Zach tries to get Caleb on the block “He’s going to swing at you before you swing at him”

POV Holder: Victoria Next POV July 19th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 26th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Cody
Battle of the Block Winner Jocasta/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 24/July 25
Original Nominations: Brittany/Victoria(Cody) Jocasta/Amber (Frankie)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players Cody, Brittany, Victoria, Caleb, Nicole, Zach

BB16-2014-07-20 19-55-20-130
7:52pm Christine., Frankie and Nicole
Christine says Caleb is losing his mind.. he talked to her in circles for 30 minutes
They agree they will be voting for Brittany. Frankie says they have the votes locked to get Brittany out lists, Victoria, Christine, Himself, Nicole, Derrick and Zach
Nicole and Christine are more afraid of Brittany than Caleb.
Frankie – I don’t care if Caleb goes up it will be stupid for Cody.. Caleb will stay”
Christine points out that Amber is scrambling
Nicole why is she scrambling to keep Brittany ?
Frankie I don’t know it’s putting a HUGE target on her back.

BB16-2014-07-20 19-58-14-847

7:57pm Donny, Hayden and Zach Hammock
Donny tells them Derrick is the male version of Amber everytime there is a HOH Derrick is up there, “I’m I lying or dieing ”
Zach and Hyden agree.
Donny is saying he is not in an alliance with Jocasta and Brittany , “I like what He (Hayden) likes about Brittany” (B**b, Butt and general body)
Donny like what the three of them have and he wants to bring Cody in.
Donny doesn’t want them to feel like he’s working with Brittnay or Jocasta sometimes when he does things it’s not game related it’s just to be nice. He felt sorry for Brittany for doing the penalty he wanted to be there for her outside the game person to person.
Hayden says Amber is the only one in the house that is super paranoid right now. Zach says she’s scrambling.
Donny and HAyden agree Caleb is the dumbest person in the game right now.
They all start highlighting Caleb’s annoying characteristics
-All he does it talk about himself
-he’s in good shape
-he’s conceited
-Ohh didn’t you hear he had 4$ body fat
-hey buddy she said no.. more than one time
-he’s the type of guy to go to the end and tell them to vote for her (amber)
-His stories are stupid
-It’s all about him
Donny – He’s actually grown on me I really like him.
Zach and Hayden agree and they can’t be around him for too long before he gets annoying but they all see he’s got a good heart.
Zach asks if Caleb goes up will he stay
Donny and Hayden think Caleb will go home they point out Amber will vote him out.
Zach – Donny.. if Brittany and Jocasta win HOH will I go up
Hayden – I think Brittany will put you up
Donny whispers I don’t think Jocasta can win competitions
Zach – you have her (Jocasta’s) ear though
Donny – we’re friends that it.. I have some influence
Zach why did you use the veto
donny says he did it because Jocasta was sick he felt bad plus it made him look good on TV
Zach says theres a possibility Donny will go up but Zach is going to go talk to Cody tell him what about putting up Beast mode cowboy

BB16-2014-07-20 20-35-31-957

8:43pm living Room Zach and Frankie
Zach says Brittany’s lower back is crushed she bent over 54000 times
Frankie she’s not going to stay up on the wall
Zach – Exactly

BB16-2014-07-20 20-43-16-073

8:38pm Hammock Nicole and Zach
Zach says theres a lot on his mind right now asks her who would she put up if she won HOH
Nicole would have to talk to people to see what they think, she’s not a fan of Amber and Brittany has got to go. Nicole – “Theres no boy right now that I’m dieing to get out you know what I mean.. so i would get out girls”. She asks him how his targets are.
Zach says Nicole and Cody are lowest on his target list
She asks what he thinks about Donny where does he rank with Amber
Zach dodges the questions says he would go after Amber she’s the target next week for him.
She asks him who Cody is putting up
Zach knows who it is but he’s not happy with it.. Zach doesn’t want to talk about it until he gets a chance to talk to Cody.
Zach – The only person in this house I really want out is Amber
Nicole – you don’t want brittany gone
Zach – not really
Nicole points out whatever Brittany is doing isn’t working out, She was close to Joey joey is gone, SHe was close to POW and POW went home she “made a deal”
Nicole says she knows 6 people that will vote out Brittany in a heartbeat
Zach – over Caleb ?
Nicole – yes no one will vote Caleb out unless he’s coming after them
Zach wants to know who
Nicole won’t say ½ boys ½ girls
Nicole say if the guys want Caleb out she’ll listen to what they want. “I don’t think putting Caleb up is a good idea otherwise he’ll be pissed and coming after you don’t you think “
Zach always thought Caleb would go home if he went up.
Nicole says Amber will keep Caleb
Zach I would keep brittnay, same with Jocasta and Donny
Nicole says Christine and her are voting brittnay out because she is coming after her
Zach – If she is next to Donny would you vote her out
nicole – yes
what if she’s next to aleb
yes.. unless she talked to me and really convinced me she’s not my target.
Nicole tells him Amber and Brittany are naming people that don’t deserve to be here and one of them is Zach they say all he does is sleep. Zach – “Thats my strategy”
Nicole points out that Caleb is campaigning hard to keep Brittany points out why would you go out of your way to protect someone if you weren’t working with them.

BB16-2014-07-20 20-58-31-885
Nicole spills the stein all over herself and the hammock.

BB16-2014-07-20 20-41-38-308

8:41pm HOH Group hug Frankie, Cody, Amber and Caleb

BB16-2014-07-20 20-48-19-746

8:47pm Cody and Derrick
Cody says Clab was drawing a circle with a dot in the centre on his back , “I was like what the f** are you doing Dude is this kid drawing a target on my back to the camera”

BB16-2014-07-20 20-58-50-434

While the HOH is filled with people talking about Backdooring Caleb.. Clabe and Amber are talking about backdooring Zach.

9:03pm Hammock Christine and Nicole
Talking about what they think of Caleb going up as a nominee.
Christine says she doesn’t have Cody’s back anymore if he puts up Caleb because Caleb isn’t coming after them
Nicole wants to talk to Derrick says people are burning their bridges with her ‘I can’t believe they are going to do something like that “
Christine – Cody is so Paranoid”
Christine is sick and tired of Brittany batting her eyes and everyone forgetting keeping her

BB16-2014-07-20 21-17-14-023

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8:59pm HOH Cody, Derrick , Zach and Frankie
Talking about Amber being crazy paranoid. Frankie says “They” are trying to drive a wedge in the detonators.
Cody brings up Amber saying she did a lot to save Donny week one “He won the power of veto” they all laugh.
Cody says at the end of the day he’s been waiting for Caleb to slip up because his gut is telling him Caleb is bad for his game.
Zach wants to talk to Cody alone
Derrick that sounds bad
Zach “I just think we should send Caleb home.”
Cody wants him to give good reason because they have good reason to send Brittnay home.
Zach tells them Caleb put Cody in a terrible spot but not grabbing the veto. “He’s not working for the team, he put you in a bad spot, Didn’t get the veto and He’s going to swing at you before you swing at him if you pass up this opportunity”
Zach says they have the numbers to get out Caleb mentions 30 minutes ago he was talking to Donny and he proposed, Hayden, Zach and Cody alliance “He swore on his life he’s not in an alliance with Brittany and Jocasta… Donny loves being by himself.. he trusts me and hayden more than anyone in this house.. he asked me to be in a an alliance”
Frankie says Caleb will stay if he’s on the block
Derrick – caleb is going home if he goes up
Cody says caleb is targeting him and not putting Caleb up he’s benefiting everyone’s game not his, same thing as putting Donny up it benefits all their games not his.
Everyone but Cody and Zach are steadfast against getting Caleb out. they argue back and forth. Zach tells them taking out brittany doesn’t help Cody’s game or Zach’s game. Zach says the alliance is thinking of themselves. Cody says if Caleb goes up Amber is voting him out. Derrick saying “Hey dude roll the dice put Caleb up then if Jocasta and Brittany win HOH you and I are on the block”
Derrick is the most vocal in getting Brittany Brittany out.
Nicole and Christine join them and the debate continues
They count the votes.. Frankie says it comes down to Amber’s vote.
Cody I hear everything you are saying at the end of the day i’m doing what is best for my game.” I’m the HOH” He says caleb is the most dangerous to him followed by brittany.
Zach tells them they are just thinking of themselves right now they are not thinking about the team . Zach storms out
9:31pm Amber comes up and Zach leaves. Amber says She heard Zach saying he wants her out next week..
Amber says he’s stirring up a lot of sh1t and she’s not OK with that.

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give me a break

Man Cornball Cody is disgusting….this dude is scratching and sniffing his balls…Clueless Amber walks into the HoH room….and this…is touching her face, legs, and neck…..yuck….

Cody's jock itch!

“this dude is scratching and sniffing his balls”……. It’s because he can? Cody is a realist!

give me a break

He can be a realist….but he should not be touching Amber’s face, shoulders, and hair…after his scratching and sniffing session….disgusting….


Come on… Amber probably swallows anyways so it’s not that bad

Frankie, Cody, Nicole, Zach and Christine are aholes!

Regardless of Cody, EVERY man does that. Get real!


Or……there could be cooties in the jack shack!


This is why Zach needs to stay longer LOLOLOL.

Maybe he makes sense but most of the time he doesn’t. And Jesus Christ is that kid loud and I mean LOUD.

At least he looks out for the “Zach Attack” and that drives a wedge between the group, adding arguments, which make the feeds fun.

#ZachAttack #ZachLOL #ZachIsADumbass #Boogie2.0


It’s a shame that Zach, who was making the most sense in the world, is looked at as crazy by everyone in the HoH room. That pretty much sums up this season. You’ve got people like Nicole, Christine, and Frankie thinking they know everything and get catty with Zach for telling the truth. Then you’ve got Cody being convinced by Derrick to do something completely against what’s in his best interest.

You're not allowed to talk about production...

I’m almost convinced Zach is being influenced by production. They (production) know the viewers are itching for a change in power and to get Caleb out of the house. Four weeks of watching the same crew run things and “house majority” votes is getting boring. Zach is there to bring the drama, to be the houseguest that America loves to hate (or hates to love). I could be wrong but it seems that way. And no reality tv is actually “reality”, especially BB.

I don’t care tho. I like Zach either way and it makes for good tv. heh


I’m guilty of having a “love-hate, hate-love” for Zach. Jus hope what he’s doing works…with this group…UGH! Grrr!!

I do despise Frankie tho.


Well didn’t this happen right after Donny was telling Zach and Hayden that they need to get Caleb out? So I’m pretty sure Donny tipped him off and not Zach. However, dude to Donny’s universal love by fans and viewers, I think Donny could be getting info from production. The dude knows about everything going on in the house.


This gameBB16 is getting so predictable, The last one standing will be Derrick and Cody (not because they are my favorites, this year I can’t seem to find one) But the ladies, everyone will get pick off, there just too dumb to figure it out. Christine and Nicole are no better than the rest of the ladies Nicole whining and voice are driving me crazy. And Snitch is shooting herself in the foot. Plus how are the really playing the game, they’re floaters too. Hayden and Frankie will make it to the final four then they’re gone. I guess the only way to shake up this game is for the ladies and Donny to step up. Not going to happen, they’ll just sit back until the usefulness/number is over/called.


I completely agree. This is what I said to my husband last night. These girls are all so petty and insecure – all they want to do is get out the other girls.

Why is Brittany “the devil”? Why do people hate her so much? I think they’re jealous – bottom line. Nothing else makes sense.

Now is the perfect time for them to get out Caleb. It’s so stupid to say that Caleb will be coming after them and right now they’re not his target. Hey reality calling the idiots in the house: if Caleb is voted out, he can’t come after anyone.


Zach is a complete moron. Zach is the same idiot who complained that Devin threw an alliance member on the block, and here he is wanting to throw an alliance member on the block. as much as Zach walks around talks about certain HG’s awful game play, Zach’s not noticing that his own game is complete trash. his social game is a liability to everyone else in the house. if the house is looking for a replacement on the block they should look no further and see that Zach should be the one evicted this up coming week. Zach’s big mouth has gone around and basically told the house that he,Cody, Derrick and Frankie are working together. and with all that being said the these idiots in the house are letting Derrick and Frankie control the votes.


Caleb isn’t in his alliance and hasn’t been for quite some time


Cody just isn’t putting up caleb. He knows caleb is too dumb to go after him.

He just confirmed to Vic he is putting up Donny.


If I hear about this imaginary WALL they are POSITIVE is going to be every challenge, I’m going to lose it! C’mon BB give these dudes the stupid wall so we don’t have to listen to them theorize who’s gonna and who’s NOT gonna win it!!! Oh no! It’s the WALL!!! 🙂


P.S. You don’t have to correct me, I know that there are challenges involving walls…..but THIS has got to be the mother of all walls!

Caleb has poopy pants


Turnt Up

Oh Zach…I hate that I have grown to love you so much. XD Let’s get Caleb out of there. I want some drama and power shifts.


If I were cody I leaved officer derrick & zach in the dust why put up caleb if he’s not coming for you & why put up donny if he’s not coming for you that move is better for derricks game not his so he needs to figure out whats best for his game not that dumb ass alliance who’s two members frankie & derrick are getting figured out day after day.


I don’t think ANYbody in the house has figured out how much influence Derrick has with the entire group……especially not the members of his alliances. He’s really good….but YUCK!


Isn’t Donny in Team America alliance with Derrick and winning money for tasks? I don’t get why he is throwing Derrick under the bus and I have heard him do this twice now but Derrick don’t so that to him. A lot of you maybe a fan of Donny but I may be in the minority but I don’t like him. Sure he is nice but just don’t see why every one goes gah gah for him. My opinion!


I think, cud b wrong, that Donny is getting wind of Derrick and possibly that he’s going up, and is trying to “play the game” with these youngins. I hope he can pull it off, but it just doesn’t come off as genuine from him.


Totally agree! Donny’s own words “He help JoGhosta because she was sick plus IT MADE HIM LOOK GOOD ON TV” The guy is not a bad person but he is far from being Mr. Goddy-goody simpleton that doesn’t kill a fly. He has thrown Derrick under the bus way more times than Derrick has badmouthed him.


Could be downplaying his allegiance to Jocasta. That entire conversation was strange regarding Donny

I Don't Likje Derrick

You all saying that Derrick hasn’t thrown Donny under the bus are FULL OF SHITT!! Did Derrick not convince dumbass Cody to put him on the block? Did Derrick not say he is worried about Donny, Jocasta, and Amber, implying that they may be his next targets.


Wait a minute, I’ve heard derrick throw donny under the bus ALOT over the past few weeks! Maybe donny is just now figuring out that derrick is a threat to his game and is throwing derrick under the bus now, but why is that bad? Derrick has been trying to backdoor donny first! I’m just glad donny is finally seeing derrick for what he is!!!


Well, if you keep up on here, both Derrick and Frankie have been talking about getting Donny out since the day they knew they were TA – Derrick the most. So I don’t care about Donny talking about getting out Derrick. Seems like Donny is the only one hip to Derrick’s BS.


I’m doing a huge face-palm to this statement cuz by the sounds of it this seems like you only watch the show and not the feeds or constant updates (thanks Simon & Dawg).

Derrick AND Frankie have been throwing Donny under the bus since before TA was even picked. Then it got worse – even after knowing Donny was a TA member and it hasn’t stopped. I dont blame Donny one bit for trying to “out” Derrick and shake things up. Donny may look like a hillbilly but he’s got a sound mind and very observant.


Because last season the BB fans HATED Jersey shore so this year production tried duck dynasty. Sold, hook line sinker…guy isnt even a good actor, can tell all his lines are scripted in DR.


Ok, sorry I’m posting so much but, Cody Darling: The reason that Caleb is drawing a target on your back is because your wife planted her little bum in a chair behind her boyfriend to watch him get kicked in his undies. Seems pretty clear to me!


*HIS* wife 🙂

Dan's Mist

I’ve reincarnated in the BB house and my name is Derrick… Not really, but really what the hell is wrong with these people listening to Derrick every week?! It is good for Cody and Zach to BD Caleb. The feeds don’t lie; Caleb is coming for them.


For one reason: AMBER


Tonight, during the live episode, the screen was on Caleb talking and an advertisement for the new show Stalker was at the bottom. It was just like Caleb talking and the words STALKER at the bottom. lol


I saw it… I thought Caleb was getting his own show.


Oh Allie, I forgot about that!! Do you think it was on purpose?? I almost DIED!!! Had to freeze it to be sure I was seeing correctly! West Coast: Hope you saw it too. Priceless!


I saw that too! I laughed and pointed it out to my husband. I don’t know if it was intentional, but it sure was funny.


Amber is sexy as hell!!

Cody & Amber do it, do it, do it, do it!

Cody has three more nights of HOH room, will he tap Amber? Money tells me he will!

give me a break

Yuck !!! If that Happen Amber is going to start itching herself like CornBall Cody……I hate to say this but Amber is better of with Cowboy Caleb…at least to him she’s a Queen Amber….I hope she stays away from ITCHY….


Hope so!!! Dun-du-du-dunnnnnnnn!.


(That she sleeps with Cody, not that she gets itchy!)

give me a break

The girls from last year (bb15) would of chew these guys up and spit them out and use there bones to make soup with it……the girls this year are super weak……


Yeah as much a i disliked last year’s group that’s true.


LOL, so true… Amanda, Aaryn, Ginamarie… Heck, even Helen and Candice had attitude! The girls last season were deranged, but they were definitely strong women.This season they are PATHETIC compared to last.

Devin's daughter

If the BB gods hear our prayers and Caleb goes up and is evicted, the only thing that could make it better would be Brittany winning HoH. I’m glad she’s catched on to Frankie the rat and i would hope that she would be smart enough to put Derrick up. I wanna see DIVISION in the house and i’m so sick of these unanimous votes. If it’s just Derrick coasting through the entire season and manipulating the entire house, it’s gonna be a long and boring season. I hate this team america twist with a passion.

give me a break

I believe if Frankie wanted to..he could sleep with some of the guys in the house…these guys are like chicks…..Cornball Cody was talking to Horny Hayden..about having a crush on actor Zac Efron, about loving his body and smile…and Horny Hayden saying his crush is Leonardo Dicaprio ……these guys are giggling like little school girls about who’s the cutest guy in Hollywood….GAAYYYYYYYYYY…



Who gives a crap? These types of comments are so old. Some people are gay. Get over it. Calling someone gay is no longer an insult unless you’re an insecure man who thinks if you’re not macho every minute of the day your penis will fall off. These guys are obviously aware that their hetero status won’t change because they admit another man is good looking and/or has a good body.


Victoria apologizes for winning the veto…
Wow it’s painful to see someone like this
get controlled by the Lame-O dudes.
Say what you want about Britt but she sees
right though their crapola & that’s why they
are scared of her & want her gone. These
guys are so WEAK & PATHETIC!
Pick on a guy instead of a girl!!


Zach should work with Donny.


Why does everybody hate Brittany show much? I haven’t read anything in the blogs of her being evil?


They hate Brittany because she has the biggest balls in the house.


Derrick is married and he sees Brittany a temptation.
Cody was thinking she was gonna have a showmance with her.
Nicole and Christiane are jelous of her because Brittany is pretty and smart and they are not.
Frankie wants her gone so he can get more attention from the guys.


It’s because she’s smart & not willing to go along with the “house” doing whatever Derrick wants to do, so the others are threatened. These houseguests just like to make things personal so when they have a target in mind they start talking a bunch of shit about them. Brittany hasn’t done anything mean or malicious to anyone, neither has Amber or Victoria but other houseguests just like to talk shit.


Been backing Zach since Day 1 as my favorite player this season, and stuff like tonight is exactly why. He sows discord and speaks his mind. It makes for great television, and he is honestly playing a bolder yet more successful game than most anyone else in the house.


I hate Frankie! Seeing him during the episodes make me want to throw something at the tv.


He sure was playing it for all that it’s worth, that’s for sure.

give me a break

It would be funny if Frankie wins and the house finds out at finals that his sister is music pop star who’s worth millions..Derrick will go ballistic….just to see Derrick face if that happens will be priceless…


Frankie’s histrionic, campy, pseudo-coquettishness in the DR is just awful.


Derricks gettin annoying, he’s the new devin.


Donny and zach need to work together

Frankie, Cody, Nicole, Zach and Christine are aholes!

Cody has no balls! He’ll gun after Brittany anyway.
There is a nice line in one of the Lily Allen songs that perfectly suits Cody: “Forget your balls and grow a pair of tits”


OMG! I luv Lily Allen!!!


Frankie, Derrick and Christine gave the best reason to evict Caleb now and they don’t even know it.
There is a curse in Big Brother… If you ever say the sentence “…We can get him/her out later he is not coming for us.” it is a real b***h to get them out and some of them are the targets and are going home…. what Christine, Nicole and Hayden… … don’t know is by Caleb’s standards they are no better than Victoria. They are his targets. what they also don’t know is they are considered disposable
Zach knows Caleb is after him and Cody. The problem is people always want to complicate simple. How many times has Caleb said his Targets are the Floaters… the people who do not win and float through the game…. In his book that includes Zach, Christine, Hayden, Nicole and Victoria. He didn’t go for the veto because he is already not one of them… he is a simple man.
Cody is flirting with his woman and his woman likes him… Cody is a target
He has caught Frankie hurting his game. Frankie is a Target.
he is a simple man… do not try to make things complicated you are a target.


I love that zach basically called out christine, nicole, & frankie by saying that they are just looking out for themselves. It would be smarter for cody to put caleb up & get him out because brittany actually likes cody so I don’t think she would go after him anyways. I’ll have so much more respect for cody if he grows a pair and nominates caleb instead of donny!! I wish he would just put that rat christine on the block!!!!!!


Also, caleb is the only person cody has to worry about right now so why not get rid of the 1 person who you know might go after you if they win HOH?!


I just feel like this season has no strategy. Everyone is just an open book, going along with whatever results from competitions. There’s no suspense or cleverness whatsoever.


Why is Derrick and Frankie worried about not having enough votes to evict Caleb? Everyone in that room; Zach, Derrick, Frankie, Nicole, Christine, could vote him out, and Zach knows Donny would….even with a tie, Cody would vote to evict Caleb….there were enough people in that room debating on whether or not they could get Caleb out to actually get him out….these people literally make no sense. I’m frustrated just reading about their conversations. I honestly don’t see what’s so dire about getting Brittany out. They have a large enough group to have the votes to evict their choice of nominee.

Michael LB

Derrick said during tonight’s show that his #1 alliance is Team America. Well that’s odd, he has a weird way of showing it, considering he’s campaigning to get Donny on the block and speaks no strategy with Donny. I’m not sure who Derrick is most loyal to but it certainly isn’t TA (but let those not reading the blogs/watching the feeds think he’s playing for them…).


My best guess is that he’s playing us, too. Or thinking he is.


He is absolutely playing us. He thinks that if he pretends that he’s loyal to Team America, he has an advantage on twists that involve America’s vote.



I hope they end this TA stuff very soon.

Holy Cow

Derrick is a weasel in a pigs body!!!


Ive been saying this same thing and been tweeting it hoping others can figure out his bs. Derrick thinks he can outsmart us feeders. I cant stand him & his smugness. YOU ARE THERE BY DEFAULT DERRICK – NOTHING ELSE. Dam i cant stand this guy


Cody said “He is not Devin”, Very observant Cody, You are right. Devin would of put up who he wanted. {He would also go home, but I still maintain, he was sent home because they were terrified of him}, I can’t stand Zach, but he is right {no one knows how bad that hurts} when he said, “what is good for the group, is not good for Cody or him”. Cody told Victoria you have to have people to trust. Okay Cody and Zach, you made 2 good statements now listen to what you are saying and act on it. {After all, a brain is a terrible thing to waste}
Did anyone hear them talking about being able to hear people talk if you are in the bathroom? Devin wasn’t lying when he said that.
I love it, now Brittany is the devil, these people are so sick. Maybe they need an exorcism. Isn’t it amazing whoever they target becomes the devil.

Smoke Break?

I just was watching BBAD and noticed no one is smoking this year. Are they not allowed or did BB purposely not cast any smokers this year? Does anyone know?


its funny the whole jouse is afraid of Brit, what a bunch of dorks, i thought last season was bad, this has it beat by a mile, i couldnt even make it through the CBS show, and that ridiculous Jocasta was letting out, and Frankie is just one big Douche Bag, he is just as bad as the red head from last year….

Frankie, Cody, Nicole, Derrick and Christine are aholes!

Zach is trying to spice it up but I’m afraid it ain’t gonna work in this sea of dead fish. Cody has no balls, Derrick and the House’s Gay-Clown are spraying hatred all over the place, Nicole and Victoria are disgrace to women — that level of passiveness and cluelessness is unseen in the history of BB! Others are afraid of their own shadows…

If they manage and “tame” Zach, this show will become the world’s greatest snoozefest ever. 🙁


What did britnney do to make her the devil?


I was thinking about the twist in Canada earlier this year where Canada was the HOH and voted for the nominees that week. If the US were to do that……….who should go up on the block?

I’m thinking Frankie vs Christine with Derrick as the re-nom if POV was played. I would also like to see Nicole up there, but you can’t have everything.


I wanna up. Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Hayden, Christiane, Nicole, Zack.


For me it would be Derrick, Caleb, Frankie, Nicole, Christine – any of those people could be sent packing and I would be absolutely fine with it.


Derrick is the reason why the house is boring! He got out Devin, and keeps all of his little minions corralled and doing his bidding. I don’t care if he is playing a decent game, I want him out of there!.


I’m really enjoying Zach this week… but mainly because I don’t want to see Donny up on the block
I would love to see Caleb go home because I’m getting pretty bored with this show


AH this house cracks me up every time a alliance member gets HOH and wants to get rid of the guy they know is coming after them the entire alliance says no its a bad idea its only going to help u he’s coming after u not me I want to keep him he likes me he only wants u out not me. if u put him up im going to convince the entire alliance that he only putting him up because he coming after him but not us he like us he want to work with us just not with him around so lets keep him. congrats Cody now u know how Devin feels when he wanted to get rid of the Zach cause Zach said he was coming after him and u know what u and the alliance said lets keep him he likes us he only going after Devin the first chance he gets that’s ok with us long as its not us its all it feel now Cody? Devin somewhere laughing.


Speaking of Devin I’m glad he embraced the whole Devin has a daughter thing check it out

I Don't Like Derrick

I really like Devin. He is not a bully, or anything else those assholes painted him out to be. He defended Victoria, he was honest with Donny. How many other people voluntarily fess up? He only put Zack on the block after Zack confessed he thought about putting him up. Then of course, everyone twists it, so he is the bad guy. Then he protected Britney, because he has a heart for single mothers. And he was respectful of everyone, despite what people say. His biggest mistake was being wishy washy with his HOH and veto, and being the only one in his alliance who wanted Britney out. Then those assholes turned on him, and planned to backdoor him anyway, before he put Zak up.I wish he and Donny would have stuck to their initial alliance. They were the smartest and best competitors in the house, both being honest, and respectful.

Team underdogs

Even though I am not a big Zack fan, I love that he reminded Cody that this is his HOH! Cody should take note that the people that said they would vote anyway he wanted are the same ones that are totally against just the idea of getting Caleb out. That alone shows their disloyalty. I really hope that Britney will somehow make it through this eviction, win HOH and bring down Derrick and all his followers (which is basically everyone expect for Donny) lol.

I Don't Likje Derrick

Caleb is no stalker, so stop? He is just attracted to someone in the house. I’m sure all of you have had your fair share of chasing someone, and not always getting the hint. If someone had a real stalker, they would be afraid of him. And why in the world do people blow the word stalker, SO out of proportion?? Do you all know what stalker means? There is a big difference between stalker and the way people just throw it around, to make someone/situation look worse than it actually is. It is especially bad/annoying with facebook. ‘Oh, he facebook stalks me.” PLEASE!! The way people throw that word around takes away the true meaning of it.


He is a stalker. She follows her everywhere in the house.
Even if she goes to take a P%%P, she goes after to make sure she is doing.

I Don't Like Derrick

LOL. So sad, how people follow. Before “stalker” became the popular word to use to blow things out of proportion, he wouldn’t have been called anything at all , except maybe “looking for you,” “crushing on you,” maybe “puppy.” What would you and the other exaggerators call a real stalker?

You are wrong

a person who stealthily hunts or pursues an animal or another person.
a person who harasses or persecutes someone with unwanted and obsessive attention.


They seem to overkill with the mob mentality strategy of completely villianizing someone so you will stay in line and vote with the majority. The lying campaign they do on them , twisting the meaning of conversations. Good fear tactic I guess with people who aren’t that brash and bold.As much as I don’t like Zach I like Zach in other ways. I guess the fear mob tactic sort of keeps them occupied from taking a moment to look at things in a more rational and simple way and taking some time to try to think for themselves and looking at the game in terms of making it to the final two. I was uncomfortable watching Victoria talk to Cody about the Veto comp and she was wondering why Caleb was that comfortable not taking the veto. Hmmm, maybe he thinks he’s protected. Why not pull him aside and ask him since you have nothing to lose but you don’t have to call a house meeting like Devin that’s all. But again another fear tactic if you open your mouth too much it will get around and you’re the target because you’re scared your words will get twisted. Meanwhile she yaps on with Cody and Derrick while they mind f*ck her. But she’s more worried about the people talking crap about her, proving herself, and being catty and petty like she’s ten years younger in her mind than maybe just moving passed it and figuring out why her a$$ is a target each week. And just maybe it has nothing to do with any of the surface stuff she focusing on.

But they don’t get if they are on the hit list they are a target anyway and so trying to fish and use information will maybe at least give you a better perception of where a lie maybe coming from like in the case of Amber with Frankie and Christine.


It was bad enough Victoria kept apologizing for getting the POV but to see her soaking up all that BS Cody was spewing was even worse.


it is hilarious that zach is the one most willing to make a move this week and everyone else is to scared to do it. zach is 1000% right, caleb will go after them before they go after him. i think zach may have gained fans tonight by insisting caleb be the re-nom. thats the move a lot of fans want to see but cody is to chicken shit to make it


people in here are so fracked up. calling zach selfish when he really is the only one thinking of cody’s best interests. and then you get cody who has said multiple times how he wants to get caleb out but wont do it because he’s afraid of the allaince. he has said his gut tells him to put up caleb and then he criticizes zach for telling him to do it

god i wish brittany knew how much zach is fighting to keep her maybe then she’d ease up on him.


OMG…. YAWNNNN …. I just said last week this was my favorite season in YEARS… BITE MY TONGUE…. this season is SOOOOO BORRRRRRRINGGGGGGG!! Why is Frankie so in love with CALEB.!!???? I don’t even bother with the feeds any more?… So sad

ray shriver

Be great if donny and jocasta or Victoria won Hoh next week lol that would completely shake the house


Team Zach!!!!!!!!!!

screw the sheep!!


worse part Derrick is on Team America and thinks people actually like him. UGHHHH If he only knew.

I wish Team America twist would end!!


The best thing is , America is the next HOH… and Frankie and Derrick goes up on the block. They would have a blow up


Simon/Dawg – last night during BBAD Christine told Zach that Donny has talked game with her (sounded like BS to me). Do either of you know whether or not she was telling the truth or full of it???


Thank you for your response.

Yeah – the fact that she wouldn’t elaborate in front of the group just screamed BS to me.


I just wish Nicole would stop talking in that sing-song whining voice all the time. Its annoying and not be-fitting of a woman her age.