Indy “You don’t even want to kiss, you’re not going to take off your pants.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Monte
Nominees: Indy and Alyssa
POV Players: Alyssa, Indy, Monte, Terrance, Joe, Kyle and Daniel (Michael is the host)
POV Winner: Daniel & Kyle
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Turner & Jasmine

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Nicole & Taylor

12pm HOH room – Nicole and Monte.
Nicole – I know that they talk.. and talk.. and talk.. and talk. And I know how Taylor can be. So for me I hope that she isn’t planting seeds in this womans head. Like saying sh*t and putting doubt in her because when it comes to anything that has been going on between Taylor and I am not.. like to me its comical. I am also the person that can read bullsh*t across the f**king room so it just cracks me up. There is that sense of humor when it comes to it so that .. it all solely has to do with me getting on that block next to her. Monte – MMMmmhhmmm… MMMmmmHHmmm.. I understand but being on the block and you’re not even on the block yet but the potential of it just brings up a lot of paranoia. I think Taylor you feeling like she was lying to you in that moment definitely sparked some doubt in making you think that she had some backing this week. I mean maybe she does…. I don’t know. Nicole – its not even like she is like oh I have the votes to stay .. its more like.. Monte – you reading in between the lines? Nicole – yeah. Like her body language is so f**king off. Her ummm.. I’ve seen her vulnerable in this game so when I see her bullsh*tting I am just like .. uh huh? Yeah I get where you’re coming from. Like I am not listening. Its like in one ear and out the other. I am just like keeping tabs on all the sh*t that she is saying to me .. like lie ..lie.. lie.. lie …lie.. Monte – I mean you know her better than I do. Nicole – but that’s the thing… is I don’t know her at all. Monte – yeah that’s what I was about to say .. do any of us know her? Nicole – it is what it is.. obviously I would love not to be on the block and then go back to the drawing board next week to get her out of here. Or we just figure out .. you know just go with the flow and see what happens on Thursday. Monte – I care about you and I do what to consider you opinion. You were the first person I talked about who I would be putting up on the block after I got HOH that night .. I valued your opinion we broke down .. and who was the best option? Indy and Alyssa.. I’ve been pitching that to everybody .. I even got Indy and Alyssa to feel okay about it. If there is any alternative that is feasible and that wouldn’t have me screwing myself I would want to hear it. Nicole – well when I talked to Brittany this week .. after people were like oh what lies did she tell you? Like I am sure whatever she told you isn’t true. And then five minutes later they’re all sitting together. Y’all are good because if I don’t like someone .. I’ll be damned if I am sitting next to them. I get that its the game but that’s not the way I play my game. Monte – yeah. Nicole – I will probably talk to her again today. Monte – its politics. Nicole – I mean if her and Michael were to be the replacements .. I am voting her out. For sure! Monte – I mean that.. oh boy… Nicole – I like Michael, I am not voting him out. Monte – I am worried that people will get funny idea about that situation. Nicole – and vote Michael out. Monte – and screw Michael over. If that happened on my HOH .. now I’m looking like a f**king .. you know what I’m saying because that wasn’t communicated with anybody. And I do still have time before the POV ceremony.. but when you talk about shields Michael has been a competition beast. Nicole – right but now he has her so if we want to keep working with him its best we keep her over Taylor. Monte – exactly! Monte – I know Indy… Nicole – she is f**king ride or die with you. Monte – yeah she has made that clear. Although I did catch her not telling the truth. She pretty much told Joe and I that a guy was looking to target her back when Jasmine was HOH. And Joe and I look at each other and we’re like what guy is talking to her telling they’re targeting Joe? And then she recently told me that it was Ameerah. So she just confirmed that she lied. Nicole – this is what I am saying ..its the little f**king things that she was planting.. she tried to set doubt in me to not trust Daniel. I doubt a lot of things with her… like all the conversations she said she had with you .. I don’t know if she really had them. Monte – I doubt it. If there are 7 – 3 vote there are people (the other 3) that will fall in line and vote Taylor out. Like why would you risk being exposed? You’re really in a safe position here. Nicole – and like you said in the storage room.. my life is in your hands. I want to fight for you. I want to fight for us. Just know I have your back and its the truth. Monte – and vice versa and if you hear anything fishy going on just come back and we’ll lock the door and talk about it. Nicole – okay.

12pm Hammock – Kyle and Indy.
Kyle – I am completely invested in the game so I am also worried about that. I do like her (Alyssa), she is awesome. Indy – she is awesome. She is so cute. Oh my gosh. Indy – and you are too. Kyle – so I tried to talk to her and be like hey we shouldn’t do it but I think we’re just naturally attracted to each other so its hard. Indy – yeah its something you can’t control. Kyle – I don’t know what to do. Indy – I would kiss around.. just go in my room. I can stand by the door. Kyle – laughs. Indy – Im the mall security guard. I think you can do it and nobody know. Kyle – yeah. Its hard in this situation.. outside of here it would be so easy. Indy – yeah you go to the jury house and that would be perfect. Then you guys can live the dream and skinny dip the pool. Kyle – maybe we’ll skinny dip here. Indy – you don’t even want to kiss, you’re not going to take off your pants. Kyle – I know. Yeah she is fun though. Did you talk to Monte about the veto? Indy – yeah and he said we going to use it. I think the house is aligned and I trust Monte. Kyle – he’s wanted Taylor gone since day 1. Indy – I trust what he is doing and putting me up.

12:56pm HOH room – Joe and Monte.
Monte – I just had an hour and a half conversation with Nicole.
I wanted to see if she was expressing her concerns about going up on the block. She was actually a little bit more reserved. She wasn’t very aggressive about pushing for her not to go up on the block. I just talked her though it to calm her down about going up on the block. I was really looking for her to say that she was fine with Indy and Alyssa going home but she never said that. Joe – and it doesn’t make sense Alyssa is her home girl. She’s trying to re-recruit Terrance. She has Daniel. It would make no sense for the to try to evict someone that she actively trusts. Monte – she thinks Taylor has more backing than people think. And I was like who? She said she is tight with Brittany. So I was like you’re basing this on your conversations with her!? Joe – to me Taylor is just acting like a normal house guest now. Monte – I don’t want to give Nicole any reason.. I don’t play an sympathy with Taylor. I was like maybe she is playing reverse psychology, maybe she is making you feel like she is comfortable just so that you get paranoid.

1:16pm HOH room – Taylor, Monte and Joe.
Monte – I was just telling him about the conversation I had with Nicole. Joe – it all has to do with her (Taylor) anyway. Taylor – debrief me. Monte – She really didn’t want to go up on the block and said that she thought you had more backing. We went through the votes and she was really comfortable with at least 6 votes. I said if not you and Taylor ..then who? She brought up Brittany. And I told her that I did not want to put up Michael and Brittany .. I could not let Michael potentially go home on my watch. Taylor – we will talk later but I am ready to go savage beast mode in my speech. Joe – are you going to hint that you’re staying in your plea for votes speech? Taylor – Oh I’m going to blow that sh*t up in the moment. You thought I was wrapped around your finger. I heard you should have won an Oscar. Monte – oh SH*T! Joe – oh yeah!! Taylor – you knew what you were doing when you sat next to me. I hope you treat me better outside the house than how you treated me in here because all I wanted to be was your friend. Joe – that will be a juicy live eviction. Monte – that will be good for tv! Taylor – I am hoping I am the second speech. Daniel will be livid. Nicole will be livid .. and then we go into the HOH battle.

1:30pm Backyard – Terrance, Nicole and Daniel.
Nicole – its sad the power that they have. Daniel – if it doesn’t change this week. Its done! The season is over! Nicole – yeah, 100%. Terrance – say what now?! Daniel – if it doesn’t change this week, the season is over.. they steam roll it. They win it. Those two big dudes win the game. None of them are taking any of us to the final two. Nicole – and they’re using Michael as a shield to win competitions. Daniel – because he’s a bada$$. Nicole – Michael/Brittany, Turner/Jasmine are not going to go against the grain. That’s four people they have on their side 24/7. Daniel – I don’t see Jasmine on their side.

1:45pm Bathroom – Daniel and Terrance.
Terrance – I think she is just over reacting. Daniel – she is definitely paranoid and last night I told her you got to stop! Terrance – she has to stop! Daniel – in here (in her mind). Terrance – Trust me I know how that sh*t feels. Daniel – yeah yeah I know. Terrance – I’ve been there ..but she’s got to chill out. Daniel – just between me and you, will you 100% vote for her to stay? Terrance – yeah, yeah. I am not going to do what she did. Daniel – its just scary because if Taylor stays .. they will just steam roll the whole house and it is so easy for them to just pick us off.

2:37pm HOH room – Nicole and Kyle.
Nicole – I feel its just scary.. the idea of going on the block. Kyle – yeah. it sucks either way. I mean Monte seemed to make it pretty clear that he had a backdoor option. That it was you and Taylor. I think he told Daniel first. I think it makes sense. That’s what the plan is moving forward. were you aware of it coming when he made the speech? Were you on board? Nicole – well yeah, I mean I was on board from before he made nominations. Kyle – I think everyone knew. Big Brother switches the feeds. Kyle – I honestly don’t want to stir up anything because Monte made it clear there is a backdoor plan. Taylor is the backdoor target which everyone could assume. At the end of the day I want to be on Monte’s good side and I don’t see any benefits of not using the veto. Other than people would be just like what the hell are you doing? Nicole – I don’t want you to have a target on your back. I am only one person, I can only protect you for the foreseeable future. Kyle – how do you feel about Alyssa? Nicole – she is just super sensitive. She can’t hold water. Even Turner told me things that she told him and Turner and I don’t even talk game. Kyle – I know. That’s where I am a little nervous. Nicole – asking you not to use the veto is where I wanted my conversation in a direction I wanted to go but I feel like with you I just want you to know that I have your back. You can trust me. I will always be transparent with you. I’ve never lied to you. And I think in order for you to go far in this game you need to have people that you can rely on. Kyle – for sure. Nicole – I feel like as if we go back in time and look at PO’s Pack .. I have your best interest at heart. Big Brother switches the feeds.

3:04pm Living Room – Daniel and Jasmine.
Jasmine – You know what I was scared after .. I was scared that people thought I was in it. I was not in it. Daniel – I didn’t think you were. Jasmine – I did not .. I was hurt! Daniel – even if you were I wouldn’t care. In the current state besides my vote.. that Ameerah knew about .. there are six other people that lied straight to my face and those people are currently in power. I feel like they’re trying to flip… Like Taylor has been up in that room more than I have and I was HOH! I respect the fight but like is it on the up and up? Jasmine – that’s what I am about to find out.

3:10pm – 3:24pm Bedroom – Daniel and Alyssa.
Alyssa – I just wanted to touch base because we were the ones blindsided last week. If you were ever so kind to use the veto I would really appreciate it. I don’t expect it to use it but i really appreciate if you would. But I know you using that puts your closest ally in danger. But she is someone that I trust and the only person that stuck with me, Indy, Jasmine. I want her in this game and I want you in this game. I don’t want any more blindsides or secrets. If you were to use it I will do everything in my power .. you have my word on my family that she is staying from my power. Daniel – thank you. I obviously want to use it. The other six lied to my face. What that vote told me was that I could trust you, Indy, Jasmine and Nicole. Me with the sympathy vote so that is 5 of us. Its so obvious to me that Joe and Monte are going to steam roll this house. If we don’t make a change this week .. we are all losing. We have to resist whatever they’re doing to shut that sh*t down. If we don’t make a change this week we are f**Ked! Alyssa – You know where I’m at. Daniel – thank you so much, we have to do this. Alyssa – absolutely. Daniel leaves the bedroom. Alyssa looks at the camera – I am voting out Taylor 100%! That just changed my point of view.

3:27pm – 3:45pm Backyard picnic lunch.. Turner and Jasmine (havenots) are annoyed because some of the food was their left over HOH food that they were saving till they were no longer havenots.

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Nicole is really making herself look like a fool. She told Monte she can read bulls@@t from across the room, well you sure are not go at reading it less than 14 feet away from you, because Monte wants you evicted. You are sitting there talking with him, where is your meter read on Monte giving you a bunch of BS making you think you are not the Target ?

Nicole, also said that she plays this game with integrity, I am rolling on the floor, Nicole you need to just stop talking. You are really embarrassing yourself, these people see through all of the BS that comes from your mouth, and the same with Evil Elvis, you both are idiots.

un autre nom

Surreal World: Inception Simultation
Paloma Ghandi Des Cartes Buddha Musk has tiktoked that the woman she called her close friend in exit interviews, Taylor, was actually bullying Paloma.
Maybe she should have taken the second year Media class.


She removed it after Hannah Chaddah & others politely but accurately told her she was essentially full of sh*t!

un autre nom

I think she moved it to Insta with comments turned off, if sources are correct.


Oh I heard she removed it completely. I went back & checked & the message said she removed it from TikTok (& I’m assuming Twitter).

For those who didn’t see the responses from Hannah & Britini (from BB23) I typed out Hannah’s and pasted in Britt’s below:


I’m glad that you are doing better mentally but you remarking that you don’t see color and it has no impact on the game (social factors have just as much of an effect on the game as they do in real life so I do feel like your statement was ignorant and dismissive) and you claiming that Taylor “scares the shit out of you’ in addition to a number of microaggressions don’t sit right with my spirit

I hope you continue to nurture your health and well-being but I would also appreciate more introspection from you as to how your actions affected others.


‘First, mental health is nothing to joke about. It should 100% be taken seriously. In saying this, please don’t use the “we don’t see everything” excuse as a way to validate your actions. Taylor NEVER bullied anyone. Instead, apologize & own your words.’

Hannah also CLOCKED Pooch:

Pooch: Jul 27
Y’all that think you know what happens in that house 24/7 because of live feeds are hysterical Just like on the TV episodes same with the feeds. Producers show you what they WANT you to see.

my guy…having been in your position <9 months ago there is not a single aspect of my game/how i conducted myself that the live feeders are not aware of. and what is your commentary what we did see? ik you’ve gotta be more creative than the “you don’t see everything” excuse

AND tripled down on Jasmine including a comment to someone who said she’d be chilling with her after the season…

everytime i turn on feeds, jasmine’s either talking about ppl not helping her enough w/ her ankle, taylor, ppl not cooking enough, taylor, ppl not cleaning enough, taylor, or the chicken wings & spaghetti she’s gonna eat at midnight on wednesday PLS she’s so unserious

Fan: Lets see if u keep this heat post show imma see y’all chilling after all of this so no need for all of this

Hannah response:
now why would i talk my mess on twitter & then go on to befriend them it’s gonna be a hard pass from me and feel free to hold me to that


Sorry Simon and Dawg for posting again, I forgot something.

I’ve watched the live feeds, Taylor has tried talking or including Daniel in conversations she has with other houseguests. Daniel is very stand offish, the dude laughs and talks with everyone else, but he constantly gives Taylor the cold shoulder.

Why did he bother with the fake apology last week? That was just to make sure that he did not look bad to the millions of people watching the show, it was not a sincere apology, it was a cover his Ass apology.

Also, Taylor you are being too nice when you spoke to the camera last week saying that you and Daniel will be friends when you are outside of the house, and please do not give Daniel a hard time outside of the house, Daniel is not your friend, Daniel is a evil person.

Daniel deserves to look like the evil, mean, nasty personal game playing villain he has shown all of the the viewers this season.

Daniel is 2 faced, mean spirited, easily led, overly emotional, he has no back bone, he’s a weak little paranoid 35 year old man who is willing to treat you like crap for absolutely no reason at all. Daniel has shown he is a total Follower, he is a weak dude with issues.

Taylor, you and Daniel will not be friends outside of the house, this wimp will not engage in conversation with you while you are inside the house. Daniel does not deserve you as a friend, I don’t get the feeling Daniel even knows what the meaning of Friendship is.

Daniel has shown his true colors, he’s no super fan as he claims, Daniel is FLOATER, plain and simple, what has he done in game other than jump on board with treating Taylor like crap, yelling at her, just so in his little mind, he fits in with the cool kids.

Daniel would not raise his voice to any of the men in the house, Daniel plays tough with Taylor, and kisses the butts of the men, and Cruel Narcissistic Chef, he wants to feel included.

I hope if he raises his voice at Taylor again, the men or anyone in the house steps in and tells him that is not acceptable, knock it off, he would shut up immediately.

Daniel is a bully to people he considers weaker than him, Evil Elvis deserves to be looked at sideways when he leaves the house, he’s a Jerk and so is Crazy Ass Nicole.

Wait. . .what???

Well said (written)! I agree 100%. Anyone who bullies is basically a coward and will only target someone they think is weak. If someone who is watching the feeds or reading these updates is being bullied I hope they find strength and inner peace and know that karma is a b1tch and will come and bite the bullies when they least expect it.

un autre nom

Here’s the big problem:
Elvis and Nic are having this huge can’t let the boys steamroll epiphany.
Who are they targeting perpetually? Women.
Sooooo….. oh, they’re full of shit. gotcha.

un autre nom

From what I’m gathering:
Nic gave away Stinky’s icecream
She then used his oat milk instead of the house milk.
Now the picnic spread is largely made up of the hoh food he was saving for when he got done being a have not.

un autre nom

In other news, Jasmine.
A week and a half after kvetching that she was starting her period… today says she’s starting her period again. Starting to think oh take a miodol and relax. Twice in one month?
Okay. Someone miiiight be using their cycle for sympathy… or someone miiight be trying to use their cycle as an excuse for negative behavior.


I wouldn’t expect anything less from that $itch! “I’ll protect you”, “you are my number 1”, “it’s you and me”…..blah, blah, blah!


Not just Turner’s apparently. Also Jasmine’s food this time. His main annoyance with the division of ice cream is that no one asked him if it was ok


She is a real piece of…work!

illegal smile

Yea…work with a capital S. ?


Yup = 95 percent of that spread came from Turner’s HOH food & Indy NEVER ASKED nor did she really apologize after. The sweet potato fries I think were Jasmine’s which is probably why she asked about them 3 times.

As for the ice cream – Nicole started handing them out asking people – do you want some ice cream right in front of Turner.

Based on how Evil Elvis prefaced his speech using bully in air quotes to Kyle today & citing Turner I have a feeling he & Cruel Chef did that on purpose. (in fact, I have no proof but they way EE spoke about the ONLY SIX PEOPLE PLAYING THIS GAME WITH INTEGRITY & his recent ire toward Turner has me wondering if the Evil Twins set that all up with Indy.

Either way, given the types of things Taylor has been hung out to dry for this season the fact Nic & Indy just essentially wiped out all his food sure felt orchestrated, disrespectful & seemingly done as payback. (maybe I’m wrong – shrug — don’t think so 😉

illegal smile

Good connection I concur


I can understand Jasmine and Turner’s annoyance. Turner earlier complained that people divided up his ice cream without asking him


Lol, Kyle cannot talk game to people that he is purposely lying to without wearing those sunglasses!


Is is just me that every time somebody not in the leftovers alliance starts to talk about Taylor they cut the live feed!!!!
CBS should stop doing that or give us our Money back !!!

Let the world continue to see what ass holes these people really are


It’s just you because I have seen kvetch sessions on Taylor, Turner, etc


You’re not the only one. I complain about that constantly!


Cruel Chef slut shamed Taylor today & used the ‘p’ word – it was disgusting, base & anything BUT full of integrity. It’s hard to find empathy for an individual who is that putrid at their core. She’s going to hear about when she leaves on Thursday & she has it coming. The smartest thing she can do is immediately get herself into therapy b/c clearly, these are deeper seeded issues at play.
I’m starting to wonder if this is rooted entirely in her own insecurities but there is ‘game” & then there is whatever the F she thinks she’s doing. I noped her & him very early this season – actually, I think it was a first for me to nope someone b/4 Another Name (who has a much finer tuned gut radar than mine). In this situation, however, I, unfortunately, recognized traits from personal experience & my gut immediately told me who they are at their core.
I almost questioned myself b/c I saw it in him on night one, whereas she was able to portray a better version (hide) for about three days. But when you are camera 24-7 it’s impossible to play a role & be under stress – the TRUE YOU eventually comes out. This IS NOT about the house, particularly with those two – this is WHO THEY ARE AS HUMAN BEINGS!
When he said only six of “us” are playing the game with integrity it pissed me off. Particularly after what Nicole said about Taylor today (and Terrance who I was giving some leeway since he seemed to be trying to move away from the dark, lots MAJOR points with me today at the pool table. He’s a father & says he cares about Taylor – he should’ve shut that sh*t down immediately – or at the very least walked away if he didn’t have the balls to step up and address the crassness & inappropriateness of her comment.
Evil Elvis is implying the four biggest bullies in the house: himself, Cruel Chef, JasMEAN & Indy (plus Ally & Kyle) are the ONLY ones playing with integrity.
Presumably, this is his way of battling the bully speech from Turner (that he had the audacity to use air quotes on). And he’s doing this on purpose to get equal air time thinking he can control the narrative to gaslight us into believing Taylor is the bully & that quartet aren’t. They better not show any of it – and if they do it better be with examples of what they HAVE done & said.
I was sort of wondering whether Taylor should follow through with her planned speech in which she intends to scorch the Cruel Chef – after today I hope CBS lets her go second I hope the entire Leftovers alliance stands up & applauds her when she finishes. They want to set a narrative – well how about hitting those two individuals with the truth?
And I sure as heck hope she gets the privilege of winning HOH & putting his a$$ OTB so she can deliver another scorcher – if I were her I’d draw from a line he used in his HOH speech to her where he suggested she use the opportunity to apologize to the cast – in his case it’s a long line including her, the other players, his family & friends & the viewers.
Kids watch this show – so instead of CBS giving us diluted edits that have hidden the worst of what’s occurred in that house how about they address the bullying head on & show their younger viewers the only proper way to deal with bullies is to call them out!

un autre nom

All I could think when Nic said what she said in an attempt to be less disgusted:

cat lady.jpg

They are SERIOUSLY talking about switching to keep Nic & taking out Ally.


Bad and good for Kyle if he feels he can trust the Vile twins. Split for Michael b/c Nic likes him but Dan will likely always opt-out to target him over the alphas (yeah- yeah – he talks alot but until I see him man up I don’t trust he’d go after Joe or Monte.

I cannot fathom how keeping Nic is good for Monte or Joe instead of Alyssa.

They need Kyle to stop cuddling & get up to the HOH b/c he’s the one that has all the intel.

UGH – I can’t get out of my head to analyze this properly b/c I really wanted her out after what she said yesterday & then watching that group in the room.

It was Michael’s B-day but the people doing all the talking were JasMean, Indy, Dan & Nicole. Monte spoke the most from the Leftovers & I only saw Michael & Turner speak once.

The WORST was when Nicole spoke about a man getting in a woman’s face & how she would never tolerate it. It made me nauseous that she had the audacity to say that seated directly across from Taylor.

And while the above debate continues in the HOH that dirt bag is downstairs talking to that rude narcissist about how he’s so angry at Turner b/c he lied & didn’t avenge Paloma.

I realize it’s a game but TPTB interfere all the time for plot changes – they need to pull his a$$ into the DR & tell him to stop f*cking talking about Pal, revenge etc b/c it’s him trying to continue to paint a bully narrative onto Taylor.

So this is the sh*t this a$$hole is currently saying on feeds…

Vile Elvis: Turner lied to me & didn’t finish what was started & avenge Paloma. Real strong move brother. Ugh it makes me sick; the ploy; the bulllying thing made it a f’ing joke when it is a real life situation. AND YOU KEPT THE ACTUAL BULLY IN THE HOUSE Yeah, you really made a point for America, good job. What a dumb speech; doesn’t even make sense. He must be a superfan & thought he was making a big move. You don’t even know what you are doing


PLEASE production – do the right thing & get her out – let him explode & show America on live TV who this a$$hole TRULY is. I cannot believe the Leftovers are making this move unless it was Production driven.

I’m so disgusted & annoyed


I was rolling my eyes so much at the hypocrisy of Nicole’s speech, I rolled myself to sleep. Smh

illegal smile

Please please Taylor say that speech word for word. I want to see the fear in those faces. The fear of just realizing 750K is far far from their reaches is a fine appetizer from the Chef. Their delusions of America loves us, coming to a screeching halt, is a beautiful entree. I think only Alyssa will attempt to make amends (even if it will be phoney). Jaz, indy and Evil will know their time is limited and will go out slapping and cussing. That sprain will probably magically heal overnight, so her Majesty can attempt to once again hold court in the HOH. Thursday can’t come fast enough bon appetit everyone.