“I can’t believe I’ve lost 3 pounds…usually when I don’t eat I gain weight” ** updated **

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Monte
Nominees: Indy and Alyssa
POV Players: Alyssa, Indy, Monte, Terrance, Joe, Kyle and Daniel (Michael is the host)
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Turner & Jasmine

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Nicole & Taylor

8:00 am houseguests waking up for the day
8:30 am Feeds down for Power of Veto player picks
POV Players: Alyssa, Indy, Monte, Terrance, Joe, Kyle and Daniel

9:00 am Jasmine and Alyssa
(Jasmine is generally complaining about Turner not doing things for her because her foot is still healing)
Jasmine – I’ve never meant a person not inconsiderate it’s more doesn’t think of anybody else. The hospitality part
Jasmine – Somebody that leaves their coffee mugs .. doesn’t care about the next person. I don’t know I don’t understand.. like they never ask Hey can I grab your batteries? How about you wake me up when you are in there. They never ask HEY want me to fill up your floaty? never trying to be helpful.
Jasmine – if it was ME in that position with someone that couldn’t move around it would be completely different. It irritates me.
Jasmine – I understand that the person is also on slop.. it’s pilling up the inconsiderate.. it blows my mind. they won’t make it in Mississippi.. Anything like Yeah you want me to help with your floaty. Hey, do you want me to bring your scooter down.. Try to maybe wake me up.. What else? maybe

Indy and Nicole join them. indy says Alyssa doesn’t ask the guys to do anything Indy is the opposite the guys should do everything.
Jasmine – joe will do everything I ask.
Indy – you know why? Then we end up doing everything for them
Nicole – that is why I don’t do dishes anymore and that is why I don’t want Michael to do the dishes anymore. They take advantage of him

Jasmine – I can’t believe I’ve lost 3 pounds..
she goes on about her new diet schedule once off slop. She lists off all the things she’ll make.
Jasmine – usually when I don’t eat I gain weight

9:00 am Daniel hitting the cardio …

9:15 am Britt and Kyle
Britt – how are you doing?
Kyle – it’s starting to hit me that this is going to be a long freaking summer.. I kinda just want to be alone right now.
Britt – It’s like you miss home and want to be here at the same time. I keep a lot of it in. The game never turns off.
Kyle – It’s tough

Kyle says he’s going to take a break from the game today.
They talk about how hard it is to find a place to be alone in the house.

9:22 am Monte and Turner briefly.
Turner is feeling sick from the slop.

9:26 am Indy and Daniel
Indy – if you win it you will save us?
Daniel – yeah.. I already told Monte. me and Kyle we have no reason not to.
Indy – thanks just making sure

9:31 am Monte and Alyssa
Alyssa starts with a hug
Monte – I wanted to get out there publically that you guys are not my target I don’t want you to stay on the block. It really good that Kyle and Daniel won because I know they are going to use it
Alyss a- that will make me so happy.. Indy and me are going our hardest
Alyss a- your target is Taylor
Monte – Yeah.. 100%
Alyssa Nicole is a bit concerning too but we can cross that bridge when we get there.
Monte – why is she concerning
Alyssa – for the past couple days she’s been coming back saying ‘my purpose in this game is be with the girls to fight for the girls to be a strong female leader’
Alyss a- then I see her go and talk to everybody else and I kinda think she’s playing both sides of the house. That is a bit concerning to me.
Monte – okay..
Alyssa – I’ve seen her look me in the eyes and lie to me.

Alyssa says she wants to work with Monte going forward.
Monte – at this point I don’t have any reason to want Nicole out. I’ve never heard anyone say she has me as a target. I will let you know if anything changes I don’t want anyone to be blindsided. I know how that felt for everyone last week it wasn’t cool.
Monte – I was the last one to get the information.

9:37 am Monte and Turner
Monte tells Turner about his conversation with Alyssa, ‘the weird part is she’s telling me “Yo I’ve been noticing that Nicole is this that and the third and I’m not sure I can trust her’
Monte – Indy said the same thing when she walked in yesterday saying she can’t trust Nicole.
Monte – I know the both of them have been talking to Nicole. I think they are trying to pull out of me if Nicole is my target.
Turner says he’s been throwing up from the slop “I was spitting up a bunch of stuff.. there was blood in it.. every time I eat it I want to throw up”
Monte – the girls are trying to pull information out of me. If Alyssa Believes it truly is Nicolle. I don’t think she would be as bold to stay on the block .. that would be foolish.
Monte – I’m not sure what this information will do to help her. I don’t know if she’s just playing the social game were to make sure she’s good and on the right side of the vote. I just told her if my target chances I’ll let you know and I probably would just so I can get a unanimous vote.
Kyle joins them.
Monte – we were talking about your lover
Kyle – Nicole?
They laugh
Monte goes over his conversation with Alyssa.
Monte says he’s trying to Decode what Alyssa’s plan is.
They see Indy coming up. Monte and Kyle curse.
Monte – I tell you these women are like hall monitors
Indy joins them..

9:47 am Indy and Monte
Indy tells him she doesn’t trust Nicole. Indy says last night Nicole was trying to make plans for the next 3 weeks.

indy has some information for him from what went down during Jasmine’s HOH.
Indy – swear you don’t say this to anyone.. swear to god..
Indy – Daniel came and said why don’t we use this opportunity to put one of the BIG guys and try to put Joe. I was like I’m not doing that. I won’t vote who was next to him.
Monte – who was in the room?
Indy – Me, Jasmine, Nicole, Daniel, Ameerah, Michael and Alyssa I guess..

monte- If Nicole and Taylor are up, who would you rather leave? Right now Taylor has always been my target because I know if she wins HOH she’s made it very clear but what’s worse is when you don’t see somebody coming. What I’m gathering from all of this is you believe that Nicole is somebody who is a snake in the grass that might come up and bite my ass
Indy – yeah, Not yours directly but maybe Joe. She’s getting so close to Terrance.
Indy would vote Taylor out and maybe Nicole the following week.

Indy says for him to take Nicole out this week “Wouldn’t look good” like Turner HOH “Didn’t look good” (LOL)
Monte – I want a unanimous vote this week. If anything changes you are going to know about it I don’t want you to be blindsided

Monte – This information is helpful for next week for sure. I’ll keep that in mind. I can’t do anything next week I won’t be the HOH. So you telling me to keep this between you but what Can i do next week with this information?
Monte- keep it in my mind and pray to god she doesn’t come after me and Joe. Hopefully, Joe or Terrance wins HOH.
Indy – Talk to Joe about it. I just don’t want him making a big deal about it.

10:27 am Monte and Michael
Monte filling Michael in on his Alyssa and Indy conversations. Highlighting that they both are saying they don’t trust Nicole. He includes the part where Indy said Daniel had mentioned putting Joe up during jasmine’s HOH.
Michael says Daniel was involved in a lot of conversations but doesn’t remember Daniel saying that. That doesn’t mean he didn’t.
Monte says Indy names Michael as a person in the room when he said it.
Michael – Daniel is the person on the other side that I would most like to see out. it would be easy to say YEAH he did it but I don’t remember. In all honesty, he was more like ok I’m here if that’s what you guys want to do. I don’t remember him being a driving force.
Nicole joins them.

10:41 am Indy, Jasmine and Alyssa
Jasmine tells them Joe is goign to use the veto if he wins it.
She regrets saying anything about her business to people because joe is saying that Ameerah told him jasmine is loaded.
jasmine starts talking about her press on nail business.
Jasmine – if people had such a big deal about it then maybe they should get off their ass and actually do something for themselves. if they are so concerned about other people doing the same. Also, you don’t make money in the first four years of your business (HUH?)
Alyssa – running a business is hard
Jasmine – I don’t even have any employees that’s how small I am.. what the f** yo
Alyssa is pacing around “I’m so anxious”

(Jasmine really talked up her business, in the beginning, talking about big-named celebrity endorsements)

10:43 am Daniel and Joe
Joe is going over a conversation he had with Monte. Of course, it’s filled with bullshit
Says Monte put the girls up because he wants to backdoor Taylor.
Joe – if you look at this veto setup however goes up is coming down.
joe – he was like I don’t want to people up I don’t trust
Joe says Monte and Taylor have been waiting for whoever wins HOH first to take the other out. “Whoever gets HOH first your a$$ goes on the block and vice versa”
Monte wants Taylor to go. “Since day one this girl gotta go”
Daniel – I’m fully on board.
Joe – he’s very close to Nicole
Daniel – yeah she’s a hommie
Joe – the whole house LOVES her too (LOL)

11:10 am Feeds go down for Veto competition

1:10pm The feeds are still blocked..

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I think Jasmine needs to get off her fat butt and start playing the game or leave. This rolled ankle, passing out before veto, afraid of heights etc is getting old. Start fending for yourself.


She definitely need to go Pre-Jury. Nicole, Jasmine, and Daniel are my next 3 that will hopefully be evicted.

Dixie Lee

I’ve been watching the feeds just now. She is woofing down some pickles & eating the in such a disgusting way. Slurp on it, dip it back in the cup with the other pickles, slurp again, back to the cup & so forth. Just eat them.


Ugh. It seems that the girls are back to not noticing anything that doesn’t have to with them so completely Team Turner and the Boys for this one. Rooting for “Blindside of Indy”

Fat ugly and racist

Jasmine the hut should be expelled from the game if in fact she cannot properly participate. She’s the definition of the type of middle American “girl” that is impossible to stomach in real life. Lazy. Entitled. If she wouldn’t have been picked in her current physical condition back when they entered the house, she should be allowed a place for her fat ass to be laying around in it now.

Lynn Wheeler

Reminds me of XMAS


Yes! I think of XMAS every time I see Jasmine with that squeaky scooter. Still can’t believe that XMAS and Memphis are Married

The Beef

One thing about Christmas, she wasn’t fat and lazy. She was at least in great physical condition, and once injured, didn’t just lay around and “milk” the injury like Jasmine has – her foot was actually broken. Now I didn’t like Christmas much, as she fell into Paul’s pack of vicious bullies that went after Cody, then Jody, then whoever they decided was next on their list – even members of their own mob when the time came, and made it personal almost every time, but still, she didn’t lay around on her bed and expect people to wait on her hand and foot, bail on competitions, and complain about people who didn’t treat her like the Queen of Sheba.

Rachel not Rielly

Snd she is getting mad that turner isnt doing everything for her. She needs to watch season 1. The winner had only one leg and did more in a day than she has all season


At least Jasmine’s husband is getting a break.

Blindside Butterbeans

If he has half a brain, he would be long gone. I would fake my own death .

Only Reading Feeds



you literally cannot gain weight by not eating. so stop making weak excuses for being overweight jasmine. if you are in a caloric deficit you lose weight, if you are in a caloric surplus you gain. you cannot break the rules of thermodynamics. you are heavy cuz you eat too much. period.

Palm Oil's Meds

I wonder if Jasmine believes her own lies? Anyway, at least Terrence is at peace with his fatness. I was shocked when he said his wife runs and encourages him to run with her.


she probably believes it. that is why some people are hopeless in weight loss. instead of taking responsibility for their nutrition choices. they look for some kind of excuse trying to claim they are “naturally fat”


I enjoy the way Joe bullshits everyone outside of the alliance. The things he says almost makes he feel like he is well aware the feeds are watching and he wants to humor us


Ok, Jasmine feels that Turner should volunteer to assist her with whatever her needs are, due to her ankle injury ?

1). What’s Jasmine doing other than laying around eating, snacking, sleeping, talking
trash about Taylor, Turner, Nicole, or anyone who does not cater to her needs.

2). When do you see Jasmine doing any kind of therapy to help getting her ankle back
in shape, so she can play the game, stop expecting everyone else to assist her with
what she needs.

3). Production needs to tell Jasmine, if she is not able to actually participate and play
the game, they are going to have to send her packing, it’s been 3 weeks. Tell her
she is a possible liability, due to her current situation.

4). As far as I can see, Jasmine lays in bed, then moves to the living room, lays on the
Sofa, now that she’s a Have Not, she’s laying in Indy’s Bed, Jasmine is never really
seen doing any kind of therapy, EATING is not Therapy, Laying around is not Therapy.

Jasmine expects her little minions to check in on her, see if she needs anything, make sure she has everything she needs, so nothing impacts her being able to lay around all day.

It’s time for Production to make Jasmine do more than annoy us with her fake accent, silly one line comments provided by production for the live TV shows “Very Corny & annoying”.

What is Jasmine adding to the show ? All I see is a mean girl, a jealous person who does not like other women who are smaller, in shape, get attention or compliments, a hypocrite who talks about Girl Power, but drags Taylor’s name through the mud on a daily basis.

Jasmine is about girl power maybe for girls who look more like her. What has Taylor done to Jasmine, Taylor’s social skills are a little off, Taylor admitted she is more of a loaner, but when she has tried to reach out and get to know the other ladies in the house, she’s shot down, rejected, ostracized when her vote is not needed.

Jasmine is not a very nice person, if she has issues with people saying she’s rich, loaded, keep your mouth shut, stop bragging about how good your life is outside of the house. Nobody would know anything about your life outside if you did not put your business out there.

Jasmine is the BigD from last season, for BB24, you stepped in, inserted yourself as the BB person who’s ALWAYS laying around the house all day, dreaming about what you’ll eat when you are no longer a Have Not.

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

I’d leave brownies or cookies on her bed just to screw with her.

Dixie Lee

I bet he regrets getting HOH & getting stuck with her for a bestie.


She created this problem with the rumors about her business b/c she bragged about how successful it was noting Beyonce either tweeted or mentioned it somewhere.

Her Facebook page has around 5K followers so not massive -but I’m sure it’s a nice little business.

Another interesting little tidbit, someone posted a video from Instagram where Jasmine & her two sisters were asked to describe each other (she looks to be the youngest btw) & the sister in the middle called her “a bully” LMAO.


Jasmine is a total Sea Pig, and that might be too kind.

un autre nom

I’m starting to get the feeling that Turner could walk into a room, cough up his spleen, and the the houseguests in the room would continue to kvetch game.
I mean…
Turner’s got a therapy appointment in d/r in other news that Nic is still thinking she’s mother goose blahblahblah
Turner’s throwing up blood in other news Alyssa is pulling a Machiavellian social game maneuver and that Nic is trying to play everybody but why would Alyssa tell us that blahblahblah.
Just me?
(Note: wasn’t it determined a couple of seasons ago that people that didn’t cook the slop for long enough, or with too low of a water content were having gastro issues?)

Palm Oil's Meds

The people in the house have no awareness whatsoever. lol And maybe it’s time they get rid of the slop. It adds nothing to the show.


I get breaking up Nicole and Daniel, but Nicole is literally becoming Christmas 2.0 by houseguests, casuals and feedsters.

She ain’t a threat anymore.


she still gota go. her attitude is repulsive.

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

Jasmine telling ANY one to get up off their a#* is hilarious. “She’s as useful as a steering wheel on a mule.”


Daniel and Kyle Won Veto! Nicole getting ready to to be sent packing!!

un autre nom

Before veto I was noting some things.
Nic, pushingTaylor is still public enemy 1, is now telling people once Taylor goes everyone should go after Britt. Nic likes it when Julie dresses down clowns on the eviction stage…. has there ever been a player less self aware?
Britt was revealing to Jas and Indy the membership names in POS.
Jas was already told Aly was a member by Aly. She’s putting on an act for Indy and Britt’s benefit. This revelation is supposed to get Britt in with the girls more, while also setting the target more on Alyssa than Indy (the Pound is keeping each other up to date, but the outliers aren’t getting the memos quick enough).

With Kyle and Daniel winning veto, what are the real chances it gets used. Not the immediate chances, the long term. Immediately it looks like the veto will be used. By Monday does that remain the case?


Feels like it moves ahead, especially b/c Monte/Joe are so keen to get out Nicole. Kyle did promise Ally & b/c he’s so aware of how he’s perceived in the house it would be hard to walk that back w/o getting smeared in blood.

Of course, we know Cruel Chef was one of Grodner’s favorites so the TPTB could step in via the DR. But with the Taylor bashing continuing & pressure from social media it feels like TPTB has to let this one go or risk completely alienating an entire sub-section of fans.

Michael had a brainstorm about trying to get Nicole paranoid so she gets Dan not to use his POV & Kyle goes along with it (but then uses it), thereby turning Ally/Indy/Jas further against EE. But the Vile twins are so inept they were already ahead of the plan as Dan finally figured out the math using the Chinese Checkers game board.

He told Nic/Terrance he is going to pull some masterful plan out of his a$$ & will convince Kyle not to use the POV to “save Ally”. Ummmmmmmmm buddy, you save her by taking her off the block & yeah even if they stayed up its Ally whose leaving (once again showing how little the self-appointed masterminds understand what’s happening around them).

Terrance already has the dirt & since he’s been downloading everything to Monte/Joe they’ll know Daniel’s plan is to convince Kyle to keep noms the same b/c otherwise, they’re handing Monte/Joe the game. Eventually, Kyle will hear this “supposed Hail Mary pitch” that Dan believes will pull Kyle away from Monte/Joe (I know stop laughing) & he’ll confirm what Terry warns of. The resulting effect is it will further cement the plan to back door Nicole.

Remember, Monte’s big mandate when he won HOH was to watch the non-Leftovers to determine who was the most dangerous based on who created the most drama, was scheming constantly & actively causing chaos.

The trio of ladies (Jas/Ally/Indy) are constantly up in Monte’s HOH room dropping more intel while Nic/Dan are lying to his face & actively plotting to get him (& Joe) out of the game.

I will say, Ally is getting a bit of an unfair rap from Monte – b/c I truly don’t think she’s as diabolical or strategic as they sometimes give her credit for. I honestly believe her preference is to work with the old PP crew over the GG group (especially now that Amee is gone). And, when she asked Monte if he’d consider targeting Nicole instead I also think that was a genuine comment. Monte is spinning it to act like Ally is being told to do this b/c she’s still working with Nic/Dan – & I’m not so sure that’s the case.

I’m also uncertain if he’s purposely painting that target on Ally or not able to decipher the obvious tells.