Matt to Paul – “you don’t have a problem taking a shot at Jason right now”

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4:59pm Mark and Jason
Talking about the Pool game and how technically Josh did lose it.
Mark asks if throwing that hot sauce in Josh’s face was too much
Jason – at first yeah but now people are saying you should have thrown it in his eyes directly
Jason – at the time people were like what the f* did he do that Josh is just a big Dumbo
Jason – should have thrown it in his eye.. It was a bullshit bet.. When you asks the pool people they’re.. No you can’t
Mark – you can’t double scratch

5:15pm Jason, Kevin and Alex
They agree Josh flipped the f*ing lid but Mark shouldn’t have thrown that in his face.
Kevin – Mark should have won..
Kevin – mark said let’s play another game.. But he wouldn’t admit that he lost.. It went on for half an hour.

Josh joins them..
Jason – if you would have stopped when he threw it in your face, you would have been the winner
Josh – I’m not a pu$$y .. he tried to prove me as a liar and I outed him
Josh – he questioned my word and my character..

Jason explains that they stayed out of it because Josh gave him and Alex his word that he was voting out Xmas and he gave Paul and Xmas his word that he was voting out Jillian.

Josh – I didn’t involve you guys
Jason – had you involved us we would have thrown yo under the bus
Josh – I was going to keep Jillian but on a game level and a personal level I kept Christmas.
Alex – you can’t say you gave us your word.. And Jillian..
Jason – the best thing to do right now is shut your mouth..

Josh – I stand with you guys I will work with you guys
Josh – I want to be with you guys..
Alex – don’t isolate yourself like Dom did

Josh – I swear to god I’m sticking with you moving forward.. I will never f* you
Josh says on a personal level the people in the house are always talking sh1t about him
Jason says the other side is pushing his buttons.

Josh says mark double taps in Pool all the time
Jason – I know

5:25pm Josh and Jason

Jason telling him he has to calm down and focus on winning the HOH
Josh – what should I do
Jason – Put Mark up
Josh says he’s only loyal to Jason and Alex.
Jason tells him to hold his hand out to Mark to shake it and squash the beef. Recommends he keeps his mouth shut.

5:27pm Ramses comes in tells Josh he’s sorry that happened.

5:35pm Dom says she’s being targeted for Bogus reasons.

Josh calming down..

5:49pm Matt, Paul and Raven
Raven says Jessica came running back to her and Elena today.
Paul – Dom is What the F*
Boys2men- she’s gone into looney toons mode
Matt – what are we going to do with Christmas
Paul – mark isn’t fond of Christmas
Matt and Paul both say that Mark is in hot water right now.
Raven mentions that mark might be
For some reason they think Raven will win the next Temptation,
Paul says Christmas sucks to have around but she has a lot of enemies in the house which keeps the target off them.

Paul Says he’ll take a shot at M&J
Matt – you don’t have a problem taking a shot at Jason right now
Paul – no none of all..
Matt – it would have to be a backdoor
Paul – who
Matt – jason
Paul – No I said Jessica and Ramses.
Matt – ohh yeah ohh yeah
Paul – no I can’t touch that yet..

Paul – There’s certain land mines that I see already in place that are just going to f*ing explode on their own, I hope Josh wins.. He will take just a f*ing random shot in the dark.
Matt – it would be the craziest week where we don’t have to worry about sh1t

Paul – if it’s something where you can toss it I’m going to toss it to as f*ing Josh
Matt – Or Mark
Paul – he would put Josh up
Paul tells them to tell jack sh1t to Jessica because she’s stiring the pot. If she wins HOH she’ll take a shot at Mark for revenge.
Paul tells them he’s not telling people sh1t he’s only been talking to them..
They all agree Mark crossed the line today by throwing the hot sauce in Josh’s face.
Matt – to another man that is a big deal
Paul – the sh1t that mark did…

Paul says Jason and Alex are in a good spot “I wouldn’t touch Jason and Alex”
Raven – ohh yeah not them..

Paul says Alex should have put a pawn up but it might not matter this week because Dom has dug herself so deep into a hole.
Paul says there will be rogue votes.
Paul – what if Kevin wins HOH it’ll be the t1ts.

6:31pm Paul and Kevin
Paul – She sunk her own ship for a a weird talk show..
They talk about Dom isolating herself. Kevin mentions how she’s hidden her food in the her bed.

7:25pm Ramses and Elena
Ramses says he’s worried about himself next week.

Elena brings up coming back to LA for PAul’s HAlloween party..

7:44pm Paul and Dom
Dom – I’m sorry..
Paul – you don’t have to apologize
Dom – I would never want to do something to make anyone sad
Paul – right
Dom clearly that’s not the case
Paul – I know I’m playing into the whole Snake thing for my humour.. I’m still genuinely.. huge question mark to why you think that
Paul – you were let to believe something.. your own little
Dom – Not my own little
Paul – I’m fine to keep playing it out how like it is, I hope you are not upset
Dom – Yeah I’m trying to figure out why people would stabbed me in the back.. and target me and say all these things that I said
Dom says it’s not only Paul
Paul – I’m just playing.. especially with the snake.. i’m just playing
Dom – got it thank you

7:55pm Paul, Christmas, Alex and Jason

Paul brings up his conversation with Dom. Says she upset and thinks everyone has backstabbed her.

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That con artist better not win the temptation!


Can we talk about something important? Like Jessica!

Fine looking lady with an angelic personality. She has mist and will use it soon.


Raven is the devil

am I wrong

Wow if I could trade my wife in for Jessica, I’d do it in a heartbeat!

Jess Addict

I bid my wife and up you with 2 goats!

Jess Addict

Agree 100%! She is truly a pleasure to watch. Jess has the tools to win this thing. I just hope if Cody comes back in she leads, he follows.


No one wants to talk about Paul and the blackface situation

None Issue

No one wants to talk about it because it is a non issue to non sensitive people.


I know, made me lose a ton of respect for Paul

Brother Utah

Paul Says he’ll take a shot at M&J
Matt – you don’t have a problem taking a shot at Jason right now
Paul – no none of all..
Matt – it would have to be a backdoor
Paul – who
Matt – jason
Paul – No I said Jessica and Ramses.
Matt – ohh yeah ohh yeah
Paul – no I can’t touch that yet..

This is where you get the terminology “yes master”

If Paul tell Mark the sky is green, he probably will buy it. Embarrassing. Jessica has more balls than Matt


Alex likes throwing shade at Jessica all day. Why so much hate for someone that could be someone to work with her in the game.


Because Jessica started the whole evict Alex talk when Cody was HOH. Alex talked to Cody. Apparently nobody talks to Jessica’s man. If dealing with someone that has already gathered troops (the girl half of the showmance alliance) to target you, and that same person has fallen from favor and only then wanted to communicate with you at all, how is that the building of trust? What actual evidence does Alex have that Jessica is going to do anything but target her again?


Eventually everyone will target everyone. Right now Jessica is a vote. If Cody comes back he’ll appreciate Alex having Jessicas back. Then Cody will be another vote for Alex. As it stands if Cody comes back the house will probably split into three groups. Although Paul will see that and probably try to make amends with Cody by saying he was the one that protected Jessica this week cuz Alex would of evicted her if it wasn’t for him. He will probably tell him if they work together this time they’ll be unstopable. Jessica will go along with that. Then josh will probably jump back to the other side. Kevin will tell Cody he voted to keep him in and so did Xmas. Besides Alex , Jason and Ramses the rest of the minions will fall behind Paul and Cody. Alex might finally realize Paul was playing her, (once he backdoors her). Now if Cameron comes back, whole new ball game. (I hope)


If Cameron comes back, he’ll have to reintroduce himself. The house has been under the shared delusion his name was Malcolm.


Total jealousy on Alex’s part, Jessica is so fine.
And yes Josh you are a p#$$¥, a big one.


Josh a big hairy P%$%$##$

Jess Addict

I think Alex likes pu**y and wants Jess.


One word, jealousy. She is playing personal, too personal.

Jess Addict

Alex is jealous and petty. Maybe she wants Jess for herself. She needs to get over it and team up (Jess has extended herself). They obviously have common enemies.

Captain Crunch

Some of the house guest are starting to get suspicious of Kevin and Kevin’s game is gonna get blown up all because he’s listening to Paul about these rogue votes. Paul will somehow spin it around and deny and blame it on someone else and these house guest will believe it and Kevin will become the target. It probably would be better if he stops listening to Paul for his own game.

Pauls Ego

From what I have seen on the live feeds, Paul has gone to bat for Kevin each and every time someone mentions his name. Paul won’t turn on Kevin and I believe their final 2 is one of the most genuine in that house.


And when it is discovered that he was the rouge votes, Paul will spin it, turn his back on him and make everyone else turn against him. Classic Paul play.


Paul and Kevin have sold their souls to each other. Kevin knows every low down lie and trick Paul has done and Paul knows Kevin took the 25 thousand. They are stuck with each other for the long haul. If they ever do turn on each other it will come down to if the rest of the house cares more about the money or the crap Paul has done to everyone. Paul can also use the fact that if Kevin hadn’t taken the money he would not even be there. Although I’m sure producers would of found another way to bring Paul in on another curse.


Hoping Cody comes back and successfully takes out Paul, while Paul watches his minions float away.


If Cody comes back he is going to try to jump on Paul’s band all r going to be disappointed he learned in order to stay in productions good graces he has to be team Paul.he said himself mark is his target


Matt’s wardrobe for one week shirt blue shirt blue shirt …orange tank tank top blue shirt orange tank top.

Matt's 2 Shirts

Why are you trying to call me out.


Obviously the tank top is tangerine…


Like if your sick of Paul.

Click Bait

Go on twitter or facebook if you’re looking for acceptance


Click baiting by marc lobliner


So Jessica don’t have to wear her frog hat Christmas can’t do crap because of her foot and mark can throw hot sauce in Josh’s eyes … So the only rule in the house this year is worship Paul…


Evil dick burned Jenn with a cigarette and nothing happened throwing hot sauce is some ones face isn’t that big of a deal its not like he was intentionally trying to blind him people need to relax

Yo momma

Raven thinks she is getting the temptation !!!! Bahahahhahahahahhahaa !! SIKEEEEE!


At this point I’m kinda leaning towards wanting Josh to win the temptation. Lmfao!

sunny dee

who are you voting ?


So Can someone explain to me how paul was doing blackface ? It was on TMZ today so i wanted to know

Bunny Flop

I’m sure he was warned not to do it. Production certainly would’ve warned him away from it. But, apparently it went like this:
He and his female minions came up with the idea to mock Dom calling him a snake. By dressing up as a snake. In some of the girls snake reptile pattern cloths. And rubbing one of those black masks on his face. He started out calling it blackface. Then went to calling it a black mask. Then finally it went to just black triangles on his face.
While I don’t think he actual thought it would be racist. I’m sure he conceived as f it as a dig at her calling him a snake. There is no other way for dom, in the moment to perceive it. Just an all around bad idea.which is why I’m sure production would’ve warned him not to do it.

Peeping Tom

So, Production is trying to warn Paul about the snake situation, because that’s the only reason he would reach out to Dom.


Matt-“what are we going to do with Christmas”. Whose this we? All I ever see him do is scrape the bottom of one of those metal bowls. He’s terrible. I’m going to say something I know is wrong so please don’t hate me. I prefer Frankie over this waste of space

Andew's girlfriend

As much as Frankie’s “super ego” was irritating, Frankie played the game. Matt, not so much.


My feeds aren’t working! 🙁
I can log into my account and see full episodes but live feeds are not loading at all.
Anyone else with this problem?


Total jealousy on Alex’s part, Jessica is so fine.
And yes Josh you are a p#$$¥, a big one.


Temptation will go to Kevin.
Mark and josh need to ignore each other. No room for fighting between a meathead and a 9 year old boy.
Everybody talks about Matt’s repeated wardrobe but Jason’s whistle nut shirt is all he wears.
I don’t get Dom. Wouldn’t Jesus want her to embrace her fellow humans despite their sins and flaws instead of isolating?


Both Mark and Josh are juveniles, but the look on Mark’s face when he threw that stuff in Josh’s face. You could tell it wasn’t a joke. Mark is a hothead and cannot control his emotions. I defy someone to throw something in my face the way Mark did and then call it a joke. Josh’s anger is uncontrollable till he starts to cool off, and I am afraid you can only apologize so many times before no one cares anymore. Both of these guys just act out and then run around apologizing and crying about it. They say women are emotional? The women in the house this year can run circles around these men. Both act like total buffoons.


Mark and Josh are reflections of each other. I find it so funny when Josh in his emotional tirades tells Mark he is so emotional. Josh and Mark just see themselves in each other, its so comical!


I wonder if a comment has ever not gotten a thumbs down before. Sometimes people thumbs down just to thumb down. Well hopefully my comment will be the first to not get a thumbs down. I love you all. You all are awesome. And so are your wives, girlfriends, blow up dolls, etc.

Lick my butthole

Alex looks really hot with those cat ears on. Damn.


I can not wait to see Cody and Jessica reunited ….in the house…I love these 2

Bunny Flop

I can’t remember who on this site said ( maybe Granny), just wait, Mark is going to start getting mean. Slop will not be his friend. I think we might be starting to se the beginning of hi slop meltdown.

Moe Greene

Whoever wins HOH needs to put up Raven & Matt. Then we might actually see them play the game.


Yes yes yes please get the 2 useless peanut gallery players out. Raven is so phony and annoying. I can’t stand them I’m sorry but I want them gone. They add absolutely nothing to the game. Raven just thinks so highly of herself. Matt is just dull:(


Dance for me boy!! I hope most of these clowns go home.. !!


I have the obb curse. Can’t wait for the shows to air so I can’t help myself but to read spoilers. Once I do the shows themselves are so much less exciting and I can’t wait for the following week. Somebody remove my voodoo doll from the cauldron cause I got to stop reading everything! Not bashing the site , great job Simon and Dawg for all of your amazing dedication and hard work but damn I can’t live with it or without it!


It must be contagious cuz I have it too! Just between you and me, sometimes I don’t even WATCH the shows. . .just come here, hang out and wait for the spoilers! Also addicted to BBAD. Haven’t gone to sleep before 3:00 AM since the season started! The bags under my eyes are so deep they have their own zip code!

kevin the ODB CREEP!!!!

Kevin is totally pulling the creeper shit on Jessica. hes old enough to be her dad and hes like in titty heaven around her. he prolly only sees sluts like that when he gets lap dances at the strip club. and his wife is prolly some fat cow. and if cody was in the house still he would not be pulling that infront of him but now that hes gone hes all giving her hugs and cheap feels. and her being a gold digging sea man dumpster she is , plays along with it bc she prolly thinks kevin will get her further in the game if she flirts a little. just shows u that if u gave the skank enough money like 500 bucks she would give u a quicky in the mens washroom if u kept it low key. i hope cody doesnt get back in the house but he prolly will bc the rest of the 4 evicted are morons and i would love to see jess out this week bc cody said he would give up his game for her.. would he do it if she was out this weeek and it was down to cody and jess in the battle back. i bet u he wouldnt bc hes a piece of dog turd and a horrible example of a marine.

Get real and give me some candy!

Prolly? really? you write all that but can’t finish spelling probably.

its a bb forum post not an essay for a professor at yale you hater. sorry if my short versions spelling offends u and some ppl . prolly not twerp


Jessica is using her sex to the fullest.
Men are so easily manipulated by a pretty face and tits.
Kevin’s barely hidden lust IS getting creepy.
He’s married for goodness sake.
Old fart should keep his tongue in his mouth.
She’ll use the men because she knows they want her around for eye candy.
She’s playing Lolita.


Jess probably does this in her daily life….it’s how she gets by.


Holy crap!! Will someone at OBB please explain this “blackface” controversy with Paul?!? Was it a racist comment or not?


When Mark and Josh are in a room together i get the strangest feeling that two little brats need a diaper change. I would assume something in their socialization leads them to believe he who cries loudest is right. When they announced both would be on slop together all I could think was…oh… this will make for stupid fun feeds. Two childish poor sport right fighters. What is this daycare season of Big Brother?
Meanwhile, with all that attention diverted… has Raven developed a third terminal illness yet?


Josh’s interview with Julie when he gets evicted is going to be interesting lol


Everyone needs to stop with Pauls black face commment. He didn’t paint it all black. It was a diamond and 2 lines. Stop making it something is isnt. Get out of here with the race card.


The problem isn’t the design he put on his face. It’s actually a stupid slip of the tongue.
His intention was not to go out in blackface. It’s that instead of saying black mask, he called it blackface.
Do i think the intent was racist? No. But it was incredibly stupid optics to use the term blackface when the target is black. While he didn’t intend racial mockery, words apparently matter.
Either he’s a moron completely ignorant to use of blackface in history, or he’s a moron when choosing his language. What we have learned? When the target is a black person, don’t use racist terminology even if your intent is not, in fact, racist.


Alex – you want numbers? evict Jess, bring in Dom!


Has anyone read the article on Jokers about Raven? My opinion on her has completely changed since reading it. I have felt sorry for this girl since the season started, and now am mad, mad, mad! Everyone was extremely critical of Matt on his season for saying his wife was “terminally” ill. I think this girl should be exposed for what she is doing. Its not right to play on people’s feelings this way. Yes, she has an illness, but as this article states, her mother has had 13 pacemakers installed, and had several children. Numerous fundraisers have raised an extreme amount of money for this girl, and she has just opened her second dance studio, and purchased a brand new vehicle fully loaded in excess of $40,000. Doesn’t appear she is wanting in the money department. Also watch the fact she is filing her face all day long, and for someone who throws up 13 times a day,she doesn’t appear to have done so in the house. Something is extremely fishy with this girl.