Caleb says I’m not gay, but after 30 days in Iraq I was starting to thinking it. Guys started looking good!

POV Holder: Victoria Next POV July 26th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 21th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Cody
Battle of the Block Winner Jocasta/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 24/July 25
Original Nominations: Brittany/Victoria(Cody) Jocasta/Amber (Frankie)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players Cody, Brittany, Victoria, Caleb, Nicole, Zach

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-21 03-10-50-315
12:20am Up in the HOH room – Brittany tells Jocasta that she feels like they will find a reason to get rid of her no matter what. Either because I’ve given up or Because I’m a strong competitor. Jocasta agrees. Brittany says I just feel like I’m the step child in the house they just keep throwing more at me.. and it hurts. The camera switch to Hayden and Nicole in the fire room making out.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-21 03-16-21-880
12:25am – 12:45am Out in the backyard – Zach, Christine, Victoria and Frankie are talking. Zach tells them that when he was younger he got jumped beat up really bad. He says his eye was so bad that he couldn’t see for two weeks. The conversation turns to talking different universities. Christine says that Arizona is a horrible state for school system. Frankie asks didn’t you (Arizona) almost pass a bill against homos*xuals? Christine says yes. It started from a gay couple wanting a lady to make a cake maker to make a cake for their wedding and she said no so they sued her. The cake maker tired to have a bill passed to have the right not to serve someone. Christine says it was almost passed but didn’t. Christine says it was more about religious protection. Christine laughs that some businesses posted on their wall that if you voted for this bill I can’t serve you. Frankie says oh that’s cool. The conversation turns to talking about Jocasta. Victoria says Jocasta isn’t as innocent as she seems. Frankie and Christine agree. Christine notices Brittany walk by the door and says “Creature just walked by the door”. Frankie laughs that she can’t walk but is up and down those stairs every 6 minutes. Frankie says you can’t feel bad for judging people because in this house you have to assume everything in this house is a lie. Victoria says a persons game strategy shouldn’t be to break down and bully people. Christine says but it is a strategy, Evel Dick did it in season 8. Frankie says I cannot believe that Caleb asked Amber to go on a cruise with him. Christine says this is hilarious. Big Brother please show all of this! She comments on how this is a season of half showmances where one person wants it and the other doesn’t.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-21 03-57-12-755

12:47am Zach and Derrick and play a game of pool. Derrick says I am not a genius, that’s why I am a Parks and Rec coordinator. Zach says the biggest problem about is, what are we going to do with Caleb? And I am just going to try and pull Caleb to me and you guys try to keep Caleb. And obviously he would stay with you guys but Cody did go against the plan of not putting anyone else up, but he had to because he thinks I’m a snake.. you know? Derrick says dude if Cody’s down. Zach asks are there any other cons besides you not wanting me to go on the block? Derrick says me not wanting you up isn’t even a con to be honest. Zach says because you know I’m going to stay. That will be between you and Cody because ultimately it will be your thing to pull off. I’m a bystander. Zach says and the thing about is that everybody knows that Cody and I are working together. Is that a bad thing? Derrick says they know you’re friends, they don’t necessarily know you’re working together. Just like the same thing that we think Jocasta and Donny are working together because they’re so close. Are there any other cons to me being on the block? Derrick says not really unless they figure out that you two are bullsh*tting. Zach asks and then what happens. Derrick says they throw you both on the block together. And if you don’t win POV then one of you go home. Its up to you and Cody because its his HOH. Zach asks it doesn’t hurt us does it? Derrick says not unless someone figures it out no. Zach says I think it could be a good thing. Derrick says if you think so you can present it to him tomorrow morning. Cody’s not a dumb kid you know. Zach says if I am on the block there is no chance I am going home. Victoria, Nicole, Christine, you, Frankie Cody (tie), are all voting to evict Brittany. And it could be good tv! It can’t hurt us either. Derrick says it could hurt you if people figure out you’re faking it. No one will trust you. Derrick says Cody will do what is best for his game and if he puts up Donny then we protect Cody by winning HOH this week just like he protected us.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-21 03-44-48-774

In the kitchen – Victoria tells Hayden that he is her favorite person in the house. Hayden asks really?! Then high fives her.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-21 04-08-02-160

1am Zach heads over to Christine and Frankie on the hammock. Zach says what are the cons of me going on the block. Frankie says I think you should forget about it. Zach asks does it take a target off my back. Frankie says no. It won’t do anything to change anyone’s opinion. Christine says the only good thing is that Donny wouldn’t be mad at Cody. But apparently they have a way around that. Zach says remember when Devin put me on the block, I want to watch that so bad! Frankie laughs that Zach would have done the soccer goals in like 3 hours. Now she gets to show her battle scares. Christine says if there was a hero vs villain version of big brother where they brought back Devin and me I wouldn’t come back. And if I did I would punch him in the face. Hayden joins them. Zach asks him what are the cons of me going on the block. Hayden says it puts a target on your back. Its not a good idea at all. Frankie says after Brittany goes home we can tell them because there are only 3 people we’re not working with.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-21 04-17-07-889
2am Frankie, Zach, Amber, Brittany, Jocasta, Victoria, Christine are in the kitchen eating and talking about random things. Frankie heads to the bathroom to get ready for bed. Hayden finishes showering. They wonder how they will be perceived outside of the house. Frankie says everything someone says to him may or may not be a lie so I have to play the game as if everything is a lie. I left Frankie at the door when I came in here and will pick him up when I leave.

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That Brittany conversation with Derrick @ 3:15 is further proof that recruits should be HEAVILY screened and vetted. Can’t really feel sorry for her at this point.

smd nicole

she is a god awful player and deserves to go home…. i hope people start to see soon who bad she is but i doubt it

Caleb has poopy pants

We see how bad she is. She cannot play this game worth beans. Doesn’t make her the horrible person Frankie and Ratine make her out to be. But, please, tell everyone, why do you like Nicole so much? What do you see that I do not? I know you think she is Jordan, come again. But, I just don’t see It.


Brittany is the only one not fan of the show…and the only one playing the game.

All the other are fans, and are making this to be the worst season ever.

You are just jelous of her just like everybody else in the house


Hayden is also not a fan of the show and Brit is NOT playing the game. She has no clue what she is doing and not a good person (she started a fight with Nicole about the beds, constantly attacking Zach who actually tried to save her twice while trusting Cody and Derrick who both wanted her out) BUT I think it would have been a lot different if she slept, wasn’t on the block all the time, and wasn’t a have not all the time. She was horrible in the game and pretty bad as a person but it wasn’t all her fault. It is better for her to be out of the house.


I was cheering her on yesterday because she has heart and did the challenge even though she knows she is going home. People supporting and cheering her on yesterday doesn’t mean we think she is playing great or not, just we saw someone who wasn’t giving up and that deserves support.


can you explain what happened I’m curious?

Caleb has poopy pants

Brittney was a “recruited” and as such not knowledgeable about the finer points of the game. Derrick, on the other hand is not only very knowledgeable about the game but, a police officer with years of undercover experience. So he is very good at gaining trust from people who may not be otherwise willing to give it. Brittney makes his job as “mastermind” look effortless because she is pretty self absorbed. She has made very little effort to endear herself to the others. She speaks openly about her problems with other players, never even thinking the person she is talking to, may ,as in Derricks case, be aligned with the person she is talking about. She has no problem with causing waves in the house, which brings her more attention. Which is never a good thing. She has thrown her trust around too easily, and broken trust very casually. And because of her looks become a focal point of jealousy from several of the other housemates. Before Devin was evicted, he had nominated her for eviction. After 1 conversation with her, she seemingly hypnotized him into taking her off the block. This has caused her to have the reputation for manipulation that she currently has. If she knew more about the premise of the show she may have been able to steer clear of these pitfalls. As it is I doubt that she will last past the next eviction. If she does, it will only be because the other target presents a greater threat. But, she will be ousted as soon thereafter as they can.


Hold on… Though I agree with you on the whole Brittney thing, I have to say (and I’m not a fan of hers), that every single member in this house who allegedly say’s they are “true” fans of the show, really have proved to be the stupidest cast ever… If they had been true fans of the show and “know it so well”, they ALL would have known, it’s a bad move to form alliances so darn soon and speaking of alliances, each and every one of them have thrown their own “alliance” members under the bus repeatedly. There is no loyalty to any alliance with this crew. I realize that everyone on the feeds hates “Caleb”, but in all honesty, if he could get his head out of Ambers a**, he would be a loyal alliance member, despite what everyone thinks of his character… Just sayin’

Caleb has poopy pants

Oh I agree with you about the cast. Your assessment is spot on. I was just explaining my view of Britney. I will add to your post with this: perhaps being “super-fans” is a disadvantage. They think they know everything about it, but actually being in the house is vastly different than imagining what you would do in the game. For instance, Nicole, a super fan, maybe, but, also seems very uncomfortable. She doesn’t want blood on her hands, which results in her not making any moves. On the other hand, Devin, made too many big moves, too soon. Result, bye Devin. Which is why I used Derrick in my previous post. He seems to have managed somewhat of a balance.


Christine really is a vile human being. Why does she think she is better than Brittany or have the right to call her a creature. Brittany is a beautiful woman who yes has not had the best game play in the game but she is a fighter, whereas all Christine has going for her is she is a rat who serves coffee at a Starbucks. Christine is one ugly mean person who needs to go. Hope Cody puts up Caleb up and then Brittany, Donny and Cody run the house to get all the hateful ugly people out like Christine, Frankie, Nichole.


Chrsitiane and Frankie are ugly not only in the inside, but let`s he honest they are really ugly in the outside.

Christiane should stop saying crap about Brittany and ask Brittany how to use make up.
And Frankie should start using some face lotion and anti-aging , because his face is showing signs of his age


She’s so jealous of brittany… It’s funny how scared frankie, christine, & nicole are of her!!! Cannot wait for christine & frankie to go up on the block!!!


I don’t think Christine was calling Brittany “creature” but Kreacher from harry potter (Frankie and Christine are both big fans of HP), who was that elf that always poked his head in the room to check what’s going on, which is what Brittany kept doing checking on them every 6 minutes.

And to be fair, calling someone ugly for calling another person ugly just shows the type of ugly the person saying all this might be on the inside…….


I’m starting to think Caleb wasn’t really in the military. Who only spent 30 days in Iraq? Unless, he was injured but he never mentions having been injured. Nobody ever questions him about it.


he didn’t say he only served for 30 days he was saying that after being there for 30 days guys started looking good to him, so he may have been in the military for longer and that guys just looked good from then on

smd nicole

yeeeeee hayden!!!!!!!

Bullet Bill

I think Brittany is a good person but she’s not cut out for this game. It really makes me wonder where some of these people think they were coming to. I also feel horrible for saying this but Zach is starting to grow on me. Hurl!


I don’t think anyone realizes how hard it is to be locked up with virtual strangers 24/7 for weeks on end. Then, add in the game aspects and people are bound to crack. I like BB the most from a sociological point of view. Even this site gets really interesting as the game progresses.


Zach grew on me Day 3 and has been my favorite ever since. The only concern I have with him is that the game is so slow he can’t handle it properly. Derrick and Frankie are able to wait, so they are making smarter moves. I think Zach is making the game more challenging for himself ON PURPOSE so he has more to do and the game won’t seem so slow…

Speaking of, Brit is so getting on my nerves about being mad at Zach. Brit took his comments WAY too seriously. He actually tried to help her several times (though I think partly because she does so much around the house) while people she trusts are saying way worse behind her back.


so did they make sure this season half the men were bisexual? (not that I am complaining cause I like it) 🙂

Amber and Jocosta are the nicest chicks on BB

lol It does seem like most of the guys are bi-curious. I don’t think that was a coincidence either. I think after last season they tried their best to find a cast that’s more tolerable of differences. Look at how Cody and Caleb are attracted to a half-black female in the house and Zack, Cody, and Caleb has shown interest or at least a crush on other men: Zankie, Cody’s man-crush on Zac Effron (lol), and Caleb admitting he became attracted to other military men.


Fugly Christine making fun of beautiful Brittany. I am shocked. NOT

I don’t really like Brit any more, but makes me laugh how jealous Christine is.

Caleb has poopy pants

Don’t you mean the monster known as frank-n-stine is jealous. Cause good ol Frankie had his green contacts in too.


Has BB ever change any rules of the game, or anything, mid stream because of the overwhelming requests from fans and watchers?

amandas cooch smells like onions

I’d like to know that as well. I have been wondering the same thing about BBUK, I have been watching that this sesason and I think the producers are influenced by the public…what’s cool about BBUK is the public votes people out, not the house. bbus is so predictable anymore it’s almost boring especially compared to bbuk


Is it just me or did cbs make cody look like a gentlemen and brittney look like a bitch? Um cbs its the other way around being brittney the brave and cody the asswhole


I thought the same thing. They did not give Brittany a good edit.


There’s really two shows going on
1) CBS show – fully Scripted and edited even the Diary room segments are sometimes just them reading from scripts
2) The live feeds – what really happens in the house

The problem with the live feeds is it’s tough to watch enough to really sink your teeth into it. This was the reason we started this site to provide a reliable index

I can’t watch the CBS edit because I watch so much of the feeds. My take is the CBS is fine if that is all you watch but once you start digging into the feeds the CBS edit looks like fabricated bullsh1t. Still if that is all you watch they usually do a good job of making a entertaining show.


They used to make a good show. But not anymore.
Watching Cody talking about Zack Efron, was embrassing to watch, because we could see his Dairy Room was scripted, and that was something so stupid to show once there`s only 40 minutes.

CBS is going for the tri-mance Amber-Nicole-Caleb this season…. but they are waiting for Nicole/Hayden take off …


did you by chance catch live feeds of BB7? were there any?

I ask because…I really love that season, but its one I only saw on CBS. as I look back on it…man there is a lot of stuff that seems manipulated by production to make it a Will and Boogie Summer. did you get to see what REALLY went on there? I have seen some live feeds from that year, but only on youtube and its usually all Janelle related.


BB 1-4 select episodes
BB 5-6 just the TV edit
BB 7 TV edit + spoiler blogs
BB 8-10 Feeds + TV edit
BB 11-16 , 12-16 hours of feeds a day very little if any TV Edit


This site if why I still watch BB! Thanks for all your hardwork. It’s appreciated.

Amber and Jocosta are the nicest chicks on BB

I only watch the edited version for the comps


So agree Livia! Cody is a very arrogant “boy”… When he referred to Caleb as a “boy”, I had to laugh. Isn’t he younger or about the same age as Caleb? And don’t get me started on his hand down his pants and whole sniffing thing… OMG, disgusting!

Baby Firefly

You can see how men in prison end up in relationships with each other by watching this cast. Last nights episode with Cody and Hayden talking about their guy crushes was further proof.
And I don’t believe Frankie when he talks about how much he loves women because he was raised around them. Calling Brittney a creature, a monster and the devil tells me that the opposite is true. He just wants all the women out the house so he can be the Queen surrounded by all the guys.
I hope Caleb does win HOH and throws Cody and Zach or even better, Derrick on the block together. Not even a Caleb fan, but this group(Derrick/Frankie/Cody/Zach) have become to cocky. Derrick telling Zach, don’t even worry about building trust with Donny, he’s leaving soon anyway. What a dick! Can’t stand Derrick!

andy 2.0

derrick is so awful he told people he wants donny out before jury because he is going to win americas choice. that is a greedy pig


Actually you don’t haveto beon the jury towin Americas favorite. Everyone is eligible, unless they are thrown off or quit the show early.


Zack and Cody are being friends with Frankie only for the cameras and show they like gays.

Im gay, I am know in the real world, guys like Cody and Zack wants to stay very far away from gays.


Wow Brit! I can only try to imagine how she will feel watching the season back once she’s home. Tsk Tsk… sadness.


Im surprised for someone like amber that hasnt seen the show to say that brittney will let them pick the other nominee. Good for you amber, your starting to think logically and like dan in bb10 were he tricked ollie

give me a break

I think Victoria: I won’t sleep in a bedroom that has a guy in it decree……only applied when Devin was in the house….Remember when Devin kick all the guys out the room and told the guys to respect Victoria wishes… Devin was honoring her wishes and got the guys to fall in line……But In reality she did not want Devin in the same room she slept in….remember Victoria was telling her house guest in the have not room how afraid she was of Devin and believe that Devin would kill her in her sleep….That Victoria rule only applied to the big black guy…I agree with Zach……Victoria is full of sh*t… she has no problem sleeping with guys and giving them elbows…as Frankie and Hayden stated she does to them…


I wish Amber would use her power over Caleb to cause some madness. All she has to do is tell Brittany that she feels conflicted between Caleb and Cody. And that she can’t pursue anything with one of them while the other is still there and could cause problems. Amber could have Brittany tell Caleb or let him overhear the conversation. (As long as it isn’t Amber telling Caleb)

If Caleb thought that he would have a chance at Amber without Cody in the house, he wouldn’t be able to contain himself. Or if Caleb thought Cody was trying to get rid of him to get to Amber………..

Captain Crunch

Christine taking about being a hero vs villain BB lol being a rat does not make u a hero Christine.

andy 2.0

christine and frankie get out of here. brittany shoukd campain to get one of them up and out of here

5 Gee's

Only chance Brittany has of staying is if Caleb goes up. She cannot make any deals, either. Just make it clear she is not after Cody. I am sure the girls feel there is an all guys alliance, minus Donny. If Caleb goes, it could shake things up for the house. The girls may feel empowered, and be willing to put up Zach and Frankie, if one of them wins HOH. I just really want this house to shake up, and want Brittany to at least make jury. Caleb lost it for me by accepting the $5000. He is over the top cocky. I give Brittany a break…going thru a divorce, being away from her 3 kids…no wonder she is an emotional wreck. This girl is not a quitter, just very frustrated. Who wouldn’t be when people like Victoria and crazy Zach are sitting there while you may be going home. (I kinda like Zach, but I can imagine how he is perceived in that house.)


Yeah… With all the stuff Zach says TO prople, they prolly think he is saying way worse. He’s actually not (except Victoria, but that’s partly because she doesn’t understand when he is rude to her…). He and Brit are the most honest. Amber is the least. She is trying to make Caleb and Cody fight. How she got Caleb back so easily is beyond me.

Guliana from New York

I really despide Christine and in the beginning her and Donny were my favorites. Super fan my ass. BB should start letting viewers in on the votes, that would spice things up a bit.


I would love for Cody to put Christine or Zach or Nichole or Frankie up against Brittany and one of them to go home. Frankie just makes me sick as does Christine. They are both pretty hateful people. They both need to go home. Hope Brittany stays this week and Cody and her team up with Amber.


first off, Zach, STOP, no, don’t ever nom yourself

second….man this group is lame. yeah lets get rid of Zach because he is “rude to the girls”. lets not get rid of people like Victoria who don’t understand why they go on the block with bigger targets in the house(so she thinks she earned a free ride to the end evidently)


Yes – I would MUCH rather see Christine or Nicole go before Caleb.


You want to here something hysterical.
My niece is a Tween… She is a huge fan of Ariana Grande.
I told her that Ariana Grande’s brother is on Big Brother this Season.
Her reply…
“Uncle Eric… who’s that? Ariana Grande doesn’t talk about him.” at all
The rest of her side of the conversation was in Tween and I forgot my decoder book at home.
From what I can tell is Ariana Grande does not talk about Frankie at all. Nothing on Twitter. She didn’t even know Frankie existed… I showed her and she recognized him but thought he was a fan or Make-Up Hairstylist.
One of Frankie’s biggest fears was that people recognize him as her brother. A) I don’t think any of those House Guests had ever heard of her, I only know because my niece loves her… and B) Even her fans don’t know he is her brother. She never talks about him.


The guy has done Youtube videos with his sister
He has over 150,000 Subscribers and 500,000 Twitter followers prior to going into the house. There’s reason to be concerned.
Plus, when living in New York and being recruited like Paola, you have to fear people like Paola might know you for being in the same circles.


As much as I wish that were true, it’s not. Perhaps your niece doesn’t pay much attention, or is just oblivious to anyone that isn’t famous. (Frankie)
I follow Ariana Grande on Twitter and Instagram, and she does mention Frankie a lot.
She’s even tweeting from HIS twitter on his behalf.


your niece isn’t a big Ariana fan then. LOL My niece knew about her brother right away and how close they were.


Actually she mentions him alot on her twitter and instagram also, even before season started.


Why would she talk about him? Family life is private. You post makes no sense.


This season is getting eerily like last year. Everyone is terrified of making power moves (i.e. Getting rid of Caleb), and are all looking at voting with ‘The House’. This is getting old really quick.

Amber and Jocosta are the nicest chicks on BB

I don’t understand why everyone thinks getting rid of Caleb is some huge power move. Caleb hasn’t won anything since episode 1. Amber and Caleb are not a strong union. His alliance is not even an alliance.

The power move is to backdoor Derrick or Frankie. When those two are gone, the real BB will begin.


So true. They are playing stupidly

amandas cooch smells like onions

I’m beginning to wonder if BBUS has jumped the shark *yawn*