Taylor “Once she [Nicole] goes up I’ll just let her POOCH herself!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Monte
Nominees: Indy and Alyssa
POV Players: Alyssa, Indy, Monte, Terrance, Joe, Kyle and Daniel (Michael is the host)
POV Winner: Daniel & Kyle
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Turner & Jasmine

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Nicole & Taylor

9pm HOH room. Monte, Michael, Taylor and Joe.
Taylor – She’s (Nicole) dropped a hint to Terrance too. Monte – really?! Were you talking to Terrance on the hammock? Taylor – yeah. Monte – what did she say .. I mean what did he (Terrance) say? Taylor – he said that she is not really feeling like going up and like she is nervous after Ameerah and all that stuff and that is as much as he knows. He is trying to get me to blow up PO’s pack some more and really pin that on Nicole so that house will flip against Nicole and want to get her out. Monte – LOOK AT TERRANCE WORK!! Joe – did Terrance ask you how you found out? Taylor – I just said look I overheard it. I didn’t give him too many details. Joe – yeah, yeah. I love Terrance but he is only against them because they betrayed him. Its not like he was left alone and we can.. Monte – with the whole Nicole thing. I am hoping she comes up to me because when she does this is perfect ammunition for sharing with Alyssa and Indy. Joe – saying that she (Nicole) tried to leave you guys up. Monte – because at that point its obvious that she is trying to risk their game for her game and that just creates a whole other wedge and hurricane on that side of the house. Taylor – and once she goes up I’ll just let her POOCH herself! Monte – just POOCHING herself. Joe – she literally POOCHED herself! And she pooched herself just sitting with you. She literally yelled at you the day before and then sat with you like that’s my shield. Monte – that’s karma! Joe – she is literally wild for that.

9:15pm Bedroom – Joe and Terrance.
Terrance – I’m covert. So Nicole and them think that the votes are shifting or some sh*t like that. She is paranoid, I’ll say that. She feeling like she is about to get popped off. Joe – Mmmmm.. really?! Terrance – I am just letting you know. Why would she feel like that? Terrance – I don’t F**King know. Joe – I mean she was pissed that you were here. Terrance – maybe you would understand it .. she said last week before I left whatever happened in that back room .. with Indy and Alyssa. Whatever that conversation was when Monte was back there it exposed something and they said something in front of Indy. I don’t know all the details of it so I don’t know f**k about it. Joe – I don’t know the details either. Terrance – when she went out of the room she said she can’t F**King trust anyone. Joe have they tried to get you on their side? Terrance – yeah I am not f**king with that. Next week you and I need to gun for the HOH! Joe – you save my a$$, I’ll save yours.

9:20pm Outside the HOH room – Nicole and Brittany.
Nicole – if I were to go home .. okay fine! But if I don’t go home would you be okay with me picking you and Michael as my Festie Bestie going forward? Brittany – ummm.. yeah, I am curious your reasoning picking us over anyone else. Nicole – I feel like I am closest with Michael other than Terrance and I feel like we could be a force going forward because we’re strong competitors. I got second in the HOH comp. And I think that with Michael and I we would be able to keep the three of us safe. And you guys are your own thing but I would just like to go as far as I can in this game and I think I could do that with the two of you. Brittany – yeah that makes a lot of sense. I don’t have any problem with that. Have you been able to talk to Michael. And for me I always think power in numbers. And I also want to talk to you about the vote with Ameerah and how that all happened. Brittany – if it helps you I did not know until like 15 minutes before. I found out that she (Ameerah) had been throwing my name around. And I found out that she was in PO’s Pack so it seemed like she wasn’t exclusive with the Girls Girls. Nicole – At this point I feel like I have to just trust Monte .. and trust the process. Big Brother switches the feeds.

10pm Backyard. Terrance and Kyle talking about life and not getting married too early before you’re able to experience life.

10:20pm Kitchen – Nicole and Michael.
Nicole – you know what is funny, I should always trust my first instinct. Its like the conversation Brittany and I just had .. I don’t know, I don’t know .. I am such an idiot! I think I am more disappointed in myself that I didn’t see it. Michael – I think a lot of people are feeling that way.

10:37pm – 10:50pm Backyard – Jasmine, Daniel, Turner and Indy.
Turner – I just want to tell everyone .. Did I tell you guys my real job? Who gives a f**k!? I just don’t care to hide it anymore. Who cares?! Jasmine – if you do, I will. Turner – I own a thrift store. Jasmine – I own a personal nail business. Daniel – sick. Turner – yeah who cares. Daniel – why would you hide it. Turner – because I know for a fact not this case but pervious casts .. like oh you own a store.. you must be a trillionaire dude! No, 90% of what I make is bills .. not what I make. Daniel – anyone can say anything .. it would not affect how I play the game. Turner – it would on other seasons. Indy – I talk about my non-profit all the time. Jasmine says hers is called Press on Honey. Turner says his is call The Rug Shack. Terrance joins them and they tell him.

11pm – 12am Joe, Michael, Taylor, MOnte, Kyle and Brittany are still playing the game.

12am Backyard – Alyssa, Turner, Terrance, Jasmine, Indy, Nicole
Jasmine and Turner both realize they were alternates for last years cast but then got on this year. Turner – the two year cast process sucked a$$!

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Nicole is scrambling. I really liked her in the beginning, but now I don’t. She should go out next.

Dry Heave

Same. She and “Elvis” were my favorites at first. That soon changed…. Nobody likes a bully (ex)cop.


I want bullies Nicole and Daniel to go out soon. Think it’s funny how it’s ok for Nicole to tell Ameerah “girl you can do whatever you want” but when Taylor told Nicole basically the same thing she flipped out, and got Daniel involved with the harassment of Taylor.

Only Reading Feeds

Hope Negative Narcissistic Nicole goes

Michael’s Big Schnoz

I’m ready for fake ass voice Butterbeans to go…..heard she’s a Grod fav as well….. have to mute her DRs

Taylormade Victim

That title name is quite accurate

L.L. Bean Dip

I just hope she doesn’t get hurt walking out the door.

Dry Heave

Yes! From day one I’ve thought it sounds like bad imitation of a southern accent. I mute it when she’s on…


I LOVE Michael’s one-liners that frequently have double entendres.

Nicole: I am such an idiot! I think I am more disappointed in myself that I didn’t see it.
Michael: I think a lot of people are feeling that way.

Yeah – like the entire army she claimed to have built, but in reality, was held together by Ameerah. Cruel Chef was acting & demonstratively talking like she’d won the show & would be sitting in F2 with Evil Elvis – but learned very quickly how little control she really had starting with Ameerah’s blindside!

The hypocrisy and delusions are mind-boggling. After the POV she is whining about people going into rooms to talk implying that’s unusual. Um -it’s sort of what happens after comps & the two people on the block want to talk to the POV winner and the HOH while others who don’t want to go OTB also want to have those chats. When she wasn’t in danger she NEVER stopped talking/plotting & grandstanding. Now that she is vulnerable, she wants everyone to stand still & be quiet.

My favorite Michael one-liner occurred this past Monday night while Ameerah was talking to him about how great it would be for Po’s Pack to get to F6 & he responds ‘I hope Paloma is watching‘ with the sweetest of smiles on his face & lightly touching his hands together almost in a clap — all the while KNOWING Ameerah is going to be blindsided & what viewers takeaway is Michael is implying yeah I hope Paloma is watching the Leftovers annihilate your Po’s Pack! LMAO

Wait. . .what???

If Nicole leaves, I wonder what “Festie Bestie” team Taylor will choose. Has anyone heard anything? Any hints dropped?


She’ll join Indy & Ally (Monte & her have discussed it several times).

Wait. . .what???

Thanks. I missed that!


The Lounger Alliance:
Jasmine got off the lounge long enough to limp to Monte & request a F5 with him, her, Indy (which is hilarious), Terrance & Joseph b/c those are the only people she trusts.

Monte has already filled in the Leftovers that were in the HOH saying that works for LO b/c then if Ter, Jas, or Indy wins HOH they can direct them to put up Daniel/Kyle or go after Ally. He’s sort of missing the logic fully on this since Indy/Ally is a duo. The fortunate news for Taylor is she’ll be joining that duo this Thursday gaining some protection from the two lady vipers.

Jasmine is about having an alliance where she can pull her best Cleopatra on a lounger while her teammates run around & bring back intel & cater to her wants & needs (Indy will perform the latter service). If nothing else Jas is good at recognizing talent/strength & with Ameerah gone combined with a loss of trust in Ally, disgust in the Vile Twins, a tepid relationship with Britt, Michael, or Turner (probably b/c they have the least tolerance for BS) & her utter hatred toward Tayler she’s reassessed and made her move.

That’s not to say she won’t shift again with the wind (or a new/different HOH) or if she’s told at any time about the Leftovers & how they knew about this new alliance before it even got off the ground. And, you have to wonder how she’ll feel once presented with the fact Nicole is the target, NOT Taylor.

Is double, triple, quadruple, etc, etc, dipping catching up to Terrance?

As for Terrance, he’s as fickle as fair weather sports fans & as I noted earlier I do think he’s more aligned with Taylor which has me asking whether Jas even discussed this with him before pitching it.

To that end, how will news of this alliance impact the way Taylor thinks of Terrance who is playing up their bond? It has to give her pause that he would align with someone he says he wants out next (INDY) and the two women who despise Taylor the most.

Side Note: — earlier tonight he said if he won HOH he would put up Daniel & Kyle with Indy as his backdoor target!)

When Monte spoke to Joseph alone he of course loved it & wants all three to make jury (votes, votes, votes). It’s good that Monte is forthcoming which is what a solid alliance member should do. BUT … there are issues b/c you can see how Monte/Joe are trying to set up their board more favorably (which every hamster should do).

It is also why Joe KEEPS pushing that Ally needs to be gone. Even today as she’s now the one being ostracized by Jas & Indy which Kyle recognized and is actually sticking up for her, But, Joe won’t relent. WHY? it’s math friends – Ally votes for Kyle or Turner every time ahead of Joe.

Michael and Turner may need to pull Kyle aside and wise him up on the reason keeping Ally would be better for his game. I know Michael would prefer Indy – but she’s the one player Michael is misreading in terms of her desires (and they aren’t Michael). I know he was keen to drag her to F5 – but that was alongside three other ladies. He might be better served to invest more in Turner and/or Kyle bringing along Ally b/c Indy would cut him in a heartbeat – especially ahead of Joe/Monte or Jas.

A definitive difference in the men of the Leftovers:

Again, it’s a fake alliance but it is worth pondering how this sits with Turner who like Kyle is closer to Ally. Neither Indy or Jasmine are remotely nice to him. The one request I’ve heard Turner make is for Indy to NOT make the jury. Have Nots are wreaking havoc on his body so he won’t have any strength this coming week to play in HOH so hopefully it’s a quiz b/c I think he’d be pushing his agenda to take out Indy even before Evil Elvis.

Michael took it in stride but his face spoke volumes & this was happening while he was also saying Nicole in the jury was a better scenario for him than Ally (and she is). If Monte/Joe keep promoting people that serve their end game better it could result in a shift within the Leftovers.

While we know Michael, Britt & Taylor have a F3 it’s actually the trio of Michael, Turner & Kyle who may need to readjust the structure of LO (with Tay & Britt of course) to separate Monte/Joe.

Joe is the main issue right now b/c the charming hi-jinx & humorous acting last week that had us delighted has gone on for too long. Most of the house see through the overacting, lying, and overt gestures. It works in small doses but a constant dose eventually wears thin.

Monte played this week very diplomatically. But stop & ask yourself if he will finish the week with the people he wanted on the block & his target leaving. He learned from that SR fight with CC & Amee on how to work as a team & STILL get his way.

ASIDE: As per Simon & Dawg’s last question about Michael spilling that Nic is a former cop… Four people know that intel now: Dan, Michael, Joe & Terrance.

The fact it hasn’t come out has me asking — do they think she WANTS them to spill it to make her look cunning & to gain agency in the house? Are they purposely not repeating it b/c they see through her?


I don’t know. Joe was warming up to Ally last night with the “chasing her around the pool”


Never liked Nicole, thank god she’s going

un autre nom

Michael: Why Nic over Indy on jury? Because Nic will bulldog for someone she likes, Indy will not listen to reason and vote for who has the biggest biceps.
Jasmine: nobody gives a shit. Let’s just make that a running assumption and hope that soon stretches into her constant need for servants. Says she was almost on 23…well i’m extrapolating current behavior and realizing Tiff would never have made FSBAISTS with Jasmine around… it would have been FJAISTS for sure. Imagine a bedroom with Couch, Bedpost… and Jasmine. damn. dodged a bullet.
Turner: starting to look like he’s made of wax paper wrapped around a a chicken bone.
dear d/r… before giving in and setting up a buffet for Jasmine… maybe toss Stinky some cheerios or a sandwich. damn.
Daniel: been in d/r for over an hour now. How are they telling him to handle the veto situation through their directed questioning. Like they aren’t. riiiiight.
Nic: her talk with Britt is bookended with her slamming Britt before, and then telling everyone how tough she talked down to Britt after. The girls (her audience) partially stick up for Britt (because Britt revealed Nic was a POS and lied about being one).
Terrance seems to be looking for the sweet spot in the middle so he can recline in whatever hideous 70’s inspired upholstery print shirt he has to be the la-z-boy he is.
Michael? also trying to find sweet spot coverage… when tbh he could be the forgotten houseguest if he just sat back this week.
Joe? Definitely looking to be Mr. Middle by tanking his alliance members relationships so that he can take those spots.
Kyle? dear everyone wondering: Kyle is reticent to enter a showmance because his mom is watching. If MamaKyle were blind and didn’t know how to use the internet… different story. I mean, she’s out on twitter hashtagging like it’s his judgement day, and he’s taking cold showers like he’s either exercising or exorcising his trouser demon. It’s got nothing to do with Alyssa, it’s got everything to do with embarrassing mom…. his dance partner.
Britt: hyperhypnotoading before noms, then before veto is played and before veto ceremony… pattern established. the fact that nobody has recognized and adjusted in her alliance, and glued to her until she’s done being a spinkitty at these specific times? Their foul as much as hers. Wait until she starts hyperhypnotoading before the vote. It’s coming.
Taylor won Chinese Checkers. Can’t wait until Mommy Dearest makes that into ANOTHER reason you can’t trust her.


With the added comment last night to Turner (I think by Monte) of “That’s right, you don’t eat meat”, it now makes more sense what has been happening with him and why DR said that he should have protein shakes while on slop. Most likely he was not getting all the nutrients with substitutes of meat that he should have been even before entering the House and that’s why even Casper had more color than Turner did yesterday (seriously have not seen anyone as pale as Turner did yesterday)


He’s also allergic to peanuts & coconut I think. I wondered if his overt reaction possibly pointed to something in the slop he might be allergic to & doesn’t know.


The Bully Brigade is already gearing up – Evil Elvis told Cruel Chef that Brittany was angry she was FORCED to vote a certain way last week (NEVER saw that convo between them EVER) & that Taylor is STRONG ARMING the house.

I’m waiting for them to blame the ants on her b/c God knows everything else is her fault. The Vile Twins deserve to get dragged & called out for their words/actions (heck, CC even told us she LOVES when Julie holds the hamsters accountable).

The duo have repeatedly told us how much better they were than everyone in the house & deserved to win so SHOW us via actual game play – how about talking game strategy with people you’re looking to influence like why people should align with you & what you bring to the table instead of using character assassinations as your main gameplay.

Sadly that’s not their style & I fear we’re in for dark & nasty over the next four days. Nothing he does would be surprising even stooping to another public attack to try to set Taylor up in an effort to make CC the victim & Taylor the “bully” they keep referencing her as when they’re alone. All I know is her crew better frigging stand up for her this time.

Oh, and Britt who they’ve been trashing — well now both of them KNOW they need her to vote with them so watch for some major a$$ kissing in the coming days (it’s already started). Cruel Chef lied through her teeth saying she NEVER wanted to target Taylor & only took her as a Bestie ‘FOR THE HOUSE”.


At least they’ll be only one of them to deal with after this week & I’ll be praying he follows. With Taylor yet again going OTB she needs to reinforce he has to be next so she doesn’t have to be in jury with him where there won’t be 24-7 cameras to protect her from the unfiltered version of him.

un autre nom

Joe and Monte are so close to a landmark realization, but due to their own hubris and brocentricities… they’ll never arrive.
They’ve realized that Nic and Ameerah ran the Oldskool that Daniel created.
They’ve realized that Nic liked Taylor for the first few days and flipped on a dime.
They’ve yet to realize that Mommy Dearest’s behavior is dictated by Elvis’ whining.
She’s his enforcer.
Why are they missing it? It’s not because he’s 6’3″. It’s because in their alpha brains they can’t grasp the concept of a man being so driven by a fear-based strategy that he would NEED a woman to be his enforcer. Why else? Because they would have to parallel their own alliance’s propensity for scapegoating their female members. Who took the heat for the vote flip? Proof of what I just said. Any other reason? Oh, right, because Monte and Terrance have been making excuses for Daniel for a week and a half.

If as the two guys say they came into the game not wanting to work men vs. women… answer me this: week one comments from BOTH Monte and Joe about all the women having to go followed by the creation of the suballiance the POUND before the Leftovers. What’s that all about then?
Show me Monte nominating a man. I hear them say it, and from an image driven standpoint, sure that sounds great, but show me action that matches. Still waiting.

un autre nom

Kyle’s mom is going to be on a bullhorn in the parking lot yelling for Alyssa to leave her baby alone by tomorrow. He used the Shane / Danielle line (win HOH and we’ll see).
Problem: he’s lighting a fire for Alyssa to win hoh when her target list will narrow to Michael and Britt.

CopChef and Elvis are vote counting and Elvis is hatching his diabolical scheme…
Kyle is informing the Leftovers about Elvis’ first leading argument in one will be a transparent scheme. They think they can get Kyle and she thinks Michael maybe. He doesn’t think Michael. Elvis discourages Nic from trying to get Turner. Considering Turner is not handling Have not well… Elvis is being a bit of a dick. Surprise.
Nic’s face? Hans Gruber falling from the Nakatomi Plaza. She’s at floor thirty, she’s still got plenty of freefall to go. bring popcorn.
Still delusional as ever, she’s twisting conversations she started with Michael and Terrance by telling them she’s the target and she can’t touch the block into “Michael and Terrance keep saying to convince them not to use the veto.”
She’s spiralling and i’m hoping to get a few days of this whole Poochin nonsense.
Dan plans to spend the day with Kyle tomorrow. Alyssa will see about that.
And they are back to talking about how annoying it is that Taylor is walking around the house. (ED. All that sandbagging…. and she’s having a beach party?) We have to intimidate Britt, make her afraid of the boys. King Monte… can’t stand Joseph…. toxic waste dump of vitriol and hate and fear pandering…. we’re the underdogs… build the resistance. Have to get Jasmine’s vote. Tell Kyle he’ll lose the game if uses veto.
(ED. I will say this only once: FAILED DICTATORS AREN’T UNDERDOGS, THEY’RE ASSHOLES THAT LOST POWER. I hated it in 19 when Cody and Jessica got underdog status for being the leaders of the bully brigade that lost their status in a coup, I will not for one second tolerate this whole Elvis and Nic are underdogs seed taking root).

Okay, going to sleep because seriously… those two asshats are so nope it’s beyond nope, it’s getting to the never before used but once rumored F#$K NO..


Preach AN!