“Eve would not have been talking to the serpent in the garden if he wasn’t nice”

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12:49pm Paul and Kevin
Kevin is worried when they go down to 7 or 8 people they’ll want to get rid of him
Paul – I won’t let it happen
Kevin mentions he went to talk to Alex and said “we’re all straight”
And she said “to the final 8”

12:57pm Raven, Matt and Paul
Raven complaining about Dom using her makeup.

Paul says Jason asking her what would she do if he used the veto on her. . Adds that it showed the house who to vote out.
Paul was surprised by jason that was a gangster move
They mentioned that Paul dressing like a snake flustered Dominique

1:05pm Jason and Kevin
Kevin is worried about Alex he’s starting to pick up something is wrong.
Jason says if he wins HOH he’ll be putting up Matt/RAven or Josh/Ramses..
Jason – I’m going to base mine on the vote..
Kevin – how do you know
Jason says it’ll be based on what people promise

Kevin – I’m giving you my f*ing word
Kevin says the vote will be 9-1 there will be 1 a$$ hole

Jason – whoever f* up this vote I’m head huntin. .
Jason – Dom is freaking the F* out..
Kevin – I’m telling you who i’m voting for
Jason – right

Kevin reiterating how close he is with Jason and Alex in this game. Tells them it doesn’t matter who they are up against he’ll never vote them out.

Kevin complaining about the girls spending hours to put on Makeup when there is nothing going on today.
Kevin – you’re supposed to be yourself.. You Don’t need any makeup

Kevin going on that he wants the final 4 to be Alex, Jason, Paul and him.

1:12pm Matt and Paul
Boys2men – I’m thinking about talking to Jason And Alex this week and be like.. Look I appreciate you keeping me safe this week
Matt – just want you to know if I win HOH you guys are good to go
Paul – do it… I think it’s a good move
Matt – O K

Paul tells him he’s going to try and win HOH and take out Ramses.
Paul – straight up ..
Matt – Jason’s growing on me
Paul – don’t game talk him ..
Matt – beside you and Alex he’s the best competitor..
Matt says they need to get rid of him eventually..

1:16pm Jessica, Elena and Raven
Saying they still love each other and they still want to have good personal relationships outside of this game.
Raven really wants them to work together to make it to Jury.

1:30pm Dom and Jessica
Dom – hopefully you see
Jess – I saw it last week
Dom – why would big Brother consider Paul’s entrance into the house a house curse when He’s been nothing but an asset.. He hasn’t done anything that we know about that would indicate he’s a snake
Dom – this is the season of temptation and Eve would not have been talking to the serpent in the garden if he wasn’t nice.. Enough to disclose certain information
Dom – in her moment of vulnerability he bit.. Or convinced her to do whatever it is she did
Dom – Paul’s exposed he was exposed in that room
Dom – You can tell them this I don’t care.. You Have to be careful about Raven.. She lied too..
Jess – I already know.. I see it.. It’s game time..
Dom – I believe Elena knew I was going on the block.. That’s why I called her out today..

Christmas and Jessica
Christmas tells her that from everyone she’s talked to Jessica has nothing to worry about this week.
Jessica tells her if she see her talking to Dom it’s only people Jessica has been in the position where the house ignores you and Jessica doesn’t want to see that happen with Dom. So if they are hanging out it’s only to be nice on a human level.
Christmas says she was never upset with people that were talking to Jessica/Cody last week, “I don’t do that I understand she should be with somebody”
Jessica mentions how she feels like she threw her game away by being with Cody last week she doesn’t want the same to happen because she’s consoling Dom.

1:42pm Mark, Elena and paul
Paul says Dom is defeated no need to kick a dead horse.

Mark says the vote is going to be 8-2
Paul – who’s 2 .. just for weirdness..
Mark mentions Kevin is going to toss a vote.
They have a good laugh at Kevin calling Josh the blob.
Paul – a collection of stuff

1:54pm xmas getting ready for some sun


Mark – shut the f* up Josh that makes no sense.. I was born then I got excited
Josh – I was board..
Mark – oh
Mark – I said you perfected the technique of dropping the weights off
Mark – it’s a compliment.. so just smile and say thank you mark

Josh telling Mark he’s perfected the technique of binge eating at 2 in the morning
Mark – Binge eating.. OK.. Define what Binge eating is josh I’m curious..
Josh – what you do every night..

2:47pm Xmas and Raven..
Raven getting ready for a shower.

2:54pm Pool game, Mark Vs Josh.
1 Game, call every ball
Loser drinks
1/2 cup of pickle juice
1/2 cup of hot sauce

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Hide and watch. Dom isn’t going anywhere

Never Not Nat

Paul said I gained 15 pounds! WRONG! I gained 20!


I hope she gets the temptation. I use to like Paul but he is doing just a little to much this season. He feels he can’t be touched.

Arya Stark Badass

I must admit that Jason has a lot more game than I gave him credit for.


Why can’t big brother put a mattress in the DR hallway so the house guests don’t have to get ambushed by Doms religious BS comparisons, when all they want to do is lay down or get a change of clothes.

Peeping Tom

So….Dom is the Angel and Paul is the Demon
When she watches the show she will feel very foolish


I’m worried Kevin is going to get ousted and it will ruin my season to lose him any time soon (because he’s absolute gold on the feeds… can’t remember EVER laughing so much) so I’m off to vote for him to win the temptation. Even the prospect of Kevin being put on block to be ousted and being able to stand up to tell his friends (who he would never betray) that he is halting the ceremony I’m sure would offer television gold.


What exactly does the hex temptation do? I’m curious.


The winner can stand up at live evict (not sure if before or after vote – but assume after for maximum effect) and halt the vote. In essence this means the week is scraped as a new week starts without an eviction.

The power lasts for 4 weeks and since fans can vote until the 19 plus they need an evictee this week it likely won’t be awarded until next week. (Read: if Dom or Jess win it, but are evicted they can’t win the power).

you wrong

The temptation is always given to the houseguest the day voting ends which will be this Wednesday, so Dom or Jessica very well might have the Hex by Thursday and can use it. You are misinformed by the whole 4 evictees thing (they mention 4 because it’s likely that there will be a 4th, but not definite). Depends on America’s vote for the temptation.


the recipient of the halting hex can stand up after the vote and before the evicted houseguest leaves to announce that they have been given the power to make any of the next four eviction ceremonies a non eviction week.


Omg so proud of ALEX!!! She went against the almighty Paul and I love it. The only reason he wanted Mark on the block was so he could say to Cody when he comes back, look the two ppl who tried to get me out were sitting on the block this week and oh yeah I saved your girl. And would have been an impressive pitch at the end since he wasn’t even HOH this week. I really hope the house flips and gets Jessica out. Alex/Jason/Kevin could pull in Dom and she would be crazy loyal to them. Unlike Jessica who is already back to the other side. Alex for the win!!

Brother Utah

1:16pm Jessica, Elena and Raven
Saying they still love each other and they still want to have good personal relationships outside of this game.
Raven really wants them to work together to make it to Jury.

If that is Raven’s plan, I need a Kraken. For a houseguest to do nothing for nearly a month, this is the ultimate insult.

Speaking of nothing, who is Matt?

May may

Big brother save Dom


Dom was my favorite in the beginning. But after she was put on the block, I think she really lost it. She could not keep herself together. She had a break down and I think for her sake, she’d be happier out of there. It’s a shame.

Jessica's lonely vagina

Paul is a douchebag. The type of people who like him are loud losers like him who laugh at their own jokes and think fart sounds are the funniest things ever.

Pauls Best Friend

I laugh at all his jokes and absolutely idolize him…I swallow Pauls farts!


He was really obnoxious last season, which is when I got turned off to him. He was humbled (as much as he can be) a few times last year, especially when he was on the block. Hopefully this year someone (anyone) nominates and gets him evicted soon.


How many stitches did Raven get? Garbage bag up to the knee for five stitches in a toe? Really? Let’s hope she doesn’t break a nail, she’ll hype it up to amputation.


If I remember correctly, I believe it was 5 stitches. She has to compete with Christmas for attention, remember??!!


My 9 year old son got stitches on the inside of his upper arm and the Dr said he can get it wet after 24-48 hours. Just no washing or rubbing the stitches directly. If it hits the stitches its ok, but he was not to put soap directly on it. And he had 7 stitches! She’s milking it for sure.


They turn on people so quick, I swear. One minute Dom was good, the next minute she’s otb and going home. Now it’s Kevin. Smh. If Kevin goes, that will really suck.


Simon and Dawg I’d like to say, as an older woman in her 40’s, I am quite enjoying the shots you’ve been posting of Jason and Kevin walking around shirtless in the backyard. Thank you!! Haha

Ask'n 4a Friend

Hey older woman in her 40’s…any links to photos of you on the Net?


Haha you’re cute!!

Adam & Eve

I find it very interesting that Dom asks God for help…..I have absolutely nothing against religions but this is where asking for help is a cop out. To believe a “being in the sky” is looking down upon us picking and choosing who “he” helps is just a big fable.

The whole notion of someone asking god for help is interesting, it is basically admitting that one has no “self control” and needing help from the outside is a form of deflecting self responsibility. This is what happens when people believe outside of themselves, they leave things up to “luck” or “chance” or “help from god” when in essence it is simply recognizing the “god” within. Once someone doesn’t believe outside forces are dictating everything then one will awaken to the god within and realize that the whole notion of someone looking down upon you judging you….was just a big story within your own consciousness.

Just Saying

Understanding that your life if out of your control is a actually a sign of strength.

You’re kidding yourself if you believe you control your fate. You had as much influence over your life as a child born with a hole in their heart or a child born to a drug addicted mother. What choices do you really have? Do you get to decide if you get out of bed every morning? Did you actually decide what you ate? You have options and consequences before you and you choose from them.

Fear prevents you from giving up this notion of control. Its not about deflecting responsibility. Its not about judgement or about being able to change circumstances. God has nothing to do with what good or bad happens to you. Its about accepting that its all laid out.

Some find comfort by praying


I am voting for Kevin for the temptation. I’m actually starting to like him. I originally really liked Alex and voted for her…. but after this week I’m not so sure anymore.

Flying Spaghetti Monster

Religion is ruining this world and now it is ruining Big Brother. Get that shit out of here.


The house just blew up. Is there a chance Josh or Mark will have to go home???????
Too funny I can’t wait to see how they edit it! Now Dom is trying to mediate. Too funny.


I cant wait until Thursday to see dom voted out she is seriously annoying me and I never thought I say because Jessica pisses me off but ive had enough dom needs to go


You can’t expect these people to play the game if they didn’t want to play in the first place. Most of them are recruits and only looking to go to Jury for a salary. Most of them are there for exposure. Who actually auditioned and got cast? Casting is ruining the show. Horrendous. Plus always bringing vets back also ruins it and takes up spots. This show should retire very soon.

I’ve also been saying they need to up the prize to a million. Not like CBS can’t afford it. Maybe it’ll make it more cut-throat.

That said, Kevin for the win.


Mark is such a wuss. Donkey Kong looking mofo.

No fave yet

You stopped your update at the moment it fired up……


when do they award the den temptation?


voting ends Wednesday. I speculate, given that they need a fourth for the return comp, I would be betting the temptation is awarded after the eviction. If the temptation is accepted, the person that wins the return comp will be allowed back into the game as the curse.


Has christmas used her temptation yet?