“I feel like I am the only f**King real person in this f**king house & I am trapped in here with all you f**king psychos!”

POV: ? Next POV: Aug 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 13th
HOH: ? Next HOH: Aug 16th
Noms: ?? Have Nots

10:40pm Haenot room. Sam an Haleigh. Sam and Haleigh. Haleih – Sam, I love you and I don’t ever know where you head is at. In the event that you win HOH next week, will I go up again? Sam – ahhhh.. no! Is that what you want me to stay? Haleihgh ) I feel like a big joke and that everyone is making fun of me. I don’t belong here and I want to go. Right now I am just kind of like .. what do I don. You’re the HOH, you tell me. You dont want me to put you up next week. Sam – I won’t. Sam leaves. Brett joins Haleigh again. Haleigh – the hardest part of putting up people is I am going to have to justify whatever I do. I have an idea of what I am going to do. And if I do it, justifying it is going to very cringy. I am not doing it because you attached me. I am doing it because this, I am doing it because you are a game player that will float by the entire time and will sit pretty for the entire fame. Haleigh – you need to get better at talking to me. You never asked me what I was doing. Brett – We just talked the other nice. Haleigh – but you ever told me what you would do. I really like Scottie. You need to get better at talking to me. Brett – let me know if there is anything you need.

11:20pm Havenot room. Haleigh, Rockstar and Scottie. Haleigh – so I am thinking that next week is going to be a double eviction which means one of you motherf**kers has to win. Scottie – both of them. Rockstar – we just need to keep winning. Sam is totally loyal. Heleigh – she is just acting like she isn’t having that much fun. Rockstar – its because she doesn’t know what she is doing but with guidance. Haliegh – I think someone close to her just needs to be like look this is the game you signed up for. Rockstar – no I did. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

11:34pm Havenot room. Sam and Haleigh. Sam – who is making fun of me? Haleigh – I don’t think anyone is making fun of you. I think people take advantage of the fact that you’re a genuine true person. And I think that some of the people that you have put your trust in don’t have your best interest at heart. Sam – who is it? Haleigh – no one has said anything. Sam – but people are making fun of me. Haleigh – why do you think that? Sam – I don’t know. I just think that things are happening and I need you to tell me. Tell me who is making fun of me?! Haleigh – no one is making fun of you. I promise you that! In this game people get nervous of you because they know you’re an honest person and that is not how people are playing this game. If I heard people making fun of you, I would not let it happen. I have never made fun of you. Sam – Haleigh people are making fun of me.

Haleigh – why do you think that? Sam – I am not just coming up with this in my head. I do not want to look like a dumba$$. I mean I am just going to start going around being really sh*tty if someone doesn’t tell me what is going on. Haleigh – what makes you think something is going on? Sam – AHHAggh .. never mind then! Nothing in here is real! Nobody is going to tell me the truth if I ask. Haleigh – I am sitting here telling you.. F**k the game! I don’t care about the game! I care about you being visibly upset right in front of me. Sam – it is probably just all in my head. Its all a bunch of stuff I made up. Seriously! That’s it. Haleigh – lets talk about it and if someone is making fun of you I have the power to do something about it. Sam – there is no solid concrete anything. Its probably just all in my head. I don’t have any facts! Its all in my head. I will let it go. Haleigh – the only person that brought you up was Angela. She was annoyed at something you said .. and basically brought you up to remind me that you put me up. That is the only thing. It wasn’t anything bad about you.

Sam – I don’t want to cry any more. I am going to let it go. And I will be here for as long as I have to f**king be here with all you f**king people! I trust you. And you can trust me. I feel like I am the only f**King real person in this f**king house and I am trapped in here with all you psychos! And everyone is always talking over me and its starting to piss me off. Like I am going to get mad and snap and everyone is going to regret it! Seriously, I am almost to that point… like one more motherf**King thing and I am going to lose my sh*t!! And I don’t want that to happen. I sat there and looked Bayleigh in the eyes and told her not to do it and I’m not going to do it either. Everything that happens in here means nothing to me. My family and the little girls looking up to me mean everything to me. Not the fake computer parts and fake people! Not you .. Haleigh – I’ve had this exact conversation in the DR.

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Sam – whatever happened yesterday and today is 100% made up in my head and I feel like I am a psycho. I feel like I am losing my mind. I am just ready to leave. Haleigh – you literally have a room (HOH) that you can hang out in for the rest of the week. You deserve to be here. You’ve been here this long, you might as well win the whole game. Sam – I don’t want to win the game. I want to leave! Haleigh – no you don’t. You worked so hard to get here. Sam – I didn’t! I don’t understand why I am still here! I really didn’t think I would be here this long and now I’m stuck here. I am not going to be here with a bunch of people taking advantage of me or making me look stupid. You tell me one time that someone is making fun of me and I will rip them limb from limb and rip their bottom lip clean up over the back of their head and they will regret the day they were f**king born! And I do not want to do that! Tomorrow is my brothers birthday. Haleigh – I know. I was going to remind you. When I think of who I want to be it is you. Every quality of you is good. Sam – yeah okay! Haleigh – I f**king love you Sam. You remind me so much of home. Sam – you are the one that is doing so well and I think you’re going to win. I look forward to congratulating you at the finale. Whatever foot work you’re doing here is excellent. Your gorilla tactics are phenomenal! You’re a f**king monster! If there’s a competition beast, you’re a house monster! You’re winning on every other platform. Just slay! Just slay!

11:45pm Bedroom. Sam and Rockstar. Sam – she wouldn’t tell me who is making fun of me. You better tell me who it was? Rockstar – no one is making fun of you. Sam – then why did you say that. Rockstar – in this game people throw out names of who to put up but that’s not making fun of you. That is just their strategy. Sam – then why did you say that?! Rockstar – because that’s what I thought you were getting at. No one is making fun of you or thinks you’re ridiculous. Promise! Sam – Angela is anyone making fun of me? Angela – no one is making fun of you. Sam to Rockstar – so all the c@mel t*e and birth stuff, that has nothing to do with me? Stinky breath? Rockstar – JC is making fun of me. Sam – I just get the vibe that people are talking about me. Rockstar – no one is making fun of you. Sam – maybe its all in my head. Sam – I definitely feel like I can trust you and I felt like I could trust Bayleigh. Tyler is talking less to me now. Rockstar – Tyler is talking less to you? Sam – yeah, he’s a shaddy motherf**ker and I am going to tackle him one of these days. Sam – pouring salt in your sugar isn’t going to make mine any sweeter! Pissing on your grass isn’t going to make mine any greener! You know!? It might be satisfying if I am drunk but its not going to

11:50pm Sam – pinky promise you won’t tell anyone? Rockstar – yup! Sam – I want Angela and Tyler out of here! Rockstar – did you tell her (Haleigh) that? Sam – no. I don’t need to tell her that. She didn’t tell me either. As long as she’s not putting me up or you up .. I’m not putting her up next week. Whatever.

12:12pm Haleigh gets her HOH room. She checks out her basket and then reads her letter from her mom.

12:30pm Haleigh and Kaycee talk. Kaycee – I care about you as a human being. I care about a lot of people in here. I feel really bad about Bayleigh but at the end of the day its a game. Haleigh – Sam is having a really hard time right now. Kaycee – just know that I care about youand respect any decision you maek.. you were never on my radar. Haleigh – and I care about you too.

JC to Haleigh – did you tell Sam or Rockstar about what I said about putting Sam up? Haleigh – no. Are you talking about her freaking out? JC – yeah. Haleigh – Sam thinks people are making fun of her. JC – Fes and I were trying to figure out what is going on with Scottie. We don’t know where his loyalties lie. I know like this week I am safe but I am talking about next week. If Scottie’s plan is to separate us all and make us paranoid .. like swinging votes and making us go crazy .. then its working. JC – I think you need to put Sam up and then one of those two (Angela or Kaycee).

12:54pm Tyler and Haleigh HOH room.
Haleigh – as far as you saying that I am playing Scottie. I want you to know that I truly and genuinely care about him as a person and a friend. I don’t want you thinking that. Tyler – I know. Haliegh – I would like to think .. if I can be blatantly honest with you .. I feel like if I don’t .. then you will come after me. Tyler – even before the hacker thing .. I wasn’t coming after you. Ty;er – even though you targeted me I never saw you as a huge threat that I had to get out. Haleigh – I will say that this week has shinned a lot of light on the house and things are continually changing. I know you are coming for me. Tyler – are you putting me up? Or going to backdoor me. Haleigh – or I don’t put you up. There are a few different options. Tyler – you know I am going to win the veto if you put me in it. Literally whatever you do I am not going to sit and scream at you. Haleigh – if you do win the veto I would hope you talk to me to find out what I would want done with it. Tyler – next Thursday I am not going to come after you. you put me tomorrow I will play in the veto and probably take myself off. We can build something if you want to. Tyler – are putting me up? Haleigh – I am leaning towards not putting you up. Fes joins them. Fes to Tyler – tell me if this is true? Right before the eviction .. the Rachel/Brett eviction Bay called me into the room and said that Rachel needs to go. Right? Tyler – yes. Fes – she tried to pin you and Bay against each other right? Tyler – yes. Fes – and then you told Bay that you were going to veto to evict her. And I said we stick to the plan and we could get Rachel out next week. Tyler – yeah. Haleigh – I heard that Fes was the one that flipped because Bay told him to. Tyler – no it was me, 100%.

Fes – this has happened week in and week out. Can’t you see that Tyler and Scottie are really close. If Tyler flipped on the Brett vote, doesn’t it make sense that Scottie flipped his vote and not me. Haleigh – yes, I believe you. I have never seen any one get this emotional for something they didn’t do. You do anther one of this little episode again.. I promise You I will stop communicating with you. Its not funny and its not a good game move. This is a game that I came here to win. Fes – I want you to see right through it. Haleigh – I told you I believe you. I am not sure what is going on with you right now but you need to get it together. Did you flip!? Fes – no. Haleigh – then tell me it was something you didn’t do and get the f**k over it. Don’t sit here and come barge into my HOH room .. I just got on good terms with Tyler and you’re going to come in here and put him on the spot in front of me. And then you’re going to continue to tell me that I can’t trust Scottie. I told you it doesn’t matter. Fes – it matters to me. That motherf**k say that sh* pisses me off.

1:30am – 2am Rockstar tells Haleigh and Fes about how Sam wants Angela and Tyler out of this house. Haliegh – the tides are turning. I just had a conversation with Tyler and he wants to work with me going forward. Haleigh – I am thinking of putting up Angela and Kaycee. JC wants Sam up. Rockstar – don’t do it, its not smart for your game. Haleigh – Sam picky promised she would not put me up for the rest of the game. Fes – pinky promises have gone a long way in this game.

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I think Sam needs to get laid and have a cigarette, this is serious and I refuse to stay idly by as her little spider in the mason jar wonders what the fuck is wrong with her. Nope. I won’t.


She just needs a smoke. It’s all game



While Sam hides in the closet alone or comes out to refer to everybody else in the house (the people actually playing the game) as psychos…it would be a good time to ask that all important question:

Has anybody seen Samantha’s jacket? It’s white with sleeves that make her hug herself and comes with a cute belt.

Smitten Kitten

Don’t forget those fashionable buckles!


She need WAAAAAY more than a cig!


I’m so confused by Sam. But I think it may be pretty simple in the end. Tyler had no time this week to coddle her as much as he usually does because, for the first time, he was attacked in the game and had to concentrate on saving himself. Sam is simply jealous and pissed that Tyler may be closer to Angela than her, as evidenced by Angela saving Tyler with the veto, and she’s now a woman scorned. She now thinks Angela’s stolen her man and is making fun of her, and she’s gonna go against everything Tyler and Angela. I think she may have had feelings for Tyler. Tyler thought he was securing trust by telling Sam about his app power, but Sam, already seething with jealousy over loss of time with Tyler and seeing him with Angela so much…she thinks Tyler’s thrown her over for Angela, plain and simple. I could not understand why she took Bayleigh’s side after Bayleigh blew up on Tyler like a psycho. It did not fit what I thought was the Sam persona. But it makes sense now that she had already figured out she is not Tyler’s #1, and she’s out to burn him and Angela now. I’m just shocked she hasn’t blown up his App yet, but I won’t be surprised if that happens before noms.

Bay Leaf

I think you hit the nail on the head…


I have a feeling Sam may win the Hacker comp and really shake things up to screw over L6…especially Tyler and Angela!!

Kid Rock

You folks are funny! I told you the other day being in that house drives people crazy! I told y’all it was getting to Bayleigh…. now the house is getting to Sam…

She is feeling and saying the same things Bayleigh said this folks are psycho and the part about I would rip someone from limb to limb and pull their lip over their head…., but cause it’s a white woman she just needs a cigarette and to get laid…

When it was Bayleigh she was this horrible person….


Give the race thing a rest. Sam is getting bashed a ton now on here and social media. You read one comment and make it a race thing. Keep reading and you’ll see all the negative comments about Sam being horrible and crazy and nuts. EVERYTHING doesn’t have to be about race when comparing two people of different colour. Sam was one my favourites at the start as was Bayleigh after Swaggy left but now they are both on the bottom of my list as horrible crazy people. My decision on this was never based on the colour of their skin.


Sam is a beacon of light waiting for the light to be reflected back on Her!


First rational comment I’ve seen from ya


I’ll do it!


Is that you Vanessa?

Wait no that’s Sam.


when are they going to play the hacker comp?

King Silva

Tomorrow. After nominations are announced.


Thank you

King Silva

Sam is f*cking crazy.

She seriously needs to be medicated…

And for her to turn on the side that actually voted her to stay that is shady.

I wish her stupid @ss would self evict already.

Go to the little house because you are not even playing.

Steve, Swaggy, Winston, Kaitlyn, and Rachel should all be pissed this useless woman is still in the house ready to basically quit every 5 minutes when they all seemed like they wanted to you know actually WIN the game..

Douchey C

Uhhh, CBS , we have a problem. Sam is f’n NUTS and is abt to blow!


Sam is annoying the hell out of me. She is just stupid and her constant whinning is unbearable. I wish she would self evict so no one else has to leave this week.


Sam is not stupid and you should leave these comments!


I’m just going to enjoy this moment.


After dark…. Haleigh and Scottie in have not room.
Haleigh picking face and Scottie biting nails.
Then Haleigh complains about not getting her hoh room yet and they literally switch.
Haleigh starts biting nails and Scottie starts picking face.
Shot anyone? ?




I couldn’t understand why Sam was begin so sympathetic to Bayeligh and crying and consoling her after she went physco bit now I see why; because Sam is just as crazy as Bayeligh. The things Sam said she was going to do to people just because she’s paranoid that someone may possibly be making fun of her is disturbing. Pretty hateful and hostile. I don’t get why she turned on the other side of the house it seems unprovoked to me. And the fact that she says she Loves Rockstar says something about her


I’m not a fan of Angie. But this week reread OBB or if you watched BBAD Tyler has basically thrown Sam away. She was only with Angie doing her punishment. Now I like Tyler even but he promised to keep her in the loop. I can’t remember what talk Sam and Bay had but she said she was getting a tattoo in her honor. I’m not Bayleigh’s biggest fan either. But if you pay attention all the people that had her back only Kaycee talked to her this week. They played pool and she said she’s like her MOM. Now Kaycee wants her out, talk about a 180. And Kaycee is my crush this year! No one said oh we should be checking in on Sam until Wednesday night. And Tyler really showed he is only using her for his game bringing up his power app. He knows she won’t say anything and it was he’s way of using her emotions, the very thing he told her he didn’t want others to do to her.

Now with all that said, I get I’m going to have people say she is not L6 or she’s clueless about the game. Or she should be grateful that group saved her. That group only saved after Tyler put her up and to piss off Chris.

I understand that people think she’s crazy, she should leave or pissed if she does. But just my thoughts. She really didn’t know the game (even though I thought she might saying her favorite player was Danile Donanto) but to not know something and the person that said they would walk you through it leave you alone. You’re going to break. Is it fair that she needs help. No but that can’t be put on her, BB should stop getting people that haven’t seen the show. Not everyone is a visual learner. And I’m defending her to much because with all the BS in this world it’s nice to see a KIND person that just likes people. Gay, straight, Bi, Muslim, Wiccan, whatever everyone else is. She doesn’t see the bad in people and this game as we know brings that out. So she wears her heart on her sleeve and it bothers her that they are going at each other. SHE’S NEVER SEEN THE GAME! So as much as Angie has bugged myself and a lot of people she was right last night. If you talk her through things, she’s an asset and a sweetheart. Angela and company could have brought her to the HOH at least once or twice last week. She flat out told Tyler just keep me (her) in the loop and I’ve got you as much as I can




C’mon really, BB like Survivor is about winning not about making best friends during the show, friends after the show. You do everything possible to win.
See Cody BB16 against Derrick and Woo Survivor28 against Tony…busted!

another name

My Take:
Today, tyler told sam about the power app. that he has had since week two.
she figured because she told him about hers, he should have told her about his as soon as he got it. so to her, he doesn’t trust sam.
from piecing together twitter spoilers sam was in d/r until just before the episode aired crying and saying she refused to vote. she also tried to self evict. This is not the first time she’s had a meltdown in the d/r. Usually about someone lying to her, or feeling that she’s being made fun of (the night she thought she didn’t win hoh validly comes to mind).
i thought there was something in the convo with Rock about Bayleigh saying Tyler told everyone about Sam’s power when she got it, and other secrets Sam shared with Tyler. Since Bayleigh learned of the app from Kaitlyn, not Tyler, this was Bayleigh’s revenge. perhaps i imagined that. This alleged convo would have been in the feedblock for episode prep. before her d/r meltdown.
She’s mad at Tyler for revealing her secrets. She’s mad at Angela for suggesting her nomination. She has pinky promises with both.
She’s also possessively protective, and requires validation. Tyler (her fill in brother) failed to give her the attention she desired last week, instead giving it to Angela.
Sam has a pattern weekly of having emotional issues a few hours after lockdown. I’ve said it before, someone give her a nicotine patch. it’s been at least a day.
maybe d/r has just been feeding her head with lots of betrayal questions in any of the 14 visits to d/r that yielded ZERO d/r content in the last two episodes.
she discerned from her d/r meetings during her emotional periods that she was no longer a fave after her hoh, but if she turned to the other side, fans would rally and support her.
To me any one of these three situations is completely possible.
Yeah, I don’t trust the d/r monkeys. lol.
Given Haleigh said hoh was funny because that’s how all of her friends type their hashtags.
I really don’t trust d/r monkeys.


Exactly re Tyler, Sam and power app


I don’t think Sam flipped on Tyler. She wanted to make sure no one thinks they are close because T said they will go after him and those close to him. She hasn’t told anyone he has the power yet.


Nope. She flipped on Tyler


Very good analysis another name


Thank you. I think you said it better then I did, if our boys post my comment 😉


I think they were told by the DR to have conflict with Tyler. The show wants to keep their little favorite front and center at all times and Tyler hasn’t done anything since Kaitlyn left, so they are having to manufacture reasons to put him on the show. It was the same with that fight with Bay, after watching it you see that Tyler has makeup on, he was camera ready for his close-up. It’s fake, staged drama.


Bayleigh was targeted for having a power app while Tyler has been hiding his all this time.

Tyler told Kaitlyn about Sam’s app before Sam did.

No fake drama here. Sam’s reaction is real.


Right Tyler told KK about the app SO THAT KK WOULD VOTE TO SAVE SAVE (and vote out Steve) AND he told Sam he told her. Sorry but Sam wouldn’t be in the game if Ty didn’t do that.

Sam also made a comment to Ty today (Friday) about Angela “liking” Tyler b/c she saved him whereas she’s just like his sister. Seems like a little green eyed devil to me.


He was definitely not “camera ready” he had pimples all over his chin and he was wearing workout clothes. The show may have a lot of staged stuff but I’m pretty sure you’re way off base.


I’ve only been watching five seasons. Is Fes the worst BB player ever? It goes beyond how bad and clueless he is. It’s like he’s in a time warp playing three weeks behind the rest of the house. While I am enjoying many facets of this season, the blank look of utter non comprehension on his face every time the camera pans over him is priceless. Poor Haleigh is playing this game while having this 250 pound lug attached around her neck.

Tom A

There are far worse players in history than Fes. He’s just coasting along with a few competition wins, with little knowing of what’s going on. Less can be said about many people in the history of B.B. (including this season)


I’m gonna come back to this comment when Fes wins the game. I’m sorry but you have to be playing somewhat of a social game to STILL not be nominated yet (pre-veto and post-veto) and be the competition beast that he is.


I liked your comment but I think Fez will be gone in the double 🙁 He is way too clueless to cruise all the way to the end.

Gigi Tomasa

He is catching on, but no one i listening. He didn’t know the game coming in and it keeps changing. he is very observant.


Umm, Sam is more clueless. Rockstar is as confused as Fez, protruding much that whole side of the house was/is.

My Two Cents

Aw, ya’ll give Sammi a break! She’s clearly jonesing for a cigarette. Nicotine withdrawal makes you short-tempered, combative and overly emotional. She goes a little nuts every time she’s locked in the house for a couple of days.


No one would give bay a break so sam shouldnt get a pass. i said from a few weeks back that sam, jc and tyler keep getting good edits.


Are you kidding me right now Thea? Bay was nuts and nobody was picking on her at all. She read every look and comment as a person attack. She said Tyler attacked her in the kitchen when she started the conversation and she was the only one who raised their voice.

CJ Thomas

So why does Sam think it’s a good idea to do a patch while in the house full of “crazies” according to her? That cigarette is what calms her & she’s taking away her medication. It’s only gonna get worse if she continues on the patch! Dude wait till your not in a pressure cooker environment (BB house) to try to quit.


I hope haileigh can be smart inthis HOH, which the Hive never did before.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Sam is listening to all the voices in her head. I’d be sleeping with one eye open.


Funny how Tyler was fishing for information about when Haleigh would put him up – as a Nom or after Veto. He’s trying to figure out when to use his power app.


I don’t think it matters. He should just plan on taking the risk with the initial nominations and play in the veto. Otherwise he’s safe for the initial nominations and wide open for either the hacker or the backdoor. He might not even get a shot to play in the veto. So he should just plan on waiting until the veto ceremony for his app.

who me?

Agree. Because the app goes: “The Cloud,” allows Tyler to sit in a cloud AHEAD of nominations to protect himself from being nominated. He can use this BEFORE regular nominations or BEFORE the veto is used. Tylers app is only helpful if he suspects he’ll be nominated, and if he doesn’t suspect he won’t use it and will save it for the next time.


No way. She is definitely going to backdoor him. He would be a fool not to save it for Veto. Guarantee that is what he does. If he uses it at Noms he will be going home 100%.


Haleigh dear, just put Tyler and Angela up from the jump. Who cares if one wins the veto, they are targeting you anyways! T/A win the veto, you put Kaycee in the hot seat. Just do it!


Easy to say that when on the outside looking in, but if she puts Tyler up now he has 2 chances to pull himself down. Smart move is Angela and Kaycee with Tyler as a BD. If any of the 3 go, cool. If Angela or Kaycee stay, cool.


She needs to put Tyler up now. If he wins veto and saves himself, she’ll still get Angela. Otherwise if he plays in veto and wins he’ll likely pull Angela off, she loses her chance at getting one of them out.


Tyler made a big mistake telling Sam about his power. That’s big brother 101. Never tell anyone when you have a power. He should have kept it a secret. If he never had to use it no one would know til after the game. If he does use it he can just say he never told because it wasn’t a power he could share with anyone. Sam knows and is saying she wants Tyler out. She is going to tell Hive it’s only a matter of time. Tyler better hope it’s after noms and after hacker so he can use his power for veto ceremony. Because if Hay knows before noms she will put Tyler up. Thought Tyler was smarter than that. So disappointed. Also not liking Sam now. Really liked her at first but now I see she is nuts and not cut out for this game.


Sam is without question the fakest person in the game. She sits on high being judgmental and condescendingly dealing out life lessons…meanwhile she refuses to participate in the game she signed up to play clearly because she’s afraid to play and the ramifications of engaging honestly because if you pick people to leave, people pick you to leave. Look how she freaks out over the smallest thing not going her way (heaven forbid somebody utter anything not 100% complimentary…lest they get torn limb from limb). Sam wants to play a character, Ellie Mae Clampett, Huck Finn, Rosie the Riveter, and never dig in, be a real person and play a game. Total phony.

CJ Thomas

Not just that but she wants to leave this everybody knows yet she doesn’t want to be on the block? But she wanted to self evict to save Bayleigh? Ridiculous! Evicted players Myst be so irritated that this girl sits & wines to everyone! Even when the house meeting was done n she was in Angela’s hoh room w Tyler while he was upset n crying.. she made the focus about her her feelings, her decisions, all her instead of being there for Tyler!
She’s a hypocrite has contradicted herself numerous times!
She’s freaking out because she doesn’t like her environment. If she really wanted to leave she would it’s just a strategy to her.
If she did leave CBS would enjoy the publicity of having a player walk out this late in the game due to Sam’s issues..
She should be the one gone this week!


So I watched the feeds until 4 am, I do think Sam is playing a bit but also losing it. I hope she does not turn on Tyler (he only told her about his power). Haleigh was trying everything to get Tyler to promise his allegiance to her and throw people under the bus. He wasn’t doing it and doing some reverse psychology.

Boo T Call

Fes – pinky promises have gone a long way in this game.

As good as a contract Fezzy…..