“We’re an older cast… We will be targeted just for that”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Ian, Kevin, Memphis, NicoleA
Nominations -?
Power of Veto Players are -?
Power of Veto holder -?
Power of Veto Ceremony -?
Safety Suite – Kaysar & Janelle
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It’s been a pretty slow day on the feeds. There was a slew of gossip talk about everyone’s season and this or that twitter feud. We learn things like the BB12 cast is still pissed at them for the brigade. Frankie was asked to come on but had too many demands. Danielle BB14 is in fact a crazy b1tch. Etc etc . Cody apparently planning on targeting two of Keesha, Kaysar, and Janelle. Tyler has made final 2 ride or dies with at least 3 people. Nicole is building a girls alliance so she can turn on them for Cody. Dani is teaming with Nicole to take out the older players.

The houseguests are playing a competition for the Safety Suite. They get to choose to compete. Now I could be wrong but I’m thinking if you win the Safety suite competition you have until before Nominations to declare you will be going to the safety suite. You have to call out one other person to come with you. There is also a punishment for the players in the safety suite.

Kaysar wins the Safety suite and saves Janelle. Cody is thinking about putting up Keesha and Kevin. The target is Keesha as of 7:40pm.

1:30 pm Kaysar and Nicole
Kaysar going on about not being comfortable going up to the HOH to talk to Cody. He says everyone is on edge.
Nicole – we played a season together but we weren’t on the same side I still want to see if we’re cool.
Nicole – I think the noms are today.. they said an hour before is when that comp is I think Noms are today .. I don’t think you have a whole day.
Nicole – They want to make it cool for the viewers.
Kaysar – Everyone is super off right now.
Kaysar mentions how the first week is always tough everyone is sensitive trying to size the situation up ‘You get dinged for.. you didn’t talk to me enough”
Nicole – even being too likable is an issue (A problem you don’t have)
Kaysar – you have to figure out where that person headspace is
Nicole – you can’t talk to him by yourself. If you can do it (Cody)
Kaysar – if you go up there and there are four people do you say hey can I have a minute
Nicole – I don’t know. that’s normal but it’s so early
They talk about Paul and how made it to the final 2 twice.
Kaysar – I never made it to Jury.
Nicole claims to have never watched season 6. asks him what was his favorite.
Kaysar enjoyed 6 more says he felt more in control.

Nicole says she was worried at first because there were a couple of people she didn’t want to see thinking the game would be tough with them in the house. When she found out they weren’t on she was happy. Mentions that during the casting process they asked her who they didn’t want in the house.
Christmas has joined them…

2:50 pm Enzo and Cody
Enzo – I got your back yo .. you know what I’m saying. I’m not going into this comp and disrespecting you. I’m good yo..
Enzo – I Got you till the end bro trust me
Cody – we’re good
Enzo – I don’t even give a f*** they see me coming in here.. yo nobody has come in here and talked to you you’re the HOH
Cody says a few people have come to him says Nicole F came in.

Cody – who are teh people we can be tight with
Enzo suggests Tyler.
Cody agrees adds that Tyler is a “Stud”
Cody goes on about how they need to have players that can win competitions
Enzo – so just Nicole came and talked
Cody – both the Nicoles

3:01 pm Keesha and Janelle
J – I don’t want to do nothing and get taken out this week
K – like the first week
K – we’re an older cast
J – We will be targeted just for that
Janelle warns people will see them together and say “These older people are working together they’re easy to take out”
Keesha says that was she feels is going on “Kaysar was saying we’re kinda awkward”
Keesha – it’s so weird in here.
Neither of them feels safe.
J – I would be an idiot if I thought I was f*ing safe.. right
K – Me too, I feel like some people do feel they are safe
J – Like Nicole for sure and Nicole A feels like she’s safe for sure
K – Yes .. yes
J – David perhaps feels that he’s safe
K – I think it’s more us.. it’s a gut feeling.
They agree it’s going to be one of them two or Kaysar on the block.
J – F***
OBB – F****
K – I totally think so out of everybody that is in here.
Keesha brings up maybe Memphis is a target as well. Mentioned how the four of them all share a bedroom.
J – So are you playing today
K – I feel like I should I don’t think I’m creating a target if I do it just looks like I’m saving my a$$ week one.

(Feeds cut 3:10pm feeds on pound puppies must be a competition)

5:33 pm Feeds down (I wonder if comps will take longer because of COVID precautions)

6:33pm Feeds still down. Feeling like BBCAN over here

6:55 pm Feeds back Christmas and Nicole
Christmas saying she doesn’t know what type of players Kaysar and Janelle were but apparently “they were a big deal”
Nicole says they were the favorites.
They are talking about Kaysar winning the Safety suite and selecting Janelle as his plus one.

N – Did you talk to him
Christmas – yeah super cool about it
N – the one thing we take away from this is we know them two are working together (Kaysar and Janelle… and no sh1t sherlock)
N – We kinda already knew I’m not saying we can’t work with them.
N – they’re so good
Christmas – it was smart for them to do that this week
N – They’re smart
C – very strategic
Christmas mentions that “they” Janelle and Kaysar still have one VIP ticket so they can compete in the next week competition.
Christmas – Janelle still has hers
Nicole – no they are both gone..
Christmas – ohh crap..
Nicole says Janelle and Kaysar will keep Winning hoh back to back
Da’Vonne joins them says she’s terrified of double eviction and leaving something of hers in the house “I need my hair products”

Nicole – how are you doing Da
Da – I’m good just waiting for these noms.. right now everyone is Kum ba yah

Nicole – if noms are tomorrow Veto is the next day
Da – Saturday

Feeds cut when we’re back it’s just Nicole and Sh1tmas talking about Janelle.
Christmas going on about old school versus new school.

7:07 pm Ian, Janelle and Kaysar
Ian – Congratulations Janelle.. Congratulations Kaysar
Kaysar – thank you Ian

7:10 pm Janelle walks in still wearing her VIP pass… (BAM)
Janelle says she did the competition in 16 minutes.
Nicole and Christmas bring up how sweety Kaysar was when he came back in
Janelle – it was really hot because of the lights.

Janelle – I’m so shocked no one else played like what the hell is going on in this house (Welcome to new school.. )
J – like would you not want to play. Like I don’t I thought people would at least like if you have a 30% chance I mean
Christmas – -I wanted to wait. It’s the first one and you just don’t know you don’t know what Cody will decide. I’m going hard for the veto
J – yo think he’s nominating you
C – I don’t’ know

7:15 pm Sh1tmas is talking about her during her season her “medicine” would kick in and now she’s not able to remember who won certain competitions.
Janelle – for what
Christmas – my foot.. what an adventure.

7:25 pm NicoleF and Cody
Nicole going on about Janelle and KAysar being safe.
Cody says he was going to put up Kaysar and Keesha. Says he knows Nicole doesn’t want Keesha up.
Nicole – yeah you can put her up

Nicole says the one girl she trusts is shi1mas

NicoleF – has anyone said put up the two winners
Cody – no whenever I’ve had a conversation it wasn’t anything close..
Cody says the only thing is Memphis mentioned Ian
Cody says Ian is sneaky and he’ll
Cody implies that Ian didn’t deserve to beat Dan (Burn Cody)

Nicole says if Ian won he would be called the greatest player of all time.
Cody says if Ian and Nicole go up Ian will be evicted.
NicoleF going on about Kaysar and Janelle being solidified final 2 “THey’re a way bigger duo”
NicoleF drops that Sh1tmas told her she’ll use the VIP pass on her if she wins it.
Cody says if he wins the veto and she’s on the block he’ll take her off.
Cody says he’s thinking about putting up Keesha and Kevin. He would want Keesha out.

7:43 pm NicoleF and Dani
Dani asks her if she talked to Cody.
NicoleF says she thinks they are ok
Dani – what did he say
NF – like.. ruffle anything whatever
Dani – what does that mean
NF – I don’t know
Dani – he didn’t give you any hints at all
Nf – I only got to talk to him for a minute
Dani – who is he going to put up
NF – I don’t know
Nicole says Cody mentioned that Janelle and Kaysar made a deal
Dani points out they’ve been friends forever.
Nicole – she came up to me and was like I want to work with you blah blah blah
Dani says Kaysar and Janelle have just put bigger targets on their backs now they are both in the safety suite
NF – it’s week 1

Dani says she talked to Kaysar and he said he didn’t get a good vibe from Cody.
Dani mentions she doesn’t know Cody at all. Nicole still sticking to the story she has no idea who Cody is talking about putting up.
Both Dani and NicoleF says they don’t think NicoleA likes them.
Dani points out that Keesha sis playing the clueless card “really hard”
NF – we need to make a deal with Janelle or something. I’m really scared they win HOH next week.

7:45 pm Cody and Tyler
Cody tells him Keesha is an easy nomination.
Cody – who do you think? (who else)
Tyler says Cody is spot on with Keesha doesn’t say anything for the second nomination
Cody warns that sh1tmas is going to go hard on competition he’s not trying to “rattle that cage right now”
Tyler says she’s a big personality “She stands out”

Cody says Enzo needs a bro alliance “He’s a loyal cat”
Tyler – I’m in
Cody – it’s money bro
Cody – how are you with Bayleigh
Tyler – we cleared it up

8:04 pm NicoleA, Ian and Janelle
Talking about Season 14. They talk about Shane and Frank would be the first pick
Janelle says she had the worst team, ‘None of them cared I don’t even think they want to play Big Brother.. can I help you win HOH. can I tell you about the game do you want to go over possibilities”
Ian confirms what Janelle is saying “I remember that”
Janelle goes on about will being super salty to her.
Janelle mentions how Frank was banging Ashley on that season.
Ian says Joe was the longest-lasting player on Janelle’s side
Janelle says she was the only person to win a competition on her team.
There’s talk about Boogie
Ian says he’s really thankful about Boogie helping him, in the beginning, he taught Ian the “basic handling” of the game

Ian adds that a lot of the game Boogie said was “really weird’ like the best places to talk game is in the living room in the open.
Janelle says Booger is super vindictive “He’s a villain”

8:08 pm Dani and Cody
Dani – do you have any idea what you are doing
Cody – I don’t know.. kinda… I’ve had conversations with people what do I have to base it on? who I talked to the least.

Dani doesn’t think NicoleA likes her because she likes to keep her life private from the Big Brother hordes. NicoleA asked her if she wanted to do her podcast. Dani really doesn’t like to “do that stuff” and Dani “Ghosted her”

(FYI .. Cody says ‘Like” between each word of a sentance.)

8:12 pm Janelle, NicoleA and Kaysar
Janelle – we just dodge a major bullet
they can see Cody is scrambling now trying to find new targets.
Kaysar – my guess is a couple, Memphis and Keesha
Janelle – I don’t want him to go after Memphis and Keesha
Kaysar – neither do I
Janelle – he’s going after OG’s
Kaysar – I don’t’ think he sees it that way he’s trying to clear it out

They agree Kaysar and her were in “Major danger”
Ian joins them.
They talk about the glory days of Big Brother
When lockdowns were 30 minutes and Janelle could eat ice cream and m&m’s and not gain any weight

They talk about how everyone ran up to the HOH.
Kaysar – they had to figure out what to do.. It’s obvious
Kaysar knew that Tyler and Cody were up to something.
Janelle mentions that David is guilty too “He’s a dangerous player. we don’t know what he can do he’s never played”
Kaysar – he’s very smart
Janelle – if he’s with those guys that’s a lot of muscles

Ian – I hate this game I do. Give us the yard please. this is autistic hell.. you can tell right I am autistic
Kaysar – I could tell I am too
Ian – ohh sh1t I did not know that I gave up on trying to hide it. I hope that me saying that didn’t offend you
Kaysar- I never had a formal diagnosis but I am
Nicole and kAyrsar talk about the spectrum.

8:40 pm Kaysar and Enzo talking about missing their kids. Kaysar says he has a four-year-old
Enzo – that’s so dope man..
Enzo goes on about that being a great age.. Feeds cut.

8:45 pm Cody and Dani
talking about Enzo at first. Dani saying that this season the winner will be the best all-around player a strictly social player won’t win in the end.
Cody agrees says that Dani needs to talk to NicoleF and he’ll talk to Enzo.

Dani drops if they get Keesha out that will cut the Memphis/Keesha duo.
They agree to wait on pulling Memphis and Tyler in with them until after Keesha is resolved. they don’t want Memphis to leak anything back to Keesha
Cody goes on about them getting 6 people so they can control the votes.

8:55 pm Enzo, Janelle and Kaysar
Janelle saying how glad she is that Enzo is on this season.

Kaysar mentions something about Enzo giving Da his “dating Profile”
they all laugh
Enzo goes on about how he’s “not there’ with getting into a relationship right now.
Enzo says he must be “damage” adds “I don’t know.. I’m all f***ed up”

J – how many years have you been divorced now
Enzo – I think four .. yeah
Janelle – you’re just not ready
E – nah nah I’m not. me and my kids and that’s it. I had my fun I got my Booty calls and my whatever the f* you know what I mean. My friends with benefits. I’m not looking for nothing and they don’t like that when you tell them the truth. I’m like yo if you want to F* we can F* we can chill you can use me to I don’t care whatever I don’t care” (LOL)
They laugh
They talk about NicoleF crying in the bathroom
E – that’s weird to me
NicoleF’s excuse why she’s crying is because she’s tired
JAnelle – I know
E – what the f* is that
Kaysar – she’s crying because she’s tired I’ve never seen that
J – that’s a strategy
they laugh
Enzo points out how NicoleF and Tyler were all up in the HOH
Enzo says Cody and NicoleF were on the same season “I don’t like that”
They agree NicoleF and Cody were talking game in the HOH

8:57pm Kaysar and Janelle
Kaysar says it’s obvious something is going down in the house they have to be strategic.
K – we don’t need to expose our positions we have to win the HOH to make a power move
J – yeah
K – we have no power so lets not tell anything.. Enzo Anybody ..
Kaysar says people are going to try and squeeze whatever information they can from them and use that to form groups that turn on them.
Kaysar says the house will try to create a big enough block to pick them off.
K – Who is in that block now “David, Nicole Tyler, Cody and probably one or two more but we don’t’ know who they are
Kaysar stresses they have to lay low and figure out what is gong on “we have nothing to gain at this poitn
J – NicoleA and Ian are super stressed
K – I trust NicoleA she plays a clean game I don’t know where Ian’s head’s at
J – he’ll work with us
K – what about Bayleigh.. I can’t get a read.. what about Dani
J – I don’t know I don’t’ know where she is. (dani)
K – don’t give the information
Kaysar stresses how they need to get HOH so they “circle around us” then they can break up that original alliance
Kaysar – What they are doing right now is shaping the house and we can’t let that happen
K – They will try and ride that out (yup big alliance ride it out to jury … friendship)
Kaysar warns again they’ll go into a rhythm where they’ll pick each other off. “The moment we get into that cadence we’re screwed”
K – you thin kwe can work with Memphis and Keesha ?
J – yes but they might be targeted next
Kaysar says he doesn’t see them able to pull Tyler, Cody or David onto their side.
J – that’s a bummer
Kaysar says Keesha and Memphis are going up if they win Veto they’ll take one of them down.
J – and try to get votes
Kaysar – exactly
J – I don’t want Dani going up either
K – she looked at me ad said you know you’re good with me right
J – we’re good with Dni she’s just laying low
Kaysar says he tried to feel comfortable with David, Cody, and Tyler but it’s not working once guys like that get into their thing there’s no way to get int. They probably named their alliance already and are ridding high feeling good. He stresses those guys will try and ride that as long as they can or until something disruptive happens.
Kaysar – they know we’re dangerous but they don’t understand the depths we’re capable of
Janelle says Tyler, David, and Cody were acting so shady
Kaysar – no offense to COdy but he doesn’t have a derrick here to strategize.

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Nicole going after the girls? What a surprise…She`s so insecure.


I agree


Unfortunately she’s not since she is playing dumb about Cody to everyone else, which is obvious to the other players already


I totally agree and at first i thought she would work with others but she unfortunately doesnt realize that they will be on to her in no time. And i think it will be Enzo who will out her. I just hope we get to see Janelle and Kaysar get far. But they need to be smart about it. I also hope that we REALLY get to see kaysar play … like really play the game. We know we that Janelle can play and WIN competitions. They just need to outsmart the others. They should pull im some others and get the numbers to control the ouse!!!!L

Linguini Pants

It will be interesting to see NicoleF play without cuddling up to a man romantically as a shield, although she’s already doing it with Cody, albeit platonically, right now. Her game plan is always the same, which she of course already laid out to her new shield, Cody, who of course now probably knows everything she’s talked about with others in the house. Snake gonna slither. Dani has to know how NicoleF plays, and hopefully is only using her…and keeping her eyes wide open!

And I’m so glad Frankie had other engagements and spared us all having to tolerate him and his delusions of grandeur until his eventual eviction.


She’s crying now saying that she’s scared of Janelle. I have no clue why people like Nicole F so much… she has always been dreadful to watch in my opinion.


Was there more details revealed about the room in the feeds?


Hopefully when the feeds are back we will get more of a sense about the room


More ways for us to experience their “lovely “ editing skills

another name

Have Karen and Becky solidified their alliance yet?
Are feeds down because they asked to see the manager about having to share space with has beens and never wassis?


Who’s Karen & Becky?

another name

it was just a joke because feeds had been down for a few hours.


Damn, these feeds are taking a while to come back up!! Are they playing in the dark again and someone got lost?

Houka Inumuta

Ian and Nicole A will be the best Duo of all time. I can easily see them as the final 2. They will be better than hitman and renegades. I even predict that Nicole A is 100% going to win all-stars this coming October.

I’m ready for the upvotes now.

Feeds Gold

Janelle and Kaysar safe…woooooooo!

Christmas Sucks

So are Kaysar and Janelle safe this week?


Thank goodness!!!


Got to love Janelle. Happy she won 1st comp. she already had a target on her back. As far as Veto, since Cody said he didn’t want a competition with snakes, Please let there be snakes.

Kats Alien Bitch

So no Nicole F???
just a joke.


Does anyone know who Cody is planning on putting up now that Janelle and kaysar are both safe?


Thanks! Just saw that. I’m actually okay if he does that. Those are two players that I don’t remember much.


So I’m just going to put this out there. Sorry if it offends anyone. Christmas is the furthest thing from an all-star that there can be. She has absolutely no right being there. I can justify everyone else except her. But then again i freaken hate her so i might be biased.


You can justify David?


I’m so grateful for jabbed fhri4rcjgyjv ub yvk 4h


I’m so happy that Kaysar and Janelle are SAFE.


I’m in!

Linguini Pants

Watching them with Ian and NicoleA chatting. Might be the beginning of an Old School/New School alliance??

Already Lovin' This Season

Keesha and Kevin? Cody, Cody, Cody. . .smh. Obviously, he’s thinking about who he can trust and work with, but why take out someone you’ll be able to take out later? I would choose two HGs who may become major threats further in the game. I would nominate Ian (as much as I like him this year, he showed last night that he’s here to win) and Christmas, using the $5000 as an excuse as to why.

Off topic, thanks Simon and Dawg for being here! Love you guys and this site and was so happy to “see” you last night!


I’m so glad that Kaysar and Janelle are safe! Dani, watch out for Ratcole because she’s lying to you already!! I hope Kaysar or Janelle win the next HOH and show them how Big Brother is really played…take warning Cody, Tyler, Ratcole, and Shitmas!! #oldschoolrulz


A whole day of feeds without anyone talking about building their Instagram following and becoming an influencer. Halle-freaking-lujah!

P.S. – Where’s the tip jar? Am I just not seeing it?


WTF CBS!? I’m trying to catch some Dani/Cody talk in the HOH and they switch the feeds to Franzel and Shitmas in the bathroom! Why do you hate me?


Wow, just watched Kaysar call out Cody’s plan to Janelle before Cody has completed executing it.

Feeds Gold

hes very switched on


I can’t wait to see some DRs to get some perspective on what the housegueasts are REALLY thinking!! Dani really going after Janelle??

Autistic Spectrum

I wish this season would be over already.

Autistic Spectrum

It was a joke ~ apparently a bad joke……..


Already looking like Dani is a blind spot for Janelle. Worrying about her going up, etc….”Janie! Dani’s not with you!” Wasn’t she leading the charge for breaking up pairs? (meaning Janelle/Kaysar)


I am so sad. I don’t want Keesha to be the first evictee. Her returning for all-stars is a big brother dream come true for me, and to see her go in the first week would just crush that. Plus she has so much to contribute to the season!!!

Feeds Gold

snakeole crying during her extended meltdown because janelle is safe

snakeole to christmas: “im intimidated, janelle scares me”


Nicole F is so stupid she still doesn’t know how to pronounce Kaysar’s name after over 24 hours. Wow, she’s sharp as a marble.