Big Brother Spoilers – Donny says if I am the next one I am going to go out with my head held high.

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Aug 23rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 25th
HOH Winner 1: FRANKIE HOH Winner 2: Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny & Christine Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
Final Nominations: Zach & Cody
Have Nots Christine & Victoria
POV Players Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, Donny, Christine

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-20 11-02-44-888

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11am – 12pm Out in the backyard – Donny is talking to Christine. She says I got 4ish hours of sleep. I don’t know if I should go back to sleep or what. Donny and Christine talk about memory foam mattresses. Donny comments on how Frankie said he stayed up till 6:30am. Christine says he didn’t he kept going back to bed and waking up. Donny asks what in the world would cause someone to stay up till day light, unless they’re sick. Christine recounts the events of last night. How Cody, Zach and Derrick played a million games of pool and how Cody and Zach jumped in the pool with their clothes on. Donny asks do you think there’s a possibility of a double eviction? Christine says if its true to last season it would be next week. But who knows, anything is possible. Christine says I can’t believe I’m on the show. Donny says and we’ve lasted a long time too. Donny asks would you sad if Victoria lasted longer than you? Christine says I don’t think there would be a sole that wouldn’t to be honest. Donny says she’s a number and a vote. She has a lot of power. Christine says absolutely. She has a lot more power than you think. Donny says yeah and that gives other people power too. Christine says and they’re smart for keeping her. You can definitely sway her vote easily. Donny says for someone like you and me to get who-doed by her it would be terrible. If she is used to get you or I out it would be terrible. Donny says and the people that got her, ain’t going to give her up. Christine says and you can’t get her at this point. Donny says not even a pop star. Donny says there are a couple that I mind losing to. We deserve it at this point. Christine says the sad thing is people are going to want to take her because she won’t get the votes. Big Brother calls for an indoor lock down. Donny and Christine move inside.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-20 11-04-26-378

12:10pm – 12:25am In the kitchen – Donny asks you find yourself doing dirty work for others? Christine says many times. Hindsight is 20/20. Donny says you can’t really trust anyone, that’s why I stayed so quiet as long as I did. Donny says if I am the next one I am going to go out with my head held high. I will do what I can do but at that point I will be fine with it. It all comes down to who you can trust and you don’t know if you can trust that person. I think about well how many times has this person lied. Well they haven’t lied to me but they’ve lied to this person 5 times… Are they lying to me too?! Christine says exactly! You don’t know. Donny talks about Nicole and says that there is always a bit of truth to what people say. Donny says we better talk about Jenga because Creep Mode Cowboy might be up listening. Christine laughs. Donny says right now I have no one! All my friends like that are gone. Christine says that’s the sad part. I feel like I did dirty work for others. Donny says as long as you’re in here you can redeem yourself. Christine says you can get them back. Christine says I wish I could talk to Hayden. Donny says I heard something about Hayden but I don’t believe it until I hear it from the person.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-20 12-17-08-161
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12:25pm – 1:05pm Donny says there is someone (Derrick) that has never been nominated and is everyone’s friend and may never be nominated. Some times when it gets down to the final 6 or 5 you need to use those people to get them out. Think about who those people hang out with, that’s who they’re loyal to. Donny says you’ve got to think about who belongs to who. Its a numbers game at this point. Who belongs to you? Don’t say but you need to think about that. I’ve been a target since the beginning and I’m a target again. Look at Cody up there .. you have to think about who he is loyal to? Donny says I know. Don’t says anything you don’t want to. I won’t tell a sole, I won’t go out like that. Donny says Frankie is a target but he automatically is. There is someone that isn’t a target and never will be. Does that make sense? Christine says totally. Can I live with Victoria coming in second. I could. Can I live with someone winning who’s never been nominated. I can’t. Can I live with Frankie. I can because of how big of a target he is. If he is in the jury we’ve lost America’s Fave. I would want him in the final two. If this season comes down to Derrick, Cody and Victoria .. then we have done the views a huge disservice. Christine says I don’t think Nicole was going to backdo*r me. Donny says she wasn’t. Donny says I won’t win, I might not but I have played a good honest game. I haven’t stabbed anyone in the back. For me to be ganged up on 6-1 is bad television. Christine says it is. Donny says I hope I haven’t told you anything you will go and tell others. Christine says I won’t. Donny says we should throw some laughter in just in case people are listening. Donny says I haven’t approached you with nothing but just think about it. Donny says if some way Zach stayed he would go after Frankie. Christine says she thinks he would come after me. Donny says I don’t think he would. Donny says Christine Cody is with Derrick. When I sleep back there all the whispering. I hate to tell you. Donny says that camera that shined on you at night has shined on me a few times crying. Donny says when I was talking to Zach he told me that you’re the next to go. He had no reason to tell me that but he did. I hope you don’t tell anyone this tonight when I go to bed because they’ll think of reasons to tell you different. I have been against an insurmountable obstacle .. I can only hope for a $25,000. I am not against Frankie. It’s almost like the bed situation is telling a story. I am alone, Zach is alone and I think you’re alone. If Zach were to stay .. I bed his outburst would be directed to Frankie because he doesn’t have a vote. Please don’t use this against me. Cody is wrapped around Derricks finger because he is a smooth talker. Caleb and Victoria are never going to help me or you. Christine asks do you think Derrick would take Cody over Victoria? Donny says I think once it got down to the final 4 he would get rid of Cody because he has the potential to win competition whereas Victoria doesn’t. In my opinion if Frankie won, this season wouldn’t be a let down. Would anyone ever suspect you and me working together. Christine says never, never! Donny says I am not even saying we have to make a deal we could just help each other through the next couple weeks. Christine says it would be good tv! Donny says I can’t beat Frankie. Christine disagrees. Donny says you couldn’t beat Frankie. We couldn’t beat Derrick either .. he is friends with everybody. Donny says please don’t let them know we talked. I promise on the holy bible I won’t tell anyone. Christine promises she won’t tell them. Christine says it would be so unexpected if we did work together.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-20 12-42-20-153

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LOL. I’m just kidding!!


LOL. Thumbs Down. LOL.


Omg omg omg. Guys Chistine go in the room and Cody pulls her in the bed and she spills her guts about convo with Donny. Omg. That witch!!!!!!

BB Watcher

You have to wonder how Derrick got the time off from the police force to play BB?

Cocoa puffs

I was wondering that same thing. He told everyone that he is using his savings to pay bills while he is in the house because his wife doesn’t make much.


Administrative leave

Zing Sting

He’s a cop. They get so much time off its ridiculous…


I would imagine he asked for a leave of absence…maybe has some vacation time saved up, etc…401k or something. However, I can see the town seeing him coming back as a police spokesman or the like. Certainly not undercover anymore LOL…”Hey I need to buy some crack” “YO YOU THAT DUDE ON BIG BROTHER THE COP”


He has not been undercover for some years. In an interview he did, it said that he was now a desk sergeant ( desk jockey). I believe this happened shortly after the shooting he was involved in.

Cough, Derrick!

Derrick never said he was an undercover cop. He said he worked under cover, which he did, before becoming a police officer. When he was 20, he worked as a decoy for the PD, He would buy liquor at stores and the police would site them for selling to minors. That’s the extent of his undercover work for the Central Falls PD.

Captain Crunch

anybody else goes “ugh” when they see a screen-shot of that troll Christine??


I am in no way reated to Donny, but I do know cruelty and hatred when I hear it! I know it will probably do absolutely no good and granted BB has been really disgusting this year, but last night the comments that Christine and Victoria and others said about Donny are disturbing and that CBS and BB allowed it to air is more disturbing. That sweet adorable man works around kids and those comments, which no way did he ever say or do, can affect his job. So please flood CBS with calls to complain at 212 975-4321 if you do not mind taking a minute to do so. I know will probably get a ton of thumbs down but that was way beyond being offensive disgusting vile; it was pure hatred toward someone that has done nothing to these people but be humble and nice. All of them Cody, Christine, Frankie, Derrick, Victoria, Caleb should all be evicted for even taking part in it. Let jury come back and play the game along with Zach and Donny; the others have their own special hell waiting for them when the leave.

I missed it

What could they possibly say about Donny except Crustine saying how much she hates him

The problem that Donny doesn’t understand is that these dumb kids don’t really care about winning. Only Derrick Frankie and Donny


how short is your memory? BB15 was the worst in terms of rascism, bullyism, inappropriate sexual behavior (BBAD and Live Feeds), pedophilia, references to the nazi party, etc. anything christine could have said would not compare to the things that came out of Aryan and Jeremy and Spencer’s vile mouths. so please check your facts before making such blatant allegations….

Go Donny!

Sharon, Please provide the date, time and camera to view what you said as those are also things that could cost people their jobs. I am ALL for Donny BUT I googled the phone number you provided and CBS did NOT come up. So show us you’re legit and give the above requested details and you’ll get my assistance then.
Otherwise you are as bad as those you say are spewing this vile.


The update of what they said Donny did and said is the update below this one, and if you call CBS COMMUNICATIONS they will give you the number which is for CBS television. By calling the number and not just googling it you will easily see how the operator answers the number. Once again the number is 212 975-4321 and it is for CBS TELEVISION. I am sure if you go to other spoiler and update websites you will see the things that Christine and Victoria claim that Donny did or if you just go to the update below I believe even Dawg or SImon commented that he could not say yes or no but it did not in anyway seem to be the type of thing Donny would ever do. He is not a 20 year old frat brother or is he a pink cockatoo or a slut bag cheating on her husband, either emotionally or physically, or a vapid brainless twit.


Too funny Sharon … ” frat brother……pink cockatoo… cheating ..slut bag… and vapid brainless twit…” This from you who is outraged that house guests are calling Donny down. So a touch hypocritical. But funny


read the 5:20am – 6:15am In the kitchen segment


I will be so happy if Zach comes back. I was rooting for him from the very beginning. My sister hates me and rest of my family could care less about him. #ZACHATTACK


Everyone wants Zach to come back but I think if he does he will just go help Derrick. He still seems to think Derrick is great. Nicole is mad at Cody but not Derrick. I think Hayden is the only one who might listen to Donny about Derrick and do something.


Not everyone wants him back. I’m happy to see the bully get some of his own medicine. Good riddance.

Operation Separation

Divide & Conquer Donny!


Finally we have confirmation that Donnie is one of the most observant ones in the house!!! He also realizes that this is been a terribly boring season with all the votes lining up unanimously, no two sides etc.

I like what he’s doing planting the seeds of mistrust. I think he could’ve even went further with Christine. I would have mentioned the Zing Bot and how maybe her husband is a bit hurt and turning on Cody would show him and the country that it was all gameplay.

Go Donny!!

Way to go Donny!!! Working some of that old school mist!


Even with a small game talk, Christine will find a way to tell the crap squad that Donny was talking about them. Mark my words. Whoever comes back in on Thursday, please please (Zach/Nicole) win one of the HOHs and Donny wins the other one. Then we will see how quick these hermits hurry up and scurry around.


The dual HOH and BOB are gone this week.

There will be only singles starting tomorrow night.


Single HOH this week. The twist is over!


And she is just too stupid to understand this is the time to flip. It is completely stupid to not align with someone other than the group, because right now, Donny leaves, and who’s next? Victoria? Not a chance. And she’ll see how stupid she was, i thought she figured out how stupid she was to put up Nicole. She had a perfect out, the HOH agreement, she never had to put up Nicole, and now she really really has no one because she is the idiot that tells everyone what Donny said.

BB Watcher

Mix it up PRODUCTION!!!
I don’t care who goes but do something. Shows scrap the production crews all the time for the exact same thing these people have done the last couple of seasons. It’s called getting to comfortable with your job and no imagination!!

I Admire You Donny

I admire Donny for saying if he is evicted he will walk out with this head held high. I do not blame him!


I promise you when Donny gets evicted if it happens cbs will have audience stacked and it will be a thunderous response and the other house guest sht


Donny is putting some work in , Im hoping this work for him some how and he gets some safety this week…


YES! Donny is working it from every angle while still remaining a gentleman with integrity. Too bad Christine is such an ignorant a$$hole who will probably tell the boys (who are just waiting to dump her) everything Donny said. Poor Donny- I feel so sorry for him being around those vile people 24 hours a day. I really hope something switches up – LIKE A TWIST THAT HAS YET TO HAPPEN and Zach and Donny can live another day!

Pink Skunk

Donny is the smartest person in the house. If he can somehow turn Christink around…..GO DONNY,fingers crossed !

Zachattack is stupid

i hope zach goes to the jury house and stays there this week.why do people even like this kid. he is just a wannabe doctor will or dan. he thinks he is the best player in the whole house, which sadly right now that goes to derrick. i know he makes good tv, and iagree but the guy is a horrible game player. he is playing with his emotions even more than cody is, even though he says he will i dont think he will ever leave frankies side. hedug his own grave with all his lie so im glad he might go to the jury house


Because of the people available to come back, he is by far the best option. I do not see Hayden or Nicole going after the right people if they come back into the game. Jacosta is an unknown entity.


Derrick is patterning himself as Dan and Victoria is his Danielle


Victoria is more like Jenn from Big Brother 8….except more useless.


TOTALLY agree! I love Zach but his rabid fans go NUTS when u say anything even REMOTELY bad about him… it’s sad really… Zach DOES play with emotions and is very unpredictable and that’s NOT someone good to have around in this game if you’re playing it. But he is GREAT for entertainment!


i totally agree with you..wonder if Production is tired of zach’s tantrums, disrespect, destructive nature–how many things has he broken? his mike, the camera in one of the comps and? sure he makes good tv but so do the others. don’t want to see zach rewarded $500K for this type of behavior. he’s a spoiled frat brat. JMO

Wake up and Smell the Bacon

Please somebody take Donny in – hopefully whoever re-enters the house also joins him.


Oh how I want someone to actually help Donny, but please God don’t let it be Christine, I think I would actually puke if people started liking that witch.


I don’t know blewthunder, Donny showing grace to Christine after she tried to cheat him is awfully good TV. America’s favorite player turning around a lost Big Brother player is quite compelling. Most people like a good redemption story.

Christine’s antics have been weighing on her mind. She frequently mentions how hated she will be. Donny is pushing ALL the right buttons with her.

Donny has pushed a lot of right buttons with Zach as well. Unfortunately Cody is completely lost. He can’t come back to work with Donny without being reminded of his own moral failing earlier in the game when he promised Donny he wouldn’t put him on the block, but didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to follow through with his own convictions.

Very impressed with Donny’s perception.


I absolutely agree with you, I just don’t like Christine and I don’t want to start liking her even if she helps Donny. Because in all honesty if she did I think she would only be doing it to help herself and not Donny. I’m alright with her helping Donny just don’t say anything nice about her. Please. It’s smart on Donny’s part. But still I am pretty sure she won’t help him. So it’s probably a mute point.


The thought of Donny working with Christine makes me sick to my stomach. She is disgusting. I would rather Frankie win —-that should show my total dislike of her. I can’t imagine how her family must feel she was made a fool of for her actions with Cody and she has so little respect for her husband that she didn’t even change her behaviour. Anyone that believes it’s for gameplay is delusional.


It’s great to see the polls on here and see that Zach, Nicole, and Hayden are all PRETTY MUCH dead even…. And it’s HILARIOUS that Jocasta isn’t even really ever considered to come back… I don’t think production would allow that to happen… can you say BORING! Honestly I’d be perfectly happy with Hayden or Nicole coming back. I’d also be happy if Zach came back but I just don’t see what damage he could do to the house because NO ONE trusts him anymore… If he won HOH, he’d probably go after Frankie and then what? He’d probably be out the next week (which is likely the case for Hayden, and Nicole as well). Hayden stated in his interview with Jeff that if he came back his targets would be DERRICK/CODY and Nicole said FRANKIE/CHRISTINE. Both of those are GREAT! I think Zach coming back is a little of a lost cause though… no matter how much we love him.


Okay, should we give Donny his wish and start calling him creep-mode cowboy?

Frankie is a 21-y/o has-been that never has been. Does he think he’s 10-y/o and putting on a recital the way he prances about?

I’m a bit annoyed all the people I’ve been rooting for and almost gone.

I wish someone who’s going to the taped show tomorrow brings a pink hat for Zach. In fact, it would be nice to see an audience full of pink hats.


An audience full of pink hats would indeed be hilarious!

Pretzel Twist

Really Christine! After all the odor about Donny you left behind you decide to spend some one-on-one time. The person that repulses you. Seems she’s doing dirty work as they converse about it.


Who knew Donny was so sly. He might beat Derrick yet.

Kathie from Canada

I guess Christine will have to rush for the shower after talking to that ‘pervert’ Donnie. Next stop, Derrick. She continues to prove she has no game at all. Boot her now people.


Funny 1st 2


Doesn’t matter:
How Rich
How Power full
What does matter:
How giving
How you treat others

Porky the Pig says

Hey, tell that dirty Derprick guy to wash once in awhile. Pigs are clean animals and he is giving us a bad name. Whew we, Thats rich !!!!


Donny+Christine=new alliance???? that might actually work + whoever comes back…..


i think that new alliance will b donny,christine,zach,maybe caleb and if they can convince her victoria


I’m so happy to see Donny slowly talking game and planting seeds and hints. I think most of the house guests are idiots and may just ignore him but Derrick is going to start getting super paranoid and hopefully that throws him off his game he messes up.
Donny for the win!


I think Donny is getting to Derrick too. Derrick didn’t like hearing from Cody how Donny was making Cody think about his spot in the alliance. When Donny got Zach to tell the house guests that keeping him over Cody is better for their game… Derrick told Zack to go out like a man, accept it, & don’t make waves (to shut up). If Christine says something to Derrick about Donny’s sensible whispers – we’re really going to see his nostrils flare!

Christine is an ugly person

I truly feel sorry for Christine. She is the type of person that has done what ever she can to feel accepted when she was younger. She probably feels as though she is still in high school and is trying to do whatever she can to be accepted by the “cool” kids of the school. She has low self esteem and these people are feeding off that weakness. Little does she realize that the one man that stood beside her is waiting for her outside the house, but after everything she has done in the house in regards to flirting to another level with cody and being touchy with him, theres a chance she might lose her man because of it, and end up all alone again. I truly feel sorry for her, because instead of standing on some morals and good characters she has belittled and mistreated some really good and kind hearted people like nicole and hayden and now donny. I feel sorry for you Christine


Victoria is the same way. yes Zach gave her a hard time, but it was always in good fun, and he often sat there and listened to her cry and was pretty nice about it. he gets put on the block and everyone turns on him, and what does she do? she goes a step further, she has to fit in, show Cody she can cut up that hat and who her real friends are!

morons, both of them. this is where I wish we had stronger female competitors, I know Rachel and Janelle are rare breeds, but I wish we had more with their fighting spirit. its nice to see them cast a chilltown member with ADD(Zach) but we could have used a strong female in this season.

and we need less of these HG’s who know the game so darn well that they can guess everything production is doing. I hope that with AG leaving, comes NEW ideas, and new ways of doing things that forces HG’s to have no choice but to go into things completely blind. this includes changing up how they do the DR, and give stuff away too easily


You said with AG leaving………..who is AG, production? and if so is she really leaving?


Lol don’t feel sorry for Christine at all. She is ugly inside and out and has brought the hatred upon her by her actions. Yes she’s trying to be “cool” but is failing makers my. All the people, who think they are cool in the house are disliked by America. I think her husband should hand her divorce papers when she walks out but he won’t. Bc if you’ve seen any of his stuff he is in complete denial over this whole thing and has very low self esteem and little self respect. So he will stay with her unfortunately. Anyone who treats a nice guy like Donny the way she does has lost any ounce of pity I may have had. Same goes with victoria.


Awww man common, LOL


At this point in the game, I don’t think this homely Christine has any goal other than to stay as long as she can with her Adonis Cody. How sad that this woman squandered her self respect, but I sincerely hope not her marriage; on this insufferable man- child who pings my gaydar like a gong. She’s pathetic. Derrick deserves the win. Bunch of sheeple.


Pings my gaydar too!

Zing Sting

Oh Donny watch your back. That beeotch is going to put a knife in it! She flops around more than a fish out of water.


Donny wax so on point with Christine. He is a real super fan.
If she is smart she will keep that convo to herself. She might, cause she said she had a lots on people that she has not used. Perhaps she will keep thus for later.
Unless she got rocks for a brain, she should believe when he said how could he be plotting with someone when he’s along.

Zing Sting

She has rocks for brains!


I hope Christina listen to Donny if she do she have a chance to gain some of her fans back please listen christna

Zing Sting

She had fans? What BBQ were you watching??


Yesterday, bbfansince2000 posted a letter they wrote to CBS. It was written on the comment section under the “Nichole and Jefff Chat about 7 things she would do different”.
People had posted comments about Christine cheating during BOB and why rules were not being enforced this season.
So bbfansince2000 wrote a letter about different things that have happened over the past week and how they were handled in the past.
CBS removed the letter from the comment section where it was written on their site.
This letter was copied and posted under comments from yesterday on this site, which is still on here.
Why did CBS did not want it seen on their site in the BB comments?
I am reposting the letter from yesterday here in hopes others will repost it on other fan pages, twitter, BB facebook pages and so on!!! Obviously it brought up too many questions and CBS did not want it seen.

BBfansince2000 says:
August 19, 2014 at 6:13 pm
I posted this comment on the CBS big brother site, but wanted to post it here.

Dear CBS, Rich M., and Allison G.,

I also like many have watched BB since 2000 and am a super fan. However, I have been disappointed in things the last few seasons.

1. Brendon had to follow the rules and nominate Ragan instead of Brittany, once he told Brittany in advance she was going up besides Lane, it was then redone for TV to make it look like the conversation never happened ( At least the rules were followed)

2. When Porshe had to reverse her nominations of Rachel and Jordan because of Pandoras Box, and had no choice but to put up the only ones left eligible to be nominated.

Now these last 2 seasons the constant racism and hatred of the houseguests towards others was almost unbearable to keep watching. But there is no rule stating that a houseguest can’t be racist and hateful. Actually I am surprised Allison G. and Rich M. still had a job after that season.

This year is taking all the above and do nothing about it!

1. Caleb should have not been allowed to go on the reward once he decided to sit out the competition.

2. Christine cheated and handed Caleb a bone in the last BOB, an obvious example of cheating and then bragging about it in the DR, she should have received a penalty nomination for cheating. What if that had been the bone that would have helped Caleb and Cody win the BOB.

3. Victoria GAVE the pink hat to Zach, essentially making it his property. Then production telling her it was ok to destroy it to piss of Zach, which was his property at that point. It is also worth noting the feed was blocked when she asked for a knife and began destroying the hat.

(Last time someone played with a knife, they were removed from the house, (Re: Season2).

4. The constant bullying of others in the house, to the point it has become difficult to watch. In case you didn’t know bullying is a big problem right now and those watching it on BB just encourages this problem. There is a difference in lying and backstabbing in a game like BB and actually bullying people and their reputation to be seen by millions. I realize this is more of a houseguest problem, than production but some of the bullying tactics have included threats.

5. Allowing team America to use Zach constantly to accomplish their missions, encouraging him to start arguments, blaming him for everyone’s items being taken and so on. On the mission to steal items and start a patrol it never said to try to convince the missing items on a houseguest.

6. Lastly, but most importantly, the whole Renom controversy. Not directly telling a houseguest they are going to be the replacement nominee for the veto and would be voted out by everyone. It’s one thing to be vague and say you don’t know what you are going to do with the veto while you are also HOH, and directly breaking the rules by saying you are the replacement and leaving, and production doing nothing about it. ( Production at least corrected it in season 12 with Brendon telling Brittany)

If you read ANY BB message boards you will see just how many of your viewers are furious with how nothing is being done to resolve these problems. The whole Renom thing was the leading message on twitter with over 32,000 just hours after Frankie broke the rule by telling Zach he is going up and leaving.

Allison G. and Rich M. do the right thing for once and fix this problem Thursday by having Zach come off the block and have Frankie have to nominate either Derrick or Victoria for eviction, or have Christine put up for cheating and Victoria for destruction of property which was no longer hers.

All of us as fans are hoping that production finally starts doing the right things when rules are broken. These rules were enforced in the past and should continue to be enforced. Otherwise it becomes an unfair playing field for the houseguests when rules are ignored and things changed at the last minute to give production favorites an advantage over others. ( Ex.Rachel and Jordan)

I sincerely hope you are listening to the viewers and reading their comments. If not then hopefully CBS will fire Allison G. and Rich M. and find producers that will start making things more fair for all houseguest

Thanks for typing this out

Makes you think


This honestly just sounds like a bunch of crap from rabid Zach fans…. a few things in this letter are VERY TRUE, but Zach fans… stahp.. just stahp… it’s BIG BROTHER! People get voted out! Did you guys forget that?

Zack fan

Let them send Zack to the house…I’ve grown tired of his sleeping anyway. This letter is about changing rules to fit different folks and yes that means Frankie. As you stated there true anyway so why have rules if production decides the shows fate? Just give the money midstream and be done with it.


They have removed the letter from the Facebook page once again so does that not tell you something. Hope someone goes back and cuts and paste it on the page until they stop remoing it; I would but I don’t have a Facebook page.

production rigged it

The re-nomination rule was also not enforced during BB13 because when Jordan was HOH she told Cassi/Shelly that they were going to be nominated. I remember I posted a letter on the CBS website complaining about this stating that the same thing had happened the year before with Brendon and Britney and Brendon had to nominate somebody else. I guess Alison and Rich can just enforce the rules whenever they feel like it. Obviously they weren’t going to make their favorite little airhead Jordan redo her nominations. It just shows how inconsistent the show is with the rules.

Allison and Rich Rig BB

Production did not have a problem giving Jen a penalty vote when she was nominated for eating food when she was on slop.
Since the renom was used before, use it to get Zach off the block for being told he was going to be the renom and that everyone was going to vote him out. All this was before the Veto meeting.

Julie Chen: Zach because of the renom rule you may take a seat on the couch, Christine for deliberately trying to cheat during BOB, you are now have a penalty nom so take a seat.

Christine’s husband Tim:
Christine you fooled around with Cody the whole summer, you are now evicted from our house.


I think a lot of what’s in that letter is true but it’s ridiculous to enforce the renom rule. I am a zach and Donny fan and can’t stand Christine, Cody, and victoria. I want zach to stay but I mean come on they aren’t going to enforce the rule at this point after so much time has go on. And I’m pretty sure there are a lot of rules in the rule book that aren’t followed and they let things slip by. I think the “renom rule” Is defunct. It hasn’t been enforced in a while. Brit haynes even said on Twitter there is no renom rule. And the irony is if things were reversed and Christine went on the block and was directly told then nobody would be up in arms about the renom rule. Don’t be hypocrites. But since it’s zach people are trying to find loopholes to keep him, it’s a stupid rule. Get over it.


someone give Zach a pink hat so he can get amped for his return. I expect an audience member from this group here. get it done!


We love you Donny <3

BB Trivia Question

does anyone know who has gone the longest this season, and any season, without a shower or bath in the BB house?


I think Natalie Martinez from season 11. I remember because ppl would call her pigpen after the cartoon that was always dirty, with a dust cloud around him.


Donny is the target anyways… he at this point has nothing else to lose….. the person returning on Thursday has to win hoh or Donny is going up again…


Adding to the part in the letter where houseguests making hateful remarks that can hurt people’s reputations
Christine saying that Donny is a pervert and makes perverted remarks… (Not true by the way)
Also adding to the comment about Christine deliberately cheating at the BOB, by trying to help Caleb by passing him a bone.
In season 8 Jenn was nominated by eviction, so she decided to ignore the slop rule and start eating regular food (cheating). Big brother gave her a penalty vote, and Julie even announced on Thursday nights eviction that Jenn already had a penalty vote, before Julie started the live vote process.


It’s one thing Caleb sitting out of BOB competition and still going on reward. It’s another seeing Sunday Christine deliberately cheating in BOB giving Caleb a bone, then her bragging about it in her DR session.
Production use #Renomrule and get Zach off the block Thursday and have him replaced with Christine for cheating. This shouldn’t be a problem since BB has obviously punished players before for cheating (Season 8).
Everyone knows she cheated since BB proudly showed it on Sundays episode.


Come on Christine!!! Redeem yourself by doing something good in this game for once and see some sense! Go DONNY GO!!!! Love Donny more by the day… and hating Cody more if possible.


If Christine is smart she will start working with Donny, nobody would expect this, I certainly didn’t! Hopefully she wont run straight to Cody or Frankie and tell them everything Donny said making him more a target. If somehow they can pull this off and Zach stays this week, that would be brilliant tv! Instead of this predictable BS… I love Donny, he truly is amazing, and so sweet for trying to help keep his buddy Zach in the house.


And who said the Donster doesn’t know how to play this game? Well, just like a lot of us said he’ll make that move when he sees an opening and my gosh I think he has Christine’s attention. Now, if she keeps her mouth shut. Yesterday it was “Cody” today it is “Christine” = Donny, Cody, Christine and Person that comes in the house 4 votes. YOU GO DONNY!!!!!


Looks like all his quiet observation pays off. Every single thing that comes out of DOnny’s mouth is 100% on point. Now who will be smart enough to listen?


Donny is a genius. I don’t think Zach will be saved……however Donny has planted the “seeds of doubt” that will destroy Derrick’s game. Gotta stay tuned now!!


I hate to be too melodramatic here, but this could be a life-altering moment for Christine.

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim
Because it was grassy and wanted wear,
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost


Darlin’ that’s exactly what he wants her to do……..


Actually Moondance Donny wins either way. It’s SHOCKING just how perceptive Donny is! He si hitting all of the right buttons for Christine.

pants on fire

Oh Donny, my Donny…how your words are stroked with wisdom…keep planting seeds…you have absolutely nothing to lose because you know you are already the marked man…Christine…don’t tell a sole…LOL…will she be the next stooge to go running off to someone? Game play…better late than never!!


No matter what happens. even if donny goes next week. the look on these detonators face as they walk out of the house and get boos . watching them try to figure out why they are walking out. is going to be priceless.

Fuddle Dee

The fans need to make a statement and what better way than booing these BOZO’s


CBS won’t let the audience boo. It was discussed on here least year. In order to be in the live audience they have to agree to no booing and to applaud.


This is the Donny I’ve been waiting for. I hope Christine can open her eyes before it’s too late.


I wouldn’t get too excited.

Donny’s moves with Caleb, Cody and, now, Christine aren’t going to work.

He has never taken the time to get to know any of them, has never talked game to any of them, and now he expects to trash their alliance to them while telling them about a pecking order that doesn’t exist — TWO MONTHS in? And he expects them to trust him?

He is right on some of his stuff but way off on other things. This isn’t going to work. Too little too late for the bearded one.

Perhaps he should have taken time to actually talk to member of the BS earlier in the season?


Its the perfect time and there is a pecking order [review the episodes]


What have you been watching? Are you saying that Donnie has been the one not trying to get to know anyone one? These rank, vile people have literally shunned him, for no other reason that I can see because he is older, respectful, kind and on and on. There have been some post suggesting that “older” fans don’t like Frankie or some of the activity that goes on because they are homophobic. Please. What we don’t like is bad behavior, hurtful behavior. Being nasty, spiteful, vindictive and so on has nothing to do with game play so spare me “it’s a game”. What I see Donnie gaining from this experience is worth far more than $500,000. I would never have been able to be in that house, treated like that by smart ass punks who know nothing and haven’t learned anything from the few life experiences they have had and show 1/10 of the grace and style Donnie has. He make me think about some of my actions. You go Donnie, you have made a mark on BB that I doubt will ever be overshadowed.

Obnoxious Much

Hard to get to know anyone when they come outside and ignore your presence.
Basically Derrick/Cody/Caleb treat Donny like a leper. If anyone is caught talking to him, they are automatically scheming and become a target.

But yea….let’s just blame Donny for not trying to get to know anyone *rolls eyes*


Christine is a smart enough gamer to consider this offer from Donny. The problem is will Christine tell the detonators about this? if she keeps this to herself I would give her credit as a gamer.. Im really hoping she keeps this to herself and work secretly with Donny…

Pink Skunk

Christine can totally redeem herself if she quietly starts to play with Donny. I loved how Donny said ” 6 against 1 is not good TV.” Christine had enough sense to know that after backdooring Nicole, that America would hate her, they already hated her but now at raging hate. She really needs to think about what Donny is saying. Donny could be the undoing of King Derrick….NOW THAT MAKES FOR GOOD TV !


It’s been a joy to read all the conversations Donny has had. The man is smart and well spoken, speaks the truth and has the best read on the house. Zach listened and tried getting through to Frankie who ran to the boys, Cody listened seems to know Donny is correct and still spilled to Derek yesterday and now we have Donny working Christine. Again, she also seems to know he is right, will she also talk? I’m kind of hoping she doesn’t. She talks smack behind Donnys back all the time and NO one would expect them to work together. Donny/Chris & one more and Zach is saved. The one more may need to be Vic and may take Chris laying it out to her woman to woman. Chris & Vic would still be with the numbers, Donny,Zach,Chris & Vic Vs. Derrick,Frankie & Caleb. And also someone coming back. All farfetched? Too much to ask……….lol.


I said it before and I’ll say it again. Go, Donny, Go!


This is actually a good game convo between two people that knows the game well… im just hoping it works out and benefit both in the game… this two working together would be a shock to the other house guest… two mortal enemy working together is good tv…


Every morning Donny talks to people yesterday it was Cody. They never listen to him hence why Christine said god when she walked away that’s probably clue she was annoyed and if you think that was a sign she took him serious then your a fruit loop Dingus. Donny is this years jerry no one in the house takes him serious neither should you


It would be great Julie said Thursday night Frankie you broke the rules when you told Zack you were putting him up and sending him home before the POV, Cody you have been evicted from the BB house. This will never happen, but it would be great if it did .

Everyone need to call CBS @ 212.975.4321 and complain about the disgusting comments from the house guest about Donny, also about how disgusting it is to watch Frankie touching the guys the way he does.


I’m amzed at the Donny support this year. Every season I come on here and this site is usually made up people enjoy good game play yet Donny has zero game play. He’s been a pawn the entire season. I know derrick is ugly but he’s playing a flawless game and sadly is gonna win.


How does Donny have 0 game play when he has won 6 comps? Donny has been fighting to stay in that house since day 1. Derrick is playing a great game, but that is only because most of the housemates are oblivious, and Donny, the one that has “zero gameplay” has been on to Derrick for a long time.

Don't know what your talking about

Have you ever seen an older contestant last this long and especially with all younger immature cast members? NO
Donny had to lay low to stay off the radar
Donny has been saving himself in comps the last 2 weeks
Now he has a chance to work some magic while he’s not up for eviction!!

Think about it


Donny has won competitions to keep himself in the game and even though his gameplay is not brazen, obnoxious and in your face, there is a lot to be said for a subdued, quiet, observant and genius strategy or gameplay. One style does not trump the other…..they are just different.


Donny , except for the competitions, has played a stealthier game. Starting from early on in Big Brother, based in what I have seen on the feeds, he has either talked game one-on-one with another HG outside while the others were sleeping or just sat and listened while others were talking game.


I have been watching this show for years and I just can’t stand how many times Donnie says how bad it looks for them to be mean to the “Old Man” and how their families should be ashamed of them for not including him. He is the one that goes to bed at 9pm every night when the others are up playing the game and then he says something about them sleeping during the day. I just can’t help but be really tired of hearing him feel sorry for himself!. I know alot of people don’t like Derrick but he is playing a really good game. Caleb is all over the place, Cody is scared to do anything and just wants to hug and lay all over christine (which is very weird), Christine is a brown noser (whoever has power is her best friend), Frankie I don’t even have the words for that one, Zack is terrible and Victoria is worthless…Donnie said he doesn’t wanna lose to someone who hasn’t been nominated? Well isn’t that good game play on Derrick’s part? And I don’t think Jon on BB Canada was ever nominated until the final 3 and he won. Go ahead and give me a thumbs down bc I have Derrick props but you have to admit he is doing something right!!!!

Not all true BBFAN

Derrick is playing a great game against a bunch of knuckleheads. Waking up around 2 pm and going to bed at @5 am is a joke [production should have done something about this]
and yes Donny is also playing a great game and has to do it with a cast that thinks they can start careers by sleeping away in the house. Crazy?
The past casts for the most part were there for the game ]these people only care about making it to the jury house with the exception of Derrick & Donny.
Now Donny is trying to dig deep to unravel Derrick, good game play [I say yes]


Why would Donnie stay up all night long trying to talk to these fools on a holiday, every last one of them? From the very get go they have excluded him from everything. What’s to stay up for? To have your feelings hurt loooonger. Derrick may have been able to pull this off so far, but I suspect the pure stupidity and narcessism (sp) of these people have certainly helped him a lot. I mean not one person after all these weeks has not snapped to the fact that he has never been on the block They will even talk about how Caleb volunteered twice and this one has done this and that, no one says a thing about ole Derrick. They even have to use skittles to pick a nom. We don’t know if he’s all that and a bag of chips, or it’s his police training or just plain ignorance on everyone elses part. I mean Nicole left and said that Cody was running the whole thing. Really!!!!! She was not perceptive enough to see he’s not smart enough to roll off of Christine. Like to see Derrick play with real adults. That will tell the story.

I Don't Like Derrick

NO, The other dumbasses are just so fucking stupid!!! DAMN!!! And he has been very lucky. It was absolutely stupid of him to change his mind about keeping Zack, and not informing Nicole and Hayden, because one would expect Nicole and Hayden would blab about Derrick and Cody, and one would also expect Frankie to blab, but their stupidity stopped them. How things might be different if Nicole, or Frankie had done what would have been natural to anyone else, and exposed Derrick. He was just lucky they didn’t. But he really got no benefit from not telling Nicole and Hayden that he changed his mind about evicting Zack. But he took an unneccessary risk of being exposed. STUPID!!! One would also think that Nicole and Christine would expose the 5 guys wanting each of them to backdoor the other. He has also been very lucky with Victoria, because she might as well not even be in the house and Derrick just gets 2 votes, and 2 or 1.5 chances of HOH. He is just very lucky to have been in a house full of DUMBASSES!!!
However, if Donny makes it to the Final, it won’t be because of other peoples’ stupidity. He had a target on him from the beginning, has been on the block repeatedly, has won competitions, and has played very quietly and smart, unlike what we are used to. He has not gotten blood on his hands, he hasn’t offended anyone, and he hasn’t stabbed anyone in the back. He has quietly observed for the longest time, and now he is making his move to break up the big alliance. Win or lose, his gameplay deserves its’ props. If he makes it to the Final, he definitely deserves it. He would be the first and only person in BB history to make it this far, to play the game without lying, and backstabbing. He has also provided us with a whole different type of gameplay. Don’t you think what he is doing right now is smart?? Even if it doesn’t work, he has nothing to lose.


You’re not getting thumbs down bc of Derrick props. It’s bc of your misguided dislike of Donny. Donny is just planting seeds in people’s heads as part of his strategy bc he knows a lot of them care what America thinks. And they worry they will be hated(which they are) . He’s just reminding them that what they are doing doesn’t usually go well with viewers. He doesn’t truly feel sorry for himself (well maybe a little but it’s mostly strategy). Donny goes to bed a normal hour and the rest of the house sleeps all day. Doesn’t make him an old man bc he wants to sleep. Why would he want to hang out with immature idiots who ignore him. Thus is a very dumb, mentally young cast. The only people playing the game are Derrick and Donny. Derrick would not have done as well as he has with another more polished cast. This cast is a bunch of followers who can’t think and aren’t here to really play. With the exception of Donny.