Zach says everyone is going to be shocked! Frankie says including me, I can’t wait to act!

POV Holder: Hayden Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Zach
Battle of the Block Winner  Nicole/Christine Next HOH/ Next BOB July 31/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ZACH’s Noms (Christine & Nicole) Frankie’s Noms (JOcasta & Victoria)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
POV Players Frankie, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny, Hayden & Christine

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8:40am – 9am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Frankie, Donny, Victoria and Jocasta are awake. Victoria has been up since 7am and she’s still getting ready in the bathroom. Frankie is up in the HOH room he climbs into the bed and starts dancing with hands to the music. Victoria comes up and says that the diary room needs the props from the photo booth. Frankie gets called the diary room but asks if he should get ready first. BB blocks the feeds and when they come back Frankie is getting into the shower and checks out his crotch burn in the mirror.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-28 09-30-54-790
In the downstairs bathroom – Amber and Victoria are getting ready. Caleb is brushing his teeth. Amber talks about how she got hit in the head with a pillow at 5:30am waking her up. (It was Caleb) Amber says it was probably Hayden. She says she was going to throw it at the boys but didn’t know who did it. That’s okay I will get them back. Caleb doesn’t say a word and leaves the bathroom.

9:35am – 9:50am Caleb heads up to the HOH room and tells Frankie about how he “smoked Amber right in the face” with a rock pillow last night while she was sleeping. Caleb laughs about how it woke Amber up and she didn’t know who did it. Frankie thanks Caleb for his kind words about his grandfather the other day. I really appreciated it. Caleb says what I think Zach needs to do is when you go to close the lid to the veto box. I think Zach she apologize to me for what he is about to do and then he does his speech. Frankie asks but you are taking credit for it? Caleb says after .. yes to Amber. Caleb tells Frankie to tell Amber that she needs to talk to him because its stupid that its been 5 days since she’s talk to me. Caleb leaves the bathroom. Zach joins Frankie in the bathroom. Frankie tells Zach that Caleb had a good idea for you to stop me from closing the veto box. Zach says yeah thats a good idea. Frankie tells Zach how Caleb beamed Amber in the head with a rock pillow last night while she was sleeping. Frankie says he said we don’t just knock people down we destroy them! Zach says everyone is going to be shocked! Frankie says including me .. I can’t wait to act! Frankie says that after the veto meeting I will bring Amber up to the HOH room and all I am going to say is that the only person she needs to talk to is Caleb. Then I will bring him up and she can have the HOH room for the day.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-28 09-38-31-489

10am In the bathroom – Amber asks Hayden and Cody if they were the ones to throw the pillow at her while she was sleeping. Both of them tell her it wasn’t them. Meanwhile – Caleb heads back up to the HOH room and tells Zach about how he threw the rock pillow at her face while she was sleeping. Zach laughs and says oh my god. Caleb tells Zach that after I want Amber to know that I was the head of all of this. But before I want you to apologize to me. Zach says I like that! Caleb says you could say I apologize Caleb I have some things that have been eating at me.. but while I have everyone in this room I wanted to address something. Zach says perfect, I like it. Caleb goes to the washroom. Frankie comes up and tells Zach that it is actually Hayden that closes the veto box because we switch back. Zach says okay. Zach leaves. Frankie says my “mussy hurts!”

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10:10am – 10:20am In the havenot room – Hayden says its going to be a great time. It’s going to be a great show! I’m excited. Hayden tells Derrick that they can deny to Caleb that they knew he was going to use the veto on Victoria instead of Jocasta like Caleb expects. Hayden then tells Zach in the kitchen that he can deny know but tell Caleb that it makes sense why Hayden did it. Up in the HOH room – Caleb continues to laugh about smoking Amber in the head with a pillow while she was sleeping. Caleb leaves and

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-28 10-13-51-727

10:25am – 10:40am Derrick joins Frankie. Frankie continues to talk about his crotch burn and pulled groin. He says that it was due to big brother giving him the wrong size of jeans in the last competition. He says mussy is raw. Derrick asks what’s a mussy? Frankie says a male pu$$y. Derrick says thats a new one. Zach joins them. Derrick says we need a name for this. Frankie says Zach-ATTACK! Because that’s what it is. Derrick says perfect and leaves the HOH room. Zach says its perfect that the plan was to target Amber this week and its actually happening. Its funny that Caleb thinks it was his plan. Hayden joins them and they laugh about how Caleb wants all the blame. Hayden says he is literally doing all of this to get her to apologize to him. Frankie says just so we are all clear Amber is the one going home this week. Zach says oh yeah. After this meeting I am never talking to Amber again. Hayden says you can deny you knew I was going to do it but just if you could agree with me doing it. Zach says this is going to be so much fun!

10:45am – 11am In the hive room Victoria practices her speech again to Frankie. He tells her she nailed it. Victoria then pulls Cody in and practices it with him. (She’s literally practiced her 15 second speech 100 times and still can’t remember it.) Cody tells her that she nailed it. Short and sweet good enough to eat! In the kitchen – Donny talks about how he knew coming into the house he would be the outcast but knew people would warm up to him. He says that he was a custodian at a school before and the kids loved him so he knew over time the younger people in the house would grow to like him.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-28 10-55-01-122

11am – 11:13am In the living room – Frankie says the fact that my mom said in my letter that she is playing a great game means that I am not being portrayed as an a$$hole because she if I was she would have told me to come home. Derrick says it was the same for his letter too. Victoria and Hayden join them. Out in the backyard – Zach and Cody are playing pool. Donny and Christine are watching. Meanwhile on the backyard couch – Nicole, Amber and Jocasta are chatting about random things. Caleb comes out of the diary room and says we have 5 minutes till lock down.

11:16am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the highlights real.. The POV ceremony is happening now .. .get your live feeds now when they return its going to be non-stop crying and drama…

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Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole

(Defunct or unknown status)
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
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How much did it hurt you Dawg to report on Frankie’s crotch burn? I love you for it.


Why wasn’t Zach there to assist?


Zach is entertaining, but now it’s just seems like it’s too forced and being overdone. it’s obvious Zach is a product of production to stir the game, but Zach is coming off as an annoying a$$hole everyday. when Devin went through this phase, everyone in house bitched about it. Zach does it, everyone is kool with it. this Caleb’s “psycho stalker” character is also played out, and I think production wants Amber out so they can shift toward another storyline in the game. for BB fans who watched the show from season 1, you guys can relate what I’m trying to say about how production usually gets what they want in the end. this has a making of another predictable season with this season’s America’s Team as F3. there’s is no doubt it that this season’s winner will be either DONNY, FRANKIE or DERRICK. the all in between drama is just a distraction of the game.


Even though I want Donny to win this, I don’t think he will make it to final 3. The others are too scared of him becuz they, especially Derrick know that if he makes it that far he will surely win. So they want him out fast, probably after the last TA mission. Donny is my favorite though. As far Amber, I’m glad she is leaving for her own safety. It’s better she leaves now instead of being stuck all alone with Caleb in jury. Becuz if she happens to be the first to go to jury, Caleb will self evict the next week all so he can be with her alone there and only God knows what will happen then. I know it’s sad for to be leaving now but let her take it as a blessing in disguise.


that’s because Zach is so good natured about it, and people know it is entertainment. Devin was actually seriously delusionally paranoid. There was no joking in the things he is doing. people are OK with Zach doing these speeches #1 because it is a TA task, and #2 because he is the first to tell people it is a joke for drama sake. Even at the nominations, he says that stuff, and Christine and Nicole are both laughing at the time. Nicole imo only cried after because she was nominated not because of the silly things he said.


god love ya man, just looking at the censored picture almost made me vomit

amandas cooch smells like onions

Frankie needs to go on the block Derrick too. Sick of this predictability….it’s so boring!!!!!! Cody should have backdoored Caleb last week….Jocasta/Victoria will be on the block every week *yawn*

say whaaa?

How’d Frankie burn his crotch?

Holy Cow

Pining for Zach or Caleb !!!


Can someone please explain to me why Nicole is the 3rd most favorite hg on the poll? Seriously? what has she done but complain and talk sh!t to christine about in her GOD AWFUL accent?


Agreed 100%, Bryce! Who are these people who still like Nicole? She has been a vicious misogynist in the house, but I think this season is full of that ilk.

Caleb makes me sick

Someone made a petition to get Caleb off the show.


it is left over votes from her association with Hayden and when she wasn’t acting like a complete goof. I think you’ll see the voting change as Cody and Hayden get the bulk of the votes, over everyone else. Frankie also used to be high on the list, not so much now.

The Canadian gal

That Caleb vs. Amber situation is getting worst everyday.

What is the production waiting? Many will say that it is only a pillow… That Amber knew she had signed to come to BB a rough mental game but I am extremely uncomfortable with what I just read (being attacked physically very hardly with that pillow… Really?)

And they (Frankie and Zach) want to leave them two alone in the HOH room?! Are we the only ones (at home) thinking that it is NOT a good idea.. Not AT ALL…

I wold be Amber’s family I would imploring BB Prod to let her out asap. This guy is insane and many other houseguests have a few missing screw ….


I’ve already made a complaint to CBS this morning. Caleb is a psychopath

Double D

Amber told Caleb from the start that she wasn’t interested in a showmance, but he wouldn’t quit. Now she will be going home because of it.


My fear for Amber is he is going to totally turn stalker on her when they are both out of the game, I do think it’s good that they will not both be in the jury house, I know if I was her I would not want to be in there with him


I really don’t see that happening. Once they are outside of the house Caleb will be around people that actually care about him and have his best interest at heart. They will let him know gently that Amber was / is not interested in him. They will not pump up his ego or interest in Amber to better themselves like Zach, Frankie, Derrick, Cody and Hayden seem to be doing.


Is this Caleb’s mom? Must be otherwise you wouldn’t be defending his psychotic behavior. Please get him some help when he gets back home. He effing needs it.


I understand where you’re coming from. However, I really believe (hope?) that production is keeping a close eye on all of this. Can you imagine the lawsuit they’ll be facing from Amber if this thing gets any more out of control?


It is so sick that Amber is going out in this fashion. This is analagous to a guy who thinks a girl should have sex with him because he bought her dinner. The other jerks raving about how bad Amber has treated Caleb? Are you kidding? She has been stalked, harassed and will ultimately lose out on the chance to win any money because of HIS obsession with her. She has been totally honest with him. He is completely insane and the other ‘good guys’ who are not only letting this happen but are behind the plan to publically embarass her are just as sick as Caleb.

Double D

The other guys know how Amber feels. They are just doing this far a) Team America and b) to fool Caleb, and c) to get Amber out.


Yes — that’s such a good point you make re: the other “good guys” taking advantage of Caleb’s complete abuse of Amber by plotting to insult and humiliate her in a public forum. I have in some sense enjoyed Zach’s erratic antics, but it’s clear that he takes a little too much pleasure in jumping on the bandwagon and publicly insulting the women in the house. He has already inappropriately rampaged on Victoria, Christine, Nicole, and soon Amber (this is especially interesting since Zach has also claimed to have a major crush on Amber…). Since production has had such a hand in influencing Zach’s behavior, I’m surprised they haven’t been able to push nominating Caleb a little further. EVERYONE should be afraid to be in the jury house with Caleb.

reality check

Amber has made poor choices. She has been fooled into thinking she on the inside of an alliance that she really isnt a part of. It sucks for her that she didnt form any strong ties or real alliances but that happens to players every season. Shes not getting cheated shes just losing.


not exactly accurate — she actually was making strong friendships, but a lot of people were afraid of being close to her. many of the guys (cody, zach) have said they really like her, but they are afraid to even be around her b/c they will get heat from caleb OR from the other girls (ex: christine has actually yelled at people to stop talking about amber). caleb has genuinely screwed up her game.


Plus… Amber tells Caleb about the pillow. Caleb leaves without a word. Then he complains that she hasn’t talked to him in days???!?!?!


I read there was a petition to have Caleb removed & thought it was BS, until he beamed amber in the face with a pillow. There was no pillow fight going on, she was dead asleep. He should be punished in some way.

Caren in Canada

Appalling is even too mild a word to use at this point! And the sheer fact that these hgs are amused and excited (as quoted by Frankie “I cant wait to act shocked”) for all this to go down, just absolutely boggles my mind! Then lead her to the HOH room to be alone with the psychotic nutjob WTF!!! And the fact that each and EVERY one of them know what is about to go down, (including Donny so disappointing) IMO stoops to an all time low even for BB! Julie and Les you have really outdone yourselves this year, hope your rating were worth it cause if I was Amber there would be a nice big law suit in your future!

ray shriver

Caleb Is psycho gits girl with pillow because she doesn’t like him and she has told him that front he beginning. . Now she is going home lol poor girl kind of funny but sad that this dude cost her 500k


Nothing funny about this.

reality check

Yes. throwing something at someone who is asleep is not cool and i would think against the rules.

Down with Caleb

God I want to see Caleb humiliated so bad. Him being humiliated after the show isn’t enough, I want it on TV. He deserves it. He just keeps getting worse and worse. It would be gold if during all the crap that’s coming at the veto ceremony Amber loses the nice girl routine and just goes off. I think Zach is the only person in the house that with the capacity to do that, unfortunately I also think he is too scared of Caleb to really lay into him.

At this point I can only hope the show edits Caleb for what he truly is and Julie will nail him when he’s evicted.

Double D

Caleb is going to be SHOKED when he sees that Amber had zero interest in him from the start.


And the best humiliation would be for the audience to majorly “Booooo” him. His ego would be shattered realizing he wasn’t the Stud Cowboy he portrays himself to be. He thinks America is so in love with him…


Frankie can not be evicted soon enough, same with Christine. Whoever gets those 2 out might be my favorite houseguest of the year lol

Irked by the stupidity!

These mofos are really pissing me off. You crack someone in the head with a pillow while they are sleeping… and you think that makes you a man – then you don’t even own your actions to her face – Caleb is a punk and this is looking lime “mean girls” and I do mean girls. What a bunch of chumps.


TA Mission…..why do Frankie, Donny and Derrick think that having Zach yelling at Amber for 20 seconds meets the criteria of “two HGs having an argument”……???
They do not deserve the money if Amber does not fight back!


The rules were read out to Frankie again, and apparently they do allow for it to be one sided like that. maybe the other HG has to say something, maybe not, whatever Dawg wrote in the recaps of Frankie talking about it sounds like just one person is enough.

Seems like Zach is going to be super pleased he was TA’s puppet this year. It means they have to keep him around for a while I guess 🙂


Ugh… clearly states the mission is to have TWO people have an argument…..ONE person yelling is not an argument….an argument involves an EXCHANGE!
Production is just making it up as they go along……ugh…………………..


Well, from the first photo, Frankie sure seems comfortable with camera recording everything. And this guy never forgets there’s cameras around… he’s the one always looking at the cameras and winking, smiling, etc, talking to live feeders about his grandfather, etc.


What happened with the pillow last night when Caleb hit Amber? Can someone please give me the feeds time so I can take a look. Thanks.


Nevermind. Amber said 5:30. You can delete the post.


Oh yeah, thanks. I was having a hard time finding it. He’s trying to pick her up like a 9 year old.


As much as I like Amber and don’t want to see her go, I think that evicting her is going to be in her best interest in the long run. Caleb is toxic. He’s also an idiot and very unpredictable. The longer those two stay in the house together the more dangerous he becomes. I really wish that they would evict him instead ofAmber


That’s passive aggressive to stonewall someone and then play hit them. I wish they would have evicted him too or would have done it last week. I think the whole thing is sickening and toxic really. And it’s not even a victim thing it’s a situation of her really not knowing the extent of how sick this puppy is and how the others are basically using it for entertainment/mobbing…I’m sorry game play wink wink. I don’t like that she’s leaving under those circumstances but she doesn’t seem too aware of the extent of how vile people can be and to watch her try to be nice and sweet is uncomfortable. So if she has to go it’s maybe good she’s going home so she see for herself and listen to the stuff he has said about her and also the others. Seems like there is a lot of luck to the game and one big part is the type of cast you get dealt since most of the game is about the social dynamics. Who knew a damn stalker would be in there with you. Wrong game.


I wish Jocusta could find out about their plan. Tell me do Donny really know all of the plan with Amber ?


This is really so awful. Cant any of the houseguests realize that there
could be horrendous consequences to their actions. And CBS will also
be responsible for anything that happens to Amber. She’s not one of
my favorites, but this is just disgusting behavior from all the guys. Even
Donny and Hayden. Not sure why everyone hates her so much. At least if
something happens to her in the future, everyone will know who is responsible.


The Detonators guys hate her because she constantly questioned their loyalty, as she should have because she wasn’t in their real alliance. But also, she targeted the guys and specifically Zach when she decided she wanted to finally get the girl’s alliance going since she couldn’t coattail it with the BS like she had though Weeks 1&2.

Caleb is scorned. Christine is jealous. Victoria is just gla evveryone hates someone else more than her. Nicole – Amber’s always after Cody even though the majority of his attention goes to Nicole and they were never actually friends, Amber tried to get Cody to put her up.

Amber is a bad player. But she’s really getting the short end of the stick with Calebs psychosis, the veto ceremony may be hard to watch.


What is going to happen? It is a tv show. Quit overreacting. She is a big girl, she can handle.

Amber has said numerous times lets go after the boys, now she can take some heat.

Christine's crazy eye

Their plan is to humiliate Amber on national tv. Than to leave her alone in a room with a lock on its door with Caleb. A man who has shown his total disregard for any feeling or opinion Amber has. So that she might appologize for these imagined slights. Never mind that it’s “just” a gameshow, how would you feel, if you are or were a woman? Would you feel threatened? Embarrassed? Humiliated? Because, it seems like you feel, that because she came on this show, she has given up any and all claim to be treated with dignity or respect. Which is exactly what these little boys have planned. And that is a shame. Because, no one deserves that.

The fly on the wall says..

The room is not locked!!! She can walk out whenever she wants to. She could leave the house if she wants to. Clearly she doesn’t feel as though she needs to and if she felt threatened she could tell production. She knows what is going on. Yes, he is a loon and should be put in his place I am not denying that, just that everyone is overreacting to something that the person it is happening to doesn’t feel threatened by.

Christine's crazy eye

I did not type that the room is locked. I typed that it could be locked. The HOH room door can be locked from the inside. What you are not considering is that Frankie, zach, et all are working Caleb up into a state of righteous indignation. He has no stop mechanism in his brain that tells him he is out of line. I do not feel the pillow incident or the candy wrappers were serious incidents. More like a little boy trying to get a girls attention. However sometimes little boys go too far. And don’t know when they are causing actual damage. Because of his aforementioned lack of STOP filter, I and many others here, fear that he may go too far. If, IF, the door to the hoh is locked, perhaps Amber wont be able to leave quickly enough. Things can get out of hand quickly. Even with a lot of people around. And that is what the Caleb sympathizer a are not taking into conciderstion.

Caleb's Missing Screw

Am I the only one that noticed every time Caleb is upset with Amber he brcomes violent. He’s attacked her with a pillow before and threw candy wrappers in her face the last time he was upset with her.


Im not a caleb fan, infact i cant stand him, havent liked him since the show started but saying hes been physical towards amber is crazy to say. He hit her with a pillow, some of you are going on about this like he clocked her with his fist.
Some of you are disscusted how some of these people act, well its big brother people its been like this since big brother started. Its a game for 500k. You do what ever it takea to win its all for tv.
I dont remember anyone sticking up fir rachal in big brother 12 when most of the house guest were extremely mean to rachel specially britney. Britney was way worse saying stuff behind peoples backs then any of these guys from this season.


Violent = a pillow and candy rapper

Are you people serious?!


He “ATTACHED” her with a pillow??? Oh please – How did he attach her?? He just tossed the pillow on her. My gosh, dramatic much???


These people are disgusting. Caleb psycho Cristina and Nicole whiney jealous cows all the rest ate damn sheep…except Donny


Zach doing Frankie and Derrick’s dirty work for 5k doesn’t sit well with me especially at Amber’s expense. Part of me wants her not to give them any reaction post veto ceremony and the other part wants her to do something INFAMOUS.

Caleb's Missing Screw



MRS BRENT!!! Oh myyyy!


Beast mode cowboy is gonna have a baby when he figures out amber is getting evicted. “Must see tv” for sure!


Anyone that has a complaint about Big Brother and the Houseguests should complain directly to Feedback.


Yeah, that would be like complaining to your Congressman or Senator.


It worked some what last year. They put a disclaimer up. Lol.


Chess. What exactly are you going to complain about?


Different things that was going on in the BB HOUSE that bothered me


Omg give it a rest. Its a tv show. You think whinningvto cbs that they will change everything just to please a few people. They get big ratings for a reason. If all 16 houseguest were like donny would you think cbs would have good ratings, hell no the show would be off the air after one episode. The more drama the better for watching. Keep up the good work cbs.


Omfg this kid is just absolutely ridiculous !!! Frankie tells him how much he appreciated his kind words about his grandpa and Caleb still goes on about how he smoked Amber In the face with the pillow… Jesus you could tell him he’s on fire and he wouldn’t be fazed he would still manage to focus attention on Amber! Wish I could go through my live feeds screen and give this kids head a shake UGH YOU ARE THE BIGGEST WALKING IDIOT IN AMERICA!!


BitchMode Cowboy’s actions are despicable, regardless of whether he was “led on” by Amber. I can’t wait for him to be evicted or suspended from the game for harrassment!! What a coward.


Harassment?? REALLY?? He threw a pillow at her while she was sleeping – Other than that, what has he done to her? They haven’t spoken in 5 days so how is he harassing her?


Ok, if you don’t like the term “harassment”, let’s call it what it is . . . assault! Whatever term floats your boat, throwing something at someone’s face with intent to harm is cruel. Caleb should be ashamed.


These guys r a bunch of PUSSY’S Messing with a girl. Destroy ,Zack u little bitch. Frankie can’t stand Amber because she is a real WOMEN. NOT ONE TRAPPER IN A MALE BODY. O.AND FRANKIE YOUR GRANDFATHER. is getting old.caleb. mentally is one of a 8 y.o. more like BEND OVER COWGIRL.


frankie has a zrash.


I thought the TA challenge was for 2 houseguest to have a 2 min fight What bs that now it counts if someone blast someone else & the other person doesnt have to say anything Why does that count There is no way zachs speech will last 2 mins I hope amber stays classy & doesnt say a word The whole situation with caleb, the other houseguest & bb/cbs production is just not right Not a big amber fans but this is getting ridiculous If I was her family I would be on the 1st flight to LA to get my daughter away from caleb & cbs production This whole continuation of letting caleb continue to obsess & now threaten this girl is just wrong on so many levels Then after the ceremony they r taking her to the hoh room so caleb can be alone with her all day?? CREEPY & the other houseguest in on this are just as guilty as that crazy stalker Pull amber from the show, get her away from that nut job & let her come back next season if she wants One more thing Cant cant cant stand christine & nicole I dont think they would of allowed this to happen to nicole without someone intervening And christine needs to STFU Cant even stand looking at her Her poor husband, so embarrassing

andy 2.0

why does caleb think putting her up will solve anything… if anything it will give her a reason to be a total bitch to him

Butters Mom

Caleb wants attention from Amber… it doesnt matter if its good attention or bad attention… as long as she notices him and speaks to him. He has some serious mental issues… and is extremely immature.


What I hope happens

Zach gives speech
Amber says nothing at all. Continue to not speak to Caleb. Not expose the 8 yuk!! Not campaign to Caleb.
Go to Donny and Jocusta and Cody for support. If needed.

Let Caleb think he is going yo save her. But let them still vote het out.
I want yo see the look on his face when he sees he can’t save her. And it was never in his power to save her.
Next week he goes hm and read the feeds. Lol see how stupid he looked

Bren says

Caleb is sooo crazy! I feel so sorry for Amber. For her to stay she will have to give in to the phych and then go to the bathroom and throw up!


The problem with this cast, Most of theses people act like they are 6 year olds. They are mean, selfish, vindicitive, jealous, etc., The problem is… they are not 6 years old, they are adults. This is what is making it hard for most us people to watch.
TA needs to go away, these tasks have been a joke. IMO, last weeks and this weeks are not accomplished tasks. Amber was not a threat. How can you have an argument if the other person does not say anything. If CBS wants to give money away, how about giving it to us people who are watching the garbage this year.

Caleb's Cool With Me

To Ladybug: Everybody is acting like kids because they aren’t given any directives that are adult-like. Do you know who is voting for the tasks for Team America…most likely teenagers…because I can’t see grown people sitting around voting for all the stupid suggestions that they give them to choose from. Who comes up with this crap? None of if has ever made any sense. As far as I’m concerned, America shouldn’t have a damn thing to do with the show. I definitely wouldn’t pool for a courtroom jury from the BB House viewers. Instead of innocent until proven guilty, the BB House viewers would have it “guilty until proven innocent.” The whole house is corrupted and the viewing public is acting like people from Mars (who haven’t seen anything ever like this before, but can’t take their eyes away). It’s a game created to TEST how civil a bunch of people can be living under the same roof and who can survive the madness. It’s not supposed to make sense, yet somehow you’re supposed to think that it does.

Bren says

Phycho! Sorry


Good try buddy! We know what you meant.


Everyone is so upset that Caleb hit Amber with a pillow .They have pillow fights every night. No one was upset when Evil Dick poured tea over a girl’s head as he cussed her out . No punishment for him. Everyone thought it was cool. I hate the double standards on here. Caleb is just an egomaniac who can’t stand rejection.


A pillow fight is between multiple people, who know that they are in a pillow fight. Someone throwing a pillow at another person while they are asleep because they are not giving them the affection they think they deserve is completely childish and wrong.

Caleb's Cool With Me

To Anonymous: Childish and wrong?…Nothing is RIGHT in this house, haven’t you been watching. People are throwing stuff of all types of materials. Water and drinks have been thrown and the INSULTS behind each others backs being thrown supersedes all of the actual items being thrown. The hate for Caleb from the viewing public is palatable. If he gave attention to any other girl in the house then he would be labeled a “cheater” and that he only wanted Amber for one thing…he just dropped Amber because she wouldn’t sleep with him. (The guy has said nothing about taking her to bed…but it’s highly insinuated by the viewing BB posse of hatred for him). Throwing a pillow has never KILLED anyone, yet Caleb’s foolish PLAY has him in HOT WATER yet again with the unrelenting hatred from the viewing BB public. Honestly, I don’t know what type of madness is going on, but I’m happy to say that I am immune to it.


honestly if they don’t keep caleb around a long time they are dumb I would try to take him to finals personally he is so lost no on would vote for him and he is so easily manipulated

doesn't matter to me

as long as Zach is on the ATTACK



Exaggerate much

It was a pillow for crying out loud! Caleb was not being violent and should not be evicted for that. Amber had a pillow fight with the guys the other day, should those three be evicted too? How about hitting someone with a fish, cause to be kicked out? Give me a break!

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But they were on speaking terms. Her and Caleb have not been speaking I think he said for 5 days. So no he should not touch her in this case.


I get the feeling reading the majority these pansy and whiny posts in here. That most of you wouldn’t last 2 seconds in the BB house.

Caleb's Cool With Me

I agree with you wholeheartedly! It’s shameful. It really is. I’m glad to NOT be on that trip.


Caleb is clueless….so so clueless all he cares about is Amber Amber Amber. Someone should get him that book She’s just not that into you bro. It’s sad Amber has told him she’s not into him and practically the whole house has told yet he’s still thinking he can save her from the rest of the house(after the veto) and she will date him….just wow never seen someone so delusional he’s way more delusional than Devin ever was. Every action is always for Amber get your head in the game dude the game is Big Brother not matchmaker lol


Best case scenario: Zack, Donnie, Hayden, Nicole and the two that stay between Victoria, Jocasta and Amber all team up and take out Frankie, Derrick, Caleb, Christine and Cody!


Give me attention! I am military strong! I can dance! I can snowboard! I’m going to be on AMazing Race and the Bachelor! I am undefeatable!

Wait…a girl doesn’t appreciate me for all that I am and all the special attention I give her? Wahhhh!


I really feel bad for Amber because I think she is actually going to feel bad and think that she has been being mean to Caleb (which she has not!!) So she will probably go apologize or something and look like a bigger idiot because she has noooo clue what is going on and being said behind her back. No way winning for her from this point on…

I cannot stress how much Caleb makes my skin crawl. He needs a doctor waiting for him when he walks out the door


It’s coming out now like Caleb broke her jaw with a 200 lb pillow. I can’t stand the guy but from what I’m reading it sounds like he tossed it on her and ran away. Doesn’t even sound like he hit her hard. I don’t have live feeds so I could be wrong. Anyway, other that the guy has some serious issues. Amber should be worried outside.

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Just made mine
big brother 15 allowed racist remarks /people on the show. This year you allowing sexual harassment. I don’t like Caleb’s passive aggressive actions with Amber because she does not like him. so his throwing the pillow while she was sleep was very disturbing.
I will no longer watch your show.

Ps. Lol lol I just read the blogs.


Caleb should be exiled for physical attacking amber with a pillow? Anyone? What a psychopath, that dude needs help.


Victoria takes a lot of time to look like a drag queen so I’m wondering (no live feeds), does she put her hair in every morning?
Does she have to put that weave in every day?
Anyone know?

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Frankie has crotch rot… OMG! Too much, too much,…can’t handle the snark,,, I am…literally…gonna explode from snark overload…literally…


Is it over yet?


What TA should have done to get a fight is BD Creapleb and twist Zach’s comments toward Creapleb to what a idiot narcissistic stalker weirdo he is and that he needs to use that $5k to buy a clue. Oh and he sucks at comps. Would insure a 2way fight between Zach and Creapleb and get America liking them again and supporting the 5k reward…because Zach being mean to Amber doesn’t count!!!!!!




Come on Team America!! Last chance, bring on the argument. I would love to see Amber & Zach Argue in 20 sec or above!!!!


There is a difference between a pillow fight, when people knowingly hit each other with pillows or one person hits another person with a pillow when both are awake but to be sleeping and having someone “smoke” you with a pillow unexpectedly isn’t a “pillow fight”. Being a strong man and standing over her, Caleb probably used more force to swing that pillow at sleeping Amber’s head than if they were both in a fight, knowing she wasn’t going to retaliate.

And him boasting to the guys about it shows his pleasure of both waking her and “smoking” her. He knew she wasn’t happy but that made him happy. Caleb is a bully and a jerk.


Blah blah blah whine whine whine. If it was the opposite way where amber was the stalker and she tossed a pillow on calebs head while he was sleeping then this wouldnt even be a topic.but because its a guy tossing it onto a girls head its a huge deal. Give me a break. ITS A PILLOW and he barely threw it.


If Amber gets left in the HOH room with Caleb, she should storm and tell him she’s going to go sleep with Cody and then slam the door behind her.


What is wrong with this cast? Who gets excited over a FAKE fight?!


Victoria said she wears extentions because her hair feel out Give me a break Her hair probably broke off from wearing extentions Which can happen Ive never seen somebody so obsessed with the outer self And the way she dresses during the live shows, like shes going to the prom or something And shes just not cute at all, inside or out Now shes hating on amber only because amber (innocently) asked about her extentions is just weird!! We all at home already knew you had extentions because there awful!!