Zach says I’m not going home! I will eat a banana, I’ll eat 20 bananas! I’ll suck your d**k!

POV Holder: Chrsitne Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 4th
HOH Winner 1: Donny HOH Winner 2: Nicole
Battle of the Block Winner  Caleb/Victoria Next HOH/ Next BOB Aug 7/Aug 8
Original Nominations: Donny’s Noms (Victoria & Caleb) Nicole’s Noms (Zach & Jocasta)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Frankie, Cody and Hayden
POV Players Nicole, Christine, Jocasta, ZachAttack, Caleb, Victoria,

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-03 02-48-47-447
1am In the living room – Cody, Christine, Derrick and Frankie are in the living room talking. Cody says after this is all over I would like to stay here in LA for a while. Christine says Amber has a place here. Cody says I don’t think Amber would be that mad at me. They’re all sitting around talking about random things and about their lives outside the house.
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Big-Brother-16-2014-08-03 02-05-36-041
2am In the living room – Victoria, Caleb, Zach, Jocasta, Frankie, Cody, Christine, Hayden and Derrick are talking about dating. Victoria talks about dating. She says when guys come over her Mom has coffee, tea, cake, etc, out for them. She says she pretends to need to still get ready so that her mom can grill the guy. Victoria says she texts her mom throughout the date too to let her know how its going. Zach asks if she does this more than once a week with different guys. Victoria says yeah. Zach asks if she takes guys to the apartment she rents. Victoria says she doesn’t take guys there. Its for work, I don’t want to get it dirty. Zach says oh so guys are dirty. Derrick says my wife busts my balls everyday because I call my mom everyday. Caleb says when I pick a girl up I tell them exactly what’s going to happen. I pick a girl up with we’ll head out to a field with pizza and beer and watch the stars. Zach says smash lab! Caleb says sometime we be half drunk and and ask them hey what do you want to do? They house guests yell! Caleb says sometimes we’ll go cow tipping. We don’t do that any more because I’m gown up and know that you can kill them. Caleb says Amber loves hiking so I would plan a date with hiking because its more about her. Derrick asks would you talk about how you voted her out?! Caleb laughs and says no we wouldn’t talk about that. In the kitchen Frankie and Cody laugh about how Caleb has his and Ambers name in his hat. Cody says come on dude!

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Big-Brother-16-2014-08-03 02-27-22-191

2:40am – 3am Zach asks Victoria what she drives. Victoira says a Hyundai. Zach says what a Genesis, Sonata? Victoria says a Sonata, I just leased it before I came in here. Zach says can’t wait to have my Prius. Caleb says even if you do get evicted Thursday you’ll go to jury and you’ll get your prius. Zach says I’m not going home Thursday, I will eat a banana, I’ll eat 20 bananas! I’ll suck your d**k! Zach wonders if he will get lots of dates after. He says he would be ecstatic if he got two dates a week. Caleb says talks about adding a girl on facebook that’s a smoke bomb and then didn’t message her for two years because she was way out of my league. When I did message her and talked about wanting to be on reality tv she said she doesn’t date guys who want to be on reality tv. Zach says in Florida there are literally 17 girls walking around in thongs and you don’t know they’re 17. Zach says I am going to go to the mall and hit up Forever 21 and hit on the girls there. Caleb says you don’t chase a girl you let her come to you. Caleb says where I come from I am the town bachelor. Zach laughs and says just sounds funny. Caleb says in that town me and my brothers own that town. Everyone knows us. We have the biggest salon, the biggest church. Caleb says when I get out of here I am going to be getting Facebook and Instagram direct messages like crazy! Zach says eviction speech is going to epic! Caleb asks Zach to tell him his speech.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed FREE TRIAL – Use the FLASHBACK feature to watch everything you’ve missed!

Zach says its a poem:

“Roses are red, violets are blue. Bla Bla Bla is my target and I’m coming for you. I love all you people and I am so grateful. Maybe I’ll even change my ways and not be so hateful. We’re all going to jury, we’re on the right track. Fans and America please hashtag Zach-Attack. House guests please give me another chance, If you want to follow me on instagam or twitter my name is Rancypants. Your decision is crucial, the wrong choice my cost ya. So when you walk into that Diary Room please vote out Jocasta.”

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-03 03-07-33-492
3:10am In the hive room – Derrick and Jocasta are praying. After Derrick tells her to wait until after Monday and see what happens. She says that she thought she almost won that competition. Nicole joins them. She tells Jocasta to talk to Christine first and then talk to me.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-03 03-09-14-653
3:15am – 3:35am Hayden and Cody are talking in the havenot room. Cody says that Christine wanted Zach gone and now she’s pushing for him to stay.. Hayden says and obviously because of Frankie. Derrick joins them. He talks about praying with Jocasta in the hive room and how Nicole came in and it got awkward. Hayden says that Christine is really pushing for Zach to stay. Derrick leaves. Hayden says I don’t mind if Zach goes because that takes away from Frankie and Christine. Frankie joins them and they go to sleep. Cody comments that he didn’t want to be the guy that hit on a girl and go denied on national television. He talks about Amber laying tickling his arm for hours. Cody says I am telling you right now Brittany would have made out like a champ. Hayden says you would have shoved your face in her boobies. Frankie says I am telling you if you act guy you would get so much more play.
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Big-Brother-16-2014-08-03 03-15-26-042

3:30am – 3:50am Zach and Derrick are sitting on the living room couches talking. Derrick talks about his wife Jana paying the minimum for the bills while he is gone and then when he gets out he can take care of them with the stipend or winnings. Derrick talks about the small house they live in. The conversation turns to talking about the casting process and how they noticed. Zach says she saw Nicole and thought no way she’s getting on the show. He says when I walked in she was the first person I saw and was like alright. Zach says Nicole is the Ian of the show. I’m the Amanada. Derrick says I’m the Helen of this season. Derrick and Zach get ready to go to bed. Zach looks at the memory wall and says its crazy 5 people are gone and 2 more could go this Thursday. Zach comments on how he Zach says that Victoria is unintelligent, she’s weak. Derrick says and that’s why we’re keeping her.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-03 03-38-44-964

3:53am – 4am Derrick heads up to the HOH room and he and Nicole head outside to talk. Derrick says that Zach was asking if Christine would use the veto and I told him he needs to campaign hard. I was talking in the havenot room with Cody and Hayden and Hayden said that Christine was talking like she wasn’t using the veto. I don’t think she would use it because she doesn’t know who you would put up as the replacement. Christine walks by and notices them talking. Nicole asks him if he thinks Christine will use it. Derrick says he doesn’t know. Nicole says if Christine does use the veto she’ll put up Frankie. Nicole says she’s not going to put up Donny. Nicole says that Zach’s target is me. Nicole says getting rid of Zach is best for all their games because he can snap at any moment.. Derrick says that Zach’s target is Victoria and not Nicole. Nicole says that Zach told her to her face that she’s his target. Derrick thinks the battle of the block will still be going on next week and if I win HOH I have to find reason to not put up you, Cody and Hayden. They agree how if Christine asks what we’re talking about I’ll just say it was about you walking in on Jocasta and I talking earlier because it was awkward.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-03 04-00-04-015

4:10am – 4:15am In the earth room – Zach, Derrick and Christine are talking. Zach asks if she (Nicole) still want me out? Christine says yes. Derrick tells Zach to not be so obvious but that he should still campaign. Zach thinks the vote will be 8-0. Zach tells Christine that he’s glad she won. He tells her that he’ll make her breakfast tomorrow but then says he doesn’t want to make it obvious. Zach says we’re in such a good spot. Christine agrees. Zach says if Frankie or Cody win HOH we’re good. Zach tells Christine you are the only girl that has a chance at winning this game. Christine says laughs and oh my god. Zach says after Thursday there will only be 3 girls and 7 guys. Zach says we have to make sure we get to the final 5. Christine says we just have to make sure two of us aren’t on the block. Zach says we’re so close! Zach says we are essentially like the Brigade we control the vote. I honestly think everything is going according to plan. They say goodnight..

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-03 04-16-10-921

Quad Squad = Nicole, Derrick, Hayden and Cody
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
bottomfeeders = Derrick and Nicole

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Why did that evil witch have to win? Well if she pulls Zack off, buh bye Frankster. BB After Dark is so boring. A lot of people in the house are fake and not showing their true colors, except for Zake, I don’t know what the BB scouts saw in these people, they probably put on a good performance during the interview.

Truth sayer

Jocasta going home was the most likely outcome the moment the two hoh did not put up all 4 boys. As said previously you cannot allow that much wiggle room if you want to take out one of them. The way these two picked their original nominations made it a very safe week for the detonators. Really? People though Jocasta would win pov? She is the only person who would have to win veto for any action to be made .. These players are all talk. If Donny would have been picked and won he would have been told he would be the replacement if he changed the noms .. Even Nicole would keep the noms the same .. Much safer that way for her game. And there is still time to put Donny up as the replacement anyway. Doesn’t seem that likely but that’s the second most likely thing to happen (first being that noms stay the same). Nicole should just get rid of Donny .. He is either with her in a real alliance or she should get rid of him. But she is kinda sheepish so Jocasta is the one packing. Don’t blame Christine on this .. Everyone but Jocasta would have ended up with keeping the noms (or remotely changing it to put up Donny). Truth.


BBAD last night would have been FINE if the people in the HOH waiting for the POV comp to finish would have just shut UP. Derrick there rattling bags of candy or whatever up against his mike, random chatter.

I guess they couldn’t hear production and Zach, etc talking for the comp, but it was definitely there. How could they not realize all the mikes were coming thru for the feeds? It could have been interesting had the boring HOH non comps had stopped talking about boring stuff at random times.

Fell Asleep

Snorefest !!! Jacosta will be gone and the same old shit for another week ! Can’t keep up with all these great twists and turns so far. What a joke this is! Another production rigging !


I bet ‘cha the pov comp was one of those composed where BB announced the time and the hg had no clue how each other did. In other words SAVE FRANKIE BY GIVING CHRISTINE THE BEST TIME. Its so bull**** how they want to keep him to pop ratings.

Even the DR got into Derrick’s ear, to save Frankie. Even though for the last day and half he was pushing for Frankie to go.
I wouldn’t be surprised when (or if) Frankie does go he’ll win the online vote to bring back a returning hg.

Still waiting for a twist ….


Agreed. Where are the twists for the “most twisted” season?? Jocasta going home is fine I guess since her God talk is so annoying and seems shallow. I’m not bashing her religion just her – if she’s a minister I would hope she’d be more knowledgeable about religions and faith. She just does random bible quotes. And she’s a terrible players!! I mean horrible like Victoria.

And why do these young people have so many ailments? What’s with Frankie’s circulation issues that he tries to get pity from?? And Jocasta getting sick all the time??

I love when Donny said his summer was wasted being stuck in house with a bunch of juveniles. I think it’s time for him to shave!


Not necessary ture about Jocast being a minister and thinking she should know about other religions etc. You would hope so because it would actually strenghten your own faith and knowledge. But it is not that unusal for ministers to not know about other faiths or religions or to even be really ignorant in general. It just depends on the person. But I do wish she would have came in there to just play game with the “Old Jocasta” lol.


It does appear that it is rigged. [?] If they don’t take advantage of this opportunity then the appearance seems more like a plan and that isn’t a game but a setup. I liked BB when people actually played and didn’t sit around allowing others to orchestrate their game. The fact that people are sick of Frankie probably means BB will do what they can to keep him for his entertainment factor. This is looking more and more like politics and our do nothing Congress.

Teri B

Yep…lather, rinse, repeat. Same as last year….and the year before….and the year before



This season is supposed to be “Twist after Twisted Twist” and there has not been a *new* twist since Team America. Snorefest indeed. BOB and TA are the only twists so far.


Agree! And these *twists* have only made the show more predictable and dull………


It is so predictable and boring this season that I have stopped watching the CBS show because it is the same old thing week after week. BB used to be one of my favorite shows but after this season just a waste of time and space.


Don’t blame AG for the snorefest….. wait a minute it’s AGs fault!!! Yup the BOB and 2 HOH’s are the culprits along some very bad players who are getting sent packing. Weak stay on the block, backdoor used when possible, keep the weak til next HOH, rinse and recycle! And add a huge controlling alliance you get the season so far.
Grodner better get the old format back for Thursday. The 2 HOH thing gives to much control away from production. I for 1 do not see production all over Frankie’s game. Hg’s talk smack, target so and so1 His name comes up like others no biggie. His social game has slipped mightily the last couple weeks but he still a serious comp threat.
Lets presume Christine does not want Frankie up so no veto used. Jaco goes 7-1 and hopefully the double. Then we get to jury they can’t keep doing 2 HOHes so we gotta get back to the norm soon. Not a lot of sit on your hands time left unless your Victoria who has been the perfect do nothing lay about.
11 to 9………..

Think they get Donny after Jaco thus Caleb squeezes into jury. Though frankly a number of folks could go out 10th……….. Christine, Nicole, Donny, Frankie, Caleb or Zack. The 1st 4 on my list above are locks to get F9 IMHO.
The season isn’t terrible it’s just predictable. That has to get some edge to it soon. My F4 ATM…..
But what do I know?

AG is to blame

Why not blame AG? She is the producer after all. Since she has taken over every season has been predictable, increasingly horrible as far as gameplay, “America voting” is a guise for production to do something, every season has had 1 person mention production trying to pull strings in the DR (This season someone mentioned how Frankie and Zach are trying to use production to further their game), every season production has their fav and they seem to get thru every tough early spot they could be facing.

But it’s ok, we all had a moment where we didn’t want to see BB becoming a scripted reality show.


Ugh there goes the Frankie backdoor plan. What a bummer this week started off with so much potential


A lot could happen til veto ceremony; it all depends on what Derrick wants.

Derrick could tell Nicole to convince Christine that she wants to put Donny on the block. Of course, Derrick have to want Frankie out and Nicole will have to pretend she wants Donny out.

At this point, I think Derrick could manipulate anyone except Donny.

Teri B

Although I’d love to see this happen, it won’t. I don’t think Derrick “really” wants Frankie gone. Not bad enough to risk anything. He’s wayyyy concerned about the numbers now. And “at the end of the day” (LOL) I think he looks at Frankie as one of his numbers. Just MHO


If only Frankie knew how close he was to getting backdoored. 30 seconds.


ugh now we have to continue seeing pinky making retarded jokes and acting like a cocky douchebag in DR.




This is so annoying! Finally a big move was going to be made. Either taking Zach out or my favorite option back dooring Frankie. Now b/c of Derrick and Christine wining veto Jocasta will be going home. Which is ok. I just wanted some excitement! I like the Cody, Derrick, Nicole and Hayden alliance way better than the lying snake detonators. Derrick & Cody shouldn’t even question who to work with! They can see Frankie and Christine are untrustworthy rats that will backstab them in a heartbeat. Wake up in there people!


Hoping for a miracle….


Does anyone else think the way Christine rubs up on Cody and constantly touching him is disgusting behaviour for a married woman? And would a guy that looks like him (the shallow d#@k is attractive) would even give a woman that looks like her the time day? Her poor spouse….he must feel so humiliated!


Her hubby is very upset and osted it on hiw Facebook and Twitter that he was and for people to stop contacting him about it. I felt bad for him. It was about 2 weeks ago.


Now on twitter he is acting ok with it. He claims he finds it funny how outraged people are. Even makes jokes about it.


Any normal married man would be pissed! If it were reversed, I’m sure she would be pissed is her husband was all over a girl in the house 500k or not. I’m sure the house starts to make anything look good and I mean anything. They keep voting off the attractive girls, so any girl will do at this point.


Ya, she’s gross. In real life she would have no chance in dating Cody. She was probably not popular in high school, so now that she has some male attention she’s soaking it up. Her husband Tim said he wasn’t happy about her cuddling sessions, but she’s just a “touchy” and “friendly” person in general. He gave an example of when she thinks something is funny, she will grab the person’s arm and laugh (I think that’s a lot different than lovingly stroking someone’s arm for hours and then cuddling in bed with them, but ok). He said he is not divorcing her and he thinks all the hating on her is ridiculous. I heard him talk about the situation on a podcast show. Well, I think Tim is a stupid blind idiot, because it’s SOOO obvious Christine is not just being “friendly,” she is crushing on Cody hard. I don’t watch the live feeds, but from what I read and pictures I have seen, she doesn’t do that to the other guys to that extent. Plus she was so jealous of the actual pretty girls going near Cody. I can’t stand how weak of a player she is. She does whatever the guys say, because she wants to fit in with the “popular crowd” for once in her life. I feel like she’s only there to feel like she’s “popular” than to win 500,000k. I can’t stand Cody’s constant need for attention from any female. He’s good-looking, but his flirtatious behaviour with anyone that will look at him is a turn-off.


This must be the Glass House Crowd.

In the words of Dieter Dengler, “If it itches, scratch it.”
Christine has an itch and Cody loves to scratch.


Here’s the podcast, where Tim addresses the cuddling: . It starts around the 30 minute mark. One of the other guy’s on the show is just as stupid and naive as Tim. He’s saying the cuddling is just part of the game and strategy. He also compares Zack and Frankie’s cuddling, and breaks it down to being just part of the game. Talk about these two idiots being in denial!


Christine asked Cody if she can replace Amber in his life. What a jealous broad. Her hate towards Amber was solely based on Amber being attractive and getting attention from the guys.

Victoria is a sad case. So she has these poor suspects date her mom? Who does that? Seems extremely childish.

Caleb telling another man that he should never chase a woman is hilarious. Delusional isn’t enough to describe it.

Frankie telling the guys to pretend to be gay may just be for his own benefit. Also, I get disgusted every time he mentions his gaping backside. Disturbing. Hopefully he goes SOON.


Last week Christine said she was moving to the east coast. Probably to be near Cody. And we thought Caleb was the stalker in the group. And by the way, she’s still ugly.


Reread the post. Her mom grills the guys as Vitoria is getting ready. Victoria is on the date and text her mom while she is on the date with the guy. I see nothing wrong with what Victoria is saying. As a parent of a college aged girl, I would want to meet the guys my daughter is on a date with. Victoria is sheltered, but she is a good person.


On Wednesday & Thursday’s episode she had the nerve to lie to us at home (pulled a Straight Shooter Shelley on us) during he diary room session saying she wants Amber to stay. I don’t ever recalling saying anything nice about Amber besides when she was talking to Amber face to face.
Between Nicole, Victoria & Christine I don’t know who was more jealous.


Yes! Yes! Yes! I thought I was the only one that noticed that she lied to the viewers at home too. She is really a sneaky manipulative person. She told all of Amber’s secrets to get Amber out of the house to be closer to Cody and it worked.


On Wednesday & Thursday’s episode she had the nerve to lie to us at home (pulled a Straight Shooter Shelley on us) during he diaryroom session saying she wants Amber to stay. I don’t ever recalling saying anything nice about Amber besides when she was talking to Amber face to face.
Between Nicole, Victoria & Christine I don’t know who was more jealous.


Well all this should make it obvious to Nicole & Hayden that they’re on their own. Their only hope is to solidify with Donny & hope one of them wins Thursday. Then they put up Frankie/Derrick & hope to pick up the stragglers. Not very likely – my guess is one of those three (probably Hayden) is gone on Thursday along with Jocasta unless Derrick/ Frankie decide it’s finally time to attack each other (but it’s probably “too soon”). At this point they may stand a better chance with Frankie/Christine than Derrick/Cody because Derrick too paranoid – he is right – he is Helen.


I can’t believe Derrick is a Boston police officer Sargent he’s the most paranoid cop I’ve ever seen plus he doesn’t read people to very well either. Or was he a security guard in Boston, now I’m confused but not paranoid.


Another lame ass season of BB. The house is once again filled with followers with no vaginas and therefore another undeserving person will win. Next year let’s try for a house full of Zachs.


Then everyone will be complaining about how much they like strategic game play and Grodner only casted for drama. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.


Would spice up this board…

Big Jim

Should be interesting this week. Get rid of loud obnoxious Zach or ?the weak worthless Jocasta? Zach seems like ?the obvious choice but I’m sure another week will be wasted and Jocasta will be ?the first eviction. Hopefully Frankie will be right behind her


Heres what hopefully happens. Zach bargains and bargains to Christine to use the veto on him. Combined with Zach’s campaigning, Nicole tells Christine that if she uses the veto, Donny will go on the block. Christine eventually uses the veto and Nicole shocks her and the house by putting up Frankie instead.


Yes but so what? The votes wouldn’t be there to get him out, it would still be Jocasta. (Unless Derrick sees the opportunity and grabs it but I’m betting he won’t).

Not A PHD Student

Caleb says you don’t chase a girl you let her come to you.

Just like you let Amber chase you all over the house. This guy is not a tool he is the whole tool box


Cody said he wanted to blow up Frankie’s game.
(Guess he forgot LOL)

mr ed

This coming from the human Mangina !!!!!Full of hot air and butt cream !!!!!


Oh Nicole, Nicole, Nicole. Why didn’t you just go to sleep and shut up? You just showed every card in your hand. You silly girl! Pathetic game play.


What happened to make Derrick and Cody start questioning Nicole? Derrick said something about catching Nicole in three lies? What was that about? I have clearly missed something and would appreciate anyone filling me in. Thanks!


I’ve asked that same question and haven’t seen anyone post an answer yet.
I don’t remember her saying anything to Derrick that was an out an out lie.
Anyone out there know??? Simon???

Pigsty Out!

Hurry up and vote Derrick out he is messing up the game!!

andy 2.0

derrick the pig plesse stop being so twofaced i hope your ass goes home evicted night. and how the hell did ratine win. i seriously wish the 17yearold wannabe rat who just talks crap about jocasta goes home. now.


People bring up Frankie’s name because he’s extraverted, but Derrick legitimately has the best social game in the house.


Derrick and Cody will be final 2. Derrick is by far the best player BB has had in a few years.


I really hope Derick becomes the helen of the season, hopefully Frankie, Christine and Zach turn on him like Amanda, Mc Crae and Andy did last season and he gets booted out early in the jury. He is missing his chance on getting Frankie out this week “because it is too early”. He could easily play Christine yet he wants to remain loyal to the detonators who has Frankie, probably the strongest competitor in the house.

On the other hand, Christine also is playing a much stupider game than any other one in the house. As much as I hate Derick, i wanted Cody to win in DE, nominates Donny (who will win veto) and her, then send her or Frankie packing. i will have at least the redemption of laughing at her for not taking this chance and spilling the beans on Nicole about Derick and Cody. She could easily make another fourway alliance with Frankie, Nicole, Hayden and her but is not doing anything. Does she really believe that the guys will protect her? Ugh.


I knew Caleb included cow tipping on his dates. I almost died laughing when Caleb told Zach that you don’t chase women, you let them come to you. Yeah, he’s the relationship guru. He’s Hitch. He was chasing after Amber like a dog in heat.

This week is not turning out the way I hoped with Christine winning POV. I don’t think she will use it. I’m fine with Zach staying, but what a boring rest of the week this will be. I thought things were heating up for interesting when Derrick and Cody were having a freakfest because they weren’t in control at the moment and had no idea what was going on. Now back to status quo and boring.


My daughter’s boyfriend is from the same hometown as Caleb. His family is well known. He’s embarrassed by Caleb and says no one ever heard of him.


I think they should be playing for a million dollars. I mean why not? Not like CBS can’t afford it.


I agree, given all the money they make; however, not for this crew. You’d have to actually play to get the million. 🙂

Irked by the stupidity!

This site is what I read with my morning coffee first thing every morning! Simon and Dawg….you guys ROCK! (raises coffee mug) 🙂


Ok, since the majority of BBAD was being stuck in the HoH room, I decided to go back & watch BBAD from the previous night. Forgive me if I am days behind, I tend to catch up on the weekends. I think that was a mistake because I am now even more annoyed by Caleb. Was he really telling Victoria that she would end up on Ellen if she would have shaved her head? I don’t think I have ever seen someone so out of touch with reality. I could go on & on about it, but I won’t. So in response to this update… lol. He doesn’t chase girls? So he doesn’t consider stalking, chasing? He thinks he is going to be so in demand when he leaves the house? Words escape me for how much this guy creeps me out. CBS, whatever you do, PLEASE do not cast him for Survivor! Don’t let him ruin another season of a show I love.


The unfortunate thing is he does have female fans regardless of his obsessive stalking behaviour. There will be girls who want to date him, but they will probably all be inbred hillbillies. No matter how much a player is disliked, there’s always the unintelligent morons who support them.


The same way famous murders always seem to have their groupies. Some of these pathetc women even marry these monsters. Human’s have a great capacity for self-delusion.


Wonder if Christine watched the season where it was the brigade and Britney was the only girl in the group and they boot her right out the door. That’s exactly what will happen to Christine and I’ll be happy when it does!

Jeff 22

Christine says she’s a superfan? What an insult to all of us! I cannot wait to see her gone!!!

production rigged it

Apparently not, but she will regret it soon enough. She’s such a dumb b!tch!!


I think there must be a lot of gay dudes in production who feel Frankie is entertaining and therefore the broadcast edit should highlight him. Maybe they’ll eventually realize he’s a tired wannabe trying to act like a kid. I think it’s insulting to gays on some level. Like gays are all flamboyant and bitchy. Gross.

I think the more interesting edit could come from Zach but they have to show more of him all over the house, bleep the sh*t out of him and not just show him mainly in his “speeches”.

I’m guessing until Jocasta and Victoria goes, there won’t be any real action. Backdooring Frankie would be an all out home run for TV if it happened but sadly I think no one has the balls to do that. Jocasta will be gone and then Victoria.

I do think that Frankie is more cunning so there is a possibility that he realizes he can’t win with Derek or Cody in house so he might align with Donny, Hayden and Nicole to get our Cody then Derrick. He’d have to gun for Donny next. Glad its double eviction. Weed this bunch of dudes down a bit.


Frankie is a vile, disgusting wannabe. Ariana Grande should be totally embarrassed by her brother’s behavior – it is certainly inappropriate for the majority of her teenage fans. He should be aware of that & CBS should stop pandering to him just because of his sister’s fame. He’s a horrible example for kids & a terrible representative of the gay community.


I actually hope that Jocasta just goes this week, i mean she cannot competition at all when she and the show needs it the most. I really wanted to see Frankie get backdoored this week, but i’ll be fine if she ends up getting booted. She brings absolutely no skill and entertainment so good riddance.


Not a big Jocasta fan either, but in this POV, there were some harnesses and trampolines involved, and she finished ahead of BeastMode Creepboy and Zach-JocastaIsUselessInComps-Attack.


“She cannot win a competition” sorry grammar error.

Shake It Up

What Nicole should do is tell Christine that she will put Donny up if she uses the POV. Then after she uses it, throw Fankie’s butt up there. This game is about lying and never knowing what’s going to happen next! Come on Nicole I could actually like/root for you if you can pull this off! We are far enough in the game that she could easily have the numbers to stay next week if she can get Frankie out so he doesn’t control votes.

mr ed

Sorry but Nicole is too stupid to pull that off !!!!


Another boring weak I guess Jocasta will go home and we at home have to bored for another whole week. These past two seasons have been lackluster.

At the end of Caleb's day....

“You don’t chase after a girl…you let her chase after you….”
and all of America has seen those words in action….LOL………….


That guy is clueless but from Amber’s replies to Julie, so was she. She thought Donny was running the house? Where did BB get these stupid people? Maybe if they got some smart ones, the game would become interesting again? Yes, there is a difference between intelligence and being smart. IMO


I know, that’s why he’s been on the block s couple times.

My little Pony says

If I have to hear “AT THE END OF THE DAY” one more time …I’m dyeing my pink hair; BLUE!


Come on Zach you needed POV to survive and you couldn’t do it. I hope your alliance doesn’t turn on you.


I like Zach’s poem – very clever!

Derrick: I’m Helen. hahaha.

My preferred order of eviction: Joco, Caleb (because he’ll just play Derrick’s or Frankie’s game), Victoria, and Cody because none of them are playing.

Do not fret people because Frankie is on everyone’s radar.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m enjoying that finally Christine is playing.

I don’t know why Hayden was so hell bent on being in an alliance with Cody and Derrick, except that he sees them as running the house.

Derrick will win against anyone except maybe Donny.


People keep saying Nicole wasted her HOH but she wouldn’t be Hoh still if Jocasta wasn’t her nom. She had the right though but the other people in the house are pu×××! BB need to change thing up in that house a little at this point give either Donny/Nicole or Hayden the DPOV. Hayden need to tell Caleb that Zachary and Frankie got Amber out and Derrick and Cody knew about the plan before he did and pull him over to the Donny/Hayden Nicole.

Not Just Nicole

Youre right it wasn’t just Nicole it was Donnie and Nicole playing the game like cowards instead of going after the only real alliance in the house that they both knew existed since week one. Even if they could have got one of them out this week it would have evened the odds a little more. So yes her HOH is a waste but Donnie also played a part in it. Four guys should have been on the block.


Now that Ratstine won the POV, and she was throwing hints to Nicole to put up Derrick or Cody. Nicole, just say yes and backdoor Frankie because you have the votes!!!!!!


Well, It’s official…Season 16 is dead to me.
Cannot stand Derrick and his greedy needs to keep
TEAM AMERICA together with Frankie & the whole
Lets use Zach to complete our missions. Can’t wait
for undercover pig & pink woodpecker to come out
& find out how hated they are & how much we hate
this turd-tastic excuse for a season. Thanks Derrick
for sucking any kind of joy and fun out of our pleasure.
Zzzzzzz Wake me up when season 17 starts!

Bullet Bill

I’m assuming Christine will not use the veto. Then I’m also assuming Jocasta goes home. If that happens, the Boys will have a stranglehold on this game. They’ve already dominated the season but that will be just about all she wrote. It amazes me how Derrick has totally gone unscathed and no one even mentions putting him up. I just don’t get it.

In closing –

Christine is gutless and 2 faced.
Donnie is genuine, a cool guy but unfortunately on the wrong side of the numbers.
Frankie is slick and also a huge drama queen.
Victoria is awful, boring and on the wrong show. WTF was CBS thinking when they cast her?
Jocasta is boring, religious blah blah blah. These types never do well on BB
Cody sits when he pisses. Enough said.
Nicole is a whiny bitch and it annoys me the way CBS portrays her.
Hayden seems smart but he’s on the wrong side and is likely to get picked off.
Caleb is a stalker and needs professional help. SERIOUSLY! Obsessive doesn’t do this moron justice. He also has repeat disease where he has to say the same stuff over and over. Annoying!
Derrick has played the best game. He controls many people without being pushy. I personally don’t care for the guy but he’s played the best game thus far, IMO.
Zach – Last but not least. I really didn’t care for this guy at first. I thought he was an idiot and while that may still hold true, He’s my idiot. I LOVE THIS GUY. He absolutely has saved this season from being a bore a thon. The guy is truly a nutty loose cannon who talks non stop s**t. I really like seeing him in action, LOL


I was with you until you got to Zach … sorry, NOT sorry!


You say Donnie and Hayden are on the wrong side of the numbers, but whose fault is that? Both guys have had 40 days to build a solid alliance but haven’t yet. Even people who have only watched the shows on CBS should be able to figure that out. I like both Donny and Hayden but I think they haven’t been aggressive enough behind the scenes.


If Christine uses the veto on Jocasta & Nicole puts Cody as a replacement (or Derrick…the head of the snake), the girls could turn this game around. Tell the house she (Nicole) doesn’t care which one goes but they have to break up either Cody & Derrick/Frankie & Zack. I believe Derrick is playing a great game & will win if a big move isn’t made now. He’ll take Victoria with him to ensure he gets $$$.


What is with the constant penis talk? Is this typical guy talk or the Frankie influence?

Truth Be Known

Either Jocasta or Donny is going (1st) out the door on Thursday night. My scenario.

Love BB

Nicole and Hayden need to get the two biggest backstabbers in the house (Frankie and Christine) into the HOH room and feed them juicy lies about how Jacosta is a vote & they need to keep her a while longer. Zach is aligned with Derrilck and Cody so he won’t be going home. How Donny lied to them (Nicole and Hayden) & she really wants to see him gone now so that her HOH won’t be for nothing. She really wants to make a big move & thinks this is it! GET FRANKIE PARANOID ABOUT DONNY!

The two rats will do the predictable thing and run to Cody & Derrick. Frankies paranoia will sell it to them (along with Christine bobbing her head up and down and giggling), they will only see the upside of getting rid of Donny & get onboard & tell Christine to veto Jacosta.

Nicole then puts up Frankie & we’ve got a whole new ball game!

C’mon Donny…I know this has occured to you! Get with Nicole & Hayden!


So hoping Nicole plays Christine by saying Donny will be the replacement if she takes Jocasta off! Then stick Frankie up there with his buddy Zach and vote one of them out. Frankie preferably!

production rigged it

Even if Christine doesn’t use the veto they can still get out Zach. They only need 4 votes, Hayden and Donny make 2, if Hayden could convince Victoria by reminding her how many times she has been put on the block by those guys would make 3. Then Hayden could go to Caleb and tell him everything about how Frankie and Zach wanted Amber out but were afraid of him so they came up with the plan to have Zach tell him a bunch of stuff to make him mad enough to want Amber on the block and make him think it was his idea. He would be furious and vote Zach out in a heartbeat and then go after Frankie in the double eviction. Problem solved.


Dear Zach Attack, why are you such a douche? Christine going use it on Jocasta and Nicole replacing Frankie as a nominee. Oh yeah!! Zankie will sit together on the block and make Frankie Cry like a wuss. Man up Zach, I’ll be laughing at you that bromance Buddy Frankie will be walking out of the door. And Zach, good luck survive double eviction.

My little Pony says

I don’t wanna leave my Zachie…we are planning a BB wedding REAL soon!


Is double eviction night a 2 hr show? Since its not been announced yet by Julie I was curious and Thurs is showing only 1 hr on my dvr.
Thx in advance


No Denny the double eviction happens during a regular one hour show. The houseguests evict one of the current nominees…then they play for HOH and right after they play POV then another eviction vote and then they compete for HOH for the upcoming week. Double evictions are great TV since its so fast, there’s lots of scrambling and CBS leaves out all the filler scenes from the previous week.

Team Zankie!

Nice! Loving this week!!! About time you pulled your weight Christine!


Example of how people follow what other people say dumbass!!

BB16 sucks

Just re-watching BB12 on YT and the difference with the BB16 snooze-fest is effing STRIKING!

BB16 is SO FAR the most boring, the least entertaining, the least exciting of all BB’s EVER! Even BBUK is better than this garbage… Really disappointing! And it will only get worse if the Giggly Hyena Christine doesn’t choose to use her veto.


Still think BB15 was some of worst TV every made.

These people make my Ass twitch says

AMEN! Preach the truth


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Christine will take Zach off. They will then have the votes to keep Frankie easy.
Christine really does need glasses, because she is blind. She is at the bottom of the pile.
A House flip would only help her game. She is going to loose her ONLY loyal ally at the end of the week. She has also put herself in a precarious position.
If she uses the veto and saves Zach Donny isn’t going up. Frankie is going up and he stays and she will have lost Nicole forever. Nicole and Hayden can blow up her game…. hard. She also makes a target out of the girl that is a guaranteed vote and you need those later on.
If she uses it to save Jocasta and Frankie gets nominated. One of the guys who is higher than her on the pecking order go’s home. Nicole will have the real blood on her hands because she is the one that nominated Frankie and Christine can say the deal was that Donny was going to be nominated and not Frankie. She go’s up a level in both alliances. Her game does not get blown up and she will have the numbers and the boys will not have the numbers. 3rd in line is much better than 5th in line.
If she does not use it Zach stays. Her game get’s blown the hell up and she will be evicted, possibly just before jury.
Will she see it, no she is not a big picture person.