Winston “Rachel is hell bent on keeping Sam now. Who the hell died and made JC KING?!”

POV: Faysal Next POV: July 7th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 1st
HOH: Tyler Next HOH: July 5th
Noms: Sam, Steve Have Nots Brett, Kaitlyn, Scottie, Winston

8pm The big brother live feeds return after being blocked for the house guests to have a 4th of July party.

Living room – Faysal and Rockstar. Rockstar – it definitely was a game affecting punishment like they said. Its better for our game to do Steve because he also comes with Scottie. But like it just sucks.. its a stupid.. Faysal – The way I look at it .. is if anyone was thinking about keeping Sam on our side for long term… I understand long term but for the short term its better to keep Steve because we need to keep the numbers. So if someone wants to spice it up and keep Sam it might just screw one of us and make one of us go home next week. Whereas if we keep Steve and Scottie .. we could worry about that way later. Rockstar – Tyler should made a big move not only that a smart move. I think they’re all working together but I don’t think they’re all that committed to each other. Faysal – who? Rockstar – the four. I think we could easily get Rachel. Easy! Winston is super sketchy and gets on my nerves.

8:20pm HOH room – Tyler and Kaycee. Tyler – I have a plan to tell Kaitlyn that I know who has the power. And that the power is to cancel out a vote and that person gets two votes. I know who has the power. Kaycee – who? Tyler – Sam. She is staying regardless. You can’t tell anyone. Kaycee – I’m not going to say sh*t. Can she save herself? Tyler – yes. She can also use it on someone else.

8:25pm Bathroom – Rachel says that Brett makes her nervous. Because he is so smart witted and fast. He is faster than me. He is so on top of my game JC – on top of your game… wait do you have a game? Rachel – Brett makes me nervous and he knows that. He probably makes a lot of girls nervous. Brett – you should clarify why I make them nervous because that’s not a good thing to say. Rachel – you make them nervous because you’re intimidating. In a good way.

9:40pm – 10pm Bathroom. Winston and Brett. Winston – Rachel is hell bent on keeping Sam now. Because quote – JC said that Haleigh is definitely voting for whatever JC votes. WHO THE DIED AND MADE JC KING?! And Rachel gave me a little attitude and said we all need to come to a consensus. I said we would talk later.. I am going to need you help up there to convince them. Winston – Did you catch when JC said “her”. That’s for “her” to tell. So its a girl, I think its Rockstar. I am scared now! I need her out.. she sis scary.

10pm Lounge room – Haleigh & JC are talking. JC – I have thought a lot about it and I am voting to keep Sam. Tyler joins them. JC – Lets say hypothetically .. Swaggy wins HOH. Do you think he is going to come for you or me? Because we kept Sam, rather than Winston or Angela that actually wants him out? He is not stupid for a move like that. Tyler asks what the first part of the conversation was? Haliegh – I want to keep Steve and he (JC) wants to keep Sam. JC – but if you guys both tell me to keep Steve, then I am going to vote for Steve because I am going to be loyal to you guys. Haleigh – I am voting to keep Steve because I know where ever Steve goes, Scottie goes too. I have been talking to Scottie and he talks with Steve and I know he is not with them. And I really think he could be a number for us if we needed him. I don’t know where Sam lies. JC – that’s the thing we know for a fact that Sam doesn’t lie anywhere but we know for a fact that Steve is with those people. You realize what people you are messing with, you’re messing with Steve, Scottie and Scottie is one hell of a competitor. Haleigh – yeah and why wouldn’t you want them on your side. JC – Fezzie and Swaggy.. those four crazy a$$ people on my side? They’re going to save between them. We’re going to be like the little pawns. Do you want to be a pawn in this game? Haleigh – I don’t think we’re pawns. JC – when they were talking up there about the veto and they wouldn’t let us in the room.. don’t be naive because then I am just going to walk out and vote however the f**k I want. Haleigh – don’t act like that. Well Tyler was there, so what do you think? Tyler – no one wanted anyone in because it was a meeting with just the veto players. JC – who would be better for our game? Tyler – I honestly think either. I have a good hold on either. Neither of them have said anything about you. That’s why I am not super worried about it. JC – no matter who stays, next week none of us are going home. Tyler agrees. JC – we can move forward in this game. We just have to be smart about what we do. If we keep Steve, we won’t be able to control him. Sam is could sit here right now and we can use her even as a pawn.

Swaggy and Scottie doing catwalks out side the HOH room. Rachel & Kaitlyn join them and start doing catwalks too.

10:23pm HOH bathroom. Tyler and Angela. Tyler – he (JC) is down there trying really f**king hard. Angela – JC said that he is going to vote however you and Haleigh vote. Tyler – he is not. He was down there preaching to Haleigh why she needs to vote for Sam to stay. She was throwing back at him why she needs Steve to stay. And I was like either way I think all three of them are good. I was trying to tell JC to shut the f**k up. I literally told him before stop trying to get Haleigh. She is a lost cause and its going to make you a target with that group. She is a trapped in this Swaggy / Fezzie mind bubble and she won’t come out of it. She is a lost cause. But he is still pushing, pushing, pushing and its making himself a target. Angela – and she is just going to run back to them and say that. Tyler – he is already a target in Rockstar’s eyes. Angela – okay so we vote for Steve to go. Tyler – yes a million percent. Tyler talks to Rachel about his plan to get Kaitlyn to vote for Sam to stay.

10:40pm Steve has a card from big brother. All the house guests gather in the living room to hear what it says. Steve reads the card:

“Dear house guests, Everyone at POP has stars in their eyes for you, even Orwell. (the owl) Happy independence! Enjoy these cookies on us. Your friends at POP!”

All the house guests cheer and say thank you. Steve goes to get the cookies. Steve – that’s it guys I’ve got nothing else for ya.

10:50pm Storage room. Tyler and JC. Tyler – they said that on purpose trying to get you to do sh*t just like you’re doing. Jc – what did I tell them. Tyler – you told her you’re voting for Sam pretty much. I have a plan in place for tomorrow, that’s why you need to chill. I’ve got them up in my room right now, they’re fine. JC – alright.

11:10pm Storage room. Tyler and Sam. Tyler – Kaycee feels like she is stranded out in the middle of the ocean. She needs a good reason to vote for you to stay. Sam – she is the only one that is not voting for me? She is but she needs a better reason and she has pull with a couple other people and I think you should tell her (about the power). And she is trustworthy. Sam – I already love. What about Kaitlyn. Tyler – I might just lay it out there like I know who has the power on that side and if you don’t vote for Sam to stay its going to f**k you up. Sam – so I need to tell Kaycee. Tyler – you don’t have to but I think you should. Sam – ok, I trust you.

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I’m confused lmao

Not a Winston fan.

Still a Brett fan but Winston……oh Winston. I had such high hopes for you. You’re a professional, seemed smart, and are easy on the eyes. Unfortunately the attraction wains every time you open your mouth. I’m still rooting for your alliance so I guess you need to hang around a while longer for the numbers.

Tom A

Why did Tyler tell Kaycee that Sam has the power? I love them both, but I was looking forward to a little Sam-Tyler mini alliance that would span a great deal of the game. But now the group of 6 (of whom I am rooting for), will basically just use Sam for her power, and make her feel like she’s one of them. I don’t want what happened to Brittany in season 12 with the Brigade to happen to Sam.


I think he should tell all of level 6 about the power and that shes def staying so they don’t vote her out and upset her.


Tyler knew that with that information, Kaycee will work harder to sway votes their way.


No offence to Sam but she isn’t the best game player. Although she is loyal, her inability to make sense of the game could be a liability for Tyler in the future.

Allies Mom

The veto competition was one of the best I’ve seen. I’m not into pain but I’m glad they aren’t doing the same ones again. I hope Sam stays but it’s fun that things still seem up in the air as far as who stays and who goes.


It’s nice going into Thursday and not have a clear idea who’s going home. I think only half the voters are set in their choice. Everyone else is fluid.


So now Tyler is rapunzel??
Everyone knows he’s letting down his hair.
I liked it better when the house wasn’t voting with the house.
I can just see it now, Tyler is going to be propped the whole game.
Which is going to make everything so darn predictable.
Too bad for Steve. He never had a chance.
I’m happy for Sam though.


“I can just see it now, Tyler is going to be propped the whole game.
Which is going to make everything so darn predictable.”
I don’t think you and I are watching the same feeds/show. :-0


From the last time I checked, there are quite a few folks who aren’t set on who they are voting out of the house. Which is great because you can see how many folks are really playing the game because there are tons of conversations about keeping Steve or Sam and a lot of folks are hedging their votes because it’s so tight and they don’t want to be on the wrong side. Also so far it seems the two main groups don’t make up the majority of the house and the “floaters” aren’t just waiting to be told who to vote for but actively trying to position themselves going forward. It’s been pretty good so far.

I still think Steve’s getting cut sooner rather than later no mater what happens tonight.


If I understand the wording of Sam’s power correctly, she can re-enter the game after she got evicted. So in that case, there would be no eviction at all tonight.
Tyler should have shared the knowledge about Sam’s power with his alliance, so they can actually talk about what’s best. Instead, he spent so much time and energy first convincing her not to tell anyone, then lying to everyone in his alliance about why to vote to keep her “even if the votes aren’t there”…
Since they now know Sam has the power and Tyler knew, they’ll look back on how he acted for the last few days and realize how sketchy he’s been to them. Unless they really aren’t that smart… :/


Tyler did not have to convince Sam not to tell anyone. Sam did a great job keeping that information to herself and was protecting Tyler by not revealing everything (she still hasn’t).

Sea horse

Just random things I’ve been wondering…

I wonder if Steve ever went undercover in a biker gang.
He could pass. I can see him in leather, bandana,the bike. Lol
He looks like he’s been in a scuffle or two. May have even had his nose broken once or twice.

I’m curious about Kaycees hair and what she looks like with it down.

Do the houseguests memorize a script when the feeds are down?

When Tyler answered Kaitlyn’s question about what he’d do with the money if he won the show- “I’d save the ocean.”
His sounded like he was answering like a person in a pageant.
He’s giving me cavities. I thought it sounded insincere.

Why Winston irritates the heck out of me?

I don’t want Sam to be used. I hope she shows some independence and ingenuity.
And doesn’t become a follower.


Bicycle gang? lol

While watching the veto last night, I decided Steve REALLY IS Fred Flintstone (I made this comparison Day 1)…he even runs like Fred (rewatch then watch this


Tyler told all of L6 that Sam has the power.

So they all are voting for Steve to go IF Tyler can flip Kaitlyn

Steve out votes:

Angela- Of course she is first. That’s my girl:-)

Rachel, Brett, Winston, JC, KC,

Sam out votes:

Fess, Swag, Bay, Hay, Scottie, Rockstar

Kaitlyn the swing and she is not a sure thing for Tyler to get.

L6 and Tyler are assuming Sams power will get her back in game right after the vote if she gets voted out. No one including us knows that for sure though. CHANCE being capitalized in the power explanation has everyone on edge. Tonight will be interesting for sure. Everything I said above could change today, who knows.

3 Packs of Ports a day has got to go!





I’m not sure any of you noticed….but, as I predicted, the ants are back scurrying around. lol