Monte “I think our biggest priority this week is making sure Taylor feels right at home and comfortable.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Monte
Nominees: Indy and Alyssa
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Turner & Jasmine

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Nicole & Taylor

5pm HOH room – Monte and Joseph.
Monte – I think at this point this is a week that we just sit back watch and see as much as we can get. And with the comp tomorrow I would love for us to ummm… Joe – catch that veto. Monte – catch that veto. Joe – and based off how they’re all behaving .. we either just hold it or use it. Monte – exactly. And based off of Taylor too. Joe – yeah. Taylor’s opinion one and two depending who wins the veto because obviously if Indy or Alyssa win it they’ll use it. If me, you or Terrance get it… you made the comment that there’s a bigger target which would make you a liar and make it look like you were really gunning for them if you’re like I’m not using it. Monte – yeah. You have a good point. If we win it.. or if I win it more specifically ..or if we win it.. because.. Joe – we’re the same person (festie besties). So like if I win it, you can still use it. Even though I caught it and said that I don’t want to use it, you could say that you want to use it. Monte – so even Terrance could use it them. Joe – yeah. I know for sure that Nicole and them don’t trust me because they’re not telling me sh*t. Monte – oh really? Joe – yeah they’ve been lying to me non-stop. Like Nicole still won’t talk game with me. Monte – I think our biggest priority this week is making sure Taylor feels right at home, comfortable and trust.. because she wants to walk around the house free. She doesn’t feel like she can act normal. Joe – why she is so uncomfortable is because of Nicole and Daniel.. Nicole and Daniel are the pressure that keep her from being free. And I don’t blame her. Every time I am talking to Taylor.. I feel like Nicole, Daniel, Indy and Alyssa are like what the f**k is Joe getting into. Monte – which is ridiculous .. like she is also a person. Its a control thing. Joe – it is! Joe – I don’t mind who the f**k they talk to .. they can do whatever they want.

5:13pm Bathroom – Michael and Indy.
Michael – I don’t know what is going to happen this week but if it does stay the two of you up there .. you have my vote to stay. Like 100%! I know you don’t want to even campaign against Alyssa. Indy – Not at all. Michael – just so you know and so that you know where I stand. Indy – I am just afraid like who was really playing with Ameerah. Michael – like who she was aligned with? Indy – yeah. Michael – from what I’ve heard now, it sounds like everyone thought they they had made a deal with her or something at some point.

5:50pm Storage room – Nicole and Michael.
Nicole – the only way we are ever going to see or hear anything is obviously when we leave here. Like where Ameerah was when it came to me. Michael – MMMhhmmm. Nicole – and that part sucks. Michael – its a lot to think about. Its hard to stay in here and not think about like what are people saying in the DR and all that kind of stuff. Nicole – right. Well because then you get all caught up and spiral. It sucks .. and like obviously I want to win this game .. I think that I could make it to the end but I thought being in this alliance was going to help with that. Michael – yeah, same. Nicole – now that its dismantled or whatever you want to call it I just don’t understand how that had to do with any backdoor plans.

Kyle was hiding in the storage cabinet to surprise Nicole but Nicole heard him rustling in there and went over to knock on the cabinet. Kyle complained that his leg hurt so bad from being in there for so long.

6:12pm Living room. Jasmine and Daniel.
Jasmine – I am praying I don’t get picked (to play in the veto). Daniel – I hope I do get picked. Jasmine – you do? you want to play? Daniel – I want to save myself. I was an option. Jasmine – wait.. what!? Daniel – I was an option to be up today. Jasmine – this is wild. Daniel – I am glad he told me .. and now I know. Me and Kyle. Jasmine – I don’t even see where that would have come from. I am confused. Daniel – I am going to play and save myself. Jasmine – I don’t know why you would be an option. Daniel – now its just me being paranoid so that I can’t be an option to go up if its used. Jasmine – are there people you don’t want to see in jury? Daniel – in jury.. YES! Are you kidding me? EVERYONE! Indy, Taylor and Brittany. Jasmine – those are who you don’t want in jury? Daniel – only because I don’t think they would vote for me.

6:18pm – 6:50pm HOH room. Indy and Monte.
Monte – how are you doing? Indy – I don’t hate you .. but I hate you. Monte – oh my god. Don’t make me any more stressed. Indy – I am super confused that this move means that you are protecting the boys .. like Kyle, Michael.. like you know or.. if that means that you trust me enough to make a move to help you achieve your goal. Monte – 100%. Indy – I know like I say to you, I respect your decision. Its not ideal from my perspective because its my mind and my a$$ is there. As I said before, it would never cross my mind to put you or Joseph on the block ever… but I want to know moving forward how you see this? Monte – there is not intention to protect the guys. Michael and Brittany .. I am just not going to put them up because he’s been on the block 15 times by now. I could have put up Jasmine and Turner but at the same time if I want them to win the veto and Jasmine can’t (ankle). Nicole and Taylor are the target .. Festie Bestie and I want Taylor out. I can’t put them up because I want to backdoor. So really there were just two options .. the issue with Kyle and Daniel is .. Daniel has already played in a veto, he’s already played in an HOH comp, so putting him up again I didn’t feel like it was necessary. I know Kyle hasn’t but when I look at you two ladies .. you two haven’t played in anything yet. Well you played in the veto comp and you did well. I also think there is an opportunity to show that you can be an asset. You take yourself down and everything goes according to plan .. Nicole and Taylor would be the replacement. I would like that as the ideal plan. Indy – I know this game is crazy and people are lying and I don’t know who to trust. I really don’t know how I feel about Nicole. Monte – why do you say that? Nicole is a fun time. Everyone I love as a person. From a game perspective she dances around subjects and doesn’t give information to .. she does share it with a few people and those people aren’t me. She wants me to tell her .. but she doesn’t tell me anything. Indy – I just want to make sure we’re on the same page and trusting the same people. I love Kyle but he is floaty. Monte – I don’t want to sit here and guarantee that you won’t go home but it would be so unlikely that you of all people are the one.. like are you really close with Alyssa? Indy – we’re friends but if we ended up on the block I am not campaigning. Monte – I hope you can keep this between us but the same way you felt about Kyle … people have said similar things about Alyssa. But it is even worse with Alyssa because the poor girl has just been sharing a lot of information that was told to her in confidence with a lot of trust and she went outside of that to try and tell people about it. Jasmine has felt this way. I also had her look in my eyes and she lied directly to my face.

Outside the HOH room – Kyle, Brittany and Taylor.
Michael tells them about how he and Kyle made a plan to scare Nicole so Kyle hid in the storage room cabinet. Michael – she starts crying about thinking she is going home this week. And then she starts going on about I don’t know what deal Taylor made with Monte and like I don’t know why I am taking the fall for PO’s Pack. And Kyle is squatting in there and then he starts making noises. Then I’m like Nicole is going to think I was trying to set her up to eavesdrop on her. We were supposed to go in there and Kyle was supposed to pop right out.

In the havenot room – Kyle is complaining to Alyssa about how when he was hiding in the storage cabinet Nicole and Michael came in and Nicole jumped right into game talk. I was so frustrated, like dude! You know I’m in here! Like how do you feel comfortable having this conversation with like me in there .. I was like oh gosh! Alyssa – so like you just decided to come out? Kyle – I couldn’t sit in there any longer so I started to move around and then Michael was like oh yeah I think Kyle is in there trying to scare you. And the conversation went dead multiple times and then he would ask a question. I was like you’ve got to be outside of your mind! Get her out of this f**king room! And then he sat there! That was the most embarrassing thing. Honestly in this game that was the most frustrated I’ve ever been.

7:20pm Havenot room – Turner, Joe and kyle.
Kyle – I just feel bad, I mean she trusted Ameerah and Jasmine the most but then to get blindsided with Ameerah and I didn’t tell her .. and then now she’s up on the block. She has no trust for me at all anymore. Joe – trust me I am the first one to feel bad but they put themselves in this position planting seeds and doing stuff so early in the game. Like Alyssa was lying .. I mean you were in PO’s so I see why you feel bad but we we’re in it. She at least told you about Old School. When you’re playing multiple people its bound to come back on you and I can’t feel bad when you’re getting a taste of your own medicine. She is still a sweet girl but she looked me in the eye and was like why did you vote against Ameerah? In other words, why didn’t you follow my plan? And I’m like Alyssa, do you realize how much game Ameerah talked with me .. she said she wants to go towards the end with me and all this and then come to find out she is in an alliance without me. Kyle – I was wondering about that because you guys talked the most out of anyone in the house. Joe – she didn’t tell me anything about Old School.

7:55pm Meanwhile Brittany is getting emotional missing her family. She says she wishes they had an hour time out ever day from the game.

8:04pm Bedroom. Nicole, Daniel and Terrance.
Nicole – I am already doing what I need to do to make sure that Monte can trust me and that he knows he can trust me. I just hope that its a stronger argument than Taylors. I just haven’t done anything to anybody at all in this house to make them feel like they can’t trust me. If that carries me out the door, then at least I know I played an honest game.

8:52pm – 9:22pm Bathroom – Kyle, Taylor and Joseph.
Taylor – after veto because right now they think they’re ___. Kyle – yeah but after that Monte won’t have the decision. I mean he could say my plan was to backdoor someone else but Kyle and Daniel won the veto and decided not to use it… so like we ruined his backdoor plan. Taylor – so whoever plays veto has to not use it. Kyle – exactly! Joe – yeah. Kyle – which is going to be tricky because Daniel could choose to use it or Nicole could choose to use it. Taylor – right. Joe – and they would disable us. Taylor – and if I play, I am safe. But that would be you and Daniel in that case. Kyle – which is fine… we can cross that boat.. cross that bridge. Joe – I obviously have to play so if I win it, whatever you guys want. Taylor – yeah but even if you win it, all three (Terrance, Monte & Joe) of you have a say. Joe – yeah, if anyone of us win it. Kyle – but what if you win it but Monte wants to use it. Joe – then we have to find a way to clean up what he said.. Like clear up backdooring someone. He obviously did it to keep a good relationship with Alyssa and Indy. Alyssa joins them. They ask her what the others are talking about upstairs. Alyssa tells them they were talking about what amount a guy should spend on an engagement ring. Alyssa says she would be happy with a ring that’s 3k to 10k. Taylor says that her favourite number is 8 so she would want an 8 carat ring. Alyssa says a 3 carrot ring would be around 30k. Taylor and Alyssa starting going into what their ideal weddings would be like. After awhile Big Brother reminds the house guests that sleeping is not allowed outside of the bedrooms. Kyle wakes up and says so 8 carats?

Alyssa leaves. Taylor – you barely spoke to that girl (Alyssa). Kyle – you guys were having a conversation.. I didn’t have much to add to wedding talk.. I didn’t have much to add. Taylor – you don’t want to know how you’ll propose to your future wife? How many carats? Kyle – definitely not 8 carats. Taylor – I know I’m ridiculous. Joe – 3k to 10k Kyle. Taylor – 3 to 10 thousand for how much the ring should cost. Kyle – I mean that’s fair. Taylor – I swear the people watching are like this b***h is crazy if she thinks she wants 8 carats. Joe – you can find someone that will. Kyle – there’s a lot of money out there. Taylor – that’s not everything. Its a marriage .. its a lot more than that. If it happens, it happens, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. Joe – aim for the moon.. land on the stars. Taylor – that’s right.

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My only reaction hearing this Monte/Indy conversation: You have got to be kidding me!!


Simon/Dawg Did you bring out the wrong shrine in order to save Alyssa. I heard Turner interrupt Monte’s conversation with Monte saying that he is having a therapy session upstairs

Blindside Butterbeans

Big Brother should install a stair lift for Jasmine. She could go up and down the stairs without hurting her big ole southern buns.

un autre nom

Hey Kyle,
you know that conversation you had with Joe and Turner in the have nots? About Ameerah and Alyssa being in alliances and not telling Joe. Gee Kyle, weren’t you IN one of those alliances? Is that sinking in?
Just asking.

un autre nom

My takeaways from the day:

  • Nic cried because she’s not on the block. again.
  • Daniel thinks he’s the target because… he’s 6’3″
  • Jasmine doens’t mess with that one protein shit because her body is a temple.
  • The only way Kyle is going to prank Nic successfully is getting her nominated after veto and telling her she has his vote… then evicting her. He SUCKS at pranks.

It feels like the feeds have a hangover today.


This is my first time commenting on my online big brother. My thoughts on the Taylor situation. In my opinion, the bullying towards Taylor is not based on racism, but rather from a jealous group of immature girls who couldn’t stand to see someone be with the guys. I can certainly see how Taylor being with the guys could rub the girls the wrong way when it comes to game play, but to have treated her the way they have, took it too far. This past week with Nicole and Daniel was so wrong on different levels, I have to say that not only have they made themselves targets, but they have truly made themselves look foolish in front of America. While the girls girls alliance was against Taylor from the get go which was baseless, Nicole and Daniel have taken this being against Taylor to the extreme. Oh, how would love Nicole to get evicted while sitting next to Taylor!!! If The Leftovers can successfully get Nicole and Taylor evicted, it will be because of there poor sportsmanship, rude, and bullying behavior. They would be responsible for their own evictions. Winning Big Brother: $750,00, Nicole and Daniel evictions: Priceless!!! Go Leftovers!!! Beat the bullies!!

illegal smile

I agree it’s not about race. If you recall it was P.uolma that started it by finding she was a pageant girl. Some people have a stigma about pagent people. It’s no different than competing in a physical sport except you try to look your best. Then you use your influence to travel the world and speak on topics that are near and dear to your heart. So yeah it’s straight up jealousy. P.uolma wanted to be the center of attention and her gossiping started a ripple effect among the gals (minus Brittany) and Evil Elvis (just love that name). Monte got caught up in that little bru-haha so I got my eye on him. He is trying to make it right, but we shall see. Still I want to see Taylor go far, she even said she’ll stand by Evil Elvis outside of the house because she doesn’t want people to come for him. I find that a true pagent gem as in she earned miss congeniality. She is not only beautiful outside but also inside with a big heart. So my picks are the leftovers in order Taylor, Turner, Michael, Kyle, Joe, Brittany and Monte.

Melinda Hutchinson

I hope and pray that Nicole does not become a police again when she leaves because her unfounded treatment of Taylor has been completely disgusting. And if she treats the average Joe on the street the way she treated Taylor for no reason then we’re in a lot of trouble! Pathetic! And disgusting!


I just now watched Wednesdays episode! Omfg, Nicole and Daniel are total scum!! I felt so badly for Taylor!! I hated that Monte had his hand on Nic’s leg while she was berating Taylor in the bathroom!! I really want Nic and Daniel gone!!


Why are Monte and Joe so concerned about Tayler’s wellbeing? It seems fake somehow, like it’s being staged for our benefit.


dr has probably intentionally or not made them aware of the bullying situation with taylor and how it may impact how they are being perceived outside the house so they’re trying to save face in front of people following the feeds.