Kaysar “I don’t want it to be me versus Cody and people are just sitting back staying out of harms way.”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Ian, Kevin, Memphis, NicoleA
Nominations -?
Power of Veto Players are -?
Power of Veto holder -?
Power of Veto Ceremony -?
Safety Suite – Kaysar & Janelle
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It’s been a pretty slow day on the feeds. There was a slew of gossip talk about everyone’s season and this or that twitter feud. We learn things like the BB12 cast is still pissed at them for the brigade. Frankie was asked to come on but had too many demands. Danielle BB14 is in fact a crazy b1tch. Etc etc . Cody apparently planning on targeting two of Keesha, Kaysar, and Janelle. Tyler has made final 2 ride or dies with at least 3 people. Nicole is building a girls alliance so she can turn on them for Cody. Dani is teaming with Nicole to take out the older players.

The houseguests are playing a competition for the Safety Suite. They get to choose to compete. Now I could be wrong but I’m thinking if you win the Safety suite competition you have until before Nominations to declare you will be going to the safety suite. You have to call out one other person to come with you. There is also a punishment for the players in the safety suite.

Kaysar wins the Safety suite and saves Janelle. Cody is thinking about putting up Keesha and Kevin. The target is Keesha as of 7:40pm.

9:08pm Kevin and DaV.
DaV – I don’t know what is happening. No one is talking game to me. Kevin – I know. DaV – so if you’re not talking game to me that seeds the paranoia. Kevin – but it also could be good instincts. I oscillate back and forth.
DaV – and then I don’t want to keep bouncing back and forth around this house because that looks creepy. Trying to see where I fit in. Kevin – I feel like I don’t know where I fit in .. maybe that is what it is. DaV – and even talking to people I have to worry about that because if you’re a liked person they could send you out because of that. Its a fine line. Kevin – I know. I feel like we will be able to figure it all out with nominations. DaV – tomorrow will shake the tables. Kevin – I just want you to know that I’ve got you. DaV – when I first saw you, my face lit up! DaV – No one has approached me saying they want to be allies and I expected some individuals to do that and it didn’t happen … so I was like ok! Kevin – I am trying to talk to Ian because he seems really smart. DaV – how do you feel about Nicole .. the one that was in there with you? Kevin – I love both Nicoles. I want to work with both of them. I feel like I could work with Nicole A. a lot easier because I feel like we’re both comp beasts. Nicole F. I like too but I feel like she’s been distant with me. Nicole A. joins them. Kevin – I want to get to know Ian more. I feel like he is good. Nicole – yeah. Kevin – I would like to work with Cody. Not because he is HOH but he seems like a cool guy. Kevin – If I was Cody .. I would go after people that are close to Janelle and Kaysar.

9:25pm Storage room. Tyler and David.
Tyler – I feel like Dani was trying to f**k with me. That was it .. no one else really said shit to me as far as game. David – I mean I am not playing like I am safe. Tyler – me neither. You can’t. We can’t. If we play veto, we have to f**king win veto .. you know what I mean. You can’t just be chilling. There is a reason no one is talking to us because they’re already good. I feel good with Cody. David – yeah, me too. Tyler – between him and Enzo they might be guys that are quick to try and get like a guys alliance in. Both of their seasons they had big like guy alliances. David – they are guys I would pull the trigger for. Tyler – You might want to hang out with them more. Enzo is like a big personality so if we’re in an alliance with him and sh*t pops off people are going to look at him first. You know?!

9:35pm Storage room. Tyler and Kaysar.
Kaysar – I don’t want it to be like me versus Cody. And people are just sitting back staying out of harms way. Like this is dumb. I don’t want to get caught up in that. Its not a good game. Tyler – It won’t be. I have your back. And if we pitch it that you didn’t feel safe with other people. Kaysar – that is exactly what happened. Tyler – no you’re good. Don’t sweat it.

9:40pm – 9:50pm Bathroom. Nicole is crying about home. Nicole tells Christmas that Janelle scares the sh*t out of her. She scares me, does she scare you too. Christmas – I can’t read her. Nicole – she definitely has people and I am not one of her people. Christmas – I’m not either. Nicole – If she wins HOH, I am scared.

10pm – 10:10pm Janelle and Bay. Janelle – I am glad that I am safe because I feel like I could have been put up. Bay – If I am being honest .. I think he (Cody) might be going after Nicole F.. Janelle – NOOO! Bay – you don’t think so? She said that she hasn’t talked to him. Janelle – oh no, they’re working together. Bay – really!? Janelle – don’t you think? Bay – I don’t know. Janelle – they’re from the same season. Bay – are they? Janelle – they used to work together on season 16. Bay – oh that was her first season! I forgot about that. Bay – do you think he would go hard and go after tough players or? Janelle – I don’t know. Bay – if he were to put me up what would be his reason? Janelle – if he were to put you up, I would freak out! Bay – I can see him going after Keesha or something. Janelle – easy targets. Janelle gets called to the diary room. (Its time for her costume punishment.)

10:30pm Kaysar, DaV, Nicole.
DaV – Isn’t it weird that you come in here and you have to walk on eggshells? Kaysar – its high school, as an adult. I am not trying to read too far into anything right now.. its freaking day two. And we all know the first HOH is making decisions on nothing.. so you can’t read into… like what are you going to base it on. He is not basing it on anything or very little. and all of us are just sitting around thinking I don’t want to go. DaV – no one wants to be the first one to go home. I don’t! Kaysar – I have nothing bad to say about anyone. So do you guys feel good? DaV – No, its a scary place to be. Kaysar – so let me ask you this, if you didn’t feel good why didn’t you play? DaV – because I didn’t feel like I needed to. I don’t feel like my game is in danger but I don’t feel like my game is good. I don’t think I am going up for noms but I don’t feel like my name is out of the hat for after the veto. Nicole – I feel that way too.

11:50pm Janelle has her all “STAR” punishment costume on after coming out of the diary room. Christmas – she has safety for a week and you’re shinning bright like a star!

11:50pm Bedroom. Daniele and Nicole. Daniele – I feel like he is different this time. Nicole – he is different. Daniele – I feel like he is playing it safe. He mentioned Memphis and I was like. I like Memphis. Nicole – I like Memphis. He seems cool. Daniele – this is what I was like .. the problem with Memphis is that Memphis and Keesha are like freaking tight .. like thick as thieves on their season. And I was like I don’t know. They were tight outside the house like with Dan, Memphis and Keesha. So that is what I am worried about. I just don’t know where they’re at. And then he said that he actually had in mind to not bring in Keesha. Nicole – really? Daniele – and I was like totally down to pull in Tyler and Memphis as the outskirts of the four if we cut off Keesha because then we don’t have to worry about them being a pair. And make Memphis less of a threat. And he said that he is totally down to do that. He also didn’t say who he would nominate next to her. Nicole – oh okay. Daniele – see I brought that up and he was like I was already thinking of her. Nicole – that’s cool. Daniele – my only thing is if its Enzo, Cody, you and me ..the only thing is that the two outskirts are guys. That’s the only thing. But I feel really cool with Memphis.. he is older and laid back just like Enzo. But he is playing the same game as he did last time where he is really likable and everyone trusts him. I said to Cody .. lets wait a week and see if we get Keesha out this week or not. But if you’re down with the four .. then I am totally down. Nicole – did he act like he would be? Daniele – he is is totally down for it!

11:55pm Storage room. DaV and Janelle.
Janelle – I love her. DaV – okay good because me and her and some of the guys were like … like oh my god!!! Janelle – no, I love it! I love her. No, I haven’t got to talk to anyone yet.. I talked to Bay but its been so difficult to talk to anyone alone to even talk game. Yesterday was super awkward like what was that!? DaV – agrees. I want to talk to you about working together in this game. Janelle – yes! DaV – also Nicole is strong! Janelle – yes! I know! DaV – like we could be a force. I don’t know who you’ve talked to or who you’re comfortable with. Janelle – I am just kind of feeling everyone out. DaV – at some point I want us to have that conversation. Janelle – totally. DaV – I am excited. Janelle – me too.

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All-Star Bayleigh…..LOL

The guy

All star Nicole A and David… We gotta stop.acting like these guys were good… Hell Christmas was horrible and she’s an all star


Is it just me or the feeds not giving attention, but I believe, David has no game.


NicoleF can go right now, I mean crying…seriously?!?! Pathetic, I hope Janelle eats her up!


If Janelle’s outfit is the cost of doing business to stay in the the game, then it is totally worth it.


It’s Big Brother All Stars, you win at any cost.

The Beef

And Bayleigh shows she’s right on top of things and truly All-Star material! LOL Knows nothing about what’s going on in the house, and nothing about the history of the players in the game! Yes, it’s early, but most of the others at least have a clue as to what’s going on, and most seem to know who played when and with whom. Maybe she should ask David for some insight. LOL

Jan Nan

I’m so freakin excited Kaysar is back!!!! I was throwing air punches when his name was announced. He’s reading Cody like a book.
I love old school BB


It is nice to get some eye candy on BB for once. He is so ridiculously good looking.