Brett “Go f**k yourself, your b***ha$$ put me on the block and wanted to vote me out. S**k my d**k!”

POV: Angela Next POV: Aug 4th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 6th
HOH: Angela Next HOH: Aug 9nd
Noms: ROCKS and Scottie Tyler Bayleigh Have Nots

8:02pm The live feeds return from being blocked. Havenot room – Bay and Scottie. Bay – when he won the veto I told him not to use it. So if I had a plan to backdoor Angela or anybody why would I tell him not to use it? So now I am just really confused and my feelings were obviously hurt as you could see… and I don’t even know how to think or do anything. Scottie – I have literally been living off of guessing. Bay – I don’t even want to guess. Rockstar and I are up against each other and I don’t even want to campaign. Scottie – No one really tells me anything .. I am pretty much on the bench for people to use me. Bay – Tyler told me last week he wanted to move forward with you. He is looking out for your interests. You are in a tough spot. Do you look out for his best interest or your own? Scottie – basically I won’t put him up, he won’t put me up and we will use the vetos on each other. We never know each others vote until after the vote has happened. Bay – where does that leave you? Scottie – very confused. I need to talk to Haleigh. Bay – even with Haleigh saying what she said, Tyler didn’t even address it. I don’t know why he hates me. You’re in the best position of the house. You have both sides eating out of your hands. Scottie – no one tells me anything. Bay – I tell you everything. Haleigh said she tells you everything and Rockstar does too. Our side thinks that we have you and their side thinks that they have you.. so who really has you? Scottie – yeah its tough. Bay – I am almost tapped out. Bay leaves the room.

HOH room. Angela, Tyler, JC, Kaycee. Angela – If Bayleigh stays Tyler and I are on the block 100% for sure. JC – have you talked to Brett. Angela and Tyler – yes, he’s solid. Kaycee – I want to talk to Sam and see where here head is at. Tyler – best case scenario Scottie votes her(Bay) out too. I’m not going to even pitch to him. JC – if the vote is 4/3, you know Scottie voted that way. If it is 5/2, you know it was Haleigh and him. Tyler – and if Scottie votes with us and Sam votes the other way .. Sam is going to tell us so Scottie isn’t going to be able to lie about it. Angela – you’re right. They all feel so good because they think they have Brett and you (JC). He (Brett) said they’re pitching to him so hard but he said he knows who saved him. He’s with us.

Haleigh is showering and talking to Fas. He is standing close to the shower. Haliegh tells him to take 2 steps back because she knows he can see over shower door. Fes says that he can’t see anything. Haleigh says she knows he can because she tired looking in.

8:20pm Bedroom. Rockstar and Bay. Bay – Rock, I really think you’re going to stay. I’m done with these people. I think people are going to vote me out because they have the opportunity to vote me out. And that’s like fine. Rockstar – well I told you I wasn’t going to campaign. Bay – you don’t have to because at the end of the day you’re not a threat to anyone. I’m not trying to insult you but that’s how people think. Everyone is threatened by me. Rock – you don’t threaten me. Bay – that doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t matter, my life will go on. Me being on the block benefits your game. Rockstar – if you do stay .. destroy them all! Bay – I would burn their entire bodies into little, little specks till they’re seeds of their children. Rockstar – I love that. Sounds good.

9:32pm HOH room. Brett joins Tyler, Kaycee and Angela. Brett – I miss you guys so much. Kaycee – you’re being a trooper. Brett – I am being pitched so hard. They’re so f**king stupid its unbelievable. kaycee – they probably think you’re just falling for everything. Haleigh’s pitch was I want to work with you but I come with a package of four people. She literally told me her alliance. I was like oh really you guys work together?! She was like you have to be willing to work with them. They keep going … so and so keeps talking about how cool you are. Fes keeps telling me how cool you are. He really likes you a lot. Haleigh keeps telling me how cool you are. Even Rockstar was like being nice to me.

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Kaycee – Fes pretty much feels like he has you in his hand. Brett – I know. He won’t tell me .. he is just trying to get sh*t out of me. At one point he was like do you think the all girls thing is real. And I was like I don’t know man, its dangerous! Do you think we could pull something off. And I was like you’re asking the wrong guy dude, I don’t have any friends. Tyler – he’s so dumb. Brett – the reason I know Haleigh is lying (about winning the hacker comp.) She is claiming to have won with four. So we counted everyone’s scores up. She had two before and there were 4 points missing. Tyler – did you count mine as 3? Brett – yes. Tyler – unless Bayleigh actually got two? Brett – okay so then she is still a liar. There was a clear winner. It wasn’t won by one. I am just not buying it. And the weird thing is Rockstar is self sacrificing herself. Half of Bayleigh’s pitch was how Rockstar is cool with it and wants me to go on and win in this game. And during half of their pitches I want to be like go f**k yourself, your b***ha$$ put me on the block and wanted to vote me out. S**k my d**k! They’re like I know I put you on the block but like.. Haleigh still thinks I am working with you. (Kaycee) Brett – Fes is literally sitting in the bathroom watching to see how long I’m up here. 100P! Tyler – have you talked to Scottie? Brett – when I talk to Scottie he is telling me how to get in good with you guys. I will tell you now, I think they’re targeting JC. When that all went down they could hear JC screaming up hear. When Haleigh was braiding my hair Fes was literally pacing back and forth. They’re all so paranoid of me. Every one time one of them talk to me, they interrogate each other .. like what did he say!? Even Scottie said every time I talk to you.. they interrogate me. They think I am voting to keep Bayleigh.

Brett – she said to me that Tyler came up to me and wants to talk. I was standing right there. I was standing my the mirror in the hallway when she said Tyler – let me know when you want to talk. Then she walks around the corner and goes Tyler keeps asking me to talk to him. And I was like!?!?! I was standing right there!!! She’s like I took a shot and I would do it again. Tyler – I’m not even going to talk to her. Brett – they suck. Even if I do this for the pure pleasure of making Rockstar stay here. Brett – I am a bit nervous about Sam. We have to get Scottie or Sam. Angela asks Kaycee if she can talk to Sam tonight.

10pm Scottie and Haleigh playing chess. Haleigh – I think we need to talk more. Because I didn’t have anyone that I trusted about this. I feel like if I would have talked to you, you would have told me something smarter. I wanted you off and I wanted Tyler gone. He can beat me in any competition. Why would I want him here, he isn’t working with me. Scottie – everyone thinks I am some evil f**king genius. Haleigh – they do think that. Scottie – All I do is blow up emotionally. Haleigh – I’m sorry you were so upset. Scottie – but at the same time I literally don’t know what I have to do to get you guys to trust me. Haleigh – you don’t have to do anything to get me to trust you. Haleigh – the only thing that is making me nervous is the flip vote and the prospect of you and Tyler having a final two. Scottie – we’ve voted differently almost every time. Haleigh – I trust you Scottie. Scottie – why did you do that today. It looks like a last ditch effort to try and save Bay. Haleigh – I started feeling like sh*t for Bayleigh taking the fall for me. It wasn’t fair. Every single night I went to sleep to her crying. She was like whoever is watching me suffer is evil. It could have been better for my game to cut ties but I couldn’t do it. Tyler – how does it feel to not be a part of the fight? Brett – dude! Angela – how does it feel to not be a target? Brett – I’m still a target. Big Brother switches the cameras.

10:03pm Bayleigh and Sam. Sam – it just sucks. I know that you brought such a big message. Bay – its still out there.

10:05pm – 11pm Bay talks to Kaycee in the storage room. Bay – I didn’t even mean to make Sam cry. I didn’t know she was so emotional about it. I told her this .. no matter what happens I just want to make sure you know that I love you and I am happy to meet you and like if this is what sends me home I am okay with it. I am just tired. This week sucked for me. I realize who was in my corner and who wasn’t. Kaycee – you know how I feel about you and this situation was the sh*ttiest situation. Bay – Even when it was proven that I wasn’t lying .. people still want me out, people still hate me. I just have to live with that. Kaycee – people don’t hate you. Bay – I still didn’t get an apology. I got thrown under the bus for no reason. This is what it is. Obviously they judged me wrong but they’re not going to admit that. Kaycee hugs Bay and they leave the room. Kaycee heads up to tell Tyler and Angela about her conversation with Bay. Kaycee – I think it would be good just to check on her every once in a while just as a human being.

12:05am Bathroom. Kaycee talks to Haleigh about how bad she feels for Bayleigh. Haleigh – Kaycee I am sorry this is. Kaycee – its hard you have a game side and personal side. This is where sh*t starts to get real. I just keep reminding myself that this is just a game. Haleigh – after all this is over we will get to see what really happened. Kaycee – it will be okay. It’s all temporary.

12:24am – 12:35am Haleigh goes into the havenot room and starts crying with a pillow over her head. Fes, Bay, Rockstar and Scottie all come in and give her a hug. Bay – stop crying.

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Houka Inumuta

Scottie just exposed JC’s game. I told you he’s an awesome player. He’s gonna make Bayleigh stay in the game. The Hive’s number one target is scooby doo so expect Scottie to stick around for a while.

Mark your calendars August 16 the day Tyler gets evicted.


Did the magic eight ball tell you that?

Houka Inumuta

no I just have common sense

Busta Fooligan

Guess u forgot about that cloud huh fruit loop?


No need to call someone a name. You act like you are a player in the house, insulting someone you don’t know because they have an alternative idea.


Fruitloops is a reference to a previous season and well used here.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I’m watching After Dark and this is all playing out on TV (my sleep schedule is so screwed up). I try to remember people’s worst behavior don’t necessarily reflect the sum total of their personality. But Bay is a straight up b@@@h! She’s HORRIBLE to sweet KC, who is trying to console her on a personal level. She’s just MEAN! Then she corners Angela in the kitchen and starts in on her. Angela actually tried to have a calm, personal conversation (again) with her. You watch her facial expressions and body language when someone starts to disagree her, like poor KC and then later Angela did in the kitchen, and her head spins like Black Linda Blair. She as ready to throw down with Angela and she just walked away and back to the HOH room.

I’ll tell you one thing – we fly alot. And if I board a flight and see Bay in a uniform, I WILL self evict!

The Canadian

Your last sentence made me laugh out loud! 😀 😀 😀
And agree that she is very mean, happy that she will be gone tonight and that there are no camera in the Jury house.


Sure you would. You would give up a paid plane ticket. Ha! that’s how lying starts, with the little ones that ppl don’t believe.


Hay working her magic on Scottie. Like 3 hours *playing chess * but lying to Scottie all the way.
After twirling Brett’s hair for ages.
Poor Scottie is head over heels for Hay…now promising to get info from Tyler and give it to Hay.
Spilling info like crazy.
I do feel bad for Scottie. He wants to believe so badly that Hay is into him.
He’s a good comps.
Nothing else.


I totally love how part of the house is totally clueless on what is going on this late in the game. One of the best seasons in years.

Kid Rock

JC AND SAM ARE CLUELESS TOO… Add them to the mix… I laugh when Angela/ Kaycee says Ba is their leader , if she says jump they jump…
News flash ladies Tyler is y’all leader and you jump when he says jump… You have voted who he wants out every week…


JC isn’t clueless, his game isn’t a smooth as Tyler’s and he’s starting to get noticed. JC has a chance with Fez whereas Tyler has no chance. Haleigh put a spotlight on Tyler’s game but his side already knew everything they were saying about it so it had little power. Haleigh will be the next target of L6/5/4 and then Angie. Then they’ll turn on each other!


JC has NO clue about level 6!. HE has not figured out that those guys are in an alliance and are using his votes. He thinks he is doing it. Tyler works him just like the others

Gigi Tomasa

I don’t because they are getting cocky and mean to the other side, very similar to last year. There needs to be a better balance for game play

Whosaid that!

Soooo…Bayleigh for America’s favorite…no,did I get that wrong?

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Too much? Too soon (lol). People, don’t give Whosaid that a “thumbs down” – it’s funny.

Who said that!


3s a Crowd

Bay is losing it!!


She never had it to begin with…she’s insane!

BB Fan

I think that train has permanently left the station


Yep… I think the beginning of the end for her was not right when she got put on the block, that was total who’s. In her mind she probably thought ” Who would dare?”. The shock lasted that night while she thought she’d done everything right. Yeah, her shit don’t stink, so why?
The real beginning of the end (of losing her mind) was at Haileigh’s house meeting. Oh, she really lost in there. I’ll be glad to see the last of her tonight. Even if she did stay, she did the damage herself, and I don’t think she would be able to bounce back in the game.


Pregnancy hormones making QueenBay MeanCra(zy)? Or is she naturally a b*tch?


Seems pretty natural to me.

There's a gremlin in your bed

Babyleigh needs a binky


What she needs is a slap on the head!

Gigi Tomasa

Looks like Kaycee for the in in jury votes! I honestly don’t see Angela, Brett, JC and Tyler recovering in jury from this. Kaycee is solidifying the emotional votes needed for jury right now. Good for her to show compassion

True Dat

Kaycee was indeed being nice enough to Bayleigh in their conversation together but the part of the transcript that says “I think it would be good just to check on her every once in a while just as a human being”…she was actually talking about Sam because she was telling the group about the conversation she had with Sam in the storage room. Seems like part of the transcipt might be missing because Bayleigh blew up at Angela in the kitchen and Angela was being super nice to Bayleigh as well but Bayleigh was in attack mode once again. Angela eventually had to walk away. After Kaycee talked to Bayleigh and Sam she went up to the hoh and her and Angela compared notes. Kaycee was concerned about how hard Sam has been taking all the drama which is what led her to remind everyone to keep checking in on Sam on a personal level.


I honestly don’t think I’ve seen gameplay this bad in YEARS. Every week since the show started that alliance has had their mouths open in shock after EVERY vote. How are they failing so badly?! I always like a good underdog to root for but I have yet to find that player. Bey has a power but is lulled into not using it, Hayleigh wins the hacker comp and DECIDES TO TELL THE WHOLE HOUSE. Why are these people so bad at the game, and how haven’t they figured out, at least a little bit, that some of the others have an alliance since they’ve all voted together EVERY WEEK and you’ve been on the outside of every vote? #dumb.


It seems they self segregated at the beginning into dumb vs smart. But I disagree with one thing, that makes this gameplay the BEST in years, a real yin and yang and both sides sticking fast together. Popular kids vs the misfits just like high school. I used to think Hay was in the wrong bunch but I see now she self sorted herself into the right (dim) side.

Hi My Name Is Scott

Welp, I guess Brett answered RS’s question on whose d**k she needed to suck to get (ahem) ahead in the game. 🙂