Cody says I said I love you to her and she said something to get this kid off my case. I’m married!

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: Derrick HOH Winner 2: Frankie
Battle of the Block Winner  ?/? Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: ?
Final Nominations: ?& ?
Have Nots ?and ?
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-15 02-04-58-218
2:05am In fire room – Caleb attacks Victoria with the pillow. She runs screaming and hides under the covers. Caleb hides on the other side of the bed and catches her when she looks to see if he’s gone. Caleb then starts doing kicks. Bicycle kicks, round house kicks, jumping kicks, sidekicks, etcs.
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Big-Brother-16-2014-08-15 02-03-35-189
In the kitchen – Derrick and Frankie are talking. Derrick says can you just reiterate with Caleb later. I told him about the skittles but he wasn’t really listening when he was smashing things on his face. When he goes to Donny tell him that the 4 were picked. And then Caleb knows to tell Donny no matter who wins he is winning the POV and Victoria is going up. Victoria is the target this week because that way if he does win, that’s what he thinks. Because he wasn’t paying attention. Frankie says not at all. Derrick says that’s how the plan gets blown up! Frankie says we’re the parents. Derrick says you put us in the house with a bunch of 21, 22 year olds and this is what you’ve got. Frankie says daddies. Derrick says and I don’t want Zach up there either. Frankie agrees he can just chill out this week. Frankie hold up the halibut and says holy crap this is one piece?! This is from one fish!! Derrick looks at the weight and reads 2.2lbs. Derrick tells Caleb when Donny talks to you make sure he knows that the plan is to backdoor Victoria. Caleb says okay. Caleb then asks if they’ve seen his round house kick? He shows them his kicks. Caleb heads to the fire room and puts on hair helmet and grabs the shield. He then goes and chases Victoria. In the kitchen – Derrick and Frankie are talking about the HOH clothes they got. Frankie wonders if the shirt he got is his grandfathers. Derrick says even Caleb and Cody are happy, they’re safe this week. We need to hold him (Zach) to going on the block next week. He said he would, we need to hold him to it. Frankie agrees.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-08-15 02-07-39-969
In the kitchen – Zach tells Victoria that she’s a pecker checker! Victoria asks what’s a pecker checker. Zach asks Victoria what would you do to have s*x with Cody? Victoria asks what?!! Cody says that was disgustingly inappropriate! Victoira says that was disgusting. Zach says you’re right that was inappropriate.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-15 02-43-50-853
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2:50am Up in the HOH room – Derrick is talking Cody and tells him that the plan is that you two are safe. And as long as Frankie doesn’t win HOH again we’re good. Cody says if Donny came down I would not send home Victoria, that would be a waste. Derrick says I truly believe next week will be endurance and you’ve got that. Derrick says I need you to win it next week. Cody says I wished you and I had won this HOH instead of Frankie so we could have gone into the diary room and do some crazy Hitman sh*t. Derrick says I think that Frankie and Caleb have a final two. Cable joins them. The conversation turns to talking about the HOH competition. Cody asks so are we going to just smoke it tomorrow!? I was going to be livid if I got pulled to be next to Zach. Caleb agrees. Cody says I want you to know that me not wanting to volunteer had nothing to do with you. It had to do with Frankie and Christine wanting me out last week and being afraid of them flipping it this week. If I had been up with Donny I would throw it. Caleb says I would love for Zach to go home before Victoria. Derrick says if he doesn’t win HOH next week he is going up next to Victoria. He already volunteered to go up next to her. Cody says I want Donny got but after that I want Zach gone. They hope next week will be endurance and single HOH. Derrick says We’ll get Donny out his week. If Donny and Christine lose this week, we can’t lose. We’ll be the only 3 people safe this week. Caleb says Cody and I won’t lose! Derrick says Donny will be pissed when he finds out but there is no way he will win against you two beasts. Derricks says I would love for there to be a Pandora’s. I will open it if I get it. Caleb asks do you guys think if Frankie was in the final two he would win? Derrick says definitely. People would pick him just to be able to meet Ariana. He’s playing for a charity too so people would be like I just helped contribute to the charity for kids in Africa. Derrick says they’re (Frankie & Ariana) not hurting for money. Derrick says only 5 more to go. Caleb says I feel like us three have been the most loyal.

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Derrick has the nerve to talk about Donny saying he’s “here for Donny Thompson” when he always telling ppl they are trying to take food out his daughter’s mouth. The hypocrisy of these ppl is amazing. Donny ftw #veto king


Derrick is getting a very good edit. Productions favourite.


I (and my other friends) made our mind that I would just stop paying for livefeed and even stop watching BB16 if Donny gets evicted this week! If he did, there will be literally no one to root for as they are all bunch of sheeps


I agree this season has sucked big time. I am thinking doing the same. No drama except for the Frankie coming out of the closet,


I don’t understand why so many ppl dislike Derrick? He has been my favorite player since week one. I think he’s doing a helluva job and I really thought more ppl would like him. Yeah I see why everyone likes Donny, but seriously, what does he do that is so great? Other than just being a nice person. He’s barely even on the show. I think Victoria may even get more screen time than him:) Back to Derrick tho, he’s playing a really good game. I would think true fans of BB would respect that. Even if it’s not a person you’re rooting for. Here’s an example, Rachel, I couldn’t stand her, but I agree with her playing a good game. Another example: Jordan, I ADORE her, but didn’t think she deserved to win that season. See my point here. Derrick reminds me of Dan. Either you love him or you hate him, I guess. And I love them BOTH:)

BB fan since day 1

I completely agree with you. I think he is playing an excellent game.


Your points are well taken but you should consider that Donny hasn’t had the benefit of an EIGHT PERSON ALLIANCE from Day freaking 2. I would agree that Derrick is a very good player and deserves respect but it is easy for people to forget that Donny has had it much harder than Derrick when it comes to forming an alliance strong enough to take on Derrick and his posse. What is most frustrating to watch is how Derrick acts so smug and self-righteous towards Donny when Donny is just trying to survive week to week. There is no question that Donny has been Derrick’s biggest threat in the house and Derrick clearly knows. He has kept him around only because of Team America but that has fallen apart so he is ready to drop the axe.


I like Derek too, he has been a floater up till now.. And only reason he still here is because he is controlling the game, but has not did much in the game. but as long as it is getting him ahead in the game,not bad strategy.maybe he has a good thing going on here. Do the Brain work and leave physical activities to the other people. I personally hope he wins the game, if you can control the game as long as he has, you got great chance, just do not let Caleb find out that he is not part of their crew, because some real damage will be done if he finds out.and I can see Zack telling him for revenge.


I totally agree, the entire time I was reading this I am thinking “who’s not there for themselves?”

Derrick's Cult of Unwitting Martyrs

Well off the top of my head Victoria and Cody! Their crazed devotion to Derrick would indicate that they have no idea you are supposed to play BB for yourself.

At this point I’m not sure that Victoria is aware that there is an eventual winner and a cash prize on the line. I wonder if she even has any concept of how much 500,000 is. It would help a lot if production could explain the prize in terms that she not only understands, but might also care about. So instead of “the winner walks away with 500,000” they could say “the winner gets free hair extensions for life.” I think we would see a whole new Victoria. “What does Derrick need hair extensions for?!” Suddenly the game might get a little more cutthroat!


The house guests have to wake up and stop letting Derrick tell them what to do. This late in the game no one should be throwing the game. Wake up, smell the coffee.


The house guests are brain washed. Hard to quit that pattern now. They are under Derrick’s spell except Donny of course.


Seriously!! I can not believe these houseguests are stupid enough to pick skittles. This way Derrick and Frankie don’t get anyone mad at them for having to make nominations. HOH means safety, but the unpleasant task is having to nominate 2 peeple. Why make it easier for someone you are fighting with for $500K???? Just give Derrick the money already. I. Am. Done.


The real live feed I want to see is all of their faces watching this season back realizing how absolutely stupid they all look, and how easily manipulated they were by Derrick. Now THAT’S what I want to see.


I completely agree! I emailed CBS telling them they have to do a reunion show a week or so after the finale. Every season I wonder what really happens when they go home, watch everything & have a chance to hear what America thinks of them. This is one of very few reality shows that does not have a reunion. I would love to watch that. I also suggested that they let America vote to see who gets in the house next season. I think if we were allowed to choose the houseguests, we would be more invested in the season.


Agreed, they’re making it so easy for him. I had to laugh when he suggested it, of course he would want a skittle pick now since he is hoh. He would have shot it down as a dumb idea if he wasn’t. They might as well just give him the money now, this is the most boring season ever.


Zach should have kept his mouth shut and just played hard for the block. I guess it’s production game whether this happens or not.


Get some balls here people. If you want to win. Don’t let Derrick think for you. It’s time to play the game. That’s what America wants. Of course some drama though.


Derrick is a jerk and I am praying even if he does make the final two they will not vote him to win. I thought Derrick was so cool but as always you can’t always trust the police. POLICE BRUTALITY, POLICE BRUTALITY!!!!!


Police brutality? really, this is a reality show and Derrick is playing it very well. Isn’t there a march or gas station out there for you to attack?


what does police brutality have to do with derrick ? you have no idea what kind of cop he is, he is probably a good cop. bad cops/police brutality happens because bad people become cops. there are bad people in every profession and thats never gonna change, the only thing that can change is how they are dealt with and that really needs to improve. but accusing all cops of behind bad is kind of ridiculous, there are 780000 police officers in america and there is an average of 5000 complaints per year… thats 0.06% of all police officers.. so please dont put them all in the same boat, they are not all racist assholes.


Derrick and Frankie trying to throw Donny under the bus with TA and in the next breath saying they aren’t here for 5k and Derrick has said this week he wasn’t ruining his game for a TA mission. I can’t stand these two hypocritical clowns!

This week is going to be pure torture with Ego and Ego at the wheel because they both think they are driving the BB bus to the finish line. I don’t see anyone turning on each other this week and it will just be all about two airbags and how great they are.

go donnie

as much as I dislike Christine hope she steps up with Donnie and they win bob. cant stand Frankie but don’t want to see good people like Donnie leaving

go donnie

they all are not smart enough to send her to jury


Dawg, you misled me (us)! i was like, no way that I love you fell flat on Christine and come to find out I was right. If Cody told Christine he loved her, it would be all over for Christine. I know some people say you don’t know her and her husband’s relationship, true, but I do know when another person enters a relationship, someone gets hurt because someone develops stronger feelings for the 3rd party. Christine is so into Cody and it wouldn’t take much for her to admit how she feels about him.


Thanks, Dawg, for the only really good twist of this season thus far! I thought the same thing, bbfangirl! And then, my hopes were dashed… 🙂


Bbfangrl I think he said that to Amy in production. That’s how I took it


I know he said it to Amy in production. I was just teasing Dawg for teasing us 😉


My bad. Sorry


Seriously, Frankie is the new Richard Simmons with his flamboyance

Obnoxious Much

I’d argue that he’s surpassed Richard Simmons.

He’s got a case of Peter Pan Syndrome.

Teri B

No…..Frankie just WISHES he was as popular as Richard Simmons!


What’s annoying about this season is that the 2 HoH and BoB twist made it so a big alliance like the bomb squad would rule, you could never nominate two guys together cause the other (usually member of the bomb squad) hoh would nominate Victoria and Jocasta or girls in general or get someone to throw it and then stay hoh – so it’s harder for the outsiders (Brittany, Donny, Hayden, Nicole) to ever really make a blow at the bomb squad. It messed up Nicole’s first two HoH’s for example for this reason. The best seasons of big brother are when 2 sides of the house are in battle royale and going at it – like BB6
This season is kind of like BB14 except the people are far less likeable and Derrick is no where near Dan – Dan was likeable and good at comps and wasn’t arrogant af.
The twist althought was a cool thought messed up the season for sure – we have this giant alliance and it’s been like over 2 months and they’re still slowly picking off who “the house wants” off jeez


This week is going to be harder to watch Donny all by his lonesome than last week was. I wish game play didn’t involve ostracizing people, Donny or not. Everyone has been shunned and ignored when they are the target. Why can’t they still be civil and human?


This BOB twist has got to be the worst twist in the history of big brother. Way too many people throwing competitions for my liking.

Come on Donny… win that veto! Or BOB!


Well at least Derrick admits that manipulating these immature 20-yr-olds is so easy. It’s so obvious he has been trained – he knows every psychological trick in the book. I just don’t see any of them ever catching on to him. Between making this the Frankie show & Derrick the trained undercover cop (when the rest find out) I think there’s going to be some pretty bitter cast members. Too bad they won’t find out until it’s all over. This year was absolutely horrible casting. They might as well have handed Derrick the $500k the 1st night unless BB really plans on fixing it for Frankie.


BB just take care of zachattack…
Love him 🙂


Everyone is waiting for someone to come back in the house, but has anyone thought about the fact Jocasta could come back in? What if this is the one time she wins a competition? That would be the biggest wastes.


This season had alot of two’s, two HOH, two sets of people on the block….etc… I am wondering if they will let two players back in the house? Having just one won’t make a difference because the following week, these sheeps will just kick them back out, but if two come back, could change the house.

Teri B

I think it really doesn’t matter who or how many come back in to the house. It’s totally rigged for Derrick and/or Frankie to win and the other to come in second. Production wins again….wow, what a twist!


I said 2 months ago it’s Derrick vs Frankie.The whole season was obvious.


I am really hoping that they let the viewers vote back in the returning houseguest.


Last summer when the evicted houseguests “competed” to get back into the house it was pretty clear that production manipulated that whole situation. Remember the screen shot of Helen jumping/falling off her ledge – AFTER we saw a hand come out from behind and tap her foot. That was production reminding her to throw the competition since they wanted Judd back in the house. Production will decide who comes back in – and unless Donny gets evicted this week I’m thinking they will bring back Hayden – NOT Jocasta.


So sick of DePrick and Glitter Boy constantly mugging for the camera. America has very little say in the outcome of BB so anything they do to try and impress is irrelevant. If BB survives for another season, I would prefer that the cameras are hidden so that we do not have to endure posturing and screen tests.


Somebody DO SOMETHING!!! This is ridiculous, everyone is setting puppet master derrick and wannabe Frankie up for the final 2. Open your eyes! I wish Zack would go up with Donny, not throw it and then Cody or Christine go home. Christine is a complete dumbass, she didn’t want to let Nicole go but she, like everyone else, is too submissive. Stop helping derrick win the game! Its funny how they say that america must be so entertained with this season. No, it absolutely sucks!

Over It

This season has become so predictable and boring. Derrick has been controlling this game since week 1 and it’s gotten really really old. I really wanted Donny and/or Victoria or even Zach to win this HOH because it would have been much more exciting. As it is now, it’s the same old S***. Derrick controlling everything. I hate that Donny has been isolated and that he basically has no chance. I hope that he either a) wins BOB with Zach or b) wins Veto. If he can make it through this week, he can (hopefully) work with whoever comes back next week. I am hoping that the person who comes back is Hayden. I think he’d actually try to go after Derrick and Cody. I wouldn’t be too unhappy if Derrick won the game (over some of these other idiots) but I much prefer if someone like Donny or Hayden could win. My biggest fear is that Frankie or Christine will win. That would be TERRIBLE. I don’t even want either one of them to make it to Final 2.


If Frankie is smart he will nom Cody and Victoria. They’ll lose BOB, and Derrick will be dethroned and a possible replacement if the veto gets used. That would really shake things up!


Can you believe this shig-a-dy, Derrick and Frankie are calling themselves “Daddy” come on BB16 you need to change your name to BB16 the maneuvered season this is not the BB I use to love and watch in the pass. Now, at this time they’re telling you all how “stupid” your production is for putting them in a house with kids. “CBS” is the joke I don’t understand and personally I think Derrick and Frankie need to be taken down a peg or two. This is Sad.


these idiots actually think that jury votes will be to frankie?
he is who you take to the end, to gurantee your own win, no jury votes are heading frankie’s way.
and why are these idiots so afraid of Donny


Of course Donny is here for Donny…im sure he didnt apply to BB to help Derrick win it ffs…this season is getting annoying, like watching a bunch of jocks stroll the halls in highschool…i hope donny wins the BOB (with or without Caleb) and hayden or Nicole come back


Does anyone know when or if Pandora’s Box, Diamond POV or Coup d’Etat, is/or will be played this season?


Only if production’s Molden Boy, Spankie, is in danger of doing home…then they will use them to save him…


Maybe all at the same time!


I guess CBS wanted to ensure after all of last years controversy the same thing didn’t happen again by putting in the most boring cast members they could find. At least last year brought the issues of racism to the forefront. What has this years season taught us? Make sure you always have a really good lawyer on call just in case?

Gary Glitter

Permit me to be frank with you.You obviously have an over-inflated opinion of yourself. You pout and stamp your feet if anyone receives more attention than you. You are not a mogul, you tube sensation or any other pretentious name you choose to give yourself. You are riding the coattails of a 20 something singer. Perhaps she can hire you as a back-up dancer as Broadway, or way, way, way off Broadway has no further interest in a glittery, pink, over-the-hill, washed up Q-tip. Game or no game, your true personality comes through and it is not a nice one. Please quit spinning the tale of your GRANDE plans for Africa. They do not want 500,000 copies of your half-sister’s latest record. Spend some of the money which you have won to date with the help of Donny and buy yourself some clothing suitable for a middle-aged person.


Derrick says this week is on cruise control…..just what America wants!
My bird feeder has more drama!

I Don't Like Derrick

Derrick is such a hypocrite. Just last night, he was saying, “TEAM AMERICA,” as if he was voting out Nicole because Donny was part of TA. And now, he wants to nominate and evict Donny?? What happened to “TEAM AMERICA,” asswipe? Obviously, Derrick voting out Nicole had nothing to do with TA, which is one thing, but don’t try to act like you were voting her out to honor Team America, you hypocrite!!!


Donny and Zach need to team up fast!
Sweet and funny for the wins!


I think instead of slop, BB should take away their mirrors. As much as these people look at themselves in them, that would truly be a punishment. lol


You said it all! I get so sick of everyone being afraid to do what they want. Like last season when everyone voted “with the house”. I want to scream, “think for yourself!!!


One word..BORING!!!

Big Jim

Cody = Memphis Garrett


Interesting that Rachel has more personality than all the current bunch of houseguests put together.


I swear if Zach goes home because Princess Whiny Vagina tells Derrick to put him up as replacement nom, or if he goes home at all I don’t think I will want anyone to win besides Donny. Derrick is a pathological liar and he goes above and beyond what is needed for this game. It’s diturbing how he can be so kind and tell someone they’re safe and the. Turn around and let them get evicted. He has no soul and is emotionally bankrupt. And every time Frankie would mention Arian Derrick got visibly perturbed and started wanting everyone to look at his precious daughter. He can’t stand to not be in the spotlight. Same with Cody and Christine. They all think America loves them SO much but in actuality they are the most hated. They wanted Nicole gone and she was well-liked. They are now gunning for Donny’s eviction and he is the top choice for America’s Favorite. They want Zach gone because of that screaming from outside the house. They want Frankie gone because he has a pop star sister and has all of his “fans”. They despise anyone else getting the attention and it makes me laugh because they are all disgusting human beings that have serious jealousy problems. Honestly, you would have to pay ME the $500K to be around them for more than 2 minutes


I’m sure all the BB Execs are jumping over each other to try and get to the phone to call you and offer to pay you the $500,000 for two minutes of your time.


Hello this is BigBrother in case you forgot it 🙂


What I would like to see happen, is Zach & Victoria overhear one of Derrik/Cody’s conversations. Then fill in Christine so that she 100% does not throw the competition, and then have Cody end up going home this week. I think it will be a BOB that Donny can win, and it is time for King Derrik to feel some pressure.


The best result would be Donny winning and coming off the block, Victoria goes to jury and Hayden wins to get back in. Would Zach then flip knowing that is really his only way of possibly winning the 500k?

Dr will

Not looking good for zach next week since they are already planning to get him out. He needs to win pov and take Donny off


NOW Christine realizes she is married???????????


NO they where talking about one of the Women in Production that Caleb and Cody flirt with that told Cody… Get this kid off me I’M married……. Christine would jump his bones and have his BB (Bastard Baby) in a heart beat.


You give her too much credit, they were talking about one of the producers, not Christine.


To @EricCA and BeReal…….thanks for clarifying for me bc I don’t get the live feeds or watch AD so I just assumed those words came from Christine’s mouth. I should’ve known better bc Christine would’ve been in heaven had Cody said that to her. I feel almost as dumb as the majority of this season’s cast!!!!


No not stupid I think in the real world Cody would ignore Christine or use her as a n occasional ego boost. Friend Zone 100%….. or he could be like a woman I know that only go’s for married people because they will never have a real monogamous relationship.


You folks need to stop whining and enjoy watching a Big Brother great in Derrick. Everyone complains about lack of a great strategist then why they get it they complain anyway and cheer for the underdogs who literally have NO GAME!
Looking at you Donny & Zack!


But the thing is, it’s no longer really enjoyable. There is nothing “Great” about Derrick, he’s a cop and he is using his interrogation training to manipulate a group of kids who’s reasoning skills have obviously yet to fully develop. I think BB thought that putting an undercover cop in the house would be a good twist, but it’s not really a twist at all, it’s just become boring to watch and completely predictable. Each week, more and more so. It’s like waiting for a climax that never comes and in the end you’re just left disappointed.


Derrick isn’t only playing against kids. Both Donny and Frankie are over 30 and a few of the others have college educations. Brittany was a married mom of 4 for goodness sakes. Derrick has taken the time to get to know the houseguests and very quietly and patiently tells them what each one of them wants to hear. He has played each person perfectly. This game is all about lies and manipulation. Donny is a great person (as I suspect that most of these people really are outside of BB) but he has put himself where he is today. He doesn’t really want to participate in discussions and sleeps when most of the HG’s are awake and strategizing. He definitely has pulled back from alliances even though it would have helped him. This is his type of gameplay and it’s worked great for him up to now but he really hasn’t done anything to help his own game. Aside from the fact that he is a great human being, he is really, really boring. I get that people want to root for the underdogs, and I do too, but he hasn’t really played the game. You have to at least give credit where credit is due to Derrick. Now Frankie – I think he actually is a nasty person inside the house and probably outside. I just hope he goes soon. So tired of his overacting and definitely tired of Arianna.


I think part of Donny’s problem is that he really know how the game is played. He stated before that although he been a fan of the broadcast show he has never watched BBAD or the online feeds. Also stated that he didn’t have a computer, so I doubt he ever even saw any of the CBS’s videos, interviews, youtubes or such unless he watched somewhere else.


Yeah i really don’t understand Derrick is playing a wonderful game and as a big borther fan, i’m enjoying every second of it.
It’s so cool to watch someone own all the houseguests (even Donny he has done nothing gameplay wise). It’s amazing 🙂
I don’t understand how anyone can want someone who’s done nothing during all season to win this game. If it was Donny only, this house would be so boring ugh.

Derrick is not that great

Watching Derrick beat up mentally on a bunch of 20 year olds is like watching an average professional football team beat up on a bunch of junior high players. SURE, the professionals will rock out in comparison and win. But, what is the fun in watching that? Give me some push back. And then if Derrick can outwit a well played resistance, I’d be impressed. Put him against Rachel, Dan, Evel Dick and he’d fold and cry mercy like a baby.


Frankie and Derrick — so condescending that it grates on me! Can’t stand either of them. Those two talking about being “daddies” to a bunch of 21 and 22 year olds — what ridiculousness, especially from Frankie, who acts more immature than anyone in that house! I know he says he’s “playing a character…” That’s garbage! In the BB house, elements of one’s true character shine through, and what I see from these two “mature” men in the house is truly ugly. I know they are playing a game; I love this game. I get it. One must strategically mislead, yet still maintain a facade of trustworthiness. But such heinously insidious behavior speaks to the true nature of the person.

Honestly, I am a Donny fan, and I hope he can find it within himself to fight and save himself so that maybe when Haydem returns, the two can possibly put up a fight and throw a wrench into Frankie’s and Derrick’s plans of domination. Not that Donny has played the perfect game; he hasn’t, but he has played the hand he was dealt while keeping his integrity in tact. I can’t say the same for many others in the house this season.

I’m so sick of the hypocritical crap spewing from the mouths of Derrick and Frankie. Neither is the “be all, end all” in this game, yet each seems to believe he is the sun, the center of the the solar system, around which all other players must revolve and depend upon for sustenance. Unfortunately, the minions can’t see this black hole for what it is. Light chases away darkness. Sadly, most of these players prefer to dwell in the darkness of disbelief that Derrick or Frankie could actually screw them over.

Come on, people! Compare notes! Illuminate the “deals” or “promises” or “final-2s” or (dare I use this word?) “alliances” both Derrick and Frankie have! Then, join Donny and turn on them! Go ahead! Make my day!!!

Whew! I feel better! Done ranting…


Amen! said with truth class and style………….


Rant very well said, thank you.

Inyoface Christine

I hope Christine goes home this week and when she gets to jury house there is no Nicole because Nicole faught her way back in the house! And I hope when she is campaigning to stay that Cody shuns her and she realizes that he doesn’t give a damn about her.


Frankie is the “me too” king, but derrick comes in a close second with his “I agree with that, but….) I think what bothers me most about Derrick is that I relate to him, but I don’t really like him. I understand the value of showing people other views when they are stuck on their own, like ” I completely understand where you are coming from (validation), but have you ever considered this (suggestion)?” It’s a way to bring people around to another opinion without actually taking credit for that opinion. As a social tool I see it as a way to bring people around to an idea that they have not considered. Derrick does this flawlessly, but the fact that he is such a snake and knowingly uses peoples emotions to manipulate them bothers me. Yes it’s a game, but that excuse only goes so far, you can’t undo what you’ve done when the game is over, and the way that you treat people in the game is generally how you treat people on the outside. And he does have a male superiority complex, like many men that are in authority positions. I am certain this is not a game tactic but a character flaw that comes in handy on BB.


100% agree!


Again another post, greatly said.


I hate Derrick. It pisses me off how he’s trying to justify turning on Donny. He’s attempting to manipulate the viewers too, by saying “we did say we will try and save Donny if we could but I keep coming back to him saying he is here for Donny Thompson.” We all know it’s been his plan for a long time to get rid of Donny and Derrick never had loyalty to TA. He’s trying to use reverse psychology on viewers by putting the blame on Donny. How insulting that he thinks we wouldn’t see that he’s diverting the attention off him and placing it on Donny. I hate hypocritical ppl like Derrick, because all he cares is about himself too, yet he has the nerve to call out Donny. I think Derrick is so transparent and I don’t understand how not one person besides Donny can’t recognize how slimy he is. I hope they grab a brain and “take the food out of his daughter’s mouth”, and evict this slime ball. However, no one seems to be targeting him, so there’s a good chance he will be sitting in final 2. What an unintelligent cast.

I Don't Like Derrick

The dumbass actually thinks he has a chance to win America’s Favorite, and him talking to the camera AKA America is probably his strategy to win AF, so more people will vote for him; like he has some kind of personal rapport with America. PLEASE!! He probably would have never been voted on TA, if the viewers had voted just a few weeks later.


The thing that worries me is what if someone like Derrick, Cody, or Frankie wins “America’s Favorite.” I don’t think very many ppl that watch or read about the live feeds would, but there are probably thousands of ppl that only watch the tv show which is greatly edited. Those ppl won’t get a clear picture of just how vile idiots like Frankie and Derrick really are. I saw a poll last week on a different website and Frankie and Cody were the top two favourites. The ppl voting on that poll obviously are not watching live feeds. So I hope we are not in for a shock when “America’s Favorite” is revealed. If they win any money, it’s just promoting their arrogant behaviours and will make them even more smug. Big brother has to stop casting ppl who are so self-absorbed and only there to get famous.


Yes, yes, yes! You are so right, he is so transparent!

When I saw a little bit of Wed show where the guys were fighting in the living room area and Derrick discreetly comes by and says your grown me hash this out quietly and not where they can hear (not verbatim). It just showed this shrewd side of his and just make me recoil. There is something intangible about him that makes me disgusted by him that goes beyond his game play, throwing Donny under the bus, think we, the viewers are idiots, etc.


Yes, I agree! It’s beyond game. He is just a nasty spirited person. He is trying to get America to hate Donny, which is totally unnecessary. As a big brother fan, Derrick is aware how ruthless fans can be with unlikable cast members after the show. It’s angering how he’s attempting to put Donny in a position of having to endure backlash after the show. Even though he won’t, because little does Derrick know he’s just coming across as a scum bag. It also bothers me how he plays with Victoria’s feelings when he knows she’s a very fragile person. I hate the way he talks to her, it’s always demeaning and condescending. This guy needs to be punched in the face by every house guest after the show.


Lets break it down.
Christine/ Donny
My guess is the BoB is going to be another puzzle and Christine won’t throw the BoB… she is too scared about being on the block. She has done the sleaze with those guys against other people…. NO Trust and NO Loyalty. So you you will have Cody v. Caleb on the block with Frankie as an HoH. Frankie would, because he is sleazy take Caleb off and put up Derrick. He knows Cody and Derrick are in a final two. He knows that they came after him and he should know Donny has NO ONE and that would free up Victoria if Derrick was to leave.

Or they could all just be boring go with the plane and evict either Donnie or Victoria….. but people this could be a BB resume moment that would help you win the $500,000.00… It is Big Move Time. Donny and Victoria are not big moves if everybody is in on it.


I hope survival instincts kick in for Christine so she doesn’t throw BOB (don’t like her, just don’t want Donny screwed over). No one should be throwing anything at this point and if they are too dumb to realize it, they should be evicted!


Wouldn’t be surprised if Frankie hasn’t secretly already told Christine to go all out and try to win with that back door of Derrick in mind.


production please find a way to help Donny win bob please
lots a fans want Donny to say pass this week in what derrick
an Frankie doing is wrong they going to throw it so Donny goes home
please production help Donny win bob please help him
for us America fans please help Donny win bob
cause if Donny goes home we are done with big brother forever
do you want somebody to go home that people like in want to watch cause of him
or do you want him to go home in people stop watching he always on top America favorite so why whould you send him home if I was you I do everything I can to save Donny he got so many fans in we watching so please for us help Donny win bob please production huge fans of big bother want Donny to win bob tonight


BB is really wasting air time with this group. I have never seen a group of people playing for $500,000 play in group form when the prize goes only to one person. Now don’t get me wrong I know you have to team up to try to accomplish your goal. Emphasis on YOUR GOAL. Not our goal or the team goal. Why would Frankie at this point of the game not want to win HoH ? Huh so he wants to take a risk of being BD and voted out. OK.

Tylor Perry please make a suggestion for BB like you did for Survivor. Please for the viewers sake.


Is is how much BB takes over my life:

My family was telling me about the boy how was living in Walmart for 4 days and said he ran away while his aunt was watching TV. My husband said, she was probably watching Big Brother. We could blow up the house and you wouldn’t notice because of Big Brother.

That pretty much sums up the BB season for me!

Kathy B

Saw the story about the kid in WalMart – they followed a trial of trash and found him. Sounds like the BB house. That place is a pigsty! What is all that crap laying all over the floors? Sounds like a 30 minute outdoor lockdown should be called, and when they come back in, they find a vast array of cleaning tools – mops, buckets, cleanser, brooms, etc and be told very clearly to clean that shit up NOW. Who LIVES like THAT??

Goat Milk

Frankie…Arianna Grande doesn’t even like you. She has to tolerate you because your related. Don’t pretend you are close to her. Using her fame


How do you know any of this? You don’t. You are spewing nonsense.

goat milk's brother

jack has aids


bb production derrick is piss us fans off talking about Donny don’t have a chance you all
need to do something to help Donny on bob cause if you don’t we never watch big brother again
we are not happy Donny is the reason we watch so please help him win bob please help him
for your fans we know where you at production if Donny goes home you not with your fans you with derrick
in his team but if Donny say you listen to your fans in we say thank you but if you don’t save Donny why is we watching for cause yall don’t listen to the fans in we will cancle live feed in never watch agian


Altogether now, who’s going on the block?

Donny/Victoria by Frankie
Zack/ Christine by Derrick


If someone comes down, Caleb goes on the block.