Ameerah – “She’s [Taylor] got to go it’s over. that’s done. Poor girl. I didn’t do it she did it to herself.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Turner
Nominees: Brittany and Michael
POV Players: Nicole, Taylor, Michael, Brittany, Turner, Jasmine, (Joe is host)
POV Winner: Michael/Brittany
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Alyssa & Indy

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine (She’s also safe)
Joe & Monte
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Ameerah & Terrance
Nicole & Taylor

How Nominations will work: One pair will be nominated
How the Veto Player Pick will work: Turner/Jasmine, nominated pair, and drawn pair
– If one of the pair wins the veto, the other is also safe.
– If the nominated pair comes off the block, Turner would nominate another pair.
– Eviction: One of the pair on the block will be evicted

State of the house

They were up all night but not much game talk went down. Looks like the Leftovers were able to hide their intentions for Monday’s Vero Ceremony. The plan is still for Brittany/Michael to come down from the block and for Turner to put up Ameerah/Terrance. Ameerah is the target and has no idea she is going up. This will likely be a drama filled day.

1:56 am Chit chat

3:26 am Nicole and Daniel
Nicole – I have confidence that I have support in this house and If I didn’t feel that support I wouldn’t have done what I did.. I f***ing Threw a comp
Nicole – I threw a comp to get on the block.. that’s POOCH 9.0
Daniel – no yours is strategic
Nicole – everything I do is strategic. That is why earlier when we were talking to Ameerah The point I was trying to make strategically for us as the females of the house we cannot put up a female. Strategically if it ends up failing we can’t have it fall on us in order for us to make it further in the game.
Daniel – same thing is going to happen with the guys too
Nicole – that’s what I’m saying let us take the jabs at the guys and you guys take the jabs at the girls
Daniel – I agree once you take a jab at the guys they’re coming after you
Nicole – Correct, we need to get rid of the girls first so it’s better for their to be guys in the next head of house hold (ZXOMG)
Nicole – as much as I want her to win HOH I don’t think it’s wise for a female to win HOH
Daniel – you think she’ll put up bigger dudes?
Nicole – no
Daniel – Ohh you think she’ll put up girls
Nicole – yeah.
Daniel – are all the girls on the same page.
Nicole – Not Indy.
Daniel – yeah she’s the one going home
Nicole – Correct
Daniel – so who gives a shit. Why is that bad?
Nicole – we just feel so close to her that’s why
Daniel – that’s not a good reason. you need more reason than that. She sucks at this game she’s going to ruin your approach to the game.
Nicole – we’re trying to keep the friction down and the drama down. She’s a very dramatic player.
DAniel – in that case we can’t put anybody up ever. She’s riding with the guys it’s obvious
Nicole – She’s trying to ride with the guys
Daniel – she’ll be a number for them I guarantee you she will side with them.
Nicole – No you’re right
Daniel – in that situation it show the loyalty for Alyssa.
Daniel says the house won’t keep Indy
Nicole – not a chance. Alyssa will stay there’s no question in my mind about that.
Daniel – if by chance Ameerah wins it’s still no threat
Daniel – if she makes it to jury she’s not voting for a girl.
Nicole – the fact that she was talking shit about me or tryign to like make me look liek a target
Daniel – how?
Nicole – she started telling Ameerah, weren’t you close
Daniel – she’s jealous of the attention.
Daniel says Alyssa isn’t jealous because she’s hot and confident. “Indy is older not that attractive and doesn’t know who to play this game”
Nicole – she needs to go
Daniel asks her if she’s going to try for the next HOH
Nicole assuming Taylor is getting evicted on Thursday “I’m a solo I don’t have anyone else in this game I don’t have a beastie”
Nicole – Listen I’m a savage bitch
Daniel – Ameerah said she’ll do she has to do so ..
Nicole – We’re not assholes we’re strategic b1tches
Daniel – only one person wins this game
Nicole – I know who I want out of this house and Indy is one of them.
Daniel – yeah
Nicole – I want Brittnay out of this house to
Daniel – today was fine but she’ll be back tomorrow.
Nicole – she’ll be back tomorrow when she’s off the block.

3:30 am Chit chat

3:50 am Alyssa and Kyle chit chat about relationships (they talk for about an hour)

4:00 am Joe, Monte and Taylor
Taylor – When everything blows up tomorrow there will be so much mud thrown. There will be that will try to recruit me back to the girls.
Taylor – My loyalty is here PERIOD
Monte – thanks I appreciate it.

4:20 am Daniel and Nicole
Nicole says the twist may chance their plans to get Indy and Brittany out.
Nicole – as a whole house people will start thinking in different ways

They go on speculating what the twist is.
Nicole – Technically I have the votes to stay.

5:00 am Ameeraha and Joe
Joe says he heard Taylor’s target is Monte
Ameerah says Taylor told them her target was Turner “last week”
Ameerah – now I hear she’s targeting MOnte.. so I don’t know what she’s doing
Ameerah – how do you feel about Turner? I promised him safety next week
Joe – I told him DUde if you don’t put me up I won’t put you up.
Ameerah – he’s a strong competitor he almost won that first HOH. THen the veto comp.. I feel he threw that veto comp the jousting one
Ameerah goes on about Taylor “She has to go.. she should have gone the first week nothing personal.. I’ve heard from multiple people she wants Monte which puts me on the block”
Ameerah – She’s got to go it’s over. that’s done. Poor girl. I didn’t do it she did it to herself. Next week will be Brittnay then the following week not 100% sure.

Joe wonders who Turner is close with.
Ameerah says Alyssa and Daniel. “I think Turner will take out women”
Ameerah – he needs to be taken out (Turner) he’s another person that needs to be..
Joe – he slept the whole HOH. He’s really not talking game.
Ameerah – he should be talking game with everybody
Joe – how can he sleep through his whole HOH that’s weird to me. If I was HOH I’m talking to all you.
Ameerah – he’s not taking advantage of it.
Joe – the only people I see him talking to is Alyssa and Daniel
Ameerah – yeah, I think he’s going through someone emotionally .. He lost Paloma and he really misses Meghan. Now POOCH is gone that was his partner.
Joe – I really don’t know him..
Ameerah – don’t tell anyone about this talk

6:00 am Zzzzz
10:01 am Zzzzzzzz

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So easy to dislike some of these people. BTW: has anybody actually seen Indy sleeping in the have not room? The cameras have been on the others in there but I haven’t seen them.
‘The grid is finally shaping up like it should.


And…..I don’t know who’s talking irritates me most. Jazz’s ghetto hick slang or Indy’s loud screeching attention getting complaints.


I do kind of love how clueless the side of the house that’s about to get blindsided is. How are they going to fit everything in on Wednesday? lol

david bb22

That’s Karma right there. After the Veto ceremony they will beg for the votes of all the people they have trash talked, specially Taylor who will be the swing vote. I have the popcorn ready.


Today should offer ample drama and excitement as the Leftovers take their first strike at the Egomaniacs Brigade. What happens over the next few days will likely also determine who rises to the top of the hit list. Although they agreed on Evil Elvis & Cruel Chef as the priority boots that isn’t set in stone & already there are varying opinions/priorities within the group of who should go next.

They don’t have to win the next HOH to get out someone they want BUT they do have to ensure that both the pairs with two members (Monte/Joe — Michael/Britt) of the alliance don’t hit the block (or at least aren’t up post POV).

As of Sunday – here’s where each member of the Leftovers seemed to be leaning…

Monte is posturing for Cruel Chef to be the next boot. Hey, just b/c there’s a new alliance doesn’t mean he’s going to shift from wanting HIS PREFERENCE as the priority target. It doesn’t help that CC’s ego is so inflated she’s openly & blatantly sending out recruits to get personal dirt on Monte.

ASIDE: Evil Elvis thinks he’s cracked the Monte career code believing he’s a race car driver — ummmmmmmm— maybe things have changed but I thought most F1 drivers were similar to fighter pilots in that they are typically in the 5’9 height range & Monte is 6’3″.

Joe wants Ally out as Another Name points out. That could be b/c of his preference to have the alpha males go deep in the game. Question: is Turner really an alpha? — Watch for Kyle to try to shift to keeping Michael over him as things progress (remember they have a F2).

However, he might also want her out b/c he’d prefer Kyle not have someone outside the 7 who would give him a voting advantage (especially if they are OTB beside each other). Plus, Joe also walked in the room as Ally was whispering “so we take out Joe next?” I’m still not sure if she was joking or not.

Kyle seemed to be on board with CC being next – that also makes sense for him since he’s Evil Elvis’ bestie & he’s never been fond of CC going back to when Monte/Amee brought her into PP w/o discussing it with the others (K/M/A). Plus he learned CC/Ame wanted to keep Taylor to “target one of the big guys” he automatically assumed they meant him which is sort of odd b/c Monte is the one they’ve openly spoken of wanting out.

After last night when Ally all but dropped the bunny in the boiling water he might be more open to an earlier Ally oust. Still, I think he’ll want her making jury for her vote. But also will likely want her to be the first member of the jury b/c he’s been holding off the showmance (and kiss) using the excuse of let’s at least wait until jury.

Who Turner wants up isn’t clear (other than he’ll want to keep Ally) and that scenario could shift this week. Joe planted, watered, and weeded seeds well into the early hours with Ameerah which could result in blow back after the POV ceremony. Joe said (at least three times) that the only people he knows Turner talks game with are Ally & Daniel. A blindsided and paranoid Amee may start wondering if EE is responsible & did this b/c of his jealousy over how close she is with CC.

Tay/Michael/Britt ALL want Evil Elvis out next & if they win HOH will push that agenda. As they get closer to the vote for this week I think this trio has some bargaining on their side. As long as they present their case logically and without force-feeding it – they ‘should’ be able to get the group to commit to Evil Elvis being the target next week.

Watch for Michael to take the lead on these negotiations as he seems to be the Monte whisperer. His lawyer ability comes in handy when he presents arguments of logic to both Monte & Kyle so I could see him winning this argument simply by saying ‘we got Taylor & Britt to commit with us & not succumb to the pressure so I think we need to do this as a gesture of good will back’. Of course Michael has the most at stake b/c he knows he would be EE’s priority target — he just won’t position it that way.

Strap in for the post POV Ceremony fall out…

I’m anxious for the post-POV ceremony feeds to see how everyone not in the Leftovers reacts but particularly Ameerah, Evil Elvis & Cruel Chef. Since EE is close to Turner it wouldn’t surprise me if he acts out in anger over the fact Turner didn’t do as he was told. EE/CC already had their GBM’s ready for Taylor so it also wouldn’t be surprising if they find a way to blame her for Turner’s change of heart.

Personally, I’ve made no bones about wanting Evil Elvis off my feeds & TV. He’s vile, cruel, and brings no substance to the season. I’ll be hoping he’s the one who paints a giant bullseye on himself via his actions over the next three days .

Although the POV was played in pairs it’s unlikely the HOH will be played in pairs UNLESS the Bestie who isn’t evicted has safety until the twist ends. If that’s the case then I’m PRAYING Kyle throws the comp to ensure EE is available to evict. Taylor should consider that option as well – – but most of the fan base (who watch live feeds to know the depravity of EE) would LOVE if she could win HOH just so she gets the personal opportunity to backdoor his ass!

As Bette Davis said in All About Eve … Fasten your seatbelts it’s going to be a bumpy ride …. (let’s enjoy what could be the best day of feeds so far this season).


I think it is Ameerah that Turner wants out so any personal reasons line up with proper game. Get a supply of Cracker Jacks ready as we watch what the feeds allow us to of the Fallout of the Ceremony!


I really hope they get Daniel out next. He’s vile and repulsive. Seriously, a real POS. He and Nicole suck for what they did to Taylor, it’ll be nice when they have their AITA moment, hopefully they’ll realize that they are in fact the a**holes.


Yeah – I mean it’s pretty obvious what I think of both of them given the monikers I assigned them! But Evil Elvis is the one who makes my skin crawl the most. Cruel Chef, I abhor slightly less – so I’d rather she have to eat crow for an extra week than deal with having to see him one minute longer.


As far as Monte goes, right now he is more talk than action making him a floater in my eyes especially since he has no real follow through from what I see. It will take some time and more moves for me to put aside my disappointment about Joe since I seem to have greatly overestimated Joe’s abilities in this game; which means that if he just succeeds this week but falters again I am not putting myself back on the Joe bandwagon. I find myself rooting for Michael now because he has exceeded my expectations (which also makes him a target).


That’s completely fair. Monte has had a tendency of pushing his own agenda over others. He’s also the type of player who you can tell won’t even try to win a comp until jury unless he senses he’s in grave danger or he needs to save someone he considers vital to his success.

Although he can be overly demanding & doesn’t deal well with “no” he has demonstrated some strengths that are essential in BB. One that he shares in common with Michael is the ability to sit in a room and gather intel simply by not needing to hear his own voice. Like yesterday, he was in the HOH room when Evil Elvis & Cruel Chef were going off about Taylor and he sat back just absorbing.

Turner found the conversation so disturbing he left the room leaving the group (Brittney was there too). Turner told Joe I think he couldn’t deal with the two of them but Monte smartly sat and let the egomaniacs wax on about Taylor (calling her a b*tch) and revisiting their take on her being a terrible person. In rooms with a mixture of people he’s aligned with/and not aligned with watch him fade into the background and how he watches the people as they speak without reacting but you know he’s taking every word and nuance in.

Actually, Kyle also has that ability as he sat letting Evil Elvis (who does like to hear his own voice) do most of the talking in their one-on-one with Turner prior to noms.

He also has the ability to make people pine for his approval. Consider how many of the hamsters say he never shares with them or how they react when he does say or do something nice. Kyle accomplishes it with humor primarily and Michael via empathy or via poignant communication but it’s Monte who the hamsters clamor to gain acceptance from. I’m not sure if it’s how he carries himself or if he just exudes that natural leadership vibe but it’s something I’ve noticed all season. Even while Ameerah and CC discuss wanting him out they both are desperate for his approval.

Last season, Xavier had that vibe with the hamsters wanting his approval and I never felt he played the best game – rather that he benefited from being in the most competitive foursome plus the Cookout so he didn’t really have to extend himself until well into the jury phase.

Monte has made some errors so far but adapted and recovered. I felt he turned a corner just after the Old Skool alliance got outed and the trio of Kyle, Michael and he began thinking of counter moves. Granted, I also think that’s why Ky-Mi are ahead of him in overall gameplay bc they are the better strategists.

Yet, that also highlights his other strength – spotting talent. Think of how much stead he put in Ameerah – there’s no way Cruel Chef gets added to PP w/o her input & we know he offered Amee a F2. He gave her a lot of leeway – first with the Pooch situation (TELLING him Pooch was leaving) and then gave her several days to reveal the Old Skool alliance. When she didn’t he pushed her to the side and doubled down with Kyle/Michael.

They may have created the Pound – but I’m also not convinced they are his legit F4 — I still think something is going to get revealed (b/c they kept switching the feeds during their strategy sessions last week between Ky-Mo-Mi) where that trio came up with the plan to create this new alliance and the steps they would need to take. For Britt, Tay, Joe, and Tucker to be the specific four also felt pre-planned and something they discussed. I don’t even think Tucker would’ve been part of it had he not won HOH or the pairs twist implemented. He felt more like “the seventh” based on him having power. I guess we’ll find out eventually but my gut says Monte’s true desires are to go to F3 with Kyle & Michael or Kyle & Joe (but Michael in the F4 at worst).

Meanwhile, I think Kyle/Michael will prefer to go to F4 with each other & I would’ve said 2 females like Britt & I think before she went Fatal Attraction on him last night possibly Ally. It’s doubtful they’ll ever believe Taylor could win based on how she was treated and though Kyle keeps saying to Monte he wants her out I’m NOT buying that spiel either. So maybe Kyle, Britt, Tay, Michael.

I’ve been up all night b/c I want to stay up until after the POV ceremony occurs to catch the fallout so bit of a tangent there- apologies.


How did Alyssa go fatal attraction on kyle? I don’t have the feeds…


She was flirting HARD CORE & asked someone his last name then walked away whispering Alyssa XXXXX (his last name). She also invited him to sleep in the HN room with her. Check out the clip of them saying good night (it’s all over social media) where he looks up at the camera when he turns the corner & quietly screams. LOL


Fantastic analysis, as always. I’ve been out-of-town and missed a lot of the past week. But based on Simon & Dawg’s recaps, it appears that some of our formerly misguided HGs are gaining clarity (with plenty of DR nudging, I’m sure). Kyle and Joe are getting some accurate reads, Monte finally has his head out of his @ss, and Michael and Britney have secured their roles in the Leftovers alliance.

My prediction: Ameerah goes this week and Evil Elvis goes next week. For some reason, I can’t see Grod letting Cruel Chef go pre-jury. Based on the limited show segments and social media posts that I’ve seen this season, it appears that Cruel Chef (aka – Nicole) and Jasmine are Grod favorites, so they’ll likely make it to jury. I can see Grod letting EE go and then Terrance or Alyssa.


Does Monte have his head out of his ass? It remains to be seen. Nicole has had good gameplay up until recently so she may last until jury. Jasmine will only last until Jury if she has a Prince Charming “take the bullet” for her

The Beef

Considering your next to last paragraph and the veto usage, I’m still confused by this whole Besties twist.

We know after Taylor once again apologized to Nicole – very sincerely I might add – Nicole thanked her, but also scolded her once again to “watch her words” and how she uses them before finishing up with (paraphrasing), going forward in this game our relationship will be on a strictly business only level.

To start with, who says something like that after somebody sincerely apologizes to you for words that were obviously taken out of context? But more importantly, if Ameerah is in fact evicted this week, it should be pretty obvious where the lines are drawn in the house, and that Taylor and CC are on opposite sides. So, if Taylor were to win HOH, no matter which bestie couple she puts OTB, Nicole is probably not going to like the nomination, nor the target and she DEFINITELY would not be in support of any attempt to backdoor EE. Given she is Taylor’s bestie, she would be playing WITH her in the veto comp, and likely sabotaging any effort by Taylor to win, but if they were to win somehow, how do they decide to use the veto or not? If one bestie wants to use it and the other doesn’t, what then? Any way they compete individually, and whoever wins, wins and just decides for themselves to use it or not?

What if Taylor nominates Alyssa and Indy hoping to backdoor EE, but EE and Kyle get picked to play anyway. Nicole is throwing like a banshee hoping EE wins to keep noms the same, with the hope Indy gets voted out. Knowing the plan, KYLE is also throwing, knowing they have the numbers to get out EE. Can you imagine the chaos with both trying so hard not to win? Depending on the comp, they might be playing FOREVER, since neither Indy nor Alyssa have shown themselves to be comp beasts as of yet. That could be the result of this “great” twist BB has provided us with this summer.

The way these teams were picked, and the fact 3 of them have players in direct conflict alliance wise (at least right now), and at least 2 more (Alyssa and Indy, Ameerah and Terrance) are not really aligned at all, leaving only 2 teams (Joe and Monte, Brit and Michael) that are truly aligned with each other, this whole “besties” thing is looking more and more like it’s going to be a cluster you know what.


Random Post-POV Terrance thoughts…

Heading into the POV ceremony most of our thoughts have focused on the aftermath with the analysis centered on what Ameerah might do to try to stay. Secondarily, we’ve pondered the reactions of Evil Elvis, Cruel Chef, and Ms. Milk My InJASry and whether their dramatics will hit new season highs.

Lost in the shuffle is what Terrance will do. Sure, he’s the much lesser of two evils with no strategic input or competitive fire. His game is solely based on finding shelter hiding behind large targets and in a big alliance that he believes to the house majority. His lone talent (if you can call it that) is capitalizing on the angst and ire of whoever he is speaking with and then throwing out nasty comments about the hamster that person dislikes – – stoking the fire if you will.

Yesterday, he had separate one-on-one conversations with Taylor and Cruel Chef over the fantastical performance of CC on Saturday. If you found yourself wanting to break something listening to these chats you aren’t alone. Per typical what he actually said and then told the other one he said were vastly different. Albeit, he did say some sh*t to Taylor that he’ll have to deal with on social media when he exits.

His conversation with Cruel Chef was far worse suggesting he told Taylor essentially she needed to step the F back, know her place and when to speak. At 47, the fact he’s not only condoning the nasty comments but also contributing is reprehensible. In the introductory episode he said he has four children (I only remember seeing his son) so presumably at least one daughter which makes his acceptance of the Taylor hate even more disappointing.

I digress…

Over the next three days Ameerah will undoubtedly be in full-on survival mode. How well the PP crew convinces her they are (A) shocked by the nomination and (B) have her back will likely dictate how dramatic her actions will be. If she’s paranoid and doesn’t believe them then she’ll pull out all the stops attempting to pit people against each other, throw out what she believes are hidden secrets & make outlandish offers to ensure her safety.

Although the Leftovers didn’t address what Terrance would do I think his actions could pay the greatest dividends. He might believe he’s closer to CC & EE and therefore has their votes but he’ll need six. He knows Amee will automatically get Ally, Indy, Jas, likely Britt, and probably assumes she’ll have Joe — that’s five already so if that’s his take he’ll know he has work to do. He also knows Amee can throw him UTB b/c of his penchant for spilling dirt — remember it was Ameerah who he ran back to spill tea right after Monte spoke to him last week.

And that’s where things could get very interesting. If he feels like his back is against the wall he could be the one who offers the most dirt about his own alliance and I think he’ll bring that intel to Monte, Kyle, Michael and whoever he feels he needs to sway to get their vote.

The question is what intel does he have that they don’t already know about? Although he doesn’t know – they are already aware of Old Skool – and essentially who their targets are. Perhaps he has more to offer and we’ll see in the coming days especially if he feels he’s at risk of leaving.

There are several conversations I’m eager to witness. Firstly with Taylor given how he has treated her recently. If he questions whether he has her vote (and I pray she doesn’t tell him it’s an automatic yes) he’ll have ample tea to offer her. In fact, if there was ever a concern she might flip, the Leftovers best asset might end up being Terrance who could have the dirt necessary to sink Ameerah. He will definitely be able to offer Tailor-specific intel about Evil Elvis, Cruel Chef, and Milk My inJASry’s comments about her for the coming weeks.

He was close to Monte & Kyle prior to the creation of Old Skool but after he lied to them that he was on board to keep Pooch he has some fences to mend. Will Ky-Mo question him acknowledging they know he did lie? And finally, his chats with Michael/Britt who he has done little to nothing to nurture relationships with but now needs their votes.

We haven’t had to see him deal with much adversity yet and since the Leftovers are all planning on telling Ameerah she’s safe presumably they won’t commit to Terrance to keep the blindside in play (and to keep Ameerah somewhat under control). If that group is smart they’ll take him to task for being caught in lies, talking poorly about everyone (outside of Old Skool) or the fact he can’t be trusted to keep information private.

Let’s see if there is more to his game than we’ve witnessed to date. Recalling that opening episode, Terrance said he’d be willing to throw anyone & everyone UTB (it was a play on his profession). If it was more than just a production fed line, Ameerah can expect some darts but since he spends the most time “gaming” with Evil Elvis & Cruel Chef they are the hamsters he can do the most damage to. Let’s see if that equates to a major info dump.

Palm Oil's Meds

Bruno Mars is going to catch some grenades today! lol


When is the POV ceremony going to happen?


Lmao poor Amearah I don’t know how to spell her name totally clueless lmao

un autre nom

Stinky is telling Daniel.
Why does Stinky still think Daniel should be told ANYthing?


It is possible that it was discussed last night as to tell Daniel to see if he passes on information but not sure on that detail. The part I do remember is that a few of them saying things to give them cover with others. Notice Turner said that he was only telling Daniel and not to say anything to anyone else. He also didn’t say who he was putting up in her place

un autre nom

Telling Daniel that other people (not Daniel) have been so toxic about Taylor that he can’t add on to the dogpile by nominating her is a choice. Eyeroll.
Telling Daniel anything is a choice.
Telling Daniel that Daniel is the only person that knows? Does that mean if he tells anyone, he loses Sinky. I remind: Daniel was okay with Turner being the pawn this week if he wasn’t HOH when the OldSkool kept saying it.
So this is what… Stinky’s way of saying Daniel’s entire game strategy of burn the witch isn’t cool… without saying it directly?

But hey, Daniel being in HOH for hours before noms, then Daniel being in HOH right before Veto ceremony… HOPEfully that makes the house think Daniel has been turning on the women???
One can only hope.


I have a feeling it’s a trap for Daniel. Ameerah will think he was in on everything if he doesn’t say something to them pre-veto ceremony. Then if he does warn them he’s on the outs with Turner. I kind of love that he’ll be tested here. I’m hoping he’s out next, hahaha


Something I have learned about Nicole is that she is a control freak. You see an example of this when she is recapping a tense conversation she had with Taylor. She talks about the ways she was making her bed and folding and re-folding her clothes, a result of the tension and underlying difficult emotions. This displays that she engages in compulsive behaviors when she is dealing with anxiety, as one of the best ways to deal with anxiety is to try and gain control of your surroundings.

This jives with the fact that she worked as a police officer/ sheriff in the past. Positions of authority often provide individuals with the ability to control civilians and assert dominance over others who are weaker/ not in a position of power.

We are seeing her need for control manifest itself in two different ways:
1. She is using threats and intimidation factors to make others do what she wants and push them towards her agenda in the game. She uses some of her charm to sway certain people under her dominion, and then uses more aggressive tactics with others who are not so docile. Some of these intimidations are more overt and some are subtle, but they are constant as she often seems to be in a highly alert state. It’s as if she is always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Perhaps she has been impacted by trauma in her life, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she operated in a hyper vigilant way outside of the house.
2. She is also going through plans for evictions up to 2,3 or 4 weeks in advance. Anyone who watches Big Brother knows that there is no way to predict who might be evicted even two weeks in advance due to the drastic swings in the house. But if you listen to Nicole, she is already trying to formulate the list of who will be evicted several house guests down the line. She is trying to convince herself that she has the ability to know how events will play out, using Daniel as a confirmation device. It’s a way for her to maintain the illusion of control over events while also reducing her anxiety.

un autre nom

I should note.
It goes without saying that I am happy to see SOMEBODY finally asked Jasmine about why she isn’t doing any rehab whatsoever for her foot.
Kyle asked her. Said she told the house 2 weeks, and asked if she’s even tried walking on it.
Jasmine says they are worried about the swelling going down before she tries.
That’s…. okay, telling myself to shut up now… i mean, just because that wasn’t the medical advice every time i sprained an ankle (five including both ankles at the same time once), doesn’t mean HER doctors aren’t saying that.
Just because I think she’s milking it, and the house is starting to wonder if she’s milking it…
doesn’t mean the show’s doctor isn’t concerned.
(she IS milking it).
They gave her a cane for a reason.


I am sure that if she was milking it, there will be a storyline to that effect soon. When my Dad had to get a walker because of hip surgery after a fall, I told him he should practice so that he could do the routine in The Producers(lol) and the Physical Therapists did give him exercises to do as homework (whether he did them when he was supposed to is another story) so unless there are crappy doctors on staff (entirely possible) they should have given her Instructions


Wait…. who is Dawg and Simon?


These fake people are so nauseating and they are very focused on Taylor.She’s as smart as they are dumb.I see through them.???


Big Brother needs to do more to make the Have Nots SUFFER like making it either hotter or colder in their rooms or piping in weird smells like Fart spray for a truly harsh experience!

Daisy may123

You would think in this day in age that bulling wouldn’t be tolerated but in this house they are picking on Taylor. Daniel should not be able to yell at her like that. Is that what big brother is about? He needs to go I hope Taylor goes far farther than Nicole and Daniel. Give them the queen wave!