“I F***INg hate floaters.. Floaters disgust me.. this is an Allstars season”

Head of Household Winner – Tyler
Have nots – Bay, Janelle, Cody and Enzo
Nominations – Janelle & Kaysar
Power of Veto Players are -Janelle, Tyler, Kaysar, Cody, Bayleigh, Memphis
POV Host: Christmas
Power of Veto holder – Cody
Power of Veto Ceremony – Cody Doesn’t use the power of veto Nominations stay the same.
Safety Suite – Enzo wins Christmas is his plus one.
Live feeds —-> Grab your Live feeds here. Try it free.
Rank the houseguests —-> Big Brother 22 Ranking

1:54 pm Janelle and Ian

Janelle saying that last night the votes weren’t going her way but they’ll see what happened. Adds that the good news is she’ll get to see her family
Feeds cut..
Ian says the HOH will be Athletic, “What they’re building out there is not a quiz”
Janelle – endurance comp seems so early
Ian – same as ours round four.
Janelle says as she’s gotten older she’s not been as good at remembering all the details. When she was on Big Brother 6 she was a “Superfan that got to play”. She new everything.
They talk about season 6

2:00 pm Nicole, Cody and Dani
Spinning their wheels about David.
Cody gives them a debrief about the drama.
Cody – hew as like Da and Bayleigh cornered him
Dani – Cornered him
Cody – he tried to crush me
Nicole – no he panicked he doesn’t know what he’s doing..

Nicole – Christmas was trying to help David with the game.. I was thinking this is bad
Dani – she was
Cody says that Christmas went to Kevin and told him that she had pull in the house.
Nicole -that’s so stupid
Dani – you can’t do that

They talk about Nicole’s first season and how Christine thought Nicole put a knife in her back..

2:10 pm Christmas and Kevin
Christmas says last week Memphis’ target is Kevin. Brings up that they get a new power next week (She’s talking like it’s a certainty)
Christmas – they might tell us Thursday night about the twist. Ibsvisoluy it’s not going to be safety which means that HOH is more important.
Christmas – can you imagine if J/K didn’t go on the block this week? imagine how wild the house would be (Yeah the feeds would be watchable)

2:18 pm Bayleigh and Tyler
Going over the David Drama. They ensure they’re solid with the 6.

2:30 pm Dani and Kaysar.
Kaysar is campaigning
Dani tells him that she’s not coming after him at all if he stays she wants him to know that.
Kaysar – If I stay I need to regroup and reconnect with my friends and see where my standing is in this hose. I feel for me it would be week 1
Dani says it would have been better if Kaysar and Janelle didn’t start the game paired up.
Kaysar wonders why there are no other pairs in the house.
Dani thinks there was supposed to be but it didn’t work out that way in teh casting.
Kaysar – do you have a sense where your vote at
Dani – same as I told Janelle I’m up in the air. You know realistically I’d love to have you here. I Actually enjoy you as a person. take the game out.
Kaysar – thank you the feeling is mutual.

Dani – I feel right now that the house is leaning to keeping you. Janelle is trying really hard but as it stands now the house is keeping you
Kaysar – I never expected to get a call again I wanted to make it matter.. make it count. I want to connect make friends. Hopefully, I can change that.
Dani – you integrate well, everyone likes you

2:30 pm Janelle and Tyler
Janelle – I’ll make a deal with you right now. If I’m HOH you’re not going to see the block 100%.
T – ok, until final 3
he laughs
Janelle – I want to work with you if you truly are along if you’re not working with the whole house.
Janelle – there’s a lot of people in this house. we can work out a thing where I don’t touch you
T – alright, who are you touching
Janelle – I want the floaters out I want to play Allstars like I did last time and be my OG self
Tyler – how’s that
Janelle – I targeted the floaters then when we get to final 8 it’s a real game
T – ways it 4V4
Janelle – no I was by myself I play best by myself .. I just do my own thing
Janelle – Floaters disgust me I don’t like their gameplay if this is an Allstars season I would love for some of the bigger heavy hitters great for the show great for the fans.
Janelle – the fans love when I target floaters
Janelle – tat will be my position if I stay in this house. I want to go out leaving the best players in this game I don’t want it to be a blow out where the people that didn’t make it very far or are here for a different reason that isn’t to win Big Brother. yOu know what I mean
Janelle – I F***INg hate floaters that’s it
T – so do I
Janelle – they’re the worst they’re a parasite in this house and they feed off people like me and you
T – they got me this time
Janelle – they got me two
Janelle says she would need Dani and Enzo to help move the house because nobody is saying anything nobody wants to voice up because they don’t want to be a target.
Tyler says if Dani doesn’t to it he’ll do it.
Janelle – same thing about my power
Tyler- you’re power?
Janelle – if I win a power .. whatever.. these floaters are all worried about me winning a power .. you should be nervous it’s not going to work to your benefit.

2:46 pm Dani and Tyler
Dani says Cody told her everything that happened with David, Tyler, and Da’vonne
Dani – fricken David
Dani says Da’Vonne is really pissed at David now.
Dani – you told me that Da’Vonne was going to flip
Tyler- yeah and you’re the one that told me.
Dani says she didn’t think Tyler was going to say anything to David.
Dani – she’s mad at him and he’s mopping around.

Dani – she said you all want Janelle to leave now Nicole wants Janelle to leave why wouldn’t keep her.
Dani adds that Da’Vonne went on about a guys alliance. “Da’Vonne was 100% trying to flip the vote”
Dani – friggin Janelle keeps coming to me over and over and over
Tyler – David might be one f the worst players I’ve ever seen.. at this..
Feeds keep cutting in and out all day it’s been a nightmare.
Tyler says the fact that Da’Vonne seems fine about everything makes him nervous.
Tyler brings up telling Janelle if Dani isn’t going to lead the charge he’ll lead the charge to save her
T – we definitely want her to go right?
Dani – yell yeah
Dani complains about how exhausting it is Janelle keeps coming to her, ‘Over and over and over”

Tyler says this isn’t the best move for him she’s a bigger target than him
Dani – she’s coming after, you, Cody, Nicole and Me
Tyler says Bayleigh might be able to help him with Da’Vonne.
Dani – I don’t know what those two are doing
Tyler doesn’t either
Dani says Da’Vonne is listening too much and all Bayleigh cares about is getting the guys out.
Tyler – we should have stuck with you me and Cody
Dani – that’s where our hearts are
Tyle r- I didn’t make any alliances..
Dani mentions how they keep getting pulled into alliances.
They talk about how Da’Vonne isn’t tight with David but she’s made him think she’s his number 1 “For sure”
Tyler says that David is getting doubts about Da’Vonne because she came to talk to him first.
Dani says Kasyar didn’t say much on his campaign “he just wants to sit back and be quiet and try to make friends”
Dani says that J/K hung out in the key room for three weeks she goes on about how Kaysar doesn’t see this.
Tyler says Kaysar wants to target you.
Dani – they tell you and Cody everything they are saying because they think you are the same.

They talk about how paranoid David is getting
Tyler – that’s the rookie paranoia you go through especially when you’re on the block week 2.
Tyle r- do we now have to get out Da’Vonne or do we get out David to weaken Da’Vonne
Dani – Da’Vonne is more dangerous. People listen to her too. Her whole game is talking and deceiving
T – that is what she’s doing to me and Cody.. she went straight to me
Dani says they have already caught Da in a lie and she’s already not trusting them.
Tyler says they should let Enzo strike first.
Dani – do you think he would

Dani – Nicole told me she wants Bayleigh gone. But I think she would be scared to put her up with a Kaysar
Tyler- Nicole isn’t going to win HOH
Dani – she’s telling me she’s trying
Tyler – I don’t think she wants to now that Janelle’s gone
Dani – she says Ian really wants to win
Tyler – I wonder what Ian will do
Dani – she said Ian would put up Kasyar and Bayleigh
Tyler – I think Christmas will do it
Dani says they should get Kaysar out. “Da’Vonne should go before Jury”
Dani – if we’re already in jury and one of us throw her up there we’re losing a vote there’s no question
Tyler – Christmas needs to win this HOH
Dani says if they get rid of Da’Vonne it breaks the tie between David and Bayleihg. Adds that Da’Vonne has ties with floaters.
They agree Ian or Christmas for HOH. They don’t want Memphis to win
Tyler – if Da’Vonne and Bayleigh and we save Bayeligh then we’re slick 5
Dani says she’ll put up Kaysar and David.
Tyler says she should win throw it to Christmas
Dani wants Christmas to get a bigger target on her back “We’ll need that in a few weeks”
Dani – the main person that can’t win is Kaysar right.. you think he would work with you and Cody?
Tyle r- I told him if he didn’t put me up we’ll talk
Dani – it’ll be you, Cody, me or Nicole who else would he put up
Tyler – I don’t know

3:29 pm Dani leaves..

4:13 pm Bayleigh hiding from this ridiculous house.

4:21 pm Nicole and Christmas
Nicole says she’ll throw the Hoh to her.
Christmas says she’ll start negotiating then Nicole will know to drop.

4:36 pm Dani and Da’Vonne
talking about David..
Dani – I don’t get it
Da’Vonne – I don’t get it at all.
Dani asks if David was trying to get Cody and Tyler against her.
Da’Vonne doesn’t know. Da says she almost blew up her game for David last week trying to keep him.
Dani says he thought David liked Cody.

Da’Vonne says out of all the season she’s been in this is the first one she “feels secure”.
Da’Vonne says she realizes now that David is not her friend.
Da says she’s gotten close with Nicole now at first she was saying if Nicole was on this season she would take Nicole out for what she did to Da. But now she’s not feeling like that once they got a chance to talk. ‘She’s a good girl”
Dani says that Ncioel LOVE Da “She’s a got a big heart”
Dani thought they would have more pairs of people that didn’t get along.
Da’Vonne thought Paul was going to be on this season “that was going to be the one for me”
Dani says Kasyar is a really nice guy he’s just bad at the game. “He’s an easy target for everybody. If he gets past next week he’ll hide for awhile”
Dani complaining about going to Jury how she’ll lose her mind.

Da’Vonne says in the jury house they get Phone calls
Dani says that is what people are saying but she hasn’t heard anything official yet
Da – yeah we get phone calls this year.
Feeds cut

5:08 pm Memphis and Janelle
Janelle – do you think this game is as boring as when you played it
M – yes
Janelle – it’s so boring Memphis
Memphis says he was telling himself “don’t go back into the house”
Janelle – why did you come back
Memphis – I have no idea.
Janelle – are you happy you’re back
Memphis – no
Janelle – what do you think of this young horrible players.,
Memphis – the reason I came back is what’s going on in the outside world.. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s not normal

5:20 pm Ian getting some spa treatment.

5:30 pm Christmas and Tyler
They talk about David never watching the show before. Tyler brings up that David said he never saw his season and watched only 20 episodes of Tyler’s season
Christmas says that David thinks he’s the swing vote this week
Tyler – why does he think he’s the swing vote
Christmas – He’s a f***Ing idiot man
Christmas – Janelle is telling him she has a couple of people and he would be the swing vote.. to boost his ego.
Christmas – Janelle thinks she has Bayleigh, Memphis, I told her I was voting for Kaysar, She thinks she has Da’Vonne, Kevin and Maybe Dani. She’s been working on Dani really hard.
Christmas says that Bayleigh doesn’t talk any game with her and Da’Vonne only does when she needs to.
Tyler floats the idea about them putting Da or Bayleigh up against Kaysar.
Christmas says if Kevin wins HOH he’ll do what she asks.

5:50 pm Dani and Sh1tmas
Dani says she doesn’t want Kaysar or Memphis getting the HOH
Christmas says if it’s endurance the people with the best chance to win will be Nicole, Ian, Dani, Shtiz, “and even Kevin”
Dani asks who she thinks Da’Vonne will put up
Christmas – she wouldn’t put up you or Nicole. Ummm. . . I have a weird suspicion she might put me up. She doesn’t talk any game to me.
The talk about Da’Vonen only talks game with Bayleigh, Janelle, and Kevin.
Dani – I feel like she really doesn’t trust me.
Dani says Bayleigh told her she’s picking Dani as a have-not “so shes on the top of my list”
Christmas – you didn’t ask her
Dani – hell no
Dani – she talked to Enzo and Enzo goes he doesn’t want to pick her because it’ll make her upset. so Bayleigh said I’ll pick her then.
Christmas – she’s starting to get sassy
Dani says Bayleigh offered to be a have-not because she knew Jaenlel was going to be there.
Christmas out of the two I thin Da is better to stay

Dani – Bayleigh is the better competitor but Da’Vonne is less trustworthy and she gets the people.. she has the Kevin, Bayleigh she pulls people in she’s a talker. Ther’es advantages to both.
Christmas – you can read when Da is not feeling you
Dani – Bayleigh’s the same too

Dani brings up Tyler saying when Bayeligh doesn’t et her way she starts going off on people

Christmas says she’s going to get extensions when she gets out.
Dani – I’ve never had extensions
Christmas – week one I was like Janelle you’re hair it’s always in place ..
her babies start crying
Dani – just finish the story
Christmas says that she asked Janelle and she lied said her hair is just naturally thick
Christmas – why lie about that
Dani – it’s so weird.
Nicole – that is why she drys her hair up here.

6:15 pm Janelle and Tyler
Talking about getting the call to come back Janelle said she told them maybe,. Tyler says he told them no at first.
Feeds cut.. when we’re back
Tyler says he didn’t want to play the game without Angela
Janelle – I’m surprised they didn’t ask you both
Tyler – they said it would be unfair..
Feeds cut

6:20 pm Cody and Enzo
Cody finally filling Enzo in on all the David stuff.
Enzo – WOW yo
Enzo says once Janelle goes Day and Bay have no one they’ll have to stick with them.
Enzo – yo Bayleigh and Day are going to snap
Enzo – Dani told Da’Vonne that I wanted to make her a have not

Cody says the person that told them about Da’Vonne flipping the vote was Dani.
Enzo – I’m telling you I’m backdooring Dani for real yo

Enzo – Nicole and Dani want Bay and Day out.. that’s good for us.
they talk about Dani playing “So hard”
Enzo says he doesn’t trust Dani.
Enzo brings up again Dani telling Da’conne that he was going to make her a have not. Enzo explains he never said that it was Dani that said it to him.
Enzo – you gotta watch Dani.. She says sh1t then she goes around saying you said it.
Cody says Da’vonne does that
Enzo _ I like bayleigh the most of all of them.

Enzo – Dani knows too much about our game she’s got to go yo. Now it’s too early within two or three weeks I’m backdooring her I’m getting her the f** out
Enzo about Dani “She’s everywhere.. everywhere”
Enzo goes on about Dani being a rick.
Enzo – you’re my guy to the end if we can pull in Tyler..
Enzo – you’re my only alliance everyone else I’m using.
Enzo about Memphis – there’s something wrong with that guy yo.. he’s going to snap he’s a ticking timebomb
Enzo says the problem is some of these girls. They need their girls to take out some of the other girls and the other girls to take out their games.
Cody warns that the girls will want guys to go.

Cody says he’s putting up Kasyar and David.
Enzo warns Tyler is a smart player if they get near the end he’ll make a move against them.
Cody says Nicole told him she can not go after Da’Vonne because of what happened to their season. Cody is getting tired of these girls.
Enzo – that’s why it’s stupid for us to take out Janelle.

Enzo explains that Dani and Nicole want Janelle gone because they know Janelle is coming after them.
Enzo says she is going to fill Bay with so much shit about Nicole F and Dani
Enzo about Bayleigh “that’s my girl yo, she’ll be my pitbull in this she’s going after them”
Enzo – I went like this Dani doesn’t want to be a have-not she said not to pick her so I’m like stuck
Enzo – she (Bay) was like I’ll f**ing pick her f** what she’s going to do I’ll f**ing fight her
Enzo – I was like YEAH BAY that’s it.. Dani’s going to be a have not.. that’s why I love her for real

6:46 pm Tyler joins them they compare David and Dani notes.
Cody says David is untrustworthy, Da’Vionne is wildly paranoid and Dani is saying shit and popping back.
Cody says the problem is Da’Vonne with her paranoia and Dani with her talking says bayleigh isn’t a problem. Enzo and Tyler agree.

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Enzo is trying to save the season. Keep talking, maybe you’ll get through to them!

another name

Just for a laugh.

say dani goes through with hink vote.
say enzo throws another hink vote.
say kevin bay and da’ vote what they want.
and say david is an idiot.
how do they blame da’ and bay for that?
how much does Nicf whine scream and moan stomping into the d/r to complain?

Won’t happen. because Grod can’t stand to see Nicf cry.


Big Jim

Losing interest rapidly. If Kaysar or Bay or Day don’t win will be hard to continue watching. What a bust this “All Star “season turned out to be

The Beef

Even if Bay or Day win, they haven’t got the balls to do anything other than put up Kaysar. They are too scared to go against the “power” in the house, so they will go along to get along, put up Kaysar and another guy (maybe Ian, definitely NOT David or Kevin, because you know, morals and everything). That talk Bayleigh had with Janelle and Kaysar about putting up Nicole and Dani? It’s just talk. No way she actually does it. That would require courage, an actual understanding of how the game works, and a real desire for a chance to WIN! Those outside of the main six or seven (and I don’t mean the “Slick Six”, the fake alliance) are just playing to survive, and that’s why they have no chance. That’s their philosophy. Survive, not win.

Big Jim

You’re probably right but I can hope


If Day or Bay gets wind it was Dani that started that lie.. They will put her up in a heartbeat.


I would love a house meeting about David. Pleeaaaasssseeee………


So true!!!!


I’m so angry that they cast pair like Janelle and Kayser. They did it on purpose to make them the early targets. They didn’t put any other team in the house. The producers obviously wanted them out first. Janelle is a true all star. From what I remember of Kayser, he made big mistakes that got him evicted. I loved him, but I was smacking my forehead at some of his moves. If Janelle had been there alone, she could have made alliances and possibly advanced farther.

I believe the producers set them up as bait for the first few weeks so that the newer players would be safe for a while. It was done to juice ratings, but I really would have loved to see Janelle get to play her own game, for once.

Regarding floaters, unfortunately, that’s old school BB. now, it’s all about large power alliances sweeping the house. It was more fun the old way because alliances shifted more.


I’ve never been a fan of production interference (so it pains me to say this), but I think we need some type of production interference to save this season. It’s dull as dirt.

And that conversation between Christmas and Kevin. OMG. There should be a warning label about the public health risk of listening to them. They are a clear and present danger to cognitive intellect.




Those are supposed to be laughing emojis


No way! This is just what is wrong with some BB fans. When their favorite players are not doing well in the game, they ask for interference. But when it’s the other way around, they scream the game is rigged.

Besides it’s too early to tell that the season needs to be saved. Still a lottttt of weeks before the finale.


Not to early. Sorry this season needs to be saved. Come on plane flying above the house. Come on someone, scream in the backyard; but this time say something damaging. Come on man


It’s the worst. Year after year I come here to read “RIGGED” and “I’m never watching again!” when fan favorites aren’t doing well.

But now they want production to interfere… sigh.

…I’ll see you all here next year when you’re still watching & writing the same things.


Youre not wrong, its a curious look for the site

Starry night

You are on the Janelle fan club discussion site. You can’t say that here. Everybody gets really upset.


I do think Kevin is worse than Christmas and David (who has been acting like an idiot)



Johnny Depth

The headline has me thinking about Rachel’s epic line “Floaters grab a life vest”

Back when BB was compelling and entertaining

Lady E

I just watched a clip of Britney saying it, with Rachel’s extensions lmao

another name

Dear Tyler,
Channel some Anthony (bbcan7) and tell David that you are the lion and that the lion is the king of the jungle protecting all of the baby bears…. and then tell him you are Batman.
Saying crap like that seems to be the google translate that works well when translating from bbplayer to idiot.
Or don’t. I don’t really GAF.

btw. in most screen caps of Janelle, tell me you don’t see a bone structure that pulls an Angelina Jolie vibe. the stung lip mixed with the cheek bone thing. Am i crazy to say that i keep seeing it in the caps?

Nicf admitting on feeds that a lot of the conversations were faked and led by production in order to make storyline in 18. Gee. Anyone that watched feeds knew that. eyeroll. Flash forward to the Cody and Kevin conversation about Janelle being better for the game. mmmmhmmm.

Already Lovin' This Season

Wow. Was I wrong!

Not Lovin' This Season

There’s no way I can watch the feeds this season. I can barely read these updates (as much as I enjoy Simon and Dawg!), Maybe next time the powers that be decide to do another all stars, they’ll think twice and do “Fan Favorites”. Personally, I’d love to see Donnie again!

Lady E

Yes! I also would like to see Eric, Brian, Casey, Annie, Zach, & Johnny Mac. I was rooting for them before they were voted out.

Lenora Sampson

Lol Dani thinks she could ever be a queen never honey you are a Loser.

another name

Episode Revision
The slick six and the committee are the only alliances? So all my charts are wrong? nope.
oh. REMINDER: the slick six was created as a FAKE alliance. Always was.

Franzel whines to fans that Janelle has been so mean to her. FFS. Episoders: it’s bull. Nicf walked in saying crap. Heck I’m 99.99975% she was pushing it pre-season BIG.

Do or die time for J/K edit to attempt to fix this season…and get the most out of the J/K relationship even though production is shaking… they are aware that the same old same old storyline of the past 5 seasons isn’t cutting it this year to a significant portion of the fanbase. Who are they going to push in d/r to take Janelle’s place? Let’s watch and see who gets a d/r push.

Skipping the couple tries couple guys thing that happens BEFORE the Janelle Bay talks.
This explains the Bayleigh on the radar gotta get Franzel aspect they are ignoring.

Explanation of Dani’s game. Just flash SNAKE across the screen. pulling out talks that have happened over 2 weeks for this montage. Not showing Tyler is sketched out by Dani. So she’s a mastermind that nobody expects edit vs. just about everyone has some level of suspicion about Dani feeds. Anyone else getting the feeling the real 4th in the cody dani nicf pre-season alliance is Grodner?? Wouldn’t that explain EVERYTHING.

Personal Annoyance: All Stars having to read off the cards for veto pick etc. with MORE added Dani d/r???? Look at production pushing up the Dani content in her usual role as knock-off second best Janelle. You KNOW that’s what is happening, right? We have our winner for who will Grod push. I’m soooooo surprised.

Knock out veto. Man. They must have rilllly got scurred when Cody said they’d walk if Kaysar and Janelle stayed. What? he’s the one that said he went to d/r and said just that.
Bases not matching stupidity. Yeah, Janelle and Kaysar weren’t winning that one at alllllll. It’s week three Cody. what do you mean you’ve wanted them on the block for a long time? Dog years or pre-season, inquiring minds wanna know? Memphis doesn’t like losing to someone younger…. so he gathered an alliance of people younger than him. OOOOkay. Memphis is just a mess of mid-life crisis. give him another little red car. Now the Memphis threw the comp talks. That sorta went nowhere.

J/K talk the hail mary plan. But was it really? No. Even J/K were saying yeah that’ll never work.

Project make Xmas human. Good luck. hey episodies: she’s pushed the 19 tactics as an option three times this season. Is she still funny with all the babies?

Awww…. they’re pretending the veto was an option with that Cody Janelle talk. Oh-kay. Grod, ur slippin gurrl. Even the biggest ep only fool doens’t buy that crap. do they????

End of ep. d/r:
Dani letting her envy show. The end says Live in announcements. Um… Idunno. Doesn’t seem that way.


Enzo, actually has a read on all of these people. He is right. It’s stupid for them to take out Janelle. She will take Dani and Nicole out for them. She doesn’t care if only girls have been taken out. She sees it for what it is. And he isn’t worried about Da, she is not a threat. He wants Nicole, Ian, Dani and Memphis out but cant get his alliance to get on board. Tyler sounds like he wants to keep Janelle too. They are all just scared and STUPID!.

Feeds Gold

please enzo talk to tyler and keep jani to go after dani/snakeole/ian yo!

another name

these current talks by all the image conscious players in the house (the ones afraid to look bad to the fans) about wishing they could keep Janelle? They’re more of that overly image conscious talk. They want to make it seem to the episode only people that it was a possibility, so they’ve d/r hinted that some meaningless convos should occur for drama.

Unless it actually happens that someone in that house commits to a flip, there is no flip. It’s just more drama for the kids at home that don’t watch feeds.

Meanwhile team mayonaise plans to nominate who next? mmmmhmmmm.

another name

Sorry. Hate to tell ya, but I’m from a reeeeallllly redneck home town. like in 2020 cars stop to rubberneck if they see a black person on the sidewalk, or talk about the possibility of a gang problem if they see more than 2 poc in the same day, or worry that there could be some sort of terror plot in this podunk rural community if they see a middle eastern person shopping in any store whatsoever… that redneck and i’m not joking about any of those examples… so i know microagression when i hear it. I grew up on the one street in the whole county that was multicultural and even then it was 80% white. The wink wink not sayin just sayin choice of diction. It’s bold print.

A couple of the women specifically in that house have a problem. And for once this is NOT a rag on Nicf.

All I’m wondering now is if they are aware they are using code, and intentionally doing so, or if they have been sociologically conditioned to use this code and don’t see what they’re doing. The latter i can deal with. That’s just ignorance and can be changed. The former is going to be a problem if it continues. Because I’m not the only person clocking it. Eyebrows are raising.
Like I said earlier this week… there is a storm coming once the game has the appearance of the white vs poc optic. Be prepared, because social media is going to come for it waaaaay hard.


Team mayonnaise, lol! (real mayonnaise has more flavor, though)

The Beef

Just so I know, when WILL it be okay, for the dominate alliance in the house to nominate a duo who is obviously NOT in their alliance, but also happens to be of a different skin color? Will that ever be okay when the reasons for doing so are GAME reasons, and not race reasons? Or will it always just be assumed it is race reasons, because the duo is black? Because if that’s the case, the black players should just continue to link up together every season, and scream racism when the other players move to break up their duo, which happens often during BB seasons, regardless of race, and you and everybody else knows this.

Why keep pouring gasoline on this fire? Do you honestly think “team mayonaise” as you call them are really a bunch of racists, and are targeting Day and Bay because they are black? I think you are really reaching here, especially coming up on week 4, and given you know they are NOT part of the main alliance, they are a duo, and could very well be considered the main threat to that alliance going forward, not to mention Day’s issues with David, Tyler and Cody this week.

another name

No. I don’t think team mayo is all racists. But i do think they are all white, and so worried about the vision of racism that they are calling attention to it themselves when they talk about who to evict.
I think they opened the door when they used we should keep the poc because it will look bad if we evict them. More than one has used that excuse.

I think the set up of we don’t want to look racist has created a situation where they are going to be perceived by some in that way, because everyone left to nominate not in their alliance will be the poc. They have tried so hard to not be pictured that way, that they’ve drawn a great big circle around it.

When memphis wanted to gather his alliance, remember Bay was initially in the seat given to Nicf. If that had actually been the alliance, this whole optic i call the mayo situation wouldn’t exist at all.

Right now nomming David for game reason is absolutely valid. he’s torched games.
Nomming Kaysar for game reason is absolutely valid. he’s an unknown for who he targets.
actually, nomming any poc for a game reason is absolutely valid. even splitting the pair because they are a pair and there is strength in pairs.

Since they are so worried about what the audience will think, and making sure there is no scandal, they are setting up the situation where it’s going to become a big point.

When will it be okay? I don’t know. I’m forecasting what the audience is going to think. Every part of the audience. And saying the optic generation that’s coming is going to cause a lot of debate.


Another name…I also am from one of those podunk towns (in Idaho) population just over 5000. The POC vary, black is usually unheard of, mexican is often the majority. I have seen POC in the grocery store and yes they are stared at (but leave that to the good old republican aryans in this state). I am guilty of staring myself, but only because I find it cool. On another post I said “reverse discrimination” and was called out for saying it. It does exist! Trying to get an office job in my 30’s was not to be unless I learned Spanish. I was called rascist because I refused to. It’s all in how people interpret it, and already Da and Bae are being called rascist along with the “mayo” people.

The Beef

You see, here in lies the problem. People who want to see racism, are going to see racism, no matter what. It happens every day in real life, and it doesn’t matter if racism is happening or it isn’t happening, the charge is made. What you are describing is exactly the same thing. NO racism, but somebody who absolutely wants to see it (some unknown person or persons on social media, as you describe), decides to call it out, even though the players have bent over backwards to avoid being seen as racist in any way, and I don’t know if you think this is okay or not, but I surely don’t, because calling someone racist when they aren’t is a vile and evil thing to do.

If they nominate Bay and Day as a game move, there should be absolutely no discussion of that whatsoever as being anything other than what it is, busting up a duo who is not part of the alliance in charge. Will certain people with an axe to grind try to make an issue out of it? I’m sure some may, but again, they are just like those that scream racism every day without a shred of evidence to back it up and do so just because they can, and not because it is.

Team New School

Janelle couldn’t win even when Memphis is trying as hard as he can to throw it to her — and you guys still think she is the queen????? And then, “what do you think of this young horrible players?” You mean the players that are kicking your b*&^? You made your “cameo”, now go away.


Dani is just as evil as her dad. Tonight’s episode she said she would stab people in the back. And when is she gonna ditch those stupid clogs she’s always wearing? Those seem so outdated. I never see anyone wear those anymore.


Doesnt she live in TN?


Yo like listening to enzo yo can be super annoying sometimes yo but yo hes growing on me yo, yo I really hope he wins yo. Cause yo most everyone else on this season yo are tools yo


HaHa! 😀

Not Lovin' This Season

So, Janelle lied about having thick hair. And that’s a topic of conversation. Really? I have no idea how old Nicole, Dani and Christmas are but mentally and emotionally I think they’re still in junior high, playing mean girls. Too bad no one cares, except them.


I was thinking the same thing. Thats what they call “good game play”. EPIC Allstars. LMAO. SHOWS how jealous they are. Who gives a shit if Janelle has extensions? And so friggen what if she choses not to say so? On a TV SHOW.
Maybe shitass should grt extensions that cover her face. LOL


@another_name brought this up and also it was on the Wednesday’s show: It was stated that Janelle was giving slot-nose sh!t. This is the first I heard of this. Is this true? The little I watched the feeds, and of course always read the synopsis by Dawg and Simon, I always heard slot-nose bashing Janelle not the other way around. Is there any bit of truth to the statement on Wednesday’s show?

another name

Janelle on day 2 was unhappy with Nicf. She’d found out Nicf was shit talking. Janelle said things. the next day she went and apologized to Nicf for shit talking her, because they are friends. Even said they should be working together.
Nicf however, continued to tell everyone in the house crap. Janelle then started saying she didn’t like Nicf because she is a backstabber in the way Nicf plays games.
Janelle has amplified her dislike of Nicf as time has gone by.
Nicf and Dani’s shit talk about Janelle has been a constant theme. Like… janellous constant.

Feeds Gold

Hear me and hear me well. The day will come – oh, yes, mark my words, dani and snakeole – your day of reckoning is coming, when an evil wind will blow through your little play world and wipe that smug smile off your face. And I’ll be watching as it all comes crumbling down! Muhahaha

Feeds Gold

production i hope you are organising that secret room right now

if shes gone for good i want an extended julie interview with jani, including a janellousy montage and a history of jaysar montage…(i will be hitting the mute button for the bitchy goodbye messages from dani/snakeole)…fuck the hoh comp, it can wait until sundays episode as theres no safety suite comp

if you want to see your ratings boost and the season come alive…

dont let goddess jani leave us

BBAS2 baby

I swear if someone from that shitty six alliance wins HOH tonight I’m done watching

another name

left out the pairs. assume everyone is a fake pair with everyone else.
It’s just safer that way. I think I got the day right… it’s somewhere between 21 and 23.
Shaky means the rest of the alliance is questioning the shaky one in the alliance.

bb22 DAY 22.jpg
another name

Finally they are serving my damn waffles
Late night connect meeting about the vote.
In attendance are bay cody enzo da’vonne.
Bay putting in work.
Asking Cody why their alliance gives a shit what Nicf thinks or feels… she isn’t in their alliance.
Enzo thinks Janelle will always be a big target in front of them.
Cody is trying to spin the wheel. he isn’t gaining much traction yet.
Now Cody pushing back harder.
Bay thinks if they keep Nicf final 7, it’s Bay that gets put out by Nicf.
Day says she can vote out Nicf but cannot nominate Nicf. She can’t pull that trigger.
Enzo is done with the conversation. Doesn’t GAF.
Cody now laying blame on Tyler for his push back. Bay says it’s just because everyone is playing scared in case Janelle gets a power that nobody knows is even coming.
Enzo now sticking up for Tyler *ed.Enzo believes in the Final 3 with Tyler and Cody.

And now they’re back to talking about David.
It was a doughy waffle, a little undercooked in the centre.

Feeds Gold

bay folded like a cheap suit

another name

As soon as she said she’ll target Nicf she was not winning that.
And she knows.

Feeds Gold

im hoping all of kay bay day put up snaki(snakeole/dani) if they win hoh

another name

i’m loathe to say it. I’m sort of leaning closer and closer to checking out.
Not, i repeat NOT over some ‘why Jaysar’ feeling. Come on. They were going to take a hit from night one. It’s expected.
I’m just… i’m annoyed.
Every one of the worst case scenarios I’ve had about a return player season is right here. Season 22 is actually becoming my worst fear about the future of Big Brother.
I’m trying really hard to stay involved. too hard. obnoxiously hard.
If this is All Stars and not just Returning Players Season… I’m Howie’s whack shack..
If the season pregaming and sketchy post d/r convos isn’t hitting every one of my buttons…. I’m a meal cooked by Raven.
If I weren’t thinking this is just going to get more predictably same old same old this is what Big Brother is now (checklist of everything sketchy from 18-21 production manipulation storyline) …i’m the shower stool.

I’m supposed to be enjoying this… and i’m beginning to think i’m trying way to hard to enjoy this. It shouldn’t be an effort. It’s a lot of effort.
I’ll give it to Sunday. See if I can find something that isn’t giving dread. Just one bright light that breaks every conclusion i’m seeing on the horizon.
If only I kraken’d. but i don’t do that anymore. Yeah. I need some sleep.
Bore everyone with too much commenting later. 🙂

My 2 cents

Well, I seriously hope you decide to hang in there with the rest of us gluttons for punishment. Misery loves company … and reading your witty posts!


Or a cheap other thing