Big Brother Spoilers “It’s good i’m going up as a pawn for my game” – Amber

POV Holder: Victoria Next POV July 19th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 26th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Cody
Battle of the Block Winner Jocasta/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 24/July 25
Original Nominations: Brittany/Victoria(Cody) Jocasta/Amber (Frankie)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players Cody, Brittany, Victoria, Caleb, Nicole, Zach

BB16-2014-07-20 17-23-52-102

5:25pm Cody gets a penalty kick

BB16-2014-07-20 17-40-06-528

5:40pm Cody get’s another penalty kick Amber declares she’s not moving until 8pm. The chair is situated right behind the penalty kick apparatus.

BB16-2014-07-20 17-48-50-374

5:48pm Christine and Caleb
Christine saying pelp should be more afraid of Hayden and Nicoe than her and nicole.
Caleb says People ant Amber to go home they feel like she’s strong at competition. CHristine says she needs AMber in this game.
Caleb – I wanted Victoria gone so bad
Christine – Me to for so many reasons.. so irritating..
Christine wishes she didn’t have to be scared of Brittany. Caleb – “I think she will got after the girl before she goes after the guys”
Christine – That is so catty.. but that’s the way she wasn’t so play the game.. go for it..
Christine says if Amber can convince Brittany To not come after her she has no reason to vote out Brittany
Caleb says AMber is worried once they get to jury the guys are going to take out her so she wants Brittany around. Caleb thinks once they get to Jury everyone is going to be coming after him
Christine – “She (Amber) wants Brittany to the final 9 right.. cause that would be scary if she means longer…. “
Caleb mentions Brittany saying she’s willing to make deals to stay.
Christine doesn’t understand why more people are not going after Victoria. Caleb explains that she’s a vote for the guys and does whatever they say.
Caleb – That is how people like Andy wins.. Caleb adds they’re going to end up with Vicotira in the final 4 scratching their heads how did that happen.
Christine is going to put up Victoria if she wins the hoh. Christne asks him if the guys are going to go after AMber next week.
Caleb – I think they are going to try and backD**r her.. they don’t trust her they don’t think she is trustworthy.. there’s one or two guys that just don’t want her here.
Caleb – at the end of the day.. it’s if I say so
Christine doesn’t feel threatened by Amber at all it would be stupid for her to be sent home.
Caleb saying Brittany deserve to be here more than Zach, Jocasta and VIctoria
Caleb – “Zach is in my alliance but I still don’t like his game play.. he sleeps all day he eats plays pool”

BB16-2014-07-20 18-18-15-940

6:17pm HOH Victoria and Frankie
Victoria “Oh my god OH my god Oh my god.. I’m so annoyed by everyone.. UGH.. so annoyed oh my god”
Victoria – First off jocasta.. like .. I can’t
Frankie – she’s awful
Victoria – she always picks on me I’m not going to open my mouth and pick on her
Frankie says Amber and Jocasta is pissed that Victoria won the veto because they wanted her gone over Brittany.
Victoria doesn’t think anyone in the house wants her here.. Frankie tells her there’s plenty of people in the house that like her, “me, Hayden, Nicole, Christine and Derrick “
Victoria – ok 5 people
Frankie – that’s ½ the house you can’t be friends with everyone
Frankie says if things were so bad for some of these people back home they shouldn’t have came into the game.
Victoria – the point of being fake to someone is they don’t know you’re being fake.
Victoria and Frankie agree saying you are more deserving to win the money based on their lives back home is bullshit.

Frankie says if he heard Brittany say how much her foot hurts he’s going to throw up. Says she should just take the punishment and play better in the future to not get another one.
Victoria says the fact that people in the house are going so personal, is disgusting to her.

Frankie says it doesn’t matter who COdy puts up as a replacement nomination he is still going to vote out Brittany, ‘She’s dangerous for me, She’s dangerous for you and for Zach”
They start talking about competitions. Frankie says they will have a endurance before double eviction.
Victoria “I want the wall so bad”

BB16-2014-07-20 18-40-04-019

6:39pm Banged up foot 2400 Soccer goals later

BB16-2014-07-20 18-48-05-612

7:00pm HOH Amber, Frankie and Cody
Amber saying she’s in a worse spot than the guys in the alliance. Frankie tells her he felts vulnerable to when Debvin won HOH he was in real danger. Frankie leaves.
She asks Cody what is wrong. He feels like she doubts him a lot.
Amber wants to be on good terms if Brittnay stays or leaves.
Amber says yesterday she was told she is working to get the guys out she doesn’t know where this questioning is coming from,. Cody – “I didn’t even tell Derick who i wanted to put up “ yet he told her.
Amber says people are noticing things why are they having to put the girls up as a pawn she thinks it shows the guys are all together. Amber – “It’s good i’m going up as a pawn for my game” but she is worried how it looks.
Cody says he’s close to Frankie but what he’s learning he’s saying things Throwing cody under the bus.
Cody – “I’m not Devin i’m not the Devin in this group”
Cody does not want to put up Donny doesn’t think it helps his game one bit.
Amber suggest he puts up Nicole.
Cody thinks Nicole would be a good one but she legitimately tried to get the veto he points out that there was people playing in the POV and were clearly not trying to win it. He thinks those people should go up before her.
Cody mentions how last week Donny proved to them all he’s ready to play ball with the house now he has to put Donny up.. he doesn’t like this.
Amber – I’ve done so much for the guys and none of it is appreciated.
Zach comes in to use the bathroom.

BB16-2014-07-20 19-08-43-119

Brittany gets to sleep in a bed

BB16-2014-07-20 19-20-22-350

7:18pm Pool Frankie and Caleb
Caleb says he told Amber she needs to stop working both sides of the house because people are seeing that. Caleb mentions how Amber wants more girls in the Jury house. He told her they have to get to the jury house first before they start worrying about who is in it.
Frankie agrees says he told Amber the something yesterday.
Frankie – God knows what she is saying up there (HOH).. i hope she’s smart”
Caleb being sup amber saying she’s going to vote to keep Brittany regardless of whose Cody is putting up.Caleb told her you want to go against the alliance look at Devin you will be next.

BB16-2014-07-20 19-31-38-256

7:29pm CHristine and Hayden
Hayden says it would be nice to get rid of Caleb but game wise it makes no sense. Hayden told Cody to put up Donny and that is what he thinks will happen. CHristine told him the same but had a 45 minutes conversation with Cody that makes her think otherwise.

BB16-2014-07-20 19-29-19-701

7:28pm HOH Cody Amber and Derrick
Amber says she will never put Jocasta up, it depends on her game but she will never put her up.
Cody says he’s going to talk to Donny tomorrow morning. They start to go over what COdy will say to him.
Caleb joins them tells them they need to put someone up from the alliance. Amber – ‘thats what I’ve been saying all along”
Cody suggests hayden.
Caleb now says Cody should put Cody up.
Victoria comes up
Amber – “Now we can’t talk anymore”
Cody she’s coming up for Derrick”
victoria walks in cody says Derrick is sleeping
Cody gets a penalty kick.
Cody goes down to do it comes back up and gets a second penalty kick when he walks into the HOH.
Cody decides to stay in the backyard with Frankie.

BB16-2014-07-20 19-46-30-658

7:47pm Cody and Victoria
Victoria says the girls are saying she’s made a deal with the guys and they are talking sh1t about her and being mean.
Victoria – Jocasta is pissed as hell she hates me.. she’s pressing my buttons more and more.. Amber is giving me attitude and Brittany is being a b1tch because i’m safe.. I don’t know what I did whatever.





Alliances (Some Of these are dead)
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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Jocasta crying was either the funniest or scariest thing I’ve ever seen


It was scary and funny and the freakish of reactions to a game win. I watched it a few times just to try and figure out what the hell she was doing. WHAT WAS THAT.????!!!! It was so cra cra I couldn’t stop laughing

Caleb has poopy pants

Maybe speaking in tongues? Although, why the Holy Spirit would chose to visit her right then on reality tv, idk. But, they say The Lord works in mysterious ways.


She was speaking in tongues.

give me a break

Agreed…I was so laughing hard….I cannot believe Jocasta was speaking in tongue and crying like that on national t.v…..hilarious…


And the attitude Jocasta had in the DR after Amber won it for her.
Also, LOL at Amber trying to get Cody to put up Nicole specifically, I see you Amber…

aj holler

i was watching that part at work and I was like what is she saying lol. I was laughing so hard good thing I was alone in the break room. Also she needs to chill if it weren’t for Amber you would of lost lol


Victoria just needs to get bent and go home. Cant stand her.


Feel the same way about Britt too. Her voice has become annoying. Must be all the whining. I give her credit for kicking the ball, but this game isn’t about what’s fair. It’s about who can play it the best. Maybe if she had watched the show before being cast she would have been an actual competitor and bottled some of the pissing and moaning. She has potential to be a good player, but she’s not there yet. Still, I’d like to see Victoria gone before her who is just a flat out insult to the game.


I’ve really been wondering about the reason she was cast. Diversity, perhaps? She walked in with a big personality…..”all the girls are hot, but I’m by far the hottest”, but that spunk was over as soon as she was nominated by Francine. It’s been said over and over that she doesn’t have a clue about the game but, the truth is, she doesn’t have a clue about people, relationships, love, communication, theory; basically the WORLD. She’s following Derrick around like a puppy dog because she believes he really cares. And the really sad part is that as long as he knows she’s his puppet, she’ll stay in the house. She’s one of those people that need constant attention; told how adorable she is 24/7, mommy & daddy style. She’s basically a child. WHY was she chosen??? It’s a little sad. Just my 2 cents. (I hate that I can’t really even dislike her too much – it would be like kicking a puppy.)


(Hayden says it would be nice to get rid of Caleb but game wise it makes no sense)

What does he has in his head? I mean , does he even has anything in there? How taking out the biggest treat to your game makes no sense.

I don`t know who I hate more, Cody, Derrick, Frankie, Zack, Nicole, Christiane, Hayden…

I think is good Victoria is trowing Brittany and Jocasta under and Truck and Bus together, because that might give Cody and Derrick the idea, the girls hate each other.


Not to be rude but could someone explain to me what the hell Jocasta was doing on tonight’s episode when they were about to win the B.O.B. competition?! SO WEIRD LOL


I believe she was possibly speaking in tongues. It’s a religious belief of some Christians that God grants you the ability to speak directly to him in an unknown language. Or at least that’s my understanding of the phenomena.


I think if you asked her, she would say, “I was just so overcome with relief that I fell into the open arms of the Holy Spirit. And I was enthralled.” Then she spoke in tongues.


You are only supposed to speak in tongues when there is an interpreter,or when you are by yourself. its not supposed to be done in public.


Jesus said, “And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name they shall cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues” (Mark 16:17)

He didnt put ANY time limit on this and was not only speaking for their times but speaking of future generations as well.


She was speaking in tongues…A few Christian denomination practice speaking in tongues (She is a Pastor).


She was speaking in “tongues” from the Bible. Praying in a way that only her and God could understand.


Jocasta was praying in the “spirit”. It is common among many various religious denominations.

give me a break

Jocasta was catching the holy ghost…I know Caleb, Donny, and maybe Amber knew Jocasta was speaking in tongue….But I bet the other house guest were scare as $hit……Victoria is going to have nightmares tonight…..LoL


I believe she was FAKE SPEAKING IN TONGUES. that happens when he holy spirit is talking thru you, it isn’t something that happens by choice. I question her ‘preacher’ status anyway, a preacher on Big Brother, whatever

smd nicole

‘seplxina’ lol greatest typo ever simon! thanks for the updates.

Captain Crunch

i cant stand Christine, now saying she needs Amber and it would be stupid to send her home, yet she went and told the alliance that Amber was trying to form an alliance with her and Nicole to go after the guys i mean make up your mind.

And now she’s throwing Hayden under the bus when i thought she was in an alliance called trilogy with him and Nicole smh i guess she’s not getting enough attention anymore from Nicole so she wants Hayden gone now

give me a break

Yea but Christine is telling Caleb she wants Amber here…she’s not going to tell Caleb I want your Queen out …Caleb would run back to Amber and tell her even Goggles want you out…Goggles knows everybody info… If she can get everybody going after each other…..she would basically be invisible….she would be in a better position than the Gestapo Cop Derrick…


I sure wish he would put Zach on the block instead of Donny or Caleb, he annoys the hell outta me & I wouldn’t miss him at all if he was sent packing. Unfortunately, Derrick will get in his ear and Donny will go up, so expect a predictable season of BB this summer since we already know who’s going home each week.


This is exactly like last year. Amber is the elissa or candice, christine the andy, and derrick the amanda but nicer


The house is so messy, the kitchen ewwwwww. Bunch of slobs. Why doesn’t BB make the Have Nots clean as part of their punishment? This is actually one on the worst BB houses, in terms of decor. The HOH room is actually disgusting.


Christine is the worst player in the house. It’s one thing for people like Victoria or Jacosta to be terrible because they don’t know or understand the game, but it’s an entirely different thing when someone like Christine has all of the information in the house and still makes terrible decisions.

So now she’s throwing Hayden and Nicole under the bus? Her supposed true alliance. Does she honestly think a guy in the Bomb Squad or Detonators is going to bring her to the final? And now she needs Amber in the house? SERIOUSLY?!?!?!? She’s only been ratting her out and talking smack about her all week.


Jocasta was speaking in tongues on national television…..then turned total Bankhead saying she and Amber won…all I have to say is she’s lucky they were playing in teams because from what I saw, she was the first one out.
I had hopes for Jocasta to either be good at the game (socially and/or comps) or to provide crazy drama but she is even more useless than Victoria.
Side note: Cody should put Hayden up, picking from the same pool of folks to go on the block is boring.


What is up with Jocosta’s crying in the BOB on tonight’s BB Episode? FREAKY!! SCARY!! Just plain WEIRD… she got on my NERVES big time!!


wasn’t she speaking in tongues for a little while after brittany won?

Caleb has poopy pants

Huh,The sheer idiocy of some of the houseguest, just, astounding. Last seasons cast was awful, vile, vomit inducing even. But, at least most of them had brains. Not GinaMarie , but some of them. This cast, meh. Did no one explain how an alliance works? You do not throw your own people under buses. They might just reach out and drag you under with them.

Parsel tongue

Sowawa ohlalalala lelelelelee sowswawawa
Translated : hisssssssssssssss .. Brittany potter meet me in the enchanted forest or every big brother cast, crew, and production member will die.

Parsel tongue

Jocasta: Ohhhlooloola auayayayayay auyaya lackalackawaah

Translation: Victoria dont hump me tonight.


Making fun of someone’s religious practices. Really classy….

jocasta is a show off

its perfectly fine to make fun of religious fanatics showing off their cultlike behaviour while being a contestant on an entertainment show.

Oh misty

How do you watch this show or read the comments ??? I didn’t realize I was crossing the line with “making fun” of Jocasta spiritual awakening actions on live tv (I have no idea what tongues is but I’m pretty sure it’s close to parsel tongue which is also a made up language). So cheers to you keeping your life classy misty … Stand up for what you believe in (being classy I presume) and protect those who speak in tongues from anyone every laughing at it .. Stand strong !!


They should just start saying I’m in a Target with so and so.
Wow, this is the most disloyal Season ever. Of course they are all getting paranoid they are stabbing each other in the back like crazy.
Look at got brought up…

(I think Derrick’s name even came out briefly.)
Everybody in the Alliance has made an Alliance member a target

This season is disloyal.


brittany’s daily routine: wake up, complain, work out, complain, eat, complain, shower, complain, lay out, complain, eat, complain, sleep, dream about stuff to complain about, repeat.

oh, and victoria – no, they’re *not* your friends – it’s a game, please start playing!


I’d lay money down betting that her EX was hen-pecked (and still is). Brit has a nastiness to her when she gets irritated and not getting her own way. I feel sorry for her EX and hoping he’s drawing up the court papers. I dont care what “deal” she conned her ex into – I just hope he’s conning her.


I live how they didn’t show Christine running up to the guys and telling them about ambers plan. Hopefully the veto episode will expose everyone’s true colors on national television


would have been such an easy week, and obviously the only ones to blame here are Caleb and derrick, is that the general consensus? for taking the prizes instead of the veto.

Victoria is way more annoying that Britney. And i agree they need to put up an alliance member, and probably they need to put up someone they can be really sure won’t go home, if they really did want britney out. In any case, if Cody does not want Britney out it is up to him to make that clear, and put someone that will benefit him getting out the door. .


Big Brother has a history of shaking things up via the DR. They may very well be working to shift targets from beauty-mode to beast-mode. In other words, I hope they are able to put “the house” on spin-cycle which results in Brittany staying. These producers love unpredictability and so do I.

Shout out to Simon & Dawg for working over-time and delivering the best live feed summaries on the interwebs.


Is anyone else getting tired of the phrase “throwing them under the bus”? They are playing a game where backstabbing is common and not letting others know what is really happening. “Under the bus” just means they got “got” and don’t like it.


Even janelle is rooting for amber. Twitter post.

give me a break

The only thing about Amber is that she’s the ability to win HoH…but does not have the guts to make big moves…she so clueless….her being the only one going up on the block from her alliance should let her know she’s expendable….a light bulb should of gone off…Nicole is not in there alliance and she’s safer than her…… Amber is clueless….she should ask the guys why didn’t you put up Nicole up she’s not in our alliance….Amber is clueless…


She loves Frankie though too – I’m a HUGE Janelle fan but what the heck does she see in him?


I still like the Hayden and Nicole pairing, just think they been hanging around Christine to much and she is rubbing off on them at less Nicole.


Not a big fan of Zach but he is KILLING it on BBAD right now…I LOVE IT. I love the shot he took at Christine about talking game to Donny and if she would like to share with the rest of them LOL Zach is an asshole but I have to admit he is entertaining.


AH Cody this is called BB you do whats best for ur game to get u far not whats bests for other ppl game if u want Caleb out put him up cause that’s whats best for u. why get rid of Britney when she’s not after u she’s after the ppl that do nothing in the game u know Zach, Hayden,& Christine. why do Derrick & Zach dirty work for them? so all the have to do is stab u in the back for the win.

ray shriver

Zach is making the most sense you do not have an opportunity to get Caleb out every week.. Brittany isn’t going to win anything and he is right about donny and makes the most sense for codys game to get Caleb out for detonators! Derrick and Frankie keep saying how team America they are but continue to talk bad about donny to people.. i just think if Caleb had the opportunity to get cody gone he would or zach.. especially if amber is up codys ass still

Big Jim

Boo Hoo I have to kick a ball into an empty net it’s not fair. Waaah I deserve it more I have three kids and I’m poor. Shut ?the fuck up Brittney

Big Jim

Boo Hoo I have to kick a ball into an empty net it’s not fair. Waaah I deserve it more I have three kids and I’m poor. Shut ?the fuck up Brittney


For someone who supposedly doesn’t know the game, these douchebags are terrified of Brittany. That di##head Frankie says Brittany causes all the drama and conflicts. I thought it was Devin who did that. Brittany doesn’t have a chance but it is funny how they are scared of her. Especially that loser of a cop Derrick. Doesn’t take much to be a cop these days.


They should have had Jocasta explain what was going on when she was speaking in tongues, because for those that are not religious will have the same reaction that half of the people on this site had. They will think that she is a crazy woman, when all she was doing was having a moment of religious celebration.

Just Visiting

Caleb discussing Zach’s strategy, or really strategy in general, cracks me up.

From what I can tell he thinks that Big Brother is just the Bachelor with fewer roses, more neon head scarves and nowhere to run. His “strategy” thus far has consisted of fixing his crazy cowboy eyes on Amber night one and then wandering around the house asking everyone if they’ll be having chicken or fish at the reception.

I suppose that declaring he has an allergy to shirt buttons and screaming Beast Mode Cowboy as though he has Tourettes could be considered strategy. Unfortunately he helped to vote out the only person in the house that saw him as a mastermind and referred to him as BMC without the slightest hint of sarcasm. I don’t understand what he thinks he has done that is so much better than Zach, or even Victoria, but it is going to be hilarious when he gets blindsided in the next couple of weeks!


Great comment, Just Visiting. Please visit more often. (I heard that the lovely couple will Honeymoon either in Germany or on a cruise.) LOL

oh no

don’t really like victoria, but you write most israeli women are big hairy beasts with man hands? nationality or race has nothing to do with your personal dislike for a person, what i hate are stereotypes and prejudices and racist nazi comments like yours.

thanks guys

you know what you did…