi and Brendon2 are really the only two that got backdoored. Keith, Dom and Dani had the chance to save themselves.

      1. Good point!!! You cannot be backdoored if you play in the veto because you had the chance to save yourself. Julie Chen always said, the only way to stay safe is to be the HOH or win the veto!!!

    5. if you Mr know it all look back at the tape you will see that Jordan was not there when jeff told her he would not put her up if the veto was used….it was done outside in the backyard..and jordan was not there..

    6. She is right…they never swore on it…just like Dani said she wouldn’t go after them,but 5 mins later was telling KP jeff is nxt. and Dani wasn’t backdoored,so they stuck to their word.She was a replacement nominee!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. I think if you listen she says she did not say it !! She was not outside when that conversation took place. She is not lying.

    8. That’s not what she said guys. She said they never SWORE they wouldn’t backdoor her, but they did lie and say they wouldn’t (but didn’t swear like Dani was going around saying) because they said they caught Dani in 3 lies.

  12. Best case scenario,

    1- JR win POV, kicks ShelHE in the nuts!
    2- J or R win next weeks HOH kicks COWlia in the nuts!
    3- FINAL 4 J or R win HOH Kicks Porsche in the nuts!
    4- Final 3 comps what ever happens.

  13. In the days of my Latin studies, I learned alot! So, here it goes: Adam= Homo Maximus, Kahlia= Tannus Ignoramus, Shelly= AssHolus! sorry that’s Spanish. C*nt Be thy name, Porsche= DumbAss! that’s bad, Jordan=Venus! Rachel= PregnantWitAkiddus…I’m not sure about my Latin I’m a bit rusty

  14. I cannot believe what a big, fat, LIAR Jordan is!! Jeff told Dani he would NOT backdoor her, they even aired it during the show! I think she’s a bigger threat than Rachel, even though I wouldn’t mind Rachel leaving. Jordan’s won already, she “claims” she doesn’t want the money (yea, right), and just came back for Jeff. Well, if that’s true, GET RID OF HER!! I’m sure no one wants her lazy butt winning AGAIN!

    1. Was it just Jeff that told Dani that? Or was Jordan in the room too. I remember Jordan letting Jeff do all the negotiating.

      There was a point were Jordan just hated Dani and wouldn’t even go up to her HOH to talk deals. Jeff had to do it.

        1. And Rachel will be the first and last vet they’ll go after. I think they’re scared the ets will control the jury votes.

  15. Somebody other than Kalia or Adam needs to win. Them taking home 500 G’s will be the biggest black mark in BB history. Never liked Kalia. She’s worse than ever now. She’s almost worthy of being labeled the dreaded C-word. I thought Adam would step up, but he’s never improved from being a floating piece of crap. I think it would be funny if Porsche won. She’s actually a good competitor, she’s just a bit dense (perhaps strategy to a degree?).

    I hate Shelly with a passion for turning like that. She promised that her goal was to get JJ to F2 because they deserved it, then she becomes money hungry. She and her poor sweet kid are going to get a ton of backlash for the rest of their lives.

    It’s along shot, but Team RJ all the way! At least Rachel would be worthy of the prize. As for Jordo, it would be an all time great moment if she won again, but it won’t happen. Goo see they finally emerged from their rut.

    Trying desperately to keep interest in this abortion of a season.

  16. Did anyone else hear a DR leak? At 10:25:24 in Cam 4 Porsche goes into the DR and you can hear her say “Diamond power of Veto” and also ask if something is real. Then the feeds cut.

    1. She wouldn’t be the first person to disguise what the actual reward was. And cash is about as believeable as anything else. Smart if that is the case.

    2. I just replayed and heard it. OMG this is going to be good if it’s true. She said, oh another reward, the diamond power of veto..then I couldn’t hear the rest

      1. I really think she said “could have gone with another reward like the diamond power of veto” …i don’t think they would do the duo twist and dpov …that would be redundant

    3. That would be hilarious if Porsche had diamond power of veto.

      Matt had it last year and he had to keep it a secret. So we wouldn’t know until the show airs.

      1. Why would they give the reigning HOH the diamond power of veto, that is just stupid… would she want to change her own nominations, I doubt it will be good to the end of the game… no?

        fave quote of the day…

        “They have no strategy and no social manners.” Shelly about J&R, BB 13

        Shelly is ridiculous, what does she want, a tea party with Jordan. Shelly needs to go!

        1. Matt got it while HOH. He could save it for the following two weeks. But could not tell anyone in the house.

    4. I replayed it sounded like she said, ‘ ahh I was hoping for another reward, like the diamond power of veto.’ so it sounds like she didn’t get it but was hoping for it.

  17. So what happens if SA win the veto…I know they wouldn’t actually take RJ off, but let’s say they did. There’s noone else to put up?

    1. no, there will not be anybody else to put up so, they won’t be able to use it. this was to designed to help jordan and rachel . if pinto hadn’t opened the box, there would not be an issue here

  18. The Diamond Power of Veto is in. I would love to see the game take this twist and have Rachel and Jordan win it and put adam and Shelly on the block.

    I still believe BB needs to send a message to our younger generations about character

    1. Are you kidding that ship has sailed. If CBS wanted to make a statement about morals and values there wouldnt be a BB show. I think its a huge mistake for P to enter into any deal with J/R. At this point you can not trust very many people. As in past they all have shown they will turn on you in a new york second.

      Its plain to see that P/K want to end up in final 2.They should just stay the course. Keep Adam and Smelly on Team porsche as targets in front of them. Wait till they win another comp and take out Jordo. Even though JJBR control 4 jury votes it wont matter. But it is pretty funny that out of the last 6 only two vets are left. The vets have already played the game and should have had a major advantage in this season. Everyone talks about what mistakes were made, and the seasons best moves. The worse mistake is when Kalia had her first HOH. Dani allowed her to put up Lawon. Changed the balance of power for a long time and left Team Dani fighting up hill the rest of the way. Best move, Shelly convinceing Kalia to put up lawon. Everyone wants to slam Smelly. I get it….but if you really think about it she has made the most moves that had the most impact. YESSSSS I know she is mean….blah blah blah. ITS BB!!!!!!!!!!! There are no rules. Its a cut throat game. There is no room on BB for social graces……Eat or get eaten!

      BTW J/J will not win BB13…Take it to the bank

      Halfway there!!!!!!!

  19. I understand BB does not want the players in contact with the outside world but would BB atleast keep in contact with the families of the HG who have family on the easy coast? I think Adams family is at risk of getting hit the hardest being in JJ but I know Rachels family I’d in the Carolinas and is Kahlias family in NY? I would hope production would let them know if something happens right? Like they did ED and his personal business

    1. I remember one season, someone in the house lost a family member in 911. Not sure how they dealt with that? I may be thinking of a different show.

    2. I think that they would have to let them know if there family was in danger or in the track of that storm. It would be pretty sad if they don’t let them know.

    3. I think each houseguest has a designated person (family member or friend) on the outside who makes the call if the houseguest needs to be notiifed of an emergency and removed from the house. I don’t want to sound cold, but there isn’t anything the houseguest can do now, so why tell them. If their families are severely impacted by Irene, then they may want to tell them and they would leave the house.

  20. I have to say that I have gain some respect for Rachel!!! Seems like she is doing much better (stable) without Brendon. I like that she kept her head and is helping Jordan get thru the shock of what happened with Jeff and Shelly as best as she can. I hope she and Jordan make it to F2. I hope that Shelly leaves this week. I understand that this game is about lying but I think what she did was despicable. She thinks she is the “classy” one but she was the one acting like a child and hiding Rachel’s stuff. At least Adam say that he will take his chances with his alliance and if he loses, it would be on his terms. GO TEAM JR!!!!!!

  21. Why do people keep referring to Kalia as a floater? From what I have been watching she came in 2nd for POV and HOH two times already, however she HAS won HOH TWICE! Jordan has won one thing the golf game because her crew threw the comp; Shelly has won NOTHING and has never even come close to winning anything. Adam has won POV once; Rachel has won something ONCE so who are really the ultimate floaters here? Kalia did what was best for her game in her mind by getting rid of bully Jeff (GOOD JOB KALIA) and Jeff did what was best for him in his mind by getting rid of Dani. Getting rid of Dani would have been a good move for his game had the game not changed in an instant and Kalia not won HOH, but she did. Kalia God Bless her tried to explain to him more than once that he was NOT her target and he would just not cut her any slack at all, so that is what he gets for being an ass and now he is in the jury house with the other a-hole Brendon. This is a game so they say but I can’t imagine these people are that much different outside this house, if anything they cover it well because maybe they don’t need to be so cut throat, people are who they are all the time, it just takes different scenarios and situations to bring out the many facets of their personalities at any given time….at any rate I hope Porsche and Kalia are the final two, both of them have stepped up big time while the others are wishing they had won something to be in the decision making place they are currently in.

    1. Shelly hate is not unreasonable. Go to the other websites that show more stuff and you’ll see what a sleezy, liar she is. She makes up stories to make people hate Rachel. She’s a bully and her actions (I posted what happened) getting in Jordan’s face and when Jordan said not now (it was right after Jeff was voted off and Jordan was feeling sorry for herself and lying on a bed), she started to yell and pointed her finger in Jordan’s face. What the H*ll? This is a 41 year old woman who is a mother and even her daughter said she should stop lying. What a role model. I went to an all girl high school and this crap happened all the time, and it is that reason at age 44 that this stuff ticks me off. Shelly lies and then when caught starts yelling, and then big brother only shows her crying.

      Oh, love Kalia saying Jordan is crying and feeling sorry for herself. Well all last week you did the same thing.

  22. @simon.

    I belive you said this is a website people can expressed their own opinion. And I believe majority of America is just expressing how they feel about shelly. Is there wrong in that? Or r you just being a hypocrite?

    1. A) the majority of comments on this site have nothing to do with Shelly
      B) I have had to read some disgusting stuff from people that dislike Shelly and it’s a waste of time

    2. You have some nerve calling Simon a hypocrite.
      This is a very liberal website.

      You must a Whiny Shit Dropper who gets caught in the Spam Filter. Boo-hoo

      1. If this is a site where we express our opinions, let me just say to ALAS: You are a dipshit…in my opinion

        1. We don’t stand for racist/gay or sick hate on here….doesn’t matter who you like,most of us won’t tolerate that shit…so stfu douchebag!!!!!!!!

          1. Yea, only if it’s intended for B/R & J/J, it’s acceptable. But other houseguests, it’s unacceptable. Get off your moral high horses. hypocrites!!

  23. Watching BBAD and wondering why Kalia is doing all the talking for Porsche. Last time I checked Porsche is HOH. Then Kalia ran down stairs and tells Shelly everything JR said and she added & deleted items. Wow! Please make her stop talking! Hoping JR win the veto to shake things up again. If not I will stop watching BBAD. Can not take KPAS. So sad because I was a Shelly fan until Thursday. Could have all been handled better on her part.

  24. No it’s not getting stupid, lol. You never defend the others, she deserves it. What’s getting stupid is adding “yo..” on the the end of your sentences.

  25. Jeff did tell Dani she was safe. However, neither JJ “swore” to it. So when Jordan (and Jeff) say they never swore to Dani that she was safe, they are technically telling the truth.

  26. This pov is most definitely 100% rigged. There is no way they planned ahead for a duo pov competition in the final six because the only way for that to work is if the duo not on the block doesn’t use it. It would only work in a situation like this because if Adam and Shelley won it they would be safe and if they took Rachel and Jordan down who would Porsche nominate for eviction? Herself? No it will work out because CBS knows Adam and Shelley wouldn’t use it if they won it. There is no way CBS could have foreseen that. It is so incredibly obvious that it is rigged and it will probably be Rachel and Jordan that win it since that is CLEARLY what CBS wants

  27. Simon… what is going on with the site? It is so hard to look at it on my phone now… is it going to stay this way or will yiy switch it back when things calm down?

  28. HOH being voted on by the viewing audience. Just once, BB should allow the viewing audience to select the HOH. Catch would be that no one would know. It would be the luck of the draw. For instance, when its down to the final four, no competition for the win. Instead let the viewing audience vote by casting a vote for number 1, 2, 3 or 4. When its time for the HOH, a bag will be presented (or whatever) that contains numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4. If the most votes was cast for number 3, whichever HG pulls number 3 (from the bag or whatever), that person is HOH. The Fortune teller can have 4 playing cards placed face down (the ace, number 2, number 3, and number 4). Have each HG select a card, and then the number that was voted on the most by the viewing audience is revealed, and the HG with that numbered card is the new HOH. A twist to win HOH, but a simple one. This would be the one time that someone can win HOH without possessing any special skills.

  29. wow jordon is on crack how they hell r u gonna swear on ur family when u know u guys said u would backdoor dani if the chance comes which it did atleast dani kept her word not once but twice and idiote Jeff kept a grudge from week 2 or 3 get the eff around me Jeff ur a hella liar and a backstabber and I will give jordon the this she is dumb ass that doesnt remember shit so she might be swearing thinking she never said that but there is the tap watch it with ur family when u get home and lets see if they are still proud of u teheheh

  30. adam sucks but this reminds me of that season of survivor where the final five was one guy and four girls. he ended up winning bc all the girls got emotional and turned on each other. the guy sat in the middle and played all four sides, brilliantly. i dont think he can pull it off with all the smarties, but if there’s anytime to step it up it’s now. the stars could align for him, no? maybe he’s a sleeper? he said that he’s a big fan of BB. sure he’s a floater and sucks at challenges but he did stick with JJ. btw watching him lift weights just before BJ left was pathetic!

    Jordan = lost without Jeff
    Rachel = biggest target/ best hope for winning against in final 2
    Shelly = doublecrosser/ flip flopper too much
    Porsche = floater/ probably going to win
    Kaliah = wildcard/ could also win
    adam = underdog/ screwed being stuck with all those women (poor guy!)

  31. Shelly is playing a good game. THIS IS A GAME!!

    That said, she made enough mistakes to not end up winning the $500,000 but good enough to win 2nd Place.

  32. I’m really surprised about Porsche. She is actually pretty good at planning gameplay. Maybe she was really just playing dumb this whole time lol. I just hope they get either rachel or shelly out. Would be happy with either of those two gone!!

  33. I actually like the idea of Team: JRPK.
    This would be the vets against the newbies in the final 4. All good, because all 4 won something.
    Shelly has not won nothing; and Adam’s veto win was given to him….clearly Adam begged Jeff on national tv to let him win.
    On the other hand, if JRPK can have S or A at their side in the final 2, then they are sure to win. No one in the jury house is going ot vote for shelly or Adam to win.

    Let me ask this…does 2nd place winner get any money? every year I forget??????
    If 2nd place gets money….then get Shelly and Adam out ASAP

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