Zach in the BOB “if there’s a chance I’m going to win it.. in a moment I might F***ing win it”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: Derrick HOH Winner 2: Frankie
Battle of the Block Winner  ?/? Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: ?
Final Nominations: ?& ?
Have Nots ?and ?
POV Players ?

BB16-2014-08-14 21-03-52-818
8:55pm Derrick and Frankie BEE HIVE
Derrick thinks he stay HOH because next week is Endurance and Frankie has a better chance to win it. Derrick will tell the house hey did rock papers scissors and he lost. “You’re a better bet to win next week”
Derrick says they will send Donny out this week. Frankie tells him he wants Caleb to go far with him because Caleb has his back, Frankie mentions that Caleb has mentioned final 3 with Derrick numerous times. , “Zach is wonderful.. I still feel the same about Zach as I did week one.. I love the kid”
Derrick – he’s been tough on you .. you’re not a pushover
Frankie – Cody is all over the place.. he’s emotionally compromised a bit.. I cannot handle him not volunteering.. .
Derrick says they will go to Donny tell him everyone in the house wanted him up with Victoria but they are going to put him up against Zach gives him a fighting chance.
Derrick – How many weeks do we have to protect this guy.. he’s only here because of us
Frankie mentions they are giving Donny two chances to save himself.
Derrick is going to tell DOnny that Zach is the target this week.
Derrick – Donny has to go if he stays on the block because if he stays he’s lost trust with us..
Derrick says Donny had an alliance and they took it apart, “3 weeks they are all gone”
Derrick – We’re locked in
Frankie – well done
Derrick whispers to him “Enjoy your week of safety”

BB16-2014-08-14 21-17-14-960

9:16pm Derrick and CodyDerrick tells him he’s staying HOH “It’s the only way I can guarantee you being safe” He says Frankie and him ‘Rock paper scissor” and he lost.
Derrick – You’re good for the week you’re safe.. I’m putting my game in your hands. You gotta have my back next week.. if it’s endurance I’ll massage your b@lls”
Derrick will put up Donny and Zach.
Derick – Are you thinking about volunteering
Caleb – ya on the safe side.
(Everyone needs to pay tribute to the BB gods so Donny/Zach win the BOB it will make for some fun feeds)
Derrick – I’ll tell Frankie you are volunteering to go up

BB16-2014-08-14 21-33-55-080

9:44pm Jenga JEnga JE JE JE JEnga

Derrick starts doing impersonations of Frank Eudy (BB13)
Frankie says it will be hours from when Nicole walks into the Jury to when they make out. Derrick thinks it will be when Jocasta goes to bed.

Caleb says he’s been around the world already he’s not going for the trips he’s going for the money. Frankie asks them when drawing for POV Players pick him if they get houseguest choice.

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BB16-2014-08-14 22-13-37-162

10:03pm Bathroom Derrick and Caleb
Derrick makes it sound like he’s making the ultimate sacrifice by being HOH this week because he cannot play in next week’s HOH.
Derrick tells Caleb he’s 100% safe from going up and backdooring.
Derrick – This is an easy week it’s a relaxing week for all l of us.
Derrick brings up talking to Cody and he’s thinking about volunteering so it might be easy on their part.
Derrick says will be chilling this week with Victoria.

10:15pm They get one bottle of wine and six beers

BB16-2014-08-14 22-24-02-241
10:17pm Derrick and Donny
Derrick says the entire house is wanting DOnny nominated with victoria. .
Donny says there’s people in the house that can go up instead of him. Derrick says they are going up.
Donny – two people not going home..
Derrick – you’re not my target you’re not Frankie’s target period.. If you win Battle on the block you’re safe for the week and you’re a vote for me..
Derrick says he wants to try and get Zach up with DOnny doesn’t want Victoria along Donny that would be worst case scenario.
Derrick says everyone knows Victoria is going home this week “Even she knows”
Derrick – I want to have a comfortable week
Donny – I want to have a comfortable week.. I’m trusting y’all
Derrick – I don’t want you with Victoria.. I’m working with Frankie on this..
Donny says he only has Derrick and Frankie in the game. Mentions that the TA task might be for them to get a Team America member on the block then save them.
Donny – I have felt unsafe half this game it would be wonderful to have a safe week before a double elimination”
Donny – THat’s a hurricane.. to have a week off before I’m thrown back to the wolves”
Donny suggest Derrick gets everyone together and make a plan to get Victoria out he wouldn’t feel as bad being a pawn if he knew he was part of a team trying to accomplish a goal.
Donny mentions if he’s not nominated and POV is played Derrick can always put someone other that him up. Point sout that Derrick has the numbers to keep them safe. He knows he ideas mentions that just today he came to Donny told him that.

BB16-2014-08-14 22-46-45-724

10:40pm BEEHIVE Zach and Derrick
Zach what if it’s a competition I can’t throw. Derrick wants to call a meeting for tonight to figure it all out.
Derrick – There’s 6 of us and 2 of them.. this is the point we’ve dreamed about.
Zach – we got to get there to get there
Zach – If I can’t throw it and I end up winning between you and me Christine has to be on the other side..
Zach – obliviously I don’t want to go on the block.. if there’s a chance I’m going to win it in a moment I might F***ing win it”
Zach – Why can’t we put up Victoria on one side an Donny on another side.
Derrick reminds him if they have Victoria and Donny nominated they have no back door option. Zach really wants Christine and Cody up says If Caleb and Cody are nominated and Zach gets caught up in teh competition and win it they are screwed.
Derrick wants him to voice that concern.
Zach – Between you and me I don’t want to throw it.. it’s too late in the game to throw it..
Zach says the ideal plan is Zach/Donny go up with Cody/Vciotira.
Zach – Worst Case scenario Christine goes home
Zach tells him not every competition is throw able he might have to stand there hit the button.. He’s going to hit the button.

BB16-2014-08-14 23-47-18-378
11:15pm Frankie and Derrick get their HOH rooms.
Derrick gets one of daughters blankets
Frankie gets his sisters new Album, “my Everything” he had no idea that was going to be the name

Frankie’s letter is from his sister the pop singer. tells him she going to be hosting the VMA’s and congratulates him for coming clean.
(11:20pm Cam 1-4)

Derrick says he has a book for a HOH letter. It’s from his wife and mostly about his daughter. (it’s too long to transcribe probably the longest HOH letter i’ve ever heard took him 3 minutes to finish 11:21pm Cam 1-4)

11:32pm “FireWorks” in the HOH.. Everyone milling around. Caleb is dancing around singing a line from Frankie’s Music “I got one less problem without cha” Caleb says he can be Frankie’s sister’s backup dancer.

11:52pm Random chit chat

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Yes Zach! Dont volunteer to throw it


That’s right ZachAttack! “You play to win the game!”

Moe Drawma

Now let’s hope Christine plays to win as well and Victoria gets picked to play veto and wins! That would make the feeds fun fun this week….
Moo-ore dramamine!!
Come on production do your thing. Make it a comp that can’t be thrown. Hope it’s a questions one and not endurance so “beast cowboy story mode” and “cry baby Cody the groper” stay on the block.

“Team Dramama” ftmfw!!


Derrick stop talking to us. We see through your BS


I know right, like the sneaky, shady cop thinks America likes him, while they respect his game play there is nothing to like about him. First the Shady cop from Survivor, now the shady cop from Big Brother. HMMMM! Makes you wonder about all cops in the U.S. Shady, underhanded, lying, immoral douchebags!


That is such a generalization. He is playing game where u have to be shady. Dan was a teacher. Does that mean all teachers are deceptive? I can get over the line of thinking on this forum from some people. One of these days you are going to need help and those cops you are calling shady will be the ones to help you or save your life.


I CAN’T STAND DERRICK TALKING TO THE CAMERA ALL THE TIME!!!! Sorry for caps but he’s sooooo obnoxious. In a room full of morons the average guy rises to top. ugh


Derrick-This isn’t 21 Jump Street-stop dressing like a freaking high school kid. YOU’RE NOT UNDERCOVER BOO!

Fashion Police

I’m not a Derrick fan, but what is wrong with the way he dresses? He’s like 30…not 50. It’s perfectly acceptable for a 30 year old to wear what he wears. Most people around that age that I know dress similar to that. It’s not an attempt to look young. It’s an attempt to be fashionable. There are plenty of things to criticize Derrick about, but his clothes aren’t one of them.


I believe @Candice is referring to Derrick ALWAYS wearing the hats and the fake glasses. He’s not a hipster so it’s not really a good look for him. He’s just trying to be like the others bc I’m sure he didn’t bring those items in the house.


It doesn’t matter what he wears, they’d criticize him for something, They don’t like him, therefore they need to tear him down. I’m sure she has seen where someone else commented on his clothes and decided to jump on the bandwagon. That’s typical for a teenager 🙂 LOL! Like how I threw that in there. Same thing as them saying Derrick is not in his 20’s, he’s in his 30’s.

Honestly, who gives a $hit what he wears? They are only limited to so many options. Give him and all of them a break from the criticizing, it’s RIDICULOUS!


No it’s completely acceptable to criticize him for what he wears. HE IS trying to be ‘cool’ and with the kids. He is hyper aware of what he’s trying to do because he’s always checking himself in the mirror and doing minor adjustments. He’s so friggin aware of his TV audience. He looks ridiculous. He acts as if Donny is so much older then him but his age difference with Donny is similar to his age difference with the kids. ugh

I know he’s going to win but he’s no fun to watch


this season sucks. 0 twists. 0 excitement. 0 entertainment value. easily the most boring season ive watched


Caleb sitting down during BOB was pretty exciting and entertaining.

Roisen Dubh

I’m waiting for the finale at this point. Another week and the same thing again. The only thing saving Donny this week is the fact they don’t want him coming back. I’m thinking Christine is gone. But we’ll see.


Dear Derrick,
Honey, sweety, We’re coming from a place of love when we’re say this. You always talk to America, so let us talk to you. Listen closely:
FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, please please please stop dressing like a 19 college freshman, you are 30, you are not undercover. You are in the BB house. The beenie and fake glasses HAVE TO GO! The viewers already dislike you, don’t give them other reasons to dislike you more! Thank you.



You obviously don’t live in a large city, or have visited one recently. The way Derrick dresses is typical for 30-40 year old guys who are trying to be trendy these days. College age guys don’t wear that stuff….they dress more like Zach. There’s only one person in that house not dressing appropriately for their age and that’s Frankie.


you’d be laughed off the street for an adult day and father to be wearing that!! Don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s called trying too hard.

Cackling Hyena

And the misting is in full motion.
Zach and Donny are both too smart for that.
#WildCard #FearTheBeard #ZachAttack


Well, since Zach basically told Derrick that he’s not throwing it, I’m thinking Derrick will find another nominee. I kinda wish that he never said that so he and Donny would have a good chance of being safe for the week. If it was me, I feel like I would want to be one of the 4 noms just so I’d have 2 chances to safe myself if it came down to worst case scenario. It’s better than sitting on the sidelines. Idk.


The front porch beats the backdoor.


So since Derrick FINALLY won something does that mean he has been throwing competitions this whole time – in order to not “get blood on his hands”?




This would’ve been Derrick’s third HoH hadn’t he purposefully given the one to Frankie in the past.


Really Derrick! That’s your promise of fireworks?!

I hope that’s a ploy.


I’m literally going to pray to the bb gods that Zach and Donny win bob please!


Hope Zach realizes he stands no chance with that group and abandons ship. Him and Donny can team up and maybe recuit another (Cody or Christine) to take on Derrick & Ariana Grande’s brother ;). So crazy how much control Derrick has and how the house doesnt see it.


Zach claimed to be abandoning the ship last week when the whole situation blew up with him and Frankie, yet he kept playing the game with the Bomb Squad/Detonators,so much so that he painted himself into a corner now.

Frankie has already replaced him with Caleb and now he has slim pickings (to align himself with). His protesting about going on the block and throwing the competition,while valid, simply gave the rest of the phony alliance a reason to target him later. If he were really smart, he would’ve beat Derrick at his own game and forced the whole diplomatic route of drawing Skittles from the start and masked his discomfort with going on the block and volunteering to lose.

Although the conversation really showed who the team players are. Cody,as always wants to do the bare minimum. He wants all the protections of running in a pack with little to no individual risk to his own game. Now he’s kicked his pouting into hyper-drive.

Truthfully Caleb, with his blind/ignorant loyalty, really shouldn’t have been nominated at all. He’s sacrificed more than most in the group. Cody and Christine are exactly where they should be. Now let’s hope some freak occurrence gets one of them evicted.


Watching BBAD tonight makes me want to barf. Derrick is such a dick and his arrogance is really getting to be too much.
Did anyone else catch Frankie’s nauseating display in the HOH room? Jumping around and squealing like a ten year old girl about his sister opening the VMA’s. Who cares you silly fucktard.
He couldn’t stand it when the attention turned to Derrick and his letter.
I truly despise that irritating little bitch.


Yeah about Frankie’s behavior in HOH. If I had a wet fish there, I’d slap him in the face with it.

Roisen Dubh

Oh Shit!!! LOL!!!!!


agree agree , hes the poster child for fucktards


It’s all me me me with him. He claims the loud applause for Nicole didn’t even register with him. When Nicole mentioned Zach must have fans because of the people yelling over the wall, he said ONE fan. He absolutely cannot stand not to be the center of attention & the stuff he says & does to get it (& get the cameras on him) is disgusting & juvenile. At least Caleb’s delusions of grandeur are amusing occasionally-this guy is just a complete loser.


I FF through Frankie’s HOH theatrics. I fully expected it would be another gush session about his sister with him demanding adulation from the other HGs because of his association with her. I can’t wait until he’s evicted.

Sparkle Plenty

Frankie jumping up and down and shrieking like a 13-year old girl as he paws through his HOH basket. That My Little Pony persona of his is becoming more pathetic with each passing day. Frankie, you’re in your thirties, bud. Just dial it down a notch, or twelve…


Ya but My Little Pony had a long lovely mane you could comb. 🙂

I think its just the look on Frankies face that bothers me now. Its like a smug evilness like he knows something. Meanwhile back in front of the jenga pieces, that look he has, holy hell can I have some of what hes on? Bet he couldnt wait to show everyone the pictures finally to prove he is who he says he is.

*Look Look, ,see my sister, see look look”…..* Jeez where is Foghorn Leghorn to give this weasel a slap! 😉


Those Frankie pictures are so creepy. Don’t think I’ll sleep right tonight.


Best comment ever!!!


Frankie is just down right sickening and fake, he has had his or her 15mins of fame by Geico.

Derrick FTW


Toe Cutter

Derrick Caleb Zach and bring in Donny. Then battle it out with the 4.

Ariana Gag-Grande

The CBS chat rooms are full of Ariana fans tonight, supporting Frankie with all of the pre-pubescent zeal they can muster. I had to leave, before I hurt some little girl’s feelings. Don’t kids have bedtimes, anymore?


At least they’re not backd**ring Donny. No hes not my favorite but let the guy try to save himself. I think Christine should be going out on her ass with Frankie at her heels. Those two bug me the most.
Yes I will prepare for it…………..I still like Derrick :P. Cody and Victoria seem so young. I mean even with their thoughts on things in life they seem so naïve. Caleb wtf couldn’t you act like this in the beginning. I could even put up with his ego but he tainted himself a little bit with all the craziness in the first weeks. What else can you say about Zach……..
Im just wild about Zackie……


What the hell is wrong with Cody? He is always acting like he is on the verge of a big brother suicide. He’s always moping around whining. The only time he is not is when he is get rubbed down by Christine or rubbing through her hair, gross. I feel like he’s one of those people that act like they are depressed, just so people will ask him what’s wrong and feel sorry for him. Get your panties out of a bunch princess!

Thor's Sister

Anyone else have a few more *cough, greys cough* pop out of your head when Nicole said she has been watching BB since shes 8yrs old…..omg, could I be any older still loving BB lols. (and now I sound like Chandler Bing) .

Teri B

It really is a shame that Derprick has been driving this whole season with his intimidation and bullying, all the while acting like he’s a “nice guy”. CAN’T STAND HIM… I don’t watch! Only read here.

Thanks Simon and Dawg….love you guys!!


Intimidation and Bullying??? Did I read that right? Who has he bullied and who has he intimidated? Just be honest with yourself, Derrick is playing a REALLY GOOD GAME! It’s ok to admit. You don’t have to like him, but if you’re a true fan of BB than you would get it. There’s ppl on BB all the time that I don’t like, but I can say whether or not their playing a good game. To say someone is bullying and intimidating people, when their clearly not, just bc you don’t like them is RIDICULOUS! Have fun not watching(I’m not buying that for a second) and think before you leave irrational comments!


Yay, I think Zach might be finding his game! Be strong Zach. Stand up to these people.


No one is going to throw anything at this point in the game….. that would be a dumb move in anyones part….. ok so caleb why don’t u go up and throw it yourself?


Love love love love cody in the diary room kept saying donny has SKATED by all summer why not vote him out now.

How is being a target since day 1 and winning 3 vetos skating by in big brother???? Cody you smart little girl you are skating not donny


Now all the Donny lovers will hate Skittles.

Skittles are now responsible for Christine going up with Donny, she is throwing BOB.



They drew skittles out of a bag to name the remaining three nominees. Zach’s color wasn’t drawn. Cody/Caleb vs. Donny/Christine!



haha Zach is safe because of an orange skittle. Taste the Rainbow

Chilltown 4 Life

I’m a big Zach fan, but this is not good. He can be backdoored, and I’m sure Derrick, Cody, and Christine will bring it up.

There's no way

Christine will not throw the BoB. She might say she will but watch I garunteed she won’t. Not that I want her to. I think for Donnie fans she was the perfect person to go up with him. Let’s hope it’s more mental than physical and one of those boys of packing!

there is no stopping



I think production will safe Donny this week by giving them a competition he could win. I was hoping he would have Zach by his side, guess that won’t happen now. I’m scared Zach will become the backdoor option.

Also Caleb has seen stars and fame in Frankie and decided he will be his best aim for fame after BB is over. He will be sticking with Frankie till the end.

Somehow I’m hoping for Zach and Donny to see through Derrick and Cody and flip the house. They will need Caled/Frankie with them for that.

It’s Derricks game to lose at this point.


Just can’t believe that production kept Caleb from touching the chains during the previous BOB. Once he realized Frankie could actually win, he attempted to finagle it from him by jiggling a chain, but was promptly told to sit down by the voice in the sky. RIP Nicole and FU Frankie.

Good job zach

Caleb is mad because Zach doesn’t wanna “throw the comp” lol Caleb ur stupid as hell and saying ur gonna go after him if he doesn’t throw it, like WTF it’s a game who the hell’s stupid enough to throw the comp. I hope zach goes after Caleb before he comes after him. Everyone wanted zach to throw it but Great job zach for standing up for urself #teamZach


there is no way in hell Christine is going to throw this one…. she will say to them that she will throw it but in the end she will try to win it and guarantee safety this week… she can just say she accidentally throw it…..


she can just say she accidentally wins it…

Orange Skittles

Let the cannibalism begin. Lmao.

No way is skanktine going to throw the botb. Her self preservation won’t allow it. Be the dumbest move in week nine.

I’m over the rainbow happy that ZachAttack is not going on the block. However derrick might decide to backdoor Zach at the last minute from one of his paranoia swings if Donny wins the veto. No way derrick will put up Victoria as a renom. She’s a guarantee vote and puppet for king derrick.

Love how Zach called them all out. Cody should grow a pair and man up.


Don’t know why Cody didn’t realize he would have to go up. If he didn’t, it would have looked suspicious to EVERYONE.


I could get into it a lot more if I liked any of them. At this point I can only take pleasure in hoping for the evictions of King Derrick, Princess Frankie, the poncy prince Cody, & the nasty step-sister. What’s that likely going to really leave us with? Caleb & Victoria? Wonderful.


This is so stupid no way in hell Christine is going to throw it? at the end of the week CODY or Caleb goes home. production is going to work it that Donny wins bob tommorow… what is best for tv is Donny and Christine “accidentally” win tomorrow… the best for drama is Donny and Christine wins bob and caleb and cody stay on the block… also Donny winning pov and not using it sending caleb or cody to jury. I want chaos in the house this week.


If things go as planned, I am hoping Donny is the one let back in the game. I don’t think Nicole would change how she played the game even though she told Julie otherwise. Hayden is a goofball. Jacosta is Jacosta.

part of me

is really nervous because it seems very possible Zach goes home on a backdoor this week

dang this scares me. Frankie is waaaaay too close to caleb now. which is whatever, because he never had Zach’s back anyway he always saw Zach as a threat to his game and caleb as the easier


I bet CBS has a special segment during the HOH room part of the show where they will make sure Frankie mentions the name of that CD.

I mean, they do have an interest in ariana grande’s career. this will show just how pathetic this marketing ploy is.


You’re right, they totally will. Which is f**ked up.

Why are they confirming that Frankie is who he says he is? Maybe there was a house guest who thought he was lying and part of his strategy. I feel like a CBS confirmation of the outside world is against the rules, but hey anything to get those shameless plugs!


I literally just want to punch Frankie. His face and especially the smug vindictive look just drives me nuts!


If Ratine throws the BOB then she is the stupidest female on earth. And that’s saying something with VapidVic in the house.

Chilltown 4 Life

The whole situation is hilarious. The whole bomb squad was ganging up on Zach to throw the BOB. He realized he’s the lowest ranked member in that f**ked up dysfunctional alliance, and is off the block based on skittles. Zach realized he was screwed on or off the block if Donny won veto. Why not fight not going on the block in the first place. Things get interesting if Derrick or Frankie as HOH wins veto.


Remember when Zack was jumping all over Christine for her to throw the comp and he was angry when she steadfastly refused? I see hypocrisy all over this and terrific karma for Zack to now argue Christines point, which was “no way” I’m throwing it. At minimum he should be ashamed of himself.


it will be interesting to see how the evil 6 turn on each other. should be fun to watch them start front stabbing each other. i hope zach stabs derrick right in his face (metaphorically speaking of course).


Da fuck is with those pictures of Frankie playing jenga?! Is he a wax figurine? Shit looks straight out of a horror film.

Irked by the stupidity!

I’m Team Derrick FTW but I love how Zach is handling himself. He’ll be my second choice if D gets the boot. Zach is unpredictable…if he can just keep his mouth closed he’s got a good chance at final 2.


A skittle draw. That’s some fireworks. Typical of this season

Derricks Donuts

WTF Are they gonna pick skittles all the way to F2?


I think it’s time for Cody to change his tampon so he can be fresh to do Derrick’s bidding…fake ass, wimpy ass, dumb ass, stupid ass pussy!!!!


Men – think before you post! I hate these kind of comments. It’s implying fake, wimpy, dumb, stupid are female characteristics. Very insulting & as misogynistic as those guys in there.


well said!


I wanted to take this time to apologize about what I said. It’s just that Cody say so much crap about Donny and it really pisses me off. Cody spend his time with hiding behind Derrick, rolling/touching/cuddling/lying in bed with a married woman (and disrespecting her husband and the sanctity of marriage), and acting like Caleb like he’s a stud. Donny is a what I call “a good ol boy”, respectful, love to talk, have a pretty girlfriend, great family, and pretty much by himself in this game; and is doing really well; and I have so much respect for him. Do I dislike Cody? Yes…Do I hate the way he is playing this game with Derrick? Yes…Do I think his ego is bigger than it really is like Caleb? Yes. I am sorry for the tampon comment? Yes…and finally, do I agree when Cody called himself a “p:&@y”? I’m sorry, but yes. Have a nice day and I really do thank you for bring it to my attention.


It’s okay, BigKenny, we all get caught up in the heat of the moment and say things we regret. It’s really big of you to admit you’re wrong about the wording; and I have mad respect for you, bro! I feel the same way of that John Travolta wannabe freak and that fugly excuse of a woman in bed! They made me wanna throw up my frappachino!! Get rid of that cop bastard, pink princess, mistress fugly, John Revoltra, and Least Mod Cowdung for good! Team Donny all the way! WOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!


I just to take this time to apologize about what I said about Cody needing to change his tampon. Like everyone on here that post what they want to say because it’s our right, but I just hate the way Cody put down Donny anymore! Donny to me is just a good ol’ boy type that is kind, respectful, lead a nice life, nice family, good looking girlfriend, and a really nice guy. Not like Cody that is just hiding behind Derrick, is all over a married woman with rolling in bed with her (I cannot fathom what her husband is thinking right now), thinking he is all that, and is this season’s biggest floater (next to Derrick); and that is why I said what I said about him…however, I do apologize and let me just call Cody a sonofabitch that need to close his mouth and actually play the game!


Hey BigKenny, where you from, bro? Read alot of your stuff and you’re another BB fan in my book!

Evict Derprict

No, no, no, ignore the mist. Didn’t anyone see Derrick setting Frankie up for the backdoor first thing at 8:55.
Typical Derrick move –
He conveniently wants to hand Frankie the next HOH comp because F is so good at endurance, and Derrick conveniently decides the next HOH comp will be endurance without a doubt.
He conveniently gets Frankie to help present a lie to the rest of the alliance (making Frankie own the lie also) that they did rock paper scissors to determine which one of them stays HOH & saves F the 5 seconds of trouble it would take to actually do rock paper scissors.
He conveniently locks in a contract with Frankie that Donny is absolutely the target, and immediately intimately whispers to Frankie “Enjoy your week of safety”. It’s so creepy just like straight out of The Godfather and then the guy gets in the passenger’s seat and next thing you know has a garrote around his neck.
He conveniently presents that all the steps of this plan are only for Frankie’s benefit, and he himself Derrick will gladly make the sacrifice so that Frankie can have a week of safety & win the next HOH.

Two things to take note of –
Which part of this scheme did Frankie come up with, if any?
What part of the meeting with the rest of the alliance did Derrick even try to control? He didn’t care because the players don’t much matter. He already got what he wanted – the setup to backdoor Frankie.

& The setup will succeed if Frankie is as big an airhead as Victoria.


There’s a lot of truth here, but it remains to be seen if he will actually try to get Frankie out when he know he’s not only going against his alliance but he has production working against him

Evict Derprict

But which combination do you think Derrick sees as the biggest obstacle to the 500K –
Donny & Whoever comes back from jury
or Frankie & Christine
or Frankie & Zach
or Frankie & Caleb
or Frankie & Production?
Seems like the eviction of one of the above eliminates four roadblocks to half a mil.


Except that there’s a high likelihood that the one coming back is Frankie in an endurance comp battle.


The only thing is, if Christine and Donny do win BOB and Caleb or cody win veto, who does
Frankie put up? Could be Zach, but I could also see him put up Victoria or maybe Derrick. Derrick’s not out
of danger yet.


If Derrick’s plan is to back door Frankie, it sounds really good, but will production let it actually happen? The BOTB comp Frankie/Caleb was in was the same type of game that was made for Frank in BB14 when the “Quack Pack” wanted him out. It looked like production stepped in to save Frank that season, and I really hate to mention the “Racist Season”, but they did the same thing to keep Amanda in the house to keep ratings up. Now we have a “Wannabe” social mogul who make fun of his fellow house guests, use his sister for personal gain in the house, saying that Jocasta should “kill herself”, Cody/Christine all over each other, and now Derrick trying to be like Tony from last season’s Survivor as puppet master! If he can actually get Frankie out after a houseguest return, I’d be happy, but I would be so happy if Donny be the one to get Derrick out if he become the next solo HOH!