HUGE swimming pool, Drinking beer , Str*king the meat every night jury house isn’t all that bad

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Aug 23rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 25th
HOH Winner 1: FRANKIE HOH Winner 2: Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny & Christine Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
Final Nominations: Zach & Cody
Have Nots Christine & Victoria
POV Players Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, Donny, Christine

BB16-2014-08-19 19-55-20-590
7:54pm HOH Caleb, Derrick and Frankie
Frankie uses the bathroom room. Derrick tells Caleb they cannot take Victoria to the final 3 because anyone will take her to the end she’s a guaranteed win.
Caleb saying he was down playing pool and Cody and Christine were on the couch she was rubbing his shoulders and all the cameras were on them. Caleb says if he got a zing like she did he wouldn’t be doing stuff like that anymore..
Lots of chits chat.. Frankie says after taking time off from ej@cualting when you do it it’s painful
Caleb says when he was deployed he never “went”.. “you go home push it through the tubes it hurts… it feels good but it hurts

BB16-2014-08-19 20-11-55-453
8:07pm Hammock Victoria and Christine
Victoria saying if it’s endurance she has to win it..
CHristine – Ya.. oh my god.. it’s stressing me out
Victoria – I’m so f***g stressed..
Victoria Says it sucks all she does is win POV’s and BOB’s she hasn’t won a HOH yet, “I freeze all the time just like i did in front of Julie.,. I don’t know why the nerves get so bad for me it’s insane.. I dunno I just frickin freeze I don’t know why it sucks.
Victoria – It’s so hard for me I cannot be fake..
Victoria about Zach – I can’t believe he said now he’ can F*** my sh1t up
Christine – Oh my god he’s a idiot I hate him

8:24pm The guys showing how they hide J***king off

BB16-2014-08-19 20-29-38-123
8:28pm Pooltable Derrick and Caleb
Derrick tells him he doesn’t want to do the acting or modelling thing like some of the other houseguest he wants to start up a Big BRother website..
Derrick wants to do Video Fan Chats where he has past cast members in Skype chat. “People can log on check out the conversation.. I’ll have Beast mode of the week fruit loop dingus of the week”
Derrick starts saying that COdy makes a lot of money.. “He’s got a business degree from temple and for all we know he was the top of his class”

Donny joins them..

BB16-2014-08-19 21-07-37-227

9:09pm Movie talk.. random chit chat..

BB16-2014-08-19 21-18-03-279

9:17pm Backyard Derrick and Caleb
Derrick – I’m a boring guy man.. I’m 30 coming on 50 .. Kids change things a lot..
Derrick – You know what I did recently for my 30th I went to F-1 racing my brother took me with some of my friends.. it’s like Go Carts but FAST go karts..

Caleb start talking about being here 90 days is a long a$$ time
Derrick – we’re 2/3rds done..
DOnny joins them.
Donny – You’ve been Creepin today..
Caleb – Nah.. `

Caleb – I’m not going to lie I would like to see the jury house. would I rather be here to win the money YA..
Derrick – I get what you’re saying. Explains that caleb would you rather leave now than week 3..
Caleb – They are kicking it watching whatever movie they want, Huge swimming pool, hanging out with the handler, Drinking beer whenever., walking through a HUGE house, No cameras, Str*king the meat every night…. just the view itself.. they are in a mansion 3 times this house.
Derrick – right now Jocasta is reading her bible Hayden and NICole are smooshing talking about their future..

Caleb – “these days are sleep aways just sleep them away they’re so long and boring..
Victoria – I heard I love you
Derrick I didn’t hear anything.
Feeds cut to fist (ahhh Cmon)

BB16-2014-08-19 22-01-43-577

10:00pm Caleb shows Cody his favorite position. Could be lockdown everyone but Zach in the living room chit chat

BB16-2014-08-19 22-46-20-749

10:46pm Living Room Frankie and Caleb
Frankie says he hasn’t really had a relationship since he started his youtube channel. It’s hard for some people to wrap their heads around him “Vlogging” all day
Caleb asks Frankie if he thinks a guy would date him because of his sister to try and get a in. Frankie doesn’t think so..
Frankie says he doesn’t go for feminine guys but he doesn’t go for Manly men either.
Caleb says he will like the manly men after meeting him.
Frankie says he might.
Caleb – you better
Frankie says there a club called blazing saddles near his house he thinks he’ll go give it a try.
Frankie explains that there’s cowboys with their shirt off.
Caleb says he should get a job there

11:12pm Pool table Derrick and Caleb
Derrick telling Caleb he promises on everything he loves Caleb is not going home but if there was a chance situation he would never tell Caleb he’s staying with he wasn’t
Zach and Frankie join them.

12:00AM whole lotta chit chat..
BB16-2014-08-20 00-09-32-914

12:07am Zach and Frankie Pool table
Zach – what’s the difference of you sending Me home and COdy .. in your eyes..
Frankie – You are more unpredictable
Zach – Right and that is a bad thing.. but Cody is predictable ..
Frankie – COrrect
Zach – THat is a bad thing for your game
Frankie – I mean do I think he wants to go with me to the end.. probably not..
Zach – ROSE no one wants to go with you to the end..
Frankie – okay..
Zach highlights all Frankie accomplishments in the game..
Frankie – I have no jury vote.
Frankie – Derrick wins hands down no questions
Zach says he really thinks Frankie needs to rethink who he is sending home.
Frankie says he’s sick of Frankie saying sh1t about Frankie like when he was on the NFL trip.
Frankie says how can Zach suggest he gets Cody out while he’s throwing him under the bus and hurting his game.
Frankie – you’re hurting me, your hurtful.. that hurts my game that hurts my life that hurt my chances of feeding children in Africa..
Frankie doesn’t think anyone will vote for him in the final 2.
Zach – All i’m saying is once I leave you are the biggest target in the house.. I have thrown you under the bus yes.. Everything I said I’ll say it to your face.
Frankie – a lot
Zach – I think it benefits your game a lot more if you keep me here..
Zach says he’s not putting Frankie up. Frankie doesn’t believe it.
Zach – It’s better for everyone’s game if i’m here over COdy.. COdy has no enemies and everyone is going up on the block before him

Frankie you honestly think I have more jury votes than Cody
Zach – you’ve played a much better game.. Derrick is winning over cody
Frankie – I don’t have the jury votes to win people don’t think i need the money
Zach tells him he’s played the best game in this house by far’ It’s not even a question.. If Christine and Victoria were smart they would vote COdy out to because if Zach is in the house Zach is going on the block before then. If zach goes to jury the it’s Victoria /Christine/Frankie.

Zach “If i’m in the house i’m going on the block every single week”
Frankie it’s not a bad pitch.. i’m sick of you throwing me under the bus you are so hurtful..
Frankie – You know what I would do pray for a f***g buyback”

12:38AM Cody, Frankie, Caleb and Derrick
Derrick telling him with the exception of this week there is no more back dooring
Frankie tells them that Zach is trying to stay saying that he needs to keep him in the game because he’s the biggest target.
Derrick says now is the time to get the big targets out..
Frankie – He’s hurting everyone reality now because his game is f*** if he’s going to continue lying, cheating and stealing like he’s doing….

“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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Oh Victoria and Christine what were the odds we’d end up with the two ugliest and bitchiest girls in the house to still be here

Christine's lips are bigger than her a$$!

The odds climbed really high for those ugly ducklings after the “hermaphrodite” boys (- Donny) started humping, groping and getting touchy-touchy with each other, the guys (- Donny) don’t even acknowledge the girls. Flankie is the hottest piece of tail in the guys’ (- Donny) eyes!….. Yes even Caleb is getting him some man crush!

Can’t you just hear Caleb blurting out in his sleep….”Amber?, Amber? don’t know her, me love some Flankie”


They should start an alliance called the “NOSE”


Now i wonder when Zach comes back and wins HoH will he put frankie and christine or frankie and derrick


Frankie is starting to be an inappropriate perv and the stranger thing is that cody and caleb let him keep on doing it. That’s weird?

Michael LB

Gosh, I am so thankful those in their 20s and younger don’t have all the gay hangups that a lot of the (older, I presume) posters here have. I’ve said it before, Frankie, though otherwise a jerk, is proudly gay, is not ashamed of it and really doesn’t care about your opinion on this topic. The guys, well except for Donnie, talk about sex all the time. Why isn’t Frankie allowed to do the same?

And for the touching, if it doesn’t bother those in the house then why does it bother you? The sense of touch is an emotional connection, it doesn’t have to be sexual (I hate to defend her but the same could be said for Christine and Cody). News flash: Frankie stroking Cody’s arm does not mean that the two will soon be having sex. You can’t make someone turn gay any more then you can make someone turn straight. The people in the house, though otherwise complete idiots, are comfortable with their own sexuality and understand this. Why can’t you all?

Bring on the thumbs down…

Chilltown 4 Life

I also think you’re missing the reverse point of Frankie being openly gay. I’ve never encountered a gay person as mean, and as hateful as Frankie. I feel he uses his homosexuality as a defense mechanism against the rest of the house.

Rarely do you hear a gay person say the stuff Frankie says, especially the cruel stuff like euthanizing Zach. I guarantee if a straight person said those things in the house, it would raise eyebrows amongst the other houseguests.


It’s Big Brother you brain dead tool?!?!

Chilltown 4 Life

You’re an idiot. Frankie said himself that if people don’t like him in the house or what he does, he puts all down to homophobia. He’ll be in complete denial when he gets out of the house, blaming the hate on homophobia(shakes head). He’ll never think that maybe he’s just a glittery turd of a person.


I agree.. Cuddling doesn’t have to mean it is foreplay at all or something that is shared only between lovers. This type of interaction(cuddling) between males is not frowned upon in European countries, it’s only North America that seems to have hang ups about males cuddling , and even that is lessening among today’s youth. I will say that this year’s version of BB has brought attention to how today’s young people feel about homophobia. Not one single homophobic incident compared to previous years, especially the train wreck that was BB 15.


It’s actually more frowned upon in European countries than in the United States, especially Eastern Europe.


It’s a generational thing. If you are referring to any taboo ideas that men should not cuddle then at least make that point clear. Huffington Post had a great article on 4/1/14 about cuddling among straight men in a study done in Britain with 93% stating they done just that in the past. Seeing all these men with no hang ups regarding homophobia on this year’s BB is hard for some people to understand. But it is reflective of how society is changing especially among younger people. Two men or two women cuddling does not mean they are gay, that is what the older generation does not understand. None of these men on BB 16 seem confused at all or insecure about their sexuality, the same can’t be said for the people who are watching who don’t like what they see.


I could care less that Frankie is gay or flamboyant. I don’t agree with people personally attacking him for this reason. But look at this scenario, if her were a female acting the same way, running around the house talking about his twat and dry humping everyone of the opposite sex (or in his case the same sex) do you think it would be received any better? In fact I think that he’s cut a whole lot of slack because he is gay and no one wants to be labeled as homophobic. In my opinion it is not his sexuality that makes him disgusting, it’s his lack of class and vulgar behavior. The turning point for me is when he exploited his grandfather’s death to regain favor in the house, I found that to be even more shameful than the exploitation of his sister.
And I am tired of him playing the victim where Zach is concerned. Frankie shit on Zach and when Zach flung his shit back at him Zach is the monster because Frankie thinks that everything he did before his “big reveal” should not be held against him. And when he won the BOB all by himself he felt he was entitled to the HOH room, well Donny just did the exact same thing, didn’t see Frankie giving up the HOH room for him. Frankie is a contemptible human being who just happens to be gay.


you are so right on about Frankie Frankenstein. I can’t stand his ways. And if anything he reflects poorly on the gay community.


You don’t remember BB 15 when Amanda would talk about how high her sex drive is and that McCrae wasn’t giving her enough sex? Or Gina Marie talking about her private parts piercings out loud? Apparently you have forgotten last years BB and how it was that it the dirtiest mouths there belonged to the women of the house , well Spencer was bad, but not as bad as Amanda or Gina Marie when it came to dirty language. Frankie is bad with his language at times , but not nearly as bad as the women were last year. Between Amanda’s insatiable sex appetite and complaining about how she wasn’t getting enough last year from McCrae and Frankie this year flirting with these men who are flirting right back, it’s obvious it’s homophobia which is influencing some people’s minds.


Michael I think you’re wrong here. Yes, the youth of today have far less hangups on sex and gays, etc. I think these HG’s are being extremely tolerant because of the drama last year and probably would not be lying around in men’s arms and being fondled and groped by gays outside the house. Caleb had already been busted with homophobic tweets before he went into house and have been pulled down by his family.

And being a ‘proud gay’ doesn’t equal outrageously bitchy and feminine behavior. You can be a proud ‘out’ gay man and dress in a business suit all day. You’re just continuing the gay stereotype that these shows seem to love and the gays hate.

As for Frankie laying on top of guys and cuddling and groping…it IS sexual for him!! He has even said it. He constantly gay baits the guys. It’s gross. There was a gay poster earlier who stated that gays who constantly go after straight guys is a form of self hatred. I can understand that. WHY doesn’t he go LAY ON TOP OF DONNY!?? Maybe because Donny isn’t a young stud?!

You’re trying to make excuses and lay some stupid sociological reason behind Frankies low life behavior. The gays I know HATE the fact he’s a representative of their community and doing them great disservice. And if you’ve been reading these boards there have been plenty of gays who are horrified by his actions.

And on top off all of that he’s one mean nasty queen who’s so delusional thinking he’s some sort of great guy and a saint. It’s so much grander and easier to say ‘I’m helping the kids in Africa’ yet he can’t even be kind to those right in front of him.


Being in NYC, I have a small group of gay friends but they all act and dress like everybody else. None of that open display of sexuality, the pink, the crazy stuff that is Frank. He’s actually doing a disservice to the gay community with this behavior.


So the McCrae & Amanda show last year with them having sex any time they could and Amanda complaining she wasn’t getting enough if fine because they are a heterosexual couple? But Frankie fooling around with these guys who aren’t offended by it is somehow worse? I don’t see any of these guys Zach, Cody, Caleb claiming they are victims of sexual harassment or showing any kind of shame.. Or is that what is bothering you that they aren’t showing typical homophobic reactions? There are gay men and women who act “straight” and look “straight” and some who are butch or feminine. That is just the way it goes. To each their own. But don’t shame them for who they are because you don’t agree with it.

Roisen Dubh

Starting? That horse ran out the barn a long time ago. They need to start calling him Pennywise.


Did Victoria just hear someone else shout out from the other side?? I hope it was another “Hate Frankie”. Or Derrick is a cop. That would be so awesome.

Zach for President

Victoria: “It’s so hard for me. I don’t know how to be fake. Besides my hair, nails, makeup, career, and worth in this game.”


Hmm is Derrick trying to throw Cody under the bus to Caleb.


I think he’s saying that so that he has an argument against Cody if they go to f2 together.

“Cody has a business degree so he’s rich and doesn’t need the money, but I have kids and stuff.”


I think he’s laying ground work to beat Cody in the final 2.

Cody the hermaphrodite pu$$y!!

Clip: 10:00pm Caleb shows Cody his favorite position.

Kotex Cody is really, really enjoying this moment, Christine may just be done (wet noodle) in Cody’s eyes…..Cody “hello Cowboy!…you wanna teach me more?”


Apparently you unaware that there is a gay demographic that is watching BB? This is not offensive to them to see two young attractive guys joking around. Then again this sounds like something that would only offend homophobes. This isn’t Sesame Street, it’s Big Brother uncensored live feeds.


Actually if you would have watched the feeds you would know that Cody wasn’t down with that.


Cody had no problem with Caleb putting him on his back on the floor in front of Christine and Frankie showing everyone what his favorite sex position is on the live feeds. That was something that even Frankie was stunned at seeing .. But it was innocent fun.. When two straight guys do this it’s fine but if Frankie does it then it becomes a issue?

Hermaphrodite Males!!

The rest of this season is getting creepier by the moment! Shame on BB! Looks as if Julie Chen will be replacing the whole staff….including Allison Grodner!


Oh, come on Skankie! That’s going too far, gay or straight. YouTube mogul for tweens; don’t think so. YOU’RE RUINING YOUR SISTER’S DEMOGRAPHIC, you idiot! All I can say “ew”.


Whoops! My bad, seriously. I thought that was Frankie and Cody, not Caleb and Cody. Still gross, but I was wrong. Eraser, please!


I’ve been watching TVGN,
I think there is trouble in paradise. Cody and Caleb had a little spat, it got a little ugly.
Caleb also had to cover his private parts from Frankie. Caleb is doing a lot of staring off into space, he acts like he rather be any where else except bb. He even mentioned going to JH.
Derrick mentioned that Cody has a degree from Temple and is probably making a lot of money to Caleb, is it possible Derrick is thinking about flipping the vote?? Cody is worthless in the comps, that is why Frankie switched over to Caleb from Zach, is Derrick thinking he could have Zach?? They know there is going to be a buy back and obviously the person coming back is going to be for Donny and able to win comps. That means Derrick is not going to have a good person backing him up. I think they all view Christine as whoever is in power that is who she is with. Victoria, welllllllll. what do you say.


If Derrick is trying to do that and pulls it off I find it out hard to see how he does not deserve the win. He is the only one strategizing. Same way though if Donny by some miracle makes it to the final just give him the 500k and let him walk away as a boss.


Be carefull Cody your tampon might come off and land on BMC face in that position


I don’t know what is stranger: Caleb and Cody demonstrating s@x positions, or Cody being at the top of his college class.


Just because someone is attractive, it doesn’t mean they lack intelligence. Cody may be indeed a smart person academically, that doesn’t always translate into being a brilliant BB player.


Having watched the live feeds, Cody comes across not as stupid, but not someone that would be top of the class. I remember one day Frankie said euthanize and Cody was like “what does that mean?”. Just one example lol


I’m pretty confident in saying Cody is no Summa cum laude. Graduating college and being smart are not mutually exclusive anyway. At a bare minimum it demonstrates the ability to stick with a plan, which we see Cody doing. He’s sticking with Derrick’s plan to win Derrick $500k.

Derrick mentions Cody’s business degree,but I thought I read somewhere he has a Master’s himself?

Creep Mode Cowboy

Why is Donny the only one calling me out for my creepy behavior? I know it’s plain to see for everyone in the house, but the others say nothing…are they just oblivious or playing me for a fool? I’m just going to believe that they’re oblivious. I’m the king of this house!! (Despite what people yelled outside the yard last night).

Big Jim

I wouldn’t have a problem with any of them coming back except Jocasta of course. Hopefully they would team up with Donny and take a run at ?the rest of these clowns

Keep Trying!

If the outside-the-wall screamers get shut down, maybe they can bribe a CBS employee to smuggle a note into the house with next box of Captain Crunch, or something. Or, inside the next carton of ice cream. Then we could sit back and watch all heck break loose.


WTF is up with Caleb and Cody? It seems like Donny is at least trying to be more social. It is interesting how Zach has kept to himself for a majority of today. Probably accepted the fate that he is out. I swear many other BB guests did what Derrick wants to do.


I think Zack is taking Donny’s advice and just laying low until tomorrow when he is going to talk to Frankie and try to convince him to tell the others to keep him over Cody.

Teri B

TMI…..TMI….TMI !!!!!!!

So many things from this season to try to UNSEE !!!!!


I’m sure if you were in the house there would be a lot more TMI than them. People that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.


I wonder if Zach is resting a lot so he has energy to do one more campaign aka wreck people’s games lol


Apparently someone shouted “Frankie you’re a piece of ****” and then the feeds were cut. HAHHAAAHA


hey simon do you think Thursday night will be endurance I don’t
cause they back out side if it was I thought endurance you don’t go back out side at all
cause you will see the comp


Last year it was endurance with everyone and the last evicted houseguest standing came back. I think that was the one where Elissa almost fell off

production rigged it

Just got caught up reading on the site. Did I miss something? I read that Derrick thinks that they (Team America) have made $20,000. How did he come up with that they’ve only completed 2 missions the first one with the rumor that Zach and Amanda were related and this one with hiding everybody’s sh!t. The second one where Zach went off on Christine and Nicole and then Amber they failed because at the end of that Wednesday’s episode it said that they failed and then Donny turned down the next one and they didn’t complete last week’s mission. So I don’t see where Derrick is getting $20,000 from, like I said did I miss something?


No, I don’t think you missed it. I’m also trying to think…but I believe they’ve only made 10K apiece. I could be wrong, tho.


They also got the one with Amber being put up for being a big threat. So after this one, it’d be $15,000. I think they think they got the argument one cuz Zach went for more than 20 seconds, but the show said they didn’t and I guess never told them they didn’t 😛


I think team American are still deluding themselves that they won the task where they were to engineer a fight between two people at either the nomination ceremony or the POV ceremony which they did not win because neither Nicole or Amber fought back. And Derrick must be counting this weeks task. There’s the extra ten thousand.

Roisen Dubh

Come on Donny, win HOH on Thursday, that will send Derrick into a tailspin. I don’t care if Derrick wins the 500k, but for God’s sake, let him sweat a little bit.

Jimmy 64

I hope you people agree with me I am sick of Frankie talking in
those British accents . It’s not funny .it is annoying as hell.
We got to get Frankie out of the house.


I agree with you 100%, it is so offensive, every time I hear him doing it I have turn the sound down or I will scream.

And yes I have the right to say this, as most of my family lives I England and I know what the accent should sound like.


I find it unfair that if anyone other than Frankie boy says a couple of words in a sing-song tone production reprimands them, but let Mr Broadway do his thing it is okay. A couple of times last night it was partly muted.
I think production was skeered Derrick was fixing to get outed last night because they sure did shut down the backyard quick.
Oh, by the way will somebody please buy Derrick’s daughter a happy meal or something so she doesn’t starve.

Nana B

I find it unfair that if anyone other than Frankie boy says a couple of words in a sing-song tone production reprimands them, but let Mr Broadway do his thing it is okay. A couple of times last night it was partly muted.
I think production was skeered Derrick was fixing to get outed last night because they sure did shut down the backyard quick.
Oh, by the way will somebody please buy Derrick’s daughter a happy meal or something so she doesn’t starve.


The way I see it Zach has two options to stay. One do nothing,avoid everyone and let these oversized egos blow up on each other. Two play the “apparently America loves me” card. If Derrick and Frankie know that they may want to save him thinking that it will help there popularity. I wonder what little Frankie is going to say when he finds out his sister apparently is all about #Zachattack? And I can’t wait for him to see that a campaign to save Zach started by his sister was the #1 worldwide trend on twitter for awhile. Hey Frankie, does that make Zach a social media mogul?

The Truth

I think it’s hilarious how much all the houseguests were complaining about Brittany feeling she deserved the money more because she needed it. As more time passes Derrick makes it very clear how much he needs the money and points out that Frankie doesn’t need it and now Cody probably makes a lot of money because he has a degree from Temple.

Roisen Dubh

Zach is starting to plead his case to Frankie. Too late man, Frankie’s too scared to piss off his harem. It’s too late in the game for a changer. The only chance of that happening is if Donny stays safe, wins HOH and Hayden comes back. Derrick already picked off the opposing numbers and all those dummies let it happen. The only real interesting blow up is gonna be between Bunny Slippers and Squat to pee. And maybe Between Glitter and 50 shades of yuck. Derrick and Donny are the only ones playing for the prize, and Donny is being forced to under the circumstances. Nicole you dingbat, you had it in your hands to crack the house. I wouldn’t trust her to do anything beyond changing bedpans and giving sponge baths.


I think someone mention earlier about Derrick turning on Cody and this by far would be the best strategy right now. If Derrick would do that I think he would earn everyone respect more. If he helps Zach stay Zach will be completely loyal to him because he is the only one that saved him. He can also cause resentment from Zach to Frankie. Zach is also a much better player than Cody. Also next week he could go after Frankie who can’t even win HOH next week. If he somehow survived they could always get Caleb out. Same thing goes for Donny as well. Donny knows he has no chance and is almost out the door so if Derrick would help him he would be loyal. A team of Zach, Derrick and Donny would be awesome.


Derrick has to pick between two dead weights to pull to finale. Cody is one of them and Victoria is the other. Because of that,I don’t see him ditching Cody this soon. I believe Derrick’s (sudden) realization about Victoria making it finale night would be a ding on the game of BB is yet another ploy to manipulate the viewers. By acknowledging what we all think,which is Victoria doesn’t deserve to win anything because she has not played the game,he thinks that will endear him to America.

I’m still betting his plan is to drag her with him. Along the way he’ll look at the camera and imply his hands were tied, he really had no choice but to take her. Trust me, he’s not dumping Cody—-yet.

Chilltown 4 Life

It’s always funny when BB houseguests seem to forget they’re on camera 24/7, and tell the most bizarre personal/private stories. It was Boogie in All-Stars that coined the downstairs restroom the “Jack Shack”.


I’m still curious to know the story Caleb starting telling about him and his brother in high school picking a fight with some Asian guy. Apparently the story was worse than the butthole waxing one since we got fish until the story was over.


Does anyone remember Amber reading out loud from the rulebook saying that HOH can’t confirm their nominations to nominees nor reveal to the other HOH or anyone else? The reason I ask is that I don’t remember her saying that on the live feeds and can’t remember that incident being posted on this site.. Hamsterwatch is stating that this was the first out loud reading of a rule this year and this may be a saving grace for Zach. But I guess that depends on if Zach makes a point of it.. I can see how production would only enforce it if someone came forward that it affected, otherwise as it would be appear many times this season they have let that rule slide. At this point I would have thought someone would have posted video on YouTube from the live feeds with Amber reading out loud the nomination rule.


Would be phenomenal if Zach stayed due to this technicality and then Hayden comes back in while Cody stays in Jury and the scales get tilted to Donny’s side


I would rather prefer to see Zach stay because of a technicality rule being enforced and Frankie then being forced to choose between Victoria or Derrick, preferably Derrick would be the one chosen and sent to jury, but if Victoria was chosen, she would have the votes to be evicted. This way Hayden could be the one who would win the comp to return. If Nichole won, she would fall into Derrick’s clutches soon but if Hayden was to re enter the house then he would come gunning for Derrick with Donny and Zach on his side, if one of those three won HOH then they would have a chance to make a dent in the Detonators.

frankie please stop

I don’t think I can roll my eyes back far enough when I hear Frankie say crap like your ruining my life, your ruining the kids chances in Africa…bitch you ain’t even using that money for them and you admitrd it to derrick. This guy omg I don’t even know when he speaks the truth and him saying that Zach constantly throws him under the bus. Come on! What did you do all this game especially yesterday, the whole Victoria incident would not have happened at all!

Done little Frankie rant, I just hate him


What’s up with the “Evil Gay Clown” stuff? Yeah, Frankie is an a$$ and I hate him too but why you gotta hate all over the “gay” issue? Couldn’t you just say “Evil Deluded Clown”. Seriously, get a life people!
I get it that some of you have issues with gays and it’s obvious by the words you choose. Makes you more disgusting that the bottom of Amber’s Bunny Slippers.
You can hate Frankie without being a bigot.

He Started It

Well Frankie could stop “using” his gay-ness in the house. That would be nice. He’s making a pretty big deal out of being gay, himself.


Nothing you just said makes any sense whatsoever.. What do you mean by Frankie flaunting his sexuality? Are gay people supposed to remain silent while straight people have not in the past? McCrae and Amanda having sex any time they could and her talking about it out loud didn’t bother you because it was a heterosexual couple? They flaunted their sexuality and Amanda had no problem taking out loud about their sex life. So what is the difference if Frankie flaunts his? Using that excuse that it is only appropriate when it is straight people doing it and not acceptable if it is a gay person doing isn’t good enough either as an excuse.


Zac’s style of game has always reminded me Dr. Will who had nine lives in this game…IF he gets evicted Thurs., don’t be surprised if he walks back in, wins an HOH and finishes final two! Maybe his HOH basket will have a new hat!

Judgment Day

Woah slow down with that kinda comparison…I love Zach as much as anyone but comparing him to The Great One(TM) is crazy talk. Zach has played an all over the place schizo kind of game and while it has been very entertaining it is nothing like the calculated brilliant machinations of the good Doctor.


I’m sick and tired of Frankie’s bullshit about Zach ruining their “realities” and their “lives outside of the house because since his game is over everything he says is just personal” I $%^&*( hate Frankie. Who falls for this garbage.


Does anyone know what that ridiculous-looking tattoo is on Derrick’s leg? I wish this guy would shut up for like 5 minutes during after dark.


It looks like the Superman symbol to me,but I could be wrong.


Can’t stand Derrick. I don’t get why he is allowed to monopolize so many of the feeds.
Someone else in this thread was stating how they hate how he talks to the fans as if we are as stupid as his fellow HG’s. Does he think he is back on the streets talking to little kids in his patrol? He may be fooling his other HG’s but I just gotta laugh at his thinking he is so cool that he can fool the fans. And the funny thing is you just gotta know that he believes that he is the sh1t. I wish Victoria had cut his ego down to size instead of her hat.
I am at the point now where I would rather watch Frankie vogue for the camera than see and hear Derricks pleas to the fans. Yeah, its that bad.

Christine's lips are bigger than her a$$!

Crustine – I’m so stressed out and with Donny around I feel so uncomfortable.

If the skank troll only knew ho Donny frlt being around that UNCOUTH obsolete ho!

Christine's lips are bigger than her a$$!

Spell check——- ho Donny frlt = how Donny feels


No leave it, frit works, really, trust me….


At least it is clear that whoever Victoria votes for at the end, it will be based on emotion not gameplay.

Hayden's Lisp

Derrick said he wasn’t going to do the modeling or acting thing when he gets out….HeHeHe……as if he’d have any offers. But then again I can see him being asked to be Miss Piggy’s love interest in the next muppet movie.

Frankie, children in Africa don't want your dance schools

Just sayin…


I just want to know is Frankie and christine hated more than some of the bb15 hg or about the same?

Damn it frankie

Ok.. Frankie saying Zach is hurtful with his comments when Frankie has been using vile vocabulary about the HG’s all week. And Victoria is the most childish player in this game, she has a mentality of a 10 year old. Why would she think that Zach would throw water on her face and why would she cut up the hat? Lmao.

Christine just bitches about everyone, not a surprise. I wouldn’t really mind if any juror came back to be honest.. Hayden would take out Derrick/Cody but if he failed at getting HOH he would be out before them. Zach would come back but possibly fall back in to Frankie’s hands again. Same with Nicole, she puts too much trust into Cody and Christine. AND Jocasta said in her interview that if she comes back, she’d take the guys out immediately. And if she lost HOH, nobody would see her as a threat so she might be able to coast through and step up her game.

Hayden/Zach coming back MIGHT get the Bomb Squad out immediately, but Jocasta’s return would be better for TV and might also be able to convince some of the Bomb Squad to turn on eachother. I might get alot of hate because everyone seems to hate Momma J, but I really liked her (Hayden/Zach too) and this is my opinion so yeah.


I highly doubt we’d see anything exciting with a Jacosta return. She made zero moves in the house before she left. I doubt she’d have anything to add if she came back. I didn’t dislike her but she was boring and not very good at competitions. I would much prefer if Hayden, Zach or even Nicole win the buy back. Just my opinion.


“Victoria Says it sucks all she does is win POV’s and BOB’s she hasn’t won a HOH yet, “I freeze all the time just like i did in front of Julie.,. I don’t know why the nerves get so bad for me it’s insane.. I dunno I just frickin freeze I don’t know why it sucks.”

Are you kidding me? You don’t win HOH because you don’t have the ability to. Obviously you’re not the brightest crayon in the box and you definitely aren’t a physical threat. You got lucky (because Caleb chose money over the POV) when you “won” that POV….otherwise,what good are you? You complain and whine all the time and you’re just a vapid, self-absorbed woman. I will never understand why they cast you.

And don’t get me started on Christine…. to think I actually liked her at the very beginning. She’s also a vile person. I get sooooo sick of hearing how much she “hates” Zach. She seriously needs a reality check. She isn’t winning $500,000 anytime soon. *eye roll*

This season has been disappointing. I don’t think this is the worst cast ever, I’ll give that title to BB15….OMFG what a train wreck disaster of a season. However, this is certainly one of the more boring seasons I’ve seen. There is no excitement. The group of guys who have been in control this entire game are still in control…shocker! *yawn* I won’t be too upset when Derrick wins, but wouldn’t it be super exciting if he doesn’t! I’d love to see some really big moves, but I doubt that will happen. Even with the buy back…it doesn’t matter. That person is screwed before they even win to go back in…..One can only hope that the tides will turn and that this predictable season can be somehow salvageable.


Does christink supply her own bags or does cotex bring his own?


Funny how when I first saw christink I just thought a hippie type girl. Now I think she looks and acts like a real life nasty witch. Just goes to show how what’s on the inside soon appears on the outside.


I typed a fairly lengthy post on here about 30 minutes ago and it is gone…:( Maybe I should just stop commenting because my comments rarely get posted.


They need to let the viewers be HOH and decide who to put up to shake things up. Lasts year’s big brother was terrible because of the house guests, But at least it was entertaining!
Frankie is in for a shock when he gets out. He obviously thinks pretty highly of himself, I can’t wait for him to find it how much we all hate his sparkly guts!


I said the same thing myself. I even come up with better ideas than production could possibly think of. It would shake the house up and it wouldn’t allow the same ones to be put on the block or someone they don’t like to be backdoored as much. I will not fully go into details about how the next season would probably be even better. But you are absolutely right, they need to stop being so predictable and include the fans more.


BB Canada 2 did it last season and Canada chose Sabrina the delusional lying drama queen who made Caleb look positively sane in comparison & Andrew. Jon won the POV but chose not to use it because he respected Canada’s decision and had no idea who the replacement nominee would have been. BB 16 should do this as well.. As well it turned out that Canada had a surprise jury vote that season, this could be a twist this year that has yet to be revealed.


Did anyone happen to see Christine with her foot in Cody’s crotch starting at 11:17 PM 8-19 AND progressing to what I am pretty sure resulted in COMPLETION for Cody!


great comment


lying cheating and stealing? REALLY? that is slander. its not true, I don’t like it at all. Frankie and his Africa BS, STFU, I don’t care about HIS cause. how you spend your winnings is your business, it should have nothing to do with the game. nothing.

and they still don’t get it. Zach is saying he is a target as in, they blame him for everything

but what drives me up a wall is when Frankie says Zach ahs thrown him under the bus and its hurtful. Frankie threw that knife in his back about a month before Zach realized Frankie didn’t like him at all.

say what you will about it being a game, I think that was dirty, I think Frankie still touching people and taking advantage of others not wanting confrontation is disgusting.

what they are doing to Zach…I am glad Zach is leaving. honestly he and Donny don’t deserve this nonsense. Donny the perv? really? all of that pisses me off, that is NOT game. that is NOT how the “bad” Dr Will and “Evil” mike boogie won Big Brother. that is NOT how the “terrible” Russell hantz won Survivor.