“Why did I have to come & catch feelings for someone.. You have no idea how much self control it takes to just sit here and not like..”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Monte
Nominees: Indy and Alyssa
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Turner & Jasmine

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Nicole & Taylor

10:26pm Bedroom – Kyle and Alyssa.
Kyle – how are you feeling. Alyssa – Okay. I haven’t really talked to Monte so I should talk to him tonight. Kyle – I still feel super bad and I’m sorry. Alyssa – well thank you. Kyle – I feel bad, I really do. Alyssa – you feel bad because of why? Kyle – just the whole Ameerah thing. Alyssa – because you didn’t tell me or do you feel bad because.. Kyle – both. She is your best friend and I knew what that would do to you and that sucks. I feel bad because our trust isn’t going to be as strong. Alyssa – yeah. I appreciate that and like I was like we’re not on the same page and I feel like I look like an idiot. It happened and its fine. I still think you’re like semi cool. Kyle – I am really not. I am kind of a loser outside of this game. Alyssa – no, but it was just kind of a lot. And Turner told Jasmine I knew this was going to happen which is not true. He never told me that. Kyle – are you being real?! They keep telling me these things and I am like there is no chance that, that is real. Alyssa – Tuner told me in front of Indy and Brittany. Kyle – there is no way that can happen. Alyssa – I appreciate you telling me that. I just hope that we win the veto. Do you think if Monte won he would take us off? Kyle – I think so. Alyssa – do you really think so though? kyle – he can’t be like the point is to backdoor someone and then not use the veto? And everyone would be like what that hell. That’s the same with Joseph and Terrance. Alyssa – I do appreciate you telling me that. I understand. I was just like okay well you don’t see me like I see you .. like a partner. Kyle – yeah and I f**king screwed it over and all of America hates me. Alyssa – thanks for saying that because it makes me feel like you actually care about me. Kyle – this game is just so hard, it sucks like and it sucks like why did I have to come and like catch feelings for someone like why can’t it just be easy? No one else is having this issue. No one else likes anyone else in here. You have no idea how much self-control it takes to just sit here and not like.. Alyssa – like what? Kyle – so I was coming in here.. do you want to read the bible? Alyssa – like what Kyle? Kyle – stop, I’m a weak, weak man. Alyssa – that makes two of us. Kyle hugs her. Kyle – you’re awesome, okay I have to go..

Bedroom – Indy and Michael.
Michael – I just want to thank you for yesterday like I didn’t know you were mad at me. You were very gracious towards me. Like I know you were upset and I didn’t realize that you were mad at me. So I apologize if I didn’t seem.. Indy – I was not really mad. I was mad at her, at Brittany.

10:55pm The house guests are hanging out in the HOH room chatting..

11:25pm – 12am HOH room – Kyle, Taylor, Michael, JOe, Monte and Turner.
Monte – I guess all we’re missing is Brittany. Kyle – she’s slumped though. Michael – Brittany had a rough day. Kyle – oh really? Why? Monte – I think just missing home. Michael – I think so. And Brittany is pretty nervous. Joe – why? Michael – because we’re the only pair and she thinks the girls are mad at her. Taylor – and they are. Michael – and if they win they’re going to put us up and they’re going to vote her out. Joe – really? I think you and me are (targets) especially now after putting up Alyssa and Indy. Monte – I am pretty sure I’ve dug our own grave. Monte – did you talk to Indy at all today? Michael – yes, a little bit. Taylor – about her joining us. Joe – I am just thinking of waiting till the veto comes in so that we can be like we plan on going in that direction where they stay up. Michael – yeah that might be a conversation to be had after the veto. Monte tells them about his talk with Indy today and how he reassured her that it would be very unlikely that she would go home this week.
Joe – I would normally feel so f**king bad for Nicole or Alyssa but its hard for me to feel bad for Nicole when she’s done this exact situation to Taylor so it is literally like I can’t sit here and then feel bad for you because you’re getting a taste of your own medicine. Kyle the thing that pissed me off the most was when for example Nicole and you … she was using that relationship and going back and feeding us the information and making fun of that she was using that relationship. Then the next day she blows up on your saying she was trying to be you friend and then tears you down and I am like no that’s not how this works.

12:20 am Indy and Alyssa with Nicole talking crazy
Nicole says she and Ameerah didn’t have an alliance
Nicole – neither one of you is going home. I feel you are not going anywhere.

Nicole runs through scenarios “The plan is for one of us to win HOH we get HOH we need to have a clear understanding of who we want as a target so whether that means Brittany or Turner”
nicole – obviously we want to keep Michael and Jasmine safe.
Nicole – I’m pretty sure we want to keep Michael and Jasmine safe
Nicole – you will want to put up Monte, Terrance, and Joe. The main reason why if you and Indy are HOH you pick them as your nominees going into the veto is you now have 5 people playing in the veto to make a decision for you. With that being said they might pick on the person in a team to fill in for the 6

Nicole – If I stay which festie bestie should I join?
Alyssa – Michael and Brittany.. Michael will win veto
Indy – and Brittany is going home
Alyssa “We just have to make it through this week then three of us get to fight for HOH”
Alyssa – do you think it’ll be a double eviction on Thursday they usually do one before Jury
Nicole – no double eviction after Festie beastie
Nicole thinks there will be a battle back.
Nicole – the person going home will compete against Ameerah and POOCH.. they come back.. target immediately nobody was going to want her in here.

12:49 am sharing “ghost” stories

1:35 am everyone has gone to bed other than Turner.

1:44 am Turner called into the Diary room.

1:51 am everyone sleeping

6:03 am Zzzzzzz

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L.L. Bean Dip

Alyssa is so hot! I hope she doesn’t go.

The Truth

She really is beautiful ya’ll her leaving this week would be awful. Kyle is a scumbag as he once again confesses having feelings for her in the same part of the house. He’s disingenuous and a pathetic blow hard to shove a loyal ally her under a Mack Truck day 23.

un autre nom

I don’t want her to be evicted because I want one of my nopes to be evicted, However, because she’s pretty doesn’t do it as a valid reason for me.
What is her contribution to the ongoing storyline? That’s what is required of her. What does she bring to the game. She’d better figure that out and start doing it immediately.
Reasonably, she SHOULD have gone to Monte and said she’s been keeping Kyle apprised of the other sides movements for over a week because she’s more loyal to the boys. She’s their embedded spy. She didn’t do that.

The Truth

What makes it messed up is that Kyle is acting like he has feelings for her. When prior to noms when Monte was unsure. Kyle was the MAIN instigator pushing her to go in front of Monte in the have not room after Kyle lied to Alyssa 10 min prior about how he still has her back in the side room. Kyle is shady how dirty he to is betray her this early when she’s been loyal and nothing but good to him. It is not Alyssa’s fault that Kyle is being a strategic dumbass screwing her over after just 3 weeks throwing her under the bus to everyone.

un autre nom

Should he hold the door for her to go collect the prize money?

The Truth

You’re being a smart ass saying that.

Kyle confessing all the time having these feelings for her while at the same time being the ringleader to get her out week 4!? Just shows that he is using her and lacks complete sense in the game.
What your problem is that you don’t understand the logic of these decisions and how much of a strategic bozo Kyle is being for thinking this is a smart plan to help get him to the end. You don’t take out a loyal ally who wants to take you to the end in 13th Pl.

Prize money? He’s not getting prize money protecting Michael And his close ally’s when they will target him in 3 weeks!That is the problem you’re too caught up in what you want to see and not see the issue because of your fandom for Taylor. Kyle is strategically dumb to be so vocal for Alyssa to leave. The people aligned with Michael will take Kyle out well before 5 people left! In your mind it’s a good idea for Kyle to get rid of Alyssa out now when she will take Kyle to the end??????

un autre nom

Of course I’m being a smart ass in saying that.
With respect, please dial it back a bit when insinuating i’m stupid. I don’t do personal attacks on commenters (unless they come for me), and would appreciate the same respect.
I fully understand what Kyle is doing and why. I’ve commented on it plenty of times. The fact that Aly hasn’t figured out she’s being played is on her game.

The Truth

Kyles side has all of the power.
Alyssa has no other choice than to trust Kyle and tell him what he wants and Monte displaying that she wants to protect them and go after Nicole and Daniel.

The Beef

And what about Alyssa’s choices before last week, when her side had all the power, yet she chose to tell Kyle all about her alliances even though he wasn’t in them? Didn’t she have a choice then, but chose a showmance over better game play?

Kyle is choosing his alliance over someone who insists on trying to showmance him, even though he’s stated over and over, getting in a showmance will paint a target on both of their backs. That’s the one thing you keep leaving out of your equation whenever you make this argument about Alyssa and Kyle.

Do I think it’s the best move to get rid of Alyssa now? I don’t, and NEITHER DO MOST OF THE LEFTOVERS, which is why they want to backdoor Nicole. Why don’t you wait and see what happens on Monday before getting your panties in a twist about something that’s probably not going to happen anyway.


Having an opinion that differs from others isn’t only welcome on OBB, it’s encouraged. What isn’t is taking shots at someone else whose opinion differs from yours.

We are respectful of each other here so please try to follow that standard.

Another Name is the GOLD STANDARD on OBB – keeping everyone informed, entertained and provides excellent analysis.

For the record AN is NOT caught up in Taylor fandom and was the first to highlight how she contributed to the early house shunning by only hanging out with the alpha males.

As for Kyle, he also has his pros and cons (one glaring error would be getting Ally out before jury b/c she represents a vote in the house & in the jury) and while I respect your opinion on him – I beg to differ on his standing in the house & within the Leftovers.

IMHO he’s the safest of the seven, perfectly positioned between his three other Pound buddies & has a F3 with Britt/Michael who are closely aligned with Taylor. Kyle is the swing vote for either trio. Again, just my humble opinion.

Deloris Matthews

He’s playing the game


There are 13 people left considering the state of this house. Kyle is 100% being really dumb pushing her to go. 100% a chickenshit no balls move for Monte and Kyle wanting her to go over Nicole and Daniel.
Michael Brittany and Taylor have clearly stated that they are going after the boys soon when Jury starts. ALYSSA’s current three targets Daniel, Nicole, and Taylor would help out the pound significantly.
You don’t take someone loyal as her out week 4 when she wants you to make it to the end. 13 people left what he’s doing is strategical madness because even Michael Taylor and Brittany won’t do that!!
Alyssa would never go after him and Turner which is why Kyle is playing dumb.

un autre nom

Can someone please explain the logic to me?
The boys fear that if Daniel and Kyle are on the block, Taylor will flip and vote out Kyle.
Over Daniel.
PLEASE explain that. It’s been making me say whu? for days.

you think prodo isn’t liking the buzz and wants it to end? Riiight.
Here’s what you have:
2 people who outrage the viewership. One can go but not both for a while.
1 person whose mistreatment is gaining publicity for the show. they’re greedy for more publicity, so they will keep it going a while with at least one of the outrageous 2 above.
1 girl cast specifically to be in a showmance (she said it a week ago).
1 guy that reneged on the showmance agreement, but they found a way to keep him relevant to storyline.
Now in bbcan when a someone agrees to be in a showmance, and reneges when they arrives… they’re cut before jury. We’ve seen it a couple times. I’ve never seen the one that reneged stay while the other goes before… but that’s what seems to be a possibility.
Who no longer has a function in storyline?
One of the outrageous can go or the no longer has a role due to lack of showmance.
who are the choices they are wrestling with? Oh. hmm. THAT.
The reason the logic train isn’t making sense? They haven’t figured out in storyline which works better. do they need the 2 viles together a little longer to REALLY push public outrage buttons, or can one do it without a foil.
This is a retooling and rebranding week for the storyline department and they aren’t sure yet.

So what do we really have this season?
All of the worst female character tropes for big brother women cast as the women’s alliance. So the prospect of a strong women’s alliance that turns toxic due to their character flaws and loses support almost immediately.
Men who formed a men’s alliance that tested poorly due to toxic masculinity, now rebranded as the ‘saviors of the downtrodden’ while maintaining their bro-first inner core alliance.
From a dispassionate logical eye trying to see the inner pattern: this is what we have going this season.


I had written a post about the same thing (Kyle’s fear of going OTB and there being a split vote) but I was so tired I think I forgot to post it.

Anyway, I agree (shocker, lol).

Let’s dive into his logic of a split 5-5 vote:

Under his theory, Terrance, Jasmine, Indy, Nicole & Ally would vote to evict him. Okay, so I can buy Nic & even Terrance b/c they’ve been close (although he says he’s NOT with them anymore & a vote for him would draw a big line in the sand with the majority of the house, something Terry isn’t apt to do.

Jas & Indy dislike both of the Vile twins so again – suspect but maybe b/c Indy would likely see it as an opportunity to break up her crush Monte from Kyle.

BUT… here’s where his logic hits a major snag – Does he really expect people to believe the bunny burner wouldn’t vote to keep him? No seriously?

At first, I was like – wait if they have a tie then Monte his BFF & (one of his F2 allies) would break the tie in his favor. So what’s the issue?

It’s b/c he worries that Taylor might not vote for him. WAIT — so she’s going to vote to keep her biggest bully Evil Elvis in the house over you?

It’s asinine & if I were in his alliance – even Joe or Turner I’d be calling BULLSH*T – he just doesn’t want to go OTB. If he did tell Michael that would be a major red flag for me as well especially after him riding that bench two out of the first three weeks.

I know they have to be so careful about what they say b/c any little thing can rock the boat – but I think I’d be saying so can you seriously look me in the face and tell me you don’t trust Taylor or Ally to vote out Daniel?

If he said yes, I’d be looking to get him out on the double or the first opportunity I could b/c that’s some serious BS.

The Beef

If it was EE vs. Kyle OTB, the only votes to keep EE would be Nicole, and possibly Jasmine and Indy. The Leftovers just SAVED Terrance from being evicted last week, and he KNOWS that! I can’t believe he would turn on them, and place himself on the losing side of the house in doing so, just because of a “sympathy” vote (oh and KYLE voted for him to stay too). Turner, Joe, Michael, Brit AND Taylor would all happily vote to evict EE in that situation, with no reservations, and there’s just no way on God’s green earth that Alyssa would vote to evict the man she’s been throwing herself at for the past two weeks (IMHO), as she wants to continue to try and showmance his ass to the nth degree!

By my count that would make it 7-3 in favor of Kyle, and I’m not even sure Jasmine and Indy would vote for EE to stay, given Ameerah’s warning not to trust him and Nicole, but even if they do – not even close. His “fears” are absolute BS, as you say.

It's me

I agree

un autre nom

Sometimes i get confused.
I’ll get annoyed with something Nic is blustering about.
I’ll decide naah, maybe feeds later.
I’ll come back hours later. Nic is still blustering on the same topic… and i have to wait to see if it’s too someone else of if she’s been holding a filibuster while i was gone.


The house guests are not thinking about jury??? Do they really want Nicole or Indy to get a vote? I feel like they are more likely to hold a grudge then Alyssa? Plus she tells them everything. I would keep her and get rid someone they wouldn’t want in jury.

The Truth

Correct – it is stupidity to want Alyssa to go now.

It's me

I liked Turner from the start. He laid low and took it all in.

It's me

Hello. New to posting. Not new to bb. Watching since season one.
Question. Do you have to be approved everytime you post or reply ?



Comments have to go through light moderation and a spam filter.

It's me

Thank you! That’s a good thing.

It's me

Monte made the correct choice … only choice. In the DR, CBS production won’t allow Nicole, Daniel or Taylor to be voted out. To much drama for ratings. Indy will leave. Ally is in a romance with Kyle, even if only in her head. More drama for ratings.
Would love to see a bb where it plays out with no production or CBS interference.
Also, Jasmine should have been disqualified. Christmas should have as well. Christmas was able to vote from her hospital bed!
Just my 2 cents.