Hacker Changed a Nomination! “There are some pu$$y a$$ motherf***ers in here!”

POV: ? Next POV: Aug 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 13th
HOH: Haleigh Next HOH: Aug 16th
Noms: Kaycee Rockstar and Angela Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers – Kaycee won the hacker competition. She took herself off the block and put up Rockstar.

5:02pm The live feeds return. Rockstar – its cool, I’m the easy person to put up.

In the bathroom. Kaycee hugs Sam. Kaycee – I’m not safe yet. I got saved! Thank you to whoever saved me. Kaycee talks to Angela. Kaycee – we’re good.

HOH room. Tyler and Haleigh. Tyler – I swear its not me. Haleigh – its like why target her. She hasn’t won a comp. What because I’m HOH?! Tyler – I swear its not me. Haleigh – I believe you. I really don’t think it was you. There are a few people I think it could be. At this point we just need to win veto and put it back to the original noms. So that’s just what has to be done. The good thing is I name the replacement. The only thing is if Kaycee wins the veto then she can’t go back up. If you get picked I need you to play really really hard. Tyler – I will. I’m sorry. Tyler leaves the HOH room. Haleigh – I hate all these people. You couldn’t make a bigger move? F**king idiots!

Bedroom. Rockstar, Fess and Scottie. Fes – you’ve been on the block before and survived by crazy numbers. Rockstar – And I’m sure the hacker picks Tyler (to play in the veto). Fes – that’s probably true, yes. But now you’ve got you and Heleigh playing and if you or her name is drawn then you pick me. That’s three people and that’s tomorrow. Its not like we have to wait all week. Rockstar – f**king pu$$ies! Get some f**king blood on your hands. Dumba$$ B***Hes! Sam – you can pick me. I would be willing to play for you. Rockstar – well thank you. I appreciate that. Fes – its a cop out. Rockstar – its a b***H a$$ move. We see who’s strong and weak. The weak keep putting up the same damn people. Scottie – if they put her up we can assume who is going to play (in the veto)… Tyler. Fes – what happens is what’s going to happen. Rockstar – There are some pu$$y a$$ motherf**kers in here! Fes – can’t f**king catch a break in this motherf**ker. We only need 3 votes. Haleigh will break the tie. They need 4 votes. But their three are guaranteed. We only have two right here because one vote gets cancelled. Fes – I don’t think it was Tyler because if it were to get back to him he would get backdoored. Rockstar – did y’all come to play or did you come to blend into the wall? I’m that chump b***h that keeps getting put up.

5:10pm In the bathroom. Kaycee – you’re good with me picking you for the veto? Tyler – yeah. Kaycee – We need to secure that its not used. Angela – we need to make sure. You need to get picked, Brett needs to get picked and JC. They don’t need to even use it if they win it. Tyler – best case is you (Kaycee) win the veto and use it on her (Angela). I already told Haleight that if it was you (Kaycee) you didnt tell me. Kaycee – I am thankful I am safe but.. Angela – that’s the thing is no one is safe.

HOH room. Brett and Haleigh. Haleigh – I think it was Kaycee. And her philosophy was if she gets found out it would cause the least amount of waves. If it stays the same Angela is going home. Brett – I could have sworn you had it. Haleigh – it was not me. Brett – yeah I know that now. Haleigh – I really think it was Kaycee. Everytime a question was answered I could hear her jumping up and down. Rockstar isn’t a good choice. She isn’t good at competitions and good socially. Brett – I thought that whoever won it was trying to frame it on me. Brett – if I am the hacker would I really go after Rockstar. Haleigh – regardless of who wins tomorrow, I have three options. Rockstar – I know its crazy but I have voted to keep Rockstar both times. Haleigh – we need three votes and I will break the tie. I really think its Kaycee.

5:35pm HOH room. Fes, Rockstar and Haleigh. Fes – you have the option to pick me or Scottie. Haleigh – I don’t want to pick you. I don’t want to put a bigger target on your back. I am going to pick Scottie. Fes – I would rather you pick me. At this point they know I win vetos, so winning another wouldn’t change anything. I would just hate for Rockstar to go home on your HOH. I really thought you won it. That would have been cool. Rockstar joins them. Rockstar – so running my mouth didn’t work out to well. Haleigh – what do you mean? Rockstar – we were sitting there and Kaycee asked me if I was okay. I said oh yeah, it real cool to keep getting put on the block. Power moves! Y’all are making power moves in this house! Its cool, we still got a veto to play. Haleigh – the good thing is even if Tyler gets picked to play and takes Angela off .. then Kaycee goes back up. Best case scenario we get you off. Rockstar – you don’t think it was Scottie? Fes – no what does that benefit him? It hurts him more than anything. Tyler wouldn’t do it and risk getting backdoored. Even though he’s going to be backdoored anyways. Rockstar – it probably was Kaycee. She doesn’t have the balls to put anyone else up. Heleigh – I am pissed, she will be the replacement. F**k Tyler. Fess – you want to keep Tyler in? Haleigh – I am pissed, I told her she is not a target, don’t change then. Fes – and if it is her and she picks herself she is going to act so dumb like what they picked me too?!

5:57pm Havenot room. Tyler and Sam. Sam – I just want to feel like myself again. Tyler you are doing to for all those fans of yours. You are not a victim in this. You’re doing such a good job. Sam – I’m not even doing anything. Tyler – exactly because being yourself is good enough to get you this far. So stop crying about it. It you do win, you were being Sammy. You know exactly whats going on. You’re one of the most unique charismatic people I have ever met. I can’t see you like that any more. You’re doing everything right. Any time you think like that I need you to think about this conversation and snap yourself out of it. Tyler gives Sam a long hug. Tyler – Stop selling yourself short.

6:03pm – 6:10pm Havenot room. Sam and Tyler. Sam – I know that there is something that is causing some kind of tear. Tyler – I don’t know what it is. I promise I am good. Sam – a long time ago when I came back as a person I felt like something was off. Like you were keeping something from me. I was like Tyler is lying to me. Then I let that go and said you’re not lying to me. I can tell that something is bothering you. Next time we get the sun I want you to sit out there all day and let it all go. Sam tells Tyler that he is like a rattle snake. You barely even breath. All I heard last night was this (bracelet.)
Tyler – I promise you I won’t do that anymore. Tyler talks about when Bayleigh was screaming at him. It was a planned thing. The fact that she was throwing personal attacks. Sam – I thought it was part of a plan. Tyler – It was to get a target on me to keep Bayleigh but it didn’t work. Its not going to work. Tyler – that’s why I told you what I told you because I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I am only going to use it (his power app) if the veto gets used. I have to use it this week. And I didn’t win the hacker. Sam – I hate that Rockstar is on the block again .. but maybe that is her purpose. Sam – thank you for talking to me. Tyler – you’re a beautiful person. Sam leaves the room.

6:45pm Storage room. JC and Tyler. Tyler – it wasn’t me and everyone thinks it was me! JC – no one up there thinks it was you they think its Brett or Kaycee. JC – you need to play in that veto. JC leaves. Angela joins them. Angela – we have to win the veto! Tyler – we will. Angela leaves. Kaycee joins Tyler. Kaycee – we have to keep this between level 6 and just keep denying it. (That Kaycee is the hacker) Tyler – did you tell Brett. Kaycee – yeah.

6:45pm HOH room. Rockstar, Haleigh, Scottie. Haleigh – so when she does pick herself to play in the veto.. Scottie – you remember with last week when Angela pulled Kaycee’s name out and she wasn’t allowed to pick. She was like Kaycee and they (Production) were like just put it away and so she put her hand back and then pulled it out again. Rockstar – because Kaycee was already up.. Big Brother switches the feeds. The feeds return. Haleigh – Tyler is going to want to win the veto and if he wins it he will take Angela down … and then I’ll put Kaycee back up. Rockstar – Kaycee is walking around here real comfortable again.

7:30pm – 7:55pm Bedroom. JC, Tyler, Fes, sKaycee and Brett are hanging out chatting.

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Hey Dawg!

I just hit the tip jar!

Thanks for all you do! You guys are the best!


Where can one find the tip jar?


Local bar???


Why Rockstar?! Why not Fes????


Because then he’ll be able to play in the veto.


Faysal wins veto comps.

another name

well… tyler threw one to him. kaitlyn threw the other. so… sure. he wins veto comps when other people throw.


Your survival in the game is on the line and it’s down to one game, who are you picking to play against, Fez or RS?

That’s the only question that matters to anybody not named Haleigh this week


Hasn’t won much of anything in a while.

Busta Fooligan

To try and keep him out the veto most likely


Because Rockstar is Nuts, get her out Now!!!


Fes has a better chance at winning the veto.


…because JC will never vote Fez out…they may need his vote!


The funny thing is that Haleigh and Rocks are blasting everyone for not making a big move, but Kaycee actually made a very smart move. She put you on the block, Rocks, because YOU are weak. Whoever is on the block automatically plays in the veto, and she doesn’t want a strong player up there who can potentially win the veto. Yet again, the HIVE cannot even understand the logic behind a game move.

JC is Pervy

Exactly! It’s not about the “big” move always. It’s about the smart move. The Hive wouldn’t know that. Hee hee.

Red Wave

JC is pervy and funny.


Rocks: Did y’all come to play, or to blend into the wall?
Me: *tries to count number of times she’s done anything*


Her and the wall have history and she’s rather clingy about the wall.

The 2010 United States Census

Exactly. The HIVE has it all backwards. They should realize that the way they played it last week blew up in their faces, and the fact that the other side is doing the opposite is a big threat to them this week.


And Rocks is always going on about safe moves and no blood on hands. Hello Rocks. It’s only a dumbass move when it’s YOU on the block . Pfft


What blood does Rocks have on her hands while she is complaining about others? Oh, yeah none!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Agree, SanDiegoGal; and at this point in the game Rocktears is a vote against them and it’s about the numbers week to week. Especially with Sam on her emotional roller coaster. Seriously, Bay Hay and Rocks are the sorest losers. The Hacker comp was awesome when Hay put up Tyler. Now it’s a b##ch move when KC uses it. We can be sure KC won’t be stupid enough to admit it. They sort of know, but they have no proof. She won fair and square.

On point

Well let’s see how smart KC is. I bet she is not smart enough to pick herself to play in the veto. She is going right back on that block.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

No she’s not. The goal is to keep the noms the same. Then they have the votes to keep Angela. They don’t need to take her down. That’s been the difference between L6/5/4 and The Hive; they understand strategy and calculate plan A plan B plan C and determine the best way NOT to lose a team member under the adverse circumstances.


The Hive definitely could have used a Plan B. Well, maybe just Bayleigh 😉


Yes, I love it! I hope Kaycee wins veto to remove Angela and Tyler uses his power!

Bay's Dilemma

Then Kaycee would ho back up?

Bay's Dilemma

Oops, sorry, Kaycee can’t be put up if she wins Veto. My bad!


As veto winner she would not be eligible to be picked.


Then who would they put up? Brett or Scottie?


Brett is probably safe. JC or Sam would be the most likely choices. They’ve compared some notes and JC’s name is coming up in a negative light.


Great plan but not necessary. Angela is not at risk, IMHO

If Tyler wins veto, he saves himself without using his Cloud App and leaving the noms the same would result in Rockstar being evicted.

Haleigh can’t vote as HOH
Rocky can’t vote as a nom
Angela can’t vote as a nom
Kaycee will cancel Faysal’s vote and vote to evict Rockstar
Brett evicts Rockstar
Sam evicts Rockstar (or maybe throws a pity vote…it won’t matter)
Tyler evicts Rockstar
JC evicts Rockstar
Scottie evicts Rockstar (he won’t be the lone vote to save Rocky)

I loved Tyler’s “snap out of it” talk with Sam. Good move, Tyler!


You are absolutely right again Granny! Pulling for Tyler to win this game! I am just nervous with how Sam has been acting lately. I really hope she stays true to her word and does not let anyone know about Tylers power.

Botox Pelosi

I want Tyler to win too but trusting Sam scares me. Her elevator does not go all the way to the top.


I do not want atyler yo win because I know he’s productions pick at this point and I just can’t get behind it. I’d like to see someone else win although I’m not sure while yet. I do like KC but not a huge fan of other l6. I know they are technically playing better but I just find them irritating as people…Angela is a stuck up bitch and Bret is the annoying frat boy who never grew up. Tyler seems to play the game well but something just feels off with him in that other CBS game show and whatnot…just feels forced.


Haleigh flat out said the diary room helped her win the hacker comp, but Tyler is production’s favorite?

Botox Pelosi

Granny if Tyler wins veto i think he would want to take Angela off the block. Angela saved Tyler last week and why have to rely on JC, Scottie or Sam since they all are not 100% trustable.

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

Removing Angela only means KAycee goes back up.


Which from an alliance stand point is why Kaycee should be the one to root for winning the veto. Angela comes down and is safe along with Kaycee, Tyler uses the cloud and is safe. Brett’s the only one not safe and Haleigh wouldn’t put him up, at least I don’t think she would. That means more than likely either JC, Sam or Scottie as the replacement. L6/5/4 has 4 votes and dictate who goes home in that scenario.

However, Tyler will not divulge his power nor will he throw the veto this week because he wants to keep his power as log as he can. He just wants to make sure he’s safe first.


I was watching the feeds and just kept thinking. Tyler. Get up and grab her and shake her or whatever. Give her the be your best robot speech. Something. I was so glad he finally did. I think it was JC early on that basically told her to suck it up and be thankful she was there. And she responded well to that too. She just needs people to tell her nicely but straight up. I worry about Sam’s vote. Not sure if she will vote RS out. And who could ever know what Scottie will do. And JC likes to stir up trouble. I do hope RS goes this time and she can go chill with Bay.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I do believe even though Tyler is playing a stellar game, he is not a heartless guy and doesn’t want to hurt people personally. I believe he genuinely likes Sam (as do I) and she’s going a little Fatal Attraction on him. Because I think he’s likely a decent guy in real life, I think he needs to spend more dedicated time with her while she’s in the house. No longer necessary to be covert. Everyone knows where everyone stands now (well, not Fez LOL bless his heart).


Lol. Bless his heart. I totally agree about Tyler. He kept saying he isn’t the villain like that to Bayleigh. I think that whole thing really hurt him. Even tho he is playing this game.

Hayleigh for the WIN!

Whoever really believes Tyler “doesn’t want to hurt people personally “ better take a course in how to read people! … It may not be Tyler’s goal to hurt people but he has never shown true remorse over screwing over anyone, including Sam, Kaitlyn, Rachel & BAYleigh!


I haven’t seen any situation in which Tyler should feel remorse. Don’t you think when people sign up for this game, they realize there are 15 others aiming for the same goal? Reaching that goal could certainly be perceived as “screwing people over” if evictees take their eviction personally. But, SHEESH, players can’t be completely honest in every situation, and mild manipulation and misleading conversation is perfectly reasonable. BB makes the HGs watch at least one season of this show so they have a good idea of what they are getting into. The game can get ugly and hurtful, but adults should be able to separate game play from personal attacks. Winning isn’t just about comps. It also about relationship building, predicting, maneuvering, convincing. and maintaining a good relationship.

It doesn’t have to be about belittling, bullying, hurting, manic-manipulation, or hating.

Should Tyler apologize for playing the game. Of course not. Does he feel bad that HGs will take things personally and feel personally attacked. Yes, and I have seen evidence of that. But, BB isn’t summer camp. There is 500K at stake here. Tyler came to win, but he still cares about people.

It frustrates me when people get into power and feel they have a right to personal attacks. Sam and Angela both did that, but I still like them as people and players (just not as much). Had they stated justifiable reasons for nominating and left the personal stuff out, I could respect their play more. Angela handled Bayleigh incorrectly. Tyler’s mistake was Kaitlyn, which is why she is now gone. Yet, even Kait stated she would root for Tyler to win (I don’t believe her girls over guys platforma t all).

Tyler has never personally attacked anyone. As a matter of fact, he constantly reminds the HGs this is a game and nothing should ever be taken personally. He has been careful to not hurt HGs and has tried to keep any promise he makes (listen carefully to his conversations…he chooses his words wisely), but when Bayleigh asked him point blank if he was going to vote her out, and he told her yes, because she has a power…she took that answer as a personal attack. Ridiculous. It was a direct answer to a direct question. Bay just wasn’t mature enough for the game. Same with Swaggy, Winston & Rachel. Steve knew his odds and didn’t take anything personally. With age and experience, comes wisdom (usually).

He did apologize for the way she feels, but he won’t apologize for treating her like trash when he knows he didn’t. In the end, these HGs should recognize smart play and commend the players for it. So, unless Tyler turns into Paul, if he is in the final 2, he will win against any of the others.

They better find a way to get rid of him, or he will be traveling to Hawaii with 500K!

Will Angela or Brett take a shot to get him out so they have a better F2 odds? Yes, if they get the opportunity, they will not take Tyler to F2. Would he be angry? No.

I’m not sure about Kaycee, though. She is loyal to her F2 with Tyler, so loyalty alone could keep him at her side….AND, if anyone has a chance to win against Tyler, it could be Kaycee or JC depending on future play. A guaranteed win for Kaycee would mean taking anyone other than Tyler to F2. He wouldn’t fault her for it, because I’m not sure Tyler would take her in the same situation. Then again, they are both of strong character, so perhaps they would.

Such an exciting season!


If you sign up for the game, you sign up to get screwed over. More HG’s need to grow up and realize that. Tyler does seem to have a pattern of not wanting to pull people’s family into things or ruin their lives outside the house. What happened to Kaitlyn was really her own fault.


Lmao then Brett will go up. Easy as that.


Haleigh might not put Brett up as she doesn’t seem to think Brett is aligned with Tyler and Angela. She also thinks she has Brett wrapped up. JC would go up before Brett is my opinion. Especially how they’ve been talking about him. Fez is even annoyed by him right now.


Yes, Fessy!! Finally you see that JC is sketchy as &$#% (didn’t want to use the “M” word to describe JC because I hate that word just like the “N, F, and R” words. They need to win the veto, take down Rockstar, and put up JC, Brett, or Jaycee back on the block causing L6, L4, whatever the #@$÷ they’re calling themselves to lose another player and feel Bayleigh’s wrath in the Jury House (hope all sharp and blunt items are locked up…for their sake…ROFLMAO ?.

On point

First she had to be picked to play in the veto.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Bigger targets …. on The Hive … yeah, that’s a tough one. (I don’t think of Scottie as part of the hive because he does the “duck and dive” every week depending who is in power. And sticking him on the block insures he gets to go for the Veto.) It’s the SMART move. Not a weak move. But then they wouldn’t know a smart move if it landed in their laps.


Scpttie is another Andy


Scottie is crushing like crazy on Hay. So he is definitely Hive. Even if level 6 wins comps..he will make hay his number one priority.
He is playing an emotional game.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Yes, I don’t give Scottie the credit some do for being a genius. He’s a sweet guy, good at comps, clearly intelligent; not as good at playing the middle as JC is. And on After Dark last night, he was folding like a cheap suit to Haileigh as he gazed adoringly at her playing chess. I’d say he is disposable to either side sooner than later.


kaycee should pick herself or brett to play in veto, but then again she doesn’t know about tyler’s power so she may put him in.


Tyler is the smartest one to pick.


Tyler want to protect his app if he can though, even if that means risking one of his allies.

Botox Pelosi

I think Kaycee picks Tyler because he has the best chance of all the Level team to win.


I’m secretly hoping that the HIVE wins the veto and takes RS down, hoping to backdoor Tyler. Then Tyler uses his power and either Kaycee or JC goes up. Then it’ll cause chaos because they’ll realize Tyler had a power and didn’t tell them. Sorry, I love drama and chaos…


Great point, only reason people are disliking your comment is because they’re showing their bias to Tyler. It’s getting ridiculous at this point. Lol


Why? He’s playing the best game.

Go Tyler

Why shouldn’t everyone have favorites? We watch the shows, view the live feeds and read the cheat sites because we enjoy Big Brother.


I agree, I have no problem with you liking Tyler. It’s not like I don’t like him, I just always pull for an underdog, which is why I’m a fan of the dear sweet dumbo Fes. Plus I think keeping the house even keeps it interesting. They got a HIVE member last week, it would be nice if a L4 got out this week.


I actually like keeping things even keeled too…but I think the hive has 4 solid and L6 has 4 solid. Obviously I want my side (L6) to be in a SLIGHTLY better position. But not by much. lol


Exactly! I love to hear different views and perspectives, especially when they are backed up with solid evidence. I don’t have to agree with them to appreciate them. If there’s no game evidence and opinions are based on personality, that’s okay, too. These HGs come on a gameshow to be judged. So, yeah…I’m gonna judge the HGs based on game play and social interactions.

Regarding commenters: I don’t waste my time with thumbs downs. If I have something to say, I’ll just say it. I will confess to giving up on conversation with certain OBBers only because they have proven to be completely one-sided individuals seemingly incapable of healthy debate without throwing poo. And this granny is a lover, not a fighter. 🙂


People get wrapped up and jealous when their faves aren’t the same as everyone else’s


Oh you know why everyone dislikes people’s comments? You’re one lucky dude


i’d love rs to come down, tyler use his power, and kaycee go back up. angela would likely get sent to jury. as much as i do like tyler, i like drama more, and i don’t need both brett and angela in game.


Did Kaycee seriously waste the hacker power on Rockmonster?

Goodness this floater is a waste of a space.


It’s not a waste at all. It was a smart move. She did not want to put someone on the block who could potentially win the veto (whoever is on the block automatically gets to play the veto). Out of everyone in the house, who is LEAST likely to win the veto? Rockstar. So, put her up! Smart move, Kaycee!


Plus, it limits the votes come Thursday if Angie is still on the block. L6/5/4 needs 4 votes to evict a tie does them no good. Cancel Fez’s vote leaving JC, Scottie, and Sam as possible question marks and three of the four, Tyler, Kaycee, Brett, and Angela voting to evict Angie. They need one of those 3 to vote with them no matter what.

Best case scenario for L/6/5/4 is that Kaycee wins and takes down Angela, Tyler is in the Cloud and Brett is in Haleigh’s bed, leaving them the 4 votes to control everything because either JC or Sam would be next to Angie.


Perfect analysis. I’ve been racking my brain trying to decide who I think needs to win veto

Angela & Level 6 FTW

You are so clueless and snakes bite.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I know you are but what am I. You’re rubber, I’m glue…. you bore me.


Whatever you say…bounces off me and sticks to you! Sticks and stones….OMG I laughed so hard reading your comment…haven’t heard that in ages

Busta Nut in Sam

You are chimp who wouldn’t know a smart move if it bit you in the a$$! Angela beats Rockslop in a vote. Rockslop is a weak veto player. Fes is a strong player. KC gets to to cancel a strong vote like Fes. weak player in veto. For crissakes do I have to explain it out for you????
Your comment are dumb and just gave me cancer.

True Dat

Two things are wrong with this comment. The first thing is that Kaycee putting up Rockstar is not a waste because Rockstar is less likely to win a veto than Fes and you’re never going to be able to flip her vote down the line so getting rid of her now is getting rid of a permanent number on the other side for the weeks to come where as Faysal could be manipulated to vote how you want him too once they get rid of Hayleigh. There is the added fact that Rockstar is one of the main reasons Level 6 was losing Sam to the other side. With Rockstar’s social game being so weak with everyone else, she has the time to babysit Sam all day and constantly be in her ear. It’ll be a lot easier to reel Sam back in once Rockstar is gone. The second thing wrong with your statement is calling Kaycee a floater. A floater is defined as someone who gravitates to where the power is…floating from side to side depending on who gets hoh. Kaycee has been 100% Level 6 since the beginning so she is far from a floater. Even if you meant the less correct usage of the term, as many of the houseguests tend to do, where you think she does nothing…that is also not true. Her physical game is pretty good as she can beat most of the other girls in comps like the way she beat Angela in the recent veto and beat Kaitlyn in the endurance hoh. Her social game is also pretty good as most people feel pretty comfortable around her which has allowed her to gather important intel for Level 6 throughout the game. She also just won the hacker comp obviously so there’s that.


Very well said sir

JC is Pervy

I know Tyler told Sam about his cloud power. Did Sam tell the hive?

Busta Fooligan

I don’t think so. I think she really does have a crush on Tyler and will do whatever it takes to help him along.


She has not told anyone, and Tyler just secured her again with his heart to heart talk. Tyler needs Sam to vote with him. I think she will.


Nope. They have no clue. No one is even thinking about the third power that has not been used. Either they all think it expired or it went out the door with an evicted HG.


Hoping Rockstar gives Baleigh a visit. Sick of her.




That jury house would be so full of hate and negativity with both of them in there. They would put the same hate speech on automatic replay 24/7. Stingers will be out and aimed. I wouldn’t want to be the 3rd jury member, even if I was a Hive bee.

The best players so far have been Tyler and JC. Suppose they are the final 2.
Jury votes would likely be:

Bay awards JC (bitter juror and pride will keep her from choosing Tyler)
Rocky awards JC (bitter juror)
Faysal awards JC (last ditch effort to secure his Amazing Race partner)
Haleigh awards JC or maybe Tyler…she could surprise us
Scottie awards Tyler
Angela awards Tyler
Kaycee awards Tyler
Brett awards Tyler
Sam awards Tyler

At this point, any of those HGs could end up in the finals. Every move from here on out is critical for each of them. They need to play smarter, not harder. Kaycee should pick Tyler as Hacker player. Angela should pick Kaycee to play. Haleigh will likely pick Scottie, but Faysal was right when he told Haleigh she needed to pick him since he has better odds to win and there is no point in trying to deflect a target…lines are drawn for all but Scottie, IMHO. Rockstar would pick Faysal if Haleigh doesn’t. Brett would be wise to stay out of this veto comp and continue maintaining distance from Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee.

I’ll feel better making my predictions when we get to final 5. Expect the unexpected.


Tyler vs El Matador in the final 2

I think Granny has a great post here. It’s clear that Tyler and JC came to play the game and they have given us most of the laughs and great twists (crazy people aside). In trying to size up who will vote for whom in such a dream final 2 of players who really came to play, Granny is forgetting one critical element: how many of the people closest to Tyler will feel utterly betrayed by him when they were so close to that $500,000 ? Tyler has made a lot of final 2 and final 3 deals. JC has done no such thing. Tyler will assume that he needs to make it to final 2 with JC or Angela to have any chance at that cluster of bitter votes coming from Bayleigh and her minions. Tyler has a final 2 with Kaycee but he knows he’s not getting Bayleigh, Hayleigh, Rockstar and the gang if he’s final 2 with Kaycee or Sam or Scottie or even Brett. It’s not just Kaycee that may end up bitter. All Tyler needs to do to blow it is stab somebody like Angela in the back at final 3 and take JC to final 2. I think she might hold a grudge. Same goes for Kaycee. There will be some others sitting on that jury who thought they were final 2 or final 3 with Tyler and bitter over an earlier exit.
Much respect to the flamboyant little bull fighter who has been slinging the b.s. and bringing the deception. Tyler has been good…but if you give some thought to the end game and reflect on all of Tyler’s final 2 and final 3 deals…do not be surprised if a Tyler vs El Matador final 2 goes to Juan Carlos (I’m guessing that JC stands for Juan Carlos)…I mean…what else can it stand for? LOL


I can actually see this happening…sort of reminds of Paul losing the last 2 BB’s all because of butthurt outplayed houseguests.


Hey g1!

I’m convinced that the remaining L6 players (Tyler, Angela, Kaycee, Brett) all have the same goal…help each other get as far as possible, and I seriously doubt any would fault another for playing the game. Their pecking order was strategically planned (Winston then Rachel) to keep the strongest (mentally/physically) truly committed players safe when someone HAD to be sacrificed. Tyler’s only final 2 in the house (the only authentic F2 of all remaining HGs) at this point is his F2 with Kaycee. He has made verbal pacts with Angela, Sam, JC, Brett, Scottie, and even Haleigh, to work with them as long as he can. But, he got rid of his biggest mistake…Kaitlyn. He made her a promise he couldn’t keep, but quickly saw his error and corrected before it became a fatal error. Tyler has played a very dignified game.

JC is a master at implying loyalty, but he has not drafted an official F2 with anyone. He is the ultimate free agent but does it in a way that keeps everyone thinking he is their team manager, #1 fan, or personal publicist. His approach is unique, but his true loyalty is with L6 before the others. JC isn’t fickle. He will play with whichever hand he is dealt. He does it well and should be commended for his abilities to ride the wave, while Scottie’s method is to dodge the waves.

Kaycee and Angela are not playing for Tyler, as some have speculated. Angela started strong but immediately shifted once she saw her comp strength made her a target. Kaycee watched Angela become a target and chilled…playing just enough to secure L6 safety. Those girls are playing for themselves and won’t fault Tyler if he gets further in this game than they do.

The Hive- Haleigh, Rockstar, Faysal
L6- Tyler, Angela, Kaycee, Brett
Independent players (opportunists)- Sam, Scottie, JC

Working together does not automatically make a F2.

Tyler/Kaycee- only genuine F2, IMHO
Faysal/Haleigh – not an authentic F2
JC/Faysal- not authentic (would be for Amazing Race, though)
Hayleigh/Rockstar- not authentic…very superficial
Sam/Tyler- you help me/I’ll help you
Sam/Scottie- I like you/you like me
Angela/Tyler- you help me/I’ll help you
Haleigh/Tyler- you pretend to help me/ I’ll pretend to help you
Brett/Scottie- you pretend to help me/ I’ll pretend to help you

I can only base my opinions on my observations. I could be completely wrong, but that’s my take. BB is a true labyrinth for the serious and smart players. When the house has more than one, it keeps things really exciting!


That’s why JC needs to go as soon as possible. I do not want Master Vulgar to win.


His name is Joseph Charles…but I like Juan Carlos 🙂

Go Tyler

I like JC but I have not seen him win anything and I doubt that he can. I don’t think he can make it to final 2.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

It also would be super entertaining to hear JC’s pitch speech to the jury. I know he cusses like a sailor, is pervy, inappropriate … but he cracks me up. Tyler for the win; whoever for 2nd but JC would be awesome. Best social/middle game or at least the most unique I’ve seen. Sorry Bay, he checks more boxes off the list for minority categories than you do. First gay Hispanic small person to make the Final 2 on BB ever.


I can see it now, he’ll talk so fast and either make up or misuse words the jury will be all confused but he’ll be so confident in is answer they’ll think he gave a good one. I think it was Tyler that talked about it before regarding yatus…


Even though I’ve seen a couple things from rockface that were impressive the last couple weeks…her vitriol in the beginning was too much to handle and I have been sick of her since week 2

Haileighs BB spirit

I am having a vision that Rock Monster goes home this week.


Production leaks on Twitter say the veto is OTEV. If that is the case, then Tyler has a good chance of winning it IMO.


I think Tyler or Scottie, if either are picked, would smoke this competition.


Does otev come before zingbot?

Busta Fooligan

AWWW… I had to read that Tyler and Sam part twice. Come on Sam, you know you love him.

Looney Frederica the Hat Lady

Has Sam regained her senses?


Loven it if rockcrock walks through the jury house door and Bay says what happened and she says well Haleigh won HOH…lol

Dumb as a box of rockstar

Hahahahaha! @ryan great comment! rockslut makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit every time she speaks.


My mouth is sooo tired of throwing up from rockface


Stil laughing…

LA in LA

lol… that would be hilarious


I am really starting to think that something is really wrong with Sam. I hesitate to say mental..but…I don’t know what else it could be. It could be a way to win the game..but it’s a very bizarre way.
No question she is sucking up big time to the Hive.
I think she made that the vote for Bay to hedge her bets.
Same as her moves to Fess and Rocks.
Just the night before eviction..when Scottie was on the deck with Hay..Same saw them and slammed her coffee cup.
Now..she hears a snake rattle from Tyler and he should lie in the sun. And comments that she isn’t into him as a boyfriend. Only as a friend.
Hates Angela..for no reason.
All of a sudden..LOVING HAY when it is obvious she has very jealous emotions about her.
Cuddling Fess.
It’s possible she has nicotine/booze withdrawals…but some of the things she says and does are pretty schitzo.
Stress is making Hay unpleasant.
I did love the convo between Hay and Kay Cee.
Hay saying how shocked she was that Kay Cee voted out Bay.
Kay Cee clocking Hay.with * So did you *. YASS.


I agree. Sam is nuts. If she didn’t come in a sweet little Southern package, I think we’d be looking at her like the female Hannibal Lecter (as she plays with her spiders): “You still wake up sometimes in the dark and hear the screaming, don’t you, Tyler? . . . I’ll help you win, my wounded lamb.”


I thought it was game but….I’m starting to have suspicions of paranoid schizophrenia with Sam. I am getting worried about her mental health and well-being. If she keeps having audial delusions, she really does need a mental status exam before going much further.


Over/under on Haleigh figuring out she still needs FOUR votes, since one will be cancelled out, to get to her as a tiebreaker is pre/post Veto.

I got $100 Simon/Dawg dollars that says it’ll be post-veto…after she’s been semi-threatening to the votes she needs, which will negate her ham-handed sales pitch.


It’s like Sam is straight out of One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest and Tyler is Nurse Ratched, except instead of doling out her meds or sending her for shock therapy, he just has to kiss her *ss….


Does Tyler’s cloud advantage really expire this week? I thought it was good through next week.


I think it’s good for a couple more weeks. It lasted 8 weeks and he got it the second week of the game.


When Sam was the robot she could really look at people. Tyler spent a lot of time talking to her. There were no other distractions for her. She could absolutely be in the moment as the robot. I wouldn’t say she loves him, but she “knows” him or feels she does. That is must important to her imho. I love them both and they will be good friends. You could tell that Tyler felt bad not game but personal.


Rocks in HOH room calling Kay Cee names. Cursing.
Says Kaycee has * Broke Ass Ankles*
Rocks is the LAST person who should be body shaming.
Her punishment outfit does not flatter or hide certain body parts.
Rocks is a bitter delusional player. Contributes NOTHING.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Yes, BitterRock, I guess that Female Empowerment virtue got suffocated in your Unitard this week. “When they go high, we go lower.” KC took being on the block like a champ. Sore losers.


YASS ! If I was HOH..I would tell Sam that because I love her so much, I will put her on the block next to Miss Popular Hayleigh to make sure Sam gets her wish to leave.
That I will miss her but that I can’t bear to see her in tears and so sad.
Then……watch Sam fight like MAD to stay.
And boot her arse out..exactly what she does NOT WANT.
The reason is she is away with the fairies is because she is so SCARED that she WILL be booted.
Her whole game play is victim..betraying players….crying..helpless…doesn’t know the game.
Send me out…yeah..with $500.000/


BTW..I get smugly happy everytime DR gets Rocks to cook and excercise. She’s not getting many breaks like some HG’S in the past/
YASS ..DR. Now we have nachos coming up.
Rocks can body shame Kay Cee…but only because she’s built like Twiggy. ( my lips puckered cynically 🙂

LA in LA

ikr… Rockstar looks like a camel

Hailey’s Forehead Twin

Rockslob & Sam could go right now. they both suck. Sick of psycho Sam’s rants and attention seeking behavior, and , if I have to hear Rockslob talking about who’s dick she has to suck to get a power one more time I’ll puke

Amy Taylor

I missed it…does Brett know that Kaycee is the hacker? And is he still loyal to Level 6?

Amy Taylor

Thank you for letting me know Dawg!!


C’mon Rockstar. English is my fourth language, and even I can come up with vocabulary words that are more intelligent than the exact same curse words 47 times to describe my frustration with a situation.

who me?

Why does nobody else ever see it? Especially Tyler? Everyone goes to him separately from L6/5/4 and says “we have to win the veto” meaning Tyler win the veto for us again so we can use you…again. He needs to snap out of it and tell them to win something once in awhile! Angelas HOH was a fluke. But he was playing dirty when he went and talked to Sam…he uses her and her emotions. I don’t consider that “gameplay” I consider that cruel.


If Tyler did win veto wouldn’t it be smart for him not to use it? Then its Angela and RS. Haleigh cant voted not RS, then Kaycee can cancel Fes’s vote which means Tyler, Kaycee, JC and Brett vote out RS. Scottie and Sam would probably vote out Angela. If he thinks it through I think that would be better then using it on Angela and KC goes back up.

Also if Tyler wins veto he has another chance to not go up if they try to backdoor him. Just my thoughts.

On a side note I’m waiting for Tyler to wake up one day with Sam sitting on the end of his bed just staring at him or find her boiling something of his all Fatal Attraction. She so has it bad for him and she thinks him and Angela have a thing which is why Sam will definitely vote our Angela because she feels threatened by her.


Just caught part of the discussion where Haileigh wanted to put eye drops in the coffee pot in the morning …..production would stop her correct.


Correct and if she actually tried I think they would remove her from the game. That would cross the line.


If being the hacker makes you a pu$$y a$$ motherf***ER then instead of Haliegh saying in DR “I’m the first hacker of the season” she should have said “I am the first pu$$y a$$ motherf***er of the season”

another name

wait…. Sam has a crush… on … BRETT???
where did this come from?


No, on Tyler.

Domesticated Breakdown

I don’t like Rockstar because of the things she has said and done, although it must be difficult living with so much hate inside of you, but I truly don’t get all the body shaming being done by bb fans, regardless if she is body shaming kacee, us turning around and doing it to her makes us no better, there are so many bad qualities to judge her on without going there, having 2 daughter’s myself I hate to see this, and personally I for one would love to see a couple big girls on BB, and not just on celebrity, it’s like the only type they don’t cast


I am genuinely concerned about Sam’s physical and mental health. production needs to provide some prompt medical attention to evaluate what is going on. Sadly I think the best thing for Sam is a 2 day Xanax nap. then hold a double eviction this week so she can go to the jury