Victoria says my clothes have been taken from me, they’re like 90% of me! My clothes are my identity!

POV Holder: Chrsitne Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 4th
HOH Winner 1: Donny HOH Winner 2: Nicole
Battle of the Block Winner  Caleb/Victoria Next HOH/ Next BOB Aug 7/Aug 8
Original Nominations: Donny’s Noms (Victoria & Caleb) Nicole’s Noms (Zach & Jocasta)
Final Nominations: Zach & Jocasta
Have Nots Frankie, Cody and Hayden
POV Players Nicole, Christine, Jocasta, ZachAttack, Caleb, Victoria,

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-05 13-21-40-768
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1:15pm In the kitchen – Caleb starts talking about his ex-girlfriend. He talks about how she was in the hospital and he stayed there with her for a week with out leaving or showering. He says that she told him he was the best boyfriend in the world. Then the next day she broke up with me and that was it. Victoria asks Hayden if they can have their talk now. (Ambers gone and now Caleb is obsessively talking about his ex.)

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1:25pm – 1:55pm Hayden and Victoria heads outside. Victoria says I came up with some really good points when I was in the shower. Hayden asks you were thinking about me in the shower? Victoria says no I mean while I was doing my makeup. Victoria says you called me a princess. So what I was thinking when I go out on a date with a guy I go to the bathroom and fix my make up a number of times. So in here I need to do the same because here I am in front of 9 million people. You should want to look your best and not sluggish. Shouldn’t I want to look good. Isn’t this proving my point? Hayden says no because you are always in the mirror so all the shots they’ll have of you will be mirror shots. Victoria asks why wouldn’t I want to look good. Hayden says to look perfect. Victoria says no not perfect. I don’t have the right make up to look perfect. Hayden says you don’t need make up to look perfect. I bet you use twice as much makeup as anyone else. Victoria says this isn’t how I am in normal life. Hayden then shows her what she’s like in the mirrors. Stopping at each one in the backyard checking his face, outfit and butt. Victoria says you wouldn’t just roll out of bed and go out without putting on makeup. Hayden says but you don’t need to check yourself out every 5 minutes. Victoria says so that’s why people call me princess in this house. Hayden says one of the reasons. Hayden tells Victoria you’re TV gold! Like the ditziness and checking yourself out. Victoria smiles and asks really?! Hayden says you think these things are bad things but they’re not. Victoria says okay at least we’re on the same page. Hayden says yes, you and America are on the same page. Victoria says my clothes have been taken from me.. they are like 90% of me.. My clothes are my identity! I have changed a lot since being in here. Hayden says what you don’t realize is the more you talk about it the more they’ll show it. Victoria asks what girl wouldn’t want to be a princess. Hayden says this is a funny conversation. Victoria says whatever I don’t even care any more. Hayden says yeah it sounds like you don’t care. We’re on the same page. Victoria says I understand this is a game and I have to play dirty, I just don’t know how dirty. Hayden says yeah you’re a dirty girl.

2pm – 2:25pm Victoria is talking to Christine in the backyard chairs. Victoria says this game is going to get dirty real fast. Christine says I think it already has. Christine asks do you know how people are voting this Thursday? This is the first time I don’t know. Victoria says he isn’t sure. She detached the other day and hasn’t had a chance to talk to her. Christine says Jocasta is good to keep because she can always go on the block but Zach will always be a target. Victoria says now that we have the chance to get Zach out we should like when we had Devin on the block. Christine agrees you have to take it when you’ve got it. Christine says we only need 4 votes. Christine says that Hayden said well Zach isn’t coming after me. Christine says but Zach has said Hayden’s name. Christine says that Jocasta can’t win anything and she’s a loose cannon. She can go at any moment, she can’t win anything. Victoria says there are bigger targets than Zach but we need to get the big targets out before they get together and make it to the end. Christine says Caleb was one of the guys that wants Zach to stay. I think there still could be a guys alliance. Frankie, Derrick, Caleb and Cody all said they are going to vote out Jocasta. Doesn’t that look weird. We have to turn it on them. That’s 4 girls out in a row. Zach is going to blow up walking out that door. Victoria agrees its going to be amazing. If he doesn’t go then this HOH was a waste. It was for nothing. It would be boring for America. Christine says operation destroy Zach. She laughs and says just kidding.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-05 14-11-38-751

2:40pm – 3pm Donny talks to Nicole and Hayden about talking to Caleb trying to recruit Caleb to working with them. Donny says it would be easy to win him over. Haydeb tells Donny to bring it up and see what he says. It would be hard for Caleb to get over his original promises. Nicole tells Donny not to mention her name. Donny says he won’t. Hayden says that Caleb has told him that he wants Donny, Nicole, Jocasta, and Victoria out. Hayden says Caleb is so loyal it hurts, it’s crazy. Donny says that Caleb only talks about personal stories with him and never game. I won’t bring it up unless he does. Donny laughs about how Caleb said his ex is going to be happy to see him after. Donny says he called her bipolar. Nicole says that she would hit her ex with a bat if he called her bipolar on national tv. Hayden says that Caleb and Victoria are great tv. Nicole says except them being chained together that was horrible. I’m sure people talk about how boring that was. Hayden says if it was me and you (Nicole) it would have been super cute but if it was me and Victoria it would have been hilarious. Nicole agrees. Hayden starts going through the events of the house. Studying the days and the HOH’s, BOB’s, POV’s.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-05 14-45-36-180

3:05pm In the kitchen – Derrick joins Victoria and Christine. Derrick says that he’s pissed off and doesn’t want to talk about it. He then says I’ll talk about it .. they want us to do goodbye speeches but.. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Derrick goes and wakes up Cody and tells him to go take a look at who’s outside talking together. (Hayden, Nicole, Donny) Christine hugs Cody on his way outside, he joins them on the backyard couch.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-05 15-03-32-296


The Rationale = Nicole, Derrick, Hayden and Cody
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
bottomfeeders = Derrick and Nicole

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How wonder Zach beg all houseguest to keep him. Too bad this Thursday is double eviction that Zankie will be at the jury house.


They will be able to comfort each other (with sex)


Can wait the looks of Zach face that all the guys are turn on him. I can believe Zach will be sitting with Julie Chen.


Look out!! Beast Mode Princess


That conversation with Hayden was so P O I N T L E S S. I thought she wanted to talk game with him or something. Silly me.


Don’t say anything bad about Victoria or Officer Jawbreaker will hurt you. Not a fan of Derrick anymore!!


If he was a real man, he would take up for her in front of the whole house, not just sit there and mouth off to the other HG’s He is just hiding in the shadows talking big. Pfftt


If I was in this house this year, I would self-evict.


Can somebody please tell me what happened to Christine’s baby? She said that she was 8 weeks pregnant, but it was a blessing because she couldn’t even get an appointment to see a Doctor til she was 11 weeks?


She miscarried

Detonators Stick Together

Wish Derrick could see that Zach needs to be kept. Without Zach, Derrick is giving the “other side” of the house power. If the Detonators need stick together – they would be the last ones in the house. It would be fun to watch the Detonators to fight each other for number one. Don’t know why Derrick and Cody want to just give the power to the other side. Hayden will have both Derrick and Cody out sooner than later.

Hoping Zach is saved by Thursday!


Anyone still think Devin could have held that BS alliance together better. His overbearing demeanor started breaking it up week one. These guys had it made and blew it. They deserve to lose control of the vote.


I feel like Derrick is too involved with keeping ‘full and total control’ of the house for his own good. And you’re right Hayden absolutely is outplaying him.

This was Hayden’s week to prove he was a shrewd player, and he definitely proved it. He has Donny and Nicole’s trust, and he was able to build a solid alliance with Derrick/Cody.

If he’s able to make Christine/Frankie the next targets – he absolutely retains power of the house away from Derrick. I think Hayden will fight hardest in the next few HOHs to make sure Christine and Frankie are ousted – once he does, Derrick loses all of his power.

Hayden is absolutely going to be a late-game competition beast – I would say moreso than a Frankie or Caleb. So long as he survives the ‘backdoor phase’ Hayden is set until the end. Everyone here is talking about Derrick, but Hayden has astutely made Derrick do all of his dirty work — and ultimately has the right pieces to be able to blow up Derrick’s game when the time comes if his back is up against the wall.

Cough Derrick

Derrick and Cody were up playing pool alone for a couple hours last night and by 5:30 am, concluded that Hayden is playing them.


yes. and the night before, they concluded that frankie & christine were playing them. and the night before that, it was nicole & donny that were playing them.

these two better watch it, the paranoia will catch up to them, and take them down quicker than losing an hoh comp.


Caleb’s game is long finished. A threat no more. Only a Bomb Squad sympathetic vote.
He could have had some, maybe a lot of, success bullying early on if Amber had not turned his head so hard.


Caleb never had a game…


Zach is losing it. He was hard to control before and is getting worse. The best thing they can do is get him out with Fakie to follow. Then Ratine is on her own. CrazedCaleb is on his own and will to with Derprick and NoB@llsCody. Derprick has VapidVic under control so that’s 5. It will all come down to getting out Fakie and who controls VapidVic–Derprick or Hayden. Who would have thought at the beginning of the season that VapidVic would have all the power.


Vic is so in love with Derrick. There was a screen shot the other day on this site with Derrick laying in bed on his stomach and Victoria laying on top of him. She wants him. So I think Derrick will have control if her over Hayden. Btw, even though Derrick tild Cody that he doesnt like talking to Victoria ( said when he talks to cic in the hammock, he could hang himself), I call BS on that because his body languae says that he’s into her.


It’s easy enough to get control over Vic if you’re a guy, all you have to do is say hi & give her a little bit of attention. First it was Zach, then Hayden and now Derrick. Hayden can get control of her back by giving her some compliments simple as that.

Double D

There is no “other side of the house”. There is the detonators and everybody else. And the detonators can’t even keep it together.


Wow. Thanks for covering this exchange. You guys must be totally bored. I kinda feel sorry for all of the HG’s this summer. Rev rev stall.


Hayden tells Victoria you’re TV gold! Like the ditziness and checking yourself out. Victoria smiles and asks REALLY?!

Vic heard TV GOLD and nothing else. Brave girl… but yes, a ditz.


You nailed it there. Too forking funny!!


you are a dirty girl and a princess. How about you become a dirty princess and start strategizing first?……….. Oh you want to go put makeup on first? Ok you do that girl. But dont let the BB door hit you on the way out. 🙂 Peace

the baby-pee sitter

i bet cody’s worst nightmare are porta potties

Half a Sissy!

That’s funny! Cody do you aviod the porta potties? Must be even worse if there are no more seat covers. LMAO. She probably carries wetnaps to pat his twig & berries after the sit down piss.


Cody said he only sits at a family or friend’s house. Everywhere else, he stands. 🙂


should see him at a stadium with a full bathroom. has to use a trough. he actually starts crying.


I think all of us lost a few brain cells reading/listening to Vicotoria and Hayden’s talk.

Trigger Happy Cops

Yea me too because Hayden is an idiot as well as Victoria.

Detroit Girl

Vic replaced someone as an alternate, right? A player had a family emergency and she was the sub. Come on Double Eviction!


Really? Maybe Amber and Jocasta were also alternates, that would explain the terrible gameplay and them having no clue on how Big Brother is played…

Detroit Girl

That’s a guess, lol. Amber was definitely recruited by Production, not sure about Jocasta.


And I guess the other ladies who have gone before them because they didn’t make it any further. So it’s just not those three.


Why do you want Zack to stay, people? I mean, yes, I would rather have a different Detonator leave, but he’ll do for now. If he was to say, the eliminations would only get more and more predictable.


Victoria is a prime example of why this term exists:

Jewish American Princess; a bitchy, spoiled, golddigging Jewish female; Raised in a wealthy household, selfish, high-maintenance to the point of sheer insanity, stuck-up, the worst woman to date/marry on planet earth, yet deemed the most desirable by jewish mothers, who attempt to force them down the throats of their unsuspecting sons. A Female who collects designer fashion items and status symbols (including men).
Bane to the existence of dating men. The key to an unhappy relationship for the rest of your life. Large breasted, outwardly attractive, internally spoiled, greedy, complicated, self-righteous, and obnoxiously difficult and overbearing jewish female.


Frank Zappa had a song that went “Big nose, big tits and sand blasted zits, she’s my little Jewish Princess”


Yup, that sums up Victoria’s personality.. I’d still hit it though… ONCE.


Stereotyping much?


Yes, but without J.A.P.’s, smoking hot babes would be average.


What the hell is thumbs down watching/reading. Seems like a mostly accurate character description.

One Trick

BooHoo. Someone on this board yesterday refers to Jacosta as a “One Trick Monkey” where were you all? But you’re going to thumbs down this comment.


Sorry I missed that one. I was out working, doing something productive. Policing and calling out all the inappropriate comments on a site that features 99.9 percent inappropriate comments is akin to a second full time job. Please bear with me.



new to BB 14

Zach leaves Thursday

at the double evction Donny,Hayden,or Frankie leave

If it is Frankie wooohooo game on

If its Hayden or Donny well I would self evict right behind them if I were in the house


As much as I understand why the players like to keep those leaving in the dark about them leaving, it makes for a boring week with no campaigning to stay.


I was actually annoyed that I read Hayden and Vic’s talk.. DEAR GOD, SHUT UP..

Oh, yeah, Vic.. Zach staying would be SO boring for America. It will be oh so exciting with Jocasta staying….. The boys are dumb for letting Zach be evicted, he is a number for them and to get rid of Jocasta would hurt Donny, Nicole and Hayden.

Team America

Frankie- Will lie,cheat, steal and will even use his dead grandfather for money.
Derrick- Will also do anything it takes for money. Continuously plays the ” intergrity ” card but is no less disgusting than Frankie.
Donny- Knows how to play a great game without throwing his dignity out the window. A great person and deserves to win.

Understand please

The ONLY player who DESERVES to win is the, wait for it…
W I N N E R!
point taken on Donny he is truly awesome, but DESERVE doesn’t enter into it.
Only the winner deserves to win. Everything else is just noise.
If Donny does not win than he does not deserve to win because he will not have done what he needed to do in order to win.


Christine pregnant????? Caleb needs mental health evaluation..Victoria is concetieted for no reason yuck…derrick is just saying he doesnt want boys talking to his daughter like that..good for him! Zach will be speaking with julie on thursday followed by frankie i hope then they can rub all over each other in jury house…blah blah blah …*rolls eyes*

Gayden Voss

I wish everyone in the house would just leave! Can we have some new house guests please?


Got to throw to Hayden. Hoping he has time to prove himself as a gamer. And I’m from and currently reside in Haydens hometown.


In the next few weeks, I’d love nothing more than to see Ratine and Princess Vicky walk out that door followed by Francine.


I don’t know… but I can not remember anybody that ran the house and picked the targets in an Alliance winning Big Brother. I can only think of two Hayden and Maggie (BB7)…Drew was a good Soldier, Jun was on the outs with everyone, Will and Boogie where a little more 50/50 team. The show was still new at that time…. The Evil Dr probably have gone home just before jury or be in the jury if it was a later season. He was good but his game would have really been effected by earlier Seasons if he played now.
Strangely enough they always go home before the finale. They get picked off because there comes a point when people start thinking about their Big Brother Resume. They start thinking about their big moves and what they did in the game… taking out the head of the snake or the key players is always on a winners resume.
That is why Derrick will not win Big Brother, it may be someone in the Detonators but it won’t be Derrick and it will not be Frankie, he will be a target because everybody will see him as a chief and a big player 3 HoH’s before jury, his Snaky Frankie ways. So it will probably not be Frankie. Christine is also dead girl walking, she is too tied to Frankie and Zach.
I don’t think that Zach is going anywhere this week, I think Derrick and Cody will start to think about voting Jocasta out and find a way to frame Christine and Frankie with Donny, Hayden and Nicole. Then continue being top of the heap with the Detonators.
In the end… this is a Season of Floaters they all play both sides of the House… I can honestly say that except for very few, this is the first house I would say that they would sell their own mother for the $500,000. Not even a scratch of loyalty or integrity in the group… I think that was evicted with Joey, Brittany and Amber. One of the reasons I think that unfortunately is when Frankie and Derricks Grandfathers died neither thought of leaving the game…. not for even a second. I can think of other people that would.

Bull Erica

Donny has played the game hard and with integrity and I don’t even want him to win!!!


Zach was trying to hard to be a villain! He just made people hate him, if jo leaves then that would be boring but if zach leaves that would be the first best eviction night so far this season!!! #DoubleEvictionPlease


You are right on. Zach is trying to hard to be a villian. Either it come naturally or as is Zacks case, phoney. Glad to see the idiot go.


Has Zach even campaigned this week? Is he that lazy? Or stupid? Bunch of people he could have been chatting up all day, even just small non-game stuff, but he’s asleep.


because with his alliance he shouldn’t have to…..going to be shocked on finale night. I think he may go quietly due to being so surprised.


I don’t think Jocasta has either has she? But in this season it doesn’t even seem to matter. Everyone is too scared to go against the status quo and rock the boat. They don’t want blood on their hands. wtf?! What do you people think the whole point of the show is?! I get the feeling that every eviction this season will be or will be close to unanimous.


I am surprised people on here want Zach gone. he needs to stay. its such a shame cody/Frankie made such terrible allies for him. he had potential before going off the rails.

but he still gives me more than jacosta….so I don’t get the sentiment that him leaving is good. its bad for derrick, its bad for Frankie, its bad for cody. bunch of idiots

Crash Test Dummy

Caleb you are such a tool. For all those fans you think you’re going to have after, why not market a “Douchebag Starter Kit” that you so proudly wear. You know, then all your fans can imitate you. How about publishing a book “Chasing Women For Dummies” because you’re just killing in that department. Put that windtunnel between your ears to work and get your brand out there. There’s stacks of green to be made. Make sure you copyright/trademark everything, so many will be looking to cash on you. I’m sure CAA wants to rep you now.

Momma Kardashian

Hey Caleb I pimped out my enire family and most of us are now millionaires and famous for absolutely zilch. I have some good ideas already, clothing, cologne, too many to mention. just get in touch when you’re out. Did you keep that shaved hair? we bag and sell that to the tween demo and make bank. In closing I take 10%.


why is derrick talking about Donny a lot why not Frankie last time I check he was talking to caleb in derrick said nothing he trying to control everybody in he trying to control us America by voting Donny out he thinks we gone help him in Frankie out we want cause we be done with big brother 16 Frankie is cool I like Frankie cause I don’t see him talking about Donny a lot like derrick how did derrick get on team America I just don’t know I wish he goes home in people turn on him in the game

new to BB 14

Nicknames for remaining Houseguests

Calib=non existent beastmode
Victoria=Cluless Princess
Hayden=Jeff Spicolli
Jocasta=Has anyone heard theres another houseguest in the house named jocasta I haven’t seen her yet
Nicole=waiting for her brain to work



It seems like every season people complain about the cast saying they would self evict if they were in the house. At least it is a IMPROVMENT from last season. Obviously your still interested if you are commenting and reading updates.


“Victoria asks what girl wouldn’t want to be a princess?”

A girl who wants to be sucsessful in life, and not need a man to get by..

Victoria is grownass women who wants to be a Princess, that shows where her goals in life is..

Tht’s the difference between a Princess and a Queen… Strive to be Queens, Ladies.

Heavens Toothpick

It looks to me that Zach’s fate is entirely in Derrick and Cody’s hands… Which mean’s Zach’s fate is entirely in Derrick’s hands. So let’s break how this could effect Derrick’s game.

Short Term (Double Eviction Night):
–If they keep Zach and Hayden and Donny win (a 2 in 9 chance) they will be gunning for them big time. The target of both of these guys might go from being a backdoor of Frankie to just throwing Derrick and Cody up together and ensuring that one of them goes. Or they hope one of they themselves or one of their alliance members win (a 6 in 9 chance) or Victoria winning who is in Derrick’s back pocket and will be so frazzled that she is live that she will do whatever he says
–If they get Zach out that means that no one will be going after them going after them double eviction night. Frankie, Christine and Caleb, will think it was their idea to oust Zach. Jocasta, Donny, Victoria and Hayden will go after Frankie, Christine or Caleb. And Derrick and Cody could choose if they want to play safe and eliminate a floater, play kinda safe and eliminate Caleb (something that everyone would seem to be cool with). Or go for a big move and put Frankie and Christine on the block together and hope they go home.

–If they keep Zach they will have Nicole, Donny, and Hayden after them, but odds are (7 in 9) that one of them would be gone along with Jocasta.They would then be solid with The Detonators + Caleb (6 person alliance with a near good possability of Final 5) and they would sweep out the rest.
–If they get rid of Zach they will have Frankie, Christine and Caleb after them, but odds are (6 in 9) that one of them would be gone along with Zach on Double Eviction night. They would be pretty secure with The Rationale (4 person alliance) but a good chance that Donny and Jocasta could easily take their place as the end game looms large and Derrick looks more and more unattractive as a Final 2 partner.

…all and all Derrick and Cody are sitting pretty right now. The odds bare out that one of the two of them will be in the final 5. They need to choose tonight if they are going to stick with Zach or get him out. It all comes down to if they fear that Donny, Nicole and Hayden will backstab them quicker than Zach, Frankie and Christine will. If I were them I would keep Zach and stick with the Detonators. The numbers are better and Zach (though a loud mouth) is predictable, Frankie is going to always be a target so it will keep people’s sights off them, and Christine will only be dangerous if Nicole and Hayden begin to trust her again and if you eliminate them she will just be a number that you can discard at 6th or 7th.Unlike Donny, Nicole, and Hayden who are gamers that see your threat coming from a mile out.

BBFANS are the Worst



I feel like I have brought this up before, so forgive me if I actually have. Does anyone follow Derrick’s wife on Twitter or anything? I am SO curious if she is cool with the way Derrick & Victoria are together. He is always hugging her & asking if she is ok. I tried to ignore it, but on last night’s BBAD, the two of them were alone in the HoH room, it seemed really weird to me. Just curious if I am the only one thinking that & what his wife feels about it.


Don’t follow her but personally I wouldn’t care if he was my husband. I mean it’s Victoria, a delusional princess. Don’t think that’s his type at all. I see his wife as being down to earth, independant and educated. Think his wife posts stuff on Pinterest.


That is a good point! Thanks for your insight.


I know MOST of us hate to see Zach Attack/Wildcard leave – but really, he doesn’t even seem to care. It’s obvious that he has just been “acting out” for t.v. Even his so called victims had to smile at him when he “raged” at them. He’s never been able to get anybody to really argue with him because noone takes him seriously. I really do like Zach – think he has a good heart – but he really isn’t in it to win it. Unlike Derrick – who totally lives & breathes this game. I guess, for that reason alone – I think Derrick deserves to win. He has positioned himself well from all angles of the house. The only people that are on to him are Donny & Hayden. That is why Derrick is so afraid of Donny – he knows that he can’t beat him in the finals & he also knows that America loves him. That is why he tried to make Donny look bad for not taking the challenge. I LUV Donny but it is gonna take a miracle to keep him in the game. He really needs to step it up & start forming some strong alliances with Hayden, Nicole, Jo etc. That’s why I think the only good thing that comes from Zach leaving is that it is one less number for Derrick. Really worried about Donny in D.E. – hope that either Frankie or Christine goes home!


Derrick is kinda crazy – he’s pissed again because he sees Hayden, Nicole & Donny talking. And??? Gets on my nerves he thinks he’s the Gestapo


Derrick must not realize that Jocasta is on to him as well. It’s obvious that Hayden and Nicole, scratch that, nicole couldn’t come up with the idea. (What’s a vixen?) Hayden is playing Derrick to start chipping away at the Detanators. Donny and Jocasta are like glue. Hayden obviously trusts Donny over Derrick. Derrick keeps seeing those 3 (Nicole, Hayden, Donny) and still hasn’t figured out that the player is being played. Keeping Zach not only gives the Detanators a 5 person strong alliance, but two clueless voters to exploit (Caleb and Victoria). Derrick is a fool if he hands Jocasta over to the other side of the house. Hayden and Donny will get rid of him and Cody right after they use them to get Frankie and Christine gone. Why anyone would want to play the middle when you already have the upper hand is beyond me. Some people say Derrick is a great player. I say he’s about to make a great mistake.

A Nonny Mouse

Why do I get the weird suspicion that Jocasta may just go all the way? HG just keep sweeping her to the side, saying that they’ll take care of her later. Hmmm…


Any clue about why Derrick was pissed about the goodbye speeches they want them to tape?