Winston “They’re like brother & sister. I don’t sleep in bed with my friggen sister!”

POV: Faysal Next POV: ?
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 2nd
HOH: Tyler Next HOH: July 5th
Noms: Sam, Steve Have Nots ???

4:25pm Angela and Winston talking in the hammock. Angela – I think JC’s power is an extra vote. Winston – that’s what it sounds like he is going to wait till Wednesday to tell us probably. Angela – he is a smart player. I listen to him .. if he is freaking out .. then I know there’s something to freak out about. Winston – Swaggy came up to me like he had power but he didn’t win HOH, he didn’t win the veto .. he has literally no power right now. Angela – I honestly don’t care if the hear us whispering. They can go f**k themselves! Winston – in the havenot room Kaitlyn and I were talking about the week in general and I was like so Bayleigh and Swaggy.. just trying to egg it on. And she was like no they’re very sweet. They made a commitment to each other. They’re like brother and sister. I was like I don’t sleep in bed with my friggen sister! Brett starts laughing and then she goes into defensive mode. I could tell that I was almost pushing it too deep. Brett had to step in. I was like no Kaitlyn if they.. I’m not against love. Angela – we should hide a condom wrapper under their stuff. Winston – oh my gosh .. you’re an evil little genius. I am scared of you! Winston – they’re playing 200 miles an hour and we’re just sitting back watching. And you’re going to win this next HOH. Angela – I hope so. I really hope one of us get the app and one of them get the crap. Winston – don’t be surprised this Wednesday if Swaggy and Fez start being all nice to you just in case you win. And me too.. they’re going to be sucking up to us. Don’t fall into that trap. Angela – its easy to.. I have to remember that. Angela – Tyler can use that and be like look you guys were sucking my d**k for 10 days and now .. I should have said that but I’m more lady like… sorry mom. Winston – she’s scary!

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5:25pm Storage room. Brett and Tyler talking. Brett – he (Swagg) told me that everyone wants me out. When I went outside I was acting all paranoid and slammed my plate down. I want him to think I am just going to bow down. Thank you for not using it. You’re safe next week. Tyler – perfect!

6:10pm – 6:30pm Bedroom – Haleigh, Kaitlyn and Fez. Kaitlyn – I had a dream last night that I won HOH and all my HOH photos were of people I barely know. Kaitlyn – He (Brett) could lift 6 of you. Fez – first of all I can lift more than Brett. Haleigh – he bench presses more than I weigh. He lifted like 220. Kaitlyn – I can barely life a 10 pound weight. Haleigh – like double me. Fez says he did more just to show off. Fez – people like that, are not good athletically. Like agility stuff and stuff with balance. He is not going to be good at that stuff. If anybody, Winston would be better. Kaitlyn – because he’s a doctor. Haleigh laughs. Fez – no not because he’s a doctor. Rockstar – because he’s totally wack! Fez – it doesn’t matter Brett and Winston can line up against me athletically. Kaitlyn – because he’s a doctor? Fez – if you win who would you put up? Kaitlyn – Winston and Angela. Heliegh – I would do Winston & Angela too. Kaitlyn asks Fez – who would you put up? Fez – Winston and Brett. Kaitlyn – at what point am I allowed to say are you a doctor?! When one of us wins .. then we’ll say you’re a doctor! Kaitlyn and Haleigh comment on how Paul is hot. Rockstar – I am going to have to politely disagree. Fez – you guys are wack! Kaitlyn – its not about his looks it about his confidence.

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6:40pm – 6:50pm HOH room – Rachel, Tyler and Angela. Angela – I was hardcore trying to be backdoored. Tyler – you were trying to? Angela – that’s what JC told me. That they were going at you. Tyler – they were like Angela has the power.. put her up! Angela – thats f**ked up! Tyler – they think Winston is a doctor. I think Winston is their main target now. Apparently they saw you hug Winston after the veto ceremony and heard you say I can’t believe we got away with it. Angela – no! I think Winston looked at me and said thank god this week is over. JC joins them. They talk about Swaggy and Bayleigh doing some heavy PDA today.

7:10pm HOH room. They wonder if Tyler will pick havenots again when the others come off being havenots on Tuesday. Winston – If you get to pick what are you thinking? Tyler – For slop? I would be like who wants to volunteer? And then after that I would go off of who was safe. Winston – that’s a good idea because then no one can get angry .. its like well you had safety last week. Tyler – and then who was not on punishment. But I doubt I will have to pick again. Winston – I want us fresh for the competition (HOH). I don’t want any of us on it. It worked out perfect with Brett and I coming off it on Tuesday… we should be ready to go on Thursday. Tyler – JC is with us. I’m sure of that. Winston – the number one thing to do when we save Sam is that one of us needs to sit down with her and say we saved you. You owe us. Rachel – are they for sure thinking Steve is staying? Winston – they for sure think Steve is staying.

7:37pm – 7:40pm Hammock time with Winston and Brett. Brett – so far I am not impressed with anyone but Tyler. Winston – good thing he is on our squad. Winston – you and me are hell bent on winning and no one else is. Chis (Swaggy) wouldn’t even dunk his head under water. Brett – I love that they think we’re stupid. Winston – and now they think I’m a doctor. Winston laughs. Brett – when people call out a lie like that .. don’t even give them the time of day. Most people think if you’re in sales .. you’re an idiot. Winston – no you’re persuasive. Brett – I am just going to keep pretending that I’m an idiot and fart.

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Sea horse

Why is Kaitlyn being such a B to Sam?
I don’t get it.
I don’t think JC knows anything about personal space. That would drive me crazy.
I feel bad for Scottie because Steve is going.
I wonder who he’ll hang with after.
Tyler is growing on me. He’s sweet to Sam.
Really like Kaycee. She seems so down to earth.
Lastly, I wish it was wed/Thurs already.


The CBS show is highly edited which I’m sure you know. They have a agenda on how to portray ppl. Sam came off tonight as a whiney don’t care about the game fool. That isn’t her.

Kaycee is blah to me. While I don’t have a problem with her she is kind of a follower. I like people that take the game by the balls. Kaycee, I hope I am wrong, but will float to whatever side has the power at any given time. Would like to see her step up and become more of a leader.

Angela Sam Scottie. Let’s get this!


At least Miss Guru admitted she is not acting the way she supposedly teaches others to act like. Also, she she actually that well known to write a book?


It doesn’t take much to write a book and you can self publish pretty cheap. You can provide the book on many outlets as an ebook and bam you’re an author.


Ok, I saw the first show, read the transcripts that OBB kindly post for us, just watched the second show. Still can’t figure out what people don’t like about Winston. Can you tell me? He seems fine to me! He’s laying low, wants to stay loyal to his 6, hasn’t been rude to people, isn’t overconfident, is actually one of the people who said he’s not there for twitter followers. Seems like a real person like Sam. What is it?

Sea horse

JC was speaking the truth to Sam in tonight’s episode though. I hope she takes his advice.
It’s still early, so I think Kaycee is getting her footing. Kaycee is a team player. Needs to learn how to play selfishly for herself. I’ll keep the faith.


Why do you think Steve is leaving?


Was voting only open for 24hrs? Just wondering how the trending works, it should be weekly. I’m thinking Saggy D needs crap to maybe Knick him down a couple pegs.


OMG can you imagine scaggys face if he got the crap app. Come on now, last week he warned the US, that he will give us one more chance to get it right. Guy is so self absorbed, thinks everything is about him. I honestly can’t wait for the day scaggys pathetic butt walks out the door. Hope he gets boo’d just to show him that we’re not ‘eating this sh*t up” as he claimed. Bay was right though when he said he gave himself this stupid nic, cause there is nothing swag or swaggy about him at all. I would be embarrassed if I was related to him and he’s showing the world what he is truly like. Funniest thing to me though, is that he thinks he is running the house and that no one has him figured out, when they all do. He is only fooling himself. LOL