Janelle “NO!! Look listen.. on my kids I did not manipulate poor woman [NicoleA]!”

Head of Household Winner – Tyler
Have nots – Bay, Janelle and Enzo
Nominations – Janelle & Kaysar
Power of Veto Players are -Janelle, Tyler, Kaysar, Cody, Bayleigh, Memphis
POV Host: Christmas
Power of Veto holder – Cody
Power of Veto Ceremony – Cody Doesn’t use the power of veto Nominations stay the same.
Safety Suite – Enzo wins Christmas is his plus one.
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7:10pm Bedroom. Dani and Cody.
Dani – who is your 3 order of evictions? Cody – I think Kaysar has to go right away and then I think like.. I think .. to be honest because Christmas said this .. thinking about who I would rather not have in jury. The first five go right home. The next eleven go.. Dani – possibly. Cody – or the next nine leave. So right now its Janelle.. she is going to leave. Dani – the next three. Cody – Kaysar, DaVonne.. and then see how it plays out from there. Dani – but who would you want to go after? Cody – honestly I love Kevin but I wouldn’t mind if he went. Dani – he is just a number on our side if DaVonne is gone. Cody – you don’t think he would be bitter? Dani – I don’t think he would. If someone were to use him as a pawn he would be pissed. I think in the end game .. I think Kevin will vote clean. I think 75% of people have a little bit of bitterness. Cody – I don’t like that DaVonne is running around spewing about guy alliance. That is a big problem. Even though we’re in an alliance, I’m in 12! So alliance members have to go. She is someone that will maybe get into a Christmas ear. Like women strong.. and if Christmas turns .. she might throw us up. I don’t fully trust Christmas like that. Dani – I think she would go after Tyler first. Cody – I don’t think she can be easily told what to do. She could snap at any moment and isn’t easy to work with. Dani – only one female has ever beat a guy. That’s crazy. Cody – how many times has a girl sat next to a guy in the end? Dani – a lot. They say that girls get really bitter and guys don’t want to be beat out by a girl. Guys get away with a lot more in this game. Dani – who are you the least close with in the house?

7:35pm Storage room. Janelle and David.
Janelle – I wanted to talk to you.. is that okay? David – yeah. Janelle – I’m on the block obviously and I wanted to see where your head is at with things. David – I don’t know. Janelle – you’re not sure yet? David – no I don’t know. Janelle – what are you basing it on? David – I mean .. you were campaigning and leaving me out .. I am just basing it on the same thing. I’m going to see how the house is going to feel. Janelle – Umm okay well I definitely voted for you to stay. David – yeah, I know. I feel like at that point it was .. I don’t know .. before then it was like lies and stuff going out there. Even at some point .. you were using or manipulating Nicole. Janelle – Nicole Anthony!? David – yeah. Janelle – NOOOO… look listen .. On my kids I did not manipulate poor woman! She had a mental breakdown. Like I have never done anything bad to that woman in my life. I promise you! She blames me for her being nominated but that couldn’t be .. I didn’t have anything to do with it. Like I told you last week, I don’t have anything with Memphis. Like he is his own .. person. Like I didn’t have anything to do with that. David – Like the two of you working together .. is know. I just know where my head is at regarding that. I am just evaluating the situation as it comes along day to day. Between the two of you I don’t know what would be best for my game. If anything you guys had intent to get me out which was best for your game at the time. Janelle – this Nicole Anthony thing .. she was blaming me, blaming me, blaming me. And I am like I didn’t do anything. David – well regardless..

Janelle – I didn’t do anything to that girl. Moving forward .. I am definitely not going after you in this game. If anything ..me, you, Bay, Day could get something together and work together in this game. David – but where is the level of trust that I can have working with you? Janelle – if I am working with you .. its 100%! Like I will tell you everything. David – yeah but there is not historical reference for me to think that that can be true. Janelle – okay .. why!? David – because you’ve lied before. Janelle – to you?!! David – yeah. Janelle – about what!? David – I don’t want to go tit for tat on it .. on what particular thing is a lie because you’re going to deny it. Janelle – I would like to know. David – it doesn’t matter at this point. Janelle – if it doesn’t matter then let me know so I can at least defend myself. David – I think the intent of you trying to find out about the lie is to maybe argue against it. I think it doesn’t matter. I can’t give you what you want to hear right now and there is no sense trying to find a path to that. Janelle – sure. So you think I lied to you? David – I think you spread lies, rumors and speculation throughout the house and my name was involved in it. Do you deny it? Janelle – deny what?! David – that lies, rumors and speculation were spread by you. Janelle – lies no, speculation yes. Because it was speculated in groups that you were with certain people. David – but what if that speculation that you tell as a truth has a lie. Janelle – how is speculation a lie. It was whatever. David – none the less .. it hurt! Janelle – I get that. David – I make an effort to make people comfortable here and then boom my name was thrown out to get me out. And you were part of that effort. How am I now supposed to be enthusiastic about working together. Janelle – I get what you’re saying but its a week to week game .. Nicole Anthony was convinced that I was backstabbing her. This girl had a mental breakdown and truly believed that I had this mastermind plan to get her on the block and manipulate her which is not the truth. David – regardless just understand my situation and where I am at. I need you to understand that I can’t just trust what you say. Janelle – I hope we can bridge that gap and later on that we can work together. David – that is something that will be evaluated at that time but right now this is where I stand. Janelle – you will have to vote one of us out or whatever.. but I am not coming after you .. I never would.

8:20pm HOH room. Bay and Janelle.
Janelle – David is pissed at me. Bay – what did you do now?!! Janelle – I asked him like what are you thinking for the week. And he said you spread lies and manipulation about me. Nicole Anthony has ruined my name in this game! I was like WHOA Buddy! He was like you wanted me out. I was like I was friends with NicoleA.. And he was like ohhh were you!?!?! Bay – no he didn’t?!! Janelle – he is pissed at me. It was a really weird conversation and I do NOT think I have his vote. I mean he has got to vote for one of us.. so whatever. I was like friends with Nicole period! I did not advocate for either of you to go up period! He is really weird. Bay – yikes! Janelle – I think you would have to work on him. Bay – its like pulling teeth to talk to him. Janelle – he is a weird one. Bay – I would agree with that.

9pm – 9:10pm HOH room. Bay and Tyler.
Bay – Day is my number one girl but I want a number one guy too and I feel like you would be a really good candidate. But I didn’t know if you were already taken because I know that you and Dani are really close. Tyler – Dani and I are not as close as she is making it out to be. Bay – I just don’t want to be steppin on any toes. You’re out going HOH .. all the decision are made and so now you know that I don’t want anything from you. Tyler – and now you know that I am about the six too. Bay – we had our little talk and the six is there .. and now once this week is over I won’t have anyone outside the six and you won’t either. I know that its going to be a real friendship.. even when the game is over. Tyler – I know that. Bay – I am very excited for us. Lets make this a thing. I don’t know if it needs a name .. so think about it.

9:22pm The house guests are sitting around chatting about random things..

9:50pm Lounge room. Christmas and Janelle.
Janelle – You know I want to work with you. I know I am on the block but I definitely think I could benefit your game. If I would have gotten HOH things would have obviously been a lot different. I lost by one point. Christmas – it was pretty close. Janelle – bigger picture .. when it is time to make a move .. you can count on me to help you out. Christmas – I wasn’t surprised that Cody didn’t use the veto. Janelle – yeah, why would he. Christmas – I wanted to talk to Kaysar because I do talk to him a lot. Janelle – I want to work with you. I would love to work with Bay and Day. Janelle – I need 6 votes and Kaysar needs 6 votes. I for sure have 2 votes right now. Christmas – is it the girls (Day and Bay). Janelle – I haven’t talked to Day yet but I have Bay and Memphis. Coming in .. I didn’t think I would win. I was coming in for a cameo appearance. But going out week 3 is really lame.

10pm Bathroom. Kaysar and Day.
Kaysar – I don’t know what is true anymore or who I can trust. I talked to Tyler and he said that the entire house came up here and said Janelle and Kaysar need to go home. I am not giving up. I am not going to campaign against her. Day – you don’t have to campaign against her but you can campaign for yourself. Day – you tapping out is not good for me.. I don’t like it. I don’t like it at. Kaysar – this is it.. this will never happen again. I am just processing this. I am not down and out .. I am just laying low. Janelle tells Christmas about the conversation with David.

10:30pm – 10:40pm HOH room. Bay and Day without Tyler.
Bay – She (Janelle) said that Memphis is a lock. Day – for her? Bay – yes. And she said that if she gets 5 votes, Dani will be her sixth. She is scrambling. She said that she is going to try and offer Cody something. Day – but are you throwing her a vote? Bay – no. Not unless its discussed.

10:50pm HOH room. Cody and Tyler.
Cody – at what point do we let Memphis know? That Bay is trying to backdoor him. Do we wait until he becomes an HOH or Christmas becomes an HOH? And then say it to him so that he pushed it at Christmas? If we say it to him and he pushes it to Christmas it can go one of two ways. She is either going to get really irritated by him or like okay this is the alliance . this is what I got to do. It will come down to when did she say it to you. And we will have to bullsh*t it a little bit because she said it yesterday. Tyler – Memphis needs to stay in here as long as possible because he is going to build himself a target. I just don’t want it to be the case where it is Christmas on the block against Bay. Cody – and I don’t foresee the HOH where that would happen. My doomsday scenarios is Bay wins HOH, Kaysar comes down and she tries to backdoor Memphis. Tyler – and Memphis is on the block with? Cody – some pawn. Cody continues to talk about this and that scenarios. Cody and Tyler discuss the possibility of a battle back or not. Dani joins them. Dani – it would be irresponsible of them to have someone leave and come back. Cody – once you leave the bubble you have to keep getting tested.

11:40pm Backyard – The house guests are hanging out.

11:54pm Bedroom. Nicole and Dani.
Dani – if we get rid of Janelle, then get rid of Day.. Bay has nobody and she would come to us. The moment anyone says my name.. they’re out of here. Say your name, they’re out of here. Say Cody’s name, they’re out of here. No one is freaking saying Enzo’s name so who cares. Literally that is what we have to go by. If people are saying our names .. you’re out of here! Bay is starting to talk about Cody .. she she is very high on the list now. You do realize that Christmas can’t stay around that long right? As we go along she is going to be a threat to us but also the guys. I would rather keep Tyler longer because I trust him more and he trust me more. Her whatever .. she is way closer to you. Every week someone has to go but as long as its not us I don’t freakin care. Nicole – I can’t believe she (Janelle) is going to go. I just want to sleep till Thursday. Dani – this is the quickest she has gone. I don’t even understand what she did.

12:30am HOH room. Tyler and Day.
Day – you are someone in the house that I would like to work with. I think it is solid what we have but ..I am not stupid. And I know that there is some other sh*t happening. For now I am good with the dynamic of us three. Tyler – I am good with it too. Like me, you and Bay? Day – yeah. Tyler – I am too. Bay talked to me with the idea that I am linked to Dani super tight. But we just eat the same things. I am all about the group. And I am so so down to battle to final six. Day – that is what I was telling her .. I love you.. I love her and that is where I feel the most comfortable. And don’t get me wrong I am solid with the six.. I am down for the cause.. but when we get there.. Tyler – you don’t have too .. as long as we talk it out now .. I don’t want to get sixth place. I have you.. I need you in this game.

1:10am – 1:40am Hammock. Kevin and Dani.
Dani – she is very smart and very good at this game. Kevin – what was her pitch to you? Dani – I am going to go on the block every single week. Its an easy week for everyone. Which is not true when you have a big come back like that. When you’re a big player and you stay. That is not how it works .. you know what I mean?! You come back with vengeance ..you know what I mean. Kevin – but who would she go after? Dani – I don’t know .. NicoleF I imagine. And she keeps talking about how someone (Kevin) has been smearing her name around this house and can’t stand them but won’t say who. Kevin – oh interesting. You know how I feel about her. I’ve expressed it. And I am very supportive of what I think the house is doing. Dani – as far as I know everyone is leaning to getting her out. I feel like her being in here doesn’t benefit anyone. Kevin – I feel like she is going to find an angle. Dani – she is good at this game .. she isn’t going to just lay down and die. This week or if she were to stay next week or whatever.

1:40am – 2am Hammock. Dani, Kevin and Ian.
They talk about what BB alumni they would have liked to have gotten a second chance to play on this all stars season. Dani thinks that they should have only picked returnees from BB8 and after because everyone before that had their chance to come back already. Janelle joins them. Kevin tells her that she was the reason he chose to come back.

6:56 am sleeping yo

8:23 am Memphis up.

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Houka Inumuta

Ian is kicking butt and making it so far. Everyone will be shocked when he wins for the second time.

Miss Impression

You’re killing me.


it is so easy to do what he`s doing. Boring and Lame


I like Ian. He has a pure heart. Unlike other houseguests who PRETEND to have good intentions. BUT, idk about his kicking butt, he’s not doing anything. I will certainly be shocked if he wins again, but I hope so.


This is…this is….PAINFUL.

Where is the restart button, coup d’etat, pandora’s box? All the things!

I almost want Janelle to leave and save her brain cells.


Yes. I was thinking to myself wasn’t it a restart? Or did I make this up in my mind? I was thinking maybe Janelle wouldn’t be coming back in because of covid and having to be retested? I hope she comes back, just to see Nicole’s face. Dani, Nicole& Xmas urk me.


I miss Pandora’s Box!
This season needs something. A re-start would be great! Some huge twist to save this game!


David is pointless huh duh what huh ? annoying


Omg, he is complete a** This is Janelle, bb legend, how could he talk rude to her like that, no respect. Why would she have to beg him for his vote? I would have told him to take his fkg vote and shove it.


Every conversation he has with everyone is super awkward. The guy is a weirdo, who sucks at this game

"It's Jake...........from State Farm"

Would someone,anyone,please get a box of rocks and send it to the big brother house so that David could get replaced.They are both on the same intellectual level.


He’s an entitled asshole.


Entitled exactly! He feels he deserves a place there and earned it by do absolutely nothing! His ability to relate to others and think logically is nonexistent!


I kinda wish swaggy was in his place. Swaggy should have come instead of Baliegh. He would’ve seen the shake down happening. The shenanigans!!!!!


Are you surprised, he couldn’t even find his way out of a box to save his game last year.


? very true! I was so happy they brought him back, but I can’t stand him now.


yes! He is the biggest dissapointment of this season. I was rooting for him, but clearly even if he wouldn’t have been first out last season, he still would have sucked.


I just want to give david and nicole A a big shout out for ruining this season. U both are clueless as to how your supposed to play big brother, and not to mention your social game’s are so cringeworthy bad u make ian seem like a social butterfly. Also big brother production deserves alot of blame as well, i mean who would of thought creating an Allstars season by casting 35% non Allstars would be a good idea. That percentage is me being generous

The Beef

You make some good points. NicA and David are clueless. 35% is probably low as to the non All-Star numbers present. But what has ruined this season is the pre-game alliances between Cody, NicF, Dani, Memphis and Enzo. They quickly added Tyler and Christmas to their “team”, and brought in fake alliances with Ian, Day, Bay and David so they are totally in control of the house, no matter who wins HOH, and everyone is in fear of their strength. They even laugh about how many alliances they are in, and the number of people they are in them with.

CBS is complicit in this, as they KNOW about these pre-game alliances, as they have been talked about on the live feeds (meaning inside the house) and also on Twitter. But you will notice there is no mention of all of these alliances on the network broadcast shows. I wonder why?

No one is truly innocent of this “cheating”, as Janelle and Kaysar also most likely talked before entering the house. This is the problem you have when bringing back players that know each other from prior seasons, but in this case it has shown to be the worst possible case in many viewers minds (it would seem), as things are so one sided and it is all because of things that happened BEFORE they ever entered the house, and because of those connections, the ones that quickly followed in the very earliest days of the game. It really takes away from the game IMHO, and the way it is supposed to be played.


This can’t be All Stars. It has to be a mistake!!!!! Please someone yell outside and ruin their Alliance. First season that I cannot keep up with the Alliances, and I don’t care to. When they had that meeting upstairs late last night, I wish Davonne would’ve went downstairs to get Nicole and Xmas, and said welcome to the alliance meeting you weren’t privy to. We need a mix up; something. I want my money back CBS all access. This season sucks.

Someone please yell outside “snake gate”
By the way was that Xmas star babies crying all night, or was that Nicole F. Lol


How is Janelle taking the Janelle hate better than I am taking it? lol I want to bash their heads in.

This is why though…not crying in a corner, no poor me whining, not giving up, not giving in, remaining classy…this is why she’s the Queen B of BB.

Golden Gate Granny

Dr. Will did a great job Femme Bot training her and Kaysar is her Zen place (in or out of the game).

another name

David to Bay shortly after:
my name came out of Janelle’s mouth.
Bay to David:
What did she say?
David to Bay:
I’m not sure. I don’t know.

So. We are now certain that, unlike Cody, Janelle knows David’s name.
Yay David. ? shrug. stupid look on my face and head cocked to a 3/4 tilt while he’s grinning like he’s playing Big Brother.

Just Sayin'

Seriously what is wrong with that guy? It’s like he is actually playing against himself in some weird way? He is hands down one of the weirdest players, he just refuses to talk about the game at all, like nope not that, no won’t tell you anything about that. What is the point of telling someone that you don’t trust them because of a lie you thought you heard, and then being like oh but I won’t tell you what it is?? Has he ever in his life even watched big brother? Also Bay is bugging me a little, stop telling janelle you will vote for her to stay and then telling everyone else that you never said that, she thinks she is some sort of mastermind or something. Ok rant over.


David is a f.cking joke! Good job BB — g-d forbid putting me on the show but this loser gets to play twice ?!?!?!

Best case scenario for my viewing interest is Kaysar/Janelle (whoever stays) wins HOH puts up NicWhiner and Cody. Miss 100 wedding dresses leaves and then Ian is forced to play the game.

For real though … David should be forced to self evict. He doesn’t even know how to talk any game lol its hurtful to super fans to watch this constant ineptitude.


I am now convinced that he was able to watch live feeds and comps, after the losing the first time to Cliff, Jessica, and Kemi, which then explains his immediate strong reads of last years house.

another name

Of course they did. lol. It was never really a question I don’t think.

But then, after they gave everyone in camp comeblack those little uniforms, I guess it was easier to read the house dynamic. Wouldn’t have known WHO was on what side without those little uniforms, nope, nothing at alllll defined them as a group.

Shirron Sue Stone

I see why you was not picked.


Ugggghhhh….. painful!!!!! Kevin, David & Nicole A suck at this game! Poor Jaysar having to deal with this shit! I lose brain cells every time David speaks…… WTF …..Jaysar did not deserve this…. reset STAT!


Yes reset!!!!!
I’m not watching once they leave. I know how this boring story will end..Boooooooo


Thank crazy NicoleA for this mess.


I can’t stand to listen to David attempt to talk game. He is so all over the place, barely makes any sense. I swear his head is full of air. I know if I had to deal with this guy I would just walk away and never speak to him..he is grating on my nerves. Kevin is as hard to take as David. I can’t take either of them serious. I would want them out, but they are nothing in this game, so I get it’s better to keep them and get out bigger players. I really don’t understand how they can think David/Kevin/Christmas (hell, add Bayleigh and Da’vonne as well.. all stars they are NOT) are all stars!!!! Not sure why they would have Kevin TBH. David, I think they just felt bad for him leaving first, knowing that he loves this game. BUT, does he?? If her truly watched BB then why does he not seem to understand how to play the game?? And, Christmas, I think they just wanted to give her a chance to play when she didn’t have a broken foot. I expected her to be better at the comps, she actually sucks!!! I am hoping that Tyler/Kaysar do team up, they are the only two I would like to see out play these people. I liked Cody on his season, but for some reason I don’t like him this season.


Agree, still dont get it how these idiots david, christmas, kevin are all stars, these people are a waste of space. Whoever brought them back should be fired immediately.


She’s right though. K&J are there to make more if a cameo to secure better ratings if anything. We can’t take this season too seriously because of the lack of true All Stars they managed to get this time. It’s unfortunate to us fans. Sad that this is probably the last time we see J&K play the game and it has to be like this. Especially for fans who gave been here and invested time in those special earlier seasons.


CBS should give J&K the Amazing Race so the rest of this cast understand who the fans truly like and tuned in to see. This will eat at the rest of them until the next All Stars. They will see their misstep.


Am I the only one here who thinks Janelle is super overrated?
Yes she was one of my all-time faves on her first 2 seasons (great character to root for, not the best gameplayer tho), this season she is just playing AWFUL,
she did not make any social bonds with anyone, she made it so obvious she works with Kaysar and she, once again, for the 4th time, found herself in the minority.

Just Sayin'

She was never even given a chance to play this game, she was a target before she even entered the house. How could she or Kaysar possibly even attempt to play when no one will even discuss it with them? Also janelle literally was 1 point away from hoh this week…..


Exactly!! They usually have a week in the house before there is a competition and someone has power. People use this time to make connections while everyone is equal. Instead, Cody with his pre-game alliance gets power on the very first night, and targets them immediately. Both of them tried to make connections, and they tried to make alliances, but unfortunately, they made connections with idiots. Almost everyone they spoke with ran their mouths to the person in power and his jealous shrews. Everybody thinks they are part of a large alliance, but they are sadly mistaken. Every alliance in that house is one HOH from falling apart. Janelle and Kaysar’s biggest mistake was completely overestimating the intelligence of the rest of the house.


That’s the new school game play – run to HOH each week. That has helped ruin it.


so what if she was 1 point away from HOH this week? that doesn’t make her a good player IMO.
Tyler, however, came with a huge target on his back but was still playing perfect.
I love Janelle to death, I hope she stays and Kayser goes. I’m also not a Nicole fan or something, but you just gotta admit Janelle is NOT that good at this game.
Nicole, however, could be more boring but she’s a way better player than Janelle.

Ms. Taz

Mostly all the players hater her!


because they know how loved she is

Team New School

I agree completely! She acts like other players owe her something because she was great in her first two seasons. Every time she opens her mouth, I like her less. Her comments about making a cameo and how of course everyone is after her — she’s Janelle are so vain as to be a joke. She is a caricature of the Janelle I hoped to see in the house.


she is and will always be the queen of big brother.and i just love me some kayser when they leave i leave


Janelle is overrated she got out played BIG time by memphis as she was telling him you need to be in a big alliance with the new schoolers memphis was already and had formed his army she sucked in season 14 and she sucked even worst in 22


Janelle is a straightforward player, not a sneaky, lying, crying-in-a-corner, bully player like some. She is confident, tough, and she never gives up and that’s why we love her. Unfortunately, her personality and style of play work better when playing with other warriors, not pretty boys and jealous girls and floaters with no loyalty and no brains. Best of all, she knows it’s a game, and she prefers to have fun and keep it professional rather than hate on people — but she will make it personal if attacked.

another name

Are we all sure we’ve just survived day 20?
I’m seriously thinking eeeeeeach HOH is taking a month.
This is what happens when you really don’t like some house guests enough to give a rat’s ass what they are going to talk about.
This is what happens when the Grod knows you’re pregaming, and just makes it into the season storyline.

I mean, if they’d pumped Nicf’s speaking voice booming over a loud speaker instead of metal, they’d have had Noriega out of his compound in about forty five seconds begging to be taken into custody if they’d only make the noise stop. I’ve got her on mute, and can still hear the nonstop whine every time she’s on feed screen.
Kevin… I switch feeds OR turn off feeds if he’s the only option.
Dani? I try to determine what breed of snake Evel Dick mated with. Whattttta wench.
Enzo… one more yo. i’m telling you. one. more. and i won’t be responsible for my actions.
If i want a Memphis free existence i just wait until his shift is over at 10, and the bus comes to take him back to the home.
Already told all of you, Christmas: vera de milo.
Cody? you know how when you order a really greasy take out meal, and the bag gets wet and practically see through? I check my shirt to see if his grease has seeped through the feeds and splattered me. Sincerity of an oil slick. He kisses his father with that mouth?
David? Watching big brother here. He should try it some time. from anywhere else but the big brother house.
Da’vonne could have just used the sambot, and flashed gif faces for a few weeks until the battery went dead. Go ahead give me the ‘she’s got things figured’ argument, I’ll give you ‘and she pretty much told them’ argument back, so what?
Ian? Does Ian actually serve ANY purpose this season? No really. Does he have a function. At all. When uber toddler nicf infantalizes you when she talks to you, really what’s your point? By next week she’ll be trying to get him to wear picnic blanket pattern short pants, and licking her hand to flatten his hair.
Tyler, try giving one more person the wounded baby bird you hurt my feelings schtick. No really. That wasn’t so fake and neither were my eyerolls. Really wanna implode Tyler’s game? Yell something bad over the wall about him, he’s so image centric this season it will wreck him.
Bayleigh? countdown is ticking. shut up. you all hear it too. She’s going to get tired of putting on face soon. Just wait.
Kaysar and Janelle, it was nice to see you again. Get thicker glasses both of you, because your read comprehension of the house week one and two just hurt. Note to Kaysar: you’ve been incognito for years, the five day relationships you build with these dicks means nothing compared to the years they’ve been hanging out, and the months they spent preseason organizing. Note to Janelle: if you find out you’re going home for sure, LET THEM HAVE IT. The real estate buyers in where ever the hell you live won’t mind. Your kids won’t know, the nanny turns off the feeds if people are talking bad about you, remember?


Finished rewatching season 6 and now on Season 7 Allstars…when BB was great.

It would of been Good if they did the fan vote for which allstars would go in the house. Nicole F wouldn’t have made the cut.

Is it me or this just doesn’t have the feel for an allstars. Ex, David should not be there or Davonne has never played well.

I hate when production steps in and blatantly do things to keep people, BUT if they did something to keep Jaysar I would be ok with it 🙂


I think they should have a Pandora’s box temptation. Saying it secures safety. Someone will go for it . But! It secures safety’s for the two on the block, Tyler needs to replace and voting begins after he replaces them .


me too please do something they are the only ones i can look at or listen too those other freaks are grossssssssssssss


Dani has to float around and find Cody wherever he is. Always needs a man to cling to.


Hmmmm, daddy issues…

Quack Pack

I went into this season trying not to have opinions about the house guests based on what I have seen before…a clean slate. Just watching what I have seen so far this season, I hate almost all of these people.


nic f and cody and dani are the most annoying ,other than kayser and janelle i just can’t watch these LOSERS


I can`t believe Dani wants to get all the girls out. I really wonder what her plan is. He should get ride of Tyler and Enzo instead of Day-Bay-Xmas. I bet Nicole put this girl-hate into her head. Makes no sense for Nicole and Dani to go to the end with the guys, knowing they can turn on them easily.


…and they will turn easily

another name

…. i don’t know how to tell you this.
It’s end of days.
The apocalypse is upon us.

bbtwitter. bbfacebook, agree.
about this week.

This hasn’t happened since Chenbot called him Brent.
running away flailing our arms in hopeless abandon is our only choice.


Now watch after the eviction whoever stays Kaysar or Janelle wins HOH on Thursday and there’s a fan vote for DPOV to launch next Thursday or something like that. Sunshine and rainbows 🙂

another name

Never seen so many people hoping that nobody getting any d/r time today meant there was a reset button sooooo much.
As soon as one of them said nobody is getting into d/r today…

me, i just figured even the staff is going why bother, i don’t want to talk to the little a$$holes.
but no d/r. on a veto ceremony day. eesh.

another name

given the comps this year the hoh will be
drink 2L of this all star power juice….
and write your name in the snow.
no squatting. cody, you can use the hot tub like your brother since the rules say you can’t sit down.

Welcome Back

Definitely a crappy season. To make the best of it, with no one to root for, enjoyment will come from watching 10 people get cancelled after J and K leave. Hopefully Dani (huge disappointment), Cody, Nicole, Kevin, Christmas and David are among those ten.


I hope they just get rid of David, what a waste of space he is.


David is this seasons Victoria.. He’ll make it far just wait..


Veronica had better hair though and a hat…

Save the All Star Season

Please say it ain’t so! Victoria making it far made it such an awful season. No one would have voted for Victoria though. Production would make the jury vote for David. Awful casting this season. So disappointed.

another name

David will know who he is evicting Thursday night at 3 o’clock.
Someone going to pvr the vote for him from 9 hours earlier, and just let him watch to see what he did?

another name

How many little stuffed orphans are they going to have to give Cybermonday to make her likeable????? Even the newest stuffed stars aren’t smiling.
(that pilar bbcan3 quiz answer gif would be pretty handy right about now).

Q: DID Memphis tell Janelle he would vote for her?
Doesn’t sound like he is to Tyler. Odd.


In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 I would love it if ‘Old Janelle’ would rear her head and let Nicole A effing HAVE IT! Posthumously of course! Like, she really ruined her game befriending the ‘nerdy’ ‘weird’ ‘quirky’ girl and is paying dearly for it! You know that Janelle is being ‘kind’ by not going off and telling us what she really thinks of dear Nicole A. Being a MOM she doesn’t want to do or say anything cruel, but don’t we all believe that Nicole A deserves a shallacking as well as Nicole F?!


just cant believe they (production) paved the way for him to stay and. NO way for Janelle and Kaysar to stay. This season sucks!!!!
AND another thing. Whats up with people forming alliances and having conversation with them and its okay. BUT the minite they see someone outside their alliance speaking in a a group. They are “appalled” and “ how dare they “ and “ wtf is goig on” Its like they want to be the only ones planning and plotting no one else can.
Im disliking this season more and more.


I just had to giggle at Dani saying ‘… I don’t even understand what she did (Janelle)’ while talking about all the push to get Janelle out. Ya, we viewers don’t get it either, Dani.
Actually wasn’t it a smear campaign by NicF and Dani last week or so when Janelle suggested to Memphis to backdoor NicF b/c she was a winner?

another name

The smear campaign started night one when nicf went room to room saying Janelle scared her and made her uncomfortable. Then went to Cody pushing the same thing.
Dani did the exact same thing. From day 2 on.
The backdoor without explanation that Memphis gave Nicf was just used as verification of the whispers already ongoing for a week.