Dani “I’m The Derrick and you’re still The Cody!”

Head of Household Winner – Tyler
Have nots – Bay, Janelle, Cody and Enzo
Nominations – Janelle & Kaysar
Power of Veto Players are -Janelle, Tyler, Kaysar, Cody, Bayleigh, Memphis
POV Host: Christmas
Power of Veto holder – Cody
Power of Veto Ceremony – Cody Doesn’t use the power of veto Nominations stay the same.
Safety Suite – Enzo wins Christmas is his plus one.
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7pm Bedroom. Dani and Cody.
Dani – I am just trying to be fair which is stupid because Big Brother is not fair. But why are you going to target your own alliance? To weaken them as a havenot when you want to win HOH? All she does is talk about her own alliance which doesn’t make sense. Cody – well that is what Day was doing in the beginning and now Bay is doing it too. As long as you’re not going to do it and Christmas isn’t going to do it.. now I know the information and now I know who I need to target. Like Bay and Day.. I don’t think would be like oh I’m going to take the shot at me. And that is good for me to know. She thinks that Bay is trying to throw your name out to Christmas. Cody – yeah, but Christmas is in our alliance and I don’t think she is going to break loyalty on that. Dani – no way.

Cody – Now it makes it easier if we are in the fifth or sixth week I don’t have a problem drawing the line in the sand because who is going to target me. I had a long conversation with David today. Dani – me too. He is desperate. Did he give you the I want to play with a group? Cody – no. Dani – what did you get? Cody – about the guy thing and people running around. I was like who do you think was running around .. it was Day. I was yeah bro it was. She was trying to flip votes on you. Dani – I hope that doesn’t get back to her. Cody – no it won’t. Dani – he is tight with her. Cody – she needs the numbers.. you need the numbers to send people home. Dani – but what if he says you said that. Cody – he was like things are going around and I was like yeah people are going to try and flip stuff this week too. But I was like Janelle is going home this week.. period! And he was like yeah that’s what I think. Dani – I feel like he is kind of open with me but not.. like I am not going to tell you anything if you don’t tell me anything. I feel like he is looking for a group because he feels like he is on the outside. Cody – I get that he likes her (Day) but he isn’t going to turn on me. Dani – I am just saying be careful. Cody – there are always going to be people that will mention your name. Who is she going to go to and rally? NicoleF? Memphis? Christmas? You? Tyler? Dani – I am just saying be careful with her. Cody – I am not saying sh*t to her. Dani – that is her game. Cody – but if I say something to David and now he says it to her.. that’s an easy nomination. You have to put a little bit out there so that they bring it. .. Or I don’t trust you in the slightest. When you’re telling me stuff.. I am telling everyone! Dani – you’re such a piece of trash! You’re rude. You’re garbage! Literal garbage.

Cody – if he says stuff .. I am not putting Kevin up as a pawn .. you’re (David) going up. Its literally those two.. who else is going to be a pawn? Dani – Kevin will be really mad. Cody – every time I see Bay and Day they’re together. Dani – Nicole is pissed that they (Bay and Day) are trying to keep Janelle. She is like its a personal attack against me. Cody – its not a personal attack against her. Dani – its kind of like you’re keeping someone that you know is going after her. If someone was doing that to you .. you would be pissed. Cody – right but are they working with Nicole? Dani – no. Cody – right so why would they care? Its good for them. F**k yeah! Hell Yeah! We just poke the bear. And if you poke Nicole too much she turns into a ferocious grizzly. Like I putting them BOTH UP! Dani – no she won’t put up Day. Cody – I don’t mind as we get further. I would rather send home Kevin. Cody – who are we not in an alliance with? Kevin, David and Kaysar?! Dani – isn’t that crazy?! Like what kind of season is this?! I’m the Derrick and you’re still the Cody!

Havenot room. Janelle and Enzo.
Janelle – I feel like I am going home. Enzo – yeah and you don’t know Tyler from a hole in the wall. Janelle – I get it. Easy for him. No blood on his hands. I am not going after Tyler. Enzo – I just hope people aren’t bullsh*tting. Janelle – with the votes? Enzo – yeah. Now we have to go around and ask people but everything is closed. Janelle – everyone is going to say its 50/50 right now. Its dumb. Enzo – and I think Tyler doesn’t care. Janelle – he doesn’t. Enzo – I will go around and be like pros and cons. I would be straight up ..like the house is voting you out. I will tell you straight the f**k up. Janelle – yeah Dani said she would too. As an old player and out of respect.. just let me know. Enzo – I did the same thing to NicoleA. Janelle – she lost her ever loving mind! Enzo – there might be a battle back .. you never know. Janelle – and if I win a power next week. Enzo – I’ve thought about all this! I am going to go and talk around .. What the f**k are the pros and cons of keeping Janelle! I want to know. Enzo – I like you a lot!

8:05pm – 8:35pm HOH room. Tyler and Christmas.
Christmas – if its a double eviction .. we have to slit Day and Bay. Tyler – Whoever wins and doesn’t put Kaysar up .. that’s like drawing a line in the sand. The house has pretty much said that next week Kaysar has to go. Christmas – Next week if Memphis wins he isn’t going to put Kaysar up .. he is going to put two floaters up. Tyler – he might put Kaysar up. If we come together as a comity before my HOH is over. If that’s what we need to do. Christmas – no matter what happens Memphis is still a big target for David. David can’t get past that personal sh*t. Tyler – if Memphis had treated me like that I would have been coming for his a$$ too. Christmas – if I don’t put up one of you guys I am outing myself to them anyway. Tyler – oh thats true. I don’t know have they said they want me and Cody up? Christmas – no. I will ask them what we should do if there is a double eviction. I’ll be like lets get a little bit ahead of this.. and what’s the plan. Tyler – if they’re not saying sh*t then worry about it.. and if they’re saying me and Cody.. I don’t want you climbing the list because I am already up there and before you know it .. they’ll put us up together.

8:40pm – 9:45pm The house guests get alcohol… They start playing charades..

9:50pm – 10:05pm HOH room. Tyler, Dani and Nicole.
Dani – Kaysar hasn’t said anything to me ..like anything.. I thought he was trying to get himself kicked out or something. Tyler – Janelle is already campaigning. Nicole for two days. Dani – Janelle has already got me twice and she said she is going to get me again by the end of the night.. What do you think I just have updated information for you by the hour?!! Nicole – she won’t campaign to me! Dani – she was just like I’ll be up on the block ..week after week after week so it will be easy for everybody! Stop it.. like you’re just going to lay down and die!? Tyler – we have to get her out for your (Nicole) sake. Dani – yeah this is all for you! Appreciate us! Nicole – if she was able to get herself out of this .. that is crazy! Dani – I straight up told her it seems like an up hill battle for you. Nicole – she is going to say something crazy I think. Dani – she might say some crap to like Julie as she is walking out. Don’t worry about it. Just uninvited her to your wedding in your goodbye message .. you have to.. like you have to! Think of a to say it that is funny and not rude. David joins them.

HOH room. Tyler, Dani, Nicole, David, Cody, Kaysar, Christmas, Bay. They’re playing the price is right with the furniture and other items in the HOH room. Everything still has the price tags on them so the house guests guess what the price is without going over. The person that guesses the closest “gets to take it home”.

Bathroom. Janelle and Kevin.
Janelle – David hates me. Kevin – was up there last night so he probably has something worked out too. Kaysar with Tyler. Janelle leans over to whisper in Kevin’s ear “The alliance is real because its been in the DR with me several times.” Kevin – who do you think it is? Janelle – Tyler, Cody, Dani and Nicole. Janelle – do you think it? Kevin – 100%! Janelle – I mean its just so obvious. It couldn’t be more obvious to me.

10:27pm – 11:05pm Lounge room. Bay, Day and David.
Day expresses her frustration with David. Day – do you have any idea how many people are going around talking about you and I being in a showmance because I went above and beyond to try and save you? David – and I recognized it. Day – so imagine how insulted I feel that you slightly believed it. you feel me!? Not much .. just a little bit. David – yup, yeah. Day – there has to be a level of trust. If we’re not there .. lets work on it. Tyler is my friend and Cody is my friend. What do I do with that now that I know they’re lying to me. That’s the position I am in now .. so what do I do with that. Just bite it for your game? David – we can strategically work it out so that it neither of our games are at risk .. efforts can be made against those that are lying. But if you fact check right away .. it will shamble the house. I felt like I was okay to go to Bay because we were in an alliance. Bay – so where do we go from here.. because that’s a lot. There is going to have to be an act of trust to build. David – This is what I can do.. I can fact check it.

11:05pm Bathroom Bay and Day.
Bay – Today was the first time I heard that so don’t even question that .. because I would tell you. And him (David) bringing up the Cody and Tyler thing that was a hypothetical in the future. And I was even like.. are you going to try and win HOH? And he didn’t have an answer. But the whole Cody and Tyler thing .. you were the one that flipped the vote .. that was my first time hearing that. That is why I was like .. and now I feel kind of like .. what the f**k is going on!? Especially after the conversation we had with Tyler yesterday. Day – so what do I do with that?! I want to ask! Bay – then ask! Let me be completely frank .. because I already told him.. because you not telling us immediately has made us assume for the last few weeks. And then him being like Cody made me throw away my game. Pause, backspace, you’re playing this game.. this is all stars. So if you really think you’ve got it tight in with them and they ask you to be in an alliance you don’t even a game. Day – and I wanted to say that so bad but if I say anything else this man is never going to speak to me. Bay – there are so many things that we need to know. Day – that makes things so different. Bay – we have to sit on it and swallowed. It should be fact checked and asked. I am just as concerned about your game as mine because I can’t do it without you. Day – that really bothers me!! It bothers me so much! Bay – yeah that is why I am shook. What if he is lying though!? Do you want to do it separately to see if the stories match up or do you want to do it together so they don’t have time to get their stories straight!? Day – I feel like calling a f**king house meeting.. And sh*t like that makes sense for Tyler because that is how he played last season. Bay – where did it come from? Day – He said it came from them. Bay – right but where did they get it from. Did they just say Day or where did they get it from. Was it a decision to just say Day and they decided to throw your name under the bus? Or do they think that, that actually happened? Day – so to save him (David), how do I go to them and say hey did you two (Cody & Tyler) say that I.. Bay – you say it in .. Hey I was having a conversation with David and he was kind of like hey I don’t know where we stand because last week I thought you were trying to flip the vote against me. And he said it was in conversation that your names came up. And then they can be like oh I said this and you can read that for what it is. Day – I don’t know if I should address it or take note and move forward. Bay – okay you decide and let me know what your game plan is moving forward.

Kaysar and Janelle.
Janelle – you’ve got to win power on thursday and if not its going to be the same thing. Kaysar – and what its one person you take out? And then they get right back together and do the same old crap. Janelle – yeah. Its only week 3. Kaysar – and we thought Tylers season was a snooze fest. Janelle – yeah it was .. I mean it was a really good season. Kaysar – for those in power. Janelle – what is your game plan moving forward .. who are you going to work with? Ian? Kaysar – Ian and his ties to this .. is exactly what I didn’t want. Some fragmented BS that we get picked off because its a numbers game. This is the worst. So we have to be an underdog. Christmas doesn’t trust Day.

11:45pm Bathroom. Bay and Kevin.
Bay – I said here is the thing ..I want to fact check. And he (David) said if you do that then you blow up my game. But I was like you don’t want to know why they would want to cause a rift between us? You’re not a little bit curious? And he was like oh you’re going to blow up my game. Kevin – with? Day – Cody and Tyler. And this is what pisses me off because after he still didn’t believe me .. he came to you to triple check and confirm that I didn’t do it. He still didn’t believe me. Kevin – because he has three different sources. Bay – I want to ask Janelle.

Lounge room. Day and Janelle.
Day – David came to me and told me that you said that I was going to vote against him last week. Janelle – noooo, no, no, no, nope! Didn’t say it. Why would I say that!? How does that benefit me?! What the f**k!? Day – and this is why it didn’t make sense to me because you want me to talk to him about saving you so why would you tell him that to try and cause a wedge between him and I?! Janelle – I wouldn’t say that. Day – but that is what he just told me. Janelle – if anything I said I am working with two amazing women that I am hoping we can all work together. I said that people I talk to the most are Day, Bay and NicoleA. And he just f**king hates me. Janelle – Why would I give up all the juice on what we’re trying to do!? NicoleA told him everything.. F**king everything. That is why that man hates me. She blew up my game. I didn’t say it but maybe she did. Because everything that I said last week .. he knows about. And its got to be through NicoleA.

11:40pm HOH room. Tyler and David.

Tyler – did you tell DaVonne? David – yeah. Tyler – did you tell her that I said it? David – yeah. Tyler – bro!? What the f**k man!!? Why would you say that?! David – because .. Uhhh.. I figured out why. Tyler – Yo! I don’t play next week. David – yeah but you’re not even a target. This all comes from Kaysar. Kaysar is the source of all this sh*t. F**king Kaysar! When he tried to corral everyone and say I have Day, I’ve got this and I’ve got that. He would then go to Janelle, NicoleA and Kevin and be like I’ve got these people. That’s how it came to you and how it came to me. Tyler – I trusted you and I wanted to let you know. David – I said I don’t believe it. And it wasn’t true. Tyler – and if it was true now Day is coming for me next week. David – she won’t come for you. If she comes for me hard next week .. then you know it was true. David – I already went to her and told her that the source was kaysar. Tyler – but you said that I told you. And I never talked to her about that. But she never talked to me about it either. Dude! I literally said I am telling you this and if you f**king say it ..it blows my sh*t up! Come on MAN! David – I got corner.. I f**ked up! Tyler – how do you get cornered.. How do they even push you to say that?! David – I felt vulnerable. Tyler – i get that, that is why I want to be here for you dude. Its fine dude. We will figure this out. David – I f**ked up! I feel like I am in a dumb spot. Tyler – you’re not in a dumb spot. How do we fix that?! I was in a good spot with Day where she finally trusted me. Day is never ever ever going to trust me. No matter what you or I say. And what if that sh*t was true.. you’re going to feel dumb after this and I will too. I am F**Ked next week. You know how many numbers she has rallied around her?! David – I don’t think that is the case. Tyler – this is just sloppy .. this is sloppy sh*t. I am the one that is going to get caught. Tyler – did you tell her the back source? You didn’t say that I just heard it? Now that she’s heard that she is going to think that I am trying to run sh*t and get me out. And what sketches me out is that I just ran into you.. otherwise I wouldn’t have even know this. I am going to have to deal with the repercussions. I don’t appreciate you f**king me over. David – I want to win HOH. Tyler – that isn’t going to help me with DaVonne. I have bigger fish to fry but if she is coming after me for stupid sh*t ..just because I was trying to help you.. David – I have already told Bay twice that you’re a competitor and we need you. She knows that and understands that. Tyler – we have to fix it. They know you’re up here now talking to me. David – its early enough to where we can fix it. Tyler – you can say that f**king Kaysar was pitching to Christmas and saying that he had DaVonne and then Christmas told me because that is a true story.

1:50am All the house guests are sleeping..

8:38 am Sleeping yo

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another name

I’m resigned to one of J/K leaving. In fact, I expected it (but thought week4).
What I don’t like. At all? I’m not able to see a projection that doesn’t annoy me.

You’ve got a group that have been setting up loyalty for months (that’s what happens when you have pregame allianced since announcement of an All Star season) vs a group that have redemption desires for being backstabbed, and therefore are playing with trust issues.
Of course i decided to look at by with charting who has said they had real world or pre game connections. It’s my brain. It’s how it works.
That in conjuction with storyline that i’m seeing including tonight’s conversations? Not good.

What joins the main pro/antagonists?
They all have no respect for their game accomplishments angle, or a belief they should have won.

The seasons is Validation vs. Redemption. Validation just pregamed harder and longer.

bb22 cast connection chart.jpg

Love your chart!


I love how Dani is standing right in the middle of the CBS logo BB. And the smaller one has only her, Kaysar and Day.

I’m not sure what to think about Dani working with Cody. Sometimes I feel like Cody is on the fence. He really wants a final 2 with Dani, but then he has. Pre Game Final 2 with Enzo. Still makes me nervous to think the guys could turn on Dani as soon as Janelle leaves.


I hope they do turn on her, but I think Cody has a little crush.

The Beef

Hahahaha – Cody has Pre-game alliances with Enzo, Dani, Nicole F AND Memphis! Which one is his true final 2? Maybe Tyler now, who knows? They’re all sticking together well, until they weed out some of the big targets (J&K), and then some of the rinky dinks (Keesha, NicA., David, Day, Bay, and Kevin). Only then maybe will we see the fur fly.


Twist of the season – In the finale we will learn Cody had a final 2 pre-game with everyone


Why not? Doesn’t Tyler? Week 2 or so, they were all joking about having 12 alliances.


Dani, that is one ugly hat

The Beef

I keep hearing the music from the old Clint Eastwood movies every time I see it.


Ennio Moricone


This season f*cking sucks!!!


I f*cking agree 100%

Ben Pridmore

This house needs unlimited access to drinking alcohol.

Feeds Gold

it would be fantastic to see them get alcohol each night for some messy gameplay and drama


First couple season of bbcan they got tons of hard alcohol it was awesome feeds

Feeds Gold

yes that was great i remember allison and jon wasted for that task haha


I think one HOH Big Jon got a 26 of whiskey plus they got those giant beers and a mickey of vodka for the house.. That’s way more booze than I’ve ever seen before.


Us Canadians can drink. Especially the east coasters! 🙂


Talla was the queen of that night. BLESS her!!!

another name

I realllllly miss the days when BBCAN was on slice (the subsidiary network) instead of a mainstage Global program. They pushed the envelope sooooo much more before they went on global in terms of standards, because slice had all of the socially risque programming at that time, so it was more anything goes than the button up programming of the main network.


“i’m the derrick” um no dani u aint even close.


Right? And could Cody be so dumb to not realize Dani just said, “I win and you come in second….. AGAIN!!”

Feeds Gold

so dani is a jani wannabe and a derrick wannabe


CAN YOU SAY. DELUSIONAL? Lmaoooo. She is the Derrick???? Omg i have heard it all now.
Also. Wny are people bringing up Derrick every few mins? Yes he won and played a good game. But in no way is he the best to ever play and he is not the one that everyone should model their game play after. Really people. Learn to play and actually. Take a page from Janelle and Kaysar and stop the friggen mob mentality and PLAY THE GAME!!


Janelle is just a gem, battling right until the bitter end. Almost every fan wants a miracle, and I’m no different. I’ve been surprisingly indifferent w/ Enzo this year, I think he has little shot to win, but I do respect how he is playing and I think it was a class act that he was the only one, so far, with “inside knowledge” to be straight up w/ Janelle. “Look, you’re probably going”, but also, it’s a smart game move. Especially if, as a house guest you think there is a shot she comes back in the house. He’s set himself up so that when all the “floaters” go he is kind of at the bottom of each alliance, but in that position where whoever gains power first likely won’t target him and he can roll with them and maybe wedge into whatever they have. However, there is a risk in this game play that he’ll be a pawn that ends up going home. As I said before, I don’t think he’ll win, but depending on how the house shakes out, I guess he could finish 3-6 range (just my opinion). Ideally at this point, my hope is that (barring a miracle) it goes Janelle, Day, David and Kevin. Janelle wins a 4 person battle back on Sept. 17, and rejoins Kaysar and the game. At this point the house divide is much more clear and you get an alliance of Janelle, Kaysar, Enzo, Bay, and Tyler against Cody, Dani, Nicole, and (sadly) Ian, with Memphis and Sh!tmas as the potential middle votes that could sway any way by that point. Its unrealistic and wishful thinking, but I just want this game to be even, competitive, unpredictable and fun again!!! haha.

Feeds Gold

kaysar: “if i stay and win power, you have to go for the jugular”
jani: “pretty much”

if i was kaysar i think i would put up dani and cody…if veto used snakole goes up

Houka Inumuta

Who’s the next target after Janelle? Tyler or Memphis?

Team Ian

Lady E

Why is Dani trying to get more followers, when it’s been said (by Dick) that she hates her fans?


I love Dick for keeping it real.


This season sucks, but things I am looking forward to:
1). Dani on slop
2). Dani on the block
3). Dani talking with Julie on stage

Feeds Gold

tyler tells jani shes likely going

good to see an hoh actually not bs-ing a target nom for once


Wow, as it goes on, these idiot get harder and harder to like. Just hoping for something crazy to happen. BTW, I have not thanked Dawg and Simon for their great commentary, and also putting up with this dribble from this *wonderful cast. “*sarcasm intended*”

Jan Nan

I’m sick to death of Nicole F. She’s not popular with the fans. Why do they keep doing this to us. She’s unbearable to watch and listen to.


Preach! I could not agree more

Feeds Gold

it was interesting to see tyler in damage control mode with david screwing up

“bad minion, bad, dont do it again” haha


Its been pretty funny to watch David ruin his and davonnes game, along with their relationship. Who would of thought aligning with someone based on their skin color instead of the content of their character and mind was a bad idea??? Hahah oh yeah I forgot davonne is a racist

another name

What goes through my head when Kevin says he’d pee on the wall?
Perfect metaphor for his game.
What goes through my mind when Da says she won’t be doing any of that?
That’s why Da will always be a pale imitation of Jun. She peed in the cage in front of everyone to stay in the HOH comp.

David has sort of screwed up the game of every person that fought to save him last week.
NicA sort of screwed up the game of every person that fought to save her last week.
What is it about season 21 screwing up Big Brother? I’d ask them but some of them have dropped Twitter after the latest post season scandal. The rest block anyone that isn’t flattering… without a good answer.

Does Janelle have a shot? Not really.
Janelle could technically get three votes with Da Bay and Kevin. If they had backbone instead of thinking the game is played by doing what the house wants instead of saying i live here, that makes me part of the house.
Enzo would have to throw a hinky vote again to get to 4. or the hoh would have to tell him to vote that way. Involves Tyler playing active not passive. oh.
David would have to throw a David vote thinking he’s helping Tyler and repairing with Da and Bay. David could. of course, David could also say i choose to evict Julie.
That gets to five. Tyler would have to want to keep her as the bigger target. He’d have to convince Christmas. or convince Memphis. or convince Cody she’s the target that keeps the girls from targeting them long term.
Way too many moving parts that don’t make much sense.
But…. if Janelle stays, Kaysar loses his redemption arc.
Do I really want that? Not really. Stoooopid week.

But hopefully it’s a fun waffle wednesday. I love me some good waffles.

another name

In order for anyone to want to change the obvious conclusion to this week, it would have to be one of the men attached to the other men.
if the argument to change the vote were to proceed it would have to be
a) keeps the women targets from continuing to say there is a men’s alliance if they keep a woman. a fake out. Cody loves a good fake out plan.
b) her targets are known (maybe) his aren’t. Enzo and Cody both like information control. Enzo wants the winners gone.
c) keeping her keeps the women in the alliance from turning for one more week while they keep going after Janelle. buys everyone another week. Kaysar can sink in. Janelle can’t.
Appeals to a few of the guys, and their inherent trust issue.

See what I mean about having to work to too many moving parts for someone not directly affected and unaligned?
It would possibly work. It would create too many problems on the back end.
Especially for week 3.


you like Kraken or facsimile.
i do too yea!!!

Lady E

I’d probably wear a diaper for these comps LOL


Me too. I always need to pee. haha. Over 40 addition of BB.


i love janelle wish she could stay but i want kayser to stay this week and hopefully win hoh i just love kayser have since season 6

Feeds Gold

check out taran armstrongs hilarious impression of low energy david, reenacting the awkward janelle convo, in the tues aug 25 live feed update 32:36 minute to 33:54 minute mark


Golden Gate Granny

“Low energy” was such a nice way to say low braincell activity. Your link even landed me right on that mark… impressive. Thanks Gold!


Oh Dani, you’re a mid-tier player at best, daddy brought you to the final. Wake up gurl


so true she has never been a great player and never will be don’t know who i dislike more her or whinny nicole


Nicole is another one, she only won because the jury hated Paul. Most of this cast in low tier player who’s heads are inflated because it’s called All Stars. It’s going to be hard to watch soon.


Lol, Dani is delusional saying she’s Derrick this season, and David, wow, on of the worst players I have ever seen. Smh

Lady E

Dani can’t be Derrick because he won 1st place. Dani = Cody


Yawn. In the next month we’ll be forced to watch Kaysar, Bay, Day, Kevin and Ian picked off one by one. What a boring season


Kraken my friend .. all the Kraken in the world.

Save the All Star Season

Have you ever had to release the Kraken this early in a season? I know it seems like because it’s end of August, but we’re realistically only two week in! (3 maybe, I don’t know how to count it anymore!)


Feels like every season is kraken nowadays. This one had potential not to be but seems like it’s unavoidable at this point. I wasn’t going to officially call it until Tomorrow night just gettign it ready .. lol

Old Guy

Kraken? Why are you now supporting the new Seattle NHL team?


Ha! So glad David was finally called out for being a really, really bad player by someone. Go tell yourself you are killin’ it again David. Sheesh


I’m glad he messed with Tyler’s game, too.