“You are so freaking cute. Alyssa .. you are the hottest girl.. I like you” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Monte
Nominees: Indy and Alyssa
POV Players: Alyssa, Indy, Monte, Terrance, Joe, Kyle and Daniel (Michael is the host)
POV Winner: Daniel & Kyle
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Turner & Jasmine

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Nicole & Taylor

12:00 – 1:00 am Chinese Checkers game

1:13 am Indy and Jasmine
They’re talking about making this “thing happen” between Monte, Joe, Terrance, and themselves
Indy – we need to pay attention to Terrance because Terrance and Nicole are really close
Indy – I won’t change my relationship with Nicole at all. I’ll keep her close
Jasmine – same with Alyssa… for me.
Indy – it’s the only way we are going to survive. I literally never lied to you. From what we are finding everyone has lied to us.
Indy – we’re f***ing bada$$ how those kids can play us? I’m so pissed..
Indy – this f**ing kid. I love her but she’s a f***ing kid and she’s playing me she’s playing with the wrong person. I’m going to f** her a$$ in the game.
Jasmine – she said she thought you were a good competitor
Indy – I love her

1:35 am Monte and Joe
Monte – damn I got a case of the hot a$$… you know when you fart and it’s hot
Joe says it’s called a “Shart” a “sh1t Fart”
They go back and forth about what a “Hot fart” is actually called.
Monte – Nicole is saying ‘she looks too comfortable ‘ she’s walking around with her comments
Joe – The girl literally does nothing I almost hate that she feels uncomfortable when she’s comfortable. All she does is laugh with us ..
Monte – The thing is Nicole likes her humour
Joe – Taylor is actually really funny
Monte – Nicole was the one that was tight with her and now can’t stand her
Joe – hates her
Monte – ridiculous
Joe – that’s what is weird to me.. I thought they were in an alliance.

Joe – Paloma said something along the lines that Taylor going to pay for not working with me
Joe – Paloma maybe tried to recruit Taylor to work with her and Taylor took that the wrong way or took that as an ‘I don’t want to work with you I want to work with other people’
Monte and Joe agree coming into the season they didn’t want to be in a one gender alliance
Monte mentions how Joe was onto Ameerah early on.
Joe says that Ameerah really doesn’t want him working with Brittany.
Joe says game wise he would pick Brittany over Ameerah, “Brittnay is significally more loyal, more of a straight shooter, less controlling”

Joe wonders what Nicole is going to say to him.
Monte – It’ll be the same she’s saying to brittany and mihacek
joe – No she’s saying she wants to work with them.

Joe points out that the girls really do think they are clowns. not as much Monte but joe and Kyle are seen as “tied for Dummies”
Joe – Turner is underestimated and MOnte is middle ground..

2:40 am Hammock chit chat.

2:52 am Nicole, Daniel and Terrance
Nicole is bent out of shape becuase she thinks her big secret about being a cop has been spilled. Monte said something like ‘I respect law enforcement’
Nicole – thanks Joe
Terrance thinks Monte was just referencing a rap song.

They start talking about Turner having a Tesla
Daniel – you don’t need the money like I need the money
Terrance- he had to sell it back.. he said it didn’t make sense for him to have it

Daniel wonders why Jassmine is so worried about people knowing she has a press on nail business, “Who cares”
Nicole says Turner and Jasmine were alternates last year.

Daniel – make sure you get Brittany and Jasmine’s votes
Nicole – I don’t think I’ll get Brittany’s vote
Daniel – she’s going to vote for Taylor?
Nicole – she’s a wildcard
Daniel – she’s voting for Taylor to stay? you are making this up
Nicole – the way she ended the conversation she wasn’t like I’m team Nicole all the way
Nicole says that Brittany made it sound like she’s hanging out with Taylor because they both feel they are outcasts and that I make her feel that way

Nicole – she’s not going to vote for me.
Daniel -s he’s pissed because they forced her to vote a certain way last week so if you use that. Vote for me we got you back. we’ll take you to the end. All three of us can take her to the final 4.

Nicole – Ameerah never talked shit about Monte.

3:05 am Showmance?
Kyle – you can’t.. stop..
Kyle – you are are so hot.. you are the hottest girl. Like in casting they were like lets find the exact match the exact person he wants to date and lets put her in the house and that is how Nicole came into the house
they laugh
Kyle – we can’t.. we can’t.. Alyssa.. you know the show you know it’s not good for our game.

Alyssa kisses his back
Kyle – I can’t I can’t do it.
Kyle – you know it’s bad for our game you and I dong anything alone like this
Alyssa doesn’t think so.
Kyle – with this group of people it 100% looks bad. People are crazy in this house. They are looking for the smallest thing to use.
Kyle – stop it.. you are so cute.. you are so freaking cute. Alyssa
ALyssa keeps trying to kiss him on the arm Kyle replies with some “no no NO”



3:10 am Alyssa and Kyle
Kyle – I need to take another cold shower..
Alyssa – you are so boring
Kyle – you won’t regret it
Kyle – you are so funny and such a great person..Alyssa.. I like you
Alyssa – I like you to
Kyle – I don’t want to ruin your game..


3:26 am Nicole and Daniel
Daniel – I honestly think they wanted to backdoor me and Kyle
Nicole – I don’t think that’s true
Daniel – they were PISSED that I won
Nicole – They were pissed because they want you to use it
Daniel – Kyle wants to use it on Alyssa. It was supposed to be me..

Nicole starts wondering about votes.
Daniel thinks they can get Jasmine’s vote. They’ll point out to Jasmine that the other side will walk all over her, “Ride with us and leets fg**Ing go change the game”
Nicole – you think Turner
Daniel – F*** Turner, he’s done. He’s so weird now. He’s been so weird to me. He’s not the same person.

Daniel says he’s not sure about Michael either “he’s been up there way too much it’s more than just game”
Nicole – kyle too
Daniel – but Kyle was boys with them but Michael. This week is now one of the boys.

Nicole – Jasmine is adamant that I’m not going anywhere. I just want to know if I’m going home or not.
Daniel – the key votes are Jasmine and Kyle right now and if you can get Michael great. I just don’t really trust him.
Nicole – when Indy and Jasmine find out I was part of Po’s Pack they’ll be really mad
Daniel – I thought you said they already know
Nicole – they don’t know

Nicole says the one reason she thinks they can convince Michael is both he and Terrance keep saying “Get them not to use the veto”
Daniel – I don’t want to use the veto. that’s Kyle’s thing.
Daniel says they were both honest about their vote last week. “We were both f**ed over”
Daniel – I will drop Kyle the option of not using it and how that can work. I already broke it down for myself. That will be after the fact BRO you are throwing away your game if you don’t ride with us.
Daniel – I have to slowly lay it in throughout the day
Daniel goes on about how everyone was pissed that they won the veto. He pointed this out to Kyel already and warned Kyle they were the backdoor plan this week.
Daniel – they’re walking around this house like they have BIG a$$ d1cks. Like they wrote this show
Daniel – joe is the worst f***ing liar. I’m done with that sh1t.. f** off dude.. alone? you don’t leave those guys’ side.
Daniel – I do think I can get Kyle.
Daniel plans on spending the entire day tomorrow with Kyle.
Daniel will sell Brittany the angle “you want guys to run this town then go vote with them or do you want to make a change in the game a fan of Big Brother?”
Daniel – if you go home I’m next so this is just as important to me. If this doesn’t change this week we are not winning no matter how long we’re in here we are not winning the damn game. It has to change now.
Nicole – should I come clean about Po’s Pack?
Nicole – it’s funny how she’s prancing around here like her sh1t doesn’t stink
Daniel – Taylor
Nicle – yeah
Daniel – every week.. every week there’s another reason for her to prance around. It’s too much. Be happy your safe for sure be cool but like. It’s because Monte is in on it with her and she thinks he’s the king for f***ing five and a half days. CHILL
Nicole – part of me wants to go up to her and be like are you safe?

Daniel about Monte “that guys a joke in this game.. He’s so fake I can tell when he lies.”
Nicole – I’m fine.. really I am it’s just funny. All of this is comical. I’ve been watching this show forever and it’s like. I thought I had hit the jackpot by aligning myself with them
Daniel – I thought it was bullshit
Nicole – still having you and Terrance and protecting you guys with that alliance
Daniel – yeah sh1t blows up. if you watch the game you know shit blows up.
Nicole – I just love how public enemy number one is staying here and i’m leaving
Daniel – no you’re not. get your head in the f***Ing game.. you are ruining my game right know
they laugh.

4:08 am Turner checking out the coco pebbles before bed

4:16 am Taylor alone talking to the camera
“because that I have an alliance I trust now I actually can enjoy this time and relax… you can never be too comfortable in the big brother house but the free moments you do get to be a human being it changes your entire experience. I got to be a human being today and be reminded there are people here that care about me”
Taylor goes on about how the first 3 weeks were “HELL” for her
Taylor says her speech is going to be “Scorching” it’ll be about the person she’s sitting on the block next to who used her and manipulated her
Taylor – I will be a good soldier and pack my bags agani but it’ll be the last tiem i do it.
Taylor – I can’t believe Nicole is POOCHING herself right now.. Chaos

4:40 am Everyone sleeping.
7:42 am Zzzzzzz

9:40 am zzzzz

10:30 am Houseguests getting up

10:40 am Taylor and Nicole
Niocole says if they go up it could go either way She would like the two of them to go talk to Monte and offer him a deal.
Nicole – if we’re talking real shit. i thought I could trust Ameerah and it’s clear that I couldn’t I’m finding things now over the last couple of days there are things she said behind my back
Nicole – who else has she told things that aren’t true in regards to me as a player in the game. I thought we were all on the same page.
Taylor – the only way the veto doesn’t get used is Kyle is convinced that Alyssa staying isn’t good for his game. Daniel obviously does not want to use it to keep you off the block.
Nicole – we still haven’t talked since veto
taylor – For obvious reasons
Nicole – For obvious reasons

11:13 am Jasmine and Indy
Jasmine brings up Taylor this morning saying “whats the point of getting up if I’m about to go home”
Indy – I feel bad but the time has come.
Indy – your check has arrived my friend. time to go. time to pay your bill

11:20 am Nicole and Monte

Nicole – I really wanted to talk to you about Ameerah.. I’m finding out a lot of things…
Nicole – I want to know if there things she said Bou me and my game
Monte – Not to me. Ameerah and I rarely talked one on one
Nicole – I play a really honest loyal game with integrity.. almost as a fault.
Nicole goes on blaming Ameerah for saying things that damaged her game.
Nicole doesn’t want to be nominated but.. “Do you really want someone like her (Taylor) in the jury”
Monte asks if there are people in the house that would vote for Taylor to stay. Nicole says absolutely.
Monte asks shocked.
Nicole – I’m honestly scared to go on the block I’m being honest with you

Nicole – if she’s here and you guys don’t have something going she will f** you in the end.. she will not vote for you in this game she will not put you in the position of feeling comfortable because she always going to be there lingering it’s just who she is (WTF)

Monte – you don’t have to convince me, Nicole
Nicole – I want this relationship to work. I want to work with you and prove my trust with you

Nicole is worried about the house voting keeping Taylor over her.
Monte asks her where this is coming from.
Nicole – with her sitting on the block I don’t know what she is capable of
Monte – do you think she’s been the one who allowed herself staying to stay this long or do yo think other people have been sorta meandering her along and saying ‘OK there’s a bigger target this week’
Nicole – she’s a good shield so the longer you guys keep her the longer you guys go along.

11:51 am (Just throwing this energy out there but another showmance?)

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I just want Thursday. Not because it’s closer to my day off, but because I just want to see Nicole going out of this house. Period!


Indy & Jasmine have turned their angst toward Ally (some deserved – much of it her being scapegoated for) into this potential alliance with Monte, Joe & Terrance (who wants to take out Indy next week LMAO).

The best part is they are both saying “I never lied to you” & “all I had was Girl’s Girls” while they lick the wounds & chant “woe is me” b/c they weren’t aware of Po’s alliance that Ally/Ameerah were in.

Hmmmmmmmm so Indy I guess your F3 with Monte/Joe & JasMEAN I guess your membership in the Old Skool alliance wouldn’t fall into the category of holding anything back from each other either huh?

I’m presuming when it’s time to take out Evil Elvis the Old Skool alliance will get exposed & then those two if still in the house can have something that drives a wedge between them & we can watch the one-legged jig JasMEAN does to hop her way out that hypocrisy!


Indy’s conversation with Monte yesterday showed exactly why Indy should be evicted by the Leftovers before Ally


Remember the first few days in the house when Taylor suggested they in essence have a chore schedule to ensure they kept the kitchen/bathroom clean & that was one of the BIG things the Mean Girls (& the guys including Turner) went after her about? (all behind her back of course).

Funny, how now Cruel Chef is bitching about the same things in a much more demonstrative fashion & it’s all okay.


I remember how I realized why ants were not part of the last celebrity season after seeing how much they cleaned. Now the ants are back

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

Dirty kitchen and bathrooms would drive me crazy.

Palm Oil's Meds

The double standards in this house are crazy! Just like Taylor was unfairly assumed to be the “aggressive” one, but we all see now that Nicole and Daniel are the aggressive ones.


(apologies if this posts twice I was having issues posting – had to update my laptop – so I think it’s fixed).

?Indy & Jasmine have turned their angst toward Ally (some deserved – much of it her being scapegoated for) into this potential alliance with Monte, Joe & Terrance (who wants to take out Indy next week LMAO).
The best part is they are both saying “I never lied to you” & “all I had was Girl’s Girls” while they lick the wounds & chant “woe is me” b/c they weren’t aware of Po’s alliance that Ally/Ameerah were in.
Hmmmmmmmm so Indy I guess your F3 with Monte/Joe & JasMEAN I guess your membership in the Old Skool alliance wouldn’t fall into the category of holding anything back from each other either huh?
I’m presuming when it’s time to take out Evil Elvis the Old Skool alliance will get exposed & then those two if still in the house can have something that drives a wedge between them & we can watch the one-legged jig JasMEAN does to hop her way out that hypocrisy! 


nicole, jasmine, daniel, indy, alyssa all leaving house in that order would be the greatest


Does anyone recall the precise wording Julie gave when she introduced the Festie Bestie’s twist?

I can’t pull up that episode but I remember her saying something to the effect of ‘the LAST DUO standing would get a surprise (or a reward)’.

If things go according to plan for the Leftovers that would mean Nicole leaves this week & Daniel next week. Taylor would join Ally/Indy making them the second trio & Kyle would become a single meaning Michael & Brittany would be the LAST DUO standing.

How ironic would it be if they end up getting some sort of advantage, especially after all the anxiety Britt has been dealing with as the most vulnerable of the Leftover team. Not only bc they’re the only duo w/o a non-Leftover player but she personally took a lot of ire from Jas & Indy about her last vote. They ostracized her and then expected her to keep them in the loop.

She’s also been a priority target on the lips of players like Nicole who told others she would put up Monte/Joe/Terrance in order to back door Michael/Britt (to take out Britt).

Hearing Jasmine & Nicole’s conversation last night shortly after midnight highlighted the Bully Brigade’s typical BS. Nic said she saw a different side of Britt & recognized perhaps she’d based her opinion on what Ameerah had said (to not trust Britt & how she was coming for Nic). Both Jas/Indy said they’d never heard Britt say Nic’s name.

But instead of keeping the bar high, Nicole said Britt & Taylor got close b/c they were both outcasts to which JasMEAN responded – they MADE THEMSELVES outcasts adding it’s THEIR responsibility to talk to people and she can only do so much to make them feel welcome.

THIS ^^^ from the same mean girl who frequently complained about Britt not reading the room that she wasn’t welcome & should leave or that conversations stopped b/c they didn’t feel uncomfortable with her or they’d just get up and leave. As Britt put it – they GHOSTED ME. With Taylor, they would see her coming, get up & run out of the room or sit with their backs to her or her patented comment implying the only way she would talk to Taylor outside the house is if she was being paid to do it.

The reality is this Brittany epiphany from Nicole is ONLY happening BECAUSE THEY NEED HER VOTE – either to save Nicole or to vote their way to get make the house majority. Something Evil Elvis only figured out last night.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone had the precise wording of what Julie said & YEAH it would be sweet if Michael & Britt earned an advantage in the early stages of the jury to offset some of the stress & anxiety they’ve felt being that one unprotected Leftovers duo.


In that scenario, Jasmine and Turner would still be a duo also.


Oh right – but I’m assuming Kyle would join them b/c Jasmine is in that duo.


I’ll be happy to see Jasmine, Nicole, Daniel and Indy leave. For Jasmine to say it’s Taylor’s and Britt’s fault they are treated the way they are treated, Really Jasmine, your jealous big butt thinks you have not done anything to make them feel unwanted or welcome.

When you are back home, look at the mean things you have said about them behind their backs. Nicole is full of crap, narcissistic, annoying, evil and jealous, Jasmine thinks she deserves special treatment due to her injury, Indy says cute one liners, but she has no game play, all Indy has is, she thinks flirting with the men will keep her around.

Jasmine now talking crap about Alyssa, Jas is never satisfied, she is not loyal to anyone who does not serve her needs on a daily basis.

Christmas from past seasons had a BROKEN foot, she did not behave like Jasmine with a Sprained Ankle, Jasmine is a lazy fat butt evil jealous hearted, mean girl, she has shown that she is a hypocrite, fake, says nasty things behind your back, complains this game is hard for her, because she cannot be Fake, well she seem to be extremely Fake to me.

Sorry, I just cannot stand some of the evil jealous, manipulative, entitled women BB has placed in the house this year. No game play, they are just dirty, mean, nasty, bullies, and try to intimidate people, want to ostracize people who are not in their group, and they think they are the ones who are being misunderstood.

Nicole, has shot herself in the foot over and over, I am really hoping to see her on the block, and evicted on Thursday. Nicole is an emotional wreck, her and Evil Dirty looking Elvis.

Only Reading Feeds

What happens if Daniel doesn’t want to use the veto?


Then Kyle can use it. They both get a veto medallion and either one can use.


There’s hope for me if a goofy looking unemployed guy like Kyle can get a gorgeous girl like Alyssa!! Lol


Goody looking??? He’s far better looking than all the other men in the house!


F..k, that was goofy, not goody. Stupid autocorrect!

Palm Oil's Meds

Kyle is actually handsome, tall, and muscular. I didn’t know Alyssa had a boyfriend at home. That might explain some of Kyle’s hesitancy with a showmance.

un autre nom

What i just realized / remembered:
Indy wasn’t a member of Oldskool.
Oldskool members: dan,terr,nic,ame,aly,jas.
This would be useful if production was allowing mention of the alliance they never included in their edit.

CopChef is death spiraling.
Note how she wanted to be there if Taylor spoke to Monte, and was annoyed that Taylor spoke to Monte alone yesterday. Tells Taylor she doesn’t want the veto used…. oh that will be a campaign point…. for Taylor.
Filibuster to Monte:
She’s borrowed La-z-boy’s bus it seems, and already speedbumped Britt. Apparently she thinks she’s Sandra Bullock now, because I see no signs of her slowing the bus.
Let’s put up Michael and Britt and vote out Britt.
Taylor is why Britt cries.
Doesn’t trust Turner or Joseph. (Elvis doesn’t trust T/J so now Nic doesn’t)
Everything was Ameerah. Wasn’t Pooch volunteering stupid.
It’s like she’s still in the Sherriff’s office and forgot to turn off her bodycam before getting out of the car to question a suspect.
They count out her votes together. She can smell bs from across the room she proudly stated…. and she’s currently standing waist deep in manure.

Indy has been trying to play sex therapist for Kyle about getting with Alyssa. I’d suggest he get a spray bottle, if he weren’t trying to discourage Alyssa while simultaneously encourage her. He was. shush. Verbally he was saying stop while he pulled her closer, said he was going outside while leaning into her. He’s mixed messaged her, and i’m sure by now there’s some twitter squad that wants her removed. Let me check. Yup. And KyleMama is not pleased either. Indy knows Kyle plans to use veto now, and her response was pretty vanilla. LIke yeah that’s nice, have you kissed Alyssa?

Daniel, as far as I know, hasn’t gotten out the giant elastic band and ACME rocket skates to put part 2 of his 5 part plan into motion.

The Beef

I agree that Kyle is sending her mixed messages, but he’s also said NO to her many many times. Does that girl not realize everything they do in there is going out via live feeds for the whole world to see? Does she have no shame the way she’s throwing herself at that guy, only to be turned down again and again and again and again?

She must be horny as all get out in order to just not care what people think of her and the way she’s acting in there, because she’s acting like a $25 hooker trying to pick up a john for a 30 minute quickie, and while we all know it’s not that, the way she keeps going at him – offering herself to him (that gif with him half in the shower with her “pulling” his hands upwards towards her chest) – just makes her look cheap, or really really loose, at least in my opinion.

Yeah I know – she LIKES him! But that doesn’t mean you lower yourself to acting like that – ESPECIALLY when you know there are cameras everywhere, your family, his family and the whole damn world can see what you’re doing!

Buh Bye

Kyle is getting “Franzled” …

Palm Oil's Meds

Alyssa is one of those pretty girls that never had a guy reject her. She has pretty privilege, so she will get away with being forceful. I heard Kyle’s mom is tweeting for her son to stay strong and to just say no to Alyssa. lol


I wonder how long the Leftovers will continue to work together without someone screwing it up. I can see someone aligning themselves with both sides, hoping to stay safe longer, letting info go, & then it all goes to “heck.”

Also, how long do you think BB will keep the Festie Bestie twist alive? At some point the groups will get so big that there will be quite a few on the block, not able to vote.

un autre nom

Monte and Joe’s fauxlliance talks with Jasmine Terrance and Indy.
It’s already happening.


Did Jasmine even run this by Terrance beforehand? B/c while she was pitching it Terry was spouting to at least two others his intentions to put up Dan/Kyle & BACK DOOR INDY lol

Also – of note, Michael, Taylor & Britt met in SR & have shifted away from Indy to keeping Ally (wonder if Michael got the vibes I put into the universe that he couldn’t crack that nut – all pun intended). I do think it’s better for that trio in spite of Ally-Taylor friction if she stays instead of Indy.

Btw – REALLY looking forward to Joe/Monte chat w/Indy & Kyle chat w/Ally on why they’re going to keep Taylor instead. That should offer all kinds of entertainment.

un autre nom

Why would she run it by him? Given her sense of entitlement and Dan/Nic saying how much he needs them… she’d just assume he’ll be a piece of furniture in the club house that she can recline on.

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

Daniel, Nic, Jaz & Indy go so far beyond game play and are straight up hateful bullies. As if Taylor Joe & Turner have no right to play the game or have a good day. Nasty, entitled ugly people. They have a ride awakening coming their way. You’d think people would learn from watching past seasons.


Monte can’t vote to evict unless there’s a tie, because he’s HOH. I just want to know if Terrance & Joseph can vote since they are considered HOH too?

un autre nom

Last week Jasmine voted when Turner was HOH,
therefore yes, Terrance and Joseph have a vote.
They aren’t considered HOH, they are considered safe because they are partnered with the HOH.

Palm Oil's Meds

Indy has a lot of nerve. She has done nothing but complain, talk about her witchcraft, cook, and eat.

Palm Oil's Meds

Joe doesn’t waste time. He went from Pooch to Ameerah to now flirting with Taylor. Hope this doesn’t mean Taylor is going home.