Zach says if Christine won’t vote for me I will put her on blast during my speech..

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Aug 23rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 25th
HOH Winner 1: FRANKIE HOH Winner 2: Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny & Christine Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
Final Nominations: Zach & Cody
Have Nots Christine & Victoria
POV Players Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, Donny, Christine

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-20 03-12-31-706

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1am – 1:25am In the backyard – Derrick, Frankie, Caleb, Cody and Zach are hitting the badminton birds like baseballs onto the roof of the house. Big Brother blocks the feeds and when they come back. Caleb, Cody, Derrick and Frankie are laughing hysterically. Frankie is going inside laughing saying production said we don’t want to ruin your fun but.. Big Brother blocks the feeds again. The feeds come back again and Caleb is hitting more home runs. They finish play and Frankie and Cody start a game of pool.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-20 01-56-50-925
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1:40am Zach says I bet Hayden is getting massaged in the jury house. Frankie says he’s not been too busy knee deep in Nicole? Zach says his d**k has definitely fallen off. Caleb asks you think so? Zach asks DUDE!? Seven days with Nicole Dude!? No cameras BRO!? Caleb says I just don’t see her doing it. I don’t think Nicole would let him in like that. Cody says she wouldn’t but I bet they’re dry humping the shit out of each other! Zach says I’m sure they’re making out and sh*t too. Zach says at least he can rub em out in there without any cameras. Cody says OH GOD YEAH! Zach looks at his stomach and says that he looks like he’s pregnant. They notice that something stinks and can’t figure out what it is. They realize that its Derrick’s sandals. Zach picks one up with the pool stick and carries it over to Derrick by the couches. Frankie grabs the other one and drops it beside Derrick. Derrick asks why did you bring them over here? Frankie says because we wanted them to be by their owner. Derrick gets up puts his sandals on and joins them by the pool table. Derrick compares his and comments that Zach is still cut.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-20 01-44-11-885

1:55am Up in the HOH room – Caleb and Frankie are talking. Frankie says so far I don’t have any jury votes. I don’t have jocasta’s, Hayden’s, or Nicole’s votes. Cody says I hadn’t even thought about that yet. Frankie says that he (Zach) said I was guaranteed the win.. and I asks how?! 50K would buys me two schools and no one in the jury is going to vote for me. He made me think about that. When we get to the final four if you me and Derrick are there you’re going to do what’s best for your game. The knives in our back are done. Big Brother blocks the feeds and when they come back. Frankie tells Cody I’ve always had your back. Cody says Zach literally ripped my and you.. and no one else. Cody says he thought Zach was America’s Player with the speeches he was doing. Cody says that after he tried to throw us under the bus I haven’t talked game with him and would shut him down when ever he would try. Christine joins them. Frankie talks about how Zach was saying everyone would vote for me. Christine says yeah like he is the only one to take you to the end. Frankie says the knives are going to come from the front now. Christine says yeah so expect it. Frankie says I honestly believe he is the last person that would stab you in the back. They leave the bathroom so Cody can shower.

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In the bathroom – Derrick jokes that Victoria replaced Christine … you were rubbing his back.. running your fingers through his hair.

2:20am Derrick joins Zach by the hammock. Derrick says Christine isn’t going to vote for you. Zach says but why though?! Derrick asks because you’re a bigger target?! Zach says yeah. Derrick says it doesn’t matter. Zach says its better for everyone’s game to keep me. Zach says Donny said he would vote for me. Derrick asks he said he would. Zach says well not directly. Derrick says I’m not, its want the house wants at this point. If I was going I wouldn’t campaign. Derrick says if that’s your rational .. at what point do they send you home? there are only 3 weeks left till the final HOH. Zach says yeah I get your point.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-20 02-20-05-476
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Derrick asks why would I vote for you to stay, I would be the next one out. Zach asks what if I can get Christine? Derrick says Christine isn’t keeping you over Cody. Zach says I think she would after I say the only reason she wants to keep Cody is because she likes him. Zach says if Christine won’t vote for me I will put her on blast during my speech.. I will tell her husband to get the divorce papers ready literally, literally. Derrick says I am looking out for you. You threatening her on national television will look bad for you. You don’t want to do that. Zach says I’ve got no chance. Derrick says you threatening her and her husband on national television about adultery isn’t going to look good for you. Don’t do it. That’s not how you want to go out. She is already sad about it and has lot of of explaining to do. If you did that to me I would vote you out just out of spite. Zach says if you tell me I don’t have a chance then I don’t have a chance. Zach says I told Donny his only play is to win HOH, POV, HOH.. Zach tells Derrick you should talk personal with Donny. Derrick says Donny doesn’t trust me. Derrick says I am not going to suck your d**k to stay. Like I am not going to knob you off to stay. If I go out, I go out. Zach says for you I will whisper in Donny’s ear that he can trust you. Derrick says I appreciate that. Derrick says I have nothing but love for you. Derrick says Victoria loves me but she is not getting to the end. She is going very soon. Zach if she won 500K… Derrick says its not going to happen. There is no one anyone would vote her over because it reflects on your game play. The winner reflects on everyone below them. I don’t want her to be the icon of our season. People will type in BB16 and see her!? Someone will take her out soon. Derrick tells Zach that you going home was not the plan if Donny won the veto. Zach says I’m not upset I’m leaving .. I knew I wasn’t going to win any ways. Derrick says you made all the staples.. OTEV, Zing-Bot, Jury. Zach says 500K would be nice but I will make it another way.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-20 03-05-17-504
2:20am Up in the HOH room – Frankie, Caleb and Christine are talking. Frankie says at a certain point Victoria becomes a commodity. Everyone is going to want to take her to the end because there is no way anyone is loosing to that thing. Christine and Caleb says that is why we need to get rid of her. Caleb says I would hate to go out third. If I could look into the future and know I was going out third then I would want to go out now. Christine says not me I am here for the experience and want to experience everything. Caleb says I would cry if I went out third. Frankie says I would be okay going out third. They start talking about random things. Derrick joins Frankie up in the HOH room. He tells Frankie how Zach is okay to go and I believe him. He might be dogging us all season but correct me if I’m wrong but as long as he hasn’t been attacking our families then I would laugh at it. Every time it comes on I would text him saying PRICK! Frankie leaves to go out to the backyard where Cody, Zach and Christine are hanging out playing pool. Derrick talks to Caleb about needing to win the HOH. We can’t let Donny win. We’re in trouble if he does. Derrick says we’re alright .. we just have to keep everyone loyal. Caleb says we get Donny out this week. Derrick says then Christine, then Victoria. Derrick explains to Caleb how the final 3 part HOH works. Derrick talks about how he already told Zach how you and him will be the most memorable characters. Derrick says you and I in the end it would be close but you would probably win because you’ve won more competitions. Derrick references Big Brother 10 with Dan and Memphis and says that Dan took Memphis to the final two and Dan won to like a 5-4 vote (Not true it was a 7-0 vote). Derrick says it was a close vote and you know what was the deciding factor was that Dan won more competitions. Derrick says and that’s how I will vote if I’m in jury. Derrick leaves and Caleb goes to sleep.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-20 03-17-32-556

3:45am – 4:20am Derrick, Cody, Zach, Frankie and Christine are out in the backyard. Cody and Zach are playing pool. Zach says if Cody beats him he will jump in the pool fully clothed. Zach keeps beating Cody. Derrick then plays Cody. Frankie comes out to say goodnight again. Zach says you’re going to bed for the third time, OKAY VICTORIA! Frankie says that’s the most horrific thing you’ve ever said to me. Zach plays Cody again. They say that the loser has to jump in the pool fully clothed. Christine asks why does it have to be fully clothed!?!? Derrick tells Christine you really don’t make it easy on yourself do you?! Zing-bot is building it back up again. Zach and Cody agree she doesn’t make it easy on herself. Christine says I can’t help it. Tim gets pissed off at me and his brother. Derrick asks you flirt with his brother?! Christine says no I say inappropriate things all the time. Zach asks like why do you have to jump in the pool fully clothed when you can do it n@ked? Christine says like I say inappropriate things and he says them back. This year at Thanks Giving I said something that Tim said that was too much!

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Damn it frankie

Any of the jurors returning would be good. Hoping that if Nicole/Zach come back, they don’t trust the other HG’s that much (-Donny) and hoping that if either Hayden/Jocasta come back, they will be able to take the Bomb Squad down. I literally love everyone in jury right now, wish they were all still in the game.


We all love Jocasta, but I don’t believe she has it in her to help, it would have to be (Nicole, Hayden or Zach) Love ya Jo


Define “we all” please. Because personally I thought she was a horrendous competitor and could not stand her being in the stand.

Damn it frankie

Idk why everyone seems to hate her so much.. She’s one of my favorite hg’s this year. Maybe not strategically, but generally I love Momma J. I’ll probably get a lot of dislikes for this comment but its my opinion so bye


I think Jocasta is a very nice person and she gave good supporting advice and encouragement to other players – I (we) were just saying as far as her game play it was not that great (with or without the tongue language). Didn’t quite understand it but to each his/her own.
The ugliness Frankie and his Sister said about her was mean and unnecessary especially when she tried to be supportive after his GF pass but Momma J seems like a very nice person and I to think she rocks. Just not in this game.


It doesn’t matter who comes back – if the 4 meatheads are working together, whomever comes in is going right back out.

Unless BB production saves Zach last minute, the season is over. The only question is Frankie or Derrick, and i can’t say i give a shit, either way.

Even if Zach comes back, as everyone keeps saying, it won’t matter. It’ll be a repeat of this week.

This season is fucking useless. Congrats Derrick – you did play a good game. As a consequence, i doubt i’ll be watching next season. 15 was bad, 16 was worse.

Unless Zach stays – then it might be more interesting.

Oh, and can i just add – Cody is such a bitch, whether he gets in the pool or not.


On the other hand, Jocasta was the only one that showed true loyalty to Donny. The others would just take whatever Donny said straight back to Derrick or one of the others. They just can’t keep their mouths shut. Jocasta would at least be a vote for Donny. And at this point they are all looking for someone to take to at the least the final three to beat. And I kind of like the idea of Donny/ Jocasta at the final as opposed to Derrick/ Victoria. I’m just not quite sure the others would really help or hinder Donny at the finally. He would still have to eventually get through them too. I really want to see Donny win this thing.


Wow, Thank You. I wanted to like Jocasta, but I could never find a reason until your comment, makes sense!
Plus the way things are going the house could use a good exorcist right now amongst the current 4 females.


Pretty much. If Jocasta returned, she would be sent right back to Jury.


That would at least buy Donny another week.


Not unless Donny wins HOH.

Victoria FTW

Derrick is playing a safe game, but is he playing a winning game?
Sure if he is in the F2 with Victoria he would win.
Hey, even the sock monkey would win against Victoria.

He has kept the target off his back by maintaining two degrees of separation from all of his victims.
Derrick makes a suggestion, then other members of his alliance go out and make it happen.
They win the competitions, nominate houseguests, threaten and convince players, get all the blood
on their hands. They end up making all the game moves and get all the blame.

Derrick can approach each evictee and say, “I want you to stay, but the house wants you out. If I
vote against the house they will target me.” They continue to trust him because they only blame
the players that are making the moves and playing the game.

Derrick’s problem if he gets to the F2 is convincing the jury that he deserves to win. He did not
get blamed for any of the game moves that the other players made. How can he take credit for the
big game moves that other people made? Sure he keep himself safe. Is that good enough?

Chilltown 4 Life

Derrick has not had to sweat all game. His big test, in my opinion, is going to come when the numbers dwindle. He’ll have less influence over the game, and people will start thinking about their own end game. His best chance of a win is to take Cody and Frankie with him to Final 3. He beats both of them easily. Caleb is a bit too unpredictable for Derrick to take to the Final 3, but will he make a mistake here? He changes on who he wants in his Final 3 all the time due to his paranoia.

He knows Victoria is going to get cut at some point in the next few weeks, do to not having the numbers, and she’s an easy target for the other houseguests. He was fine with letting her go this week. Derrick hasn’t played a glamour game like Chilltown or Dan did, but it’s been effective. I’m still not completely sold that he’ll go all the way to the end.

Beach girl

Just so Frankie does not win!


Or caleb..or Christine.. Or Cody lol


The only way Derrick doesn’t win if he gets to the end is if the jury is bitter. He may not have the blood on his hands as the actual person leading the evictions, but he’s definitely been the main conspirator in most, if not all, of the evictions. That counts for a lot.


Yeah I think I agree with this – I think in the end they’ll have to recognize that Derrick was behind a lot of it and it will become a case of is the jury bitter or are they going to reward gameplay – I think the gameplay was good enough, without him actually decimating anyone like S14 Dan had to do that ended up costing him the game.

Honestly the only person left in the game that I’m not sure if Derrick would beat is Zach – if Zach came back and somehow managed to make it to the end that could be an interesting final two.

But Derrick’s hardest gameplay is still ahead of him as the numbers dwindle and if the HG’s realize that everyone in the jury likes Derrick no one will want him in the chair next to them at the end of the game.


I agree. Not only has he never been in a position to make game moves, he hasn’t ever tried to show other HGs that he is behind many of the bolder decisions and game moves. Some of them believe that they came up with the ideas, he is going to have a hard time convincing them that anything was ever his idea and that he wasn’t just floating along with the ‘majority’ house vote. Especially if that is exactly what he is telling the targets.

Many are going to see him as a floater, more than Victoria. why not get him out, other than he is planting the seed of ‘bigger targets need to go’. What he wants, imo, is to be F2 with Victoria. I have a hard time believing he is ever going to suggest she go up and out at any time in the near future.

BB Donny Fan

How the *$&@ is victoria still here.


how the fuck did victoria even get in the house i mean she does’nt know theres a game going on or believe theres an alliance dumbest player in the history of big brother next 2 marcellas


Which is why everyone would want to be next to her in the final 2. No one in the Jury house would admit that she would have played the best game. They wouldn’t even pretend she had any game at all, So that is why she is still in the house. Only way anyone could be sure of a Victory is to drag Vic to the end. In this game bad players many times win at least final 2. Sometimes I think there are players that compete to see who can be the worst players hoping to be dragged along to the end on purpose.

Victoria's Hair Extensions

None of them deserve to win, with the4 exception of Donny.


Here’s my opinion:
Hate Frankie, but he deserves to win if he makes it because he’s played the game and eliminated people and been part of a powerful alliance. He deserves to win but I don’t want him to win. Am I making sense?
Indifferent to Derrick, but he also deserves to win he’s clearly the puppet master and anyone that’s a puppet master deserves to win if they make it to the end. I don’t mind seeing him win.

Hate Caleb, but will give him points for being loyal. If he makes it to the end then he deserves to win. I don’t want him to win though.
Like Donny, just because he’s the underdog. Yes I love underdogs and will admit that. Deserves to win and I want him to win.
Indifferent to Zach, he brings some drama but do I care if he wins? Nope. But I would pick him over Frankie or Caleb any day.

Hate Christine, deserves it if she makes it to the end especially if she wins more comps, but I don’t want her to win
Cody, don’t really have an opinion. If he wins it won’t be the end of the world for me.
Victoria, doesn’t deserve to win and don’t want her to win


Agree. Yes people hate Frankie and Derrick. Put those feelings aside, this isn’t a popularity contest. BB is a strategic game. Frankie has made moves, Derrick has manipulated the entire house. They both deserve to win the game of BB. More so than Donny. Donny slept through almost every major turning point in the game. Conclusion, there a too social game players that deserve the BB grand prize. Donny deserve Americas Fav, because he is genuinely a really good person.


This is not just a game of strategy , but also social interaction, and winning comps. Donny has won when needed and been very likable in the house. He is also the only one on to derrick. Derrick has only gotten so far because he has hidden behind his alliance, which are a bunch of idiots. Donny is the best player. Derrick is just being handed the game by a bunch of fame wh@res and idiots.


It’s not a popularity contest? So America’s favorite or America’s Team is just………..Hoo!


i don’t think Christine has actually done anything to deserve to win. She is where she is now only because she is willing to do the stupid things that the guys wanted, and for her vote. To me that isn’t deserving of any thing.

i also think Frankie deserves to win, he is proving himself a comp winner and is able to socialize. However, he is also proving himself to be easily manipulated into doing things that are detrimental to his game. That or he does that to himself. Zach is not detrimental to his game at this point, he is a red herring put up by Derrick, but he is an ally like Caleb is. Christine is no one’s ally. Cody is only with Derrick, and Victoria will only do what Derrick wants her to do. Therefore, the only person Frankie should have put up on the block is Victoria, because losing either Cody or Victoria takes away from Derrick, and gives to Frankie

Caleb deserves to be 2nd place, imo. I would not have any problem with him getting to that spot. even tho everyone else is not in BS anymore, only him, he is still the most consistent. Hate him for what he did with Amber, and he is definitely delusional about how good he is at the comps, but i think anyone he works with should take him with them.

Donny of course deserves to win. 🙂 And I want him to win. If Frankie had any sense he would want to keep Zach, and work with Zach and Donny (and whoever comes back). it’s too late tho because Derrick will not allow Zach to stay over Cody, no way.

Michael from Canada

Christine is where she is now because she was awake and with Amber when Devin decided to bring two girls into the Bomb Squad. That’s the only reason she’s still in the house. She never would have entered that circle any other way and probably wouldn’t have made it to jury otherwise.


Take hatred out of it. Why doesn’t Derrick deserve to win? He has had one of best BB social games in a long time. Since Dan Gheesling.

Lawon's Special Power

I’ve never understood the love for Dan. He was a good player but he got EXTREMELY lucky when the house divided themselves with April/Michelle/Ollie/Jerry vs Keesha/Renny/Libra and to a minor extent Dan. The fight erupting caused Dan to be able to sweep under the rug his (America’s) deciding vote to evict Jesse.


NO disrespect dingusontheblock, but Derrick is no Dan! Dan played against some really good players and had to actually pull his butt out of the fire with Dan’s Funeral when he had everyone against him when he went on BB the 2nd time and Derrick has never been a target or been on the block and Derrick is playing the game with a bunch of total IDIOTS!!!!! HUGE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO and if Derrick had people in the game that had any sign of actual intelligence besides Donny, think Derrick would already be in jury or at home resting his feet.


i’m hopeing for Zonny 2 make it i’m done with this show if derrick and cody r in F2


Please stop with the screenshots of Derrick’s mug. I can’t take them any more!

Frankie you can’t believe Zach would stab you in the back? Why because he is campaigning to stay? Just ridiculous! Also, Frankie, this season is indeed very boring, very, very boring! It’s amazing that they think they are playing such great games (they are boring and predictable) and keeping us entertained. Zach has been the most entertaining houseguest and Devin was fun to watch as he destroyed his game.

I love how in conversations Derrick is now saying he is glad Christine and Cody scaled back their groping and Zach said he was going to tell her husband to get the divorce papers ready (that would have been awesome). I guess wasn’t all so innocent huh Derrick? You defending her as a married man when she was upset only to find out the truth is you weren’t ok with it and it wasn’t even your wife!

Hahahaha, Derrick’s shoes smelled and they still didn’t figure out that it is symbolism for the stink of Derrick and his game play. I wonder if they smelled like rotten bacon (sorry, I’m not sorry because I couldn’t resist).

Every week we all hold on to some hope things will get more exciting and pick up, but they haven’t so far. If Donny doesn’t win HOH or POV (assuming BOB is over) he is going home next week followed by Chrisine/Victoria/Caleb (I don’t think Derrick is keep Caleb around). So, that is two more weeks of the same old same old. The only hope is the buy back brings back Hayden/Zach, but that will only be a diversion because the ones running the house will just shift the pecking order of eviction to fit that person first.

I’m so over this cast if clowns.

Team Fear The Beard!


Yes yes yes…tired of seeing Derricks smug face. It’s like watching a bad infomercial over and over again at 3 in the morning.
Funny as hell that the nasty smell was emanating from Derrick. Frankie’s gonna offer to wash his feet (it will be innocent …LOL) and Cody gonna steal Derricks shoes and hide in the porta-potty and sniff them.




“Zach says 500K would be nice but I will make it another way.” nice one Zachattack

Beach girl

Frankie is so mean to Zack, a guy that he literally hangs on. I think the people on the other side of the wall said it best, “Frankie you are disgusting!”

Day Yum Yum

I think this week’s HOH is the fill up the jug until you can reach the ping pong ball, right?


If it is, Hayden has that won before it starts.

I'll Show You

Just for the record, Derrick has allowed Victoria to fondle him while he’s been lying on his back a number of times. She runs his fingers up and down his back. He has had his head in her lap while she ran her fingers threw his hair (like she does with Cody).
Anywho – knowing how disgusting he smells even makes him more respulsive. His smug self-satisfied face is just so sickening.
Yes, he’s playing with a lot of suggestion-susceptible idiots (other than Donny) so he’s not exactly in the company of great mind warriors – not much of an accomplishment when he’s surrounded by fame-whores, hair-weaves, and a barrista who is school-girl crazy over the Jersey shore stripper.
Mental midgets for lack of a better term.
Victoria is determined to destroy Zach’s identity she said.
Uh – how exactly? By cutting up HER OWN HAT!
Up until now, she has had nothing to talk about and is usually zoned-out has a glazed-over look until she snaps out of it and looks in the mirror.
This new ‘accomplishment’ that’s making her parents so proud has given her something to talk about the last 2 days. She’s made herself relevant by destroying her own property. Words can even…
Christine responds, “wow, that’s so cool”. I sincerely hope that is condescending ridicule.

mr ed

Pretty much hit the nail on the head with that post!! Pig Face is as annoying as Tinkerbell too!!!!


Victoria always looks so zoned out. Her spaced out look really mirrors the lack of any substance in that weaved head of hers. I understand spacing out occasionally in th Bb house, not like there is much to do. But in her case it is constant. Whenever she is on after dark all she is doing is looking glazed over. She’s a complete weirdo. And is very mean when it comes down to it. She does whatever Derrick tell her to do. Has nothing going for her, can’t imagine what her family is like. Also can’t stand watching and listening to her eat.


Derricks shoes smell like the pig he is. I thought Victoria being a Jew wasn’t supposed to eat pork. How can she stand to be around the cop? She might be alienated by her own kind when she gets out. OK bad joke but I can’t help it, I can’t stand two faced manipulators in this game or real life and I believe he is like this in real life and just wondering who he has put away in prison (closed the books on) that were truly innocent. Or manipulated into committing a crime so he could make an arrest? ~Skerry~ How many little girls has he rescued from a speeding ticked for a little extra curricular activity? I’m speculating of course but it wouldn’t surprise me.


Too even think that is disgusting.. Get a life


Why does christine hate donny so much


Because she is a terrible person.


Because even Donny is prettier than she is?

mr ed

Because he is better looking than her !!!!!!


Two reasons:
1. He’s older and doesn’t play the frat house games with the rest of them.
2. She’s a C-U-Next-Tuesday

She's Worse Than That

I agree with all the things listed by other posters. But how do you accuse someone of such serious acts? I have never heard anyone but her and nasty Victoria say he has said inappropriate comments or “perve” things to anyone let alone rub himself or refer to himself as she claimed. Anyway, why would this bother her nasty self. She seems to be the “rubber” or “rubher (cody)”. The foul mouthed things that have been said, why Donnie would have to go along way to outdo these slimes. It just does not fit with who he is. What a creep she is. Yeah, bet her pastor and parents are too proud. Got a feeling her husband is of the same caliber or just so insecure it doesn’t matter. Mine wouldn’t be home when I got there.


Donny’s playing with integrity which is a reminder to Christine that you CAN play with some integrity and still be in the house.

Her game has no integrity and seeing Donny everyday hurts her soul.


Cackle-twat loves to hate on anybody who is better looking than her. Since this includes everybody in the house, she is focusing all her hate on Donny Darkorse…because that is the only one she can get away with hating on who isn’t in her alliance…

H.R. Cankles

Because he won’t let her fondle his beard.


I was wondering that too. But if you listen to her she HATES a lot of people in the house. She hated amber and britney and zach. But Donny?? That is strange. She’s just full of hate…or likes to say it. She might be feeling guilty over her behaviors and is hating anyone who looks at her wrong. Who knows..she’s an idiot in this game.

For someone who was supposedly ‘bullied’ at school she doesn’t seem to have grown much…just turned into a version of the bullies from school.


She’s full of hate, yet claims to be a Christian. Or is that gameplay, too? Not! It literally sickens me to see her all over Cody AND to hear her bash Donny the way she does. Again, it’s one thing to say you want someone out because it’s best for your game; but to simply make crap up and say vile, personal attacks is just a kind of low that I cannot justify.


Because he isn’t stupid and can’t be played like the rest of the people in the house.


Because he is so “skeery”! I think much like Der-dick they know he is not buying into their bullshit and she can see he has no respect for her. (she is a discusting troll borderline whore) She has a lot of nerve talking about anyone else and their comments or actions when she has done so much worse. I have never heard donny make overly crude sexual remarks about Victoria or anyone else for that matter. I don’t recall seeing him “play with his junk” or talk about his cock size as stated by Christine. Der-dick says he was staring at Victoria? Well so have I. With those tight, tight and I mean tight ass shorts and leggins she wears her muff and crack are clearly on display. I am always amazed at the women who complain men stare but wear revealing or super tight clothes. it is obvious that is the reaction you are looking for or you would wear clothes that didn’t reveal your cameltoe! (victoria has a nice ass, muff and if you like fake tits those are nice as well) In my opinion she wears way too much make-up (prob needs it!) and of course that nose…………. Christine is a butter EVERYTHING! butter-face, butter-body, butter-morals, butter-voice, I wouldn’t bang her with Cody’s dick and Caleb pushing!


Christine hates Donny so much because he has outsmarted and outplayed her every step of the way. Excepting her “game play” of rubbing her hands all over the man-child and also being lucky to look mannish enough to join the boys alliance.
She might also be jealous of his large man-bits.

We hate you Beast Mode Cowgirl

She hates everyone. She’s said she hated Jocosta, Hayden, Nicole, Frankie, Donny and Victoria just the other day. I might hate everyone too if I looked exactly like Squidward.


Cause she is kind of a bitch

Lil' Sebastian

Good question. Everyone else in the house has been making perverted comments all season, but god forbid a 42 year old man make those same comments. Frankie is 31 and he has said some of the most disgusting stuff I’ve heard on Big Brother. No one in the house seems to mind that.


Christine hates everyone. Just depends on who she’s talking to. She is one angry, spiteful, jealous woman. That’s not good for a persons health.


Because he’s so “skerry”!

Seriously, not clue except she is towing the line of everyone else, like Cody is and just making sure Donny stays the target.


Christine hates everyone! She hates Donny more because some house guest told her she was Donny’s #1 target.

Buy Back



Because he has everything she lacks. Redeeming qualities.


Oh, that’s perfect. Bravo!

Brokeback Gayleb

I dunno, but she’ll find out why America hates her so much soon


I believe it started within the first few weeks when Donny told Nicole not to trust Christine. I personally think she thinks Donny is a creep anyways.


I’ve been struck by how often Chistine has said, “I hate (this person) or (that person)” all season. She’s such a follower that usually it’s about whichever scapegoat Derrick has set up for the week or a past one, but yesterday she said a premature “I hate you” to Vic under her breath after smiling and giggling to her face. At least the others contend that stuff isn’t personal, it’s just a game, but for Christine it’s all so personal. Amazing, she’s accusing Donny of saying vile things, yet none of the feeds have ever shown this. Nothing is more vile than hate, Christine.


I hope zack exposes Christine in his speech and say what a disgusting bioootch she is. She deserves it.


I have a question, has anyone seen the incident that Christine is saying that Donny made those perverted comments while jiggling his junk. I have the live feeds & I have never seen Donny direct a comment like that to Christine or any other female in the house in a provocative way towards them. I could see him talking some shit w/ the boys b/c that is what guys do time to time. But I believe that Christine is just malicious towards Donny & making up lies to make him out as a pervert. Then what really disgust me is Cody & Team America(what a crock of shit) are jumping on the bandwagon. Maybe somebody can clarify that what Christine said was true about Donny but I dont believe it. Have you seen it Simon & Dawg.

By the way, this is the best BB site out. You two guys do a tremendous job wish nothing but further success for you two b/c ya’ll have earned it. Keep up the good work & try to squeeze in a vacation to relax & decompress from watching these feeds before BB Canada.


Also, has anyone heard the “50 comments” he’s supposedly said to Victoria?!? Honestly, if you have, please post them here.

You know, people made such a huge deal about the racist comments HGs made last year, but to me this is worse. Here’s why: Making racist comments is pretty much pure ignorance and doesn’t usually affect one specific person. Like if someone said all blondes are idiots, I couldn’t care any less. They have no affect on me personally. However, if they said “(insert my real name here) is a liar and a cheat” I would be not only offended, but it could harm me personally and professionally. You know, when you attack a person’s character it’s significant; which is why they have defamation laws. For Christine and Victoria to make up such things about Donny is downright deplorable and they BOTH should have to apologize to him, his family, and his girlfriend.

This is NOT coming from being a fan of Donny. This is coming from someone with a heart. Way back when Mike Boogie was on the All Starts I hated him for one reason and one reason only: the absolute vile and disgusting way he talked about Erica (I think that’s her name). I couldn’t care less about her in the game, but that sickened me. I’ve never gotten over it (which is pretty significant because we actually know some of the same people – AND my husband almost went to work for Mike and I told my husband I will NEVER be nice to that guy).

Oh No You Didn't MFers

PERFECT DESCRIPTION! Not only of why it’s appropriate to dislike these scumbags, but also of you having the integrity to know what a person is made of that behaves in this slanderous manner & not forgetting it while swooning over their fame. THANK YOU!

What are you saying?!

i’m sorry but did you just compare an insult about hair color to racism? Racism doesn’t affect one specific person?! Racism isn’t “ignorance” they are two different things that although sometimes related, aren’t at all synonymous with each other. You just lost me after that. Also, say what you want about this season being boring/predictable or what not but I would take this over the mess that was BB15 any day, every time.


I was also wondering why. Dislike OK, but hate? She says it a lot. She also said she does not miss Jocasta because all she ever did was laugh too loudly at things that were not funny. Maybe she found out that Donny said her cackles were painful to his ears. I concur with Donny. STFU!!!


The thing I’m not liking about this BB season is how these “super fans” house guests know everything already. They knew there would be a double eviction (curtesy of BB telling them), they knew when Zing-bot will come in the house, and now they know there’s a possibility of a “buy back” happening so someone will return. What’s the point of watching when these “smart asses” already know everything. If they’re not shocked by anything BB is doing, then maybe good ol’ predictable BB production needs to try a lot harder next year to really change the game. Otherwise, you’re going to lose your audience.


They aren’t really told. They are guessing based on previous seasons; otherwise you would be hearing them talk about there being a “buy back” Thursday. Also, even with them knowing things, they still manage to screw up their games.


Are these Neanderthals really calling Donny a pervert? As much as I don’t care for Derrick, he is the only one that has shown any kind of moral fortitude in the house. They all have very distorted images of themselves. Her hatred for Donny is a reflection of her hatred for herself. He saw her for what she was right from the start and she hates that.


That last picture of Christine looks like Marty Feldom in Young Frankenstein.

donny's not a perv

so they can talk about blowj*bs and je#king off all of the time, but Donny makes one small comment and he’s a pervert? my god, what a bunch of self-cenetered hypocrites. they were talking about co*ks all night. Christine even mentioned something about “a load” in someone’s mouth. Christine is the pervert, running her slimy, adulterous hands all over cody like some heathen. she looks like one of those fake witches you buy during Halloween that sits on your porch. And Victoria?? she should be flattered someone paid her some attention, that greedy troll. to trounce on Donny’s character, making him seem like some sort of lecher, is beyond ridiculous. Christine’s the lecher…..CHRISTINE”S THE LECHER!!!!


Christine is taking a deficit in her own character and projecting it onto Donny! As if making up shite about Donny will distract everyone from her behavior. Well with these nitwits it might. Donny’s an easy target for Christine’s negativity right now plus she’s gotta know Donny’s smart enough to see who she really is and is judging her.


That picture of Christine looks like Marty Feldam in Young Frankenstein.


because he can see right througt her ugly ass ,and because see is just so damn stupid stupid i say.


Christine, CBS and BB better hope that Donny is as nice as he seems to be on the show and feeds. If he is not he has a huge lawsuit against all 3 for defemation of character, libel and slander if the stuff has been both written and verbal that they allowed that hateful vile woman to say about him. Hope Donny has a little vindictive nature and sues all three for the comments that biotch Christine made about him and BB and CBS allowed her to say when they no it is NOT TRUE. Hope he gets an A1 Attorney!


So it’s only ok for Christine to jokingly say inappropriate stuff, and everyone else talk about Di$k this and Di$k that di$k,di$k, di$k….but when Donny jokes around about his it’s disgusting??? F U Christine


Yes…..oh my gosh yes! I totally agree.


BB needs to cover the mirror in the DR on eviction night. VapidVic would self-evict immediately. If that did not work, BB needs to cover all mirrors in the house for 24 hours as some type of punishment. That would start a real cat fight between Skankie Frankie and Vapid Vic.

Oh No You Didn't MFers

When I first read the 5:20am – 6:15am In the kitchen segment I thought aw Dawg must be screwing with us, no way did real human beings say this dastardly shite. Then, when I reconciled in my head that Dawg wouldn’t do that, I thought this has got to be a production script that they are reading from. It really took a while for me to register that these psycho fks actually spewed this vomit under their own delusional brainpower.

I sincerely hope that Donny does not drag each of them individually out of bed this morning, beat them to a bloody pulp in the backyard and chunk them in the swimming pool. But if he does, it probably won’t hurt my feelings or be as shocking as the 5:20am – 6:15am In the kitchen segment that I read this morning.

p.s. Donny, make sure that you ‘literally’ drag Christine by her hair, but please, I beg you not to do any of this.


God these people with the exception of Donny & Zach are so damn unlikable they fit right into the C Word Category! ( especially Frankie & Christine )
Honestly, I can’t wait for finale night so I never have to look at these vile people’s faces ever again!!!!!

anti- christine

Christine is sch a disgusting, foul, whore. All she ever does is grope Cody and in her free time attack the character of other people. She pretend she is some nice, religious, married girl when she is none of those things. It disgusts me to hear her talk about Donny, who is nothing but kind and honest, as if he’s the must disgusting and undeserving thing she’s ever saw. And them she sits around and brags about how her husband is always getting upset with how she acts with other men. Um, who brags that they are an unfaithful slut? She’s going to be surprised when she realizes how much America hates her guts.


its amazing the power of persuasion Derrick has over Cody. from convincing him to nominate Donny, and flipping on Zach, and even jumping into the pool. Derrick has worked all season to keep people who’s mind he can change.

sleeping until thursday’s buyback 🙁


Sigh…Spankme thinks he is winning by getting Zach out this week. What he doesn’t realize is that Zach has already beat him. All production’s Molden Boy cares about is fame/popularity. When he leaves the house, he is going to see that he is despised by the country and Zach has a huge fan-base. He thinks with Zach out of the way, America will focus their love and attention on him. Instead of getting jealous of the Zach love…he could have used it to help himself. I am glad…for Zach’s sake…he is too stupid to see this.

Chief Wiggum is worried that The Princess Cried will be the icon of the season. Don’t worry…she isn’t…but neither are you. It really annoys me when people say he is a mastermind and deserves to win. He isn’t $#*%! He just happens to be playing with a bunch of absolute self-obsessed morons. Anyone with common sense would have seen through him…which is why “Donny don’t play that…”

Donny Darkorse sees right through it…and he is alone, so he can’t do anything about it. He has been against the whole herd of Wiggum’s sheep this entire game and has had to save himself…by himself…every week. This is why Donny is this season’s icon…all Wiggum will be remembered for is THINKING he is Dan 2.0, when he is just a shark in a sea of stupid. That and constant paranoia, death speeches and having a Walking Vagina attached to his ass.

Now onto Cackle-twat… She goes on and on about thinking Donny is inappropriate…just after admitting that she gets in trouble with her husband for always being inappropriate. I figured her husband must have been pretty desperate to marry her…but how desperate is his brother…if he flirts with his twat-in-law? So, Cackle-twat wants to accuse Donny Darkorse for being creepy…yet she not only has been called out for her monkey-grooming antics with The Runaway Vagina on the show, but she admits to being creepy with her brother-in-law in front of her husband? Well there you go folks…this is not her first time to the “Ho”deo. That girl has more projection issues than a movie theater during a thunder storm…


Why is it OK for everyone to say “inappropriate” comments? Can anyone confirm such things said by Donny? Now I like him even more.


You know what would be the best thing to happen this season. If all the jurors came back and they each got to pick someone to be evicted instead of them. This is who I think the jurors would pick
Zach- Frankie
Nicole- Christine
Hayden- Derrick
Jocasta- whoever Hayden tells her to so probably Caleb or Cody

Then the house would have zach Hayden Nicole Jocasta Donny either Caleb or Cody and Victoria then there wouldn’t be as much Donny bashing I feel so bad for him I just want to give him a hug and say it’s ok America loves you


Why would Zach whisper in Donny’s ear to trust Derrick when he leaves the house. I hope he didn’t mean that.Donny is the only one who has been good to him. I hope that was just a strategic move to manipulate Derrick.


No this is not strategy for Zach… he has been misted by Derrick. This is why Zach needs to stay gone once he is out. I didn’t want Zach to go this week because I had high hopes of Nic or Hayden teaming up with Zach and Donny, but now that Zach is going he needs to stay gone because Donny needs someone who will fight Derrick with him.


I think Hayden or Zach will win the buyback. But seems like production may have to give them a veto or something like safety for a week because the house will just vote them out that week! I think Christine days are numbered once the buyback happens!


Why are these idiots always ratting on Donny and saying he’s a pervert. I’ve never heard him once say inappropriate comments or stare at victoria. It’s funny that Christine and Cody have the nerve to talk about someone else being inappropriate when they are the biggest pervs ever. Has anyone actually heard these “inappropriate” comments donny supposedly makes? Or is this just stupid Christine and Cody propaganda.

Creepy Christine

“Christine says you know what the number 1 best thing about staying up late is.. No Donny! Cody says Donny called me a pud puller because I had my hands down my pants. She says that he made a comment about having a huge d**k. And I literally almost got up and pulled his hair! In a horrible way like throw him to the ground. Cody asks what!? Christine says when we made a comment like oh that was huge and he said thank you and then jiggled his junk. Derrick says he’s a little bit of a pervert. Christine says he has said 50 things to Victoria. Derrick says Victoria caught him staring at her. Christine says he’s said things that are weird that creeps me out.”

Seriously the Donny bashing is really pissing me off. How can that dirtballs continue to call Donny creepy?!?! This is a house with Creepy Stalker Caleb who has Cody bent over in the kitchen showing his preferred sex positions… Creepy cuddler Cody (apparently Donny is creepy for commenting about him having his hands down his pants in front of them, but Cody isn’t creepy for having his hands down his pants???)… Creepy fondler Christine… and the Creepiest of them all, Hump everything that moves Frankie…. but no, Donny is Creepy?!?!?!
And I hate how they all pile on. Fuck you Derrick! Be a fucking man and stand up for the guy once in a fucking while. Not to mention he tells Zack he can’t talk personal with Donny since Donny doesn’t trust him.. So that means you have to ostracize him you fucking pig?!

Hate these idiots, especially Christine. Stop bashing Donny every chance you get you adulterous bitch. I can’t wait for them to get out of the house to see all the Donny love and pure hatred (more and more deserved) they will all get!


Christine just a new low. I didn’t think it possible, but she did. Now she is lying and saying Donnie OF ALL PEOPLE is saying crude and sexual things to her! Stinky-feet Derrick chiming in “He’s kind of a pervert.” I know lying is a part of the game but destroying someone’s good character with that sort of innuendo (that Donny is a pervert) is just plain wrong and should not be allowed. I thought last year was bad (it was) but these people are horrid in a whole different way.


I wish everyone would wise up and realize Derrick has a F2 deal with Cody and Victoria. Cody and Christine are close. Therefore the only who can vote to save Zach is Donny.
Zach needs to reach out to Celeb, Vic, and Donny and start a new 4 person alliance. Ce, D, and Z can explain in little words to Vic that D has been playing her. Z already explained to her once how D had all these alliance without her. He planted seeds, then got scared and backed down. Z- push those seeds. Z can also explain to C how he as been a target each time he “self nominated” himself. If Z was smarter and a better social player he could pull off this 4 person alliance. As long as it’s not Cody coming back , whoever comes back can join their alliance. They can then target F and D right away. It would be great TV. Unfortunatly Z is smooth enough to pull it off and V and Ce are too blind too see they are stoogies.


I agree with you on many accounts except for the “Zach is smooth enough to pull it off” comment. Zach has proven multiple times this season he is not smooth enough to pull it off. He approached Nic to work with her, which would have been an amazing move for him but then 5 mins after their convo ran back to Derr and Cody and told them everything Nic said. This is why Zach coming back would be a waste… he will just run back to Derr when he gets back in, sealing Derr’s win. Everytime Zach makes a smart move he blows it up on himself, which is why he is in this situation right now.


Not sure if you watch the live feeds, but unfortunately there is no possible way in hell anyone can pull Vic away from Derrick. It’s simply not going to happen. I honestly think she has a huge crush on him and she is completely under his spell.

Caleb has 100% sold out to Frankie. Since Caleb found out who Frankie’s sister is, he hasn’t left his side. Literally. He sleeps with him every night and basically goes where ever Frankie goes. Frankie has promised Caleb he will introduce him to Justin Bieber, and Caleb thinks he’s going to “get in the studio” with Justin because of Frankie. Caleb wants to be famous, that’s why he’s there. So it will take a lot to pull him from Frankie. In fact, same as Vic, I’m not sure it can be done anytime soon.

Basically Zach has to get Frankie to change his mind, even then he won’t have enough votes. Because Christine won’t vote for him and Vic will do whatever Derrick wants. So basically he’s screwed.


Becuase she knows she’s an ugly person (inside and out) so she has to make fun of other people to make her feel better about herself.

Nana B

Christine is a vile lying b*tch!

Lil' Sebastian

Frankie, Christine, and Zach (even though I like him) just pointed out exactly what has been wrong with Big Brother for the past few years.

You don’t care about winning the money? You’re just here for the experience? You’re ok with going out in 3rd, 4th, or 5th? You knew you weren’t going to win so you didn’t care?

CBS should not be putting people like this on the show. They need 16 people that are there for one reason only: to win $500,000. Not to get publicity, not to have fun, not to get your name out there. To win the freaking game.

Team Anyone

Okay, so I just watched Sunday’s episode and I am so happy Ratine’s and Cody’s snuggle fest was aired. OMG and then when Zingbot is aired…. Tim literally looks like a schmuck now! After reading that she flirts with his brother and he is STILL married to that rat! What a loser! Cody is disgusting!!!


If some of these Players are supposed Superfans, then they would know that there is not a saboteur. There has been no video showing the saboteurs distorted voice and image like in past seasons. This is usually revealed so why do they believe it now. How stupid are they that they would believe there is a saboteur when there had been no reveal from Julie Chen that there even was one?
These people are more dense than the smell of Derpricks BO.


Derrick votes to evict Cody
Caleb votes to evict Cody
Donny votes to evict Cody
Victoria votes to evict Cody
Christine votes to evict Cody

By a vote of 5 to 0… Zach you are… Safe!

Do it


Simon & Dawg, is there any truth to what Christine said about Donny? Does she have him confused (on purpose) with Spencer BB15? GAH! I can’t STAND that woman!!


Yeah Christine. If big bad Donny was staring at Victoria it’s only because he’s trying to figure out what the heck this ridiculous creature is and why she’s still in the house. Hope Donny wins HOH and gets a punishment to shave off his beard like he wants to. Bet he’d look awesome and Vic would want to start rubbing him.


If Frankie doesn’t win.. Africa will go without schools? Mr Piggy is in total control. Funny how he is a cop (pig) and has that pig snout face. Put the Mr Magoo glasses back on dude. Christine touch Cody… Victoria?????

Buy Back

Since this is suppose to be the summer of the biggest, most twists lets do everyone a favor and allow 2 HGs to come back into the house..Im soo sick of Derrick being the king of the castle, its time to go and someone with some balls is gonna have to come back and make a move.. I wonder how stupid will these houseguests feel when they come out of the house and see the show for themselves and how they were puppets. CBS GIVE US A REUNION**AFTER THE VIEWING** SHOW WITH THE HOUSEGUESTS AND LETS SEE HOW THEY REALLY FEEL!!!


The reunion is called Twitter. There has been some good Twitter battles after the last few seasons.


Hey Julie, Jeff. Someone give Zack a pink hat when he’s evicted. Would piss Victoria off when he comes back in the game with it (and have fans sign it!). If I had a way to get it to him, I have a better one I’d love for him to have that’s not a cheap one from Walmart. It has a police patch on the front and the number 8 embroidered on the side which could signify that he survived eight evictions.


The lies/comments about donny really piss me off!!!!! Dont believe for a minute that he giggled his junk or made 50 comments to victoria. They never even seem to talk, and if he was looking at vic weird he was prob trying to figure out how someone can be so vain. SHAME on derrick, cody, and christine!!!! This season is just vicious made up lies. The only reason chris hates donny is because he is a million times better player than her without all the rubbing & stroking on the guys & without all the vicious lying. Out of all the conversations & lies ive heard all season this one really pisses me off. Maybe those 3 just done know a decent hard working man when they see one & dont know what to make of it. When they get out of the house & read there vicious vile comments & lies I hope they apologize to every house guest. I hate these 3 disgusting people. Esp shame on derrick, he knows there lies, he just knows donny’s possibly the only hg that can beat him in f2 & has to trash his character any way he can. They should remember hg families/friends read & see this crap on the feeds. NEVER been so disguested!!!!!!!!

Buy Back

Does Christine contribute anything besides making herself like like a skank, and talking crap about people? She is a terrible person. God, I would hate to be her when she leaves that house and has to go back into the real world. Life is going to be brutal on her.

Nera's Mommy

I think Christine should start looking at another church, because I’m not sure her pastor would want her back…


Zach should put Derrick on blast saying that he wants him to stay and ask Cody if Derrick has said the same to him. Why is Zach not blowing stuff up?!!!!!!


He likes Derrick, simple as that.