Zach says sh*t went down! Like serious sh*t went down! Victoria did something that you can’t do!

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 19th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 21st
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Cody
Battle of the Block Winner Jocasta/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 24/July 18
Original Nominations: Brittany/Victoria(Cody) Jocasta/Amber (Frankie)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-19 01-45-10-734
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1:40am Nicole and Amber are in the hive room talking and Christine enters. Amber says we want to keep you safe and each other safe. And we want to get some of these guys out of the house. I don’t know where they stand but I am ready to make a bold move to make it to jury. I just found out that this morning that I was going up as a pawn and I don’t like that. If I was to choose two girls that I trust, I would choose you two. I am close to Cody and I know you are too. I think that Zach should be the first to go. Nicole says but he would blow everyone up. Amber says I did trust Caleb until I heard he’s telling people not to trust me. I don’t need anyone to carry me in this game. I came in to this house by myself and I’m going to walk out by myself. Christine agrees. Amber says I want to see a girl win this year. Nicole and Christine say they want that too. I would carry you two as far as I can. We need one guy that we can trust, maybe two. Brittany and Jocasta aren’t really playing the game. And Victoria they will try and get her. Amber says that she trusts Derrick. Christine tells Amber she thinks it would be good to stick close to Caleb because he will carry you. Amber talks about the conversation she had with Caleb earlier. Amber tells Nicole I know you’re close with Hayden. Nicole says I am but not in that way. I am too scared to talk game with a boy. Amber says maybe I can mend things with Caleb. Amber says I have just been so loyal to people and now I am realizing they aren’t to me. Christine says yeah I think this is a good triangle. Amber says I think we could share different information with each other that can help each other. Christine says we have so many different ranks of information we can get. Amber says I definitely want Jocasta to make it to jury. Nicole says well lets do this then. Christine says yeah.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-19 02-01-45-623

In the kitchen – Victoria talks to Brittany in the kitchen. Brittany says honestly I want to go home! I am good with going home I have never been around so many horrible people! I don’t deserve this sh*t! I don’t deserve to be f**king treated like this! I am giving up so much to be here and its not worth missing out on time with my kids. Victoria asks so are you going to stay up tonight. Brittany says I have to go back into the diary room because I couldn’t keep myself together.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-19 02-17-16-111

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2am – 2:10am In the HOH room. The cameras switch to Zach, Cody and Frankie in the HOH bed talking. Cody says that if Donny wins the veto and uses it I would put up Caleb and backdoor him. Zach asks would we really send Donny home if Brittany or Victoria won the veto? Frankie says no, I think he’s a good seat filler. Zach asks so we would send Victoria home? Frankie says yeah I think thats what we would need to do. Zach says but we can’t let Victoria go dude! If you knew what happened with Victoria today dude.. I wish I could tell you but I’m not allowed to say. Cody asks you’re not allowed to say? Can you like hint at it?! Frankie asks what do you mean? Zach says sh*t went down! Like serious sh*t went down! I honestly can’t talk about it! Frankie says I don’t understand! Zach says it had to do with the diary room. Frankie says okay I understand. Cody says I don’t get it. Zach says I want to tell you guys so bad but I honestly can’t. Cody says I don’t get why you can’t. Zach says because they said you can’t say a fucking thing, or you’re going to get f**ked! Cody says wow! Zach says yeah it got that serious. Cody asks what was it about?! Zach says Victoria. Frankie asks but with you? Zach says no with her .. Frankie asks but how were you there? Zach says because she came out of the diary room balling her eyes out and I asked her what’s wrong and she told me what happened and I was like that didn’t actually happen. You’re lying. And then I went into the diary room and asked what the f**k happened because she told me something that I don’t believe.. It’s just .. its f**Ked up! Cody asks did it have to do with anyone in the house?! Zach says no, dude I wish I could tell you guys!! Cody says I don’t get it. Frankie says maybe she can tell you in private. Zach says no she can’t because they made her do something about it. Frankie asks is it a personal thing? Is she pregnant? Zach says no, no! It’s all about game. Zach says its that she did something that you can’t do. Frankie says oh I understand. Zach says she did something you can do and she swore that she didn’t do anything wrong and I was like Victoria I’m pretty sure you did something wrong. And she was like no I didn’t bla bla bla.. And then I went in there and I was like obviously I don’t believe Victoira but she comes out of the diary room crying her eyes out and … big brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds return. Frankie says Okay cool! I can only imagine. Zach says so you’re picking Hayden for house guest choice and Amber for host. Frankie says are you kidding me?! I put her on the block. Cody says fine she will hate be but.. Frankie says No I don’t care I will host many a gig in my life I don’t care…

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-19 02-25-21-145

Zach mentions the Cody that Caleb says Cody was putting a target on his (Cody) back because of how close you’re being with Amber. Cody says good I’m glad he said that now I have a reason to back door him. I want to send him home so he can see how creepily obsessed he is with her. Derrick joins them. Cody says I feel like if I don’t get Caleb out and he wins HOH he will definitely put me up.

Out in the backyard – Caleb says that ever day he wakes up thinking she can kick him in the balls and spit in his face. Amber says I am sorry you feel that way. Caleb comments on how out of the blue she follows Cody around.

2:20am – 3am In the HOH room – Christine, Derrick, Zach, Cody and Frankie. Christine tells them that Amber wanted to make a final 3 (Christine, Nicole, Amber) deal with them and that is her first target (Zach). She said she wants a girl to win. Derrick asks does she not see that you hang out with us all the time? Derrick said the whole house will be playing against Amber for HoH. Zach says she wanted to use your HOH room to hold the meeting! They all laugh. Christine says that Amber said she is done with Caleb. Cody asks if she’s done with him why is she out there with him. Christine laughs. They talk about the veto and if it gets used. If Brittany wins it Donny goes up and if Donny wins it and uses it on Brittany then Caleb goes up. Derrick brings up the who deserves it more card needs to end because no one knows what people have outside of the house. Everyone deserves to be here. Brittany saying that she deserves to be here because she has kids. She had kids before coming in here and I think she wants it for personal selfish reasons too. Hayden joins them. Hayden says I put in a good word for you I told him that it was all Amber and you were just going along with it. Cody says there isn’t one thing that Caleb is better at than me. Derrick says it doesn’t even matter if he put you up .. he has to have the votes and he doesn’t have them.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-19 02-44-02-721

3am Zach says that Amber has lied to so many people in this house and now she is desperately crawling to get her self out of this hole! She is trying to be friends with You (Christine) and Nicole who f**king hate her! BOOM BOTS! Zach goes off about how much he hates Amber and wants her gone. Hayden tells Zach to bottle it up and hold it in.. because Amber is safe this week and she could win HOH next week. Hayden says okay Zach is 12 years old now!

3:10am – 3:20am Derrick takes spanky the sock monkey out of the HOH room and hang him up on the grill above the HOH’s stairs. Hayden then goes out and grabs him and throws him over the balcony. Derrick goes out and chases Hayden. Derrick grabs spanky and starts putting him up at the cameras. The people in the HOH room watch him on the spy tv. Hayden grabs spanky and takes him to the nomination chairs. Zach hosts the eviction. Hayden does a silent speech and then does one with spanky. Zach evicts Hayden. He flips out and and fingers Zach as he leaves the room and then comes back and pretends to beat up Zach. They head back up to the HOH room. Zach says Caleb is just sitting outside in silence he is heated!! Zach then says you’re welcome! Zach brings up how Amber said so many times “we’re just friends!” Clearly she wants to talk about it.

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3:35am Derrick, Christine and Amber head downstairs to get ready for bed. Zach, Cody and Frankie are all sleeping in the HOH birds nest bed. Hayden comes out from having a shower in the HOH room. They start talking about the thing with Victoria in the diary room. Zach says that Victoria made something up that never happened. Cody asks was Victoria saying it was something that happened to her in the house? Zach says no it was something that happened to her in the diary room. Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds come back Hayden is leaving the HOH room and turns off the light.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-19 03-48-37-381
3:45am – 5:10am Out in the backyard – Brittany joins Caleb on the lounger. He tells her about his conversation with Amber earlier. He tells Brittany how any morning he feels like Amber could kick him in the balls and spit in his face. He says I wish everything I did for her I wish I didn’t do it. Brittany says that everyone in here twists things. Brittany talks to Caleb about how she feels like she is being bullied. I don’t understand why people think that I am such a big threat. Caleb tells her that all the other girls are scared to make a move in the house. They think that if you got HOH you would make a big move and put the guys up. Brittany says I like Victoria but if I go and she stays I am going to be pissed off because I am fighting to be here and she thinks this is summer camp. Caleb says I am in the same boat of wanting Victoria to go. She does not deserve to go to jury. Caleb says that people just want to know where you stand because some people think that you are working with Jocasta and Donny. It would be best for your game if you sat down with people and told them where you stand. Brittany says I’ve tried that, I am the most honest person in here. Caleb starts talking about all the things he’s done for Amber and how she doesn’t appreciate anything he’s done for her. The romantic cowboy goes out the window. If I win a veto, I will not use it to save her. She has done nothing to put a smile on my face since day 1. Caleb says everyone in this house knows that I am the victim in this situation. The conversation turns to who deserves to be in the house more. Brittany says I am to prideful to campaign. She says she can’t understand why anyone would keep Victoria over me. Caleb says no one in this house knows how to read me. No one knows where my loyalties lie. People base my eviction on me being able to win any competition at any minute. Caleb says that Derrick is one of the most trustworthy people beyond those doors. Caleb tells Brittany that someone persuaded Cody to put you up. Caleb says I hope you win the veto and that you stay. You can always talk to me. Caleb says my thing is that I don’t want another Andy to win this thing? He won 1 or 2 competitions at most. I think the people that deserve to win this are people who have won 3 POV’s and 4 HOH’s. Caleb and Brittany continue to talk about the same things over and over again.

Caleb says more than likely I will have a whole line of girls that are looking for a good old country boy when I get out of here. At the end of the day I feel like I shouldn’t have told amber how I feel (today). Brittany urges him to talk to her again tomorrow. Caleb says I opened my heart to her and I wish I didn’t. Hopefully when we get out of here she gives me her number.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-19 03-45-00-459

Alliances (Some Of these are dead)
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
Feed watchers = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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hatee christtne and nicole, the new pathetic weak gremlins


I knew since day this girl was a dutch.. I hope she goes next week


Gremlins 2: The New Batch!

Good call!


R.I.P Amber’s game and my respect for Christine. Seriously!?


christine is starting to destroy the game with her ratting out others, just like andy did last year. hate it.


many people have said that Frankie is this year’s version of RAT ANDY, Christine is the hardcore RAT ANDY this year. that was a fuckin’ stupid game move to rat out Amber by Christine.


This is so fucked up against amber. All amber wanted to do is help christine but christine feels like she part of the group, like she actually matters. I dont want another rat to win big brother????. Sorry if you disagree


I hope ZAck wins HOH next week and puts Nicole and Christiane up


Christine claiming to be a superfan, When she is clearly going to be another Britney Haynes & the Brigade. Why doesn’t she see this?


Oh btw team brittney and amber the underdogs!


Omg christine do you have to runnn and tell the guys everything?!?! Geeze

andy 2.0

she doesnt even know what a rat she really is and that she means less than rat poop to the guys

Caleb has poopy pants

The BS boys and Ratstine believe they already got Brittney, so the are setting up Amber for next week. The vicious tirades against other players is what turned me off last season. It looks like that is starting again. Especially with Zach and Hayden. Please BB reign them in before this season gets ruined too.


Christine is that nerdy odd chick that NEEDS attention from males because she never gets it outside in the real world. Its sad that another season of big brother is full of spineless women. It seems like the best way for a woman to win big brother is only with an all female cast. Get workin cbs


Yep, and now that she’s with the “cool kids” she’s turning into the type of person that she grew up hating.

Lady Luck

Christine will never be a cool kid….They are just using her. She is so stupid to realize. What she is not thinking about is the end game.


Or just get a cast like BB6, BB11, and BB13 cause the women outnumbered the men most of the time and ruled on those seasons and won.


What could Victoria have done to make production so upset??


Earlier Victoria said she felt bad and didn’t want production to lose their jobs. Must have been something crazy.


I heard that, …she said I told you production wasn’t telling me or feeding me information…I can’t remember the exact words. she also called somebody’s name…said she wanted to apologize.


Seriously, she must’ve done something terrible. She came out crying and saying how she didn’t want people to lose their jobs and production cut the feeds anytime someone even began to mention it.

What Did Victoria Do?

My theory is that Victoria was told by production that the boys were talking about her hand job since Victoria doesn’t want to get production in trouble. Victoria told Zach, Zach went in to confront the diary room…

That’s the only thing I could come up with since Victoria was just saying how she knows people talk about her when she leaves the room and I haven’t read here that someone told Victoria about people talking about her.


I am so confused. Victoria gave Zach a hand job?

Caren In Canada

Ahhh ok it is all starting to make sense to me now! In he feeds there was mention of Vic going this week, when Zack says no because after what she did in the diary room, she will eventually be the cause of her own demise! He really does have a LOVE/hate relationship with her! And I think he is ashamed of it, so he is trying to save her by essentially starting chit about her to save her! Maybe in another life Zack was that crow, and is trying to make amends! But I believe he wants a little bit of that cuddle action! (just my opinion)


Is there any hint about what Victoria did? Something to do with the BOB competition?


From something Hayden said on live feeds…I think they got onto her about cuddling/touching the males.
But I’m not 100% sure…


Wouldn’t surprise me if her orthodox family called and told BB to make her act all pure and shit.


There is some rumor that she was admonished in the DR for touching the guys in the house inappropriately, that is unconfirmed.


Didn’t she say she was engaged? I think it was her fiancee, I don’t think its touching people because Amanda and McCrae had S*X last season


Yeah but that is consensual. She is making the men uncomfortable with all her touching. That would make sense.


I want to know what happened with victoria in the diary foom! WTF????


It had something to do with her saying something happened in the DR that didn’t. I heard her saying last night that she had to “apologize to Matt.” It will come out eventually.


Matt that’s is name. She told Derrick something about she told people production wasn’t giving/feeding info. Someone must have reported him. (Maybe Vic, indicated as part of her game) that she had inside info…just guessing

Inside Reporter

It was reported that she went into the DR room uninvited. Was laying on the couch. When Matt went over to wake her up she was crying uncontrollably he tried to help her up, but in the process fell on the couch. Then Victoria begin to cuddle him uncontrollably. She ran out of the DR and ran into Zach. Matt reported it to BB. Upon reviewing her BB application it was overlooked that she has Cuddles Syndrome and both Hayden Matt have been infected. There is some concern from BB that Frankie may be infected too, because he had been seen showing symptom, he may passed it on to Zach. That’s why Zach can’t talk about it. They don’t want the fans to know at the point because they don’t think it’s spread only by contact, but could possibly be spread by live feed access. The truth is out there.

Caleb has poopy pants

Obviously Frankie is a carrier of cuddler syndrome. Cody is also showing symptoms. I hope they get the vaccine to the ones left. Otherwise it will run rampant thru the whole house. And then that dread symptom Eskimo kisses will show up! The horror, the horror…

The Truth

Funniest post I have seen!


I think she just had a meltdown and came out crying. Zach saw her crying and twisted it to tell everyone that something big happened.


“Hayden fingers Zach?!” I missed that part! What?!


haha I remember reading that last year and saying WAIT…WHAT?? haha It was explained it’s meant as he flips them off…gives them the bird. I so want to use that term in my everyday life! Ha!!


No disrespect at all, but is that a common term used for flipping someone off in Canada? So funny!


Heck if I know either. I just remember laughing at how funny I thought it sounded (last season) and reading all the other confused comments on here, until Simon or Dawg explained the meaning. It DOES sound funny to me too, but I would imagine there are also a lot of things I say, being from California…or the US for that matter, that sound silly to others. Ya learn something new everyday…that’s ONE thing I love about the internet- you can learn random things from other areas!

A Name

Christine is such a rat!! And why is Cody so jealous of Caleb and Amber when they don’t even have a relationship. Cody is gross, he needs to go!


Any idea what Victoria did?


I don’t think she did anything extraordinary. Zach’s just talking shit.


I am a huge BB fan. But if Brittany goes home this week, I don`t think I will be able to keep watching this season. Because these people are so low classy, and I don`t think they deserve my attention and time.


You sound like Brittany with all that “deserve” talk.

smd nicole

ur such a baby! brittany in no way deserves to be in the house! she goes around playing the victim card and has absolutely no game….. i hope its a double eviction and they get victoria and brittany both out this week they don’t deserve to be in that house at all


Victoria: “You should keep me here because I can be good for your game.”
Brittany: “You should keep me here because I need the money more.”
Sorry, but Victoria is a better BB player than Brittany.


Eh, I really hate Chrstine all that…but it’s not like Brittany is really covering herself in glory either. She’s talked a ton of crap about Victoria the entire time and she keeps talking about how some people don’t deserve to be in Big Brother. That’s BS, especially coming from someone who was scouted a week before Big Brother started.

Also, she keeps talking about how she feels the game hasn’t even started yet and it’s not her time to go. Uh, hello, you’ve been in the house for 30+ days and there have already been 3 evictions. THE GAME HAS FREAKING STARTED.

Team underdogs

I swear the women in the house will finally realize that maybe they should’ve accepted Joey’s offer once they are outside sitting with Julie. It is sad that Amber and Britney are being targeted when they’re the only two female players that seem to be playing the game. I really do not understand all the Amber hate! Christine unwarrented hatred for Amber has caused her to miss out on a great alliance opportunity.


Christine is ugly and stupid. Is there someway to write to CBS to change the current 3 team America members? Let’s give 3 new ppl the tasks and force a new alliance: Cody, Amber, Nicole/Hayden.


If putting up four girls didn’t wake them up, nothing will. Christine ran right to the “alliance” she thinks she belongs to and told the, everything. There is nothing more vicious than when girls turn on each other.


Ratine needs to go!!

smd nicole

brittany playing the game????? false! christine is actually playing the game even though its a really annoying and bad game she is at least playing brittany is just sitting around whining and talking about how much she deserves to be in the house


if Brittany was just sitting in the house ( like Nicole) she would have not been on the block 3 times and not be the biggest treat in the game.

She got up on the block 3 x. And she saved her own ass 2 and she will it again today


I’m pretty sure Devin saved her once,


What show are you watching? Christine hasn’t done crap. Just running to the guys and ratting people out isn’t game.


Her hatred of amber isn’t unwarranted, she hates amber because amber is prettier than her and is real and is not a phony like her.


I don`t like Amber because she was the one that told Caleb that Joey wanted a all girls alliance.

I don`t feel bad for Amber… Karma is a bitchhhhe


Wow, Christine is definitely the worst person on tv. I hope Amber wins HOH and puts that her up. I also hope Cody goes back and tells Amber what was said. I don’t understand what Zack’s beef with Amber is about, he acts like this game is based on truth, he’s the biggest liar in the house and the biggest scumbag who talks behind all the ladies back. IMO he’s a poor excuse for a man. Caleb is just plain insane, why do men take offense to woman who don’t return their affection, it doesn’t seem to me she’s sending mix signals, I don’t watch live feeds, but with editing you never what’s going on. All the boys (esp. Zack) need to grow up and stop disrespecting those women by calling them demeaning names. Have they forgotten who carried them for nine months.


Wow everyone trust Derrick! If they only knew he was the puppet master.I hope somebody blows his cover. Can’t wait till Christine is on the block she makes my blood boil.


She didn’t return his affection, but was fine using it to keep her safe. Once it got to be too much she turned to Cody and doing the same thing. Amber did admit she came in with the plan to align with the guys. Caleb is obviously not over his “love” for Amber because he can’t too obsessing and talking about her.

ITA that Zach is the biggest $h!t stirrer in the house. I’m always wondering if anything he says is true. I wish they didn’t block the feeds when Victoria was telling Zach what happened in the diary room.


BB16 = FratBrat + Ratine, The double HOH twist might have been good except the males they cast were obviously going to work together. Then you throw in a professional narc and you get this ridiculous season. At first I was upset they had recruited so many who were not BB fans but look at the superfans–Nicole/Ratine. They’ve done nothing with the opportunities they’ve had.


I guess we need to change our minds about having super fans on the show. Because Nicole and Christiane are proving that is not the case. And we all know some super fans, like Adam and Spencer and so many other always floats the whole game


Christine is not a superfan! She’s a delutional backstabbing fool.
Sitting on the couch a few times a week sucking down
bong hits does not make her a super fan besides in her own mind.
I hate snitches! Nichole better wake up soon that her bestie will
stab her in the back in the blink of an eye.


Not all men, but Amber does give Caleb mixed signals but Caleb is also entitled. He thinks he should get any woman he wants just because he is a vet and is white and entitled. Amber sometimes lead Caleb on just enough to keep him around protecting her.


Sometimes all you have to do is smile at someone and they’ll think marriage…

just saying!

By all means stop watching… you don’t matter anyway!

Christine’s goal as of now is to be part of the jury. She knows that these guys can take her that far.. she’s in a better position than most of the girls actually.. and honestly that’s not a bad thing.. She aligned herself with the right crowd.

Come top 5.. what she need is to win every contest to ensure her safety. And she will cross that bridge when she’s there….

Zach’s very entertaining.. you can’t read the guy.. HGs should not sweat on Zach really.. he will just say whatever he feels right and all will be well after.. she hates Brit but put himself in jeopardy to save her.. she hate Victoria but went to the DR and asked why she was crying. I like how Cody, Hayden and Derrick handles Zach’s tantrums (lol)

I love this alliance, they’re really playing each of their part..

Zach, Cody, Hayden, Christine, Nicole, Caleb, Frankie and Derrick FTW!

Caleb has poopy pants

The problem I have with Ratine’s “game play” is the mean spirited way she throws the other women under the bus. Have an alliance, it’s good game play.
But, don’t demean the other players. Especially when you know that all you are to your own alliance is cannon fodder.
It’s the same problem I have with Zach, Hayden, et all, the demeaning way they speak of the others. With those types, as soon as you are on the “bottom” you are the one they are talking about. Jocasta was right, you cannot reward that.


your opinion does matter to anybody here


I’ll say it again. Derrick is playing a great game and people trust him!! I like Nicole. She’s got potential. I still think the girls were stupid for not teaming up. Christine is stupid for repeating what Amber said. She could have held on to that info and be at an advantage if Amber win HOH next week. Love Nicole can’t stand Christine. Hayden is in a pretty good position. I hope Brittany stays and wins HOH next week. Game on….


Derrick is playing a dumb game, the shit always blows up in the ring leaders face, the ring leader never makes it to the end. There is not a single house guest who will take derrick past finally 5. At some point if he isn’t eliminated by the other side, his own alliance will turn on him when people like Zach who have won nothing realize they cannot realistically beat derrick in the finals. iT WILL basically be like a judd thing. Right now I think the person who will probably win is nicole. In seasons like this where all the good players go early it is usually the person who does very little and doesn’t piss off anyone who wins


Caleb has his issues, but he’s a good dude. There are some scumbags in the house, and he doesn’t crack the top 5. For all his faults, he still has a lot of qualities of a stand-up guy that most of the other people in the house don’t have. He doesn’t talk trash, he doesn’t even swear, he’s very honest… And he’s definitely not dangerous, like some posters are suggesting.

Caleb has poopy pants

I wonder if he is suffering PTSD?


I don’t think he saw any combat. He was a guard at an Iraqi prison. He said he hated it because the prisoners all mocked him (he’s a very sensitive guy).

Besides I doubt they would let someone with PTSD on the show. One bad night of drinking and it would get REAL ugly.

Here at CBS

Production encourages violence – see Evil Dick

Caleb has poopy pants

Geeze people, what with all the thumbs down? For once I wasn’t making fun of Caleb. Just wondering if BB had sunk so low that they would cast someone so fragile. But, then again, they cast Russell hanks’s brother. So I don’t wonder anymore.


I don’t think they were hating on you, just saying that NO, they don’t think he has that syndrome . 🙂


What some seem to forget about Caleb is that he’s seen the ugliness of war. Most of the boys in the house still live with their mommas. You can’t go back to innocence after that experience, not to mention that it probably does leave you bit paranoid. He doesn’t seem to be that bad of a guy, and who hasn’t done stupid things when infatuated with someone?


He hasn’t had a girlfriend in like 4 years. He grew up in a very small town. He just doesn’t know how to act.


Most of these people are cowards! I hope Brit and Vic don’t win POV for Donny’s sake. I don’t get getting rid of Donny when there is so many other people that NEED to go home. TEAM BEARD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Donny for POV. Save Brit. Caleb on the block. Donny/Brit win HOH…oh we can only dream!


I have never been more disappointed with this bunch of ‘ 3 cents short of a brick’ women…wait..I mean girls


I hate hate hate Christine the rat.


So, who wants to predict what women will be left by Jury? At this point Christine and Nicole might be the only ones left.


The two superfan females and all they care about is helping the guys so they’ll let them get to jury. Pathetic!


I don`t even consider Chritiane to be a human or women… She is a allien

Chuckles the clown

I have no love for Amber, but Christine is a rat. Some girl comes to make a real alliance that will probably last since Amber is so desperate in this game, and Christine goes up there and immediately rats her out to da boys. Weak weak women this year. It’s pretty embarrassing. I like the Cody Derrick Zach triumvirate but I wish the girls would put up a fight. It should be so obvious to them, Christine and Nicole, they are the last last rung on that ladder, the first to be sacrificed.


Ms Superfan Ratine just wants the guys to let her get to jury and lesser superfan Nicole is too afraid of her own shadow to see the writing on the wall.


Doesnt Christine know that rats never win big brother. Oh wait…. Ugh


There is no way the narc is going to let Ratine get to the finals.


I can’t stand Christine and Nicole with their stupid looking noses. I can’t wait til they are disposed of by the boys like the brigcade did Brittney while she was thinking she was high on the totem pole of the alliance. The girls are so dumb. They are nothing but sitting ducks. I don’t like derrick or Zack either. Donny ftw. All they girls will be kicking themselves wishing they had listened to Joey.

Caleb has poopy pants

Nicole is after Jocasta on Hayden’s little list. So how many weeks is that?


Seriously, what has happened to Big Brother US? It seems that almost everyone is employing the rat strategy, it may be effective but it’s not a joy to watch. As of now comparing BBCAN2 and this season I prefer the canadian version, at least in BBCan the lines were always drawn and no one was a “full time” floater. The “rat” of that season would be Sabrina but at least the viewers knew that she is loyal to the first five. Even Arlie’s loyalties were clear to the viewers even though he switched sides.

Also, I don’t know if it’s the players or just the editing of the series but watching the Canadian version (apart from the ads from the Brick) seems more engaging and fun.


Sorry, but i thought BB Canada 2 sucked. I just didn’t like all the rigging to Adel’s favor with the secret power and i also thought that having Canada nominate 2 people for eviction was crap as well.


It was still hilarious though; with Deli pretending to have the “Ultimate Backdoor”. There was just so much ridiculousness in that season.


Dawg … Where is the “none of the above” option on the polls?

BBBB eyes78

Christine must smell the fromundacheese everytime info is shared with her, good gawd, they will pick her off as well. And I wished Nicole could see through her sneaky bullshit too….. she is no ally to u Nic…


Has Big Brother America jumped the shark?


Pretty sure Victoria made it seem like someone behind the scenes hit on her or something and got caught in a lie about it


This is y BB needs an allstar season, this gang mentallity gets old…. at least past players will have the fortatude to play their game.


Congrats Christine u did it again first Britney was finally going to go against the guys and what did u do ran and told the guys then Amber was trying to make u see ur at the bottom of the totem pole and eventually after she goes and u turn on ur friend Nicole ur going to go right after them its going to be funny to watch u go to running around the house trying to turn one of the guys to go with u to go against the guys cause by then theres nomore girls for u to tell on cause ur big mouth got them kicked out and that guy u talk to go say yep yep lets do it and he’s going to go right up stairs and tell the rest of the guys and they going to laugh were going to laugh Amber and Britney going to laugh and they going to talk about how bad a player u was and vote ur as 7-0 Christine u suck.


would be nice if, Brittany wins veto and stays this week.

next week on the block,

Brittany/Jocasta vs Christiane/Nicole.

BOH winners – brittany and jocasta.

veto is not used.

Then Christiane is sent packing ..

This btichee gotta go, but gotta be a mainfull one


PLEASE use periods! Everytime you post I have to read it it 2-3 times to figure out what your sayin.

Love BB

I just skip it. unreadable.


I can’t wait to watch Christine get evicted. What an idiot. Amber’s deal was the best one she’d ever get in this house. I can’t f*cking stand her and her annoying voice.


I don`t even know who I hate more, Amber, Christiane, Frankie, Zack, Caleb or Derrick… so many options.


OMG I can’t stand Christine, she is the woman Andy. She is just a rat and they need to get her out soon. Also, if the girls were smart at all, they would go after Derrick. At this point, it seems like this is his game to loose(I know its early and things can change)


Victoria cares only about how she’s gonna look on TV… Sure what she did had something to do with it


In the beginning I was for Christine thinking she knew what a superfan was and thought we’d see great game-play and a little fan interaction. I have had a complete turn-around on my opinion. She drives me nuts! It’s like I can’t stomach to see her on the feeds anymore but I can’t turn away cuz I know she’s going to rat someone out or twist/degrade them unnecessarily and I need to know LOL!. Not only her rattin ways irritate me but her laugh and nose-blowin is so cringe-worthy – I GAG!!!

As for Victoria, I would not doubt that she threatened to get this Matt guy fired and sue Production and they called her out on her signed contract while having footage to prove it to be lies. I think Victoria and her family like that “Sue’ word. Would love to know the whole story


I completely agree with you.


big Christine fan now that she had Zach’s back

not looking good for Zach attack, I wish I had seen Boogie’s all star season how it ACTUALLY went down. since I have only seen the edited version, I just wonder how other than he and will having a side piece, how they made it that far with that much hate against them.

Zach is in trouble. even cody and derrick don’t seem to understand that having him there takes ALL of the pressure off them. you let Zach go, and all of a sudden Derrick and Cody will become targets

sadly. caleb is a 1 man team, and the girls are fractured. it appears Derrick/Cody final 2, maybe Frankie sneaks in there


Amber: “I think that Zach should be the first to go.”
Nicole: “But he would blow everyone up.”

What are you doing in the house you scared little girl?? If you are going to be scared, go home to mommy and daddy. Its time to start playing the game. She is worse than Jacosta and Victoria…she is a superfan and should know better. Hayden is just playing her.


From what I have seen on TV and the live feeds, I like Caleb and think he would be an amazing boyfriend.
He is head over heals for Amber and yes, it can appear creepy at times but, he was talking the one night on live feeds about feeling lonely and he has some girl friends who come over and snuggle with him and watch movies. His feelings for Amber are probably even more amplified because of the loneliness he feels. He took really care of Jacosta when she was sick and even went into the bathroom with her and stood beside her when she was barfing – now there is a good man! lol In the real world, I bet Caleb has no problem getting a women. Amber should get her head out of her a** and let Caleb know exactly how she feels towards him. She flip flops a lot around him and it gives him hope so he keeps trying. Once Caleb gets out of the house he will find the kind of girl he wants and will be very happy!


Not really a fan of Caleb, but I really hope he goes after Zach & Cody soon… I like that Amber isn’t like every other girl and she actually wants to make moves. The 2 guys I’m pulling for are Donny & Hayden. I don’t mind Frankie & Derrick, but they definitely let power get to their heads. As for 2 girls… Britt & Amber. I like Nicole, but she’s with Christine who thinks she’s the greatest thing since sliced bread lol not really sure why…


I saw on the live feed one night victoria said she had talked to one of her at home doctors about her medicine and she the doctor told her she was doig good in the game . That might not be all the info she got from an outside person watching the show . I really think victoria should be evicted for receiving outside info. Maybe thats what the big deal was . She should go!!!!!!