“We’re 3 for 3 so far.. we’re going to roll through this whole thing 6 is such a solid number”

Head of Household Winner – Tyler
Have nots – Bay, Janelle and Enzo
Nominations – Janelle & Kaysar
Power of Veto Players are -Janelle, Tyler, Kaysar, Cody, Bayleigh, Memphis
POV Host: Christmas
Power of Veto holder – Cody
Power of Veto Ceremony – Cody Doesn’t use the power of veto Nominations stay the same.
Safety Suite – Enzo wins Christmas is his plus one.
Live feeds —-> Grab your Live feeds here. Try it free.
Rank the houseguests —-> Big Brother 22 Ranking

9:33 am Kaysar and veteran allstar David
Kaysar asks about his Vote. David says he won’t know until 3 on Thursday.
David – I’ll probably be voting for you to stay but you’re probably coming after me which sucks
Kaysar – who’s coming after you
David – you
Kaysar – Didn’t I talk to you the other day trying to figure something out? what are you talking about?

Kaysar – you forget the conversation we had
David – Yeah, but trying to talk with someone with low credit
Kaysar laughs “Dude take it easy there”
David – there’s no secure loans in BB
David – If I win HOH I’m calling a house meeting people are being dirty ..
Kaysar – yeah it’s pretty bad
David – I really would
David – there’s only so many time you have a voice that can be heard and respected
David – my voice is typically not heard or respected.

10:35 am Memphis and Tyler
Tyler is pushing for Janelle to go this week says she’s the harder target.
Memphis agrees “She’s not going to lay over she’s not going to die.. she’s fighting tooth and nail. ”
Memphis – I’ll talk to the committee today how many votes do we need 5 or 6

Tyler Says they have 6 votes to evict her on lock.
Tyler counts Nicole, Cody, Sh1tmas, Memphis, Dani, and Ian.
Memphis wants to avoid having to talk to Enzo or David about the vote this week
Tyler Adds that Enzo will do what Cody wants.
Memphis will talk to Nicole to make sure Ian will vote out Janelle.
Memphis brings up how he’s telling Janelle whatever she wants to hear to keep her calm.
Tyler agrees this will prevent Janelle from throwing “Hail marys”
Memphis- I talked to the other girls said HEY it’s time for you to step it up.. Christmas was like I’m ready i’m ready
Memphis – I don’t want these girls to think.. everyone has to get their hands dirty a little bit
Memphis – Alright guys we’ve carried the last three weeks we need you guys to step it up.. I don’t want them thinking they can throw. if you take someone like Sh1tmas.. she has a great rapport with everyone in the house. A girl like that can be like I don’t need this I can play it safe.
Memphis says the girls have to take the heat off them “we need to take a break”
Memphis goes on about spreading the heat around to everyone that’s the only way their awesome 6 person alliance will make it to the end.
Adds that if they get all the heat they’ll find their a$$es on the block together.
Memphis – If everyone is playing to win I’m confident that we can control every HOH (Sounds like a fun season give them the money lets move on)
Tyler – we’re 3 for 3 so far
Memphis – there’s no reason we would lose any HOH unless people are throwing it
Tyler – we’re going to roll through this whole thing 6 is such a solid number
Tyler warns about the “Floater ties” asks if Nicole will pick Ian over Memphis
Memphis says they need to get Ian out early that is a decision they don’t want Nicole to make
Tyler – sorry you’ll lose you side warrior
Memphis – we keep Ian and Enxzop enough to sway the votes..
Memphis says in three weeks they can get rid of Ian.
Tyler says the other side is trying to rally the girls. (the other side.. lol)
Memphis – when Janelle leaves.. that’s three they are down.. there’s only 5 girls left.
Tyler – we’re in a solid position

Memphis says if the girls won HOH they would put up Kaysar and David “Something easy they won’t put up a girl”
Tyler says Kaysar has got to go.
Memphis – when she leaves he’s on his own
Tyler talks about Kaysar trying to form relationships with people after Janelle leaves.
Memphis – I’m not doing sh1t bro

They talk about the guys pulling all the weight in their alliance.
They agree they should try and get Nicole or Dani to win this next HOH.

11:03 am Fun feeds…

11:50 am Nicole and sh1tmas
sh1tmas is giving her pointers about working out in between talking about Janelle.
sh1tmas – she’s (Janelle of course) is going her rounds.. saying I don’t want to wait for the last minute
sh1tmas – she talked about Nicole.. she was like … she (NicA) lost her mind
sh1tmas – she was like she’s insane.. she’s like literally lost her mind.
sh1tmas – I was like that’s not nice to say (Coming from you sh1tmas that’s f*ing rich)
Nicole – she said she (Nic) lost her mind
sh1tmas – yeah Nicole.. she s like She’s not OK
sh1tmas – I was like she was really upset.
Nicole – that’s so bad.
sh1tmas says Janelle denies everything that NicoleA was saying about her setting NICA up.
Nicole – I can’t believe she said she lost her mind that’s crazy ..
sh1tmas – especially with the live feeders..
Nicole – nica isn’t here to defend herself.
They talk about Janelle knowing that it was NicoleA that told NicoleF “All that stuff”
They go back to working out..
Nicole – sometimes you don’t need to be super fit but it helps..
sh1tmas says that Janelle thinks her and Dani are on the verge of repairing their relationship
Nicole – ohh really.. it could be true I don’t freaking know

12:40 pm Janelle and David
Janelle talking about Memphis’ HOH where she told him “dude I’m friends with NicoleA she trusts me”
D – when you came to me during the first week when people were trying to figure out who would go.. At the time I liked Keesha and Kevin I had an interest to get to know everyone in the house..
David says he took the time and energy to get to know Keesha and Kevin.
David – you came to me (week1) to see where my head was with the vote.. and you said, Kevin
Janelle – that is what I heard in the house
David – the week later when you said Keesha was my friend
Janelle – I understand that I was the one with the votes though
David – that was a complete flip of energy and intent you came to me said Kevin right.
Janelle – It’s week one I’m not putting my neck on the line for Keesha I can’t did you seriously expect me to put my whole neck on the line when the whole house wanted Keesha out ..
David – taht was days before there was a push to keep Keesha that came from you and others.

David says he felt that she was manipulating him to say a name that ultimately led him to believe I wanted Kevin
Janelle – I just thought the votes were going that way from what I heard everyone was voting Kevin
David – no.. you planted that
Janelle – you wantted to keep Keesha
David – I am a rookie trying to get to know two people Janelle the idol come to me says kevin.. Yeah Kevin why would I not go with what you are suggesting.. I don’t know who to play this game.

Janelle – everyone was telling me Kevin Kevin Kevin
David – but a week later you said Keesha was my friend.
Janelle – I asked everyone and everyone said Kevin. It’s not like I was singling you out I wanted to be on the right side of the votes. Keesha was my friend she’s super old school like me..
Janelle – the house didn’t want Keesha to stay they wanted her to go
D – I was the dummy because instead of asking me what I thought you led with who you think I wanted..
Janelle – I did think you wanted Kevin because you NicA and him hung out all the time you guys were together all the time.
D – then a week later the person that was close to the people that stayed were on the block
Janelle – yeah, so you’re mad at me because I hung out with NicoleA?
D – I feel like I was a target because of a lack of experience and association that wasn’t game related.
Janelle – with Memphis?
D – what are you proposing
Janelle – I told you yesterday I’m not coming after you. You are upset with me because I wanted NicA to stay If I was in your shoes I would be hurt as well
D – I wanted NicA to stay too (ZOMG)
David says there was a rumour that got out with the intent to change the vote.
Janelle – NicA was always going to go there was no rumour for anything. I talked to Da a lot and she and I maybe talked about the possibility of keeping NicA. I’m sorry if the rumor came from that we went over pros and cons of both
D – a rumour was put together with the intent of switching the votes.
Janelle – I know you don’t want to tell me the rumour so I can’t defend myself
D – it doesn’t need to be said
Janelle – do you understand. I wish you knew how close I was to NicoeolA she told me everything that is why she had a mental breakdown when she went on the block.. She thought I did that to her she thought I was the reason she was on the block. She truly believed that and it’s sad it couldn’t be further from teh truth
D – ok
Janelle – you believe I had her nominated.
D – that part doesn’t matter
Janelle – matters to me I’m not like that I don’t play like that she was my friend period
David isn’t convinced
Janelle – it’s really sad that you believe that and really sad at the way that went down.. I told Kaysar that is the worst I ever felt in the house
Janelle says she was working with NicoleA 100% “It was Kaysar and Nicole”

Janelle offers him 3 weeks of safety and if he gets nominated and picks her for veto she’ll use it on him
David – keep in mind I was very close to NicoleA I spoke with her every night and I trust what she expressed to me in terms of her perspective on decisions that were made that affected her (ZOMG she was batsh1t crazy)
Janelle – David, she damaged my name in this house she told everything and completely blew up my game and threw me under the bus to everyone.
D – last year people tried to get Nicole and she was honest and they flipped it on her that is where the trauma comes from
D- she had a similar experience this year but she didn’t stay
Janelle – but I didn’t do that
D – either you did not do it or you didn’t stop it with someone you were close with (ZOMFG)
Janelle – I didn’t stop it happening? you were pissed at me because I tried to get her to stay how is that not trying to get her to stay
D – I’m not pissed at you because you were trying to get her to stay

Janelle – so you’re mad at me because I tried to keep my friend that damaged my name to you and said I was betraying her..
D – I’m not mad
Janelle – you’re not willing to work with me because I helped NicA is that what you’re saying?
D – that’s not what I’m saying
Janelle says she would take a deal like that “it’s a pretty good deal”
Janelle – I’m alone in this house everyone hates me so if you keep me I’ll be on the block next week

Janelle again tells him that everything NicoleA said wasn’t true
David – that’s to be determined.
Janelle – okay
D – I know you want to stay
D – I don’t trust you. Last year I made a deal day one
Janelle – with who
D – Michie.. I made a deal and was gone like that

David starts talking about being an African American male
Feeds flip to Kevin
When we’re back … .
Janelle is telling him it’s a week to week game after Kasyar goes she’s on her own. Bring sup her, bayleigh, Da’Vonne and him work together.
D – I can’t say .. I don’t know if I see it that way. I don’t want to be associated based on the credit you’ve built in the house so far

David doesn’t take her deal.

1:30 pm Dani and Janelle
Dani tells her to work on Cody, Enzo, and Christmas
Janelle says she thinks Christmas will vote with the house.
Dani – she’s close with Nicole though
Janelle – has Cody asked you
Dani – he asked which way I was leaning I said I didn’t know yet 50/50, He said he was still waiting for you and Kaysar to talk to him
Janelle – I’m not even going to talk to Nicole and ian I know they want Kaysar to stay it’s better for their game. David I have no Idea I went to him and he’s so mad at me.. He seems like a nice guy ..

1:45 pm Bayleigh and Da
Da brings up that she was checking up with Tyler to make sure them three are solid. Mentions he keeps bringing up how they have to make sure their 6 is solid.. he’s all about their solid 6.
Da – I don’t know what’s going on I don’t feel connected no mah
Bayleigh says that Dani and Cody are super tight..

Bayleigh – what if Kasyar stays who is he coming after
Da – not one of us
Da’Vonne says Kaysar doesn’t trust Kevin. She doesn’t see him putting up a Nicole and Ian
Bayleigh – at least with her we know who shes is coming after
Bayleigh brings up Kasyar telling her that Tyler told him that he doesn’t have anyone and told him the whole house wanted Kaysar and Ajenlle up.
Da says Kasyar isn’t going to get power and “go small”
Bayleigh – he might not get power that’s the problem.
Bayleigh is worried if he stays and then he doesn’ get power “We got to put him up”
Da’Vonne – we gotta put him up (of course you have to the 6 the 6 gotta stay with the 6)
They agree it’ll break their hearts putting Kaysar up.

They talk about David “Lots of problems”
Da’Vonne – that has become a major problem.
They talk about the conversation Janelle had with David (Janelle gave Da a debrief)
Da says that David has been going around telling everyone he wants to just make it to Jury
Da’ he’s not playing to win
Bayleigh asks if David knows how to play the game
Da’Vonne – nope..
Da – Ian wants her (Janelle) outta here 100%
Bayleigh says Enzo would be up for keeping Janelle
Da – I don’t know
Da’Vonne – she’s outta here.. her only hope is if she can flip him (Cody) she has to have the right verbiage when she’s coming for him
Da’Vonne brings up how bad David wants to be part of a “Guys thing” because last season the guys rejected him.

2:00 pm Janelle campaigning to Cody
Janelle offers her wedding ring, if she gets a power she’ll do what the house wants.. etc.. . Starts telling him about her David conversation.

2:00 pm Kaysar and Christmas (Memphis comes by to flex for them)
They’re talking about NicA. Christmas says when you look at the big picture it doesn’t make sense. NicA wasn’t a threat and they were supposedly working with her.
Christmas says she’s much closer to Kaysar than Janelle.
Kaysar – I’m a straight shooter and I’m fair you do what’s best for your game. Ther’es social aspect and a game aspect.
Christmas – who is Janelle like totally against
Kaysar- Nicole that’s why they had the blow-up
Kaysar- people I’m closest to is You, Bayleigh and Da’vonn I don’t trust anyone else as far as I can throw them

Kaysar says David is allied with the other side.
C – What about Dani
K – she’s playing both sides.
C – did she mention my name to Janelle I’m trying to figure out where I fall into the house too
Kaysar says it came from Dani.
Kaysar says he’s had to tone down his game from last week. Kaysar tells her he’s not down and out right now it’s half an act half him really tired from last week.
Kaysar – not to be an a$$hole I’m one of the smarter people in this house.. I can do a thing or two and run circle around some of these people.
Kaysar says everyone telegraphs in here.
Christmas – would you go after big targets or floaters
Kaysar – last week BIG targets now I’m not sure I would have to give it some thought. After last week I realize I need to conserve my energy be calm and win some DAMN comps.
Christmas agree.

Kaysar says the powers have been locked. says Kevin transfers information for “money” she’s floating
Kaysar says that Dani is playing a social game.
Kaysar says Cody and Dani work the rooms for the team. they are driving it because they have the numbers.. When you ask they say it’s the house you think it’s teh house but ti’s them driving the vote.
Kaysar says you never want to be the odd person out so the vote goes their way.
Kaysar says the votes Janelle has locked are Bayleigh or Da’Vonne “That’s not going to get her over the hump”
Kaysar – they (Cody/Dano/NicF) want her out and they have the votes.
Kaysar – if they win again it’ll be a continuation of this week
Christmas thinks Kaysar has the votes to stay but Janelle is campaigning really hard “She’s got a good pitch”
Christmas says it’s highly likely that Janelle is not going to stay so after Kasyar stays they need to talk again and decide what their move is.
Kaysar thinks that Kevin “who is off base about everything” influenced by NicoleA he spun her up with conspiracy theories and made her go crazy. (he was the main one, Da’Vonne helped out along with the entire other side of the house)
Kaysar stresses “Do not give Kevin any info”

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Just Sayin'

Every season I have such high hopes for the women and they always get run by the men…. it sucks. I expect it from Nicole ‘a few tries and a few guys’ F, but I really hoped for more from the other ladies.

Big Brother

At this point Nicole F will probably get to the end. If they don’t something sooner than later NicoleF could really do it again.

Kraken and eggs

Meat shield-check, tear ducts-check,country bumpkin smile-check,flexible hands-check…and we have lift off…


As long as it’s not that annoying douche David. That guy really is a waste of BB space.

All Stars???

He is awful at this game.


Imagine if slot-nose won this season. She would be considered the greatest at the game. 2020 is more f*cked up than ever.


Is it snot nose?


No, slot nose is correct. She has a “ coin-slot nose”


Same here


The very 1st comp says it all – geared toward a guy to win. Imagine if it were the opposite, the women could be running the game. Is that even legal?


also the stars were still moving when cody went so he could tell where not to step.


Angela Rummans deserves to be in the house again over Bay. Angela lasted two months longer and smoked Bay like a cigarette even with her damn power app to save herself.


But then who’d be home to ship the few jewelry orders?

All Stars???

Not with Tyler in the house. There isn’t much good about this season so far, but at least there are no showmances. Yet. I still wonder if NicF can go all summer without any penis.

Big Brother

Today that is a winning bet for NicF


David is a waste of space he is even more slower than I first thought and Memphis and Nicole F are the two I can’t stand the most with David following in a easy 3rd

another name

Something to look forward to:
Dani as a have not. oh. you just wait and see. She’s a treasure (as in lets bury it on an island far away) as a have not.
And whoever chooses her as a have not, friend or foe will be her number one target in the game.

All Stars???

At least that might shake things up.


So disappointed! I don’t even watch the show and I will not read the feeds unless it is Kayser and Janelle. What is up with David? He would not have made it last year to the second week if he wasn’t evicted the first night. He is completely clueless. The conversation with him and Janelle says it all!! I come here for the comments right now!


By the way Simon, why don’t you tell us how you really feel about Shitmas, I mean Christmas. LOL


David – If I win HOH I’m calling a house meeting people are being dirty ..sure and pigs fly and trump’s claim of the coronavirus being a hoax is true LOL

why why BB has to bring back David Day and Bay. Such a waste of opportunity for others. Why they couldn’t bring Paul Abrahamian, Dick Donato Dan Gheesling or Jack Mathews


Pay a bunch of money for Dr Will to come into this season, he could have so much fun and even bring in the 24 hour fast…these HGs wouldn’t know of the first one and his methods. Will could even do his DR phone calls right in front of their faces and they wouldn’t be able to pick up and answer.
If David ever wins an HOH (which I highly doubt, unless it’s the lamest of carnival games), he will go on a massive power trip and makes horrible decisions…he’d probably get talked into putting Day and Bay up with a Memphis backdoor (and unless Dav, Day, or Bay win veto, there’d be no backdoor…)

Racist Detector

Is it because their all black? Ian and Kevin are just as boring

Golden Gate Granny

Huh? I think you may need to read that slower… I too, can only see David making that level of a dumb move as HOH. Kill his own ride or dies.


I think they are responding to the race relations problem they have in this game. It didn’t go down well for CBSlast year. Now they wanted to put in more minority players so they would “have someone who looks like me”. Gosh, I don’t like that phrase.

Suzanne Melton

I wonder if these people have any idea how unpopular most of them are.


Some will wish they never went back in. They should have been one and done.


Or 2 and done


Probably not. They’re clueless in the game so perhaps they are clueless in real life.

All Stars???

I wonder if they have any idea how popular Janelle is. Hope she wins AFP so we can see their faces when they realize they shouldn’t have talked so much crap about her.


NicF acting concerned about what Janelle is saying about NicA when she and Dani were on the feeds talking about how they ghosted NicA and her podcast. they both need to leave. Can we keep Janelle and evict both of them instead?


I loved so many of these guys….but hate them so much this year. Nicole F. is a whiny bitch. Cody is a cocky sob. Dani has always been a bitch and Christmas has really been unlikable…..hope they all are kicked out.


Nicole F has always been whiny, just didn’t see it as much because of her showman’s. and Christmas was unlikable the first time, so nothing has changed.

All Stars???

I remembered the Brigade fondly, and was happy to hear Enzo was back on. But after the first week, I couldn’t remember what I liked about him.

A man in his 40s still calling himself the meow meow seems pathetic to me.


I know, maybe he should change his name to Big Pussy now that he is getting older.


I like him but he is from Bayonne, NJ. His acting is pretty much oar for the course.


Why do I have the nagging suspicion that production is pushing a get Nicole F. to the end so people will give her some credit for her win. I mean she spent most of that season working on her grip strength until production woke her up and said we’d like a woman to win against a man this year so wash your hands and do what we tell you. Sorry Paul but we’ll make it up to you next year.

Big Brother

To be real, if NicF does get to the end again she might be really that great at this game in spite of how many don’t like her.

There’s a really long way to go, but if NicoleF did do that- that would be extremely impressive and you would have to give her some major credit.


So greatness is measured in what’s handed to you?

My 2 cents

Production better be turning the Safety Suite into Galaxy Battle Back and making astronaut suits for Jaysar!


David is the WORST!!! He plays this game soooo bad but yet sits on his high horse looking down at people…I seriously hope he gets put on the block every single week until he and his self-righteous attitude are gone!!!


Can’t believe what a dick he was to Janelle when she was trying to talk game with him,

All Stars???

Poor Janelle. She had two of the worst “All Stars”, NicA and David, accuse her of things the rest of the house is actually doing to them.

Janelle WAS great

I’m sorry , Janelle WAS great in seasons 6 & 7. A true Comp beast. Never a great strategist. I Like her but the last 2 times she’s played she hasn’t been the comp beast she once was and therefore not a great player anymore (unfortunatly) I agree there are a few players that have no business being on this season. But please don’t hate just because Janelle does. Let’s try to enjoy this season for the players that do deserve to be there. (Janelle does deserve the chance ) But with all the problems going on in the world today Let’s have fun and just watch the game we like.


Right?!! Seriously, I have to give Janelle major props for handling that the way she did – how she didn’t lose it is beyond me…hahaha!


I wonder if he is this much of a dick in real life. I would guess yes, and probably just as stupid.


Probably why he “doesn’t get as many opportunities” as others in life.

All Stars???

He is terrible, but I hope by shear luck he somehow does win HOH and call the house meeting he is threatening. It would be probably be hilarious and everyone could see how awful he really is at this game.


He is very arrogant. I don’t buy that he doesn’t know the game. I think that he is putting that on. Last time when he came back in the house he had the whole house figured out. Do you really believe that he was on a show and if not before, after didn’t watch it? Don’t buy it at all. I think that this is his game play.


Production allowed him to watch the DRs and live feeds last time.


Ok, I hope everyone who wanted this 2nd chance for David is satisfied now, lol.(On my draft board this season, I had him in the exact position as I had him last year – 16th)

Seriously, watching him “play” the game makes me want to headbutt a wall of spikes. Just today, he has told BOTH Kaysar and Janelle (one of whom is definitely staying), that he absolutely does not trust them without really giving them a solid reason.

He’s basically volunteering to be nominated next week if whoever stays gets HOH

Golden Gate Granny

Kaysar talking to David right now? David is a disrespectful, rude, low IQ @sshole! Kaysar has PATIENCE like GANDHI. I’d throat punch that lil phuquer for how he’s talking to him.

Ohhh Granny is p*ssed!

LO Live

Veteran All Star David so funny lol….. geeeezzzz what the….


What irritates me most about David at this point isn’t how lost he is but how arrogant he comes across in his conversations with Janelle and Kaysar. I don’t get where that comes from.


OMG, yes, David is such and IDIOT! Whiney crybaby with a chip on his shoulder. Has he never watched the show? People have to make hard decisions, and you have to be able to adapt and make new alliances when your friends get voted out. This guy has NO social skills whatsoever. NONE. I Cannot wait till this moron gets voted out, but he’s so stupid, he’s a perfect final 2 or final 3 for a more savvy player… a turd to be flushed later….


If someone drags him to final 2, don’t be surprised if he wins because of “someone that looks like me” attitude.

All Stars???

God I hope nobody manages to drag him to F2.


Maybe the mirror?


Janelle is so cute to ask David what he is thinking as if he is capable of that.


I am so disappointed in this season. I look forward to this every year and this is just so disappointing. David is so totally useless and so totally clueless. This race stuff should stop. Don’t like the bully gang. Nicole is still a snake. Kaysar is a dead man walking. I think I am over this season already.


They all cannot win – lots of people are in for a rude surprise when they realize their alliance was bogus, so now I just look forward to the blindside nominations, the crying, and then of course the inevitable evictions – especially for my least favorite players – Christmas, Nicole, and now David. If the final 2 is not any combination of those three, I can live with that. I am hoping that some people in the middle start to figure things out and band together to flip the house soon. Time to throw a twist in to stoke paranoia and shake things up!

All Stars???

Now I’m just hoping people lose their minds when they get nominated, blow everybody’s game up, act the fool, and cry until production gives them sedatives. Week after week.

another name

Sometime next week:
hey, Janelle,
It’s Nicole Anthony, do you want to come on my podcast?
Janelle gonna need a reallllllly big swear jar.

All Stars???

Janelle liked NicA and feels bad. She just might go on it!

another name

Janelle is pissed at her today, like. really. pissed.
Her talks with the house saying NicA said have ticked her off.

All Stars???

Yeah, I just read that.


Nicole F, Memphis and Christmas need to go asap. The bullies of the house. I don’t like the mob mentality. Also hey Davonne and Bayleigh did you not learn in your season you strike now not wait to get out big targets out the longer you wait the more possibility they will get you out sooner. I like Tyler, Enzo, Cody and even game playing Dani. David might be the most clueless player ever, I wish his slot was filled with some other actual real BB all star. So what next week will be Kayser and Kevin on the block zzzzzzzzzz boring.


I’m stunned that Nicole a was crying because she’s dispensable. She always was, she was the Victoria of her season. She thinks she’s a brilliant bb strategist, Why is she blaming Janelle? wasn’t it her job to keep herself safe

All Stars???

She’s even worst without a man to lay with.


David likes to “ intellectualize”…..thinks he’s the smartest person in the room…. wouldn’t b surprised if he thinks that the viewers see him as a mastermind of some sort…. in reality, ppl see him as a joke who had no right taking an All-Star spot….. same could b said for Kevin, both Nicole’s & Shitmas…..truly painful to see Jaysar go up in flames bc of these ding -dongs


Unless the Coup/DPOV become an option, this will be the final week of watch-ability. I will be rooting for Kaysar, hoping that he can find a way in somewhere and blow shit up.

His biggest weaknesses are his ego (when he thinks too much and then too highly of himself), and Janelle…I love them as a pair and want them final two, but this dude is still in love with her and so his emotions and stresses in the house become far more intense…he wants to protect her, he wants to save her, he would throw his whole game away for her and especially if it meant she could go to the end.

One thing he has NEVER done in this game, is think for himself as himself to help HIMSELF.

Season 2: he started off with Michael, who faced harsh critics in the very beginning. Kaysar had to play his own game, but also needed to keep Michael in the game and in good standing with the house. Immediately gains Janelle, and was obviously struck and charmed by her. In every relationship, there is always one who feels stronger – Kaysar stars in this role of their relationship.

Season 7: He is immediately joined with Janelle, Howie (who he found funny, silly, over the top entertainment), and James (whom he has a friendship outside of the game – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQhvfmTX2UI, and then, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8T7rQvUYjo). He began playing to ensure HE AND 3 others would get far.

Season 22: Begins straight away with Janelle. Is thinking of giving up his own game for her. She has been his biggest priority and focus in this season. She also put a huge target on him because even David knew that you can’t separate him from her while they are both in the house. The best either could guarantee anyone was a F3 deal and that third person would have to win final HOH to get one of those two final chairs.

If she goes (which is most likely), there is still talk about him being a target, but more HGs are now looking at getting others out and (I think) are realizing that they are unable or unwilling to get there targets out, and need some help. There are many who would work with Kaysar, and depending on next HOH, he could fall into the shadows and make his way to jury or better. In fact, if he can maneuver to the end, he may win votes from the jury of webbed alliances feeling salty (this is the new school, after all).

This will mark the first time in 3 seasons that he is playing by himself and for himself. Many targets are being moved around the house, and there are many of the individuals who are open and/or in need of him to help their game. he may just get himself into a power position and do the shadow operations better than Derrick.


Just to add: it’s very hard to watch him have to play this game with so many mindless drones. David barely listens to anyone, he has become the “listener” who only thinks about his own point of view and how to voice his limit thoughts (seeing Janelle try to speak with him, so frustrating, 30 year old kid). Ian is too focused on needing NicF beside him in F2 for him to win. Then we have all the “players” who think they are tight in an alliance. So many alliances, too many leaks and clogs. Then there’s Kevin….(26:17 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0orJVOjj04&t=1060s – the entire video if you want to see the best ever to play the game and let the viewers know how and why he is the best!)


I LOVE the parenthetical commentary haha

The Beef

Okay, I hate to say it because SO many people already have but, DAVID is a freaking MORON! Take the deal DUMMY! What have you got to lose? She’s offering you three weeks of safety, in the unlikely event the house flips before Thursday night, and people lie and accept these kinds of deals ALL of the time, just in case something like that might happen. It’s called playing the game, and protecting yourself, and I would think, since you’ve already been on the block once, you might recognize a little safety from a recognized competition queen, might be a good thing to have, even though its unlikely she will be here past Thursday. It costs you NOTHING to accept it, and if for some reason the word was to get out (unlikely, since Janelle is in a tough spot and is not going to go around telling others what kind of deals she is making), all you have to say is “I’m just telling her what she wants to hear to get her away from me.”

But, no, you want to sit there and call her a liar to her face, instead of playing the “social” game, and trying to get something out of her predicament. Just goes to show why you don’t belong in this game. David has absolutely no clue what he is doing inside that house, and won’t be around long – any longer than Cody, Dani, NicF and Tyler need him for his vote. Then he will be gone gone gone. It just depends on if bigger targets get in the way of his leaving, if he makes the jury or not.

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i hope kaysar tells jani shes going so she can accept it and enjoy her last 2 days with him

another name

I don’t think she’d stop trying until the votes were read anyway.

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i know

im just over this

i just want to see them hang out some more between now and thursday before that magic goes away

Momma of 3

David is the lamest player ever! Had he not seen BB before?!? Crying today at his failed deal with Michie?!?! Get over yourself, you got played… Ever hear don t but all your eggs in one basket???

and what’s your deal with Janelle? You can’t even form an argument with her as to why you wont vote her way. David and Nicole A are going to look back and feel stupider than when they last played.


I needed a laugh today…thanks Simon n Dawg *Kaysar and veteran allstar David*

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that was awesome haha

david is in allstars

its clown world/the twilight zone