Big Brother Spoilers Victoria – “It’s boring OK and what has changed.. nothing.

POV Holder: Chrsitne Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 4th
HOH Winner 1: Donny HOH Winner 2: Nicole
Battle of the Block Winner  Caleb/Victoria Next HOH/ Next BOB Aug 7/Aug 8
Original Nominations: Donny’s Noms (Victoria & Caleb) Nicole’s Noms (Zach & Jocasta)
Final Nominations: Zach & Jocasta
Have Nots Frankie, Cody and Hayden
POV Players Nicole, Christine, Jocasta, ZachAttack, Caleb, Victoria,

BB16-2014-08-05 15-46-44-310

3:36pm Backyard CHit chit
Conny says he’s not feeling as hot rigt now because he “Saved his undercarriage” (LOL what TMI)
Nicole talking about guacamole.. Donny wants to take the 3 blocks of cheese they have and make quesadillas. Derrick says they have a vegetable peeler they could use as a grater. Nicole says her stomach problems have all gone away no that she’s started drinking almond milk over regular milk.
Donny – I have a buddy at work that can’t eat anything hatched from the egg.. no Fish, no turkey no chicken.. It messes his breathing up.. “
Christine comments how Skerry Peanut allergies are “Skerry.. so Skerry”
Derrick says he got in bigt trouble because he made a peanut butter sandwich for his kid at their daycare.

BB16-2014-08-05 15-54-10-578

3:44pm Kitchen Nicole and Cody
Nicole says she tweeted out the Rationales because fans love that sort of thing. “I just hope I spelt it right “
Cody – How did you spell it
Nicole – “Ale right…
Hayden rolls ion Cody says he’s made a deal with Donny if he gets called out by production (singing, Microphone etc) Donny gets to kick him in the balls.
Hayden mentions the song selection this morning were all the songs they talked about yester Slipknot duality, Disturbed and Korn freak on a leash .
Hayden tells him COdy is putting too much “Stuff” in his slop. Hayden says that is what makes him sick the condiments and salts people put in it. When he eats straight slop with some cinnamon it’s fine.
Zach to Cody “Dude you put ½ the bottle of that vanilla extract in there”
Hayden says he was mouthing the song hotel California and he got a “Stop That” from production.
Hayden says all the HOH pictures are from him, Donny, Christine, Victoria and Nicole.. Caleb woke up near the end and got a couple in. There was a few of Cody, Zach and Frankie sleeping.

BB16-2014-08-05 16-20-09-352

4:14pm Backyard Zach, Derrick, Nicole, Christine and Hayden
Derrick talks about finding kittens during his job as a groundskeeper. He took one in it’s still a little feral but doing alright.
Zach – What’s it’s name
Derrick doesn’t remember
Zach – you don’t remember the name of your cat.
Nicole – No that happens in here
Derrick remembers jigs and sophie
Derrick “hates” his cats like his dog more.
Nicole and Christine starts hating on cats. (This means way ;)) Zach says Cats tongues are like sandpaper.
Zach tells them about his dog Tiger.. The Dog’s birthday is August 31 when he gets out of the house the Dog will be 1 years old. Zach wonders if tiger will recognize him. They reassure him Tiger will remember him when he gets back.

BB16-2014-08-05 16-33-23-590

4:36pm Most of the house guest clustered around the back yard about 4 different conversation are going on. Zach is talking about his brother, Derrick talks about his daughter, Cody says he wants to have one boy and One girl, Christine giggles…

BB16-2014-08-05 16-47-41-012

4:46pm Victoria and Frankie
Frankie being sarcastic says being a have nots is so much fun he wants to be one every week. Victoria says everytime she wears her head band into the Diary Room she gets compliments. Frankie says he’s had to take more medicine for his circulation because being in the have nots room is so cold.
Frankie – What is everyone feeling
Victoria – I don’t know
Frankie – what are you feeling
Victoria – Jocasta is there for me
Frankie – people are scared that i’m going to keep him.. people are afraid to talk to me.. i’m playing the game.. i’m going to do what is best for my game.. We’re friends ya but ultimately..
Frankie – He’s volatile he’s unpredictable how is that good for me..
Frankie says he’s entertaining voting Zach out.. I will do whatever everyone else does
Frankie – Everyone assumes he’s protected but he’s not.. He’s dangerous
Victoria say it will be a waste if Jocasta goes home.. “It’s boring OK and what has changed.. nothing.. do you know what I mean”
Frankie – It’s boring for the country as a fan Oh my God”
Victoria – “it’s boring ‘
Frankie – If he survives this it’s AWFUL
Victoria – that’s what i’m saying…
Frankie – We’re on the same page
Victoria- I think you are more able to talk to the guys
Frankie says the guys are starting to talk to me

BB16-2014-08-05 17-14-22-858

5:00pm Derrick and Victoria FIRE ROOM
Victoria says she spoke to Christine this morning. Christine told me the guys are going to vote Jocasta out because there’s a guy alliance. Victoria – People are saying they want Zach to stay because he has a big target on his back.
Victoria – I want Zach out
Derrick says Christine is lying to her.
Victoria doesn’t think she is, He tells her when the vote comes out on Thursday and Zach goes home she’ll know Christine is lying.
Vciotira doesn’t think so
Derrick – I don’t buy it Zach’s staying.. I don’t buy it”
Derrick says he doesn’t trust Christine, “I’m voting Zach out.. this better not get out”
Derrick says if there is only two votes Thursday then they know Christine lied to her face, “If it’s unanimous she still lied to your f*** face”
Derrick points out Christine is seen talking with everyone.
Derrick says it doesn’t make sense for there to be a guys alliance “Let be honest Victoria it’s you Jocasta, and Nicole left”
Derrick says the guys are all turning on each other he doesn’t want to give the money to Hayden or Cody he want to win it for himself.
Derrick points out that Christine only started talking to her this past week.
Victoria says she doesn’t trust Christine. She mentions Christine wanted Victoria to talk to the guys
Derrick says Christine wants Victoria to do all her dirty work.

Victoria brings up her conversation with Frankie he didn’t say who he was voting out. Derrick says if the house flips to vote Zach they are going to have to. He doesn’t think that will happen. Derrick warns Frankie and Christine are very close.

Victoria starts talking about her conversation with Hayden where they talked about everyone in the house thinks she’s a princess.. She says everyone that goes out in public always want to look decent and since they are being viewed 24/7 by the public she wants to look her best.

Where the Vote is..
Zach going home..


The Rationale = Nicole, Derrick, Hayden and Cody
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
bottomfeeders = Derrick and Nicole

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Just an idea

I know this is off topic but…. Wouldn’t it be interesting if an Battle Of The Block competition was a 2 on 2 game of basketball?



Just an idea



Just what we need….another competition for the jerks ..err…um…guys to win. Seriously, do any of those girls look like bball players?


Jocasta kindof


“You don’t remember the name of your cat?” Funniest line lolz.
Derek’s slipped up.


Who doesn’t remember their pet’s name, to some people it’s like remembering your child’s name. What’s was his point, why bring it up. Was he also a groundskeeper? well if that’s the case him and Donny should have a lot to talk about, (fertilizers, weed killers power mowers etc.) or is this something else he can’t remember.


Huh!! Poor Zach!! He has no chance of staying. He probably be at Jury house as long as Frankie goes. I can imagine Zankie will be same bed at jury house.


Julie said on “THE TALK” that jury will be 7 Hgs, not 9. So jury won’t be till after the double eviction unless they changed it. I soooooo hope Frankie goes home. I loved him, I fought for him, I stood up for him and now I regret it all. He is horrible and give Gay men everywhere a bad wrap. He’s been a total let down!


Does anyone know if the jury will be 7 or 9 HG’s? I might be mistaken but I thought Julie mentioned on the Talk a 7 person jury this year.


This moves too slow. I live for the excitement of the live show. We had one exciting day this week. Victurd can’t be tranny. Even a tranny doesn’t obsess this much.


She is too homely to be a tranny.


The people this season will imagine/say anything about a HG if it means there can be a unanimous vote. Their “rationalizing” is riduculous. I’m so over that.

Big Jim

Zach first Frankie next can have as much sex as they want


haha your updates. “christine giggles”. yup.


I am losing IQ points with this group of people!


I think it will be zack first goes home then Christina goes home next double


Caleb is the biggest creep … Checking himself out in the mirrors constantly … Talking about himself … So in love with himself that he thinks he is going to the end without even trying. Amber was lucky to get voted out and away from this creepy stalker!


That is funny because Caleb was complaining about Victoria looking in the mirror too much a few days ago.


Probably hates fighting her for mirror time


What’s with the rag on his head? I thought real cowboys wore big pretty manly hats, I can’t remember Marshal Dillon wearing a blue rag.


Suspicious. We have watched Frankie offer up the apple to so many and have them take a big bite. Then find a Frankie Worm inside later. He seems to be offering again IMHO. Frankie, you sayeth you want Zach gone TOO MUCH!!!

And yes, as some of you have stated, the boys appear to be turning on each other. For once I think the utterance, “It’s too early,” may apply here. OMG, what’s a Christine to do?


I want next year big brother twist to be America get to vote you out an you can play for hoh every week that whould be a season in I want all the winners to comeback to see who the best that season should be call
who the best of the best big brother 17 what yall think

Big Sister

I want it to be more ethnically and age diverse. These young ones are getting on my nerves. They can’t spell, have horrible eating habits, and have a herd mentality (voting with the house). Also, either all superfans or all newbies. Looking good in a bikini or shirtless–waste of time, if they don’t know how to play the game. BBUS casting needs to be fired.


If you had half a brain you would realize that it wouldn’t be “america’s vote” it would be production’s vote.


if I was Christina husband I will be mad I be like I know this a game but you my wife that I love I do not want you to hug another man like that I will never hug a women like that its alright to talk but hug no

Victoria's Head Band Is Too Tight

She get’s compliments every time she wears a head band into the DR? She rehashes a conversation she had with one houseguest about being a princess to another houseguest?

Why do we have to suffer with some idiot that production has cast who is not the least bit interested in the game or the 500K – only interested in airtime and becoming famous? HEY BB, if I want that kind of fame for no reason drivel I’ll tune in the latest iteration of the Kardashians. & Hey Victoria, kindly self evict and go make an infomercial promoting yourself, I’m sure you will get BB magnitude ratings because all of America wants to watch a princess (of what?) at 4 AM you dimwit.

I swear I’m beginning to think Rachel Reilly was sane on BB and it’s skerry.


Really skerry

Boxer Mom

Christine. Just. Has. To. Go! I generally don’t like reading or writing terrible things about HG’s as this is just a once a year TV show. We’ve had some pretty disgusting, annoying, etc, HG’s since season one. But! Christine just irks me in the worst way. I think it’s because she talks about her church and all, and plays touchy feely with a man on national TV. The bashing of the female hg’s, her just agreeing with everybody, screwing over her first alliance Nicole, and just plain an ugly person in every sense of the word. Ugh!

A Nonny Mouse

Has anybody checked out this site about Caleb’s lies yet? Dawg, are any of these true:

been there done that

What show does Victoria think she’s on?? if you’re worried that much about how you look on TV then BB is not the show for you . While in the DR she claims she received compliments regarding how she looks when she wears headbands. Who cares? What she doesn’t seem to understand is that what they’re actually saying to her is “keep that rats nest tied up because your hair looks ridiculous when it’s down.” She is ruining my summer with her superficial nonsense. I need her to go back home where she belongs.


Victoria is gradually becoming more annoying than Caleb. She’s just as self-centered, yet more exasperating with her need of for constant attention and affirmation. Listening to the conversations including Victoria or Caleb is just painful. Boring and painful.


Now I see why all these cast were select, they’re all on some form of ADHD medication. Which explains their behavior. Hayden, Derrick and Donny, I don’t believe they’re medicated.

The body in Caleb's closet

Even though a unanimous vote would just make Zach’s face even more priceless, all these unanimous votes are really annoying.

Caleb's a D*bag

Has anyone seen this? I almost died. Funniest BB16 thing I’ve seen yet:

just watched

It’s worth the 3 minutes


Do people give thumbs up to the illiterate 9 yr old posters? “I Be Like”. LOL


Christine is in love with Cody…look at the picture of her looking at him! Love in those big ole eyes! I bet she screws him before its over…her poor family has to watch this unfold; how embarraasing!

Christine's Crusty Diaphragm

But Cody would have to be willing for that to happen!


I expect a comp coming where Donny has to shave his beard. Days ago Donny said he can’t wait to shave it off, that the beards not him, but production told him he can’t. If not for comp purposes, then I guess they don’t want his typecast to change. He looks really good without it though.


I can’t wait until tomorrow’s live show because this week has felt like it has gone on forever. It started with so much promise only to end up being a dud. I really hope the DE shakes things up, but I’m not holding my breath.


^ I mean Thursday’s live show. Damn, this week is dragging!


Victoria, be AFRAID….be VERY afraid. I’m just waiting for the right opportunity to once again snatch you by your (weave or PRETTY headband) and off I’ll fly. NOT even the undercover COP can keep you safe this time. I’ll be the BB MASCOT!!

Irked by the stupidity!

Victoria… Your elevator just isn’t going to the top…. despite what appears to be your best efforts aatmaking yourself seem clever and intelligent. Dumb as a box of rocks and it’s just painful to read about you….just damn painful.

Caleb's tiny weeny

Omg he only needs a blade of grass to cover that hahahaha


How big would yours be if you were handcuffed to Victoria? I am assuming you are looking at same pic I saw on the website about Caleb’s lies.


Hey Cody, I’ll have those babies for you..


OMG! I can’t believe Nicole.. I am done! I can’t watch this anymore. No one wants to work with Donny. They just keep pushing him to side..


victoria hurts my brain

how can one person be so obsessed with looks?! they need to do a really intense comp where they take away h/g beauty products for a day