Big Brother 13 – Porsche opens Pandora’s box gets 5g’s, Players in Pairs for the Veto

4:50pm bedroom SKAP POrsche opened Pandora’s box and now I have to eat my Keyboard..

SKAP are scrambling saying that the Veto comp will be duos Jordan and Rachel, Shelly and Adam and Porsche and Kalia. Porsche leaves.. Kalia asks them why the BLANK  did Prosche open pandora’s box.. it was perfect yesterday.. Shelly: “We’ll a kid her age 5000 dollars is a lot”
prosche comes back.

Adam is trying to be optimistic.. telling them it’s the same as before they need to win Veto this week because the goal is about to get Rachel out of this house.

They start going over the possibility of the POV comp.. Shelly points out that JJ did not win one duos comp the entire time.. Brendon and Rachel won them and it was mostly BRendon.
Porsche: “Their going to scream at each other the entire time”
Adam points out that rachel does not do well under pressure. Shelly mentions it might be the comp were they take punishment. Adam: “Dude i’ll take everything to win that” SPK all swear they will to.

Kalia thinks it’s better if they play in singles.. Prosche thinks it’s better for duos.. Adam thinks it really depends on the type of comp.

( They don’t know if the comp is played as single or duos.. However If JR win POV then SA go up)

5:10pm Bathroom Kalia and Porsche. Porsche says maybe she shouldn’t of opened pandora’s box. Kalia says don’t worry about it they are still in alright shape. The problem is more for Adam and Shelly. Kalia explains that Rachel was implying that JR want to get SA out and don’t mind going final 4 with KP. Porsche wasn’t sure she thinks JR will go back with SA. Kalia completely disagrees: “Not after what they did to their alliance”…

Adam joins them Kalia hops in the shower.. They go over the twist..

4:50pm JR Rachel saying if they win veto they are both safe for the entire week.
Both of them are very happy.. Rachel says they need to win the Veto and then they can watch all the floaters float back to them. Rachel: “Oh my god i’m so excited this gives us another chance” Jordan: “I bet Shelly and Adam are like DANG lets see their best friend is this week”

They both agree they have to win the veto or they suck as players.

If Jordan and rachel win the veto and get off the block SA will go up and Shelly will go home. Adam says next weeks HOH will be Kalia and adam against JR..

Adam says he loves this.. it’s the reason he signed up for the show.

5:22pm Porsche warms Adam that JR will be working him hard. Adam says they will not get to him.. Adam: “you know if they win Veto they have the votes this week” Porsche: “Then Shelly goes home” Adam isn’t sure says they need to win veto. POrsche suggests Adam and Shelly start spending a lot of time together so if the comp is duos they are more use to working with each other.

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We want a video of you eating a keyword.


Everyone opens it. Obviously, something about it was going give an advantage to JR. Jordumb and Rachoe have to go. Not that I give a shit about this season much anymore.


Porsche is so STUPID she deserves to loose after saying earlier today if she’s given a Pandora’s box she wouldn’t open it for $10,000, but she opens it for $5,000. What get’s me with these bozo’s SPA is they want to float to the end. They don’t even trust their own ability. They keep saying they have to get out the vet’s because they won’t win anything. I mean for goodness sake everything is not physical, there are some questions, some true false, some mental. Certainly the three of them should be good at at least one. I said yesterday Shelly will the one to go home it’s no way she will stay in that game, and JR will win HOH next week, and take out P or K.


Well I hope that does happen what the h*ll is wrong with people and what the H*ll did Rachel or Jordan or any of the HG”s do to any of you your not even in that house and you all act as crazy as the HG”s at least they have an excuse they have been locked up all summer what is your excuse . Seriously its a dam reality show grow up and find some manners and Human respect . You can be a fan with out being rude and nasty its not like you all are getting a prize for who is being the rudest person

Girls Ruled

Everyone has there own team so they going to always give an opinion of the opposite if they suck, if they float or if they
Playing very well . Base on your response Trish seem to me you don’t know how commenting on scenario for BB works. Chill!!!!


i agree!


i have decided that “floating” is some people’s strategy. it works for some, it doesn’t for others. everyone has their own way of playing, and one way is not right over another. people choose how to play their game, and do what they can to get the farthest. everyone floats in one way or another!

Jenn M.

How is Rachel a floater? What show have you been watching? She has been with the vets from the start of the game and never was in any other alliance. IF you wanna talk floaters take a good look at Shelly/Adam/Porsche. Now those are some REAL floaters.


Shelly Adam and porche are the biggest floaters ever. Adam couldn’t make his own decision if his life depended on it. Shelly plays everyone and thinks noone knows. But……. Rachel warned jj about shelly early on and she was right! Again kalia can’t make her own decision and goes against what she told dani about sending rachel out first! These newbies stink and if not for the veterans this season would have been the worst season!


It’s obvious the poster has no clue what a floater is.


What???? I agree that Adam/Shelly are big time floaters, but Porsche is NOT! She’s won a POV and HOH, without it being GIVEN to her like JorDUMB did and what the hell has Rachel done??? Won her first HOH because Dani GAVE it to her! Brendon’s the only one who won, NOT her! Get your facts straight!

Booty Booty

porsche won because there are no competitors left! Don’t say she isn’t a floater. She did nothing until there was no one left. She just looks better because she is compared to Adam and shelly.


I thought Rachel won two hoh’s. To call her a floater….come on


I hate this twist! Of course BB is trying to help the witches J/R because they were nominated!! They both deserve to go!


Porche is not a floater, yes she did switch alliances but from a stronger alliance to a weaker one but that was because the vets neglected her. Whereas Adam sole purpose in this game to to suck up to the HOHS and who ever is in power

Girls Ruled

I agree BB set it up for JR to stay where was this twist for Dani or Brendon wow
How BB decide who should win this game does not matter how bad or good you play the game.


well.. you still need to eat your keyboard cuz it’s benefit R-J more than A-S or P-K.


Simon, don’t talk about eating keyboards! With everyone in a frenzy for an HP tablet this week it would be the perfect time for Allison Grodner to gobble up everyone’s unprotected keyboards!

ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"

I know right? this is less like a twist and more like a rig. If Jeff has stayed no way would they be bringing duos back..

Shellys Cig

i think one of the girls need to make Rachel think Dani’s going sleep with Branden and took condoms with her to the jury house, that would get Rachel nerves rattled some and cause her not do so well in POV comp


Oh, good idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Are you really serious? You really think that would work? That was the dumbest idea when I heard it from Porshe last week and it doesn’t get any better today.


Thats jus such a low blow,an seriously makes u wonder wat the world has come to these days,i wouldnt wish something like that on my worst enemy,to get someone all upset bout their significant other cheating,its a game people,for real,an u chicks out their sayin that they should harrass rach that someone is gonna try an seduce her fiancee,gimme a freakin break,for real,has nothing to do with game play an is jus downrite mean,rachel gas serious flaws but geez,if we all looked down at ourselves we wouldnt have time to point out other peoples flaws,we would b way to busy fixing our own,i was never a fan of rachels’till the end of last season,she is a troubled person as im sure 90. % of americans struggle with certain stuff,they r jus not on a reality game show an have to put everything out there so that we can judge wat a ‘horrible person’ she is,i actually like her now more than any of the others,so she acts like a bitch somtimes,dont all us chicks turn into major beotches sometimes?im sure


I could not agree with you more Cat very well said


I have to agree i am jejo fan i can see this as a rig i find it strange that JR are pretty much out the door when they get a last minut save and also julie ususally tells the audince about twist but she didn’t say a word which makes me think it was last minute due to the fact everyone interesting is gone Jeff, Dani, Brandon who wants to watch that witch shelly con porche/kaliah and end up in the final 2 what a desgrace to the game


Yep, it was definitely a twist to help the witches AFTER they were nominated. Why didn’t they talk about this twist BEFORE noms??? So obvious!!


Don’t watch if you think it’s rigged!!

ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"

Barbeque sauce goes well on keyboards simon LOL


lol, if JR win the veto, they’ll control who goes home right? cuz KP are HOH and SA would be on the block. Worse thing that could happen is Rachel goes home, and Jordan gets the key (till final 4 right?) and the “alliance” of SAKP will have to break up which would probably mean Shelly or Porsche would be gone. What can I say? They got too comfortable. No one forced Porsche to open the box lmao.

Part of me is skeptical, I feel production didn’t have this planned until Jeff left. But, still, I’m loving this right now. I can’t help it 🙂

ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"

are you joking? if Jordan or Rachel goes home, the other is safe until final 4? CBS Rigged this entire season for the vets… no way would this have happened if Douche Bag didn’t get evicted.


They aren’t in pairs like in the beginning of the game, it’s just for the POV competition.


They aren’t in pairs like in the beginning of the game, just for the competition.


Kalia can still vote she is not hoh porche is they are only in duo for the veto


How were the duos chosen?


Yo think their trying make it 2 newb vs 2 vets. They’ll probably throw the veto to the two and save their lame asses.

Rachel Is Boy George, Adam is A Bozo

Simon please tell me this is a big joke please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this news just ruined my night!


Since its not a big twist then you can lick your keyboard =)


I am not sure but I think once someone did Pandora’s box and the hoh was locked up in their room while the other houseguests had money rain on them.


Just deep fry the keyboard. Everything is better deep fried.


Well I’m not surprised by this bull shit twist at all yo.



Dani was 2nd in jury mate, pick a new player


Team Dani 4 Life, Yo!


Nah they all suck. My interest in the season got evicted with Dani.

Lady E

Team Dani? But Dani is gone lol.


i love you. dani is my life


Porsche took the Pandora’s box, so she now risk having her two nominations pulled.
I’m find with the twist


Me too. Porsche really needs to grow up. I mean hate Rachel all you want, but for her to make comments about Jeff being a homophobe is no diffrent than her saying maybe someone can throw a ball at Rachel’s pregnant stomach. I mean come on it’s an innocent child regardless who the mother is. How vindictive can you be. Is this the only way you can make friends or make a conversation is by downgrading someone else? And Shelly is too old for the things she does. I am glad Jordan gave her the sweater back and made her cry, she is so fake, maybe she will be to frazzle to focus in the veto comp.


Shelly struts around the house like she has won something!
She has not won dick!


LOL she walks like she has one though


Shelly walks like a man. She talks like a man. She smokes like a man.


Yes Shelly is the worst woman I have ever seen on this show.She goes on and on about not lying to anyone and she is the biggest liar ever. Cannot stand her. I have to control myself not to hit the TV screen when she is on. I feel so sorry for her daughter.


Neither would JorDUMB if Jeff/Brendon hadn’t GIVEN HOH to her!!


Couldn’t agree more


Maybe the each get to pick an evicted house guest to play with and the winning duo’s evicited house guest gets to come back?! i dont think so but i think porsche is lying about the $5000 and got some power. i hope she did. TEAM PORSCHE AND DANI <3 FOR EVER

Rachel Is Boy George, Adam is A Bozo



Wow Production.


BTW: How stupid do you have to be to open the box when everything is going your way and you aren’t desperate?


Well it shouldn’t be a “SHOCKER” as those idiots would put it. However, look at the fool who stood in front of the box. That is why there is a space for rent in her head. Go ahead and skip around now WIDE ASS!

I can’t wait to see them go down.


Not Stupid, just GREEDY. Money gets them evertime.


So, so blatant!

If P had declined she’d be getting at least 50 g’s, silly girl

She still might but worth the risk?


Team Production YO! Might as well. They are the ones running things. If you cant beat them, join them right?!?!? I knew this was going to happen but I thought i would come at the next HOH. Guess Production didnt want to risk it seeing how useless JR are, so they moved it to POV.
Anyways Outcome for tomorrow………….Rachel And Jordan WIN POV!!!


I’m joining you on TEAM PRODUCTION YO!

Rachel Is Boy George, Adam is A Bozo

hope it was worth the 5gs, bye bye Adam!


Yeah. Instead of an elf suite he should have gotten the Bozo suite.
At least the name Cruddy fit him because he a Cruddy player. The worst ever!


Perfect situation for Rachel and Jordan. They should now increase their odds by having Adam not try hard in the competition by promising him they will not vote him out if he and Shelly get put up plus telling him he’s guaranteed final 3 with them over final 4 with PKSA.

also hint they control the jury votes too


Do you think they will do this deal?


I don’t know if Rachel OR Jordan is smart enough to dangle that carrot out to Adam?

If I was there, I would be dangling the jury vote incentive to all four and see who would bite. Remember, there alliance control who wins the $500,000, a huge incentive to the final 4 to flip.


What’s funny about this is that Dani told her minions no matter what do NOT open Panorda’s Box. oops…they didn’t listen to their master and now they could have messed up their own game.


Sounds like BB is trying to keep Rachel and Jordan in the game, its not fair, why is is alright if a newbie goes home but its godawful if a vet goes.


Its not Production. Porsche didn’t have to open it but she did. So if anyone was to blame its Porsche.


BECAUSE THEY ALL SUCK!!!!!!! Shelley has done NOTHING. Porsche got lucky. Adam won a veto because Jeff gave it to him. Kalia, well, she only wins non-physical competitions. If anyone should get anything, it should be Kalia and Rachel. Out of who’s left in the house, they are the only two who have worked for it.


These newbeesssss suck!

Pandora's Box

Wow, duos? How original! /s

Team Kitchen Table and Backyard Pool!
{KTBP, yo!}


LOL! Love the outlook.


lol, now that is funny! KTBP 4 life yo!


This makes me wonder:

Should Porsche put up one of her allies as a pawn? Then use the veto if they win in to backdoor Rachel? This will definitely change their strategy for nominations. Can they trust Adam?


not at all, if jr are up and win they come iff. if sa are up and jp winit still stays the same. why mess with it if the outcome would essentially be the same just put em up


He’s saying put one of their allies as a pawn. So say put Rachel and Adam on the block, so then if they win POV and both come down then Shelly and Jordan go up and Jordan can be voted out. You’re guaranteed to have a vet on the block to vote out that way.


I don’t think that’s how it works. RJ are paired up for the veto, as are AS. If Rachel and Adam are nominated for eviction and RJ win the veto, only Rachel comes down, Jordan is protected, and Shelly or Kalia must go up. If SA win the veto, Adam comes down, Shelly is protected, and Jordan or Kalia must go up.


Big Brother is trying for J and R. Didn’t POR say she wouldn’t open Pandora’s box, no matter what. J orR wins POV, take themselves off the block, A/S go up, Adam is kissing J and R’s asses, Shelly goes home. LMFAO!!


This twist once again benefits only one side as before with Brenda returning, all twists are for BRJJ to skate to win!

Dani forgot to include CBS in simply writing a check for $500k to them last night, this is soooooooooo pathetic and what is the next pandora’s box, Brenda and Jeff return…..poor attempt at rigging, especially after the bullshit Brenda getting America’s vote lies!

ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"

EXACTLY the Newbies didn’t benefit at all from the twists, all for the vets RIG RIG RIG


Im so tired of people saying its rigged dont watch then.


Well, I’m so tired of BB rigging everything for J/J/R/B, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop watching!!! There’s still a chance for P/S/K!!!


Is the new twist made for the remaining vets for the POV?
Will the POV be a puzzle? (Which Rachel is good at, but Jordan is not?)
Let the conspiracy theories begin…


Of course there’s a twist, ANYTHING to save the witches!


Is the duos for only one week and if rachel goes home does jordan get a golden key


cool. wondering if bb is thinking right now which games jordan and rachel are best at?

shelly…crying as usual. and being a hypocrite


That’s my guess as well. They’re gonna do everything they can to ensure that either Jordan and Rachel stay in the house, I’m sure. It’s good for television ratings.

ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"

right about that this twist has “rig” written all over it.

Jordan is best at the most simple no brain required comps and Rachel questions


Is SHEHE really crying.
HAHAHAHAHA BITCH needs to go home.


J/R are the hypocrites!!


Porsche wins 5g’s and the POV are duo’s, what a joke!…Happy Eating Simon!!! LoL

Nikki Tomberlin

Come on rj man I really hope they win!!!!!


now that would be good if R & J win veto!!


Told you things wlll change and the veto comp will be for rach and jordan

Rachel Is Boy George, Adam is A Bozo

actually now that i think of it, rachel and jordan will vote out Shelly and bang RJA back with the numbers, sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dumb Pacer, you could of had a lot more money


CBS is pathetic!! They want Rachel to stay for the ratings!! The things they come up with to “fix” the game!!


Production had this twist ready for whenever they needed it. It didn’t matter whether Porsche opened the box or not. Expect the comp to be geared toward Rachel to win. Remember the ratings are all that counts to CBS and AG. AG is scrambling to save her J O B. I heard she weighs near 400 lbs now.


Either Rachel or Jordan will win for sure. Rachel has been a dud at comps for a while now. Her mojo hiding in that missing stuffed animal of hers.

bring back jeff


Jeff and Brendon in exchange for either Rachel and Jordan or 2 floaters.


I am so excited right now! Team Jordan! You can do it!!!!


Yup me too!


I have NEVER rooted for Rachel before, but I am in the upcoming POV comp. if she wins POV then Shelly is DONE! By a vote of 2-1, Shelly, you have been evicted from the BB House. I LOVE IT!


LOL. YES! I love it.


I am listening to Shelly go on and on about Jordan and how bad she looks to her mom in the way she is acting. I wonder if Shelly has looked herself in the mirror lately! she is the biggest liar in this game! She thinks Jordan is bad now but just the other day she could not quit kissing her butt! Even Selly’s daughter told her mom to quit LYING! Shelly is the worst player…….


Now if R/J lose the veto that’s probably going to be tailored for them, they should just self-evict. How much CBS help do the vets need?


I swear the newbies continue to shit on themselves with no problem lol. Morons. It’s like watching a Looney Tunes episode.


This is clearly a blatant ploy by production to try and keep Rachel and Jordan in the game. But above all big brother is about ratings not fairness. I love this twist because let’s be honest if Jordan and Rachel ge tot stay they get to keep things interesting… And there still is a big chance that this won’t work out… Selly and Adam are a wash they won’t win if it’s physical… Rachel has to drag Jordan around and porsche gets to drag around kalia…. Slim chances all around. But if Rachel leaves this week then Jordan will leave the next week and then Adam. Rachel brings the drama… Ratings gold for bb. No one wants to watch a house of civilized adults that can control their emotions.




Duh, it’s a TV show, it’s all about rating.


and ratings have been blockbuster this year for BB


They need to keep R/J in the game to keep some sort of drama going. Remember how boring last year’s final three episodes were with the Brigoons. And don’t count Adam out just yet. I seem to recall a bumbling floater with the name “Adam” winning the whole she-bang a few seasons ago.


i dislike kalia and shelly so much, i am actually pulling for rachel. did i really say that out loud??




is rachel and jordan on the block

Mickey in Mass

Kalia needs some new bathing suits…not very flattering!!!


Am I the only one who thinks Porsche should’ve suspected that Pandora’s Box was going to help JR.


is the pairs just for veto???


So, why are they in these particular pairs? This is soo stupid. So the twist earliar was that the houseguest will no longer play in pairs, and now they are playing in pairs again?

ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"

The Fix is IN


Kalia and Porsche both get $ 5000.


Shelly is a dude. She looks like a dude, walks like a dude, talks (sounds) like a dude…..if it quacks, it’s a duck. If it’s Shelly, it’s a dude duck.


HAHAHAHAHA, now THAT is the biggest laugh I’ve had from this site. Usually just rolling my eyes…Thanks!


You are so right. Not a Shelly fan at all but if she wins anything she should go straight to a plastic surgeon.. Botox, facelift, sex change maybe!!! Im just saying. 41 my ass.


BB needs to do something because if those 4 boring floaters are left in the game the remainder of the season will be a big snooooze fest. shelly smoking, porshe tanning, kalia eating and adam………um I’m not sure. What does that guy even do????? Yawn!


so if kalia with 2 hoh’s or porche with an hoh and pov and adam with a pov are floaters wat exactly is jordan besides a hypocrite.


I thinking this is questionable this is a weird twist for this late in the game but i have to agree i think a lot of fans will stop watching if jr go as much as i am on the vets side the fact that JR should have no options all of a sudden out of no where they get a life peserver lol wether this works or not the fact that they got an 11th out stay is funny. Who wants to watch with dani, jeff, brendon, rachel and jordon gone no wants to watch. I think most fans are either BRJJ or Dani fans


And get P some new jeans…her ass has gotten to big for the ones she brought in hence the attractive muffin tops on live show!


I know right?!

And those sweats are not flattering at all.


if you want to put on weight go on BB , if you want to look like skeleton by the end of the show go on survivor 🙂


IMO, this was more out of necessity than anything else

lets face it, we know the final 3-4 if it wasnt for this “twist”…now JR can win the Veto, and both stay…I like it, it evens th ings out…

however if they dont win the veto, they dont deserve to stay….so its really quite perfect honestly


yep, more and more I’m thinking Jordan might actually get final 2 no matter what she does. Because the newbs don’t want the veterans dominating the jury. Rachel is wayy better without Brendon. I actually like her!

Now, I read on another site that this pair thing is until final 4, is that true? The more I think about it, the more complicated it seems if they keep the pair until final 4.


Of course it was necessity. Necessity to garner higher ratings for CBS. This is what shows like Survivor and Big Brother are all about: ratings. Getting rid of Rachel and Jordan would cause a giant loss in viewership, so production entices players with prizes and then in consequence, indirectly changes the statistics of the game’s outcome in favor of certain people. Now, that doesn’t mean Rachel and Jordan are definitely safe, just that their chances of leaving this week went dramatically down.


even production notice if JR is gone, most likely they better do the finale of 4 ..instead of 2 because no one even want to watch those boring 4 unless the cast a fantastic 4, production won’t even need to have pandora’s box …


agreed. I like the twist and it give R and J a shot but if they dont pull it off then they deserve to be on the block. Its time to put your money where your mouth is and if you two are truly better than the newbies then it is time to prove it ladies!

i like

LOL at Jordan giving back Shelly’s sweater & Shelly saying ” i don’t think Jordan’s mom will be proud of the way she’s playing this game”. really Shelly cause you’ve being an amazing person the whole way through. ditching the two people who tolerated your bullshit. yea, you make your family oh so proud.


ikr! I don’t get what Jordan’s mom wouldn’t be proud of…Jordan getting mad that someone backstabbed her? Who wouldn’t lol? I hate Shelly saying “it’s a game, she shouldn’t get mad”. Especially because it’s a game for 500,000 dollars she SHOULD get mad lmao.

Shelly is getting on my nerves more and more. But, like I’ve said before, she’s a great player (although the Dani thing kind of fell on her lap because if Rachel had flipped and kept Dani, they would have had a really hard time getting Dani out of the house) and for that reason I have a feeling that she’ll be going home either this week or the next.


I think Shelly”s friends at home need to re-think their relationship with her.. She might just do the same thing. Lie to their faces and stab them in the back when their not looking.. Way to go Shelly what a great role model you are for Josie. Do you lie to her too? Biatch


you are lucky I don’t own this site, anyone who speaks about Shelly’s child would be reported to the police.


For what Rockstar speaking our minds? last time I checked it was a free country to do so…Not against the freakin law..


I like this because everyone will actually be busting their asses to win the veto. It’s not a big twist, but it should keep Jordan from completely giving up and hopefully she’ll stop throwing herself a pity party. The veto could actually go to anyone since every team has a weak link. I have a feeling BB will try to find a game that Rachel and Jordan can succeed at, but Jordan is so bad at comps it may be impossible.

Question: Do we KNOW that Porsche got $5K, or could she be lying to cover up a bigger prize? I find it hard to believe that she would open up Pandora’s box for $5,000.


some teams even have two weak links! cough Shelly and Adam cough.


I was thinking the same thing. There’s no way she opened it for only $5,000.


Every single person last year opened Pandora’s Box


Team Dani


once again Team Dani


OMG Porsche just said something about If Rachel plays in comp, it will save her the $400 for an abortion. Now thats the lowest thing I have heard thus far this season


amen. hallelujah. Simon was right 100% – Adam is a huge brown smelly gross diarrhea face. I’m ashamed I liked him 🙁

Rachel Lover

Rachel has to win veto so her and Jordan are both safe! OMG!!!


ok i am confused who is on the block exactly?


your’e too funny…but right on anonymous couldn’t have said it better my self!


WOW; was so ready to call it quits on BB13…. loving this twist; amazing how fast ones back can be stabbed…LMFAO… fingers crossed for JR…. Will make for some great viewing seeing two N & two R going for the money at the end … wont be a snooze fest if JR wins POV .. GO GIRLS … YOU CAN DO IT …


man-thing has GOT to be a transgender


That is TOOOOOOO FUNNY! Hit the nail on the head(s)! Did u see the dazed and confused look on porshea’s face on the spoiler? Oh…what are the 3 little mouseketeers going to do now??? Decisions, decisions…and gosh they don’t have their captain anymore!