Frankie asks how do we convince Nicole to keep Zach!? Hayden says that’s a hard one!

POV Holder: Chrsitne Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 4th
HOH Winner 1: Donny HOH Winner 2: Nicole
Battle of the Block Winner  Caleb/Victoria Next HOH/ Next BOB Aug 7/Aug 8
Original Nominations: Donny’s Noms (Victoria & Caleb) Nicole’s Noms (Zach & Jocasta)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Frankie, Cody and Hayden
POV Players Nicole, Christine, Jocasta, ZachAttack, Caleb, Victoria,

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-03 09-26-36-892

9:15am – 9:40am Hayden and Frankie are awake. They’re trying to warm up again before going into the havenot room. Frankie is drinking hot water. Hayden finds Cody’sweatpants to put on. They notice the backyard just opened up and they run out and lay on the grass to warm up. Frankie says once I’m sweating I might attempt to go back into the havenot room. Frankie asks so how do we convince Nicole to want to keep Zach!? Hayden says that’s a hard one .. that’s the question! I don’t know. Frankie says me neither. Frankie says waking up to no blood flow in my body is the worst. Frankie and Hayden head back to bed.

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10am – 10:45am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Donny wakes up and starts moving around the house. He then gets on the elliptical to do his workout.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-03 10-45-37-589

10:50am – 11:15am Victoira gets called to the diary room. She and Caleb head down and she’s only in there for a a few seconds and then back out. They head up to the HOH room. Caleb has to go to the washroom so Victoria sits outside the stall waiting. He comments that the photo booth isn’t open till 3pm so we can sleep till then. Caleb says at least we won’t have Amber hogging the camera. Victoria laughs. They head back to bed.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-03 10-58-13-697

11:40am – 12:20pm Nicole is awake and joins Donny in the living room. Donny asks Nicole how it was sleeping with Adam and Eve? Nicole tells Donny that she didn’t sleep well. She says she was on edge of the bed because Victoria was next to her trying to be as far away from Caleb as she could be. She says she wouldn’t want to do it again. Nicole heads up to the HOH room to get ready for the day.

Big Brother says: Attention Houseguests you should know that the tallest building West from the Mississippi is 73 stories above ground.

Donny says to Cody in the living room if they say any more facts it could be for the HOH competition. Meanwhile in the bathroom Jocasta and Christine are getting ready for the day.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-03 11-42-08-187

12:55pm Donny tells Jocasta that he thinks Nicole is going to come out here. He says give us a little bit of time .. Big Brother blocks the live feeds. When they return – Donny is over on the backyard couch eating his lunch. Up in the HOH room – Caleb and Victoria are awake. Caleb sits in the bathroom as Victoria puts on her makeup.

Quad Squad = Nicole, Derrick, Hayden and Cody
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
bottomfeeders = Derrick and Nicole

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I hope Derrick gets evicted by Zach or Frankie, His pig nose needs to stop questioning Hayden and Nicole’s trust and fucking get rid of Zach or Frankie. Smh I thought this season was going to be better than last season but I guess I am wrong…


This season is much, much better than last season.


Nothing is happening this season, so I don’t know how any other season can be worse than this. This is the LEAST COMPETITIVE season I can remember. All we have is a bunch of guys hugging and a few girls who can’t think for themselves. I think people dislike BB15 because of Amanda and some of the crazy stuff, but we had a couple of good strategists, a slut, a jerk, a weasel that actually turned his game up as the season went up, and some explosively fun fights. Looking back, BB15 was worth watching. This isn’t a season I would recommend to anyone. Will there be even any highlights worth looking at when it’s over?


The only wrong thing with last season was the Winner. But That has happened before.

Last season was one of the best one ever.

This season is the worst ever.

much much worse

I actually think this season is the worst season of BB ever and even worst than last season and did not think that was possible but unfortunately it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BB15 last year was a total embarrassment to the BB franchise. it was a group of disgusting and vile people who were more interested in degrading other house guests than actually playing the game against them. Aaryn, Amanda and GM set the tone of how racial and personal the whole season was. you also had Andy who was just a sad and complete douchebag who also threw vile and disgusting/personal insults at the other HG’s. BB15 was a disgrace and should never be compared to other seasons. BB15 will go down as the worst season ever with the worst winner ever. and for anybody who think it was just gameplay talk from Amanda last season, just look how ridiculous she handled herself outside the house. she’s a nutcase who cheated on McCrae with Jessie Godderz (BB10). she still talks shit about certain individuals in her season on twitter, and like a coward covers her tracks and deletes tweets. it was great seeing Evel Dick put her in her place a week ago when he ethered her on twitter.


BB15 was one of the worst. BB16 is 10x better! It just needs to stop the 2 HoHs. But that’ll probably come to an end this Thur. with a double eviction.


Definitely less racist.

Jody H

This season IS much better than last season. But let’s face it, that wouldn’t be a hard thing to accomplish. Every year you have people who annoy ypu, those you like, and those that are “meh.”
The issue is people are so afraid to make waves it becomes boring and predictable. BB needs to shake up the rules to discourage this pattern.


Whine, whine, whine, whine that is all Frankie does beside be a rat! Shut up Frankie and take it like a woman!! GROW UP and stop being such a cry baby!!! Gosh wish his ugly face would go home!!!


Take it like a woman huh? Your homophobia is showing.


WRONG, I am a woman and personally just think women do not whine as much as the men on this show including Frankie. All they do is complain and whine about a woman not liking them or being cold. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!!!! I mean Caleb would not shut up about Amber not liking. Hey news flash nothing about Caleb that is even remotely appealing to women or Frankie’s constant whining!



get real

Just because someone dislikes Frankie does not make them homophobic; it just means that they dislike mean, spiteful people who whine when they do not get their own way. Frankie just needs to grow up and stop acting like a 2 year old child irregardless of the sex. Get over yourself. BTW, he acts worse than Victoria does sometimes and that does not make me a homophobic but just honest!


How does Frankie keep getting his hair done and who does it? Production? I thought have-nots didn’t have that priviledge.


I’ve wondered the same thing.Then I thought maybe he was spraying it in. Maybe he got it in his HOH basket or something?? Plus maybe it’s just perception but his clothes seem better than the rest of them men. But I wouldn’t put it pass production if they wanted some of them to stay in their roles including wanting Donny to keep his beard, Frankie being flamboyant, and Jocasta wearing those bow ties. They probably let her have a pack of 24.


Frankie probably be stupid enough that Nicole will backdoored him. Don’t worry! You will be gone.


So is the plan still to backdoor frankie?! Or is there exactly zero chance christine does something worthwhile?


No the girls r too god damn stupid to make any big moves by taking out any of the guys they’ll keep be picked off until the finals r all guys this week will b boring jocasts will go home Nicole will think she has the votes to get rid of Zach while all the detonateors will vote to keep if the girls had a brain this season christine would save jocasta and backdoor and make sure one of the guys would go home even if zach is saved and frankie is backdoored the dentantoters will vote to keep frankie and the guys will won HoH get the power back and go after Nicole for putting two of rhem up in my opinion this will b just like season 8 everyone will have numerous chances to backdoor the guys and they won’t it does’nt matter anyway the girls will all b in jury and two guys will b sitting in the final 2 now i just wonder what guys will b in the final 2 and who will win in hoping its the hitmen or zankie

Ms. Grammar

It’s called a PERIOD. Please learn how to use one.


How about Nicole and Donny stage a fight, then act all pissed at each other. Nicole tells Christine to use the veto so she could put up Donny. Then instead she puts up Frank in place of Jocasta. Haha.


all sounds good but Derrick will be told and manipulate Nicole into going with the majority


Donny’s integrity wouldn’t allow him to participate in a staged fight, not that Nicole could really pull it off either.


I JUST said this. But it would take some Oscar award worthy acting. They can’t be too over the top because no one believes Donny will yell or make someone mad. But, it can’t be too subtle either.

wait for it

I mean does Christine not remember the brigade? She’s headed for the same fate as Princess Brittany (season 12).


I don’t understand the people commenting … Are you not reading the same thing I am ?? No Frankie is not the plan … That was Donny’s comment but it was just a comment … He didn’t nominate the correct people to pull that stunt off (needed to put up 4 guys and put that on lock) instead the two hohs played the detonators game and put up two of potentially their own (they are such loners they don’t see that the detonators have been in charge even though devin exposed them the houseguest pretend it isn’t true)… So no Frankie was never in jeopardy .. Unless you think Jocasta was a def win for the pov which would be highly unlikely. Donny wasnt man enough to even wanna stay hoh to be the one to backdoor ..’hoping Nicole would … Not happening .. Nicole would only put up Donny if push came to shove and no one would save Jocasta (Donny would have to realize if he saved her he could go up in her place). I am glad everyone got excited for this though .. But the moment the nominations were made I figured people would wise up and see the detonators still had control … Pay attention and don’t let your personal feelings of which character you are rooting for to blind you from what is happening and right now ,, Jocasta end is near but maybe Derrick can pull it off and get Donny up there yet.


If Jo goes instead of Zach, Nicole knows her HoH was a waste and how is Christine going to pull off not using the Veto lol then Nicole knows for sure not to trust her again
If the Veto is not used would Chris vote Zach out?


Not sure if everyone has read something I haven’t…but no, zach is safe. Derrick and Cody know better than to sacrifice a number this early, and Christine has said time and time again that she’ll cut Nichole loose when she has to. She also lied pretty badly to Nichole yesterday, where as she’s real with the detonators and tells them everything. Frankie will also be more than happy to send Jocasta packing. Victoria and Caleb do what the detonators tell them to. Unless Hayden and Donny want a target on their backs, they will fall in line (though let’s be real, they have a target on their backs anyway, and one is likely going home during double eviction). It’s done.

These people make my ASS twitch says

Why does everyone always say… It’s too early to make a BIG move. Then they find themselves out the door because they waited too long and didn’t seize an opportunity when it presented itself. That’s how Rat face Andy won. The reality is that the bitches ( all of the HGs ) are way too passive (sheep) and lack the balls to take action. Same ole tired story.


Getting Jocasta out this week assures that a floater (who played about as hard as Andy is perceived by many to have played) doesn’t get to the end again. If you really want someone deserving to win this game, and aren’t making this simply about personal preference, you should be glad that Jocasta and Victoria will soon find their way out the door, so that the people who’ve been actively playing (regardless as to whether or not you agree with their play style) have a chance at the money.


Victoria will float her worthless ass to top 3 and whoever is left will take her. So gross but smart move. That will likely be Derrick who knows he will win all the votes from the jury going up against her. Don’t like Derrick personally, but keeping it real, he is playing the best game. Think it will come down to Derrick, Cody and Victoria final 3, and Derrick will pick Victoria to go to the end. Wish Donny could be final 2 but he’d have to pull off a miracle.



christine is as delusional over her place in the game as caleb was/is over amber…..

how can she POSSIBLY think she has any chance winning with the detonators…… 4 guys…. where as she so elloquently put it…. was just in the right room at the right time….

Nicole needs to start playing too…. these puppets need to try pulling strings for a change….

I like ole zackattack in the house, love to see frankie get the boot- or ANY top tier player, but Jocasta eviction is MASSIVELY MISSED opportunity….. and quite frankly BS….

if the girls support this, they deserve the steamrolling they are about to recieve…

knew it

they won’t do enough to save Zach

goodbye #WILDCARD ….how we enjoyed you


Could we have one comment section where the comments aren’t filled with how terrible these houseguests are?
The Big Brother fanbase is incredibly confusing. They always trash on the houseguests whether it’s BB14, or BBCAN2 and claim each twist, in every season is terrible. Seriously I’ve never seen a more negative “fanbase”.


The girls need to wake up and see they are all going to go at one time it another. Perfect time for Christine to use POV.


The girls r too stupid for that there all being lead off like lambs to the slaughter


Hot Diggity! Monday Morning Quarterbacks are always better than real players.
I like ’em all. I couldn’t post without THEM…

Dr. Donny is my man.y’all.


You must be a Big Brother rookie. That’s our job, critiquing the idiots they put into the house. If you want the power of being positive you can go to the Sesame Street blog.


There’s criticism, and then there’s 15 people in a row talking about how Frankie’s a rat and Christine’s a frumpy witch.
I loved BBCAN2. Best season in years in my opinion. However, I go on one article from OnlineBigBrother and all I hear is how they dislike that season because the cast were flatulent and unorganized, they expected Allison to turn the game over it’s head, Sarah’s “flirting” (she’s still happily married BTW), and all the hate that comes with paranoia in the house (they all made up though and look past the grudges in the house). I barely hear positive factors of that season and it’s sad because there are plenty.
Criticising their game and personally attacking them, even death threatening them are two different things, and sadly I’ve been seeing the latter more from these fans.


There’s criticism, and then there’s 15 people in a row talking about how Frankie’s a rat and Christine’s a frumpy witch.
No, I’m not a rookie. As a matter of fact, I’ve been watching since BB4.
I loved BBCAN2. Best season in years in my opinion. However, I go on one article from OnlineBigBrother and all I hear is how they hate that season because the cast were flatulent and unorganized, they expected Allison to turn the game over it’s head, and Sarah’s “flirting” (she’s still happily married BTW).
It’s sad that fans are caught up with these small and stupid aspects of the game when that season was incredible. And that’s basically how it is for every season. The fans are caught up in stupid things. What’s the point of watching the show, when you’re just seeing all the negative sides of these seasons for years?


Replied twice because my first comment wasn’t popping up on the site, and thought it might have been because I didn’t add my name. I Apologize


Lol. Rookie!


Agreed! Not that I think Simon and Dawg should have to work any harder than they already do for this fantastic website. I just wish people would not be so negative. I’ll admit, I bashed on last season a bit…but that season was terrible! A year later and people still talk about the terrible moves, players, and ultimately undeserving winner. But for the most part, I love Big Brother. Season 11 was an adventure, and the first season I watched. I then went back and watched the older seasons, to get my fix before BB12, which gave us a fantstic alliance in the Brigade, but more importantly, it gave us stellar personalities like Matt, Ragan, Rachel, and my favorite lady to ever grace the DR, Britney Haynes!

Season 13 was a little off, but watching Rachel wise up the 2nd time around and win it all was kinda cool, and this is coming from someone who really didn’t like her! But I was still wishing her well and cheering her on come final 3, right here on these boards (thanks again for all your hard work Simon and Dawg!).

Season 14 was one of the best seasons ever in my opinion! Yet people on these boards bashed it too! You had Britney, Dan, and Janelle all under one roof! You had the Quack Pack, and a fantastic winner in Ian Terry! Not to mention, Boogie got cut by one of his own! Priceless!

Long story short (too late), this is a fantastic show, and people need to either complain less or watch less. Not every season can be the best season ever, but this one is far from bad. Lots of smart game play, lots of entertainment, low on petty drama. Just enjoy it!

These people make my ASS twitch says

You got ONE thing right …too late (way too Long a story) It’s just opinions! If I can quote Caleb “At the end of the DAY” who CARES!!!!


And you missed the point entirely. I could elaborate as to how, but as you’ve demonstrated you’ve little desire and possibly little capacity to read things longer than a paragraph.

My little Pink Pony

Thank you from all of us, for keeping that last comment brief. I know it’s hard to do when you’re on a soapbox!

Christine's crazy eye

Ok, I read your post. I even understood your point. Is it ok if we post comments poking at the conceit of the houseguests? Caleb in particular, is ripe for satire. Or is that against your rules for commentary? I take issue with many comments made directed at other commentators families. And I will comment back about those. I find offensive the derogatory manner in which many of BB’s current and former houseguests treat each other. Amanda and Andy come to mind. I feel that their own behaviour makes them fair game. This current crop of houseguest also use lies and innuendo to damage their targets.
While this maybe a valid strategy, outright abuse is not. On this, Zach skates the line. In a sense, all of the BB houseguests sign up for the commentators, well comments. And while you may find much to be offended by here, there is also a real sense of community, because we are all fans of the show. If we weren’t we wouldn’t bother with the show at all. So, maybe you can lighten up a little, OK?

My little Pink Pony

Didn’t you just post “I just wish people would not be so negative” but then when someone agrees that your story/post was too long – you go right to bashing them. So much for Mr. Positive Comments. LOL

Jody H

I agree with you! If I complain, it’s about how annoying a move or lack of one is. I will not attack people thermselves. Except last year. Although the worst I said was how vile and repugnant the cast was.
I love the show. I love arguing or discussing tactics. But it gets frustrating that instead of discussing decisions, a hg will get personally attacked. Not what I prefer. It happens on a lot of sites. Simon and Dawg do the best they can to make sure the tone is civil as possible and I for one thank them. It’s not an easy task and they do a great job! And when are we gonna see them play big brother (of course who would update the site?)


There really doesn’t need to be any complaining at all because we can sum this week up with 4 words and be done with it. CHRISTINE. IS. AN. IDIOT.

And that’s that.


BB16 has turned into a borefest as Frankie runs the house and Christine and the others just shake their head yes and do all his bidding. Next season BB needs to have Girls with strong personalities to lead the house unlike this season.


Not just strong personalities but able to win physical comps and true fans not just those who’ve watched aired shows. If Joey, Brit and Amber had been true fans this would have been a whole different season and not a fratbrat lame snoozefest.

Jody H

This season’s women just did not want to work together at all! As soon as it was mentioned, one of them (usually Christine) would run and tell the men. Really now. It was pathetic! They could have done so much together. Annoys me. Why can’t they suck it up and get it done?


Derrick is running the house. One good thing about Frankie staying is that he seems to be targeting Derrick. Bad thing is he is also targeting Donny.

Sigh Donny Fanatics

I am not sure about your thought that frankie is the leader if anything hes used to get blood on this hands by derrick, derrck is running this house and outside of this week where hes starting to wonder which side puts him in a better position, he has coasted. Derrick has literally no one targeting him and yet he basically knows everyone’s plan outside of donny.

I laugh

at getting rid of an exciting unpredictable HG like Zach, because you want derrick to TRUST Nicole….who is playing him….

this girl power stuff is so tired. anytime a girl is in power, there is a LARGE majority who seems to love it. if the guys are in power, they throw a hissy fit over men bossing the girls around.

Zach needs to stay, or else the house is going to really get boring….and Nicole is a HUGE reason for this


Agreed, I want to like Nichole, but frankly the most interesting players this season are the guys. You’ve got Donny, the dark horse, who’s odds are fading fast, but he might still have a trick up his sleeve. You’ve got Frankie, the master manipulator, and Derrick, the puppeteer. Hayden the funnyman, and Zach the WILDCARD. What have the girls brought to the table this season? Really?

Don’t get me wrong, some fantastic women have played this game…Danielle, Britney Haynes, Janelle, even Rachel. This season will not see an emerging fantastic female player in the same league as them. Sorry.


As I predicted Friday…noms stay the same, Jocasta goes home 6-2. It’s the detonators plus Caleb and Victoria vs. Hayden, Nichole and Donny. Seeing as Nichole can’t compete in double eviction’s HoH, They only have to worry about Hayden or Donny putting them up. If the detonators play this correctly and keep Zach, they are home free to final 5.

Frankand Beans

Jocasta goes home 8-0. Remember these people are sheep.


Truth! All the more reason Frankie and Derrick deserve to be there for controlling the votes each week. As much as I want to see Derrick out the door, and as much as these boards are calling for Frankie’s head, there’s no denying they are playing the best game, for now.


I think they are slobs with no manners feet on the table how gross.

I laugh

If Christine doesn’t use the pov then all hope is gone for the ladies. Christine is living a dream if she thinks the guys will keep her. She is a pawn to them & only good for learning things & reporting back.


christine won’t use the POV because she doesn’t acknowledge she is #5 down the list of the Detonators and thinks that is where she should put her trust. If she flipped to the outsider side, they’d have the #s, she uses the POV, and out goes Frankie. No Frankie actually puts her in a far better position with those numbers than the one she is following. She has a real chance if she went with Jocasta, donny, Nicole, hayden and drag Victoria arouind too, because she has an even chance of competing with that group. She has no chance of competing with the guys, and she is going to be the first to go when there are 6 or 7 left, because they are actually going to keep Victoria longer than Christine


I still have hope that something will change b4 Thursday because I agree with Nicole.. Evicting Jocasta is a waste. But again Nicole has fucked up because if she didn’t want to nominate Jocasta WHY DO IT!!!!!!!.
This season will turn into a waste..
We need a Amanda,Janelle,Evil Dick,Dan,Dr Will,Rachel..etc..because I garuentee Zach would be out this week..

Derrick is aggravating AF because he always messes up a good plan..along with the Elf Dobby..christene..IF YOU DIDNT WANT TO USE THEVETO U SHOUOD HAVE THREW THE COMP YOU FCKING TROLL…


The only way I can see this working is for Nicole to convince Christine she wants to put up Donny. But, it would take really good lying and manipulation. Then when Christine uses the veto, throw good old Frankie up there. But, then would they have the votes? Everyone would have to be on board except Christine. And Derrick and Cody would have to find their balls.


You would have to combine a gps system, search dogs, and search team to even potentially locate Derrick and Cody’s pea sized balls. And thats even if you can see them.

They're not very bright

It wouldn’t be hard to convince Christine that Nicole would put Donny up. All Nic and Donny would have to do is agree that Donny will confide in blabbermouth Christine that he wants to get Nicole out. Then Christine will run right over and tattle and Nicole can say now she wants to go after Donny. Voila…POV gets used, Frankie can go up and this week can get more interesting with Frankie and Wildcard against each other.

over it

not sure what happened , but the disappointment after the long wait for the POV results really put me in sour mood this morning. At this point I don’t care about the game or any of the players and quite frankly the comments thus far today feel a little stale as well.
hope things change


Sure the show has been boring so far. But if Jocasta goes out this week doesn’t it make for a potentially strong finish. Horrible job casting of girls this season but the dead weight is just about cut and there are a lot of people left in the house who are there to play. Could be worth the wait, trim the fat, they’ve come too far.


Oh well for the Frankie backdoor. As of now Jocasta will go home which isn’t that bad of thing considering she is useless and there will be no more using her as an easy nom. Plus there is still the double eviction so I’m sure at least one big player will leave by the end of the week.


Zankie is going to stay in the House.
Christine will be the first person to NOT use the PoV, it is too ballsy to save either ona and risk Frankie for her. She can’t see the bigger picture,
Jocasta will be sacrificed this week and go home.
Double Eviction fast forward will be either Victoria, Christine or Nicole.
Christine does not realize that she is in more trouble than Victoria.
Christine will insure the boys have the power in the house and it will send her home or the jury. Due to her bad game play, this week is Christine, Donny’s and Nicoles’ will prove to be the mistake that ruined their game. They should have gone balls to the wall. People make the mistake that playing safe is not the best move. You are a target one way or the other you night as well weaken the other sides power. The biggest problem with an all floater season is that know on realizes that they are actually on the wrong side.


I wonder how things would have gone if Joey succeeded in creating a girls alliance that stuck together. I think it could have made this game pretty interesting.


Joey would have had to do all the thinking, prodding, threatening and deciding (and naked running). Amber would have been her right hand, Christine would have been the rat, Jocasta, Brittany, Victoria, Pow-Pow and Nicole would have been useless, but fun to watch and, of course, to criticize for poor game.

new to BB 14

It would’ve been a helluva a lot more interesting if Joey and devin had stayed in the house that’s for sure


So glad Joey was eliminated. I can’t stand people that spout off about politics all the time, rep or dem. Can’t f*cking stand them.

Joey was hands down one the most annoying houseguest in history, even with such little time in the house.


Most annoying Houseguest ever…
You obviously never heard the sound of Holly’s voice.
Gina Marie was more annoying than Joey.
Bunky crying at the drop of a hat was pretty annoying
Chicken George
Boogie annoyed the crap out of me.

Macho Woman Sandy Ravage

The house guests aren’t playing the game.
Instead it seems like they’re just trying to mooch a free space to live this summer.
Devin was a bit of a jerk but at least he was trying to play the game.


Is it that hard to use punctuation? I love how people make fun of the house guests “laziness,” yet the idea of using a period to end a sentence (or capitalization to start one) is completely beyond them.

To the Hall Monitor

Get over it


Of course that rat Chris won’t use the veto don’t they realize 4 girls have gone home and there are only 4 left uhhh no Chris is too busy living out her high school fantasy of being with the ”cool kids” and cuddling with the jock, bitch these boys wouldn’t even talk to you in real life

I beg to differ

Haven’t you ever heard of the power of the p*ssy. Some may only apply this to attractive women. Lets be real it applies to all. Men want what women have all the time and women know this. Any woman that wants some can find someone anytime no matter what they look like, there will always be a guy that will. 2am at the bar Cody, Zach ,Caleb and Hayden would all leave with Christine if that was their last option to get laid. It’s the Power. May be a coyote ugly situation, they may not brag to their friends that they hit it but they would go home with her.


Cody primarily relates to women in this way, christine’s cuddling with Cody is 100% strategic.
Christine FTW!

Macho Woman Sandy Ravage

a show suggestion:
– in the dairy room have the players say at least one bad thing about each house guests
– play a little competition
– the losers of the competition will have their secret messages shown to all of the players

Elsie the Cow

I’m all for a Dairy Room. Force the lactose-intolerant HG’s to drink whole milk and eat ice cream until they puke. The best seasons always have near-fatal allergic reactions and trips to the ER.

These people make my ASS twitch says

LOL…love it!!! You are one funny cow

More Show Ideas

I suggest watching Australia 2012 and experimenting with some of their ideas. The Naughty room: Glassed in room and rest of Hg’s can see the task you have to perform(punishment for breaking rules). The Captians quarters: Another separate area from the main house people get as reward. nice bedroom, hot tub(normally 24 hr. stay and a meals) winner of comp pics someone to join. good for showmance. How Aus. nominates, all HG’s get 5 points to nominate 2 hg’s(i won’t get into all detail)this is done in a soundproof booth with backs to other hg’s.I believe it was top 3 and ties in point total are up. nominations cannot be discussed, if you’re busted talking noms you get a strike. 3 strikes you’re booted from game. Evictions are made by the viewers. Surly the fish giving tasks to people, cannot discuss this either. Surly gave out many tasks and no one knew it. Remodel the house. The kitchen set up on Aus 2012 was off the back yard in a separate bldg. decor/furn looked straight out of the 70’s, loved it nice change from this U.S house always contemporary crap. The DR, You actually got to hear conversation between big brother & hg’s. Love the format and this particular season.


I am just hoping nobody skates by into winning this season of Big Brother like Adam did


It now appears that the jury will be seven. (7) At the end of the Jeff Schroder’s exit interview with Amber, he said “Be sure to join us next Friday when we interview the latest evicted house guests.”

Jury members go straight to the house and did do that interview, so the next two are going home.


Corrected wording:

Jury members do NOT do the exit interview. They go straight to the jury house.


as much as i love zach for entertainment value, i have to admit that he escapes criticism for a lot of the harsh things that he says/does unnecessarily. I’ve learned a lot from big brother that if people have a likability factor, they can get away with a lot of things that others who lack that likability can’t.

BBfan from the North

I am so confused … Is there anyone left that wants zach gone…. If Nicole was smart she would convince Christine to use the Veto on Jocasta to make Zach sweat …and so she can back door Donny and then at the ceramony put up Frankie… Who is Hayden with , is he just telling Frankie what he wants to hear? I am starting to get confused … Everyone is non stop talking but no one seems to be talking to Nicole … Please someone give me the low down

Kathie from Canada

I’m with you about Hayden. I’m not at all convinced that he will be loyal to Nicole. He’s not there for a long time, just a good time.


Nicole’s original plan with Donny was to backdoor Frankie no matter which one became the sole hoh. nicole does want zach out, but she thinks frankie is a bigger threat right now, so she was willing to focus on frankie this week. hayden was in on the “backdoor frankie ” plan with nicole and donny as well. hayden is 100% with nicole, and even though they don’t have a firm alliance with donny, they sort of have an unspoken agreement to not put each other on the block. nicole and hayden also made an alliance with derrick and cody this week called the quad squad/ the rationales, so they let those guys in on the plan to backdoor frankie. orginally, derrick and cody were on board for that, but recently they’ve been getting paranoid about who is really on their side, and they don’t want to lose the numbers they have with the detonators this early in the game. Even though they are wary of frankie’s sneaky ways and frankie and christine’s growing relationship, they think they are better off riding with the numbers than to put all their trust in nicole and hayden, especially because nicole and hayden are tight with donny, who derrick absolutely cannot manipulate. christine winning pov complicates things. non of the detonators want zach to go home, but christine doesn’t want to expose her hand to nicole by using the veto on zach. no one really needs to talk to nicole right now, because she can’t control if the pov is used. right now, it looks like christine won’t use it. it would be really smart of nicole to make christine think she wants to put donny on the block so that christine uses it and nicole backdoors frankie, but i guess we just have to wait and see if nicole goes with that. if she’s ballsy she will, but she might not want to burn her relationship completely with christine by tricking her like that.


I totally agreed, Nicole should lie to Christine and make her think that she will backdoored Donny and instead put up Frankie as a replacement nominee. I don’t have a problem that Christine is a target.

new to BB 14

Any women find Zach or cody attractive(putting looks aside)

What kind of man(Zach) say he will suck d*$# to remain in a house just for a chance to win 500,000(about 375,000 after taxes)?

Cody what kind of man admits to sitting while pee’ing to a group of strangers

Calib what kind of man admits to being a little “metrosexual”

These folks disgust me

The only ones in the house with any integrity are

If I were them I’d want out of there asap and if they have to go to the jury house demand a tv,computer and alcohol. And do not watch or read anything about BigBrother


Serious think about a show with only Donny, Jocasta, Victoria, Hayden.

Talking about BORING.


I’m with you but let’s not forget Sargent Derrick the Paranoid, Suspicious, Distrustful, Disbelieving cop from Boston, he’s surly doesn’t show the strength that Boston has, maybe I got it wrong maybe he’s from a small little town somewhere else.
Married people stay off of BB or any reality show that shows everything you do; if you don’t want to have respect that’s fine but have respect for your better half and both families. Ladies and Gents this is a three month show after you leave here your life goes on forever, you’re suppose to be trying win money, well after you win the money and or get your stipend then do the whore thing out from the camera and the world’s eyes.

RI Rams

He’s from Providence, Rhode Island.


Zach is hilarious. The dude has no filters. CBS should be thankful this guy is on the show, saying the things he has been.

Instead they are banking on that pink haired faker to carry the water as far as ratings go, This guy couldn’t even muster up a real tear with his performance when his granddaddy died.

Fakie needs to go and Zach needs to stay. This is the worst overall collection of houseguests they ever had. At least Zach is bring some life and laughs to the show.


Nic could still pull it off. She just needs to tell Chris that she doesn’t want to send a girl home on her HOH. She asks her to take down Jo.
She then tells Chris that she’s going to have to go back on her word she says…”I need to talk to Donny.’
Nic tells Donny she’s going back on her word. Let Donny get upset and the whole house will know.
At the POV….she says before replacing the nomination. “I am going back on my word by making this nomination…Frankie you are the new nominee.”

Rachel Reilly-Villegas

As a Donny fan, I would rather Christine not use the POV. I’m not sure Nicole is strong enough to hold off D’Prick and his Svengali influence. Let Jocasta go. Donny will have to win HOH’s and POV’s going forward and if he does, he will deserve to be in the Final 3.


CAN we reset this season and give us three more months with a different cast….. Dont they have replacements on hand? well Im going watch water boil.


I feel so discouraged by what has transpired this past 2 days. Production’s obvious meddling to keep over-the-top flamboyant pink-headed chinese-crested dog sickens me. I hope that Cody begins to realize that Derrick’s flip-flop shows that he is controlling Cody’s game for his own personal gain and will cut him loose soon at the hands of F/Ch. Derrick plans to take Victoria to the end as she is so dumb in this game. He will throw Cody UTB and say Cody was trying to get rid of Frankie. I can only hope that Cody splits first and teams up w/ Hayden/Nicole/Donny or all of them are gonners

You all sound the same

Every year its the same ol Complaints ha. O I’m sick of this, I’m sick of that , so and so gotta go bla bla bla bla. This is the 14th straight year that its been the worst season/cast “ever”, gimme a break. Hate a character love a character either way your still interested enough to watch and bitch and complain so put down the computer if you dont like it and go enjoy the real world for a bit.


Exactly. It is embarrassing. Now the thing to do is hate any good game player (Derrick).

My little Pink Pony

DUH…that’s half the fun! Expressing our opinions – positive or negative. Then again the site also gets soapbox preachers who want to scold us ALL for our opinions. But, hey that’s alright there’s room for everyone…just jump right in! LOL

Butters Mom

Im actually disappointed in both Donnie and Nicole for not putting up 4 guys in the first place… it was the only way to guarantee one of them would go home and they blew it. Off with their heads! They sealed their own fate in stupid nominations from the start.

My little Pink Pony

Get Frankie OUT! I used to find him amusing but now I just can’t bear to watch him.


The guy is the worst kind of phony, Literally up anybodies a$$. So obvious yet these mental midgets won’t pull the plug on his sorry act


It’s time for Nicole or Hayden to get a special power. Let’s make things interesting BB.


Yes, reset the season and take all the doors (minus the toilet) out of the house. The clever-named large alliance groups are getting old. Lol@ the guys who had alliance names picked out before walking into the house. Wish people would play their own games.


I get so frustrated watching the HOH let people use their room for every single need they have – can I comb my hair in here, can I take a dump in here, can I sleep in here.
The whole point of winning is that it’s a privilege and Frankie’s been sporting Nicole’s HOH robe, now Victoria and Caleb are sleeping with Nicole.
What gives – I’d say no – this is the only chance I get to sleep alone and have privacy and I earned it. Everybody seems to share the HOH privileges without having won it.
Pisses me off.


I liked that Devin locked the door….his space, his rules.


That HOH shit has always pissed me off. Exactly, it’s a privilege. Get the fuck out. Without being a dictator I would like to see weekly chores dished out. Lets have a true HOH that sets the house rules within reason, not just noms. Basically its a title in name only.


Women simply do not stick together. They are vicious with each other. They will watch the guys pick them off one by one, all the while believing they will be the one they truly want. Ancient mating strategy.


I don’t see why they have to convince Nicole to keep Zach. Frankie/Caleb/Derrick/Cody have the votes to save him.


They need a fifth vote so that Nicole cannot break the tie. That would likely be Victoria. Or Christine. Or both.

Love BB

Good Heavens! All my hopes are on Nicole growing an independant brain! She could invite Frankie & Christine to spend another night in the HOH, then get the “Quad Squad” (or whatever they’re calling it) up & tell Derrick & Cody that Frankie & Christine were talking about how to get them (Derrick & Cody) out. Derrick’s already leery of Frankie. She could say that Frankie was bragging that he didn’t care if Nicole told Derrick….”I(Frankie) would just tell him you lied…he’ll believe me”. Get Derrick a little paranoid again. Work the numbers to him with you and Hayden on his side. He’ll be more likely to go for it.


Donny is right now trying to get Nicole to pull a fast one on Christine.
That she will put Donny up. But he told her to let Christine come to her. Lol nj Donny. He is playing the game.


Sorry for that long name
Don’t kn what happen. Lol


if Zach goes home Thursday, it becomes a totally different game.
i really think he has 50/50 odds of being sent out the BB door!!!!!!!!


Come on Christine, Big Moves. Backdoored Frankie.