“I have a very good feeling it will be 5 to 1, for sure.. ” – Kaycee

POV: Tyler Next POV: Aug 11th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 13th
HOH: Haleigh Next HOH: Aug 16th
Noms: Kaycee Rockstar and Angela Kaycee Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers Rocks up to her same old tricks.

11:29am Rocks and Sam

Rocks – I don’t mean to be such an evil b1tch
Sam – I know you’re not really
Rocks – I just want to win so bad.. This spoiled rich girl has a $35000 dollar apartment in LA and bought herself a range rover and probably has a trust fund and her dad dreams of owning a marina one day (damn him for having dreams)
Rocks – bought a f*ing boat.. a whole marina..
Sam – I thought that was Brett you were telling me about
Rocks – I don’t know which one it was. but .. out of the two of them they have a lot of f8Ing money (LOL.. rocks is the worst glad I saw it from week1)
Rocks – maybe she owns the yacht and he owns the marina
Sam says Angela’s dad doesn’t own a boat
rocks – his friend owns a boat
Sam – mmmhmm
Rocks – anyways you don’t get a 3500 dollar apartment by yourself
Sam – yeah she has
Rocks- I know..
Sam – it’s because she works .. models (BOOM Mind blown)
Rocks – Models done’t make that much money. I know models in Baltimore that travel around the world and they make like $1500 dollars maybe a month
Sam – I don’t think that she’s as villainous as you imagine
Rocks – I just thinks she’s a b1tch like she’s not nice to me she’s refused to work with me throughout this game on multiple occasions
Sam – I know I know I know STOP
Rocks – anyway she doesn’t
Sam rests her hand on Rocks leg
Sam – you don’t need to convince me of one thing
Rocks – i’m just talking out loud because that helps me get rid of it .. If I had a journal I would right it all down and get it out..

Rocks – I’m not a jealous vindictive spiteful person but I am human and I do have human thoughts
Sam – I know it bothers you that her name is Angela and you name is angela .
Rocks – She comes from Money and she doesn’t have any kids and she doesn’t really need to be here and she has people serving her like a f*ing princess
SAm – I don’t see that.. I don’t get .. what do you mean by that..
Rock – she has Tyler and KAycee’s undieing loyalty .. he turned down safety from 4 people until final 6 to just follow around Angela like a lost f*ing puppy.. he’ was stupid
Rocks grumbles that Angela beat her in the HOH on the math question, “HAHAHAHH”

11:59am Kaycee and Brett
Kaycee wanted Scottie to hear that Fes was sleeping upstairs last night.
Brett says with Scottie he doesn’t want to vote out Rockstar because that will break Haleigh’s trust.
brett – I need to convince him that she has a final 2 with Fes anyways sh’es just loyal to him he really see the showmance
B – he thinks Rockstar and HAleigh are close and Fes/JC are close
K – it’s like he doesn’t want to believe it
B – right
K – I was telling Angela to haleigh and Fes probably have this plan OK we’ll be the first showmance to make it all the way to the end.. she probably telsl him we have to separate ourselves.

KL – I go with the guys you go with the girls.. how can he nowt f*ing see that he’s with them all the time
B – I know
Brett says Scottie is 75% Rock staying 25% kaycee
Kaycee goes over her pitch, “we’re always had a unique relationship.. I know you are really close to Rock.. umm.. you know of course I would like to stay here.. umm.. I’ll respect whatever you do”
Kaycee – I’m not trying to get his vote
B – it’s more where will he fall if you stay you know what I mean what will happen so you can talk to him ..
Brett brings up telling SCottie there’s 2 guarantee stays for Kaycee to stay Tyler/Angela but for ROCK there’s only 1 guarantee stay vote and that is Fes. So the hacker is going to cancel fes out
Brett – it’s leaning towards.. dude.. we don’t want to vote on the wrong side (this is what he said to Scottie)
Brett – me and you come in.. we land on the right side
Brett says Scottie thinks it will just be a tie at best if they flip.
Brett – he doesn’t want to break it off to Haleigh.. so you need to show him her loyalty is with Fes not him

Kaycee says Rock is very confident she is staying
Brett – she thinks she has my vote
KAycee mentions how nice Rock is to her now. Kaycee puts up quotes “She knows I’m going home”
Brett brings up helping rocks with her eviction speech.

Brett says he wants it to be like she doesn’t pitch it to Scottie that he figures it out on his own that haleigh is with fes once Rocks leaves.
Kaycee says the other side is in Sam’s ear telling her they have teh votes.
Brett has no clue where Sam lays in teh house. Brett hasn’t told her about his voting because he’s not sure if she’ll run up to the HOH and tell Rock and her crew.
Brett says Sam told haleigh and Scottie she’s keeping rockstar
Kaycee – I have a very good feeling it will be 5 to 1, for sure..
Kaycee – JC for sure
Brett – just trying to get a read with Sam, I’m not sure iof this is a good opportunity to build that bond

Kaycee suspects Sam is getting irritated by Rocks.
Brett – I don’t know they’ve been weirdly close this week

Brett is going to say after the votes Shake out that he found out that Rocks told Tyler that she’s still gunning for him
Brett – and I’ll have Tyler say Yeah she made a pitch that she wasn’t going for tyler she was going for me
Brett – JC will blame it on Scottie
Kaycee thinks it will get to the point where JC can’t hide his vote.
Brett – they are opening up to me.. I’m like what the f*

Kaycee says fes told JC if Rock goes JC become the pawn in the house.
Brett – Fes has been gunning for me since day one
Kaycee says Scottie or Fes is going home next week
Brett mentions that Scottie kinda wants Fes gone to
Kaycee doesn’t see that happening in the near term.
KAycee will put up Haleigh and Fes veto is used Scottie goes up

Brett – I’m thinking I would work with Scottie and put him up as a pawn.. I would tell him you are the pawn. I might ut Sam up cause I want to control it.. once I use the veto take Sam off put up Fes
Brett says fes is still stuck on avenging Swaggy, “Dude none of these people are here anymore.. they’re all Sheeples”
Brett – so fes was pitching hard to backdoor me ?
kaycee – that is what JC told me .. Halegih didn’t want that

They bring up how this week worked out perfectly for them.

They hug it out..

12:03pm Angela and Tyler getting closer….. (They better keep it in their pants until after Rock is gone)

12:05pm ROcks and Scottie Chessboard
Rocks telling him that Fes broke the sink in the HOH the entire seat broke off the wall.
Scottie – that’s impressive.

12:54pm Sam is working the fields..

1:09pm Kaycee and Scottie
Kaycee’s one on one “WE’ve had a unique bond.. we’ve always been the middle kids.. I know you are close to Rockstar.. of course I want to be here.. I still ahve a lot of fight to be here”
Kaycee – I care about you and respect your decision
They agree they both find it hard to trust people in te house.
SCottie says day 2 he had a talk with Tyler and Swaggy and just a few hours after Swaggy had told Baylegih everything he had said.

1:41pm Brett and Angela
Brett – I grow more hair on the right side over my left.. my right pec has more than my left my right cheek has more than my left
Angela – the things you notice when you have nothing to notice.

2:20pm Slow

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“Rocks – I’m not a jealous vindictive spiteful person”

The classic disclaimer confession…


Rocks is so obsessed with hating Angela, it’s beyond ridiculous at this point.

Maxine Wayers - Space Alien

Rocks and Queen Bay can have a hate fest in the jury house next week.

Fes or Scottie had better win HOH or Hayleigh is going to see the block.


And before this, it was Brett hate. She’s EXACTLY a jealous, vindictive, spiteful hateful person.


Not jealous except she has a marina or maybe a boat or maybe her Dad has a boat or maybe his friend has a boat and someone wants a marina so vote her out. Makes sense to me.


If Rockstar put half as much effort into the game as she does complaining and putting other people down….she might have had a chance. You made your bed Rockstar….lay in it.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

And change the sheets.

Like Literally

I heard Angela was ON a boat one time. Disgusting.


HAHAHAHA yea…she saw one this one time…can you believe it?


no no, Angela took a picture, near a boa, while at a marina—orrrrr something like that. regardless, shes an uppity entitled pretty rich bi*ch

True Dat

Meanwhile, Rockstar was telling Sam all about her trip to Paris the other night. I guess that’s different since she didn’t take a boat there.

BB Fanatic

Yes, she says it so much that it’s like she’s trying to convince herself she’s not a jealous, mean, vindictful witch. Angela better make sure Rockwitch doesn’t get a lock of her hair upon departure…..


It’s like when a prejudiced person starts a sentence with “I’m not a racist, but…………”


Exactly…or one of my faves…”my best friend is white/black…but…” ha

Who said that!

At this point her own mother would evict her.

"I want my Mommy"

And her baby!


She must know how she is being perceived


Nope! She’s clueless. I’m sure she feels after being on the block for 3 weeks she’s “entitled” to America voting her AFP!

Hi My Name Is Scott

Dang Simon, How can you still type after having to listen to Rocks……again….still complaining about the same stuff…….again……..Your brain cells must all be screaming in agony!

Botox Pelosi


I just wanted to mention how much I like your ranking grid and all the detailed info you have under the ranking tab. You guys rock!



I second that Botox

Is Tyler my daddy???

Copy and Paste would be my choice. LOL


they are dedicated. if I was blogging it would be something like this:
1:32 pm Angela goes outside to tan
wearing the USA swimsuit
1:33 pm rubbing suntan lotion all over. got really good coverage–nothing left un lotioned so it should be a good tan today.
1:37 pm must be a hot day out…starting to glisten real nice already
1:36 pm some dude talking her up
1:38 pm he gone now. rubs some moisture off her brow. waiting for her to flip over.
1:39 pm waiting for the camera to switch back outside



Lmao literally. That was legit funny


I can’t imagine that RS knows the same caliber of models that Angela is.


I believe the technical term is “strippers”
(Nnot that there’s anything wrong with that, just sayin’)


I saw a YouTube of her advertising Scores in Baltimore. Isn’t that a strip club?


I’m not thinking there are huge modeling opportunities around there. It’s one of the reasons so many models relocate to LA or New York and just travel to the spots that have the job. You’re not finding deep sea fishermen in Nebraska very often.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Hey, those are some of those high-class Baltimore models…..

FU! I Took a Pee on Hillary's Bed with Russians

Rocks know amateur porn ‘hos.

Bozo Bernie the Socialist

Best screen name of the season.


Haha! Agreed!

Scottie the Bespeckled Rodent

How about this one?

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Thank you. My husband also says thank you. Maybe we should put together a photo book for Rocks-For-Brains’ HOH basket. Oh wait, never mind. She isn’t going to win HOH. She won’t be there.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Same – I showed them to my husband tonight. Those poses and action shots are for national brands. The one catalog she is featured in repeatedly is a national brand for women’s fitness wear, I’ve been getting it for a few years. She’s impressive! Toes pointed while mid-air, body amazing…. certainly not the caliber of models working the docks in Rockspew’s town, but still impressive.


Thanks for sharing and wow loving her with dark hair. I personally think she was hotter pre boob job!
Blockstar has no idea the time Angela must put in being disciplined on her physique and diet just to stay working. I am guessing that pretty entitled princess has worked her ass of her whole life in everything she has done. That in my opinion is why Angela is direct and to the point. She is very get out of my way or get run over. Blockstar knows nothing about hard work, dedication, and determination. To her it’s all about that’s not fair what about me.


Exactly…for her…models, strippers, hookers…they’re all interchangeable


The “Models” that rock knows shake their asses in rap videos and bang the rappers


Gotta read that contract carefully even if it is written with crayons.


Rockstar forgets that Angela is not on the block against her, Kaycee is. Her constant harping to Sam is turning Sam off.


She’s ate up w jealousy and she is exactly what she claims “not” to be vindictive and mean spirited. Get a clue Angie rock u are the lazy person without a job who expects anyone else to do for you cause I do dishes and cook at home I’m not doing it here well girl you eat sleep and use the place just like everyone else you should pitch in and do some of the upkeep oh that’s right this is your vacation. She is not more deserving than the next person why does she think she is. I am happy to see her gone. Last I swear the nickname “ when someone tells you their nickname they are telling you they like being called the name they give themselves. You do not get to pick your own nickname. It is earned and given by freinds and family to signify some characteristic you have or funny story that happened to you. Not because you wanna be the name but because it fits. Her nickname should be more her character I will leave that to her freinds and family I suspect she has more than one. Same for swaggy

Haleigh's Melanoma

I think it stems from having two HG named Angela. I think prod asked if she had a middle name or a nickname so they could avoid confusion. That’s another reason RS is pissed, because the entitled bitch is using her name.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Exactly; Rockstar is angry because she wanted to be called “Entitled Bitch” but production let Angela have it.

Stripper On A Boat

LOL exactly. RS’s mom should have given her more of a “free spirit” type of name … like “Snake Venom” or “Sinsation” or “Bad Attitude” or “Cubic Zerconium” or “Marmalady”


Brett and KayCee are hugging it out saying everything this week worked out perfect for them…Well, this week isn’t over yet. Too confident? Maybe. I hope everything goes the way they want it to. I want to see Bayleigh and Rocktard reunited, don’t you? I guess I’m just saying that I’d feel more secure if I knew where Sam and Scottie were voting. Pretty sure JC will vote to get rid of Rocktard.

Hi My Name Is Scott

Well as long as JC is voting to keep KayCee, KayCee stays it will be 4-2. Won’t matter what Sam and Scottie do. Me thinks that Rocks is pushing Sam to vote her out so that she won’t have to listen to Rocks drone on and on and on and on and on and on and on…..for at least another week.

Hi my name is not Scott.

Ha, im tempted to agree. But no, i think that rocks just doesnt know any other way. She doesnt know how to play this game, bur she loves being there and wants desperately to stay. So desperately, in fact, that she’s allowed herself to be totally misted by Brett. But she has absolutely no self-awareness.
Its interesting to imagine that if she did, she could actually swing Sam and mayne even Brett. Alas, at this point i dont see that happening.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

In my head, I’ve figured the votes (minus the one KC gets to cancel) excluding Scottie and Sam, figuring on the least case scenario, KC still stays. JC is already justifying his vote to evict Rockspew as not wanting to vote against a gay person (KC). And he’s never been truly aligned with Fez, of course. I have assumed Sam would vote to keep Rockspew but now I think she pinky swore to KC a few weeks ago; and she never answers Rock’s direct question of where she will vote.

Rockspew thinks talking to each person in the house about their vote means to drone on and on about why she should stay and why Angela shouldn’t stay (who is no longer on the block); she’s all over the place and never shuts up to allow the other person to respond. “Good talk.” That’s why it’s even more ridiculous for her to assume she has anyone’s vote because she never shuts up long enough or looks them in the eye to wait for a real answer. Scottie could go either way; but with the cancelled vote, now I think it will be 5-1. Which would be awesome AND hilarious. And somehow, Haleigh will blame it on Fez.

Really real

I just want to know who keeps voting all these comments “down” Rocks “friends and family”? If these were any of mine, they would have made known the reality of my actions, not bent over like a bunch of pussies.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Trolls. I get hit within seconds of posting. But I don’t care. I refuse to vote down some of these lame a$$ comments, too – they just want the attention. Most commentators here are witty, insightful, and entertaining.


Because anyone with a different perspective then you must be a troll.


I know…but there are a few crazies out there that love her and think she’s “keepin it real.” They’re nuts

who me?

This is getting boring. I want the L6/5/4 shook up some. Then maybe they will actually start doing something instead of always relying on Tyler


Agree. Can’t stand level 6. Remember Rock is a Mom


Who gives a damn if she’s a mom. Steve was a dad. And probably a way better parent than she. I feel sorry for her kids. She’s only going to teach them to expect things given to them in life not to go out and earn them.Oh, and teaching them it’s acceptable to hate others for what they have, and be spiteful towards them. And that it’s OK to cuss and say the F word and every single sentence. Poor kids.


Rocky Road was pissssssed that she got knocked up with BF’s baby….. she loves that baby so much that she went on a 3 month reality show to prove it! She deserves the money more than anybody there because she has kids, dammit !!! Everyone else on that show are entitled bitches, dammit!!!! Poor Rockstar bites her toenails , dammit and her feet are dirty !!! DAMMIT!!! Bayleigh will be so happy to see her bestie with the dirty feet…..(dammit). 🙂


Don’t forget then whine and tell others not to swear when they are talking to her. She can dish it but she sure can’t take it. lol


That’s the sad part. She is a mom, setting a poor example for her kids. I don’t think BB is about who needs the money the most. Its who played the best game. That’s what they signed up for. I don’t think she deserves to be there over anyone else. That would be an entirely different show.


I hope your comment about her being a mom is a joke. That shouldn’t make a difference. I’m a mom too, and that was a stupid comment. You shouldn’t have something handed to you, or feel that you are entitled because of it. She’s the most hypocritical person in there. Calling Angela entitled. Give me a break.


And when she talks about “deserving” to be there, or who doesn’t “deserve” to be there – where does she get the idea it’s somehow merit-based? Casting doesn’t care about that, that’s not why she’s in the house, or anyone else.


She’s from baltimore…they’re taught that in the schools

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

First, I’m old enough to be their mother, all of them (except Rockspew, I don’t know how old she is.). I don’t have children at home anymore. But I have many friends who are young mothers and I honestly can’t see ANY of them leaving their family for 3 months for ANY amount of money. Just being real here… and to my knowledge, none of them own boats. I personally couldn’t leave my dog for 3 months. (However, I have been on boats, and I’ve had friends with boats. Been on some cruises. I use to watch Love Boat.)


Come to think of it, I haven’t really even seen her act that upset over (or even talk about) missing her children. I think I’ve heard her mention it once around her daughter’s birthday.

I might be good the first week but by this point, I’d be crying myself to sleep every night. BTW, I couldn’t leave my 3 boys (dach-sons) either. At this stage of my life & since I have no children at home, it would kill me!

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

Sam cried because she misses her dog and I’m sure Sam has cried for Rocks kids.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Yeah, she has a 6 month old baby at home. Nothing like a trip to Big Brother to ease that postpartum depression.


What good mom actually leaves their 6 month old to go on reality TV


A mom who left her 6 month old for the equivalent of half his life.

Waiting on Thursday

and Devon had a daughter


Oh please…she proves everyday that SHE doesn’t care that she’s a mom. Do you watch the show?


what does rocky being a mom have to do with anything?

Hi My Name Is Scott

I don’t think that they are relying on Tyler but Tyler has been targeted by the hive so he has been having to play to win in Veto’s and HOH comps. He is trying to save his power till he has no alternative. Angela has won and Kaycee has won a hacker. They have not been a direct target till recently so you try not to win early comps. Those that play hard early have the hardest road to the end. What has kept Tyler longer even though he has won comps has been his social game. Angela and Kaycee will be competing harder now. No idea about Brett. He has been laying low since he was a huge target a few weeks back. Not sure if he is good at the comps or not as he has not had to win one yet. Will be interesting to see what happens if Scottie wins the next HOH going against the L6 Four.

nacho mama

During the first week, Swaggy thought Tyler was clueless and he sought to take over Tyler’s HOH, by pushing his candidates for eviction. This forced Tyler into the role of the ‘lamb’ and caused him to be a few steps ahead from the beginning, while everyone else was making connections and hanging out. It has been amusing to watch him strategize against foutte and the hive. To that I say: baah baah! Tyler FTW.

Hi my name is not Scott.

Indeed. Scottie, JC, or Sam winning the next HOH will throw a welcome wrinkle into the game. I predict that the Hive will still find a way to f**k ir up.

Hi my name is not Scott.

No offense, but i dont think you get why Level 6s domination is s entertaining. Its not that L6 dominates every physical and mental competition, because they dont. They lose at least half the time. But whether they win or lose, they still determine who goes out every time, and FOUTTE or the Hive have no clue how it happened. It is endlessly entertaining.


Such a good summation of why they are so dominant


True…but I still remember being sooooo sure jc was keeping rocks after campaigning for her all week…and then he voted to evict. You just can’t go by what he says or does…u just gotta wait til he walks into the room and tells julie.


I’m so totally over Rocks. Which sucks because her intro package…well, I really wanted to like her because of the whole quirky, pagan vibe but the reality is just…no. I’m not saying Angela is a saint, but the crap Rocks spews about her is just getting tiresome and old. It’s not even about things that have happened in game, it’s personal crap that has no bearing on the game, and the stuff she does claim about her within the house isn’t even accurate (which I know, is not a new problem with her ranting). It’s just…excruciating. It’s funny when she’s convinced she’s staying because she thinks she controls all this stuff, but even Sam was shutting her down at this point. Even if Sam hadn’t assured Tyler she would vote to keep Kaycee, I’m pretty sure Rocks’ hammering about that stuff probably would have pushed her right over the edge. Sam was *defending* Angela, of all people, who she was worried was taking her place with Tyler. That says a whole lot.

Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren

Can we just vote Rocks out now?

sharp objects

Your name makes me laugh every time!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth Cherokee Warren

Sharp Objects is a great show.

This week will be all about Hayleigh being Rockless and complaining to Fes about JC.


me too haha

Crazy T

Are Angela and Tyler really starting to (you know) seems to attracted to one another?


I was surprised at that. I just wouldn’t have put those 2 together. And they better NOT let Sam find out. She will curbstomp angela in a heartbeat. Tyler has been playing a great game to let a girl mess it up. I was thinking why isn’t he focusing more on Sam and making sure she’s with him. Instead of swinging with Angela for the last 2 days. Now I know. I really hope he stays focused on the game.

Hi my name is not Scott.

That is tylers one weakness so far: he has not kept sam reigned in, and he could have easily done it. He’s been distracted by the other drama in the house.


Right? Sam might start stomping some mud holes, um, blood holes, if they’re not careful.


I was thinkin that I was the only one out of the loop on that


Tyler just lays around all the time, making whoever wants to talk to him lay down with him. Don’t read too much into it, he’s just lazy and has no shortage of mama figures around to take care of him.

Bay Leave

I’m all for a good upset / blinside / vote filp…but please not this week. Show almost unwatchable with rockstar constant complaining. Can’t wait until she’s in jury house playing constant victim.


That’s one job I would not want. . .to be either RS’s or Bayleigh’s handler in the jury house. Yikes!

Bogus Bay

You mean Bayleigh’s server?


You’re going to get a good blindside…as of now, Rockstar is convinced she is staying.

Maxine Wayers - Space Alien

@ Bay Leave

Great screen name!

Scottie the Bespeckled Rodent

Scottie is a rat that is feeding information to Hayleigh.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Haleigh has been playing him. He believes they have a special relationship and doesn’t know that she and Fes are in a kissing relationship. He threw away his game for her. I’d love to see him walk in on them; he might salvage some game.


That’s what I’m tryin to figure out. I’ve thought he was a rat this whole season. I need to see if he goes back and tells the hive to not count their chickens (about brett’s vote)


Scottie feeds a little bit of information to everyone. It is how he gets by in the game. He doesn’t lie to people or make fun of them or try to use personal information to hurt other players. Really, he is the least art like person in the house. It is clean gameplay and excellent jury management, as he has “helped” everyone in the house at some point in the game.


Sam rocking the jury vote…..but…..”JUST STOP”.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

What RS is doing is what some folks call jury management. Hay’s very good at it also.

Maxine Wayers - Space Alien

That was great.

Marianne Martin

I sure hope they have a head doctor waiting to speak to rockstar once she gets off the stage … i feel sorry for her kids if this attitude that she shows in the house is also shown to the kids.. and we wonder why there is so much hate and disrespect in this world .. rockstar is a very very good example .. bugger part is she doesnt even see it ..

You Only Live Once

That is the whole paradox with Rockstar….it is her own perception of reality that is warped due to her restrictive believes. If you are worried and believe that another person is entitled….then it is almost like a deflection from looking at yourself in the mirror. Everyone alive is privileged….and yet all Rockstar can do is focus on other people (she is stuck in comparison mode, its obvious with her jealousy of Angela)….never truly realizing her own potential because she is too busy worried about everyone else.

Rockstar and her beliefs could be the most paradoxical person ever on Big Brother.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Bayleigh was bad for that too. She constantly talked about people being there who didn’t need the money, who didn’t have a platform (pageant days reference). These are pet peeves of mine … “I want it more than they do” (you can’t measure that); “They don’t need the money” (how do you know, and since when is Big Brother an entitlement program?); “I deserve to be here!” (no, you are privileged to be chosen for BB and they may have chosen you because you fit a typecast for them. You only deserve to be there if you play the game well enough to make it another week.)


Yes, you should teach your kids that they can reach for the stars and be anything they want to be if they put their mind to it. Not complain that others have more than you. Rock chose to be a mom, so enjoy it and stop complaining about others that may have more things in life. Rock has humans to raise which is priceless. She needs to see that she does have more than the others because she has 3 precious kids, but I’m afraid she may be raising them to hate others that are not like them. Very Sad!


Rocks – “I’m not a jealous vindictive spiteful person”…then proceeds to bash anyone not named Ha or Fes and call them entitled, privileged, Rich, white, spoiled, f’n b*tch, doesn’t deserve to be hereyada, yada, yada….

Perhaps people are just go-getters Blockstar…


I flew first class once because I dressed up a bit and they bumped me from coach…I must be privileged.


Keep on spewing your hate on Angela to Sam. Looks like Sam is finally starting to see who Rock is. Should make the vote easier hopefully. And last night I guess it was when Tyler and Brett went in and hugged Sam for a really long time. First time I noticed how almost giddy Sam was when Brett hugged her forever. I always thought it was really Tyler she liked. But she seemed to be in heaven when Brett was hugging her. Why aren’t these 2 trying harder to pull Sam back in? Especially Tyler with her knowing about his power. And I wonder How L6 will feel when they find out he had it and didn’t tell them. Even tho he almost has and they don’t clue in to it. They are so trustworthy this whole game. They may be ok. But I just wonder if they will be upset that he didn’t trust them with it.


Best case scenario is that Tyler never actually has to use it. Just keep winning veto’s comps while the other side is trying to backdoor him. It won’t be long before he is guaranteed to play in each veto anyway.

You Only Live Once

Tyler’s power only works for himself, personally I really don’t see L6 upset when they find out. Level 6 work well together, never have to question each other (unlike the hive/foutte constantly questioning each other). I see Brett/Kaycee/Angela being happy for Tyler rather then upset.


I agree. They recognize this is a game. Tyler has had their back from day 1. They are not going to begrudge him for saving the last piece of candy for himself.


It would be different if the power could have saved one of them but the nature of the power makes it very weak. Bayleigh’s on the other hand, if Tyler had that one and kept it a secret, they would feel betrayed especially considering their HoH history. At this point being HoH costs you a vote and gets your ally sent home while you watch.


I absolutely hate when contestants use the line “they don’t need to be here” just because another contestant may come from money or success whatever the case may be. If that contestant (in rockstars case,Angela) is playing a good game then they very much deserves to be here. I mean Angela’s won some comps and is completely loyal to level 6 and keeps her emotions in check so I think she’s playing a solid game and she has earned her spot in this game. And rockstar there is a reason she refused to work with you this whole entire game because Angela already has a solid alliance but you and the rest of the hive are absolutely oblivious to it….I’m a fan of the game of big brother so I don’t care if you come from money or not, if you play the game and outplay others, then you deserve to be there.


If anyone has more important stuff to do it should be Rockstar with her newborn child…if that is even true.

You Only Live Once

Perfectly said! I really wish production wouldn’t cast these types of people that just constantly complain/whine about another person’s finances. Once you walk into that house, it should be about “in the house”……I do believe a few house guests in past seasons also used this tactic….I know personally it turns me off immediately when a house guests whines about finances outside the house.


Just the level of entitlement someone has to have to say anything about who deserves to be there or not shows what a hypocrite she is.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I’m with you folks 99.99%. Where I do have to part ways is when the producers keep bringing their friends/favorites back and helping them a second time. I really don’t believe returnees “deserve” to play unless it’s all returnees.


If Tyler actually gets Angela he had better send Big Brother a big thank you gift. In real life he would never have a chance.


Rocks “my friend is a model and travels around makes $1500!”. Strippers flyers doesn’t count Rock. Models do make a lot of money.


Rock thinks a six-figure income includes the two figures to the right of the decimal.


No model stays in Maryland once they become models…they move to where the jobs are at. So of course the ones that Rocks knows don’t make a lot of money.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Not to mention, Rockspew has never had a sincere conversation with Angela to understand where she’s coming from. She said her parents stay in a hotel when they visit her in CA even though she has a guest room, they are just strange like that. She has been raised to hold her emotions in. She trained extensively for gymnastics with hopes of making it to the Olympics. You have to live away from home, spend 8+ hours/day training, have every aspect of your life controlled. Then she trained for pole vaulting. She’s not JUST a fitness model, she’s an athlete, who sets goals, works out, is smoking hot (as my husband says); and she likely has modeled for major brands, which indeed pays good money. I seriously doubt Angela’s parents pay her bills. It sounds like she sacrificed some of her child hood for athletics. it all explains why she controls her emotions. She has explained to Sam more than once that she is a nervous wreck on the inside at times, has cried once since she’s been there, but many more times on the inside. Her entire life sounds like she’s had to maintain self control.

Rockspew verbalizes every emotion and thought she has, 24/7. I dislike her more every day. She hates rich people because they have her money.

who me?

Poor babybird Angela

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Yep, Angela has an interesting story. She’s worked long and hard and made something of and for herself. She is an accomplished young woman…how dare she!


Rocks – I just thinks she’s a b1tch like she’s not nice to me she’s refused to work with me throughout this game on multiple occasions.

She’s not nice because she won’t work with you? And you were on the wrong side of every vote…could be a pattern

Rock Lobster

A lot of me’s when Rocks talks.

Hi my name is not Scott.

Please, Brett, manipulate Rocks into mentioning Level 6 during her eviction speech. That will put the crown on this season.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Yes, Rockspew, Tyler is stupid…. for not accepting your fake deal of 5 people waiting to backdoor him. Tyler is stupid for sticking with his long term alliance who continues to dominate the house invisibly, but in plain sight. Tyler is stupid for getting rid of Bay, who was fighting for him since Day 1 (except when she was after his alliance and just waiting another week or 2 to back door him). News flash, people who work hard and make more money than you do are not privileged. People who leave their infant behind to play a reality game on TV …. first world problems, Rock.

FU! I Took a Pee on Hillary's Bed with Russians

These jealous mean girls are soooooooooooooo jealous of Angela.

FU! I Took a Pee on Hillary's Bed with Russians

I wish Steve was back in the game. these punks are getting boring….

My Boat is Bigger

Steve’s game sucked. He talked too much.

FU! I Took a Pee on Hillary's Bed with Russians

Brett – I grow more hair on the right side over my left.. my right pec has more than my left my right cheek has more than my left
Angela – the things you notice when you have nothing to notice

Translation— I am not into gay dudes who are in the closet.


Did tyler ever really have a thing for kaitlen or was he just playing her–I keep reading references to it and swaggy talked about it upon his exit, but I never really saw it on the show?

Note that I didn’t start reading the blogs this season until a couple weeks ago because the comments are usually filled with idiots complaining about how the season sucks and they aren’t going to watch anymore, so I don’t have early season ‘behind the scenes’ details.

Big Boat... HUGE Boat

He definitely didn’t have a thing for Kaitlyn. She laid all over him and wanted to make out with him, writing on his arm “kiss me”, “I would drop every thing for you”; he made it clear to Sam and his alliance he was manipulating her game for their benefit, and that’s exactly what he did. Poor kid had to listen to her days on end and deserves a medal for it.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I don’t believe he ever had that kind of thing for her. Yes, he did align closely with her but he tried to keep it on a game play lever. You could see him trying to establish and maintain some personal distance but Kaitlen couldn’t take the hint.

Do you remember when Tyler TRIED to volunteer as a have-not during her HoH (so he could sleep in the have-not room). His arm was straight up, he was waving it around and going, “ooh, ooh, ooh”. Somehow she didn’t notice…so he got to sleep with her. Watching his facial expressions on camera (over her shoulder) got quite funny.

As for anything Swaggy mentioned…Swaggy is now declaring that “Swayleigh & Feyleigh taking over the rest of 2018!!!! Gang, gang, gang!!!” So I’d take anything he says with a grain of salt.

Who said that!

He was just using her.

who me?

No he was just using her…like he does Sam


No he didn’t. I think he just liked her as a person and cared about her. He saw how unstable she was, so he spent a lot of time with her. She, on the other hand, had a massive crush on him. Well, she also had crushes on just about anyone with a willy

Swaggy's Missing Brow

It looks like tomorrow will be an endurance comp. CBS sent email to their all access members telling them to watch the feeds after the show airs; it will be a long running comp.

Players for Haleigh: Fessie, Scottie

Free Agents: JC, Sam

L4: Tyler, Brett, Angela, Kayee


Hopefully it is a LONG one and not 1 hour. I think everyone will be gunning for HOH. I have a feeling kaycee will win.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Yep, I’ll be watching Kaycee. If it’s an endurance comp like the wall, it will definitely favor L4. We saw what Sam can do when she’s determined but I’m not sure she’s up to that any longer.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I have Xfinity Comcast in the EST zone; BB is delayed Friday night for us, so check your DVR settings – ours will air after the late night talk shows, so I am recording the show that follows Big Brother just in case. In seasons past, it will start 15-30 later than scheduled and we ended up missing the last part.


Rocks – “I’m not a jealous vindictive spiteful person….”
Sure doesn’t sound like it, does it? Sounds more like sunshine and rainbow.
Wow!!! Just wow!!! I wish she could hear what she’s spewing ……


She’s really sick…and I don’t mean sickkkkk haha




“Angela comes from money and she doesn’t have any kids and she doesn’t really need to be here…” I am so sick of Rocks and her perceived victimhood. Big Brother is not a charity. The neediest person does not automatically win or why doesn’t everyone skip the 3 months locked in the house and just compare tax returns and whoever had the lowest AGI gets the $500,000? The end prize is not a scholarship program. But her having 3 kids doesn’t mean crap in this game.

Sorry, this may be harsh, but no one told her to have 3 kids if she could not afford them, or get a boob job and all those tattoos if she did not have the discretionary income to warrant them. The new boobs and the tatts are luxuries, not necessities. How about put aside some money for a rainy day, your kids education or retirement. Angela is not evil because she doesn’t have a gaggle of kids, comes from money, has flappable hair, did not want to work with you or would spend the winnings on new shoes and handbags.


Not harsh…it’s called being real


Yes Simon…we both saw rocknado’s gypsie tricks from week 1. She is just unbelievable. She has no idea if ang’s father was a corrupt thief who amassed all that money to get where they’re at…or if he worked his tail off to provide a good life for him and his family. This is legit my biggest pet peeve. She makes a stupid, false judgement and then runs with it to other houseguests as if it’s fact. She is so frickin nasty! And ladies and gentlemen, that is why I absolutely hate the ignorant, twisted, mean and disgusting rocknado…and the sooner that virus is eradicated from the bb house, the better it will be for each of the remaining houseguests.


Models in baltimore vs models in LA…I imagine there is quite a disparity in pay. OMG I can’t take her anymore…but yet I can’t pry myself away from watching her baltimore strip club fairy tale

Scottie the Bespeckled Rodent

JC for favorite houseguest.




I decided not to thumbs up or down, cause it’s sad. I really liked his commentary about the game


me toooo

who me?

Just some info I found out.
In a interview with Angela:
Do you have a strategy for winning the game: The “networking queen” I like to call myself. I’m very lovable and not afraid to use my sexuality to get ahead.
What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house: Lack of social media, not being able to talk to my mama and having to release my roster of boy toys in L.A.

Angela net worth…over $800,000.00 yearly
Brett net worth…over $200,000.00 yearly
Jc net worth…around $300,000.00 yearly
Kaycee net worth…around $400,000.00 yearly
Tyler net worth…around $13,000.00 yearly
Scottie…unknown (shipping manager)
Sam…unknown (welder)
Hayleigh…unknown (student but parents have $$$)
Fes…around $300,000.00 yearly
Rockstar…unknown (stay at home mom)

who me?

Just google them


Angela’s Net Worth

Brett’s Net Worth

JC’s Net Worth

Kaycee’s Net Worth

Fessy’s Net Worth

I don’t know the validity of these sources, but they seem to match the info provided by the OP.

Stripper Entitlement

What are you smoking? Fez worth $300,000 and he’s a substitute teacher AND on BB? KC played football in a women’s league and she makes $400,000 – I call bullsh!t. Angela, it’s possible. Brett may make good money but that’s high for what he does.

who me?

Some were “net worth” and some were yearly income….try googling it yourself


No way…your source is a mother of a hivester

who me?

WOW then they are RICH! Since its all out there on google if you search lmfao


If that’s true it is interesting sociologically that people who are worth about as much as each other gravitate towards each other. And I do believe it about Fes, he teaches part time but works at a bar the rest of the time, where you can make a lot of money if it is a high profile place.

The Beef

Not in Chattanooga. They don’t have that kind of night life there. I know, I lived there for 32 years. No way Fes makes that kind of jack tending bar and substitute teaching there.

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

He subs in Orlando, there’s no high profile places in Orlando that brings in that kind of money. Maybe Miami but not Orlando.


Hey Who Me! Your post is as dumb as Rockhead. You can’t compute the net worth as “yearly”. Yearly is your annual income, vs net worth which includes everything of value, i.e., house, CD, IRA, stocks, savings, etc. If Angel makes $800,000 yearly, her net worth has to be somewhere north of $1,000,000. For example, my yearly income is about $60,000, but my net worth is north of $900,000. Guess you’re not as smart as the Rockhead. You’d fit right in with the rest of the Hive.

Cray Cray

He probably thinks 30×60 is 1200!


I can’t wait till this week is over. All everyone does is bash rockstar every post. Boring.

Big Frickin' Boat

Sorry – perhaps it’s because she behaves like the spawn of SA-TAN.


It is a game! The hate she feels is frightening . Poor sam does not even u nderstand that kind of hate!


I get that its easy to fixate on things when theres nothing to do in a house you can’t get out of, however your financial situation doesn’t determine if you deserve to be in BB or if you deserve to win.