Victoria says Donny needs to go to social skills! Or whatever you call it. Frankie asks social services?

POV Holder: Cody Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 25th
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny & Nicole
POV Players Donny, Nicole, Cody, Frankie, Derrick, Christine

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12:20am At the kitchen table Victoria and Nicole are playing Jenga. Meanwhile – Caleb and Derrick continue their chess game on the picnic table. Caleb asks Derrick if he’s into guns. Derrick says no, I never really got into them. Caleb says if I win the HOH before the final 4 I will put up Cody and her (Christine). Derrick says I kind of want Christine gone before Victoria because she has the potential to win a comp. Victoria’s just a fart in the wind. You know what I’m saying. There’s no chance. If Christine’s here she can win and send one of us packing. Derrick says but right now with this buy back (Nicole returning) is f**king killing us. Derrick and Caleb concentrate on their game and play in silence. Caleb says recites the HOH wins of the season. Caleb says they’re not opening the backyard tonight. Derrick says nope not with all that going down (People yelling with a Megaphone).

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Big-Brother-16-2014-08-25 02-10-53-466
1am In the HOH bathroom – Victoria and Christine are talking. Victoria comments on how Donny was mocking Cody. Christine says what an a$$. Victoria says it was so rude! Christine agrees. Victoria says and every time I make something he stands like right there! Christine says when we were up there he was mocking Cody the whole entire time. I find it really frustrating and I don’t laugh at what he says any more. There is no need to try and appease him any more. If I don’t think its funny I don’t laugh.. which is all the time. Victoria repeats what Donny told her.. You’re so smart Victoria you’re a genius. Christine says he is such an a$$. He’s a jerk! Frankie comes in and asks if it was Donny acting? Christine says oh no Donny was being rude to her earlier. Frankie asks are you serious?! Like how? Christine says he put on Cody’s glasses and asked is this how you guys see me. You guys think I’m smart. Christine says he was just being rude. I can’t remember everything he was doing. And what is he thinking Cody holds the veto, he holds all the power. Something about being young. And then Victoria was grilling today and he told her she’s such a genius, you’re so smart. Victoria says he was right behind me. He always is when I cook .. like get away from me!! Literally like so rude! I just don’t understand does he think that’s being social?! Christine says yeah. Victoria says he needs to go to social skills! I don’t know whatever you call it. Frankie asks social services? Victoria says no. I would rather him not talk. Christine says yeah rather him sit in his corner.

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1:20am – 1:40am Frankie, Derrick, Cody, and Christine are up in the HOH room. Derrick thinks the producers won’t do a double eviction this Thursday so that Nicole doesn’t go home. If she goes home that’s bad tv. I’ve watched 5 or 6 seasons and I’ve never seen a season with this many mental comps. They’re producing a tv show .. they don’t want it to be predictable were every week you tune in and you can predict what happens. Derrick and Victoria head to bed. Caleb says that girls a bug dude! Cody says it doesn’t really matter she doesn’t have sh*t to do or say in this game. Caleb says personally I don’t want to sit here and go over all that stuff in front of Christine. I’m scared the girl will friggin’ use it against us. Cody says that’s why it was only Frankie and me. That’s why I question him (Frankie) and Christine. I don’t question you or Derrick at all but with Frankie and Christine .. I don’t know.. I don’t know how tight he is with her and how much information he wants to share with her. Caleb says I don’t know either .. but when Nicole’s gone.. and if its a Double Eviction.. her and Nicole are going up. Cody says yup. Cody says if you’re the HOH and that’s who you put up and you say who you want to go home. Then that’s who I am voting to go home. Caleb says she’s got to go before Victoria. Victoria knows nothing! Cody says she knows nothing and will get nothing right in competitions and will be last in every competition. I just don’t want her riding to the end. That’s what will frustrate me if she goes further than me or you. Like how the f**k did that happen. It happens every season. What if Christine wins HOH she is not going to put up Victoria she is going to take a shot a one of the big boys. She is playing both sides of the fence. If I win HOH again I would put her up. There is no chance you or Derrick would go anywhere near the block. Christine has literally floated here on our backs!
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-25 02-18-02-148

2:30am In the earth room – Derrick is talking to Christine and Victoria. Christine is rubbing Derrick’s arm. Derrick says honestly the shower down here is literally disgusting. I’m not going to say it because you two are women. Victoria asks the one down here? Derrick says yeah. Victoria says gross. Derrick says and I usually don’t take a shower upstairs. Christine says that’s what’s so weird you’ve asked to take showers up there. Victoria says that’s really disgusting! I think I’m going to throw up! Derrick says we’ll just leave it at that. Derrick and Christine agree to clean the showers tomorrow after the veto ceremony. Derricks says in addition to that all the razor without the cap on. Step on that .. that’s a wrap! Derrick says lets just leave it at .. when there’s grooming going on in the shower .. and when it touches your feet. Victoria says EWWw. Christine says I’m going to throw up now. I know exactly what you’re talking about because I heard what was said. Derrick says well I don’t so lets just leave it at that. Derrick says I am just looking forward to Donny going. He is just moping around. He’s a very weird guy but he does say some interesting things.
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Victoria FTW

People stop wishing for production to give Donny or Nicole a special
power to save them. It’s not going to happen. Production only saves
players that wish to have a career as a BB reality celebrity.

Donny and Nicole both intend to go back to their home towns and resume
their ordinary lives. They are not fame junkies. They have no future value
for CBS. No Survivor. No Amazing Race. No guest appearances on other CBS
shows. They might get asked to do BB All Stars but only to fill out the cast (Chicken
George anyone).

The only people who could possibly get a production save are Frankie and
Caleb. Both desperately wish to be the next Jeff or Rachel. Frankie has a shot
at being the next Rachel. Both are good competitors and definitely annoying.

Production didn’t save Zach. They won’t save Donny or Nicole. Live with it.

Production Fruduction

A few people have commented on production giving up on Frankie but they are a little late to that game. The fans have hated him since about week 2. He is truly one of the most repulsive people ever to be on a reality show. He is the gay community’s Omarosa.(with apologies to Omarosa!). I actually believe that Frankie is the bastard child of a Kardashian and a toy poodle.
As for production rallying behind Donny, I wish you were right. Based on review of all the past 15 seasons of Big Brother, it is clear that production does intervene when they believe it is in the best interest of ratings. I don’t think that unfortunately, that production really cares about he quality of who wins. Some of the most despicable people have actually won this game and some pretty sketchy other house guests have actually won Americas Favorite. (Jeff Schroeder being just one). I hope that Donny can at least win Americas Favorite as that would redeem this season in a small way.
Based on the tear-filled tribute to Derrick last night, I think production is attempting to rehabilitate him as a good person. The only thing that was missing from last nights episode was Derrick’s 3rd grade teacher saying what a “kind and nice boy” he was. Or maybe they could have showed a video of his starving daughter and how we are “taking food out of her mouth” if he doesn’t win with an 800 number to contribute so she can eat today. I got a cavity watching last nights episode!
Too bad that production does not see how much the fans hate undercover cop Derrick and there is little they can do, even the good edit they gave him last night, ain’t gonna sway the fans that have watched his antics on the live feeds. Adding insult to injury, CBS made us watch his pandering and gaslighting for a full hour last night. For those of you who do not understand the term gaslighting….I will define it for you:
Gaslighting defined: an extremely effective form of emotional control that causes a target to question their own feelings, instincts, and sanity and breaks down the targets ability to trust their own perceptions. The term “gaslighting” has come to be applied to attempts by certain kinds of personalities(narcissistic and sociopaths) who are among the personalities most adept at sophisticated tactics of manipulation — to create so much doubt in the minds of their targets of exploitation that the target no longer trusts their own judgment about things and buys into the assertions of the manipulator, thus coming under their power and control.
You so that you can see that this term accurately describes the exact psychologically damaging tactics that Derrick has deployed in his “mission” to win himself a half million dollars. BTW, this tactic is lesson 101 in any undercover cops training. Even given that most of the rest of the cast are mental midgets, Derrick’s advantage going into this game and the continually advantages he has been given during the game, have actually rigged the game in his favor since Day 1. Without TA, Derrick would not be in the position he is in now and Frankie would also not be in the position he is in now. I find it ironic that Derrick is now trying to use TA against Donny by claiming that Donny is not loyal to TA. And if you have been paying attention, that is a classic example of how gaslighting works.
Maybe Jocasta can speak in tongues to the remaining houseguests and tell them that Frankie is a snake and Derrick is a viper cause it seems like they don’t understand it in any other language.
I don’t know what can be done to save this season but I think it was doomed from the very start with the casting of Derrick and Frankie with a bunch of emotionally stunted kids.


I hope everybody gets a chance to read this…. hope you repost several more times. Nicely written. Of course the trolls will thumbs down because it consists of more than 5 words all spelled correctly…lol

Production Fruduction

Glad you found it insightful and thanks for all the thumbs-up. Feel free to re-post at will. Hope it helps viewers to see into some of the interpersonal dynamics of this season.


The is where Derrick fails. He is so afraid of Donny that he will allow Frankie to float through and if Skankie wins HOH Cody could be the target or him. If they were smart (hahaha) then they would form a fake alliance with Donny and Nicole and remove Skankie, Ratine, and Dumb Ass Cowboy. But they are afraid of their own shadows to make a move in this game. Even the updates were so boring that is how bad the game has gotten.


Interesting post. I can’t bear to watch show so only read this forum it was interesting to read they are trying to reframe DerPrick as the nice guy. And I guess if the general broadcast audience gets to only see the edit they could probably make him see likable….maybe with some suggestions in DR from production. Since he’s going to win I guess they have to build him up. Did he really start saying he “liked” Donny?? That’s a big clue he’s being coached.


I tried to watch last night’s BB but gratefully fell asleep and missed most of the program.


Thanks for taking the time to wirte this huge and thoughtful response. Everything you wrote is true. Yesterday’s episode was hard to watch. Derrick saying he likes Donny ins the DR was so pathetic. It only goes to show that he’s good in reading the game and realizing he’s a piece of shit who has chosen the wrong crowd. Too late. He may win, but most of us will always remember him as the shady as dude who’s probably a shady ass cop. Using the daughter is ridiculous… but more ridiculous is saying the stuff he says… in one of the recaps he just said that Victoria is “a far in the wind.” So cool, so nice, so kind, sooo polite! I have said this before and will say it again: it’s okay to play the game and lie etc. But insulting people is not necessary. Playing in a “personal attack” level is not necessary. Calling someone a froot loop dingus is funny and not something that will scar a person’s feelings. But calling someone a wet slippery condom is bad. Calling someone b!tch, sl*t and etc is also not okay. Derrick and Frankie are a piece of shit. I’m always like: play… but have some class! The only consolation would be to see Victoria getting the 500K from a resented jury and watching Donny get AFP and Zach being invited back for a different season. Derrick is trashy…


Jeez… today is mispelling day for me.*write / *fart in the wind / *ass / – those were the most obnoxious ones… lol

Reply to Tonny

You take what Derrick said and made more out of it. .Has Victoria done anything? No..that’s all his comment meant, fart in the wind..wind blows it away so it has no effect..Victoria has no effect in the game..You’re just spinning it to prove who you like. Well if that makes you feel better, whatever. So go on and whin ..stump your feet..and bemoan it’s just not hoo..Give me a break..


The term “gaslighting” was coined after a very popular 1938 play titled “Gas Light”. The play ultimately had both a British and American film version. US version (1944) starred Ingrid Bergmann, Joseph Cotton and the film debut of Angela Lansbury. If you’re a fan of classic movies this is one of the best. And, it excellently defines “gaslighting” in graphic terms.


I wish they could bring back Devin, Amber or even Joey! lol


I would like Jessie(season 10 and 11) to come back and I can’t stand Jessie that’s how much I dislike these people

Just Because You Say it, Doesn't Make it True

You’re just a spoil sport..Derrick is just playing a good game. Donny has won competitions but what about playing the rest of the game. He’s always saying they’re always after him, but when did he try to build a strong alliance. I like him as a person, except for his whining everyone is after him.. Derrick is playing the game the way it’s suppose to be played..This game isn’t based on being nice..If everyone were being real nice and say that’s don’t have to go home..I’ll go home for you..Give me a break.. The people that are doing well is because of how they played the game. I don’t have anything against undercover cops.. somebody has to do it. There’s bad people out there and we don’t want them to hurt the children or anyone for that matter. You can like whoever you want but don’t be delusional that Donny is this or that..we really don’t know because he hasn’t done anything and he has mad some snide he isn’t that saintly. Well..I’m just leaving my comment ..not responding anymore..I have things to do.


what was Donny supposed to do, you had eight people in an alliance and 6 idiots working for those eight people, and then one person who had it figured out, what could he do if everyone was to stupid to listen to him


Absolutely right! 100 thumbs up!


Even Zach’s die hard fans would agree that it seemed Zach didn’t have the heart or desire to go back into the house with the buy back comp. Then again why would he? Other than the money, there was nothing for him there but disappointment and betrayal. I think Zach let his emotions rule his game, and when Frankie backstabbed him then he let his emotions take over. Zach took the game too personally.. I hope to see him on All Stars 2 if it happens. Then again he may just pop up on Big Brother Canada 3 like Dan Gheesling did the 1st season of BB Canada, that way BB fans could see him again and watch him wreck havoc. This would be something that producers of BB Canada would be thinking right now, how to get him to appear BB Canada 3 considering how popular he is. Imagine if Zach showed up on BB Canada 3 and had a secret power?


“Caleb asks Derrick if he’s into guns. Derrick says no, I never really got into them. ”
Derrick is really f***g this guys. Poor Caleb.


You mean poor Caleb because he is too stupid to see through Derrick? Same as Cody? No, Derrick is a genius, evil genuis but he has all these wanna be celebs believing everything and questioning nothing.

Jas Clark

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Love Donny

Shut up Derick! Like wtf!!!!!


BT Murf’s Poll #1

Which would you rather do?

A. Get a lower G.I. with a garden hose.
B. Introduce your daughter to Caleb.

Click thumbs up for A.
Click thumbs down for B.


I never claim to actually like Caleb. But in all honesty – Caleb is about 23. When he gets a little older, about 26, he has it in his to be the perfect boyfriend/husband. He will be a superb protector, a great provider, tell his woman she is beautiful everyday, will give 110% attention to his woman, and has a great sense of humor. One day he will be the best boyfriend/husband out there.


As long as she is submissive so he doesn’t need to teach her ‘her place.’


That’s right, like he turned on Amber 3 times this season and tried teaching her a lesson or threatened to throw bananas at her face.


He’s 26 now and a total narcissistic psycho. I think 90% of all his stories are made up, btw.


I find Caleb to be far more likeable than Christine or Victoria. I think he’s got more potential to turn into a decent human being, at some point, than either of the girls have. It’ll take some time, however. And some counseling.


Ike comparing apples and apples.


Umm you’re insane. And get your facts straight he’s 26.


Cody always gets me hyped up with talk of big moves…then he ruins it by telling Derrick, and then he gets talked out of it and pusses out


Ugh seriously. I want him to use the veto and put Frankie up but then Derrick keeps talking him out of it!

Do it, Cody! Make a decision on your own for once!


And all this time I thought you were just some dumb kid…can Donny call them or what?


Now that Cody has won another HOH and a POV he thinks a comp beast. Even though I strongly dislike Christine, he is making comments about her floating through the game and going through a free ride. She won the same amount of things he won plus a BOB. He has been making comments about floaters prior to these two wins. Because he is in a big alliance does he think he shouldn’t be considered a floater? Donny and Nicole and even Brittany and Amber for that matter had to fight to stay in the game. These people in this alliance had it so much easier because they have the numbers. They can thank Devin and Zach for forming the Bomb Squad and Detonators. Cody said if Victoria makes it further than him he would be pissed. How does he think the other houseguests they were evicted feel??


cody has missed opportunities that would have been good for him before, no reason to doubt he’s going to miss this opportunity. If they don’t use the veto to get rid of Frankie or Christine or even Caleb now, when do they really think they are going to have another chance? There will only be 7 people, and Derrick obviously isn’t winning HOHs, and Cody can’t play in the next one. They leave Caleb /Christine and Frankie, and the only people they will be able to put up is Nicole with either Derrick or Cody.


A true statement for certain.


I hope a house fall on Disgustine and Shitoria…two less fugly bitches in the world!!!

Damn it cody

Lmao this is the most boring season ever, I don’t think I’m gonna watch the episodes anymore because production edits it to make Frankie and Christine to be innocent and Donny to be the one who betrayed TA.


All you people who say you’re going to stop watching are obviously NOT going to do any such thing. You’re not fooling us. Stop fooling yourself!


I stopped watching. Last week I deleted the series from my DVR. I don’t want to be lied to by CBS. The show does not reflect what is really going on in the house. The editing infuriates me, it’s so insulting. I know my not watching doesn’t affect ratings, but it just makes me feel better. I come to this site to catch up on what is REALLY happening. Plus I love all the comments and I don’t have to endure the torture of listening to the likes of Frankie, Christine and Victoria. This site is so much more satisfying than the weekly CBS revisions of BB. The series should be called Bullshit Brother. I’m totally done and I mean it.


That isn’t necessarily true, George. I stopped watching on the double eviction. I come here to see what is going on; i’d rather help out Simon and Dawg, than CBS, when they’re putting this shitty, piss poor product on the air.

Doesn’t mean i’m not curious – but does mean i’m not watching the show anymore. Or the live feeds. This whole season is a wash. Maybe next year they will get it right again; but given the decline from 14 to 15 to 16, i’m not holding my breath.

BBCA starts this winter – and hopefully it’ll continue to be a better product than the crap BBUS has turned into.


I completely agree with you Kevin. This production has be awful and downright predictable. As for “expect the unexpected” catch phrase, I think that was an overselling point. I too am looking forward to the british version.

Oh, Yeah?

Deleted my feeds and have stopped watching, Mr. Know-it-All. Get over yourself.


I stopped watching the live feeds…its turned to garbage! Coming to this website to get updates is so much better than getting infuriated over watching these twits bad mouth Donny and Nicole.


Still watch the shows mainly for the competitions (I miss the grueling, meaningful, comps from past seasons), but I barely watch the feeds… maybe 20 min the past 3 days.

Love Donny

Victoria common. You too? Seriously, u gonna sit there and talk about Donny?
Obviously you are not as smart as Donny thinks.


I’m not going to bother getting my hopes up about Cody getting Frankie out of the game. I know he doesn’t have the guts to do it. And if he did, production wouldn’t allow it. He just mentions it and gets called to the principal’s office (DR).


Watching Caleb play chess, is like watching a cat trying to use a fork.

Fork you!

This just in…cats screeching and committing suicide everywhere! what the meow?!


That play was stupid. What a waste of air time. Frankie is so gross….he’s skinny….ugly….and is one of the worst examples of a gay man. He will be shocked to find out how much he is disliked. This cast might get more hate mail then last year. These guests try to hide their true self but it’s coming out. Last seasoning it came out quickly how the house guests were….Victoria will be known as the not so intelligent floating virgin. Christine will be known as the floater who embarrassed her husband on tv. Caleb will be known as mr. Liar….can’t believe his stories….also as one ugly gross person. Cody will be remembered as the man who didn’t know if he liked men or women and couldn’t make decisions on his own. He is cowardly. Donny will be remembered as the soft spoken man who only wanted to be accepted. ..who was shut out from the beginning. …who was made fun of each day…who is a better person than all of them put together. Derrick will be remembered as the cop who tried to control everyone….The faster he talks the more he’s lying…typical cop mentality. This is the worst season and I have seen them ALL.


Am i the only one who doesnt even watch the cbs episodes anymore?

I hope grodner the Hutt is proud of herself for casting Victoria. Might just be the most clueless non entertaining dipshit ever in the house


Me too Kyle……I gave up the TV and the live feeds…….I’m sticking with Simon and Dawg to finish this up.


Me too.

The Greatness

Me Tres!

Linda Lou

I’m no longer watching the show and I cancelled the feeds. Simply too much ugliness, there. I skim this website to stay current with the events in the house, but I can’t make myself watch these truly contemptible people, any longer. I just don’t have the stomach for it.


OMG Cody, yes take Nicole down and put Frankie’s molesting ass up! Donny will always be a target.


I starting to think Frankie could stab a knife into Cody’s head and Derrick would convince him not to bleed.

go donny

Now that was funny

Countdown to the Merciful End of BB16

30 DAYS LEFT !!!

Team Edward

So Cody and Derrek know that Caleb, Frankie, and Christine are coming after them but they want Donny out instead of trying to work with him for at least a week? No talk of the saboteur? I really think Derrek deserves to win, but now I hope he loses just on pure stupidity!


I now want Derprick out before VapidVic just to see the look on his face

Big Jim


why complain?

Dont watch it then!

New TA Mission

We complain because we want change. The fans still love BB and it’s concept, we’re just tired of it being so boring and predictable. There have been years when my favorite was booted early on but I still watched the rest of the season, because it was an entertaining show. Change it up BB!

A New TA Mission

Use social media to ask fans to turn off Big Brother for 1 night. Let CBS know just how boring the show has become. Kill the ratings. Power To The People!


I have already stopped watching the live show because they give Frankie an Derrick good edits an do not show them as the horrible ugly people they really are! They both should not have careers to go back too after things they have done an said this year, Seriously what person thinks doing a show in lack face is a good idea? just shows how vile a creature Frankie really is!!! Team Donny!

Dr. Sheldon Cooper

They’re in my spot.


I really hope Nicole and Donny make it past this week and get even further. This season has been way too predictable so far, too much “I want them out so bad” and “I’m considering making a bold move” but then always doing what “the alliance wants”


Can someone put duct tape over Victoria’s mouth

No Kidding

Remember when she said she “never” says bad things about anyone? Calling Donnie weird or rude for standing around her? She didn’t even talk the first couple of weeks, she would just show up and not say anything and they thought she was weird.


Why stop at her mouth? Just wrap her entire empty head with it.

I was wrong

BB has been my favorite summer show since season 2, season 1 was iffy for me. I now realize the show is trying to keep up with the latest trends of high school kids and first year college students. Those of us who have watched every season are disappointed, but the newer folks are not. The house guests the past two seasons have only seen the prior 2-3 seasons or not at all. Our guilty pleasure is no longer designed for us, and I was wrong to hope for a good thing to last. Next year I will be saying the same thing, damn I wish I could stop watching, but I just can’t pass by a train wreck and not take a look.


Best Collaboration
Beyoncé ft. Jay Z, “Drunk In Love”
Best Video With A Social Message
Beyoncé, “Pretty Hurts”
Best Cinematography
Beyoncé, “Pretty Hurts”
Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award
and Frankies sister (you know the one he said was bigger then Beyoncé)
Best Pop Video
Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea, “Problem”
now I know what Ariana is singing about “she’s got one less problem without you” Frankie I mean it worked out perfect for her having your fame whore ass locked in a house so she could do her thing


Yeah, I kind of laughed thinking about Frankie while watching the opening of the VMAs. Ariana Grande has a pretty voice but little stage presence-Jesse blew her and Nicki Minaj off the stage. This will probably be the zenith of her fame and Frankie was locked up in a dirty house, mugging for the cameras like a demented clown. It’s too delicious.

new to BB 14

cody: I want to pull down one of them and put up Frankie or calib what should I do daddy derrick
Derrick: son you do what you need to do but I WANT Donny gone so you don’t do anything
Cody: thank you daddy for doing my thinking for me
Victoria:Donny is so rude he like is mean too me for talking and being social and being a human being
Christine: hes and ass I hate him cause he is so nice and people love him and he gets along with total strangers what an ass how dare he(Donny) be a nice man
Calib: daaaaaaaaaaaaaa hey rocky watch me pull a rabbit out my hat nothing up my sleeve presto ooops wrong hat
Frankie: me me me me my sister ariana you know shes famous mee me me me me
Nicole: I wanted to win now I’m thinking how can I lose and get thrown out of here
Donny: I’m so happy two more days and I get to walk out of here with something NONE of these people will ever have INTERGITY!! AND I get to talk to Mrs Les Moonves
Production: the public is getting angry they have pitchforks and torches on the other side of the wall,we better keep the HG’s in the house locked down for the rest of the season
Craig Ferguson: Keeping it classy all the way to Christmas then CBS can kiss my ass
Geoff Peterson: I am a gay skeleton robot except I don’t have skin or a nervous system so I cant feel anything so the gay part really is useless


Lmao @ Caleb/Bullwinkle.


Your comment —:from a true Dingus froot loop.


I hate Derrick. And I hate Cody more for not making his own decisions. I don’t even think it’s derrick’s fault that these idiots are listening to him because Cody is a puppet pu**y. Ugh it’s just disgusting to watch this shit. Derrick is no fun either.


Derrick is a buzz kill. Every time someone wants to make a good game move, he spoils all the fun.


He wants to win the money. He doesn’t care about entertaining you!!!

Donny's Social Game

I hate how everyone rips on Donny for his lack of social game. He is great at comps, very perceptive and intelligent about what is happening inside the house, and I think has a fine social game. His problem is that everyone he was social with has been evicted. He could have worked with Nicole, Brit, Amber, Hayden, Jocosta, Pao, Zach and maybe even Devin if the evictions had shaken out a little differently and a few of them were still around. They all LOVED him. Just so happens that he has become the last remaining ‘other’ (besides Nicole now). So it isn’t that his social game sucks, it’s just that he didn’t connect with the right people and wasn’t able to crack the big alliances allegiance to one another because he wasn’t ‘with them’ all summer.
Just my opinion anyways 🙂

Donnys Game

Donnys game has suffered for one reason and that is that he won’t kiss Officer Wiggum’s as&. It’s that simple.
If you go back, way back to the very beginning of this season, Devin and Cody had a distrust of Donny. I am going to state that this did not just happen out of the blue. It happened because Officer Wiggum profiled Donny as a threat right away and wanted him out. You can trace the problems the rest of the group have had with Donny directly to Office Wiggum. The key is that Officer Wiggum never has allowed the distrust to come directly from him but he uses the other HG’s to spread the lies and observations that he himself has about Donny. And the most heinous thing about it is that Officer Wiggum and Franka&$ have used their membership is Team America as a cover so that they can lie directly to Donny’s face and attempt to make it look like they want to keep him in the game.


I agree, I get annoyed by people saying Donny didn’t start trying to play the game until a few weeks ago. Short term memory loss??? Donny did start playing right away but he stood no chance once the bomb squad was formed day 2 (with the combo of bob) and once Derrick pinned him as smart.

On that note, I have said this before, Derrick has always rubbed me the wrong way, but this is where Derrick actually played a really good game. He felt out every single person in the house within the first week by approaching them with “hey I’m an outsider and so are you, we should team up.” From that he got a read on which hgs would buy his BS and which wouldn’t. That is how he picked Vic and Cody as his closest allies, knowing immediately that he could control them. That is also how Nic and Donny ended up his number 1 targets. If you go back to the beginning of the feeds you hear Nic talking to Hayden about how Derrick approached her and tried to pull the outsiders card with it and how it was complete BS and you can’t trust Derrick. Later you hear Derrick telling the HOH Nic is not to be trusted. Unfortunately Nic forgot about her guy instincts on Derrick and it was ultimately her first downfall in this game.

On a side note I love how Derrick goes around saying how smart NIc is to everyone but then thinks Nic would fall for a 3rd fake alliance with him! Obviously he doesn’t think she is that smart, or he just thinks he is that good.


He connected with the right people. Just not the right people to win the game!


Actually he didn’t… he knew from the beginning Jo/Brittany/Poa were worthless people to align with, which is why he never actually formed an alliance with them. He tried week 2 to form an alliance with Hayden/Nic/Cody/Zach/Amber. Hayden nixed Amber right away when he brought it up but it never came to fruition because Derr already had his claws in Cody and because the bomb squad was already formed.


And of course, them ostracizing him is not helping his “social game” at all. Gee, you think?
Zack was right, these people minus Donny and Nicole are a bunch of fruitloopdinguses!! They deserved a boxful of fruit loops EACH dumped them on the night he got evicted and not a handful. ugh, this season is going downhill fast at a rapid rate.
CBS: we know how you love to manipulate the game and all, but you should’ve kept Zack!!!
Zack is the man!!

Social Experiment

I, too, do not agree that Donny didn’t have a social game. We use to learn as children that when there is a group, you try to be cordial and friendly. If the group puts up resistance to the conversations or you begin to sense they don’t want you around, are you suppose to force you presence on them? If Donny was not cautious at the beginning and instead constantly tried to be part of this group regardless of the “get away from us” vibe, does anyone really think he would have been accepted? Or would the group yell all the more, “Why doesn’t he just shut up and sit in a corner!”? … or worse.

This cast seems to exemplify the old adage “Birds of a feather flock together.” When you are around a person who tries to treat others with respect and kindness, it can help a person think/act more kindly. Zach had the conversation with Donny about Donny’s brother. Later, Zach mentions how it is just a game and he has his health (or born healthy), etc. That is not to say Donny is responsible for Zach’s words or actions, but I do feel that he had a positive influence. The more the other group gathers together, the more hate and vitriol they seem to express.

This is not a criticism: I think Derrick is playing the game with the sole purpose of winning. He has one goal in mind and his sole loyalty is to winning. This is why people are expendable – they are either 1) a means to the end or 2) must be removed. This is simply my observation and I don’t think that necessarily reflects on Derrick as a person. I think his talk with Donny was genuine; during that encounter, Derrick stopped his game for a moment and saw the person behind the game moves – perhaps I am incredibly naïve. He has done it on other occasions with other HGs.

It is funny to me that the expression “dumb kid” is thought to be about intelligence. I always thought it is about maturity. Someone says something that is upsetting or hurtful. Maturity dictates speaking directly with the person to see if they meant the statement the way I understood the statement – especially if it seems out of character. It is completely childish to run and complain to everyone else.

I truly like Donny and, sad to say, I hope he is able to go to the jury house on Thursday. I do not think of it as an eviction but an opportunity for some peace. This situation will not turn around but only get worse. Since they get a stipend, staying in that house just doesn’t seem worth the heartache.

The Canadian gal

Social Experiment: you nailed it! I completely agree with you!

Yep yep yep

Agree with everything except what you say about Derrick. He was acting when he talked to Donny the other night because he knows that Donny is well liked by fans and production. Derricks just pandering to the camera like he is trained to do as an undercover cop. It’s ok if you originally are sucked in by him but don’t be like the house guests and willfully choose not to see him for the control freak he is.

Social Experiment

I agree that I may be totally wrong about whether or not Derrick was genuine in those few, rare moments. I did not watch the CBS episode so I didn’t even see the golden edit. I just read the recap. In the midst of the cesspool that continually flows out of the mouths in the house, I guess I am desperate to see some actions in the best possible light.

I never doubted, however, that the minute that conversation was over, Derrick resumed his game and his single goal – winning the game at all costs. It is a way to play the game… not the style I personally like, but, that is why I would never be good on the show.


I guess the DR finally got Cody to start thinking. … instead of being King Sheep in Derrick’s flock.
I like the plan of keeping Donny/Nicole..

Just Me

Great! Cody finally has an original thought that would actually work to get Frankie out and Derrick shoots it down. What an idiot! Either side would be smart to pull in Donny and Nicole, but Cody actually has the power to do it and he is going to waste his HOH on Donny or Nicole. That stupid play sounded ridiculous. I hope CBS doesn’t make us watch it!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE DON’T AIR THAT CRAPPY PLAY THING!!!!!!!!!!!


One thing is for sure, there is no way CBS will air Frankie playing the roll of Joey. The FCC wouldn’t allow it. Talking about anal sex. Frankie is just too vulgar. It would take too much editing and bleeping. Sorry Frankie you loose again. Geeze the guy really is a Salvatore. He is sabotaging his sisters career along with his own. Real genius here at work folks.


They already aired it you Dingus froot loop.


No they didn’t Bustafooligan!! They were talking about airing on CBS not BBAD yuh doof-a-ding-dong.


Derrick kind of reminds me of Helen – it’s not the right time! You see where that got Helen. lol. Keeping Frankie and Caleb while they know endurance is coming up is stupid. They both won the first endurance comp.!!


Britany is hot


If Cody actually gets Frankie out I will have gained a lot of respect for him. But sadly I think this is all talk and no action.


after awhile on not watching, I tuned into CBS. yeah, won’t be doing that again. they seriously are trying to shove Cody down our throats, and now 21 jump street derrick? really? because he wears a beanie? seriously? FRANKIE is in his 30’s!!!!!


Derrick: “she’s just a fart in the wind”…And that’s how we’ll remember you, Victoria…as a big fart


Funny how Christine says Donny is rude when she talks shit about EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the house

Hmmm. Voting by America ??

So CBS is going to have to have the nerve to tell me that America , the people who voted to put Donny as favorite 3, wouldn’t have voted on to keep Donny safe. Derrick would have had perfect opportunity to make 5k and boot out Frankie all in one week. I just don’t get how franki and Derrick didn’t use Donny more to their advantage. It was perfect for them. Make 5k a week and get to final 3-5 and have an extra 50k in the bank. Donny would have been loyal and y’all had chance to say to Donny weeks ago. Listen we have to let you know you’re not in a major alliance after all right now. But we are goin to keep you safe so we can make 5k weekly. This week when you toss your vote to the other house guest just mention to the people you talk to that you think it was so and so. It won’t hurt your game any more then you think because everyone in this major alliance wants you gone anyways. No one would have suspected anything and you wouldn’t have backlash from te people who voted for TA wouldn’t be goof by the house and throwing Frankie or Derrick under a bus.


Ok, so I’m going to go off in a different direction and say that Derrick will not win BB.
Yes many of you out there are screaming at your screens and ready to indicate a thumbs down but give it a second.
Taking Nicole and Donny out of the equation, Cody, Derrick and Frankie have each selected the slackie to bring to the final 2 in order to win the 500k. Right now Frankie and Cody’s slackies are the most legit, Christine and Caleb, because they have actually won something which is not a good thing for Derrick and his slackie Victoria. Because of this 1 slight problem in Derrick’s plan, once Donny and Nicole are gone it is 4 on 2 with the 2 being Derrick and Victoria.
Once we get to these 6 it becomes a battle of keeping the slackies in the game. Derrick, Frankie and Cody all know they are not taking each other to the final 2 so they are now figuring out how to have the most slackies available to choose from in the end. For Derrick though, he must first win something in order to control the game and right now he is showing he can’t win a thing competitively.
He’s starting to feel his days are becoming numbered. Why do you think he’s asking if the POV will be used? He and Cody are tight and Donny has laid the entire game out to Cody who ran back to Derrick. Cody will be Derrick’s demise and Cody will be his own demise because Frankie already has 2 of the 3 slackies, Caleb and Victoria, in his back pocket already.


If production wants a shocker they can work on Cody and Derrick – make an alliance/truce with Donny for one week and get frankie out.


So tired of hearing these houseguests ripping Donnie apart. They take something nice he says and twist it. Really need to grow up. RIP BB16

BB16 is the worst season ever

Victoria I flunked Kinder Garter or whatever You call it
Frankie My Sister did all My coloring for Me, so I passed, barely
Caleb I wrestled a dysfunctional goat to pass kindergarten
Cody I sat next to Derrick all year in Kindergarten
Derrick I played with puppets all Kindergarten One looked like Cody
Christine I f##king hate Kindergarten
Nicole and Donny The Jenga pieces have more personality and IQ then the rest of these idiots combined


I need Donnie and Nicole out of the house so the cast FINALLY turns on each other. I think last season is still the worst and those people were way more vile. I think CBS made a mistake with trying to even out the house by skipping endurance comps, the guys constantly winning them would have become bigger targets or found alliance members to be all talk and no action (derrick) and it would have shaken the house up faster.


The person donny needs to work with is the person he wants out so badly (Derrick). He knows derrick is running the show but too ignorant to work with. Donny made his own bed. The country boy hospitality which i think is fake…. doesnt win BB


I really think that Derrick was talking to Donny to see if there was an opening to work with him. Donny has gone to Caleb, Cody, Zach and Christine trying to work with them and get Derrick out and Derrick knows that. Donny knows that Derrick wants him out. I would just love to see Derrick really take a few minutes to think about teaming with Donny, Nicole and Cody (and Victoria for her vote) and start taking out Frankie, Christine and Caleb. But unfortunately, I don’t see it happening because Donny never really gave Derrick an opening. Donny and Derrick are the 2 smartest people in the house and have the game figured out. What I think the problem is that both of them know the other can win the game and they know that they need to get each other out. Donny’s social game has sucked the entire time and he’s actually resisted making true alliances until the past week or two and now his social game consists mainly of trying to make an alliance with one person at a time. Derrick has played the game like he planned (read his bio) but his big problem is that most of his alliance that is left (Christine & Frankie) have no real alliance to anyone but themselves. I would love to have seen what this game had been like if Derrick and Donny would have teamed up early in the game.


I just think its more about how Derrick has flat out lied and played Donny since they’ve been in Team America. Derrick has worked at times to defend Donny for his own benefit of Team America, but he has never been honest with him. And as Donnie began to see that Derrick was running the house, it became clearer and clearer that Derrick was lying to him. Specifically, last week when Derrick kept telling Donny he’s safe and not the target, then Christine clearly throws the comp to force Donny on the block and Derrick quickly comes into the room to try to control the damage, and Donny saw right through it. And Zach telling Donnie that he didn’t even have a skittle in the bag because he was the one going home.

So if I’m Donny, why would I want to risk working with Derrick. Its at the point where he needs him or anyone for that matter, but Donny knows he’s been the target and that Derrick is the one running the house. So there seems to be very little room for any kind of trust there. How can you trust and open up to someone who lies to you, runs the house and you are the target. That just clearly means you are his target.

Cody needs to be the one to take Donny in. Cody’s gotta see he has no power in the house. Yeah Donny lied to him and he might be a target for Nicole and Donny, but thats just because they have no one. They are both dying to be in some kind of alliance with anyone, and they both have proven in the past to be trustworthy to people that worked with them. Donny is concerned about Derrick and Frankie and Nicole will always want Christine out over any one else, so Cody could have made use of them for some time . This was Cody’s week to put himself in a better position to win and he completely missed it. Again, he’s too busy playing Derricks game and keeps thinking later on he’ll make moves. Unless he is sitting next to Victoria or Christine at the end, he has no shot for the jury votes.


Derprick has constantly lied to Donny all season and Donny knows it. Derprick constantly tells Donny that he’s the reason Donny is still there. Donny knows that Derprick is the reason there has been a target on his back all season. Donny is not some fame seeking fratbrat but Derprick kept talking to him like he was and then actually got pissed at Donny when he didn’t believe Derprick’s lies. Donny will never trust Derprick or Fakie.

A New TA Mission

Use social media to ask fans to turn off Big Brother for 1 night. Let CBS know just how boring the show has become. Kill the ratings. Power To The People!


cody went against his own intuitions and kept caleb his first HOH…and derrick manipulated him. maybe…just maybe he doesnt want his brother to think he’s a pu$$y and nominates frankie this time. but it would cause major friction with derrick and cody. i dont see frankie getting evicted. cody doesnt like to ruffle feathers.

Shut Up!

YOU go sit in the corner, Victoria and Christine! The fans would rather listen to Donny’s dry wit than your constant petty s**t talking. And Cody, nobody has floated on your back. You haven’t done anything ’till this week, and you wasted your wins. Even Christine has done as much as you.

Team Nicole

Best idea so far, Cody!!! Put up Frankie and he’ll definitely will be gone this Thursday!!! If they try to do it next week, he can win the HoH and/or the PoV and they both be screwed. Do it, do it, do it!!!!!!!

It's not just viewers

From Evel Dick’s Twitter

“I hate Frankie the most of any houseguest ever watching the show… and feeds. He makes me want to punch myself in the balls for watching.”


What’s frustrating with this season is that I’ve seen all these strategies designed to allow you to finish third fourth or fifth, as if that’s any better than sixth or seventh. Idiots! You know you have to win competitions to get to the end and guess what? Frankie can win any type of competition, much more so than Donny. So take Frankie out you jamokes and make it easier to win the competition. You fail, then Donnie takes you out rather than Frankie. So what. They all get what they deserve at this point.


Victoria and Cody are bummed because Donny is mocking their intelligence. Haha. The truth sucks doesn’t it???

Some Skerry Sisters

Stupid, ugly, hateful & demanding. They can never get what they expect because somebody has pampered them into thinking they deserve to be treated like goddesses. When someone genuine gets around them, they have to attack with some outlandish accusations. Donny creeping on them? C’mon you two fugmos, the only guy in the house NOT playing to your insecurities and NOT treating you like the sex objects you demand to be –
He’s the creep, he’s the pervert? You hate him because he doesn’t play the game you demand. Everytime you accuse him with sexual overtones, you are exposing you’re own frustrations. I recommend that you both stay away from all men to reduce your confusion until you learn how to be human beings first. You are both fkin’ pigs who aren’t even smart enough to be delusional about the BB game because you’re so delusional about who you are.

I expect that in real life Donny would be civil to the both of you, but he damn sure isn’t desperate enough to want to date either one of you “Social Skills” ladies. HAHAHAHA……. I loved that Donny called Victoria a genius! I love Donny’s imitation of Devin. I love Donny’s backhanded compliments for Cody. He’s right up there with Zach for rippin’ on idiots in my book. He just leaves them dazed & confused (no bong required)


I agree these two are delusional but, Donny acts like a pervert, all the girls this season complained about his staring and whispered sexual comments creeped them out, a couple didn’t like to be left alone with him..( I heard many of them so I know he said them)..Donny seems like a nice guy and at times I feel sorry for him but, watch the feeds and you’ll see he’s not innocent….his social skills killed his game, if he had started talking to the guys from the start they may have included him a bit more, he knew sleeping when they were all awake was a mistake but, he did it anyway, it’s time for him to go it’s not fun watching a grown man cry because the other kids wont play with him…….


You’re a pervert!! These Bitches couldn’t care less when the young hotties make the crudest of comments and not only make sexual suggestions (including gay Frankie making hetero sex jabs) but physical grab at them. And just because you say all these c*nts say it does not make it true. Vomitoria says he stands too close when she’s cooking?? WTF does that mean (as she pets DerPrick)??? Crustine is the most vile and hates everyone so her word is pointless.
And if you f*cking watched any one the live evictions they all basically say Donny was their favorite!! Including the women. So go sit in a pole knucklehead. You implying that makes you as stupid and delusional as rest of this house.
And BTW I don’t think Donny expected to be put into a house with a bunch of immature children who’s main goal is for “fame”. He was probably expecting more people like DerPrick who know what they are saying and doing and are smart

Some Skerry Sisters

Thank You GinaB, You said it better than I could, but exactamundo!


about time someone was honest and described these two nasty fuc&ing biches perfectly “c@unts”


Exactly what has Donny said that is so perverted and creepy? I’m not challenging you–I’m honestly asking a question. I see this mentioned here and there, but if anyone has cited an example, I’ve missed it. I just assumed that the girls who were initially creeped out by him were being judgmental and making assumptions based on his looks and accent, as they are clearly stupid and hateful enough to do so. I really am curious as to what Donny may have said or done to illicit such reactions and comments.


They made that crap up about Donny to be cruel an mean because they are little vindictive ugly blotches! it was not true what they said so before you try an destroy a man’s reputation please get your facts straight!

River Song

You said you’ve heard it, so give us specific examples. Of what Crusty said, or Shitoria parroted, what you yourself have heard. Because unless you have some special magic sparkle pony live feed to watch at night, no one else has heard this. And if Donny had been as inappropriate as many times as you’re claiming, this board would have blown up. Nice try.


One of the best posts ever. I love it. You are spot on.


So hearing from the outside world that Frankie is possibly a saboteur means nothing to these idiots? From the recaps here, appears there’s virtually no serious discussion going around on what that could mean, or all the money he could be making from the role. Incredible. Is Frankie, Donny and Nicole aware of what was said? Anyone showing any remorse for pinning it on Zach?


Why all the criticism on here about Frankie? He’s clearly the funniest and most talented person in the house! Frankie for the win!!!

mr ed

Nice try Jack-off !!!!


Go back to the stable Mr Ed where you belong. Go Frankie!!! For the half million!!!


Think of all those schools in Africa!!!


Frankie has talent? By that play last night, he appears to have neither acting, production nor directing talent. A very vile a disgusting person in my book, no wonder he is stuck being just a youtube mogule (his words not mine) no one else probably wants anything to do with him in public or the real world.


Jack anyone that thinks performing a play in black face is a pretty sick person. Just with Frankie making that suggestion should kill any job aspects he ever has or would have along with destroying his sister’s career and along with his comment about euthanizing Zach, dry humping every man on show, comments about other people along with the comment about baby blood on his hands should bring him plenty of bad Karma when show is over. These idiots have no idea how much they are HATED outside of this house and it will be a huge wake up call with huge repercussions for all of them excluding Nicole an Donny. Honestly BB should give them hints to wake them up before they leave or it is going to get ugly for them on the outside!

Michael from Canada

My guess is that it’s because he’s a fking douche bag.

Mary Mary

I hope Christine and Victoria both cry an ocean of tears once they find out what America really thinks of them. What a pair. Have fun reading your fan mail, ladies.


I’m just waiting for the moment when Victoria and Christine come back to reality. Christine, YOU’RE MARRIED..KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF. Victoria, DERRICK IS MARRIED..KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF!!! The ladies are obnoxious for that reason alone!