“Now that the day’s gone by I’m like F**ing pissed at Nicole Anthony.. I did nothing but try to help her”

Head of Household Winner – Tyler
Have nots – Bay, Janelle, Cody and Enzo
Nominations – Janelle & Kaysar
Power of Veto Players are -Janelle, Tyler, Kaysar, Cody, Bayleigh, Memphis
POV Host: Christmas
Power of Veto holder – Cody
Power of Veto Ceremony – Cody Doesn’t use the power of veto Nominations stay the same.
Safety Suite – Enzo wins Christmas is his plus one.
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3:10 pm Janelle and Kaysar
Talking about how NicoleA destroyed their game
Janelle – now that the day’s gone by I’m like F**ing pissed at Nicole Anthony after I talk to people
kaysar – more is coming out
Janelle – everything, basically it was all me I was the one that conspired to get her on the block
Kaysar – are you serious
J – hey
Kaysar – that’s so crazy she single handly ruined our game.
Janelle – that’s why when we were sitting out on the hammock and you said it’s just not going to happen and she flipped out. That was a crucial error that is when she spun out of control.
Janelle – she went crazy on us.. absolutely nuts
Kaysar – honestly my entire time. Everything that I have seen on this show that was one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever been a part of
Janelle – I never want to speak to her again at this point .. I did nothing but try to help her and she went f***ing crazy .. I’m pissed now.. What the f**
J – Did David say he’s keeping you? that what I thought
Kaysar – he thinks we’re both Liars
J – because of NicA. I talked to David he was so hostile.. he was like just so you know NicA told me everything
Kaysar – she thought we prayed on her and we’re some wretched people that destroyed her life.. you know I thought of all the way I could get voted out or way things could go wrong this was never one of them that could happen.

Kaysar – I’m sorry this just sucks
J – you try to help someone out and you get screwed over
Kaysar – the extent we tried to help her out we put everything on the line to help her out and it was exhausting.. up to 30 minutes before the eviction.
Kaysar says he talked to Christmas and she told them Nicole told everyone if she stays and wins HOH she would vote them out so Christmas was like I’m not going to keep her at this point “She’s off the reservation”
j – I didn’t know she was off her rocker
Kaysar – Christmas was like we can’t form an alliance with someone that is deteriorating in this house week 2
Kaysar fills her in that Christmas has a good relationship with him and she said that Janelle has some very good campaign points.
Kaysar – she asked me if I voted to keep you will Janelle be upset. I told her Janelle is not that type of person
J – that NicoleA made me out to be
Kaysar adds that he told her about the problem Janelle has with NicF that goes back to the amazing race and Rachel Reily.
J – I don’t trust NicF if people trust her here that’s on them.
Kaysar – she asked about Dani.. I said Dani is aligned with that side of the house but is playing her own game. Maybe one day she’ll be a free agent.

They talk about Da’Vonne spreading information. Kaysar says Christmas was wondering how you can work with Bayleigh without Da’Vonne “Its not possible”
Kaysar asks if Da’Vonne is still a poker dealer.
J – not anymore
Kaysar – says a lot about her.. she’s smart. she wins a lot of these games she beats people at chess.
J – she’s not a player she’s a dealer.
Kaysar – doesn’t matter you still have to see trends..
J – If you’re a dealer? you’re dealing cards that’s it.. playing poker is a lot different.

J – David likes HATES me
Kaysar – he didn’t tell me that.
J – I can read his body language
Kaysar – he called me a liar and I started laughing ..
J – he was like you spread lies throughout the house .. I was like ohh f***
Kaysar – you are in an alliance with someone else, of course, I would vote you out what do you think I’m stupid.. that is how the game works I have nothing against you. Yo think I’m a liar you are carrying a lot of baggage from last year.
Kaysar brings up David going on about last year’s America’s favorite player went on the block.
Kaysar says David thinks Janelle was the mastermind to destroy NicoleA
J – I know it’s crazy ..

Janelle brings up Cody “he’s always nice to me”
Kaysar – he’s like that with everyone that’s the problem

Kaysar goes on about how dense David is. David called him a liar and when Kaysar asked him why he said it was because he’s friends with Janelle.
They can hear NicF’s whiny voice downstairs
J – god Nicole’s voice is annoying

Kaysar – that side of the house controls the votes this week.. (every week)
Janelle says if David isn’t voting for her she’s getting evicted.
Kaysar says NicoleA probably feels bad
J – She should feel bad I never said a bad word about her
Kaysar says Nicole will feel very dumb when she watches.
Kaysar – but the damage has been done
J – the damage has been done. What is your plan long term if you stay?
Kaysar – I need more information about what is going on with that side.. I’m going to try and break David he’s the weak link. I’ll use Ian he’s also ready to defect. HE’s the closest to them so eventually, he’ll get information and feed it to me.. every morning he wakes up and says he doesn’t like the way things are going
J – no one does
Kaysar – I can work with Christmas.. I would like to work with Bayleigh but the whole Da thing makes me uneasy.. I won’t formalize anything with ba and Da’Vonne yet.

Kaysar – Tyler seems to think he can trust me but he wants me to prove myself.
Kaysar knows this is his way of asking him not to go after Tyler next week
Kaysar mentions that David wanted safety and targets from him for next week Kaysar told him he has no idea. “which I really don’t”
Kaysar says he can tell she’s sad
J – I’m not sad.. sorry I got my period.. the look is discomfort.
Janelle says if she stays she’ll go after floaters target David.. “he doesn’t deserve to be here he’s too crazy he’s absolutely nuts.. someone like that in this game is extremely dangerous he doesn’t think logically I would not work with him if I were you”
Kaysar – he’s going to end up blowing up his own alliance eventually.

Kaysar asks if she’s sure she heard her name outside the other night.
Janelle is certain and Cody heard it too. Feeds flip

3:54 pm David and Cody
David is talking about his one on ones with Janelle and Kaysar.

4:12 pm Kevin and Bayleigh
Kevin – you’re not worried about being a pawn?
Bayleigh – why do you keep asking me that..
They begin to try and define the term “Floater”
Kevin says like in life he is never brought into a group.
Bayleigh – you wouldn’t consider yourself a floater
Kevin says he doesn’t consider himself a floater during his season he was always with his same group of four.
Kevin says there’s a group of people in the house but he’s not being included.
Bayleigh – why aren’t you including you
Kevin – I can be a loyal vote
Bayleigh – can’t other people can.
Kevin – what are other factors
Bayleigh – comp wins.. veto wins.. that kinda stuff.
Bayleigh says she’s trying to win HOH and she’ll put up Kaysar and someone else.
Bayleigh says she wasn’t close to David or Da’vonne prior to coming on the show. She met Da’Vonne once before.
Bayleigh tells him that J/K was really telling the truth about NicoelA they weren’t trying to screw her.
Kevin – that doesn’t make sense to me
Bayleigh says Memphis isn’t in an alliance with J/K
Kevin – that doesn’t make sense to me (100% of what you say doesn’t make sense to me)
Bayleigh – we should have won week one now no matter what we do we don’t have the correct numbers
Kevin – unless we win HOH
Bayleigh – exactly

5:11 pm Nicole and Ian
Ian – Janie has to go it’s 100%
Nicole – yeah
Ian – cause.. we need to be very careful how we talk about it we don’t want to put the idea in anyone heads that we should keep Janelle around her targes are known.
Nicole says she’s pretty sure Kevin is the one Janelle is talking about.
Nicole doesn’t want Kevin to flip. “Earlier he was 50/50 but now he just said he wants her gone because of that comment”
Nicole – Da’Vonne is trying to get him to flip
Nicole – they need your vote
Ian – no way they’re not getting it

Nicole – anything you tell Kevin he’ll tell Da
Nicole says the people that are voting to keep Janelle are bayleigh, Da’vonne, and apparently Memphis but she’s not sure that it true.
Nicole – I don’t think it’s true because he told Janelle that.. she thinks she has Kevin too but I think I squashed it.
Ian says now that he’s in the key room he’s realizing its Bay, Day, Kevin then David. ” she was making a hard sell to David. Da’vonne told me David had no chance of flipping..”
Ian adds if Janelle gets Memphis she’ll just one more vote to flip.
Nicole – David told me he’s getting her out.
Ian – we have Christmas
Nicole – yes..
Ian – and our votes
Nicole – yes, we have siz.. right 6 we need 6.. honestly I think it will be 3 to whatever ..
Nicole – I want her to think she is staying so she doesn’t cause any drama
Ian – the person she’s going after is Kevin
Nicole – and me, She said she’s going after floaters.. if she’s going after me she’s going after you. It might be us deep down
Ian – I think it is us
Nicole says Kevin will flip before David flips.

Ian is certain if they are on the block and the nominations stay he’ll be the one evicted.
Nicole – it’s me, you, Dani, and Cody we need to start getting closer to the other group.
Feeds go to stars
When we’re back Ian saying if the house sends Janelle home the house is making an error, ‘that’s a problem, Kaysar I’m actually been buddy-buddy with”
Nicole – Christmas likes Kaysar better
Ian – everyone likes him better except maybe Bayleigh
Nicole – they know she’s a threat so they think she’s good for their game.
Nicole adds that Janelle was talking about her, Ian, Dani, Cody, and Tyler. “That makes all the people mad at her so they think they’re doing themselves a favor so thank goodness she said that stuff” (you can thank NicA and Da’Vonne)
Nicole says Janelle will be really working on Enzo these next 24 hours
Nicole counts the votes their four-plus Enzo and Christmas.
Ian = Enzo is close to Cody and Tyler. The pole group
Nicole – it’ll be a close vote.. the house is split
Ian – we aren’t going after Bayeligh and Day they’re not going after us right?
Nicole – I dunno
Ian – I’m kinda worried a bit
Nicole – If one of us wins we have a big decision to make. I’m open to what you think I just want to win first.
Ian – here’s the best case. Janie goes, Kaysar or Tyler get the twist power. I’ve been trying to groom Kaysar with information the blowback won’t be on us it will be on the people that voted out him
Ian thinks it will be a fan vote at some point. “If Janelle stays she’s winning it and how’s taking the brunt end of it.. us”
Ian – do you think Enzo is that solid?
Nicole – yeah
Nicole – I can’t see them switching it they feel like I feel she needs to go
Ian – how do you feel about Kevin
Nicole – I don’t know..
Ian – how you feel about David
Nicole – I like David a lot. Kevin will do with the majority Nicole will do what Da’Vonne does.
Ian – this game started with obvious pairs, Me/you, Bay/Day, Janie and KAysar
Ian – whichever pair stays unbroken will control this game.
Nicole – Me and Christmas are close
Ian says Cody wants Kasyar out next.
Nicole – we’re breaking one up this week.. next week will be the hardest part of this game if we make is past next week.
They talk about what they would do if they win HOH. Nicole will put up Kaysar with a pawn. The veto gets played they put up Bayleigh. Ian says that is his plan as well.

5:35 pm Da’Vonne, Kevin and Janelle
Janelle – David, that man hates me. He looked at me and said I don’t trust you. NicoleA I don’t know what she did to that mans brain but it was bad
Da’Vonne- wow
Janelle – I’m working on Dani and Cody that’s my only hope
Da’Vonne – hows that going
Janelle – it’s promising
Kevin asks if they’re jealous of his booty
Da’Vonne – you don’t have any
Janelle – you really don’t have a butt.
Kevin leaves..
Da’Vonne brings up her and Kevin talking about David’s big butt.
Janelle says David hates her “it’s NicoleA I’m telling you ”
Janelle – when you’re going down and you’re pissed off you want to take out people for revenge..
Janelle says David told her that he talked every night with Nicole and she warned him about Janelle, ‘It’s bad Da’Vonne”
Da’Vonne says so she’s trying to do damage control because of NicoleA last week and trying to get votes this week. “that’s a lot of work”
Janelle – I wasn’t even HOH.. Daivd oh my god that man ..
Da’Vonne – he’s close to Kaysar.. mmmhmmmm

6:13 pm Enzo and Janelle

Talking about people in foreign countries that recognize them from their Big brother seasons.

6:40 pm
Enzo today feels like a Wednesday but its’a Tuesday
Enzo – I’m lasting three minutes on the f**ing wall.. (The house thinks HOH is “the wall” endurance.)
Enzo – tomorrow I’m prep cooking at 6 in the morning (tomorrow midnight he’s off slop)

6:52 pm Janelle and Enzo
Enzo says he hasn’t heard anyone say anything about her saying things about me
Enzo – I like you Janelle I don’t think you have the votes to stay ..
Janelle asks if he’s with Cody
Enzo says they have their own game.
Janelle says she’s not after Cody she’s after the little minions in the house
Janelle – long term I really want to work with you.. Big picture long term I will be good for your game.
Janelle – I had to play this game with Kaysar… it’s like if you came in here with Hayden. I couldn’t be like I want Enzo because Kaysar might say I want to be with Ian
Enzo – yeah I like Kaysar a lot
Enzo says he likes Jaenlel more than Kaysar but likes them both.

Enzo tells her he wants her to stay but he’s not sure she has the votes.
Janelle points out she’s a large target that can’t win comps.
Janelle – If I can lock in 5 votes would you be interested.. if I can get 5 handshakes will you be six
Enzo – I like you a lot and I like you more than kaysAr.
He’s not going to say anything because ‘You know how this house is”
Janelle says the 3 votes that are locked against her are Ian, nicF, and David they hate her.

I’m out …

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“100% of what you say doesn’t make sense to me.” LOL that sentence sums up Kevin’s game. Every read he makes is literally the exact opposite of what’s actually happening. It’s almost impressive.


Give it another 10 years…after some real All Stars are done having their babies and such. Bring them all back and up the prize to one million. I wanna see the best of the best fight it out. No weak links. Real strategy.


Never freaking mind…the All Stars theme is all ruined because of pregame crap. The dream was good for a second. Sighhh.

The Beef

I was just getting ready to reply THIS to you, when I saw you already replied it to YOURSELF! LOL I love the concept of All-Stars, but it’s obvious from this season that social media and maybe just the fact that so many of them socialize and have Big Brother events together make the pre-gaming almost inevitable, unless CBS actually DOES something to prevent it or penalize it if it happens again (like eject players from the game). That’s about the only way they can prevent it IMHO. Make and ENFORCE a strong penalty against it, and I doubt they are ever going to do that, because they are more interested in putting on a TV show for the casual fans then they are in putting on a fair and legitimate competition for the super fans. That’s the way I see it.


In ten years…..think of who we’re going to get….another shot for NicA, NicF won’t even be 40 so she could come back, Ian wouldn’t be 40, maybe David will have figured out the game and be given another shot at redemption. Add in all the players of the past few years, who would make a good season?

Add the growing trend and that season will end up as a 16 person alliance on day 1 with someone self evicting for the sake of the house. The HOH won’t nom anyone, 2 people will just volunteer.


You forgot about Paul. He would be invited back for yet another crack at winning…..


I will get a lot of thumbs down, but this conversation tells you why Janelle and Kaysar are not playing the game well. They are clueless as to what is going on in the house. They also just stick together instead of creating alliances. This is just not good game play and they are supposed to be one of the best players in BB history.


They are the only ones who figured out the core of the big alliance in the house. No one is playing well, and if someone is, then this is the worst game ever (but then again, this is the worst season and gameplay ever, and set-up over months of calls between people who met for the first time in the house just this season – they were on the outside and did the most they could)

If I told you that you could enter the BB house with a very distant friend of yours from many years ago to play against a team of many who have vowed to help each other until you and your friend are gone, then fill it with a bunch of scared players who are too self absorbed to play the game, how do you think you’d do?


That’s a poor read. Kaysar and Janelle have predicted everything that is going on and are damn near 100% correct. The problem is they are blacklisted, the black sheep, no one wants to be seen working or talking with them because for the rest of the house, its an easy week this week and seemingly an easy week next week if people avoid them. They know whoever tries to “work” w/ J/K will be the first target of “the house” the second both J/K are gone. Also, half the house are horrible players who truly have no idea what is going on and they subconsciously are very weak people that want to be in a group and fit in very bad. Think about high school how the “popular kids” group is actually a minority, yet many long to be included, that is what you are seeing with a bunch of these people who are severely self conscious outside of the house with no real confidence in themselves or their game.


Perfect read on the situation! If there had been smarter players in the house, true all stars, they would have listened to J/K about the big alliances and observed for themselves and then made a plan to flip one of the first two votes and take control. Instead, like you said, the non-confident, nerdy types put their head in the sand and followed the jocks around and believed them when they were asked to join fake alliances…




They hang out together because they are the only two people in the house that can actually carry on a conversation. The rest of them live in front of their computer screens making their lives look so good on social media. It’s not a very social or exciting existance. I’m glad that Swaggy and Bay are over it and are ready to actually start living their lives.


“J – If you’re a dealer? you’re dealing cards that’s it.. playing poker is a lot different.”

Best example: Vanessa Rousso (a top poker player) vs Da’vonne (the dealer)

Julie Chen

Those who can do. Those who can’t deal.

"It's Jake...........from State Farm"

Once,just once,I would love to see(and this on live tv),everyone enters the voting booth and each person says,” I have decided to not cast a vote in this eviction”.Chaos would reign and I can visually imagine the response that Julie Chen would have.I know that this is highly improbable, but I would bust a gut laughing!

Lady E

“I vote to evict … myself.” LOL


I still don’t get why the players don’t vote for what’s best for their game. The voting is private and yes, you can make alliances as a cover but that doesn’t mean you have to vote accordingly. We’d have more of a vote split and entertainment that way…it’s BB…deny deny deny! There wouldn’t be huge alliances that way either. Just maybe a couple smaller ones which are more ride or die.


I believe it’s because herd mentality has taken over the game. The newer players just don’t get how to do it on their own and are to scared of getting caught. They want to play the safe game, and look at making the jury as a win.


O!M!G! That would be CLASSIC!!!

Lady E

“Kaysar – he called me a liar and I started laughing ..”

“J – god Nicole’s voice is annoying”

The best comments LMAO

Feeds Gold

im so disappointed with ian and many others…ian is a 30 year old man who plays with a kids puppet…and has shoved his head so far up princess tuggys ass his body dangles behind her as she walks

princess tuggy is trying to copy britney by being ians britney, just like dani wants to be the bb queen like janelle…tuggy and dani will never be britney and janelle

has tuggy tried an hj on ian yet? i think i remember he had a crush on her when he would talk about bb16…his qt3.14

its hard to believe so many players like her, trust her, want to work with her, are very concerned with keeping her safe, and choose to give her this amount of agency/clout in the game, this annoying, disloyal and unlikable personality…imagine waiting years to play allstars and one of the people you most want to align with is princess tuggy…wtf?

but i think its because daddy derrick told his bitch cody that he must work with tuggy…and because of this, other players want to be friends with derrick outside the game so they align with cody and tuggy

you can see from the outset that derricks group that he formed wanted to sabotage jaysar from the opening minute…production are probably pissed with jani leaking the cast to dick so are all in on them going too…grodner loves young good looking guys and tuggy which is bizarre because majority of the audience doesnt like her, but tuggy and dani also hate women and only want to keep guys around(that suits grodner)…dani is not doing this just because shes jealous of jani…she is also going after jani to hurt her father dick as dani hates him and knows hes friends with jani

also some really dumb play this season from players needlessly throwing away players so easily they know that are very loyal to them

im not so sure jani will have any desire to hang out with bay after this when she finds out how fake bay has been to her the entire time…jani doesnt value fake friends, she values loyalty


Ahahaaaa Princess Tuggy hahaaaaaaaaaa Princess Tuggy and her little pull toy Ian. Nicole’s behavior is so childlike with her smirks..and innocent BS..“oh it just came out by accident”. Just ridiculous. She really thinks she’s adorable little Nicole. Rat snake full of jealousy. I can’t take the whinny little snot.

The Beef

The whole “it just came out by accident. I didn’t plan it.” thing, is just pitiful. If you’re gonna say it, at least have the damn grapes to OWN IT! Don’t be a whiny little b!tch afterwards and say “Oops, I really didn’t mean to say that.” when we all know you did. What a chicken shit move.

Feeds Gold

the way tuggy is being babied by cody, setup by derrick, reminds me of the kid in the football team getting special treatment because their dad is the coach


Evel Dick is that you?

Feeds Gold

haha no

BBfan too

Nicole A was crying because she was dispensible! She was the Victoria of her season.
Its her responsibility to keep herself safe. She is the only one who thinks she is a great strategist in this game

Feeds Gold

i dont ever want to see an all returning season again because pregaming destroys it

i only want all newbie seasons from now on, or if there must be returners, i would like another bb14 style season with around 3 to 6 returning coaches plus newbies as pregaming would be far less impactful (and ensure the returners dont go home pre jury…at the 11 person jury stage there could be 6 returners and 5 newbies, or 5 returners and 6 newbies etc giving it a decent balance)

i also think bb needs more immunity idol type uncertainty elements like survivor, because theres too many weeks where its a certainty we know whos going the moment the veto box is closed making monday to thursday a waste of time with campaigning making zero difference in the outcome…they need to somehow bring more uncertainty to the vote…the players not wanting to say which way they are voting means no drama and usually boring feeds…this season with so few loose cannon types and everyone playing so cautiously, it takes alot of liveliness and energy and unpredictability away

im tired of the big group mowing down the outsiders pre jury phase…i wouldnt mind seeing noms who survive eviction night be given clues to find a veto(idol style), or a rule you cant be nominated 2 weeks in a row similar to you cant be hoh 2 weeks in a row, and throw in more crapshoot hohs to try increase the chance the same people/group arent targeted multiple weeks in a row…i also wouldnt mind seeing the outgoing hoh a guaranteed spot in the following weeks veto, since they are unable to play hoh…also what if the audience could get one collective vote each week(eg 14 in the house theres 11 voting plus the audience, so 12 votes total)…survivor has recently brought in fire tokens, and i think it would be fun to bring something like that to bb, where you could buy a vote from someone, get out of being a havenot and paying someone a token to take your place, or paying someone to pick you for veto or to throw a comp to you etc…and you could win say 3 tokens for winning an hoh and 2 tokens for winning a veto and when you have a certain amount of tokens you can buy a veto to use or a havenot pass or an extra vote etc…im just spit balling some ideas to try to bring some more entertainment and unpredictability

what happens if every season from now on the 11 smartest, strongest, most stable players get together until jury? first 5 weeks is a snoozefest until jury, and then it can still be boring with a derrick, paul or tyler just taking out bottom of the totem pole every week until finale

i think the game of bb format wise and entertainment wise needs some fixing and enhancing


There is a part of me that hates secret powers and twists but with the way the game has become, I feel like we need them. The herd mentality seems inevitable at this point and in a way it’s almost like an immunity itself (especially if we consider pregaming). So fuck it, bring on the secret powers.

Like in BBCan 2 when they made Canada the HOH and broke up the first five alliance. I could understand why members of that alliance would be pissed, but the season would have been a lot more boring and predictable had that not happened.

Feeds Gold

yes i think they need to do as much as they can within reason to make seasons, the feeds, and the episodes as entertaining and balanced as possible

i just get bored of so many weeks of a bb season be predictable in terms of the vote, days in advance…remember how amazing feeds were for the sam eviction last year, or the cassandra v christine vote in bbcan4 where it came down to the last minute…thats what i want to see most weeks in a season, with close split votes, hinkeys being pinned on others etc

look at how much theyve added to survivor the last few years…clues hidden at food rewards and comps, advantages, risk/reward, fire tokens, moral dilemmas, multiple returners from exile, idol nullifiers, multiple idols played at the same tribal…you could say theyve done too much…but i think theres a healthy balance between keeping the standard format/integrity of the game or having too many twists

i would enjoy seeing julie do a jeff probst tribal style q and a with the houseguests before each vote…they do this on bbau…it would be interesting see the players deal with that

casting is crucial as well…i often say this but in future seasons there needs to be more energetic, lively players with showmanship, volatile/disloyal loose cannons and risk taking fearless players who arent scared to bounce from room to room to help campaign to save an ally

another name

The source of the season tension so far boils down to one thing:
“I want to be the new queen of big brother.”

Here’s the problem:
both Dani and Nicf define queen of big brother differently.

TO DANI: if i engineer the eviction of Janelle I am the new Queen.

TO NICF: if the house is me and 8 men I am the new Queen.

To the people that have watched 20 or so seasons of the show… nope Janelle still the Queen. you’re just the stepsisters. Look up the original fairytale to see how that worked out.

For years women have walked into that house saying I want to be like Janelle.
Nobody walks through the door saying i hope i get 4 weeks immunity like Dani.
Nobody says i hope i get bedsores and carpal tunnel like Franzel.


I look at Nicole and her coin slot nostrils….the PTSD returns…the voice..the images in bed…the whine “COOORRREY!!!! Cooorrreeey stoooooopppp it coooorrreeyyyy


i agree 100% but i would like to correct you if i may, they are know as the UGLY stepsisters, anastasia and drazella. i will let you decide which one is which. lol

another name

was that their names in the original?
I just remember remember the hunted and pecked by birds in the original.

another name

When David speaks i miss the days the Racist Jackholes told everyone not to talk game to the comeblack kids.

I’M SO SORRY. His mouthnoise is killing me.

Golden Gate Granny

Don’t sink to that level… I admire your commentary. I get it (his mouth noise slays me too), but it’s not a race thing – it’s a he’s a complete asshole idiot thing.

another name

oh i knew as i was saying it that i was in the darkest part of my sarcasm and annoyance level. and i knew i was sinking into a really dark comment.
but, i also really try not to censor my commentary much , even if i sound like a dick for being precise or blunt.

the point to me wasn’t the race thing… it was the nobody talk to him thing because i’m tired of his talking.
IS there any way to recall season 21 without acknowledging the race thing though?
If I’d just said i miss the no talking to the camp comeback people without acknowledging, I felt I’d be doing worse than acknowledging everything.


i swear other than jaysar and ian, the house is filled with dumbasses

All Stars???

I swear Ian has become a dumbass this season. Why is he trusting NicF? Does he think he might get a rub and tug?

Miss Impression

Ian is playing a great game so far,he walked in as one of the top targets but only 1 person is really after him.The best strategy for the first few weeks is to blend into the background so people forget you’re there while making friends and observing to gather info.While Nichole is a snake she is a good source of info for Ian and he can trust her because he has a penis.

The Beef

I agree! Ian’s only problem is he wasn’t part of the pre-game alliance building, so he was behind from the start, and given that, he’s done a great job of laying low and not making waves so far. I hope he comes on later in the game and starts making some moves. He’s got the smarts to do well, if he can continue to sniff out what’s going on in the house and position himself accordingly.

Feeds Gold

jani very energetic makes some good points to enzo, who you can tell knows she is better for his game than kaysar

enzo, cody, memphis, dani should want to keep jani, who would be more loyal to them than kaysar would and she would be more of a massive target

its likely kaysar would want to work with the likes of tyler, ian, shitmas, bay, day

but as jani is more likely to win a comp and almost everyone thinks they are with cody and co and or tyler and co, cody and tyler choose who is evicted and their respective minions follow, so it will be jani leaving

after jani leaves im hoping cody and tyler dont ride it out together until the end…far more interesting would be cody and co versus tyler and co

as long as tuggy is there the prospect of ian and kaysar linking up as a f2 cant happen…perhaps if she leaves sometime soon and kaysar survives theres a chance of that


I bet this will be the most thumbs down post all summer. If you like NickF give a thumbs up, if you don’t thumbs down. Just for fun

All Stars???

Now same for David. See who gets more thumbs down.

Feeds Gold

i want to see keesha and jani get together, get drunk, get on twitter, and also do live streams going off on the houseguests…there should be a live feed of those 2 watching the feeds haha


Can they do other stuff together too?


Why do people keep talking about pregaming, is that even actually confirmed? Also, why are people such diehard Janelle/Kaysar fans? I get they’re popular players and beloved, but damn, a lot of y’all are treating them like gods who can do no wrong. Like they’re the only “good” players and everything happening to them is everyone else’s fault. NicoleA didn’t destroy their game, neither of them really had a chance. Dr. Will and Boogie would be targeted all the same.

Miss Impression

You must only watch the broadcast show.

The Beef

So if not the pre-gaming, why did neither of them really have a chance? Why? Because alliances were formed maybe? Oh, and when were those alliances formed? Yeah, most were formed Pre-game, and then added to in the first two days of the game, until there was an insurmountable group of like 11 included in it. That and the fear of going against the crowd worked mightily against them (and the fact they were huge targets to begin with).

Odin O'Neal

I don’t think it’s going to matter which one goes. If the one that stays is able to win HoH, I get the feeling that they’re not even going to go after real targets like Memphis or Cody. Kaysar will probably do something random like target Enzo or Ian, and Janelle would continue with her NicoleF crusade. While Memphis continues to work against them blatantly to their face.

Golden Gate Granny

I disagree. Kaysar wants nothing to do with being stuck in jury. Him and Jani both (they’ve even had several back & forths about who has any fight towards these numbskulls).

If Kaysar stays, gets HOH, Nozzcole, Ian and David will be his toys for the week with the sole mission of getting Nozz out. Following week Kaysar is out and back in the comfort of intelligent communication, and his own bed, again.

If they didn’t have those dastardly lil things called contracts, this week would be MOST delicious to see them REALLY blow all this shit up and BOTH walk out the door and right on past Julie to the exit. Neither of them need a penny from CBS. They’d surely be sued, but I can dream.

This is a complete sham that has gone all kinds of sideways and I’m fairly confident this BS is not what Janie was thinking by a “cameo thing.”

I want 3 airdays a week for Survivor.


Omg yes that would be epic!

Feeds Gold

i would like to see a secret veto clue hidden behind or written on the back of or underneath one, or a few, of the ducks in bathroom

has anyone tried searching the ducks for something like that?

its something i could see them doing in bb canada

if i was in there i would get up late and search every duck


Janelle’s a fuckin’ champ! She’s on the block with her best friend post veto, she learned her other friend who she went out on a limb for was totally back stabbing and sabotaging her the whole time, she had to sit through that mind numbing convo with David, she had stupid Nicole f make a pathetic, wimpy jab at her in front of everyone (womp womp), she’s a have not, and she’s on her period. Yet she’s still holding it together and fighting to stay.

She’s not crying around the clock like a certain someone who hasn’t yet even had to break a sweat in this game. She’s a true OG legend.

It’d unfortunate that we probably won’t get the chance to see all the damage she can really do in there.


And…she’s the best looking person in the house while doing it all !!!!!


Yeah she’s a hottie

Golden Gate Granny

Dignity and integrity is sexy.

Lynn Wheeler

So did a wall yeller said fuck Nicole F


It’s a bummer they didn’t hear it. I think I need to take a drive and start screaming over the wall. What should I scream? I’d seriously do it.


“ DANI, FRANZEL, & SHITMAS are Mean Girls”


I like that. Hmmm…

another name

one of the people that took responsibility said that
the other taking responsibility says they said save janelle.


I just want Janelle to stay…. I am starting to wish Paul A and Evil Dick were in the house. Here is what I do not understand… why is anyone in that house working with Nicole F… she probably has the worst credit in BB history. Nicole F does nothing for an alliance but bounce checks, sit around and whine… honestly I would rather work with Da’Vonne because at least she is observant and loyal those are two things that makes her better than Nicole.

I am also disappointed as a BB fan all of the BB tropes are happening again this year. All the white people in a super alliance (They might as well call it “the Mob” because Cody, Enzo and Dani are all Italian with two of them from Jersey.)… All of the PoC are on the other side with David & Bay as disposables…. Kevin the floater is back to whine for another Summer (AKA utterly useless but will make jury.)… GET BETTER GAYS those of us who are gay have been wanting a great gay player… but BB never provides. What happened Will W or JC were not available, they would be better than Kevin for gods sake.

Why is it in 2020 all the same stuff is happening every year. Why is the house divided by race and sexual orientation. Why is it females hate Janelle on sight… Hell Janelle isn’t that scary she always goes home early…. unless she wins vetos. Kayser provides no cover but Janelle is like a walking bomb shelter… she gives great cover.

I am disappointed… honestly at this point I want Nicole F to screw over Cody and Dani just to see the looks on their faces. I want Tyler and Christmas in the final 2… since Janelle is probably going home this week and I would throw up if it turned out Kevin was in the final 2.

It is a disappointing Season already and I can see it being dull and predicable like Season 16 if some stuff doesn’t start happening like Kayser being evicted and Janelle winning HoH… A Janelle HoH is my last hope for a fun Summer. I want Nicole F tears or Kevin tears. Oh well, that is all.


Why would anyone play with the 2 previous winners? Seemed like a perfect reason to get put up.


First of okay we all get it. If it is not Jayser you all can’t watch the season shows or feeds anymore. Good then grab the Kracken or your drink of choice and watch what you want. Most of you whine more than Nicole F who I have never liked on BB16 and 18. In my previous posts I have been a big time Tyler supporter. I agree he is a follower now. Not a leader of a powerful alliance like he was on BB20. I too am disappointed this year. But I wont whine. Even Houka sticks to her or his guns each year. And even though I bust there chops they stick to what they believe. My point is. Watch the show,and just enjoy we have it. With COVID-19 ravishing the US. Just be glad we have something to watch. On a side note. I wish GROD would use some of the old school ideas. Like winning comps for food and things like that.I am not old school 100% But the comps back then were way harder and more fun to watch. I was re-watching season 4, when they started out on the balancing beam for the food comp. Just as an example.

Golden Gate Granny

I miss the food comps too. It was a great layer to the game. They all played and there was no “throw it” on those comps (exposing comp abilities).

Especially fun when rivals HAD to work together to simply eat, get alcohol, etc.

Yeah… the good ol’ days.