“I f***ing won… I F***ing won… Lets go” – KAycee

POV: ? Next POV: Aug 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 13th
HOH: Haleigh Next HOH: Aug 16th
Noms: Kaycee and Angela Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers – Kaycee wins the Hacker competition

Kaycee – “I f***ing won… I F***ing won… Lets go”
KAycee – don’t tell JC don’t tell Sam
Tyler leaves…
kaycee tells Angela she should have said to keep it from brett…

3:53pm JC and Sam
JC tells her that they are all under serious stress they are just manifesting it differently..
He brings up a comment she made.. She says she wasn’t directing it to him..

3:58pm haleigh and Fes
Fes – I feel like you got it again
H – Fes I am not in a modd..
Haleigh – Kaycee got it I’m willing to bet money…
Haleigh thinks Kaycee has it because all the cameras were on Kaycee just like last week all the cameras were on her.
Fes – who could they put up
H – JC.. Rockstar
Fes – it would be a dumb move to put me up
HG – F* dude.. .F* F* F* I suck..
H – Maybe she won’t use it
Fes – what kind of sense does that make
H – if she finds out she’s not the target maybe she doesn’t want to piss someone off.. (ZOMG)

Haleigh now says Scottie has it and he’ll take Angela down and put up one of his bigger targets. Says he’ll put Tyler up and frame her..

H – F* dude I don’t know.. why is ROCK so F*ing calm right now..
Fes – if Rock got it
H – Look how stressed Tyler is compared to her..

4:08pm Bits of the HIVE trying to figure out who is going up .. they really have no idea they speculate it’ll be the ROCK. halkeigh stresses how they need to win the veto.

4:22pm Chit chating..

4:42pm Haleigh and Kaycee
haleigh says her intentions are for kaycee to not be on the target on Thursday she lists off reasons hwy she was the pawn.
haleigh says Kaycee voting for Bayleigh to leave was a shock to her because they were super close
kaycee points out that so did Haleigh.. (LOL)

H – I want to stress to you I am not targeting you or attacking you at all.. this was not a target at you
Kaycee – I appreciate that..
haleigh – I’m telling you OI’m not the hacker
Kaycee – neither am I…

Feeds flip…
Haleigh says she’s not target Angela but if she gets the veto she would use it on Kaycee…
kaycee says she doesn’t have the hacker power..
H – I cannot imagine what someone will do.
Kaycee – we have no idea who it is..
haleigh – I just hope no one puts Tyler again.. that would suck for him to go up two time anonymously.. (poor lamb)

They hug it out….

4:50pm feeds flip to reruns… the hacker is picking it’s hack

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JC is Pervy

Kaycee removed herself and put up Rockslop


Ugh so disappointed hopefully hive can pull out veto at least. Funny at first I was rooting level 6 then game went to easy and they got to cocky. I don’t like rocks still so at least worst case scenario is she’s the hive who leaves

Looney Bernie Sanders

H – Maybe she won’t use it
Fes – what kind of sense does that make
H – if she finds out she’s not the target maybe she doesn’t want to piss someone off.. (ZOMG)

The Hive is dumber than rocks. Hayleigh your MENSA dues are past due.

Busta Nut in Sam

She’s a dirty little tomboy. and not very bright….


cocky = whoever is on the HOH’s side.



You know what that means: her best friend Rockstar will be joining Bayleigh. And if production runs out of puzzle challenges, hayleigh may be joining them very soon.


Oh, yeah! We’re in for an entertaining ride this week! Can I just say for the 1,000th time how much I LOVE THIS SEASON?!?!


best season evvveeerrrr lol


She’s so elated! It’s good to see her so giddy!

The question now is, who will she put in her place?


I hope not my sweet dumb Fes. I’m kinda hoping JC, just to see the drama he’ll bring. Can you imagine how crazy he would be?!?! I doubt that will happen though, because Kaycee will be scared he’d find out it was her.


Well, strategically, it may be best to put one of her own up (like Brett, which may be why she doesn’t want Brett to know she’s the Hacker…or JC to instill some fear in JC and secure him for L6) to improve chances of winning veto and help mask the Hacker. But, I’m not sure what she’s thinking.

If it were me: I would put up Rockstar but my target would be Scottie with the veto because L6 can’t lure him over.


I agree. Actually JC, Brett or Sam would be a good choice to keep people from thinking it was her. However picking herself (if she takes herself down) or Tyler for veto would make them suspect her or one of the L4


Well, we are about to find out. 🙂

I can’t imagine a better season. I am really enjoying these HGs.
I’m so happy I feel like a brand new baby!
I’m bald, not teeth, and I think I wet my diaper!

*does cartwheels back to her rocker*

edited to add: Kaycee took herself off and put up Rockstar


We are nearly at the time where they can’t hide any longer.


This season has been the best. BB hit it out of the park with this cast. I hope they follow this formula from now on. No previous players, unless it’s AllStars!!!

Busta Nut in Sam

They will target the hive and try to get the floater votes. Hay is HoH. PopRocks is perceived as a non threat. Logically its Fes. Get scottie, sam and jc votes to help take oue fes. Then they are left with Hay and RockSpunk. Its the safest and smartest play.

not what you think

Yep Go Kaycee !!!! nice to see

Rockstar's glasses

logically the choice should be rockstar. If you’re Level 6, you want to chop at the core of that alliance: Rockstar, Haleigh, and Faisal. Hals can’t be nominated. Faisal is a threat to win veto, and you don’t want that. Rocksalt is probably the least likely of all the remaining gameplayers to win veto. then its essential that l6 (I know its technicallly L4 now, but its their name) or JC wins veto, they are virtually guaranteed knocking out yet another of FOUTTE’s members. on their watch too. Its funny, because if positions were reversed, we couldnt predict it because their choices would be totally illogical and non-intuitive….wait, that was last week.


I’m pissed now though cause after hay admitted how production helped her…I feel like the veto comp is gonna be taylor made for the hive

another name

okay. so, the hoh cams follow kaycee after the hacker comp. leading haleigh to the conclusion that kaycee won the hacker comp.
haleigh says the hoh comp was how all of her friends hashtag.
haleigh was asked what her skills are before the last hacker comp.
haleigh and scotty talked about the time of the tree comp in seconds the night before angela won hoh and it is the tie breaker question.
i’m not seeing a pattern. nope. no. pattern. at. all.


They are throwing in competitions that the girls could win this season. So what? The season that Beast Mode Cowboy won all of those comps they were mostly physical (which was his strength). They see that the guys are kind of lame this season and are making the most of what they have. It’s just entertainment.

another name

they aren’t throwing in comps the ‘girls’ can win. there is no plural in my statement. they are attempting to fullfill their storyline by rigging for one person. i’m not knocking the person getting the advantage in my comment. i’m knocking production for creating obvious advantages for one specific house guest four times in one week.


boo! i wanted the noms to stay. L6 could stand to lose a member. rooting for the hive to win veto and nullify the hacker nom, but i fear tyler will just use his power app and the hive will throw jc or sam up instead of brett. *sigh*

JC is Pervy

Exactly…….ha ha ha. L6 ftw


KayCee finally did something this season besides play someone else’s game. Now let’s see if she gonna start playing her game to win? So far only 2 people in Level 6 is playing their own game to win Tyler & Brett. Angella & Rachel showed that they are more willing to sacrifice themselves instead of playing to win. KayCee has options, she can either make a move on a big target or continue to play Tyler’s game, because Sam & Rockstar are weak you can take them out at any time. At least put up Fes,JC or Scottie..


Rockstar is going up, I thinkKaycee is pretty loyal to Tyler and his minions. It all will come down to the veto if Level 6 loses a player.


It would be the stupidest move ever to put up fes or Scottie she’d be making the same exact mistake hay did last week don’t put up someone who would likely win the veto when you don’t control the renom if she was smart she’d put up Sam she’s obviously flipped and would beg people to vote her out

Miss Conception

It is time for Scottie to go on the block.He has been a middle of the road extremist and it is time to get a commitment from him as to whose side he is on. It will probably be a double evic because production does not want any one person to be alone with Bay in Jury house.


Good point about the double eviction. After going through all that drama she probably welcomed a week alone.

I have a quick question. I don’t have the live feeds, did people really test Bailey poorly when she was in the block? I didn’t see anything anything on the live show or read anything that would indicate she was but wasn’t sure if I missed anything…

Botox Pelosi

Yes, people forgot to bow when Queen Bay walked by.

Not on my daughters bday

No one treated her poorly at all. She is drama and thinks she is superior to everyone. Ugh


Thanks for you responses. I thought so just wanted to double check.

another name

example of treating her poorly:
good morning, bayleigh.
she went on about the rudeness of that one for hours.
she was testy and snippy with people throughout her interactions, and then whined about them being rude to her.


Miracles do happen lol Kaycee wins hacker power Rockstar up still doesn’t matter it all comes down to the veto which side will prevail. The hive must keep Tyler from playing in the veto, he will win since his back is up against the wall.


Kc is gonna pick Tyler to play in the veto


May be smarter if Brett plays, that way if he wins he can take Angela down and be safe. I don’t think Haleigh would nominate him anyway. Meaning JC would probably get to experience the block.

Botox Pelosi

Good logic but Tyler wins stuff Brett not so much.


true…but brett comes dang close in almost every comp except the anal lice one.

The Beef

Any L6 member who wins the veto would be an idiot to even consider using it, because they have no control over who Hayleigh would put up as a replacement nominee. I guess they could safely take down Angela, now that Rock’s on the block, and they still have the numbers to control the vote (especially given Kaycee can cancel out either Fessy or Scottie’s vote), but why do that and risk her putting Tyler up (or forcing him to use the cloud to avoid it) or Brett if Tyler wins it? I would just leave things be and send CodLock out the door to be with her BFF Bayleigh, so they can discuss and denigrate all of the damn rich a$$ privileged white trash left in the house.


It won’t matter who is up against RS, there is only Fes’ one vote on their side, even Scotty or JC won’t go against the house on this one. Take Angela down and force Hay to either put Tyler up again or risk making a new enemy, either way she is making herself a target for next time and for nothing.


OMG I am so happy Kaycee won!!! Now watch Hayleigh, Fessy and Rockstar squirm lol!!!

L6 Fans Are Idiots

You are a moron.

Hive on Fire

We love your pain.

Busta Fooligan

Your tears quench our thirst. #OWNIT


Over the moon yay!!! Cocky Rockstar… even though she got nominated she still can’t stop looking at herself in the mirrors. She so admires what she sees. Fes is the same … just full of himself and can’t stop looking at himself.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Yes! Good for KC. She’s a sweet girl. (Now back to our regularly scheduled program of The Lame, The Blind, And the Dumb.)

L6 Fans Are Idiots

Does that include you? I mean.. literally includes you? I think it does. What channel is the show on?

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

You don’t have to be an a&&hole – I’m referring to The Hive.

Busta Fooligan

It’s called the salty dog syndrome


Yea but that person is a hivester..can’t you tell they’re as clueless as the hive

Robot's the worst right after the Rat Scottie

I hope Robot’s getting enough attention—Poor Robot
Robot’s playing dr. will’s game, unfortunately for Robot she doesn’t have the charm or charisma dr Will has and will be voted out right after fez.


I would be super happy for my crush except she went from telling Sam “you’re like my mom” and checking on her to “she’s screwing us up, she has to go”

I still think when she was left out by her “I’ll keep you in the loop, don’t worry” little brother (I don’t think she likes Tyler the way some think) sadly my ray of sunshine Sam lost it (I still think BB needs to stop getting people that haven’t seen the show so her being on and not knowing is on them. She might not be a visual learner and therefore needs to be walked through stuff, do that she’s an asset, is it a pain? YES but like I said that’s on BB) Tyler ( who I like) only going to her last minute maybe (?) she started to see he was using her exactly the way he said he didn’t want others to. I’m not Angie’s fan but her seeing that if you just walk her through the game she’s an asset makes me think at least my Sam has someone. Angela only said something about her after Kaycee brought it up, WEDNESDAY night.

Yes I like Sam even when she loses it because I see her wearing her heart on her sleeve. Not judging anyone, seeing only the good in people and in this world now I think we need more of that.

I know our Granny might think my assessment is off and I’m ok with that since she wants Kaycee with her daughter not me, LOL.

Hoping against hope

There may be more on BB than that. It has been reported that during questioning to pick finalists for the show, that she told them she didn’t want to be on the show, didn’t want to play the game because she doesn’t agree with the concept of people turning on each other and eating each other up, and that she was going to try to get others to NOT play the game.
And they STILL put her on the show….

Carlene Trujillo

See you get it. Have people that like the game but might suck, but not people who 1 never watched or 2 flat out say they don’t like the concept.

Geez I think I might be a little like Sam. So many votes down. Maybe just not say anything LOL

I don’t like or hate anyone in this game this year. Except Fes, I’m sorry but if someone is telling you I want 1 night to myself. Yet he kept Hay up, wouldn’t leave, he follows her when she’s not in eyesight and just barged in like it was his room last night. He’s a creeper. A sweet guy, probably a good guy but not with the ladies.

I noticed a lot of down votes if you’re for the hive but this is like Evel Dick blocking me for thinking something was funny last year. I love this season so many blindsides. I like L6 but sorry peeps I like Sam,


Don’t let down votes stop you. Just speak your mind (type it, rather). I’ll read it and appreciate it, as will many others, even if they do not tell you. There are so many OBBers that have amazing insight and add so much to the BB spectator experience. There are few trolls around here because most just refuse to feed them. There are lots of baiters, though, so just step around the obvious traps and you’ll be fine.


Yes. Go KayCee. Love her. Always smiling.

team peanut

Yeah Peanut….I am so proud of her, just when she needed to help her team she did. Oh this is going to be fun.

I love it if she put Fes up, not that I want him to go, but just to see how Haleigh takes it.

But I know Peanut is probably going to put up Rocksnot…and I have been wanting her out for weeks, so with any luck this is finally the week it happens. Yes she is a nobody player, not a threat,but she is just such a piece of…I want her gone. She can have fun in the jury house with Bayleigh.


Hive will win the veto. Watch.

Botox Pelosi

Knowing Production the veto comp will probably be Swaggy questions………and The Hive will still lose.



JC is Pervy

Hope it’s an endurance comp.


From your lips to dr’s ears.


Oh we’ll be watching hope :p


So Kaycee won. If she is smart, she will take herself off. Put Rockstar up. Then select Tyler to play in veto. And then cancel either Fes or Scottie’s vote. But all is not lost for Hayleigh and her crew, it depends on selection of veto players. She better hope that she either pull Fes, Scottie or her own name out of the bag on both attempts.


Fez’s vote should be canceled, there is no way he goes against Haleigh and votes out Angie. Scottie is a bit of a question mark so you take your chances.

Botox Pelosi

I think you are right that they put Rocks up because she will probably be weak in the veto. They will pick Tyler to play for the veto and if Tyler wins they will backdoor Fes.

The Beef

They can’t backdoor Fes. Hayleigh controls who goes up if the veto is used and I doubt if even she is dumb enough to put up her closest ally.


The sad, sadddd truth 🙁 haha

JC Meltdown

From a strategy point of view, why wouldn’t they put Fez in as the hive target? Rockstar/Haleigh are a great targets for next week should L6(5/4) survive the week in tact. Assuming KC pulls herself off the block, that would leave Tyler, KC, and Brett from L6 to give Fez the boot. Box-o-rocks and Scottie (assuming he really sticks to this alliance for a while) to vote for Angela. That means they would only have to grab either JC or Sam and can nullify the other vote. Seems like they are really going for a soft target especially since there has got to be an endurance comp on the HOH horizon.


They don’t want to put-up Fez now because it would give him the chance to play in the veto. Rockstar is a much better candidate to put on the block now. Her chances of winning the veto are minimal.


Fez can win though. Angie has not won anything and she’s more likely to lose than Fez.

This is fun

They want to limit the chance of him playing on the veto. Rs sucks at challenges so minimizes chances of hive winning veto, it’s a smart move at this point, as long as the moms stay the same they should have the votes to keep Angela.


Fes is good in completions and can win veto and take himself off. He’s son veto twice already.


First…fuzzball stands a good chance of winning veto. Second…gremlin is a for sure vote to keep fuzzball


I really love this season. The constant back and forth. It’s like a classic old school heavyweight boxing match with both fighters slugging it out trading vicious haymakers.

Botox Pelosi


I really feel like Sam is going to be key to the balance of power. Do you think she will go back to Tyler, swing to The Hive or float back and forth?

Hayleee Hiding under the bed

Any working links to watch the live feeds ? Besides CBS of course.


I doubt they would be listed here as Simon and Dawg get a commission from folks signing up and CBS would probably start sending in lawyer letters to hassle them.

Hayleee Hiding under the bed

They have listed them several timrs prior but they are no longer working. So no, i wasnt looking for your irrelevant opinion.

Hayleee Hiding under the bed

Talk about Big Brother. Simon you are censoring comments that do not infringe on the terms and conditions. You have provided working links to live feeds with no hestitation including the live show. Im out.

Busta Fooligan

Don’t let the door hit you on they way out.


They’ve provided links to watch the live shows not the feeds.


I cannot believe he censors comments. I have seen the most absurd comments that appear to be contrary to what he thinks, being posted.


Sad thing is if Kaycee puts rockstar up. Haleigh will think it’s Fes or Scottie or maybe JC. Bur she will most likely blame Fes. Her getting on to him about not knocking and telling him to go back out and do it again. Like he’s her child. Wish he would wake up from his fantasy and join the game

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I’ve been running possibilities through my mind (like most of us do I suppose) and putting Scotty up insures he can play in Veto (he’s a strong competitor). Fez, less of a competitor than Scotty, but still possible he could win it. Rockstar is actually the SAFEST bet – you know she’s a vote against them and she’s week in challenges. Sam is good at SOME challenges but she’s an emotional wreck. That could drive her to compete better or worse. Everyone is different. It should be another fun week to watch.


Say Hayleigb wins veto and takes Rocks off since the Hacker got to replace a nominee does that not mean if Hayleigh takes the Hacker’s nominee down would the Hacker not get to replace the nominee? It was never Hayleigh’s nominee to begin with or has this already been addressed?

Botox Pelosi

No, the HOH would get to replace the hackers nominee if they get saved.


Frustrated with hacker, Haleigh in HOH says she hates everyone, they’re idiots. Lol!


Yeah KayCee! Glad to see you finally get in the game. Keep up the good work and take L6 to the end!


I hope Rockstar, Hayleigh, or Fessy (if he is chosen to play) win the veto, take down Rockstar, and put up JC. You know Tyler will hold on to his power and plan the demise of JC or Angela.