“I don’t have a read yet but I’m trying to keep an eye on Cody and Tyler”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Ian, Kevin, Memphis, NicoleA
Nominations -?
Power of Veto Players are -?
Power of Veto holder -?
Power of Veto Ceremony -?
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9:38 am Bayleigh and Christmas
Chit chat about how they’re lucky because they came from a more recent season whereas other players like Keesha have “Checked out” They both think Cody is hard to read. They mention how Keesha doesn’t know much about the show since she’s been on. Prior to this conversation, Janelle had told Bayleigh she was worried Cody was going to put her up.

10:00 am Dani, Da
Dani is talking about needing to take out the pairs like Keesha/Memphis and Janelle/Kaysar. They bring up how this season nobody wants to be the first to talk game. Dani says she likes Tyler and didn’t expect to. She worried it was going to be Tyler and Kaycee adding that those two would have been dangerous. Dani was worried that Paul and Josh were going to be on the season once she saw Christmas.

10:05 am NicoleF and Cody
Nicole asks him if they can be ride or dies. She says she’s trying to form a girls alliance and if he tries to form a guys alliance they can work together and she will “tell him everything”. Her girl’s alliance that she’ll sell out to Cody will be composed of Dani, Da’Vonne, and Christmas. Cody says Da’Vonne and Bayleigh are going to be tight with them. Nicole wants to work with Da’Vonne. Cody warns that Dani is “Sneaky” Nicole plans on getting close to her. Cody says Kaysar is “talking a lot” says he’s the type of player that is always going to be talking. Cody going on about how many competitions Janelle won on her season. He brings up putting Kaysar and Janelle up (For the love of GROD give them the safety suite)
Cody again brings up how smart Dani is and how they have to be alert with her “She’s always looking around constantly”
Cody saying the three he’s thinking about targeting are Kaysar and Keesha if the veto is played then, Janelle.
Nicole – you don’t want JKeesha to go home on your HOH
Cody – I don’t even know who she is, to be honest
Nicole – she’s sweet but.. she’s someone I feel like I could talk to if she won HOH

Cody says Enzo is going to want to form something with him.
Nicole is going to try and get Dani to start the girl’s alliance.

10:20 am Cody and NicoleA
Cody and NicoleA claiming he didn’t do any pre-gaming.

10:34 am Kaysar and Dani
Dani – is there anyone you feel like you don’t like?
Kaysar – I don’t have a read yet but I’m trying to keep an eye on Cody and Tyler
Dani – Tyler is really nice
Kaysar – yes but that is exactly what he’s good at
Dani – that’s his game yeah
Kaysar – he’s the nicest guy in the world and
Kaysar – everyone has their natural state when you have high amounts of stress they resolve to what they are most comfortable with and that is their character.
Kaysar – the advantage we have in Allstars is we know what people will resort to you know how they are and they will always go back to that
Dani – it takes a couple of weeks always
Kaysar – you have to apply a little heat.. keep your eyes open.

11:23 am Chit chat
They are unsure about what is going on as they were woken up early and told there was something to do today. They wonder if it’s nominations a day early because of the “strange” week one schedules they usually have. (We know they will probably be told about the safety suite twist. Everyone’s favorite twist now that Kaysar and Janelle are targeted)
(Could also be swimsuit picture or Slop)
At 11:30 feeds go down.

Noon Tyler and Bayleigh
Doing the “It’s in the past” thing. Tyler tells her he thinks they should make the house think they are against each other.
Bayleigh mentions how people in the house are already talking to her about it they already think the two of them are at odds.
Tyler – it could work
Bayleigh – we can make it work.. how are you with Cody
Tyler – I talk to him he really doesn’t say much to me. Do you want to play
Bayleigh – I don’t know do you, I feel it’s early
Tyler – yeah But you don’t want to waste it.
Tyler – Bayleigh if we can pull this off.
Tyler tells her they can be a team.
Tyler says he was rude to Bayleigh on their season “It weighs on me I don’t want to be this manipulative dude”
Bayleigh goes on about how he played a “Dope game”

Tyler says he “swear on my life” he won’t be rude to her “It messes with me still”
Tyler adds that he didn’t deserve to win because of the way he treated people.

(Janelle, Kevin, Bayleigh, and Tyler have the VIP tickets. Sounds like they get to choose to compete in the safety suite)

12:05 pm Christmas joins them and Bayleigh leaves. They talk about honouring their ride or die. Being distant to each other than near the end turning it up.
After Christmas leaves David comes in. Tyler asks him if he’s ready to “ride this out” David agrees. (Tyler has deals with Christmas, Bayleigh, Cody and David)

12:16 pm Kaysar and Dani
talking about not seeing many people go up to talk to Cody.

1:10 pm The entire house seems to be engaged with general Chit chat about BB. Enzo chilling.

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Feeds Gold

safety suite comp?


Thank goodness Paul is not on. That would be tough to watch.


I’m glad Frankie isn’t there too. Either of those would have been such a turn off.


Not sure if I could watch if Frankie was on…..


Well. they can’t make people like him…


What is he doing now? Broadway? Because that’s on hold.


Haha, thanks




Agreed. Same with Josh and Frankie. Between the three of them… oh god… I’ve never gone from loving a show so much to not being able to watch it.




It would have been impossible and honestly I would have skipped the season. I may bail out early regardless since I’m rooting against half the house already.

Golden Gate Granny

Windows or Mac? Windows: Try your snipping tool. Juss sayin.
* wink *


Simon you know Ian teaches in my city. Happy to see the Meow Meow and Kevin. Disappointed that Danielle BB 3 is not on there


Ian teaches Physics at Yes Prep School in Houston, Tx


Ian is my husband’s cousin! Very nice guy, and extremely smart, a bit shy, and kind.


Awww! So nice to have him as your cousin! I luv Ian!!

another name

I’m guessing safety suite reveal.
Safety suite i’m betting is where the nominees are sent.
Then they get to do a bbcan3 style double veto comp by themselves.



Who would have thought that being glued to BB22 is the only thing that makes it feel like life is still the same as it was before the Covid!

The premiere would have been better off being two hours of the housemates just getting acquainted, celebrating being in the house, and interviews. Sunday’s show could’ve shown the HOH and VIP Suite + Noms.


Yes!!! They should’ve shown a lot of highlights of the players’ past to give a newer audience a good sense of who they are. I’ve watched from season 1, but I know people who just started watching the past few years.


I’ve watched for quite a while as well but some of these guys have been out of the game for a VERY long time. I’d love a refresher for myself and I imagine the casual viewers have only a vague notion of who some of these people are.


I have watched from season one and really do not recall Keesha to be honest. I barely remembered Kevin either.


Those are the 2 seasons I didn’t watch – 2008 and.2009.


It feels so surreal that we are having an actual BB season, let alone an “All Stars” season like most of us have always wanted for YEARS. Granted, we don’t have “legit” all stars but I’m just so happy there aren’t any racist newbies who don’t know how to play the game. I’m so grateful! Thank you Simon! This season seems like a nice blend of old school and new school, with that said I think some people have NO SHOT of winning due to their season’s reputation aka:

Tyler- definitely not winning this season, everyone knows he’s a legit gamer, can’t see him making another final with his same routine in his last season. Don’t think he can lull everyone again like he did on his season.

Cody- He wins a lot of competitions, solid social game but can’t see that taking him too far this time

Janelle- BB Legend, it would be a miracle if she got to the final

Kaysar- Basically attached you Janelle, whether he likes it or not, he’s super old school and some of the new schoolers (Cody) won’t like this, can’t see him going far unfortunately.

Ian- One of my favorites! However, I’m not sure how effective the “docile and soft college kid” routine will work now that he’s a grown man now. He looks a little out of place so far, people know he can win comps which makes him dangerous

Nicole F- she’s already starting her “ratcole” ways, can’t see her getting that far with people who KNOW how to play the game.


Kevin (I feel like everyone has forgot about season 11, so I think he can slide right on by while also winning comps)

Davonne- This MIGHT be Davonne’s year, Davonne doesn’t win comps, but she has a dope social game when she is not overplaying or causing drama if she can TRULY stay low I think she has a shot

Memphis- People really like him it seems like (including the new schoolers) and he truly is the forgotten one in the renegades alliance, but I think that works in his favor in this house.


What is the Janelle/Kaysar story? I didn’t watch that far back but it seems that something happened with them.

The Beef

They played together and were in an alliance together in BB6, which was a very tight alliance against another very tight alliance called the “friendship” alliance. They also played together in the first All-Star Big Brother, which was BB7, and were once again aligned, so they have a lot of “playing” history together.


I think DaVonne will get far too. I liked her on the Challenge and hope being on that show will help her get further this time on BB.


She can’t win comps though


She can align herself with people who do? Look at Nicole A, it was a long time for her to win. They also have crapshoot comps.

I don’t think top 3 far.


Anybody know how to get live feeds in Canada? My cc’s and paypal are all Canadian and they won’t allow access with them 🙁


It only works on IOS and I’m all Android lol I will try the Amex tomorrow.


You can purchase an American Express prepaid card at London Drugs….seems they are the only store to sell them. It will accept that. And of course you will need a VPN.


Season is already over. Pack it up folks. Thanks for the info Simon and Dawg, see you both next year!

Linguini Pants

Absolutely love this take, in talking about NicoleF, “Her girl’s alliance that she’ll sell out to Cody,” Hilarious, but true!! We all know it’s coming.

One observation: Haven’t seen Orwell the Owl yet. Is that because there’s no After Dark? Or is Orwell finally in therapy after years of being woman/manhandled by the guests, most notably by Cliff last year 😉


No big loss. Couldn’t hear what they were saying most of the time and it was usually just watching them shoot pool.

Anita Veto

Thank you OBB! Feels good to be back on this page reading the side comments. Damn Ratcole for going after our legends! and Dani is a sellout! Ugh! Lol hopefully Janelle and Kaysar are safe this week. Damn you Dani and Nicole for your jealousy! All because Jan has fans (smh). Happy viewing everyone!
P.S- Tyler, Janelle and Kevin got access to the vip suite.


As well as bayleigh right


I don’t think that it will be long before Tyler’s multiple deals will come to light


He’s the poor wounded baby bird though.


What’s funny is that coming in Tyler said his strategy was to not have so many deals.


There’s only half a dozen and it’s day 2 so that’s like just 3 a day…so yeah…see mathematically it’s less…statistics! Insert other random math words as appropriate.


So he will have only 14 deals instead of 15


I I have two comments I would like to make. First of all, I thought it was really nasty that the girls competitions they had the furthest to go in the labyrinth. No wonder they were only two girls in the final HOH competition. Secondly, David played the game for a hot minute, how is he in All Star? I guess CBS is trying to make right but this is so wrong.


I have no idea why they figured they needed to have each group go after a different room…it’s not like each subsequent group would have an advantage as each were isolated. The most equal thing would be for each group to try for the same room.


I don’t know if it was there before and I didn’t notice it but, doing live feeds through CBS All Access I see a rating was put up of TV-MA


Ugh!! I hope the ladies be careful of Nicole Franzel because she’s pulling a Christine (BB16) on them! Also, Cody and Bayleigh better not be too trusting of Tyler (he’s gotten 4 or 5 alliances under his belt)! So the house better beware of Nicole F. And Tyler because the snake/rat is in the crawling!!!!


Definitely old school.

Feeds Gold

tyler rounding up loyal minions

snakeole slithering


The more I see people still till this day call Nicole as a snake I laugh because it shows how sensitive and how inept they are when it comes to knowing the game of Big Brother and the seasons she played. Newsflash it was Christine who flipped on her and joined the detonators/bomb squad.

What lead to downfall of the eight pack alliance was The awful communication skills of Frank, Tiffany, and Davonne. All three hated each other and had it out for one another and it would lead to the demise of that alliance. That Wasn’t Nicole’s fault that those three houseguest blew up their own. It’s not a surprise that all three of those players got evicted in succession weeks four through six in big brother 18.
She had to lay low after that because her alliance imploded And she was getting thrown under the bus for trying to make face and still carry conversations with a few of them but in someway somehow because all three of them didn’t like each other Tiffany Frank and somehow that makes Nicole a snake.
The fact that people still listen to jozea calling a snake is unreal, Considering how nuts she was and how delusional he was aka Messiah. And if people remember he was the one that first said that and blatantly told Davonne that he was coming after returning players!!!

When people called her out in big brother 18 house she sent there ass home. Even if she wasn’t HOH She’s still would get her way. That’s not a snake that’s what you call a damn good big brother player and the reason why she deserve that win and deserves to be all star is because she showed that she could convince people to do her bidding. And if people still believe that makes her a snake, obviously they don’t know what it takes to win big brother.
Because at some point in time every winner in their season implemented the strategy to get themselves ahead and have other people do their work With only the intention of benefiting themselves to win 500,000 –
that’s Big Brother.

Feeds Gold

im not being critical of nicoles game, shes planning to snake people, i never said theres anything wrong with that…i agree its part of the game

snakeole is her well known nickname, so i dont see any issue calling her that


How is that any different than what Ian terry did in big brother 14 when he played both sides and divulged information and conversations from his original alliance (Boogie and Frank) to the quack pack. In the game of big brother, the winners often play both sides game all time to save their backside so that they can parchuete to safety and have a side to jump to especially if they can keep in good with house to where they can position themselves low on totem pole!

My point is that in big brother history that happens all the time. People use information at the expense of everyone else’s game when the time is right especially if it ensures them to stay. To suggest that Nicole is the biggest snake and that his reference is just short sided.


There is a difference between playing the game and getting further by snitching out your GIRLS. Nichole has always looked for a guy to protect her in the game

another name

This is not to be argumentative. In my opinion, you’re missing a few things, if we are going to give a full assessment.
Season 16
-Christine was a member of a big alliance, and a smaller alliance that included Derrick and Cody et al. She had a side alliance later with Nicole and Hayden. Nicole and Hayden had an alliance with Cody and Derrick as well. Christine joined up with the Detonators before she was in the alliance with Nicole and Hayden. By about a day or so.
-What caused the knife nom comments of Christine to Nicole? In order to get Christine to target Nicole instead of one of the guys, Cody and Derrick lied to Christine and said Nicole’s plan if she couldn’t knock out Frankie was to knock out Christine. (this goes back to the last post when you made the backstabbing point to me). The lie that Christine believed is what led to the comment. I disliked Christine’s game, so I’m no Christine defender. I’m just being historically fair. Did Season 16 make her a backstabber? No. Did it make her somewhat disappointing? Possibly. High hopes were pinned on the returning player to stop the steam roll. What did Nicole do? Ask Derrick what she should do. face palm.
-Season 18.
-After the large alliance imploded because, let’s face it, Frank (nuf said), Four women discussed making a women’s alliance. Nicole, having agreed to be in the women’s alliance, then went directly to two of the guys to tell them about the women’s alliance. Hey, that’s a game move. Cool. But, it’s a snaky game move. Anything that gets you further in the game is all good, but if it’s a snake move or a rat move, being called a snake or a rat isn’t uncalled for.
-The big thing that has pushed MY button regarding Nicole is people calling it her social game that got her the win when it was discussed on feeds more than once how the d/r had told people not to target Nicole. Victor and Paul had a pissy half hour rant on feeds in the HOH about it after one of them won HOH and was called to d/r. James and Natalie switched their alliance because of it, switching their target from Nicole to Paul or Victor after Natalie was called to d/r. How is that HER social game? THAT is exactly what turned me against Nicole. The moment people came out of d/r discussing that ‘mom and dad’ had told them not to target Nicole. Multiple times. I’ve been nursing that grudge since season 18, and it’s made me extemely attentive to anyone coming out of d/r with a new plan ever since. I’m not naive. I know that storyline is important to a reality entertainment program using a gameshow premise. I just don’t want to see the reality programming dictating the gameshow. I know it happens. I don’t want to hear or see it happen with the d/r being the add on houseguest. Nicole reaped the benefit of that. And lost any respect I might have had for her win because it was openly discussed on feeds.


Awe Victor aren’t you cute sticking up for your girl..Nichole is a snake and laid in bed with Cory last time and didn’t do much. I hope for your sake, she doesn’t get into a showmance and plays a solid game, not by snitching on the GIRLS


That’s even with Victor voting for Paul.
Michelle voting for Paul even though Paul Called her C*nt.
Paul got nominated six times And Nicole didn’t get nominated until the final for being a returning player.
I think that says everything that you need to know.
Paul should HAVE TOOK JAMES!!!!
First woman to ever beat a man in the final 2. There’s nothing you can do to ever change that moment.


Paul should have been out early. That’s why you don’t save players early on.

Feeds Gold

the safety comp…sounds like you can use it any of the next 3 weeks

not sure exactly how it works…if you use the ticket do you compete in a challenge and if you win you and your plus one are safe, with the plus one getting a punishment?


Can Bayleigh please call Tyler “sweet, baby bird” just once? That could be their alliance name. “Sweet, sweet baby.”

So happy for what looks to be a great season.

another name

Gee Tyler,
I don’t think you’ve approached the toaster to make a ride or die yet.
Day Three goals?


Can someone explain what’s happening with the safety suite, vip passes etc.?? I’m tryna figure it out on the feeds but missing parts of convos. Thankssss!!!

Golden Gate Granny

Shout-out to Janelle for confirming my thoughts… they do have a serious air purification system in there now.

All other years the house itself was part of the torture breakdown/s… the loyal stench of player grossness. The after stories about this have been hilarious. Though, I personally like the way our new, less gross, world that has been reset by the virus. Sh*tty it came to this extreme for better global hygiene. Whoops, I digress. I prefer the house smelling like funky socks and farts. This season is definitely gonna be special.

Will Dani be the mean girl or find her inner Season 8 logic?

Will Bayleigh EVERRR stop talking outside of sleeping?

How bad will our Hamsters be crying this weird year?

I love this magnifying glass of human behavior!

another name

David says he still hasn’t watched a season of Big Brother.
Says he has great social game and social read, and leaves HOH reveal in the first drop outs.
And tells egomaniacal types he hasn’t seen the show, so doesn’t know why they are considered All Stars (that’s what i get from the haven’t seen a season comment).
Isn’t on because he played a great game, but because his season had really bad optics that made the season and the show look bad, which made him trend on social media. So second shot (okay, that’s fair / cool but i’m not calling any of them All Stars, because I hate the term, but…he lost the return comp to Cliff. Cliff. shudder Cliff.)

Okay. i’m just going to wander away for a while.
Cliff. shakes head. why.

The Beef

Okay. Maybe he deserves a return shot due to “optics”, but in an “All-Star” season? Why? He certainly didn’t prove himself to be an all-star player when he was there the first time by any means. So why not bring him back with a new batch of players and give him a second chance then, instead of throwing him in with the supposed “creme de la creme”? But why does a guy who isn’t even interested enough in the show to WATCH it even deserve a second chance anyway? I would think if he wanted a second chance, once he left last season, he would have invested himself in watching previous seasons on YouTube or CBS All Access to learn as much about the game as possible. Of course this is just my opinion, but seems to me if he was really interested in getting back in there and competing for the win, that is exactly what he would have done. SMDH.

Feeds Gold

i agree he should not be on an all star season

i cant confirm for sure but ive read it may have happened because he was an alternate and josh wasnt medically cleared to play…but he probably shouldnt even be an alternate haha


Yeah he could have prepped for a 2021 return


I forgot how much Christmas likes to hear herself talk.

And also how booooooring she is


Agreeeeed Bayleigh too!!


And Bay can’t go 12 words without mentioning Soggy


Her husband the awful athlete


It seems a lot of the contestants have significant others outside the house. You would think there would be a lot less sex this year.


The poor stool is going to be lonely…or maybe relieved.


Wow, that didn’t take long for Nicobra ….. she’s already pissed off Rachel Reilly on twitter saying she ( Rachel)!wasn’t worthy of being an “ all-star” lol


Backseat Driver


Does anyone know how I cam get the live feeds in Canada???


I appreciate having these feeds!


cant stand NIcole


No one can