Frankie “I knew everyone would forget what I’ve done. Look at the sparkles, not the knife!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 11th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  Frankie/Ca;eb Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Nicole’s Noms (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-09 02-14-59-434

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1:50am Caleb and Zach are in the earth room talking. Zach says I am going to try for that veto but if I don’t win it I’m not going around apologizing to Christine or Frankie. It would be a good game move but its not me. Caleb says you’re a grown man. Zach says and I won a trip to Germany. Caleb says Donny’s won 4 or 5 veto’s and he’s looked at as a bigger threat. He’s looked at a huge competitor. He’s not a number for anyone. Zach says if I survive this week. Caleb says if Donny wins veto again .. Dang! Zach says today f**king sucked. I feel like such a jamoke! I trusted Frankie with so much information. Caleb says its the game you never know what you’re going to do. Zach says its just a game. Zach says isn’t it crazy he knows Justin Beiber. Caleb says his sister can’t even walk you up to Justin Beibers door. Zach asks what is a social media personality. Caleb says its a person that shows their different personalities on social media. He’s an entertainer. Caleb says if you want to hate him, then hate him. Zach says I f**king love him. He is one of the coolest people I have ever met in my life. Even before he told me all that stuff but last week he was plotting to get me out. Frankie joins them. Frankie asks are we going to a game. Caleb says I think it would be a pre-season game. We would probably be up in a box. Caleb tells Frankie there wasn’t anything I didn’t like you about you as a person. I just wanted you out because you targeted me. I was hurt by it. Caleb and Frankie start talking about his sister. Caleb then starts relaying his conversation with Zach to Frankie about how he is the coolest person he’s ever met but that he is mad at you for what you did. Frankie says I’ll give him a day.
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In the hive room – Derrick says unfortunately you made a mistake and put up Caleb instead of Zach because I can tell you one thing if you had put up Zach, he wouldn’t have won. Because Zach was telling him before the comp to do what? What did Zach say to Caleb? Caleb you going to play? You didn’t hear him saying that? Now he was smart enough to realize. Nicole says I said that to him too. Caleb says if Zach was up there he would have sat up there.. Derrick says Caleb heard about NFL trip and second guessed himself. Do I think he potentially let Frankie will.. absolutely not. I think he thought Frankie was going to loose but I can tell he’s not upset about the fact. Nicole says oh no he’s not. I didn’t expect him to throw it with the NFL Trip. Derrick says not the trip but getting out of the house for the day. Nicole says I want to know who told Christine that you were her target. Derrick says I don’t even want to say because its pointless. Derrick says there is no doubt in my mind that someone will go to Christine and tell her that you or I tried to backdo*r her. I am not going to soak over that fact that Frankie has a huge advantage over us. Nicole asks Derrick if he can find out where Cody stands. Derrick says I think you two are back and forth. Nicole says this sucks that I am in this situation .. if she finds out that I had this plan to not have her stay HOH then she could put me up. She has said that she would put up Victoria. Derrick says the only thing is that Victoria trust you and has your back so long term its bad for our game for her to go. Nicole says we wouldn’t have to vote her out. Derrick says she looks at you in a very positive light. When you’re saying you don’t have votes, I would count her as a vote for you. Nicole asks do you think Cody is going to tell her that I was going to backdo*r her? Derrick says I don’t think so. Derrick says keep an eye on Victoria because she is down that she can’t win America’s Faveorite.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-09 02-57-12-675

2am Derrick heads up to the HOH room – Derrick asks Christine where her head is at with what happened. Christine says I am going to let people vote how they want to vote and if the veto is used Victoria is going up. Derrick says cool, cool. Derrick says by the way I am Justin Beiber cousin. What is your perspective on it? Christine says I don’t really care and don’t really know who she is other than Tim was listening to her. Derrick says from a fan perspective it would be a great move. He alone has 1.5 million followers. I even feel slighted because we all come here thinking we come on an equal playing field. Its like what you said Cody its not who derserves it, its who earns it. Christine says either way there was going to be a famous gay guy in here. Because the other guy they almost chose was in mine. He owns / started Uberfax. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When they return – Derrick says I think after he sees what Caleb attempted to do. He felt bad about the Amber thing and I think they both wanted to go on the trip. Derrick says I would love it if I didn’t go on the block and personally I would like the noms to stay the same. Christine says I don’t think anyone would use it except for who’s on the block. I am hoping it stays the same. Derrick asks if she would like it for Donny to go? Christine says I honestly don’t know. Derrick asks do you think that Zach trust you? Christine says no, Zach is going to try and send me home. He already put me up. I didn’t put her up and now I have a perfect backdo*r option (Victoria). Derrick says this has been a great season because people are being exposed for lying out their a$$es. When Frankie came out I thought we were going to be punked. Cody says I started laughing. Derrick says great job he had me fooled. Do I think he is a millionaire? No I don’t. I think he is doing alright. It doesn’t change the fact that he’s been lying to everyone. Victoria joins them. Derrick tells Christine and Cody to get a room. Cody says your jealously oozes out of your pores. Cody heads down stairs.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-09 03-06-37-814

2:15am Cody sits with Nicole at the bar and says I know I never questioned you. Cody asks are you and Christine on good terms? Cody comments on how Nicole’s HOH pictures are still up there and how when Frankie was HOH he’s were up there all week. Frankie joins them. Frankie talks about how outside the house he never had time to create and now inside this house he has 4 or 5 new characters.

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2:30am Zach is trying to get into the diary room to talk because he wasn’t ready to earlier when they wanted him to. He says he doesn’t want to be woken up at 6am. Caleb talks to Zach heading into the diary room. Caleb tells him that Christine has said that she is thinking of putting up Victoria if the veto is used. Caleb says I don’t trust Frankie, I trust him as far as I can throw him.. and that’s about as far as this couch.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-09 03-29-54-358

2:35am – 2:55am Up in the HOH room –Christine says this morning it sounded like spur of the moment. Frankie says I went to Caleb this morning and asked him 3 times if he was going to throw it. And I explained to him that if he throws it, it is very likely that he will go home because I am not going home. I knew what I was going to do next and I knew most likely everyone would forget about what I’ve done. Christine says look at the sparkles. Frankie says exactly look at the sparkles, don’t look at the knife! I didn’t know if it was going to work but I had something planned. Frankie says I am going back to my philosophy that the target will present itself. Frankie says I think they all want Zach to stay but if he keeps acting like this they’ll want him to go. Frankie says Zach is acting so wounded. Its my fault I did this too him. Some people just aren’t made for this game. Frankie says your husband thinks Ariana is hot and I think he is hot. Christine laughs. Frankie comments on he wondered if Frankie was actually gay. Christine says Caleb said Frankie’s sister was up and coming. Christine says no not up and coming … she’s here! Frankie says Cody said my sister was just below Beyoncé and I was like no above her. Frankie says what a great day. Frankie says we’re going to be targets every week. Christine says I think I am going up next week.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-09 03-35-12-325
2:40am In the bathroom – Nicole asks Cody do you think I should be worried. Cody says to be honest I don’t know. I don’t think she is going to put you up or me up. Nicole says I thought we were fine and then she just looked pissed. I do want to trust her again. Please don’t throw me under the bus. I can’t go up, I can’t afford that. Cody says I think she’s going to put up Victoria. Nicole says I just don’t want anything to be made up. It seemed like she was upset at me again. Cody says I think Christine is just irritated that Frankie is going to be sleeping up there all week. Nicole says she said that she won’t backdo*r me. Cody says I don’t think she would. Cody says I feel like you two go back and forth. I just have no idea what she repeats to Frankie. Nicole says oh my god and Frankie doesn’t like me. Cody says I don’t know how tight she is with Frankie or if its just a front. Nicole says I wanted to talk to her tonight .. if she puts me up I will be pissed!! I will BLOW UP HER GAME!! Cody says WHoa! Nicole says she initiated the whole thing .. all I am asking you as a friend.. do you think she is putting me up? Cody says she said to me in front of Derrick that she is putting up Victoria. Nicole says if I am up against Donny will you vote for me to stay? Cody says I will vote for you to stay. Nicole says so you are most loyal to Derrick in this game. Cody says we’re close. Nicole asks you’re not working with Frankie are you. Cody says I can’t trust Frankie. Nicole says I never felt comfortable around Frankie to say anything to him. Cody says

3:15am In the kitchen – Derrick, Nicole, Zach Victoria and Caleb talk about Frankie being a social media personality with over 1.5 million followers. Zach says the fact that Frankie’s sister is a international superstar he was rich before that and his backup plan was donating money to charity. Zach asks who would you vote for in the end someone competing for charity or someone whos here for the money. Caleb says I would vote for the person that won the most competitions. Derrick says it could help him or it could hurt him. Zach says I believe he is a social media personality and I believe he is playing for a charity. And to be honest I would probably vote for him to win. He is doing a good deed and I am doing one by voting for him. Derrick says Frankie was on the way out the door and now he’s staying. Zach says until I blew it, now he’s staying. Zach says if you’re voting out someone who is fighting to donate to kids in Africa .. how bad does that make me look. I am here to buy a car and move out of my parents house. How bad does that make me look. Derrick says you’re going to look like a hero for voting him out if he is lying about it. Cody says I am just getting frustrated that everyone is still talking about it. I don’t give a f**k why anyone is here. Zach says fine I will go into another room. Derrick says I am not basing my vote on anything but what happens in the game.

3:40am Caleb tells Zach I don’t think you’re Christine’s target. Zach says I’ve been cursing around tonight. Zach says I am just going to shut my mouth this week. Caleb says the only thing you can do is make it worse. You can go up to her tomorrow and apologize about the way you’ve acted. I hope I get picked tomorrow. Zach says I hope you do too. Caleb says I would be pissed off if I was sitting next to him. Zach says dude you have my vote.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-09 03-59-58-501
In the hive room – Victoria starts crying to Derrick. Victoria says I need this money! Derrick asks why? Why do you need it? Because of your Dad? Victoria says its bad .. my mom working till 3 in the morning. Its never been this bad. My sister .. we really need the money. Derrick says we can’t worry about getting to the end at this point. If you’re in the end and I’m in the jury then I am voting for you. You have to enjoy it ..and you have to relax right not. We’re only half way .. how hard was it to get the first 7 people out? Victoria says hard! Victoria says I don’t think I can do this if you aren’t here. Derrick says this wasn’t a guaranteed opportunity for either of us. There is nothing you can do other than what you’re doing right now. Derrick says if you get picked in the veto then you need to go out and win it. Cody joins them. They talk about Zach being pissed about the Frankie situation.
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4am In the bathroom – Nicole and Cody are talking. Nicole asks so what do we want to do.. like have each others backs? Cody says yeah like if you win HOH they I will support your decision and not put you up if I win. Derrick joins them. Cody comments that none of our names came up from Christine. The only thing I am worried about is Frankie getting into Christine’s ear. They talk about Frankie being famous and having a famous sister. Nicole says that he is guaranteed getting America’s Favorite. Derrick says he lied to us the first 48 days. Cody says everyone knew he was backstabbing everyone.. and I thought he was going to explain his actions but what he did was talk about his sister and clouded everything else that he did. He didn’t explain one thing that he’s done. IF I win HOH he is going up. Derrick says I think he is lying about what he is going to do with the money. Maybe even if he doesn’t win his sister will match the money to build schools in Africa. Derrick comments about how Caleb is voting for who wins the most competitions. Nicole says news flash people who win comps don’t make it to the end. People who are strategic and make alliances make it to the final 2. Cody leaves. Derrick and Nicole continue talking. Nicole says at this point in the game I don’t want to keep being in this position. I am Frankie’s biggest target. He needs to go! Nicole says if I stay this week .. this is awesome. Next week I can play in the HOH and I think it will be endurance. Derrick says and you would have a good chance at winning it. Derrick says Christine putting up Victoria is a good move because Victoria isn’t going to win HOH to come back after her. Derrick says and think of this she said she wouldn’t backdo*r you and so if she does would you ever vote for her? Nicole says no. And Hayden and I would convince jury members not to vote for her either. Derrick says the game has changed now because you have to think about jury members.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-08-09 04-28-09-855

4:30am – 5:15am In the kitchen – Derrick and Cody are talking. Derrick and Cody reassure each other that they’re loyal to each other. Derrick says thats how you make it to the end being loyal. Cody asks did Nicole just come to you asking to make a deal with you. Derrick says yeah. And she was asking about you. Cody says she doesn’t trust me. Derrick says she keeps feeling me out for information. Cody says she knows she’s f**ked. Derrick says if she goes on the block, if she wins HOH, whatever at least we know she wouldn’t put us up. Cody says the only reason she came to me is because Hayden told her to trust me. She came to you because she trusts you. Cody says if they win the veto, Victoria is going up. Derrick says I don’t think Frankie trusts us any more. I told him that telling the truth actually makes him a bigger target, he already has money. Cody says I would never use that, because I don’t want to give him the satisfaction. Cody says moving forward we need to win comps to keep safe. Derrick says we need to start with winning the veto tomorrow and keeping safe. They talk about Donny being a POV competition beast. Cody says f**k that I’m winning it tomorrow. They head to the bathroom. Cody says man Amber was hot! Derrick says we need to be careful that Nicole and Christine don’t make up and start working together again. Derrick says that Frankie hooked Caleb.. he told him he could take him to meet Justin Beiber.. and he can get him in the studio. Caleb is going to make decisions based on outside the game rather that what happens inside. Derrick says that the more Christine talks the more its going to bite her in the a$$. Cody says I think Christine is a f**king liar. Derrick asks has Donny talked any game with you yet? Cody says no. Derrick says that concerns me because I thought once Hayden went he would come to me or you. Nicole isn’t alone like she says, she has Donny. Cody says if I win HOH I would put up Frankie and Donny with Christine as my backdo*r. Cody says these HOH .. I don’t give a f**k if I win them or not because all they do is get me to show my cards, get blood on my hands and have the potential to go up if I lose Battle of the Block. Cody and Derrick head to bed.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-09 04-41-36-485


“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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180 thoughts on “Frankie “I knew everyone would forget what I’ve done. Look at the sparkles, not the knife!”

  1. Judging from the backlash on twitter from Frankie’s Big Reveal
    Big Brother has officially jumped shark this season and there is
    no turning back! So Disgraceful and pitiful The Frankie Grande Show
    has turned out to be.

    1. He needs to get real about a lot of things. His 1.5 million twitter followers? Less than half that 691,000 per his twitter page this morning. I knew he was exaggerating… I just had to find out how inflated his ego is.

        1. Combined doesn’t mean they’re unique. A ton of duplicates because “fans” use multiple media streams.
          Also, social media personalities sometimes pump their numbers by having fake people/fake accounts following them.

          Here’s some numbers:
          Justin Bieber:
          Total Followers: 37.2 million
          Total Fakes: 16.7 million
          Total Inactives: 2.6 million

          Katie Perry
          Total Followers: 34,979,652
          Total Fakes: 17,140,029
          Total Fakes + Inactives: 27,284,129


            1. based on your response I have to think you are related to Frankie grande.

              OMG, you are related to the brother of Ariana grande!

              we have ourselves a legend of the board. move over Dawg.

            2. 691,000 twitter…220,000 you tube..16,000 facebook…..NOT 1.5 million
              These numbers are posted all over the internet today….

      1. Riding his sister’ coattails. All she has to do is say follow my brother and Frankie has a million followers. Wonder how many followers he would have if it wasn’t for her, maybe 10 or 15

        1. Why would anyone want to follow Frankie on three different social media pages, he isn’t even that interesting. Really he is just a brown noser.

    2. I wasn’t surprised to see that Frankie/Caleb won. I was thinking the battle of the block would be some type of an individual game like the chess battle and the battle that POW threw.

      Zach has no game; he keeps sabotaging himself. He has impulse control, can’t keep his mouth shut. I hope he somehow manages to stay but he is too frustrating for me to root for anymore.

      Please get rid of Victoria and Cody next. The rest of the houseguests, IMO, are playing.

    3. Yeah, Cody was being generous by saying that Arianna is just below Beyoncé. She’s nowhere in Beyoncé’s league in terms of celebrity status.

    4. Forget delusional Victoria, Caleb and Zack! This Frankfritter is absolutely on another planet. I didn’t know who that girl was until this year because of some controversy involving her co-star Jennette McCurdy (sent nude photos to some pro-baller after knowing him a week) on their Disney show Sam & Cat. Wake up Frankfritter, I smell 1.5 mil farts a day.

  2. What a f***ing mess! All this crap and Donny’s now gotta fight for his life. Donny’s the only person in the house with a BRAIN and a HEART and everyone else is a jerk or a dumba$$. TEAM BEARD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Remember that time Frankie spent every ounce of energy he had on making sure Zach was nominated when Zach didn’t even do anything to cause it?

    And remember how once he was nominated, Frankie had the nerve to be mad that Zach blew up at the POV meeting after being nominated by his own alliance and apparently making Frankie “look bad” by saying he didn’t know if he had his vote?

    And remember how Frankie made Zach feel like a piece of shit and forced him to practically beg for his forgiveness for apparently making him look bad at said POV meeting even though Frankie got Zach nominated in the first place?

    And remember how once Zach was nominated Frankie campaigned against him all week?

    And remember how once everyone decided they wanted Zach to stay, Frankie acted like a petulant child because Zach wasn’t leaving?

    And remember how Frankie used every TA mission as an excuse to completely ruin Zach’s game?

    And remember how Frankie campaigned for Zach to be nominated every week?

    And remember how Frankie considered backdooring Zach the week he was HOH?

    And remember how Frankie talks down to Zach and calls him an idiot and a lunatic every chance he gets?

    And remember how Frankie said that America would hate anyone who voted “the poor grieving child” out before the literal demon that is Zach?

    And remember how Frankie said that Victoria needed to wear more make up and learn to contour her nose because of how “horrible” she looks?

    And remember how Frankie said that Jocasta should go kill herself if she doesn’t like the nominations?

    And remember how Frankie was also completely on board to get Zach out last week?

    And remember how he was the hardest one to convince to keep Zach around?

    But yeah, Frankie TOTALLY doesn’t deserve the treatment that he’s getting right now. NOT AT ALL.

    1. Yes, Frankie was doing his best to evict Zach during Devin’s HOH.

      Derrick and Cody started to distrust Zach because he was so close to Frankie and they thought Frankie was a schemer (not that there’s anything wrong with that since they are playing BB).

      I’ve always thought that Zach played horribly because he was so focused on getting Frankie “in” with Derrick and Cody.

      It’s funny how people say Frankie is playing a great social game because everyone comments on Frankie being all over the house since 2nd week!

      1. Don’t forget Zach and Production; that’s the strongest alliance yet. You think he’d still be here if it wasn’t for production getting in Derrick’s ear? Please

        And no, I don’t buy for a second that Caleb (the most delusional idiot in the house) convinced actually them to keep Zach

    1. Because he is a bona fide dumb ass…the epitome of a dumb jock. He’s the only one who doesn’t know it.

    2. Because he has a child like mind…. and he also thinks he has a chance to date Frankies sister… even though he doesnt know who she is exactly.

  4. Really Frankie….. Your sister is “above Beyonce”???? Maybe on the current charts but lets be real your sister has not risen above Beyonce!!!
    Come on houseguests don’t be blinded by the sparkles.. This is big brother… not pop diva relative camp. Geeeesh!!!!

    1. I have no idea who his sister is, but I know who Beyounce is. From my daughter says she is a Disney Kid and we all know they frizzle at around 20 years old.

      1. Actually, she was never on Disney and she is 21. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you’ve heard of her (unless you don’t own a TV or radio or use Itunes etc.). She’s everywhere. She’s amazing! Before trashing her, try listening to her music!

        1. I don’t live under a rock, and both watch TV (just not TMZ or awards shows) and listen to the radio (just not top 40), and have no idea who she is. I know who Justin Bieber and Beyonce are for sure tho. FWIW I’m a 33yo man.

        2. Do not live under a rock, but a kid who is on Nic is not much of anything. She will be done in the next year or two, and no one will remember her name just like other so called Pop Stars. Basically, she and her whole family are now a running joke because of her brother’s sick antics on BB, and to insult the real women of soul, like Aretha and others, by lumping Grande in with them is an insult to all the greats and she is not included in that great. The White House if she was invited is only because their daughter’s probably know who she is because of the Tween thing. To even put her name in same sentence as Beyonce’s or any other real star is an insult. Frankie is a really sick perverted overly pompous who gives Gay men everywhere a bad name. He should keep his hands to himself, and maybe Zach can sue the pervert for sexual harassment because he won’t keep his hands out of Zach’s pants. Poor Zach!!! Go ahead production save the pervert Frankie’s behind and see if anyone comes back and watches BB next year.

    1. I do not know if he is telling the truth. I hate when they start saying I deserve the money the most. It is all about how you play the game, not deserving because then it would be welfare.

    2. Yes – he is absolutely using the money to build schools in Africa. He built one last year and have committed to build more. He is amazing, inspirational and so generous. He is committed to making the world a better place. Don’t be fooled by the BB character he is playing in the house.

      1. The only thing we have to judge people on is the character they play in the house. If we follow your direction then Devin never should have left because, even though he was a raging a-hole who backstabbed his alliance members, outside of the house he’s a big teddy bear who helps little old ladies across the street. If Frankie is so altruistic he should have considered how playing his celebrity adjacent card would reflect on his sister as well as himself. He has been planning on pulling this move from when he first walked through the bb door. He took himself off the block and had a whole week to repair relationships, there was no need to have this talk. If it looks like a putz, walks like a putz, and talks like a putz…it’s Frankie.

    3. It’s unfair to the contestants whom have put their lives on hold to try to better their lives along with their family lives to win this money. Frankie should have been put on BB of the stars or something and at the beginning of the credits next to his name put the organization he is affiliated with as they do others. Again, one of Frankie lies and manipulations, Caleb or others don’t fall for it, don’t do it. He’s a manipulator….. Let see how many people applaud him on finale night!!!! He still needs to gooooooo bye byeeeeeeeeee

  5. I freaking hate that when someone is caught in a lie they are treated like a monster in the house. Frankie has just revealed he has been lying to the whole house about who he is, and no one seems to have a problem with that like WTF?!? And why are they still targeting Nicole like I would be planning on how to take out Frankie next week, even though production will probably save him because people that don’t watch the feeds and read this site love him.

    And who is derrick really loyal to besides cody? Like I still can’t believe he of all people hasn’t been exposed yet like come on!

    1. If Nicole makes it to the final 2 with anyone besides Donny, she wins hands down. With Donny it would be a toss up.

      To survive the blindside of Hayden and being enemy #1 to making it to top 2? And, she’s a female so it will be on everyone minds that they would get a lot of kudos for crowning a female winner.

  6. Everyone is worried that people are gonna hate them because of putting Frankie on the block. Little do they know that no body likes Frankie outside even those who are Ariana fans can’t stand Frankie. He such a rat and weasel. God I hate this kid. I love Ariana but I hate Frankie and I want him to get evicted ASAP!!!!!!

    1. Im betting Frankie has heard that his whole life…. “I love Arianna… but I hate Frankie”. explains a lot!

    2. Please don’t speak for the rest of America. There are a lot of us who still love Frankie and are hoping he stays in the house!!

  7. What your sister is a tween star?!?! Oh ma gawd!!! Take the money and evict the rest of us please!

    Embarassing just plain embarassing

  8. BB has been a “guilty pleasure” since the days of ‘Chicken George’ but after last night it’s become so obvious that I’ve just been a patsy. A “social experiment” that is orchestrated by production. With few exceptions the producers cast very shallow vapid people; evidenced by Caleb and Victoria being overly impressed by celebrity. How sad there lives must be if this is what’s important to them. I’m not a big fan of Derrick, but at least he has a brain; unfortunately it is manipulated by production. He’s called into the DR and when he comes out his views have suddenly changed. The final straw for me was Frankie telling all his truths last night including bring his grandfathers death into the picture, this character has no shame! The fact that he has a clear advantage over the other HGs because of his sister and his mogul status is disgusting! What’s even more disgusting is the fact I’ve allowed myself to be drawn into the fake drama. No more; I happily vote to evict myself from this circus!

    1. I’ve been a BB viewer from the first show too.
      I realized that production was manipulating the show back in the days of Evil Dick. Every time he was threatened with expulsion he’d win a competition geared for his “abilities” and I’d think, “what the hell”? The same thing for Danielle. I kept pointing it out on the comments and got shouted down.
      Now it’s obvious to everyone (except for newcomers).
      I think Production wanted Victoria to do better than she has, but a dweeb is a dweeb and even production can’t change that.
      They struck Gold with Donny, but haven’t given him air time on the show. Why?
      They thought Zack, Frankie, Devin and Amber would be their big draw. They guessed wrong.
      Viewers had a need to see good triumph over evil. That’s why they root so hard for the Donnys’ and Nicoles’ of the world.
      We’re sick of Frankie. Let him take his 3rd rate celebrity status and stick it in his favorite place.

      1. Oh, as for the Jury House twist? I’m waiting for Hayden to come galloping back into the BB house on a white horse, just in time to save Nicole from elimination.
        More production production.

    1. I HATE production is allowing Frankie to manipulate everyone with this “I’m famous and my sister is famous” crap. He should not be allowed to reveal that, because now Nicole doesn’t want to mess with him and Caleb sees Frankie as his way to fame. It was totally calculated! Frankie did not tell ppl all that stuff because he cares about what he did. He did it to manipulate ppl into keeping him. Ppl are already starting to feel bad and guilty because all Frankie claims he wants to do is spend his winnings on school. He’s trying to look like a selfless person, but there is no way he would spend all his winnings on schools. He is purposely trying to get ppl to feel bad that they wanted to vote someone out with such a “big heart”. He also knows there are ppl that get so star struck and used the famous shit because they might see him as a way to get to fame and meet famous ppl. It’s so obvious “reveal” is not genuine and there was ulterior motives underlying it.

      1. Welcome to Big Brother. Anything goes. Lying, manipulating and backstabbing are how you play the game! You can’t win being honest and genuine. It doesn’t work. Look, everyone loves Derrick, but he is the biggest manipulator in the house. Hopefully he’ll be out soon.

  9. “Frankie says I went to Caleb this morning and asked him 3 times if he was going to throw it. And I explained to him that if he throws it, it is very likely that he will go home because I am not going home.”

    Yep, he was told the plan & he is clearly protected. They’ve made so obvious all season that he is has privileged status from the info he’s given to the food he eats to the extremely young, immature cast to Team America that is supposed to help protect him etc.. At this point I’m convinced this entire cast was built around him (they even told mega-Ariana-fan Victoria that she might get to meet her). BB has become a complete farce & a slap in the face to those who have been loyal watchers & just want to watch a game play out.

    The only saving grace from this is that I think it will now be harder for BB to protect him. The rest of the cast (other than idiot Caleb) are likely to become more & more resentful of him as they become more aware of all the help & privileges he’s received and as he continues to toot his Ariana horn (he won’t be able to stop himself cause he’s all about the attention).

  10. “Derrick says this has been a great season because people are being exposed for lying out their a$$es.”


  11. Shall I presume production has the winner picked out already since they seem to have their hands in all aspects of the show.

  12. Caleb”s Moments of brilliance: Yesterday on live feeds…Caleb: they’re probably changing the BOB because they know I’m gonna throw it. (Correct!)
    2)The only way I won’t Really throw it is……if they have prizes.(bribery Caleb?)

  13. Thank you, Cody!!!
    You do have some brain cells .
    You are the ONLY houseguest to see that Frankie only spilled his guts about his sister (whom Ihave never heard of) when pushed into a corner over his shady gameplay, lies and backstabbing.
    He never once addressed any of the questions Zach, Caleb and Cody threw at him. Instead, he said he would come clean then proceeded to tell them about his sister and brushed off his lying and playing both sides as paranoia. Basically, a poor man’s version of Dan’s Funeral….he even called it Frankie’s Funeral.
    Frankie is a sloppy player who underestimated his opponents. They may be dumb as rocks but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    1. Sorry, but I wouldn’t be exalting Cody for anything. First, Zach and Victoria were the only people who were still initially pissed after Frankie dropped the Ariana Grande bomb. It wasn’t until after everyone talked about how terrible it would be to nominate and evict Frankie that he started to get pissed about it. Secondly, Cody literally said that he felt like Frankie was being dragged into all of the lying by Nicole and Christine after Frankie literally told him to his face that HE was lying. So basically, Cody’s still a massive idiot.

    1. I would laugh at that, i was actually thinking when derrick was talking about how everyone in the house was telling the truth about who they were i was thinking wouldnt it be awesome if production said oh and derricks really an undercover cop sooooo funny.

  14. Why can’t people (I’m guessing BB fans) that post here just appreciate game play? Big Brother winners rely on deception and pretty much anything they can think of to get them that check. I’m not a Frankie fan. But this move seems to have worked for him. It’s not his fault some of these people are suckers. I say “USE IT, FRANKIE”! Pull them in then kick them out for being duped.
    I would love to see Donny win this whole thing just because he seems like a genuine nice guy. Other than him, Derrick is playing the game just the way it’s evolved over the years. And he’s doing it masterfully. Does his name ever come up as a potential nominee?
    By the way, people questioning Derrick’s character based on what he does for a living versus his game play need to grow the fuck up. Maybe he’s a good cop (maybe he’s bad). That has nothing to do with how he’s playing this game. I generally find that that most of the people that criticize or dislike someone BECAUSE he or she is a cop, or that “hate” cops are the same people that are in conflict with the law on a regular basis.
    And NO, I am NOT a cop. Nor am I related to Derrick or any other cop.

    1. I want to preface my statement by saying that I like Derrick and see him going far. I do not judge his personal character because he is a cop, but lets be real, as an undercover cop he is trained to use deception to manipulate people and get information. He has used this skill numerous times in the BB house, all the while playing like he is the most upfront and honest. That can come off as kind of slimy.
      As for peoples’ general opinion of cops, as humans we tend to abuse the power we are give and that goes for the law enforcement community as well. Not to say that all cops are dirty, but we’ve all seen it, the same cop writing tickets running cruising 20 over down the highway, or using their position to get a friend or family member out of a pickle. Cops get a bad wrap because just like politicians the same rules don’t seem to apply.

    2. Well, accusing anyone who criticizes cops as an outlaw is just a little, teeny weeny bit presumptive, short-sighted and narrow minded. Many police officers risk their lives to protect us, and people would be highly appreciative of that without the negative hype against them if it wasn’t for other factors. Fact is that enough officers come off as cocky and seem to get off on their status as authority figures without giving a damn about the people they are supposed to be serving. It’s the day to day interactions that put people off. I live in NYC and got reamed by a police officer right after 9/11 bc he thought I had carelessly left my car unattended in a bad traffic spot, when in reality I was dealing with a situation at home and had to run to a pay phone. But he didn’t want to hear it and pushed me, a very resilient woman who NEVER cries in public, to tears in the context of the recent national tragedy when he was supposed to be providing a sense of comfort and security. Or more recently, a cop was being belligerent b/c we had pulled over on the highway b/c someone in our vehicle thought they might be having a panic attack; he told us she’d have more of a panic attack if we ended up getting into an accident, totally misinformed as most police officers lack the training to handle mental illness. I could see the situation easily escalating if the panicked person had been alone, the police hauling off a respectable middle aged individual and pillar of the community b/c they assume everyone is trying to play them and they are not trained to be compassionate public servants. And the police brutality isn’t exactly helping their reputation. You’ve heard of the recent NYPD choke-hold killing? This type of brutality is not uncommon. You want to call me a cop hater, go ahead. I just call it like I see it, a realist who makes assessments based on observations.

      1. NYer, I’m hoping this doesn’t turn into a big debate on these boards. It’s not really the forum. But I just have to say this. Because you have to deal with something at home, you get to inconvenience every other driver on the street? And don’t you think, given the timing, that the cop may not have been in the mood to listen to another excuse from someone trying to avoid an infraction? Stopping on the highway is never a good idea unless it’s a life or death situation. Yes, I know about that guy dying after being put in the choke hold. I’m not convinced the choke hold was the main factor in his death. It didn’t help, but it didn’t cause his death. When you’re being choked and can’t breathe, you can’t say “I can’t breathe”. You can’t say anything when your air is cut off.
        I’ll agree that some cops could be more compassionate or thoughtful. But at the same time, people have to take responsibility for their actions. You fuck up and have to deal with the cops, suck it up.

        1. BBCanada, you’re making assumptions regarding those situations that are grossly erroneous, just like the cops did. You’re assuming the cops’ assessments both of the traffic situations and the highway/accident potential are accurate, whereas somehow my judgement was flawed. If anything, these cops are not always the sharpest knife in the drawer. Lay out the situations point for point and I can assure you that I would prevail when it comes to the logic applied and decisions made. Risk assessment is something we all do on a day to day basis, and there is no reason for you to assume that my judgement erred on that side. It really wasn’t that deep, the cops were just throwing their weight around. As for what type of forum is best for this discussion, it’s probably an important issue to come to light at all times.

  15. I bet that all hgs can’t beat king of veto Donny. He is a competition beast. He will kill it today.

  16. Unfortunately, the only 2 people in the house that people should really align themselves with are Caleb and Donny. Unfortunately, no one wants to work with them directly because those two are the social outcasts.

    Caleb- yes he had a crush on a very attractive woman, but he is getting a bad edit because of his looks. If he was Ian Terry and acted the exact same way Caleb acted acted over Amber, then Amber would have been the one portrayed as stuck up and conceited. Yes, the guy has muscles and it is true he is “simple”. What people fail to see is he has strong Christian beliefs and is truly a loyal person. To me, it seems he has been burned by many women in the past and uses his strong physical appearance to over compensate for his emotional weakness when it comes to women. If you really look beyond the physcal, you will see that Caleb really is a harmless man with the mentality of a 14 year old. CBS exploited his looks and fan relations to his “school boy” crush on Amber to promote their up coming series STALKER. At the end of the day, he has always stayed true to everyone he said he would in the game and instead of trying to embrace him as an ally, everyone uses him as a weapon to further themselves. He may make it to the end (at least final 4) thinking he had friends when in fact he only has himself.

    Donny- extremely perceptive. I will not go into detail about Donny b/c he already has been given a good edit.

    Both Caleb and Donny has shown to be competion threats (both mentally and physically) and have proven they are very honest, loyal and extremely perceptive. Why don’t anyone want to truly work with them? The answer: they don’t fit into the social class “relatable” to any else in the house. They are not perceived as “fun”, “attactive”, or “goofy” (when in fact they both do once people start getting to know them). The only person to figure that out was Hayden.

    Those two would be perfect for anyone to put total trust in and if anyone would, that person could have easily made it to final 2 with out ever questioning loyalty (which is contributing to all the constant paranoia and dilution of truth and trust) in the house.

    1. Are you freaking kidding me? Man I sure wish I had the time right now to make a list of Caleb’s creepy, delusional, misogynistic comments and behavior since day ONE in that house but quite frankly that would take me half of the day. I don’t care what this kid looks like, crazy is crazy! You obviously never watched the live feeds or read this site much if you think Caleb’s behavior was completely innocent and he received a bad edit. So sad people like you exist who choose to make excuses for grown men who treat women that way.

    2. Caleb obsessed over that girl 24/7. Every conversation was about her. The houseguests were sick of it as well as the live feeders. Now tell me how CBS “edited” him to look that way? They didn’t. They just showed what was there. If anything they edited him to look better because they did not show him beaming a pillow at her face while she slept when he was mad at her and making other comments about wanting to hit her in the face with something. Nor did they show him kissing her while she slept which would be viewed as a personal violation by many women. Physical contact should be consensual if you’re not already in a physical relationship with the person.

      I don’t care if some want to pass that off as immaturity, this is the real world and Caleb is a grown man. There are consequences for adults. His delusions have also persisted well beyond Amber and women in general….there’s a blog/site that’s been created totally exposing (with proof) of all the lies Caleb has told about his so-called accomplishments. The guy needs professional help. He’s getting a bad rap because of his own words and actions, not because he has big muscles or the fact that CBS coincidently has a new show about stalkers.

    3. Unfortunatly, I do watch the live feeds, have many friends that also watch the feeds, and both watch the television broadcasts and read the forums. From a person that studies psychology, I can clearly differentiate environmental situational behavior and general behavior.

      Caleb’s actions are a bit “weird” or “creepy” from an outside limited viewer perspective. Just because you see someone 24/7 on the live feeds on big brother, doesn’t mean they act that way in real life. In fact all the players are editing themselves for the cameras.

      Also, it may seem “creepy” to all, but in Caleb’s mind he thinks he is being romantic. Can you list one example where he shows any intent to cause Amber any physical harm? Just because you feel that at that age he should know better doesn’t mean that he needs psychological help. In he real world, he would have had friends and family to joke and clown and tell him he is making a fool of himself and eventually brushed Amber off and probably went on with his life as opposed to having people encouraging him that he possibly had a chance with her and laughing at the lengths he would go to try to prove to a girl he is a “good guy” (by his definition, not mine).

      I’m not a fan of Caleb, but I do respect that he continues to promote loyalty and trust when in fact the entire house is lying to each other and causing paranoia because they themselves are dishonest and disloyal.

  17. Why is Derrick blaming Caleb? Caleb did what everyone agreed to, his plan. Not once did Derrick tell him to change that thought. Derrick is always placing blame in someone else. It is what it is, get over it Derrick and move on to another vantage point.

  18. When are these people going to get a clue? If you get burned by the people you think you are working with don’t keep going back to them!

  19. I am so disgusted with this season. Frankie used his sister to change their minds and he knows it. He admits it. They dont want to vote him out because it would make them look bad but WHO cares?!

    1. Its not just his sister. Its that he’s going to give the money to build schools in Africa so the others feel guilty about taking money away from needy kids. Over the seasons I’ve seen BB do sketchy things in the quest for ratings but they have sunk to a new low this season. I have the feeds but don’t know if I can make it through the rest of the season. We had 2 weeks of game and now we’re back to this hot mess.

    2. Point well made. Now, Officer Derrick what you waiting for, don’t you have something you’d like to share with Cody your ace boon coon and the rest of the house guest. OOOOps you don’t want anyone to know because you’re playing for your daughter, well bucko everyone has their own good reason why they are playing BB – do you think they wouldn’t vote for an officer of the law, because we have some that are sneaky manipulative liars that twist the truth sometimes (I’m not saying all but it seems that Derrick fits the bill of the ones that are dishonest). Tell them the truth will set you Free!!!

  20. I woke up to read the update on BOB and everything since. All I can say is I’m disgusted! I loathe Frankie even more. The fact people are so start struck to be sucked back into Frankie’s vortex is frightening. I would use Frankie’s revelation to the house and turn it into a weapon. The majority of the house is just pathetic. I get why people say they will be done if x,y or a happens. I’m starting to get to that point myself…….. Never thought I would.

    I’m Team Fear The Beard all the way!

  21. There is no denying that the BOB competition was rigged in Frankie’s favor to make sure Caleb did not completely throw the competition. That’s why it took so long to set up. I can imagine those prizes were not involved before Caleb agreed to throw it. My prediction is that if the POV is used, Derrick will tell Christine that Nicole was planning to backdoor Christine, so she’ll have to put her up. Then, Derrick wins again…getting tired of the predictability of his moves.

    1. throwing in that football thing was just too much

      so obvious. so freaking obvious

      I am fine with them going in now and then, but he could get voted out and then they could rig his re entry. but why did they have to do this? I really hate production right now.

      1. And they get to go to a PRE season game. Those things are total snorefests. I guess the chance of getting out of the house for a few hours was worth it.

  22. The Producers are looking for a dynamic group of individuals who are articulate, interesting and exhibit enthusiasm for the project as well as a willingness to share their most private thoughts in an open forum of strangers. This group of individuals, while meeting the technical requirements of the program, must also have sufficient physical, psychological, and mental capacity to endure approximately 100 days in a monitored house under extraordinary conditions…………………………………….( This is from part of the application contract ) I think Victoria and Caleb and sorry to say my boy Donny Failed to meet the requirements don’t you? Donny almost fell over from a comp barely breathing, Caleb is mentally ill (whole amber shit) and no game play or enthusiasm from Victoria, just dead flesh. just saying in my opinion

    1. How many comps has Donny had to play in? From week 1 he’s had to compete in 2-3 each week. No other HG has had to do that. Donny has a physical job but with weeks on slop, people waking him up with their fratbrat bs at night and no one to talk game with I’m amazed he’s still winning.

      1. I agree 100% I was just saying my opinion, Im still all for Donny, he bust his ass a DESERVES to stay in the house at the very least 1 of the last 3 if not the winner alone :-)

        1. It was just that you put Donny in the same category as CrazedCaleb and VapidVic. I think Donny has all the attributes needed to play this game and come out sane. Even Derprick a trained government undercover cop fell prey to the paranoia. Donny refused a TA mission because it would hurt his game and he not a whore like the other TA members. Derprick tried to throw him under the bus on national tv. If they had a house full of Donnys rather than fratbrats we would see more game, less vote with the house and more personal respect for the other players. Sorry to ramble but I just miss the old BB which was so fun to watch. And the house wouldn’t be such a STY!!

      2. Agree with you on everything about Donny…except he’s the only person to never be on slop that’s left in the house.

    2. REALY??? this post has votes for thumbs down?? read the requirements page for applying for BB, it right there, all this dude was saying was the truth, he wasn’t bashing Donny at all, IDIOTS in and out of BBH

  23. Frankie wishes his ariana Grande was above beyonce. If she was everyone in the house would know who the hell she was. Frankly I would have been asked him if he was related to her cause he looks just like her and he was calling her ari and the both need new hairdos asap! I can’t stand Frankie even more.

  24. So we get to watch Frankie’s Flaming Funeral twice on BBAD live, and it was every bit as amazing to watch as Dan’s! HYSTERICAL & HISTORICAL, what more could you ask for?
    Meanwhile Derrick is running around like a short circuited robot on rewind spouting I…AM…WHO…I…SAY…I…AM…I’M…HERE…FOR…MY…DAUGHTER…I…CANNOT…BE…A…SCUMBAG…FRANKIE…IS…A…LIAR incessantly & endlessly in every room he goes into and to every person he talks to.

  25. Mad respect for Nicole trying to make a big move, but Frankie’s move was even bigger. Hopefully the house will wake up and stop looking at the sparkles and put that knife in Frankie’s back.

  26. I wish Nicole would self-evict herself. She is so naive and dumb. Her and Christine is wasting the viewers time with the decisions they make. Her and Hayden is not the Jeff and Jordan of the show. Hayden’s exit interview said he would come back in and go after Cody and Derrick and if he comes back in and don’t go after them, we will be just looking at an episode of him and Nicole as the modern dumb and dumber. #Ijustcant

  27. Ariana is NOT “that good”. Yes, she has talent. Fortunately for her she has always had connections all her career to get her on television and progress her into music. If Ariana would have not had any connections and tried out for American Idol or The Voice, she wouldn’t have even come close to making it to the Finals of either show.

    Both Ariana and Frankie are using Big Brother to advance both their careers. Before Big Brother, only Nickelodeon viewers knew or even cared about who Ariana Grande was. Now she has gained more exposure with Big Brother in efforts to promote her mediocre music career. CBS In turn is using her to gain exposure to her demographic of followers to watch the show (which had been failing over the years for viewers between 18-26). Again, connections.

    PS. Even Vanilla Ice (may between the ages of 18-25 are like Vanilla who?) had the spotlight in the music industry.

  28. Cody and frankie suck. Usingariana grande. Production rigging game for frankie. that makes me mad more than anything that it looks like he’s going to win in P center is going to keep going further and further in the game I just don’t think I can watch this anymore I know that Rachel season there was a lot of production stepping in but this is just ridiculous

  29. Regardless of who is there for what reason is of no consequence to me. Personally I don’t like to hear anyone discuss their need for the money at any point in the game. That is an immediate turn-off for me to root for that person.
    If someone wants to build shelters for the homeless or to just buy a new home for their family or to get out of their parents’ basement – I don’t want to hear it.
    It all depends on what kind of shit you have a preference for (pardon my analogy). If you’re liking the smell of what Frankie’s spewing; great. It doesn’t mean it still doesn’t stink.
    I don’t want to hear Derrick or Victoria or anyone discuss how badly they need it.
    That is probably the most asinine thing to say on television when they are employable people. They are not guaranteed this and they know that going in. Kind of like winning the lotto in a sense – not everyone who wins is poor.
    Anyway – Frankie’s poop smells the worst to me because he’s been dying to boast about someone else’s accomplishments to get him further; not his own and you could have a successful, wealthy architect as a father and the same rules and competitions apply so I don’t understand how a pop singer could make him a better game-player.
    Am I missing something?
    I think I covered it especially after seeing his ‘announcement’ on after dark and gathering his audience and doing dance moves while telling them all about his 6% of separation to someone with wealth.
    I am confounded. His poop might be pink but it still smells like Victoria’s and Zach’s and Derrick’s and….need I go on?

  30. Derrick needs to get a clue & ‘fess up. Frankie has said several times that he’s a cop. Think he was told & it’s only a matter of time before that comes out. I can only hope it will make others at least start to question him, but I hold little hope.

    1. When Derrick is discovered or he decides to talk about his real life. That will be a bonanza for ratings watching him become isolated and shunned!! How Derrick said Frankie was deceitful not disclosing his fantastic lifestyle of the rich and famous while he maintains he is some sort of grounds keeper. Donny surely has picked up on Derricks deception. Frankie with his massive 1.5 Million followers . What does that mean in $. Arianna is estranged from her father now. I’m sure house guests are thinking about Frankie’s $ and how he has taken a slot from someone that may have been more deserving. For Frankie its free promotion of his sister’s career and his own self promotion!!!

  31. Isn’t it strange how little credit these people give US in choosing America’s favorite. They think we’re so shallow we’ll be swayed by celebrity instead of wholesomeness.
    I’ll choose Donny or Nicole over a roomful of a semi-celebrities any day of the week.
    Tomorrow Donny and Nicole will still be decent people and Frankie; he’ll still be a 3rd rate celebrity’s brother.

    1. As a BB fan you might choose the better, more likeable player over the pop stars brother as AF, but the fact of the matter is if it comes down to a social media vote, Frankie starts the race with 1.5 million votes over the rest of the group. It’s no different than using celebrity support to gain influence and votes in an actual election.

      1. Joey was the first TA member and Donny was the second. I don’t know if it was Derprick or Fakie who would have been third but one of them got it by default.

    2. But it really doesnt matter who you pick… because PRODUCTION will choose Americas favorite regardless of who we all vote for….

  32. So has Arianna now officially stepped in to take the role of Frankie Grande? It seems now people are playing against ARIANNA all of a sudden and I’m sure Frankie will assume this ‘new identity’ now that his big ….wait for it…
    WHAT? People seem to now be playing against a pop star and Frankie is overjoyed that he impressed the mindless.
    This is pure and utter degradation to big brother.
    If people hate him, does he not consider the backlash she may receive because her brother is a pink-haired horny little man who used her name to boost his image? They are two separate entities right?
    Straight out of the Kardashian School of Getting Noticed, Frankie.

  33. I knew like a lot of you probably knew also, that when it took ALL DAY for the BOB comp, that it wasn’t going to go the way we were hoping for. Oh I love Frankie now because of his sister NOT ! ! ! I. What a bunch of bull. Sure was waiting for Zach to really go off on him on BBAD but no. Now Caleb is all up his butt because of Justin. What a idiot. I don’t see him meeting him no matter what Frankie says. I believe that we all should get a job in production so the game will be played how we what (fair ? )

    1. This isn’t a game any more. And that’s the saddest part of the whole thing. I started with season 1 and even stayed through the BB15 nightmare. I’ve got the feeds but I’m not sure I can stay with them for next season or even the rest of this season. On live tv we saw Zack/Vic Derrick/Christine violate the rules and clearly tell how they voted on the way out of DR. And no penalties. Then we have BB set up a comp that was easier to win by one person then a team and throw in a prize after Caleb said he wouldn’t participate and would work against Frankie unless there was a prize. And we know that’s why the BotB set took all day. From what I hear BBUK, BBCan and BBAus are like the old BB. Follow the rules or there will be penalties. No production stunts. They sound like the old BB that I loved so much. This just makes me sad.

      1. Uh, no. While BBCanada is amazing and I would highly recommend it, BBAustralia is just weird. I tried to watch a season of it…after getting about five episodes in and nothing happening (no voting, no eviction, nothing), I gave up on it.

        Come on, this season is still better than last year. Last year had the same nonsense of a pseudo-celebrity in Rachel’s sister. Everyone either wanted her out because of her “unfair advantage” or sought to use her unfair advantage via production’s paper thin strategy to keep her with MVP. Plus you had the racism and homophobia which made you feel dirty just watching it all unfold. The way I see it, if last season didn’t get you to quit watching, you’re not going anywhere, and if you are, then frankly you’re about a year too late to be getting indignant.

    2. “So the game will be played how we want (fair)” Oh Really, you’d probably rig it so someone YOU liked would win. Get real folks, people are shallow and biased. Obama is a terrible president, but “Oh God you can’t say that cause you’d be considered a racist” (Certain people = ratings, ratings = $) This is a practice that is used, has been used, and always will be used.

  34. I knew like a lot of you probably knew also, that when it took ALL DAY for the BOB comp, that it wasn’t going to go the way we were hoping for. Oh I love Frankie now because of his sister NOT ! ! ! I. What a bunch of bull. Sure was waiting for Zach to really go off on him on BBAD but no. Now Caleb is all up his butt because of Justin. What a idiot. I don’t see him meeting him no matter what Frankie says. I believe that we all should get a job in production so the game will be played how we what (fair ? )

  35. It’s funny how production blocks the feeds when the contestants say things they don’t want viewers to hear.

  36. I’ve long thought that CBS should post on their site the itinerary for the show the moment the door closes behind the last houseguest. That way there would be no more production “tweaking” to the game and the conspiracy theorists would be forced to find other topics to obsess on. Of course, this will never happen because the twists they come up with seem to be nothing more than spur of the moment decisions designed to help CBS’s agenda, but one can dream…

    1. That isn’t a bad idea, but it would also give houseguest time to strategize in advance, when they probably shouldn’t, like for Double Eviction. But like him or not, do you really think it would be fair for anyone to prevent anyone from competing in a competition? That’s what Caleb would have been doing, if he threw it. That’s definitely not fair to Frankie, who wouldn’t have the opportunity to compete, and save himself. I also don’t think any competitions that allow houseguests to gang up on one particular player is fair. Example the veto competition with Devin. Was it fair that Devin had to continuously compete, before the others competed even once? NO!!!

  37. The only good that can come from this season is that this will be Allison Grodner’s last season.

    Get use to Frankie now. We had Rachel for 3 seasons, meet your new Rachel 2.0.

  38. My hope: Christine who yaps like crazy tells Derrick that Flaky said he knew people would see the sparkles and not the knife. Come on Christine…don’t let me down!

  39. IRONY
    Derrick: “Caleb is voting for who wins the most competitions”.
    Nicole: “news flash. people who win comps don’t make it to the end. People who are strategic and make alliances make it to the final 2”.

    She’s saying this to Derrick and Cody, the only people who are using this strategy and are never put on the block! And she’s still clueless!
    Ha ha

  40. Hoping Nicole plays in the veto. She pulls Donny off and Christine is left with Derrick Cody and Victoria as the only replacement options. Maybe with only those options she could see taking Derrick or Cody out would be advantageous….

  41. Doesn’t matter if Frankie makes it to the end. He has burnt too many bridges and I highly doubt the jury will vote for him.

  42. If Frankie wants to build schools in Africa…great! Start a fund to collect money from your “1.5 million fans” have them donate and your oh so “famous” sister can match the money and build away!! Frankie certainly doesn’t need to win the big brother money to build homes in Africa. Heck, the way I see it everyone in the House is there for a charity…Derrick foundation ( wife n Kids), Nichole Education fund (school debts), Zach Without wheels fund… and so on.

    I hope the HG don’t let this whole famous sister thing change their game. Who cares what Frankie’s sister thinks!! She’s not giving you a chance at $500,000!! Seriously HG, why care about who has a famous sibling??? They already have money, you need the money!!

  43. This is clearly the Season of Frankie Grande. BB jumped on the chance to take advantage of the free Ariana publicity they would get at the expense of us loyal BB viewers. I think a lot of the loyalists will check out now since it’s become a complete farce. We’re as much sheep as the idiots in the house – we keep coming back year after year thinking it’ll be different/better & it hasn’t been for a long time.

    1. Not going to lie. Kinda pissed this is what BB has turned into. This sh*t shouldn’t even be part of the game.

  44. please production let Donny win pov for us fans. zack don’t need to be their nomore he treats people real bad yes he entertament but Donny is our favorite in can change the game with zack their no change please production help donnny win pov for us

  45. Well, Frankie should be off Team America. I thought they were not allowed to reveal their mission. When he told Caleb, if you don’t win….I promise you’re going home..wasn’t that a reveal? Then of course there was the one that Frankie did not complete….”start a rumor”. He never actually told anyone….(because he actually still needed Zach and didn’t want to hurt his game)

  46. So funny to see some of guests react to Frankies outing. The ones from small towns or midwest are star struck from a brother of some random singer. Sad.

  47. Frankie has been throwing Zach under the bus since way early in the game. yes this is a game, at the same time he did act like they were a lot closer than just voting buddies and would have some long lasting friendship or some BS

    I just don’t think you needed to be so cruel to Zach this entire game behind his back, then pretty much help get rid of him on multiple occasions until the first time beastmode changed people’s minds, and then the second time derrick did it. Frankie hasn’t lifted a finger for Zach. Zach totally would have used a POV on Frankie, he would have NEVER nominated him until the end but I question even that.

    as Zach said, Frankie had him gift wrapped and he dropped him. big mistake.

  48. Ugh. This makes me feel so old. I don’t know any of these people and my child is past the tween stage and into alternative. Who cares.

    1. 22 and I have no freakin clue who his sister is.

      She is above Beyonce…yeah right. I looked a bunch of pictures of her, never seen her before.

      1. Hotter bod than Beyonce, her & Iggy were stars of the Billboard Music Awards, already outsells the Beatles in 2014, serious vocal chops in league with Streisand & Ripperton, oh yeah, you prolly never heard of these last 3 either.
        Just can’t figure why Frankie is slumming it on BB, & Ari was in the studio audience Thursday night. CBS must be forking out some bucks.

      1. well my hope is that zach wins veto and than donny is somehow saved over whoever’s next to him. zach needs the veto more though because he’s a bigger target

  49. I dont understand why anyone in that house would care more about Frankie for being related to this tweenie bopper… He’s riding her coat tails now and using her to further himself in this game… just like he used his grandfathers death to further himself in this game… he is a user and his family should be ashamed of him for that if for nothing else. btw… his sister was sitting in the audience during the live show… and thats messed up. If he were evicted, he would have seen his family prior to going to the jury house and gotten information from them… exactly how is that fair when they have a chance to come back in the game?

  50. It’s like Derrick and Cody forgot about their part in making Frankie a huge target. It’s like Cody has convinced himself, it’s so weird.
    And I thought Victoria had money, her intro had her shopping all the time.

  51. I am completely disgusted with Frankie and production both. There is no doubt that production had a hand in Frankie staying this week, Apparently viewer ratings are more important to them than the integrity of the show. And as far as Frankie goes, not only was his reveal not redeeming, it was pathetic and sickening that he is using not only the influence of his famous sister to gain regard, but using his grandfather’s death as an excuse for being such a scumbag. HIs speech was obviously rehearsed and spoken almost verbatim both times he gave it and he made it a point to interjecting his grandfather’s death into his reasoning. If his soul was so torn apart, maybe the right thing to do would be to self evict and go be with your family. I don’t know about you, but my soul is worth a hell of a lot more than $500K.
    However the point is moot, as an outsider looking in we know just how low down and dirty he is “Look at the sparkles and not at the knife” After using the death of a family member as an advantage in the game. He may come out of the BB house as victorious, but in my book he’s a straight up loser.

  52. “The fun is in the misdirection … don’t think about the details and watch me make this elephant disappear!”

    “Oh, and not in bathroom, because the cameras aren’t set up right!” (I can not possibly feign contriteness in this light)

    Insider secret – There is no such thing as magic only deception.

  53. Maybe I missed some comments, but it looks like no one bothered to Google Frankie. He’s Ariana Grande’s HALF brother, they’re not even full blood relatives. Also, looking at some of his YouTube videos, he basically is famous for being an Ariana Grande superfan because he’s her half brother. He’s a professional coat tail rider.

    He was in Mama Mia on Broadway, but in the ensemble. He’s mostly a star in his own mind and probably thinks he’s going to launch his career from this show. How many Big Brother alumni have become stars outside of the Internet or reality TV?

    His Africa charity does appear to be legit, so I respect him for that, but I can’t wait for him to be evicted and fade away into has been reality star obscurity.

    1. Frankie is NOT famous. The other 15 houseguest’s ages range from 21-42 (he’s 31) and not one person recognized him. When he confessed to everyone, no one recognized him.

      Arianna is only pseudo-famous. She is big with the 16 and under crowd. She can sell 20 million because these children will all buy the same music if it’s marketed to them.

  54. Frankie your sister will never be able to compete witn Beyonce nor be on her level ,you said you are playing for charity well get each one of your followers to give you $1 and you would have $1.5 Mil to help build schools in Africa that’s more than $500K .If I was in the house I would vote his ass out quicker than ligthing strike I never liked Frankie from day one I knew he was a straight up jackass I watched the expression on his ugly ass face..Derrick now it’s time for you to confess. Nichole,Caleb and Victoria stop the starstruck shit she not as popular as KERMIT THE FROG ZachAttack or Donny go win the veto and Cody my 5yr old grandson has more balls than you but most of all Christine you are big Rodent with the Bubonic Plague

  55. “Have no fear!” said the cat.
    “I will not let you fall.
    I will hold you up high
    As I stand on a ball.
    With a book on one hand!
    And a cup on my hat!
    But that is not ALL I can do!”

    “I will lie and I’ll cheat
    And I’ll blame it on others!
    And I’ll sing and I’ll dance
    And tell you we’re brothers.
    It’s cold and it’s slimy
    But, hey, what the heck
    By the time you’ve all learned,
    I’ll be cashing my check!”

  56. and finds a way to remove Frankie next week, he seems to be one of the only people not mesmerized by a bunch of BS that is Frankie being the brother of a “pop star” who I had never heard of(seriously, never).

    pisses me off that it would help him at all, I would immediately think of his influence on social media meaning that he will win if you keep him around. you don’t want that person there to win the votes from America.

    sucks that Cody is such a wuss. he is almost as bad as if Derrick just kept Jocosta with Victoria. I mean, Cody does nothing. never has acted on what he claims he will do. and just follows derrick. its pathetic. I am so disappointed in most of the cast. Donny Nicole need to wake up and realize Zach is a number just asking to be used. someone needs to use him. he can’t win! he is GOLD to take to final 2. and caleb and Zach need to realize they need each other. the only person caleb can beat is Zach, the only person Zach can beat is caleb. its a fact.

  57. I love Frankie! He’s amazing! Hope he stay for a longtime. Derrick is the biggest liar in the house!! Can’t wait until they all figure that out. But that bitch Nicole needs to go first!!

  58. Zach is a closet case and is genuinely in love with Frankie. That is why he is so pissed right now because he feels betrayed by Frankie for using him as a tool/weapon to further his game. But if Zach would open his eyes he would know that the whole house has used him at some point to deflect their own schemes. Especially Derrick and the lame ass TA missions. Do I think Frankie will win overall, no…whether his intentions are good (playing for charity) or not doesn’t matter. Everyone in there are in there for themselves. Everyone in there has lied to someone else at some point in this game. Hello…it’s BIG BROTHER not MTV the Real World. Everyone using Frankie yesterday to deflect their own lies was disgusting. Every last one of them are hypocrites when they say that Frankie is a liar when they all are. Was Frankie’s decision to divulge his real life outside of the house smart, yes…it was a strategic move because you have the dumbass famewhores like Caleb and Victoria in there who will eat that up with a spork. Nicole, poor naive Nicole. I genuinely do like this girl and appreciate her attempts at making bold moves but wake up girl. You are being used as a tool just like Zach was but by Derrick and Cody. Why can these houseguests not connect the dots with Derrick? Him saying in one breath that he appreciates Frankie being honest about who he is outside of the house but then in the next stating that everyone else in the house are who they say they are. Please Derrick, just shut your mouth about that situation now cause it’s just making you look like an idiot. Cody, what is there to say about Cody. Hmm, nothing because he is irrelevant in this house just as much as Jocasta and Victoria. His only smart game move was aligning himself with Derrick. He won one HOH, which he wasted by being a scared little punk to make a big move and hasn’t won anything else since. Christine…a dorky looking female who probably never had a decent looking guy even pay her any mind is awestruck over Cody. How sad is it that her husband has to write in her HOH letter “Please don’t forget about me” cause he sees how she is constantly hanging all over Cody. Gross. Next. Victoria…boohoo, I’m gonna be betrayed like an idiot on national tv. Then play the game. Stop crying to everyone, stop focusing all your time on your hair/makeup and play the flipping game and then maybe people won’t look at you like you are such a moron. Overall I think Donny has played the cleanest and most admirable game in this house. Can he be shady, of course he can but you have to in this game if you want to get ahead. While everyone has been so focused on who to align with, who to screw over, etc. He has stayed focused on playing his own game. If Donny can make it through this week I think there is a strong chance he can still make it all the way to the end.

  59. so the death of a family member AND his sister(HALF SISTER), how many other things can he drop on people to give him sudden safety

    its not like production rigged multiple comps for him this year and anyone associated with him. I am sure production is trying so hard to reunite zankie. they know they need Zach. nope. #WILDCARD has our back

  60. Beyonce vs Ariana Grande

    Beyonce gets inivited to the White House… Ariana gets invited to sit in the audience of Big Brother

    Beyonce has Kanye West defend her video on national awards sho….. Ariana gets free publicity from her pink flamingo brother on Big Brother.

    Beyonce performs the Super Bowl Half time…. Ariana might be invitied to sing the National Anthem before some random NASCAR race.

    Enuf said?

    1. Ariana Grande was also invited to the White House and performed on March 6 of this year. She was invited to participate in the “Women of Soul: In Performance at the White House”.

  61. Well it seems Fakie’s sister’s recording label is Republic Records which is owned by CBS. So CBS has played the fans and will continue to do so to promote Fakie’s sister. The BB fans mean nothing to them anymore. There is no respect for us at all.

  62. I love this season!

    Finally, something goes down that Derrick can’t taint, though he sure is trying. You can tell he and Cody are being huge babies about Frankie’s reveal last night. They are throwing an absolute tantrum in their heads. Worse than anything Zach is doing. “WAH! I won’t win America’s Favorite now!” “WAH! People won’t want to backdoor Frankie now!” Sorry losers! Looks like Frankie blew some of that dirty cop mist away!

    People can say Frankie has an unfair advantage, but no one wants to consider that Derrick does too. The guy spent 10 years building his career off of lying to and deceving people. As was easily indicated last night, he’s also a human lie detector. No one in the fire room believed Frankie initially except Derrick. He immediately announced that he believed it. Years of practice at reading people in undercover situations.

    Don’t think it’s unfair? Well Derrick does, otherwise he’d be coming clean about it. He had a prime opportunity to last night, instead what did he say? “I came in here being me! I am who I am!” Bull! This guy is such a weasel! He had a chance to further solidify the detonators by putting his cards on the table. Instead, he continues to try to alienate Frankie anyway he can, all the while continuing to lie about him and Cody wanting to evict Zach. Hate this guy. Worst houseguest of the season.

  63. I can see and understand that Derrick is playing a great game strategically and socially. He has played a major role in all of the evictions to date, however, there is something about the guy that rubs me the wrong way and I would LOVE to see him exposed. I just can’t get on Team Derrick at all. Maybe it’s his condencending smug attitude or the way he demonizes Donny with no reason. I can see him making it to the end and the entire time I will be wishing for his downfall, hopefully at the hands of Donny.

  64. Last season it was bash Andy, this season it’s bash Frankie and next season it will be bash whoever the gay HG is.I think most of you people just have a problem with gays.

  65. Nicole, 2 at bats , 2 strike outs. Take a seat on the bench. She’s so naïve and worried about the reactions of others its almost too painful to watch. I don’t think HG’s should be informed of personal tragedies unless the following rules are in place: 1) you have the option of leaving and 2) If you choose to stay you cannot talk about it. I think Frankie being able to utilize his grandfather’s death as an excuse for his paranoia and web of lies over the past few weeks is unfair and gives him a strategic advantage. Its like he was able to press a reset button and start over. Major kudos to Donny who after Frankie’s reveal very calmly and simply stated (I’m paraphrasing), “My name is Donny , I’m a groundskeeper from North Carolina and that’s what’s up.” Good luck during the POV Donny!!! Also I don’t blame Caleb for wanting to come here to watch a preseason game–its worth it.!!!!!

  66. You dont put Beyonce and your un talented siter in the same breath Frankie Bell!!! Dont you ever talke about Beyonce. I can not stand you, you make me sick!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW DARE YOU SPEAK ABOUT BEYONCE!!!!!!!! you little cow!!!!!!!!

  67. If Caleb had not been so vocal about his plan to throw the comp would we be seeing a different outcome? Would prod have had a different BOB comp or are hgs required to tell prod their plans? Sorry to see that so many hgs are star-struck. Would like to go back to the days of original BB with hgs who were not trying out for a movie role or another reality game. Will never forget Chicken George ( wonder what has happened with him ). CG was desperately trying to win to send his daughters to college but was unsuccessful. Someone from the public stepped up to the plate and provided tuition money. That is not something we see in BB anymore.

  68. You’re making assumptions regarding those situations that are grossly erroneous, just like the cops did. You’re assuming the cops’ assessments both of the traffic situations and the highway/accident potential are accurate, whereas somehow my judgement was flawed. If anything, these cops are not always the sharpest knife in the drawer. Lay out the situations point for point and I can assure you that I would prevail when it comes to the logic applied and decisions made. Risk assessment is something we all do on a day to day basis, and there is no reason for you to assume that my judgement erred on that side. It really wasn’t that deep, the cops were just throwing their weight around.

  69. Nicole always wants people to be unconditionally loyal to her but she keeps selling people down the river. She had a chance to redeem herself this week but she’s proven to be the dummy she is by trusting Derrick.

    Btw Cody needs to go! I can’t take his annoying, whiny, sassy behavior anymore. He is INSUFFERABLE

    1. Cody’s non-stop snorting bugs the crap out of me ..I cant stand listening to a conversation with him and have him snort every 2 minutes ..

  70. Victoria is crying cuz she has to actually start playing the game from now on; she is pathetic. Her and Zach are the same, two very weak-minded, child-like people. It’s embarrassing.
    Zach sucks at this game so hard, every time he’s in a slightly difficult situation, he gives up completely and just mopes around all day. I’m sick of production and the houseguests saving him all the time

  71. Don’t worry house guests. You won’t lose out on Americas favorite player because Frankie is the only famous one among you. You will lose out because Donny is the only ‘real’ one among you!

  72. Frankie could have done things differently he could have outed Team America and put targets on Derrick who has none and Donny unfortunately who has always been a target! He didnt have to out his ssister relationship! Interesting that just the day before she just happened to be in the audience?! Coincidence highly doubtful!! I am just hoping this makes Frankie a bigger target and that the starstruck hg dont fall victim to wanting to keep him safe so that his 1.5 million (LMAO) followers arent mad! Give me a break if they dont make him a target bigger than he is now they might as well just call him the winner because BB likes the attention his sisters fame can bring to the show!! Its pretty sad really!! But it is what it is! A joke!!!

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