Brittany says Zach is the male version of Victoria. He just sleeps & she plays dress up.

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 19th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 21st
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Cody
Battle of the Block Winner Jocasta/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 24/July 18
Original Nominations: Brittany/Victoria(Cody) Jocasta/Amber (Frankie)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-19 08-45-17-860
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5:50am – 8am Brittany and Amber are still awake and in the kitchen talking. Amber says that she asked Zach what his reason for being here was and he couldn’t tell me. Brittany says for me the game doesn’t start until you get rid of the Zach’s and the Victoria’s because that is when you start making the crazy alliances and going against each other. Brittany says that Caleb said that I am up because people don’t understand where I stand? Are you kidding me?! Brittany says for me I don’t know how to go to people. Outside of here I don’t show weakness… Amber says I like to help you as much as I can because I am close to Cody. If you were still here who would you want out. Brittany says don’t say anything to anyone but Zach and Nicole. Also Frankie because he lied to my face. He told me that he was only going to put up weak people and then after nominating me he said that he was putting up the fiercest players. I am upset that Cody for me up and I feel like he owes me an apology. He compared me to apples and oranges saying that he doesn’t understand why I am here. Are you kidding me? I feel like every time I get put up people shun me. I feel like I have been excluded from everything. I just don’t get why I am on the outside. Brittany says I have never been give the opportunity to prove anything to anyone. Brittany says I would totally put up Zach. I still trust Cody. I would never put up Derrick, I love him like a family member. Zach he is like the male version of Victoria. I am not okay going home if Zach and Victoria are still here. After that I am okay with going home. Zach just sleeps and Victoria plays dress up. I honestly went to the diary room and told them that I want to go home now. Amber says you can’t say that. Brittany says I don’t give up in my normal life and it just broke me down. Amber says I can try and talk to Cody because I am close with him. Brittany says me, Jocasta and Donny aren’t going to make it to jury and I think that needs to be mixed up with Zach. He doesn’t deserve to be here. Zach told me I need to be cut throat and make up lies about Victoria but I am not going to do that, that’s not me. I don’t want my daughter to see that. Brittany says I was even going to volunteer for Cody or Frankie to put me up against Victoira that’s how confident I was that people would vote Victoria out over me. Brittany says I am tired of being put up on the block and being used. Brittany says for sure votes that I would have would be you, Caleb, Jocasta, Donny. Amber says if I know that I can work with you, I will do whatever it takes to keep you safe. Amber and Brittany discuss what Amber could say to Cody.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-19 08-32-08-152

8:20am – 9:25am In the bathroom – Brittany and Amber are talking. Brittany says she doesn’t get it. I’ve been up on the block three times now. It’s time for someone else to go up. Amber says yeah I’ve been up twice now. Brittany tells Amber I am telling you if you and I are in a challenge together like an endurance I would be on it until my legs fall off. Amber says even if they did replace you I think it would be with someone else that would stay here. Brittany you need to get you butt in gear and start playing the game because people don’t think you’re in it. Brittany says its crazy it’s not like am going to align with Donny or Jocasta. Amber tells Brittany on Thursday if you are still on the block I will tell you if you’re going. Brittany says I feel like people would vote for me to stay if the guys knew I wouldn’t put them up. I could says that I would put up whoever they want me to put up. Amber says don’t say that because what if they want you to put me up. They’re going to know we’re working together if you say you won’t put me up. Amber says its a good thing that Cody is HOH because he’s a softy. We just need to play hard in the POV. Amber says she volunteered to be the host if she doesn’t get picked. We need to get Cody to pick Zach as the host. Amber says no one can know that you, me and Cody are talking. Amber asks what should I say to him. Amber says tell him that I understand why he put me up, I was just upset.. Big Brother blocks the live feeds. When the feeds return – Donny is up with Brittany and Amber. Brittany and Amber say they’re going to go to bed. Donny is the only one up.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-19 09-19-00-645

9:25am – 9:30am Christine, Victoria and Amber get up and start getting ready for the day in the bathroom. Up in the HOH room – Zach asks how did you know that Brittany and Amber pulled an all-nighter? Frankie says because I was called to the diary room at 7am and he ran into Brittany and Amber and they said they were up all night. Frankie says so they were trying to figure out how to pull Brittany off the block. Cody says okay so that’s what’s going on. Amber is such a flip flopper! Cody wonders what he should say. Frankie says just nod your head to whatever she says. Cody heads down stairs and asks Amber when she went to bed. She says she didn’t. Cody asks are you out of your mind?!! Amber says I guess.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-19 09-28-34-860

9:35am – 9:45am Amber and Cody talking the storage room. Amber tells him that I don’t want to host I want to play in the POV. Brittany wants to talk to you. If Brittany is still here she will not put you on the block or come after you. Cody says I will talk to her but I just know that if she had won this week it would have been a different story. I would be up, Caleb would be up.. Amber tells Cody that she trust him and tell him that Brittany deserves to be here. Jocasta comes in and Amber says I would just like to not host. Amber leaves. Cody hugs Jocasta and asks her if she will be the host of the power of veto. Derrick comes in and laughs about what Amber just told him. She doesn’t want to host because she wants to play. Doesn’t she realize that its not like I pick the host first. Cody laughs at how Amber doesn’t even understand how it works. Cody says that Amber told him that Brittany deserves to be here.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-19 09-43-32-613

9:45am Up in the HOH room – Cody talks to Frankie and says that Amber said she talked to Brittany all night and I’m not her target. And she wants to play in the POV. Frankie says so basically she wants to play to take Brittany off. Cody says I don’t think she gets the concept that you only get to host if you don’t get picked! I am not picking you as house guest choice are you crazy!? Cody is annoyed that Brittany wouldn’t just come talk to him herself. They comment on how Caleb was up with her all night too. Frankie says wow. Cody says I think Brittany needs to go then Amber, then Jocasta and Caleb.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-19 09-50-32-922
9:50am – 10am In the fire room – Brittany talks to Derrick. He tells her that she needs to talk to Cody because there are people here that didn’t know he was putting you up, me included. Brittany tells Derrick that she trust him 100%. Brittany brings up Cody said he was putting up weak players and then he puts me up and says we’re fierce players. Brittany says the two people I think should go home before me are Zach and Victoria. I don’t think I have done anything for people not to trust me other than being hard to read. I have been on the board more than anyone else. It pisses me off that Cody said he didn’t know if Victoria and I were here for the game. Don’t compare apples and oranges. Derrick says I can mention something to Cody if you want. Derrick tells Brittany that she should be focusing on the Veto because if you win it you can basically tell people to go f**k themselves in a nice way. Big Brother literally changes at the drop of the hat. He told me that he just didn’t know where your head was at. Go out and win the POV and then you don’t have to justify yourself to anyone and this is a moot point. Just know I have your back and you can always talk to me. Derrick leaves the room.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-19 09-51-34-769

10:10am – 10:20am in the HOH room – Derrick tells Cody about his conversation with Brittany in the fire room. She thinks there was an ulterior motive to you putting her up. I told her that you just didn’t know where her head was at. Cody says I already told her that. Derrick says two things I took from the conversation are that Zach needs to keep his mouth shut and Amber can’t be trusted. Cody says there is no chance in hell that we are keeping Brittany this week. Derrick comments that Brittany won’t come up and kiss you butt like the other girls. Cody says that he will ask her flat out which girls are kissing my a$$. Derrick says Brittany said that Zach told her that everyone is voting her out and she thought she was safe and now she has to campaign. Cody says if she tells me that about Zach I am going to call Zach out. He needs to keep his mouth shut. Zach comes up and says we need to keep Brittany. Zach pauses and then laughs. Cody says I don’t know how much longer I am able to play this game with Amber. She played an all-nighter with Amber and now she is saying she wants to play in the POV.. why because you want to pull Brittany off the block if you win it!? Derrick says you just need to concentrate on winning the veto and if I get picked I will too. Derrick heads down stairs.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-19 10-07-18-989

10:30am Zach says hopefully you get house guest choice and you pick Hayden and then Brittany pulls my name. Zach laughs. Cody says next week Amber needs to go and then Caleb. Cody says he is stunned that Brittany won’t just come talk to me. Cody says we cannot let anyone know that Christine is working with us because she is finding out everything for us. There is not a single girl in this house that I would protect over Christine. Amber thinks that she can play me like she played Caleb. Cody says that Caleb is being a little b***h! Zach agrees. Cody gets called to the diary room. Everyone comments on how the picking for the Veto players will be happening soon since Cody just got called in.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-19 10-28-54-095

10:40am – 10:55am UP in the HOH room – Frankie tells Zach that you’re Brittany’s number 1 target. Zach asks what? I thought she liked me. I talk to her all the time. Frankie says she thinks she deservers to be here more than you because she has kids. Zach says I hate that excuse. Frankie says once we walked through that door we all became equal. Frankie heads downstairs. Frankie heads back downstairs. In the kitchen – Derrick, Caleb, Frankie, Hayden, Victoria and Amber are hanging out talking about random things. In the living room Donny and Christine are sitting on the living room couch. Caleb and Frankie head into the hive room. Caleb tells him about his conversation with Amber where he told her that every morning he feels like she will kick him in the balls and spit in his face.

10:55am Big Brother blocks the live feeds..

Alliances (Some Of these are dead)
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
Feed watchers = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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They should have a luxury competition where the losers game gets exposed


Brittany still trusts Derrick and Cody? She really sucks at this game doesn’t she?


I think she had to say that to Amber because she knows Amber could potentially turn around and tell Derrick and especially Cody what she said. You can’t say you distrust the people who can help save you and have the majority of power even if you really hate them.


Caleb may be annoying but at least you can get a read of loyalty from him. everyone else in the house are out right snitching each others game moves. the only one right now out of harms way of being on the block is Hayden. Hayden is in a great position to be safe for a few more weeks if he keeps his mouth shut. Derrick, Zach, Cody and Frankie all talked shit about Devin in how he acted, but these four douchebags are arrogantly walking around the house doing the same shit. Donny also did help himself when he used the POV on Jocasta. that to me was the turning point of the game. Devin was more valuable being in the game for Donny than Jocasta. Devin was a bargaining chip and an asset for a few players to go against the other side of the house and they voted him off. these idiots will continue to kill themselves one by one with the sheep vote.


*******what I meant to say was Donny DID NOT help himself using the POV on Jocasta*******


Donny did exactly what the group wanted done: use the POV to take someone off the block so that Devin could go up


none of the girls ( except christine and nicole) have a prayer.don’t like any of the guys except donny. don’t like christine either.


They should have America be HOH like they did in BB Canada..

smd nicole

america getting involved ruins the game every single year it would be better if america couldn’t do anything but vote for what vote the have nots can have


Yeah but if the guys keep winning then everyone will complain that there needs to be some kind of switch up


That’s because “America” isn’t smart enough to be HOH like Canada was.


I hated that. The First Five were winning everything fairly, so what if they weren’t likeable. Same applies to the Detonators. I don’t care if they are unlikeable, they are playing the best games and winning fairly so I don’t want an interference just because they annoy people.


Wow. so production is feeding Frankie info. This show is corrupt.


I think he meant that on the way to the DR he passed Brittany and Amber, and they said they were up all night. I could be wrong though.

andy 2.0

frankie and christine are the new andys its basically a repeat of last year. i really hope brittany and amber can pull it out, make it through this week, and hopefully actually go after the pansy guys


Something about Christine is very off to me. I really like Nicole, even though she seems like she is very spoiled. She’s one of those people that can dish it but you say something to her and she starts crying.. I wish Nicole would break away from Christine but I don’t see that happening.


Donny tried to warn Nicole about Christine!


I’m sorry but Christine drives me nuts! I don’t get how she isn’t on anybody’s radar. She is going to end up sliding through this game. I like when people fight to be there. Also, why doesn’t anybody like Amber? I think she seems very sweet. Her hair looks pretty crazy though lol


Brittany telling Derrick that she “deserves” to be in the BB house more than Zack.
(This coming from a last minute recruit.) #LOL


So basically Cody and Derrick will win this game. No one thinks they can do anything without their approval. So now the game gets boring, since we know the evicted order per Cody(Brit/Amber/Jo/Caleb……)
This season is officially ruin now.

Caleb has poopy pants

Hayden told Nicole the pecking order Friday night. And she and Ratine seem a-ok with it. Dumb girls!

Victoria's Secret

I’m dying here – what the hell did Victoria do in the diary room that’s so secretive. Maybe she tried to say someone in there came onto her or tried to hurt her and she wants to sue. Maybe they put a crow in there to freak her out and she want to sue. Maybe she wants to sue for withholding affection against all the people who refuse to cuddle with her. Let’s call her Sue.
Really though – any thoughts about what could’ve gone down?


Victoria’s Secret? Call her Sue? OMG… HAHAHA! Funny, very funny!


She seems litigious, so my guess is that she just threatened them with a lawsuit if she didn’t get the edit she wanted. Pretty stupid considering all the releases you have to sign to get on a show like this. But that’s that. Doesn’t seem to be hand-job related.


Nothing happened. Well, she probably had a mental breakdown. That’s why she came out crying. Zach used that to spin a story. (just my take on it)


According to the live feeds Hayden and Frankie said they got onto her about cuddling too hard with the males.
Also this am she mentioned to Zach that she needed to apologize. She then told Derrick that she had told them that production was not feeding her info. Apparently somebody named Matt got in trouble for telling her stuff. Which it appears wasn’t true. I don’t know if VIc had told them she had inside information or not.


that sounds better than my guess. thumbs up.

Caleb has poopy pants

Cody is such a child. Devin took Britney off the block because he felt sorry her. Cody had no part in saving her from Devin. But she is supposed to say thank you and kiss his feet because he thought about not voting her out. And talked to some of his BS bros about maybe keeping her


SOOO true, omg!!! Cody needs to get over himself. I’m over him.


Devin wanted Brit gone REAL BAD, even telling her “I don’t want people like you in this house” during his nomination speech, and getting really pi$$ed at anyone who’d even suggest that she should stay..
Cody was the most vocal in wanting to keep Brit. He, Derrick and Zach got the thing started, which ultimately lead to “The House wants Brit to stay” becoming common knowledge.
Devin had his back against the wall, he knew Brit would stay regardless (whether against PowPow or Victoria), so he thought it would be smart to prevent this “lost battle” to happen. He took her off and made a 180┬░. That would NEVER have happened if the house hadn’t refused to go along with Devin’s wish to get Brit out.


Yup! you are right Frenchie!


It’s like one minute if feel sorry for these girls, then the next minute I don’t feel any sympathy for them. It’s hard to feel sorry for them when they continually put all of their hope into these guys! Brittany, they have nominated you three times, why would you work with them and say that you will nominate whoever they want. Amber you are in their alliance and they have nominated you two weeks in a row… Do you guys not see that you are just pawns and once they are done with you, they will send you home packing? I just want some shake up in this house.


Agreed. I want to root for Brittany but she’s making it very difficult. Why the f*ck would she trust Derrick?? He’s freaking best buds with Cody who put you up. How delusional can one person be?


Is it just me, or didn’t Devin out the BS before he was sent packing? Doesn’t it occur to any potential usurpers that discussing plans with “previous” BS members will get reported. Do they not notice that its non-BS members that get booted each week? I guess it may be more obvious when u watch it from the sidelines, but geesh get a clue.

Caleb has poopy pants

Buuuuuuutttttt the cute boys swear that they will protect the poor, pitiful, females. So they believe it! Dumb girls! And well, Derrick is sooooooo trustworthy! Dumb girls!
And by the way is Cody starting to morph into a weird, unattractive cross of Derrick, Zach, and Frankie?

Uncle oldie

Derrick has her back. What a lie. Being a narc he probably hasn’t been truthful in years and doesn’t know the difference.


Come on people!!!!! Dawg is barely beating Victoria in the favorite houseguest poll. Get to votin’!!!!!!


vote dawg!


These guys will run this house until jury. These girls are DONE. If they want to survive they should team up with Donny. Donny has won more comps than any of these alpha males who brag about how strong they are! Zach how many have you won? Caleb you? Cody, up until now, how about you? EXACTLY. These guys are a joke.


Too late for that. That ships has sailed. I think Brittany has hinted to that, but Danny knows that trying to help them at this point is a losing proposition. He saves them, he moves up in the target queue. Saving Devin was their last best hope. They just don’t have the numbers. If Amber was smart, she could easily get Caleb, but then they would need Hayden and “Terrified to make a Move” Nicole, and that ain’t happening.

smd nicole

funny thing is…. zach is playing the game much more and better than brittany is….

TA Sucks

So tired of Brittany and her pity party. Stop complaining about other people and if they deserve to be there.


Brittany is such a whiner!! Zach may have not won a competition yet but he is playing the game!! He’s playing a smart and strategic game, yes he sleeps a lot but that’s cause he’s trying to appear as a non threat!

grizzle t

So wwhat needs to happen is someone outside the main group of dudes need to win hoh. put up derrick and frankie and the other person put up caleb and cody. just start some riffs in the group. just grow some balls. if i was donny i would oust team merica if they try to get him out.


I agree on all your thoughts, although I would like to Zach on the block with Cody rather than Caleb. Those four men need to be knocked down more than just a peg or two. It’s irritating to see such smugness only three weeks into the game. It’s more irritating that the girls just seem to go along with it. Fear gets you nothing but evicted in the BB house.


Rn, the best solution for Amber is distance herself from Cody. He’s such a faker. He honestly doesn’t care about her in this game and the way he talks about her to Zach , he doesn’t as a friend. She should start an alliance with Donny, Jacasta, Brit, & Caleb. The rest of the hgs are wishy washy and will go and tell about it (I.e. Christine ) Im tired of the same people dominating the house. She needs to get her head back I’m the game and stop thinking that Cody is really her friend.




i like cody but he’s incredibly 2 faced about zach. zach clearly genuinely likes him and never says a word against him but cody is so condescending with him in game talk and for someone he claims is his best friend he sure trashes him alot


Cody knows Zach is his buddy, BUT he also knows that Zach is telling people stuff about Cody that hurts Cody’s game.
As of now, I think Cody just thinks it’s in Zach’s personality to have “mouth diarrhea” and that he can’t help it. If this goes on, Cody will start to realize that Zach is doing this on purpose to hurt Cody’s relations to the other houseguests.
I think Cody and Derrick agreeing to “keeping the game talk to a minimum in front of Zach since he blurts it out to others” is a nicer approach than what I would have done: “he hurts us by continuously telling people our secrets. Whether it’s on purpose or not, doesn’t matter. We need him for his vote right now, but he’s no longer really our ally and we’ll get him out when the occasion arises.”
Keep it up, Zach, and that’s what will happen imo.


This is the reason you don’t recruit people to play BB. Brittany and Amber have absolutely no clue what is going on because they are trying to align with Derrick and Cody who are clearly and I mean CLEARLY together with Zach (to an extant).

You can all complain that Zach is a d***head and Frankie is a snake, but they at least are playing because they have WATCHED BB BEFORE.

Couple side notes
-Christine is one of those super fans who thinks she is in perfect position where all she is a vote with no ability to win a competition. Could she turn into Ian you ask ? 0 chance because she has no allegiance anywhere and can’t gain anything unless she wins HoH which she will never do.

-I’m SOOOOO tired of hearing this “Who deserves to make it to jury’s dc be here” because you are there to win, not let people stay in house for financial reasons!!

From Cody/Derrick/Zach/Frankie POV All you need to do is cut Amber and Brittany then cut the likes of Caleb, Nicole, and sadly Hayden and Donny because Jocasta, Victoria, and Christine all the perfect people to have in the final 6/7… Why the f*** would they willingly get rid of the weakest players we have had in seasons??? Lollolol watch out for Jocasta and Victoria !!!


there’s no reason for personal wealth to be brought up, unless the hg brings it up themselves. after that, if it’s used against them, it’s their own fault, and they should have known better than to say anything about it. it’s just as good a reason as any to attack a player, but i don’t think it would make any difference early in the game if the player hadn’t already made enemies – it’s just talk.

now, if it were final four, and everything else was equal, i can see where it might factor into a decision. all the more reason to keep your mouth shut when it comes to personal wealth, the conversation has no business in the house, other than to try and make less wealthy players feel inferior.


These people make me laugh so hard with their alliances. The thing that you need is loyalty. These people have none. They create alliances and then don’t trust the people in them. They have to wait for alliance members to leave the room before they can start saying how they really feel. They talk about how they want to be the next brigade, HAAAAAAHAAAA, NEVER. The thing about the brigade is that they were always loyal to each other and actually like each other. Chilltown, Dr. Will and Boogie were as thick as thieves, literally. Lol. Bomb squad, zach attack, detonators, JOKES!

mr ed

Derrick the Dildo should request a big steel cage with a wheel in it so his pet rats (Frankie and Christine) can get more exercise.Cody is a big wimp too!!!!!


Is there any hope for Camber?
Caleb & Amber
Caleb has a good heart and so does she. He truly cares about her and still does even though he says he doesnt . You can’t help how you feel about someone. Don’t get me wrong, Amber doesn’t owe him anything, but I think there’s going to be something to comeout of this even if iit’s just a lifelong friendship. All in all they need to talk and set things straight.


The only thing that I agree with you on is the Amber dosn’t owe him anything. It started getting to the point where he was looking like a stalker. He should have gotten the hint 2 weeks ago, but didn’t. You also have no clue as to what type of person he is. The only thing you can tell by him on TV is that he’s arrogant. The beast mode this and beast mode that, etc, etc. He started crying saying he was an emotional person…….maybe he is, but you really don’t know that. He was coming off as a total stalker and when he sees the show he’ll be embarrassed.


I just threw up in my mouth a little reading this.


Zach is awesome, I hate how much BS he gets for “not keeping his mouth shut”. ok Derrick, we get it, you hate Zach, my gosh


Sorry but am I the only one that thinks Britt is way hotter than Amber?! I think she has a much prettier face. Amber kind of looks like a monkey at times.


They need to get rid of Derrick the Crooked Cop, Frankie the Attention Whore, Zack the Big Mouthed Immature Spoiled Brat, and Christine the Rat!!!! They’re getting on my last nerve with their evil planning, putting down and talking crap about the other house guests because they’re insecure of their own pathetic lives, chewing like cows chewing their cud, and piling up in the HOH bed like Amanda and McCrae! Cody’s just mad because Brittany did not feed or stroke his ego, Caleb need a therapist like yesterday! Victoria need to keep her hands to herself! Brittany, Amber, Hayden, Nicole, Donny, Jocasta, and yes, even Victoria and possibly Caleb need to band together and destroy the Wannabe Frat Boys and send them packing; and put Ratstine in a jumbo sized rat trap!


brittany is such a moron. she is throwing zach under the bus when zach has protected her and stood up for her on multiple occasion. hell, he even wanted to save her this week until he found out she’s coming after him.
i feel sorry for zach because for the people he’s loyal too he’s been good and never really said a bad thing about them on a personal level or even rarely a game level. (cody, derrick, frankie, christine, nicole). yet every chance frankie, cody and derrick get they trash him to no end.
i understand that zach can be frustrating but you have to handle him with more patience like christine and hayden instead of the way derrick and cody do.
now he thinks he can trust brit and finds out he’s her number one target.


I’m for Brittany I so feel like her game wasn’t the best but I think she can pull staying this week, before I wasn’t a amber fan but know she is getting her brain back she’s starting to see the pattern with the nomanitions so I’m for that. They need to start playing and piece together derricks 100 allis and zacks low key “floater” statues because he’s such a great game player but really he’s a butthole hidden within a big alliance.


The game doesn’t start until??? Sorry girl, the game has started. You just didn’t start playing.


I hope Christine sails along to the finals, and even takes the whole thing and all the “rat” haters are just so pissed! First off they’re all rats, everyone in that house is doing it. Why don’t you understand that it is legitimate game play? Instead of rats you should call them independent players, alliances are not their game. I think recognizing that this is not a team game takes an inner confidence that most people don’t have. Also they don’t win every year that game can get blown up easily just like any other style. Only the best can win with it, and Andy was the best. Information is the most important commodity in the game. Secondly, the chances of Amber not outing her own “secret alliance” to Derrick and Cody or someone else is slim to nil. Did you hear that conversation? Why the hell should Christine ruin her game taking a chance on Amber of all people. Come on! I know people get bored and always want a flip but don’t hate on players for not making stupid moves just to entertain you! Also, there are still 12 people in the house and many of you want everyone to draw lines in the sand and go head to head. I think you are watching the wrong show, you can go watch The Challenge if you want to see stupid people play transparent team games. Christine has been lucky and smart to get into the spot she’s in, I don’t want to see her blow that up week four. She even has you believing she is too scared to make moves, but I don’t think so, Nicole maybe, but Christine will be ready. Unless she’s very unlucky, she will do some damage later in this game.
Anyway, seriously check out The Challenge, I think a lot of you would really enjoy it!

Lady Luck

Christine has to thank Devin for the position she is in. If he never brought her into the BS, she would never be part of the boys club. She is lucky, she is working with the situation Devin gifted her. She would have never been chosen as a alliance member by Cody, Zack or Derrick. Get Real!


It was 100 percent luck that got her into the bombsquad, but it’s smart social and game play that got into the detonators and trusted by so many people in the house. Cody just said today, he completely trusts Christine. How Cody and Derrick aren’t worried about the Christine/Nicole/Hayden group is an example of Christine and Hayden’s game.


I want to root for Brittany but the fact that she’s not smart enough to figure out that Derrick is not to be trusted — who is best buddies with Cody who just put her up!! — is ridiculous. I’m also very sick of her ”I deserve” talk. Look Brittany, the fact that you got married and popped 3 kids in and are now in the middle of a divorce now is YOUR problem and yours alone. If you say you deserve to stay in the game cos you care more about the game and are playing more than Victoria or Zach, that’s fine, but other people in Big Brother don’t need to pay for your shitty life or mistakes. You made your own bed. Deal with it.

Perplexed On Who I'm A Fan Of......

I think that is a little harsh…. but I agree she needs to stop feeling sorry for herself and play the game. I think her and Amber should work together and Donny and maybe Jocasta (although I’m not a big fan of her). I would like Nicole as well to work with them but she is tight with Christine and they want to stay clear of her, as she is a proven “rat”!!!
Brittany needs to win this POV for sure to prove she is a competitor and not all talk!!!


I genuinely want to root for her, it’s frustrating watching her game though.


the thing about zach is that he’s trying to play this game. he might not be very good at it but he’s still trying. brittany only plays when she absolutely has to.
and dont get me on how zach hasnt won anything. he hasnt be eligable to compete in battle of the block and in the 1 veto he had the chance to play he came in 2nd.
you can only truly judge him on hoh’s and brittany hasnt exactly done any better in those has she


Maybe I’m wrong, but I think some posts back, I read that Victoria said when she went to get her allergy medicine “they” told her she’s doing good (in the game). Maybe that’s what all the fuss is about? Maybe somebody behind the scenes opened their mouth & wasn’t suppose to & they got in trouble & Victoria got in trouble for telling it. Nobody in production is suppose to get involved & tell them whether their game play is good or bad. I just wonder if that’s what the “big deal” was.??


Omggg how can she say she trusts him when he put her on the block !!!! Ughhhh
And please amber change that hairstyle

Frankie, Cody, Nicole, Zach and Christine are aholes!

Go Brittany!

Zach is a nasty, aggressive, pot-stirring equivalent of Victoria-the-airhead!