“Win HOH send Nicole Franzel packing so I can whoop her a$$ in the battle back”

Head of Household Winner – Tyler
Have nots – Bay, Janelle, Cody and Enzo
Nominations – Janelle & Kaysar
Power of Veto Players are -Janelle, Tyler, Kaysar, Cody, Bayleigh, Memphis
POV Host: Christmas
Power of Veto holder – Cody
Power of Veto Ceremony – Cody Doesn’t use the power of veto Nominations stay the same.
Safety Suite – Enzo wins Christmas is his plus one.
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10:22 am houseguests waking up..

11:32 am Kaysar and Janelle
Janelle complaining that she’s gained weight on her hips she blames it on the carbs she’s been eating in the house
Kaysar – you look the same
Janelle – if I leave you have to think about who to send out.. I really think there’s a battle back
Kaysar – why
Feeds cut.. When we’re back
Janelle – send NICOLE outta this house.. you know what I’m saying don’t well them why they have no f***ing clue. I’m telling you that is what it is..
Janelle – that would be amazing.. so send me Nicole Franzel t
Janelle – if you don’t get power say it was Bayleigh tell her what I said.. Send Nicole out
Kaysar – ok that will be the plan.
They start chit chatting.. Janelle mentions how she never had nice things as a child but as she got older she was able to and she really like ‘the finer things” Mentions how she got her first Mercedes at 21 and was amazed at how much better it was than her Mitsubishi.

11:42 am Da’Vonne and Tyler
Talking about David
T – so, what he said he told you is I said that you were rallying the troops to get him out
Da’Vonne – exactly
T – what I told him was that Kaysar was telling people he had you as a number and I told him to double check with Da
Da’Vonne – mmmmhmmmm
T – I told him bro tell her what I exactly said
Da’Vonne – he came to me last night and was like umm you and Cody went to him and was like Da’Vonne was rallying up everybody to flip the votes and get Nicole to stay
T – I had no clue and I don’t think Cody would say that either
Da’Vonne – when he told me that I was like WHAT
T – I was like Great there goes anything I f**ing built with Da’Vonne
Da’Vonne – again, I don’t want us to have this.. I don’t want that so I was like let me go talk to Tyler and see what’s going on
T – he was apologetic. I was like BRO first of all why would you say that to her and not actually say what I said not that it was coming from me and second why would you come up here and tell me you said this you know what I mean it’s like he’s all over the place.

Da’Vonne – he said you and Cody came up to him last week
T – it wasn’t Cody it was him and I talking.. I said I hear Kasyar is telling people he’s got Da as a number I said double check with Da to make sure she’s solid.
Da’Vonne – that makes seen cause Kaysar was telling a lot of sh1t..
T – and that was before we were solid.

Da’Vonne – I told Nicole herself, Kasyar, Janelle, and you guys I was voting to keep David and I stood firm on that all the way through. When he came to me last night I was like where is that coming from
T – is he trying to get me outta here.. I don’t think Cody said it t was just me and David talking about it
Da’Vonne – it was weird..
T – he was spazzing out though.
Tyler – David is all over the place right now I don’t know why.

11:48 am Kaysar, Janelle and Bayleigh
Janelle whispers her theory about why there is a battleback this year.
Janelle – this is what I told Kaysar, If I leave tomorrow I obviously want one you guys to win HOH send Nicole Franzel packing so I can whoop her a$$ in the battle back (Sweeet baby Jesus )
Janelle – how are you going to get rid of her next week if they’ve got the votes you have to put one of their own uyp.
Kaysarsuggest she puts David up against Nicole
Janelle – what! that is terrible (It is Kaysar)
Bayleigh – what the hell
Janelle – NO! Kaysar, I’m worried oh my god
Kaysar – I’m still half asleep
they call him out for this saying he’s been up since 7
Janelle – why would you even say that
Bayleigh – I got you, Kaysar don’t ever make a decision without me
Janelle – Just let Bay do it
Bayleigh – you are supposed to be the brains what is a matter with you
Janelle explains they have to put a target bigger than Nicole up beside her because the other side has all the votes. They will keep the bigger target
Bayleigh – I agree
Kaysar – I was just finding a pawn..
Bayleigh – no, pawns go home
Kaysar – what I meant to say .. Cody..
Bayleigh – that’s better at least you are on the right track.. this man.. (LOL)
Janelle – that will cause problems
Kaysar – good kinda problems
Janelle – even better Nicole and Dani.. that would cause Chaos.
Bayleigh – that would create be waves..
Janelle – Cody will be like you want to keep her why do you want to keep her
Kaysar – that’s the right move
Bayleigh – that would be 4 girls out the door.
Janelle – so what
Janelle – the other houseguests I’m sorry they’re too stupid. they’re like there’s no way …..
Janelle – so why am I not going back till September then (Janelle assumes there’s a pre-jury battle back based on them telling her she’s not going to be able to go home until mid-Sepetember)
Bayleigh makes some happy sounds
Kaysar mentions how much he loves Bayleigh “just makes noises”
Bayleigh – It’s exciting
Kaysar tells them don’t worry he won’t put David up “I’m smart I don’t make stupid decisions like that”
they all agree Dani and Nicole are the best nominations
Kaysar – you have to create a massive implosion
Janelle – Nicole will be like why isn’t Cody saving me and Dani will be like why isn’t Tyler saving me .. (lord GRODS we don’t ask for much.. make this happen)
Kaysar – it’ll fracture that alliance completely

They tease Kasyar about dressing like a dad.
Kaysar – I didn’t bring any sweaters.. I didn’t think it was going to be this cold in the house.
Janelle – oh my god and you wonder why we call you dad..
They talk about different places of worship.

11:52 am Cody, Tyler and Da’Vonne
Talking about David throwing Tyler and Cody under the bus.
Da’Vonne claims to never talk game with, David.
Cody brings up that David was saying that Da’Vonne is going on about an all guys alliance.
Tyler – he’s tripping out man
Da’Vonne – when he presented it he made it sound like you guys were together

12:37 pm Kaysar and Bayleigh
They’re talking about endurance.
Kaysar says he came in at 205 he’s probably 190 now he thinks he’s too heavy if it’s an endurance where he needs to hang on.
Kaysar says the only people he would work with if Janelle leaves are Bayeligh and maybe Christmas.
Kaysar – you trust Da’Vonne right
B – yeah, what did you do to her?
Kaysar says he did nothing
B – who do you think will come after me and Da
Kaysar – I think you two are the next targets if they don’t choose to come after me to finish the job you guys are next
B – that’s not fun
Kaysar – we can’t let that happen
Kaysar – you, me, Da’Vonne, and Christmas need to finalize something once and for all. it’s not enough to get one of them out. We need to burn it all down
B – that’s all dependent on a win
Kaysar – you have Enzo and Cody coming off slop and Tyler can’t play
Bayleigh points out that Memphis is getting heavy.
Kaysar – yeah he’s bulking up.
Bayleigh – what do we do about Kevin? do we trust him
Kaysar – hell no
Bayleigh – leave him alone
Kaysar – for now
Bayleigh mention show Da’vonne trusts Kevin
Kaysar warns that Kevin will transfer information first chance he gets and he’ll burn Da’Vonne

Kaysar – he wants to float and transfer information
Kaysar says Tyler is really good at making people feel like their good with him.
Kaysar says Tyler has an alliance of 7 he’ll take the person lowest on his totem pole before he takes someone outside of that 7
Kaysar says the lowest person in Tyler’s 7 is David.

Kaysar warns that the problem that happens every year with the side that doesn’t form something official is they can’t get their sh1t together they don’t trust each other.
Kaysar – I don’t want to be singled out.. I got friends on the other side they stay separate the whole time and get picked off one by one
Kaysar – we got to commit and be bold
Bayleigh – there’s only four
Kaysar – you guys are incredible competitors.. you are incredible fit and Da’vonne is really smart
Bayleigh – she is brilliant
Kaysar – we just need to get it together we’ll be fine
Bayleigh – you said that last week
Kaysar says the exact opposite happened last week.

1:00 pm Tyler and Cody
They agree “David is dead to me”
they also agree Da’Vonen was trying to flip the votes.
Cody – David, if I win you ain’t my boy
Tyler – he threw us both under the bus
Cody says Tyler and him tried to help David “because that kid is f***ing lost”
Cody – he pulled me into a room and he mentioned Da’Vonne’s name as someone that is paranoid about the all guys alliance so now I’m trying to hep him what I said to him YO don’t worry about Da’Vonne isn’t going to target you just take that info and put it in your back pocket
Cody – what does he do? F(***ing ruins to Da’VOnne
Cody – Da’voenn is already paranoid about us
Tyler says all progress they’ve built with Da’Vonne is gone.
Cody – this morning it was Enzo, Bayleigh, and I.. the first thing I wanted to do this morning was grab you

Cody brings up Bayleigh telling him that David said that Kaysar is mentioning Da’Vonne is running around.
Cody – Bayeligh either tried to use a runaround on me to try and get me to trip up.

Tyler brings up David coming to him last night saying “They cornered me They got it out of me.. I told Da’Vonen and Bayleigh that you said she was trying to get me out
Tyler – what dop you mean they cornered you and I prefaced it if you told Da’Vonne it f**s everything and you up and he didn’t even say the way I told him.. I told him yo people are telling me that Da’vonne is rallying numbers to go against you check with Da’VOnne make sure you are tight and you will be good
Tyler – what he said was me and you cornered him and said Da’Vonen is coming after you. He cornered me under the bus
Cody – I don’t have his back at all
Tyler – AT ALL (HAHA David lost his bros.. )

Cody says now if they need a person to put up it’ll be David.
Cody – dude he’s an absolute Rookie playing this game. we tried to pull in a rookie so we had a number now he’s f**ed us

Bayleigh joins them.

1:37 pm Tyler and David
They’re going over everything that happened last night.
David – you’re the only person I can speak freely to at this point. It f***ing sucks wasn’t supposed to be like that.
Tyler – this is how the other side of the house blew up. Nonsense being passed around from 2 weeks ago.
Tyler is curious about how they cornered him in the first place.
David – I felt trapped because.. I just felt as individual as this game is you have to work with people. I felt obligated and enthusiastic about working with African Americans in the house.. Who wouldn’t be
David – that was supposed to be lock and Key that wasn’t supposed to go anywhere.. If anything I tried to pull you in
David brings up Da’Vonne is upset with him for the whole Kemi thing. Tyler doesn’t understand. David explains that there was racial controversy last year adn people expected the two African Americans to be close
Feeds cut when we’re back David is droning on about Kemi and how Jessica said on the live feeds that David doesn’t want to work with Minorities.
Tyler says he’s letting all these things on the outside get to him.
Tyler – we can move forward but now we have to act like we’re dead to each other
Tyler says he knows David is smart that is why he wants to work with him. He wants David to come in here as a rookie and leave “as the greatest of all time”

Tyler – you’re my dude in this game. I told you I made a promise.
Tyler leaves.

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And THIS is why we love Janelle …. roast her azz Jedi Janie!


Let the Battle Begin… Jedi Janie vs Princess Tuggy…. it will make BB history..


Oh man is David a bad player! Not a clue. I’m not sure who’s worse, him or Kevin!


IMO…David, hands down! =D


Or Kemi


could we be lucky enough to have Janelle be the first person sequestered for a battle back?


Battle and come back Janelle! We already need you back!

You can battle David as well. His main accomplishment this time around is not getting cropped into the group photo. lol


Why is David playing in an all star season in the first place?? Definitely not an all star he didn’t do anything. He was in a good position and straight up shot himself in the foot. What a waste.

Dean Gulberry

Is David retarded? I’m really starting to wonder. Something is not right with that boy.

Paul’s Beard

Not a good word to use to describe people


It is a medical term. There’s nothing wrong with it. Any of the PC terms to replace it these days are too vague and nonspecific. Btw, my brother is mentally retarded, so dont give me any psycho snowflake hate.


Love shooting a know it all down…in 2010 legislation was passed to replace the term mental retardation with intellectual disability. So yeah for someone who has a brother with an intellectual disability you sure don’t know a lot about it


This post getting thumbs up gives me hope.


All-star requirements should be a min of 5 comp wins!!!


this is a good idea. or at least have some sort of baseline so we as viewers know what the criteria was in casting. i get that lots of people had to understandably decline or back out of this season, but there still should be some sort of “all-star” definition that should have resulted in worthy players from 21 seasons. even if they qualified an “all-star” as a top 3 placement, that would have given them 63 people to choose from and i would have at least understood why they were on.

not sure if these people would come back, but i came up with a list of 16 contestants who finished top 3 and only played once, with 8 male/8 female, 8 old school/8 new school, 5 winners/5 runner-ups/6 third placers: curtis (1), monica (2), lisa (3), robert (4), cowboy (5), ivette (6), shiela (9), memphis (10), natalie (11), hayden (12), ian (14), andy (15), cody (16), vanessa (17), kaycee (20), nicole (21). but oh well, too late lol.


Be careful what you wish for


If Janelle were President, she’d have to change her name to Babe-raham Lincoln.


Why are some of these people all stars? Janelle hasn’t won shit, why is she an all star? David? Worst BB player in history? All Star? If you haven’t at least been top 3 once then all star shouldn’t be in your future.


Janelle was top 3 twice?


Uh, you haven’t watched all the seasons have you? Janelle is one of the best players in BB history. She is the queen of Big Brother. Regardless of what has happened this season… Janelle is a badass and always will be.


Janelle jolds the record for the most comp wins in one season.

Jan Nan

Janelle is the BB Queen. She has been in finale 3 , and is one of the most strategic players of all time.

LO Live

You must not know about the QUEEN … lol ?


Nicole can stay. Until Janelle comes back and wins HoH to take her out. That would be soooo much more satisfying.

another name

Late last night / early this morning I ordered waffles for today.
So far they’ve brought me crepes and pancakes.
Not good enough.
I want some entertaining vote flipping back and forth with real confusion leading up to the actual vote. Yah, i want this because I don’t actually want either to be evicted, so need the entertainment.

David isn’t playing like a rookie. David is playing like someone that has never watched the series, and got pulled off the street. oh. wait… that’s about the reality of what’s happening.
Dani admitting the reason everyone is after Janelle over the 4 alliance rumor is because Dani named them to Janelle. And Nicf just continues in her Nicf world trying to figure out how to get all of the men alone in the house with her so she can feel like a queen. Shut up, she practically has thought bubbles (three girls down, four to go and alllll the boys are mine).
The fact checking that is Davidgate. Gee. What does it come back to? David is spun and causing Da’ to sketch but Da’vonne is sketch so must go? Did I pretty much get the whole thing down to two sentences in terms of conclusions?

No clue what all ‘the powers that be’ talks Janelle is mentioning are. Janelle stop channeling Lawon. Keep campaigning. I appreciate that she’s gone to everyone except Ian and Nicole.
Kaysar… start campaigning to more than just the same three people. That’s not entertaining. I want to be entertained. I want to see what he’d say to people he knows he’d target as a campaign because his targets are unclear to the house.


Everyone is Tyler dude or person he is full of shit but not as bad as some of the others in the house

"It's Jake...........from State Farm"

“Hell hath no fury unless by a woman scorned”,or in this case,Janelle wants to cut off the head of the snake(Snakeole)!I hope that there is a battle back because I would love to see the fury of Janelle unleashed!

Lou Skunt

I love Dani. She is awesome!


IMO and with respect for the BB game I feel David’s only focus is about race and making some sort of statement that BB has never had a African American winner. He somehow doesn’t understand that BB is about strategy and game theory …maneuvering to get to the end. It seems he didn’t do any research or watch past BB seasons. How and why was he cast as a All Star? Seriously it’s baffling.

My 2 cents

Actually, I’ve heard the HGs say that Memphis and Keesha were alternates, which is mind blowing to me. i thought they’d have wanted old school legends first and foremost.

As far as David being cast, 2 words: Affirmative Action. Based on the current situation, its understandable that they wanted minorities, especially black men. But throwing a guppy into a tank of seasoned sharks, has done more harm than good. I think David is a decent guy and wants to play an honest game. But he is in way over his head and it’s painful to watch.


That’s really funny. David was a replacement for Josh but if your theory is correct, i guess they didn’t have that many African American males to choose from, which in itself makes a point.


TBH Tyler was correct when he told David he is letting outside things ruin his game. One night while I was watching the live feeds I watched a conversation between Day and David about race and why He SHOULD work with them because bb has never had an African American winner. On another night I watched her make him feel bad by crying and making him feel wrong for wanting to be in an alliance of his choice. Don’t get me wrong I think its a good idea if that’s what Bay and Day want to do but I do feel like Day got in Davids head because of the racial tension on his season and apparently what he said on the lives feeds during his season. She got in his head, fucked with his mental and now his game is all over the place.
I just think the pressure is a little much. Let the man make his own decisions.


Everybody is asking how David is in All Stars…

Josh tested positive for covid
Brenchel is having another baby
Vanessa had a baby

A bunch of others didn’t want to, JC has other health issues. Others might have had covid exposure.

Lets be honest there are some that were bottom of the barrel choices… like David, Kevin, Nicole A and (I hate saying it) Da’Vonne. Bay isn’t a BB All Star but thanks to the Challenge she is probably a bigger draw than most. Honestly the only 3 on my All Star list is Memphis, Janelle, Tyler… with a possible maybe for Cody… I was never a Kayser fan, his only appeal was that he was allied with Janelle.

another name

Kaysar’s biggest appeal was actually human outrage over the things the nerd herd would say about him in the HOH (James convinced them there were no cams in HOH so they let fly with some realllllllly derogatory slang and remarks on live feeds).
I think there’s a reason Kaysar no longer does his prayers in front of the other houseguests. Yvette shaking her bracelets and yelling cracks on his beliefs when he’d pray.
Kaysar was beloved and received 83% of the fan vote to return that season because the other side of the house was so far out of line that it turned people. I mean, Yvette tried to go on social media to pipe in a week and a half ago, and responses pulled out the old receipts, including the network statement about her remarks not being in keeping with the views and opinions of the network.
His bond and loyalty with Janelle helped both of them in terms of long term appeal, but the basis of his stand alone appeal was most definitely response to persecution.

The Beef

I don’t see how you can leave Ian off the list of All-Stars. He’s a past winner in a season that included two previous winners of the game (Dan and Boogie) and also included Britney Haynes and Janelle, so a pretty impressive win that season. And while Dani may have been carried by ED a bit, you cannot deny she has a strong social game, and her ability to scheme and strategize is second to none in the game, IMHO. I also think Enzo doesn’t get enough credit for helping Hayden get the win during that season, as he was the driving force behind that alliance (The Brigade), again, just my opinion, but I think he qualifies as an All-Star. Those three along with the four you mentioned would make 7 out of 16 in total. If you count the snake as another, simply because she did win, that would be half, which is a sad commentary on the casting department of CBS.


nothing they do will work because they still think Christmas is with them. ugh


True. And if this keeps up Christmas will win this game. No one sees her as a threat.


I enjoyed this old school talk so much. https://youtu.be/jzO_XdyAEao
Danielle Reyes and Jason Guy.