Nicole “I’m just trying to figure out what to say.” Donny “Say Froot Loop, say CoCo Pebbles!

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 4TH
HOH Winner 1: Donny HOH Winner 2: Nicole
Battle of the Block Winner  ? Next HOH/ Next BOB Aug 8/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ?
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-01 09-18-21-451

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8:10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. UP in the HOH room – Nicole, Christine and Donny are waking up. Donny is looking at his HOH photos. He comments on what the world he was thinking in one of the photos. Christine leaves the HOH room. Donny asks Nicole if everything is still copasetic? Nicole says yeah… I am just trying to figure out what to say. Donny says say froot loops… say Coco Pebbles, it don’t matter. Donny looks at his photo and says I look so fat …goodness. Donny says it would be nice if you’re people dethroned me. Nicole asks really? Donny says Like what you side right here, for the long term thing. It would be nice, it would be good for tv. I try to think about how it would be for the viewer. I am a viewer. I will give mine a good pep talk after too. Nicole says I don’t want people to think that Zach isn’t my target. Donny says I would want to talk to Victoria because she will be crying and it would hurt my feelings. Him, I want him to think he is my target. But I want him to know that he put me up, I put him up. We’re even, we’re square. IF for some reason you’re here next week. We’re square. I don’t know what people would be wasting their time alone. I don’t know what in the world why a bunch of young people would target me. Donny says you best get up and eat. It could go fast. Nicole says I know I am just thinking.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-01 09-29-41-296

8:55am – 9:40am Victoria joins Nicole up in the HOH room. Nicole and Victoria head into the HOH bathroom to get ready. Victoria asks Nicole has he talked to you about nominations? Nicole says no. Victoria asks Donny are we good? Donny says we good. She’s my target. Victoria you have to win HOH so that you can get that letter and pictures. Victoria heads down stairs to get dressed.

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9:40am – 9:55am Nicole is annoyed in the HOH bathroom because she pulled down her pants and her butt was out. (The cameras weren’t on the HOH bathroom so nothing was seen on the live feeds.) Nicole is super worried about her butt being out on the internet now. Donny says he’s sure the camera’s weren’t on her.

Nicole says I don’t want to be mean to Zach at all. Like I don’t want to stoop to his level but I was thinking I could say something like… If I were to put him up. Zach .. I wanted to say something about a dictionary. Zach I wanted to keep up the tradition of bringing out the big brother dictionary and … I don’t know if this is too mean but I wanted to say something like BUT its not needed and I am sure you did expect this. I really wanted to says Zach I wanted to keep the tradition and pull out the big brother dictionary.. you can look it up in any dictionary the word Karma.. Last week you said some mean things to me and so I bet you did see this one coming. Do you think saying Karma is mean? Because it could then come back on me. Donny says yeah Karma would only be if he could go out the door you know? Nicole says yeah and he’s not going to. Donny says because all this nominations is useless because he could take himself off today. Nicole says yeah I don’t want to put him on blast but I don’t want to look like a weak player and .. Could I say Zach I wanted to pull out the big brother dictionary ..but its not needed. With everything that happened last week I am sure you saw this coming. Donny says that’s fine. And he’s been up there before all the way to Thursday and it didn’t bother him. Nicole says I think he wants me to say something mean so that he can say something back. Nicole is worried about her butt hanging out. Donny says these people in this establishment won’t put it out there. Nicole says I hope not because I want to be a nurse. Nicole says I wanted to run my speech by Hayden and he knew I wanted to too…but he didn’t get up. Oh well I can handle it. Donny agrees.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-01 09-50-45-271

10am Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the nomination ceremony to take place…

10:50am Still blocked..

Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole

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andy 2.0

i wish we could send theOBB favoeite houseguest poll to the house and see all of theirs reaction


I don’t know why Hayden is so favor he hasn’t done a thing worth remembering.


What are you talking about? In a game changing move he walked across the backyard on his hands!


did that change the course of the game? get anyone convicted?


Yeah and at the same time Victoria changed her tam.


You’re right. Hayden hasn’t done too much but in my opinion he is the lesser of evils left in the house


Wouldn’t it kill Caleb to find out he was as well liked as Christine? hahaha

Zach tops!

Nicole, don’t you screw this up Silly girl!


Nicole will screw up with putting up Zach & Jocasta. Zach will win BOB and dethrone Nicole.

Teri B

Exactly what I was thinking, Capt. Funny how Derrick was saying “the only way we’re all safe is if she puts up Zach and Jocasta”…..and the next thing you know she’s saying to Donny “I think I have to put up Zach and Jocasta”


give me a break

Nicole and Donny HoH reign is heading to be a wasteful HoH…Frankie and Derrick are basically getting the B.o.B nominees they want up….Jocasta will go home if she’s still on the block…..And Frankie and Derrick will save Caleb over Victoria…because Caleb still believes that the bomb squad still exist and is loyal to that…and Victoria getting closer to Hayden will make her a liability to The Cop and The Weasel…….Another girl is going home this week….Nicole and Donny are being stupid and scared with this nomination….4 guys up is the best option…

Cow Mode Beastboy

I meant to post this last night, but my narcolepsy kicked in while I was watching Victoria.

BUT — If I was Derrick’s wife, I would put him in slop when he got home. He and the Warrior Princess *snicker, snort* are a little too close for comfort. And I hope Christine’s husband has asked for his Troll Dowry back from her parents because she is making a fool of him.


Good luck Victoria, you probably pair with Caleb!!


Oh Nicole, if Zach wins BATTLE OF THE BLOCK!!! You’re totally screwed!! Good luck nominate Zach & Jocasta.

BB16 sucks

There is a clear danger that Nicole might screw this all up. She’s not bright, she already started plotting with Derrick (a cop who was preparing the ground to evict Nicole this week, in case she was ‘evictable’), Hayden and Tampax-Cody, BEHIND the Donny’s back.

Get it the game Donny

Donny really needs to use this week to make some sort of an alliance with Nicole/Hayden… a solid, real, genuine, alliance. The nice guy, old man routine won’t do him any good shortly (as soon as next Thursday if he isn’t smart). He has already won 2BOB, 2POV and an HOH by week six. You’re a threat, start acting like one!

I just think Nicole is too wrapped up in Derrick/Cody and wants that to be her alliance. Hayden needs to talk her into Donny/Jocosta as a true alliance with a Cody/Derrick side alliance. It is Donny’s only hope!

Go Donny!


What’s more exciting than BB? Going to the nearby military base and watching various groups who work there have a cardboard boat race! The boats can only be made of cardboard and duct tape and must hold two rowers. They have to race two lengths of an Olympic size pool without sinking, falling out or capsizing. Out of 18 boats, 15 managed that feat. The best part…the USO truck next to the pool giving out free hot dogs, chips, soda, and all the boxes of Girl Scout cookies you want (up to 5 anyway). Monster Energy gives away free drinks and stuff too. It’s cheap entertainment for two hours off work on a Friday morning. At least I wasn’t an unfortunate soul who had to go from swimwear back to my military uniform or suit and tie for the rest of the day.
As for BB speak, I’m glad Donny won and I hope we do start seeing some big moves. They all keep saying it’s too soon, we’ll it seems to me they’re running out of time. I also am with those who want Frankie gone, I find him annoying.


What flavor cow sperm juice did you get?

The Real Caleb

It’s bull sperm doofus. Cows have va-jay-jays..


wooooo hooo nicole and donny agreed zach wouldn’t be going home 😀 i’m SO glad caleb or frankie are the targets!!!!!!!!!!


I didn’t watch the live eviction episode last night but does anyone know if theres going to be a double eviction next Thursday?


Yes, Julie said double eviction night on Thursday!


Yep, and hopefully the end of the BOB/Dual HOH twist


yes theres a double eviction thursday! i think the 2nd person evicted starts jury and i believe the 2 hohs will be done thursday as well


Am I the only person out there who cannot stand Jocasta as a competitor? She does absolutely nothing. She can’t win competitions, she isn’t good at talking game, she isn’t even entertaining. I’m just baffled as to why production thought this woman was a good choice for Big Brother


yesterday as the houseguests were studying the video loops, jocasta was front and center sleeping!


Her bowties…


Same reason they thought Amber would be for good entertainment.. She’s a model, knows nothing about how Big Brother is played…. Nobody in that house liked Amber, but Crayleb. so it’s safe to say if Craleb wasn’t crazy in love with her she wouldn’t been gone 1st or 2nd week..




Just for my game I would at least cook and clean.

I actually want Joco and Victoria to go during the double eviction. They’re both useless and Derrick has both of them under his spell.

Silver lining

The only good thing that would come out of losing Victoria and Jocasta in a double eviction is that the houseguest will actually have to start playing and stop all the scapegoating and using them as pawns!


While Amber was just pretty face, kept safe by one HGs delusions, Jocasta is just a uber-floater, kept safe becasue she’s completely useless other than a number for votes…


I think her personality is okay at times. If she can memorizinb scriptures and give sermons I think the cat is out of the bag that maybe she’s not putting full force effort out. I don’t know how far she’s come from maybe living a certain life so now she may be extreme the other way. She just seems stuck between just being a person versus not using her religion and beliefs as the main part of her identity. To the point of being off putting an like she’s hiding behind it. And the intense ugly cries come off as a manipuation tool in the game to appear weaker but I could be wrong. She may have had more potential.She’s not dumb and actually looks pretty fit. Nothing wrong with prayer etc but there’s a time and place. God gave you a brain. Use it.




i love coco, and think donny will be safe even if she remains hoh, but i’m afraid she will let the other side control her renom if the veto is used.

please, nicole, prove me wrong – win, then rule your hoh on your own terms!


Dr. Will be proud of Zach is his protege.

Teri B

Once again, Capt…we’re on the same page. Zach has clearly studied Dr. Will and probably other “villainous” BB characters of the past. He is totally playing a character…and pulling it off!


Sorry to say but I’m not a Donny fan. I think he’s a big wuss. I cant believe he’s worried about a verbal attack from someone who acts like a 5 year old throwing a tantrum. That’s playing right into Zach’s game. I expect this week will be a bust. One of the expendable players Victoria, Jocasta or Caleb will end up going home next week . I’ve stooped watching the show because I cant find a solid player to root for that I also like and respect on a personal level . Maybe my expectations are too high but these past two seasons have been my least favorites. I think some changes need to made at the top (production wise).


Nicole, Hayden, Derrick, Cody keep bringing up solidifying an alliance. If they do, that is the alliance that can go to the end. Hayden or Cody will battle it out final three, to carry Nicole to second place. Derrick won’t be able to win sh*t at the end.

Simon you need to add that alliance went if becomes official.


When they made that show – Xena Warrior Princess – did they have victoria in mind when they created that character


Am just waiting when Frankie gets backdoored. That dirty rat has got to go and I hope Donny comes to his senses and gets him out if Nicole is dethroned!

I miss an ATTACK

I can’t stand Nicole

she throws the SAME insults people complained about for weeks. she is so darn boring, I can’t stand the idea of an alliance with the Pee Sitter Cody, Fruit Loop Dingus Nicole(what to say? you say you asked Zach if he would put you up and he said yes. instead we will have some stupid edit that shows her calling Zach names so that lame audience that only roots for the Jordan of the season can go “YEAH, GIRL POWER”. woo hoo

Derrick is playing a strong game but I prefer the detonators. I don’t like how EVERY WEEK we have a new big alliance based on who is HOH, that is just sloppy gameplay


I can’t understand Amber’s not being into Caleb! What girl can resist a guy in a hoodie onesie with her bunny slippers. I mean that needs to be in GQ!

Bad News

Bad week to win HOH, with next week’s double eviction. Donny and
Nicole can only do so much this week without ruffling feathers as their butt would be targeted first. The most likely thing to happen is Jocasta or Victoria sent out the door because little do you know Nicole and Donny they have the numbers still
And despite what they tell you, they are going to keep your target as they Are their boy so good luck Nicole and Donny

I miss an ATTACK

I hope Zach wins Battle of the Block

it would be AWESOME if they then had to scramble and really go through with the plan to get rid of Frankie. even if it fails, it shakes up the house and likely outs derrick and cody as traitors(especially cody the king of the sit and pee)

I fear that if he doesn’t win BOB, and someone other than Zankie wins Veto, that Nicole just won’t have the balls to do it, and Zach will go home because “he is so annoying”

I wish these people would start playing the game the right way. last week Zach handed them the answer on what to do. you get rid of hayden. and NO ONE listened. now? hayden is going to the final 5, you can’t even try and stop it now. sigh. meanwhile, Nicole is “targeting” Frankie when really she will take out Zach and call it a “big move”…Amber said Zach was running the house! I think he made 1 too many speech’s. I totally blame that stupid Team America BS. otherwise Frankie talks him down the 2nd time


If Nicole nominates Zach!! I’m sure Zach wins BOB!!!!


Could someone please explain why Frankie can’t be on slop? Derrick said there was some reason…his hand?!



I heard Frankie was saying he has poor circulation and couldn’t handle the cold in the have nots room. Christine was saying she’s gluten free and couldn’t handle the slop.

Fly on the Wall

So basically 2 piss poor reason to get out of something.

They really need to bring the PB&J back. That way no one can complain because theres plenty of different types of peanut butter and jelly that can accommodate everyone’s needs.


I am so happy they are getting out Frankie he is the ultimate weasel back stabber. I think with double eviction frankie has little chance of staying and seems like most want him out! Caleb and Zach are entertaining don’t want them to go yet. I think in double eviction it will be Joscasta/Frankie or Victoria/Frankie.

give me a break

I don’t think Frankie will be evicted because Donny and Nicole will put up Victoria and Jocasta and i believe one of them will go home, because Derrick cares about having the majority of vote and will protect Caleb and Zach over them…this is going to be a wasteful HoH…THEY should of just put up 4 guys…so they can guaranteed a guy go home this week…


It would be silly to put up Jocasta and/or Victoria for noms simply because their VOTES are needed.

You have a group of six (Derrick, Zach, Cody, Frankie, Christine, and Caleb) that you deal with. Put up four of the six, then have a Backdoor Plan A and a Backdoor Plan B (in case Plan A wins POV).

What would I like to see? Donny puts up Christine/Cody and Nicole puts up Derrick/Zach. Frankie for Plan A and Caleb for Plan B with the backdoor. The best that the group of six can do is get a 4-4 tie and force the HOH tiebreak; however, if Jocasta or Victoria are on the final block, then you lose that fourth vote and one of those two go out the door and this week will end up as a complete waste.

Am I reading too much into this? Am I missing something here? Something tells me that this process is going to get borked big-time


Wiki has the nominations before the ceremony took place. Eager much?


This could be a game changing week if Nicole can get Frankie out!

Even Donny if he stays HOH, Hayden needs to keep telling Donny that they (Frankie & group) were ready to evict him this week.

Either way one of them needs to create a power shift.

If Nicole was smart she would tell Donny how Frankie played Caleb into evicting amber …. They could use that to get Caleb on their side this week and he could be a vote to evict frankie.

I think the TA twist is what is making Donny want to keep frankie.


The sad thing is if Frankie does go home…..they will probably bring him back. Don’t screw this up, Production.


You are probably right 🙁

Fly on the Wall

And this is why Alison Grodner NEEDS to be evicted from this show. She’s as predictable as a house vote.

Go Nicole

It’s so nice to see a different set of people in the HOH room!

Christine's crazy eye

What exactly constitutes a BB threat? I would consider a threat, someone who consistently wins comps, is able to be sociable with a variety of personalities, make alliances, and think rationally. I don’t necessarily see a threat in muscles or beauty. What exactly has Caleb won? 1 hoh at the start, his social game sucks, he is not a rational thinker, and he is in a “fake” alliance. Why is it that winning 1 hoh confers “threat” status?

Chick in LA

Really want to see Donny’s pic without his beard.. On a different note, I really see this week being a bust with probably Victoria or Jocasta going home. Hope I am wrong


Do a google search Donny Big Brother — several photos of him


darnit hayden had to tell a bunch of people how Zach is 100 times smarter than caleb

some people seriously salting #wildcard ‘s game. he just needs to sleep through the storm.

new to BB 14

Sounds like Donny is putting up Calib and Cody because they put him up hopeful they win BoB and dethrone him.

Nicole seems to be set on putting up Zach and Jocasta.
If they lose the BoB and Zach wins the veto and Nicole follows through with bacdkooring Frankie it would be Frankie and Jocasta on the block for next Thursday which would probably go like this
Donny votes to evict Frankie
Hayden votes to evict Frankie
Beast mode goes pussy votes to evict Jocasta
Derrick votes to evict Jocasta
Mangina(cody) votes to evict Jocasta
Backstabber(Christine) votes to evict Jocasta
Crow food(Victoria) votes to evict Jocasta

Sad but true

Ricky (teamZackAttackBisexual)

as long as Zach is safe and still in this house after the double eviction. I wouldn’t want to be bored without watching him.


these people should be gunning for Nostrils Derrick. Nobody will win against this SOB. get him out NOW.

Teri B

The problem with Derrick is that he plants ideas in everyone’s heads, and then ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS at the end of the conversation, he’ll say “whatever you decide to do, I’m with you”.



I nominate Frankie and Derrick cause you should go spend some time with your families. bu-byyyyeee


As long as Zankie is safe, I couldn’t care less who leaves. Donny and Nicole are as exciting as burnt toast up in the HOH. I see nothing in those two.


Because I like to be completely off topic…..taurine is synthetic bull piss…not sperm. You only use sperm to get rid of acne! (That last line was complete sarcasm, but I could see somebody taking it seriously)


Am I the only one who is sick of Frankie and derrick trashing donny bc he didn’t want to complete this weeks mission? It was NOT a smart one to do..and I’m so tired of hearing them say they’re done with donny..they’ve been talking about getting him out this whole time! They’re playing it up in front od the cameras in hopes America will turn on donny too..not happening here!!


I love hot cocoa….. Mr.Roper is that you?