Big Brother Spoilers – Donny tells Nicole we might be getting out before it gets too dirty.

POV Holder: Cody Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 25th
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny & Nicole
POV Players Donny, Nicole, Cody, Frankie, Derrick, Christine

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9:15am – 10:30am Big Brother blocks the live feeds to wake up the house guests. Donny and Victoria are the only house guests awake. Donny asks Victoria if she feels better today and she says yes, a lot better. Donny says I hope the swelling goes down on both sides. Victoria says MmmHmm. Victoria goes to the diary room and when she comes out she walks through the kitchen and messes up the jenga blocks that spelled out “My Everything” that Frankie had written last night. Victoria continues to do her makeup in the bathroom and Donny works out on the elliptical. Nicole wakes up and starts getting ready in the bathroom. She tells Victoria that she slept really rough and will need to take a nap later.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-25 10-51-52-879
10:45am – 11am Nicole joins Donny out in the backyard. Nicole says I don’t anticipate him using the veto on us because if someone else goes up they would be the target and I don’t think that’s going to happen. I just feel stupid for asking. I will just keep it short because I don’t want to look stupid. Donny says I would says something like I love this game big brother. I would like to continue playing. Congratulations on winning the veto. Nicole says I don’t want to take your words. Donny says you can stumble with your words, we’re just people. Nicole says I’ve been stressing so much about it. Nicole says wouldn’t it be awesome if it got used and someone else went up and we weren’t the targets. Donny says yeah but that’s not too practical. Donny says we might be getting out before it gets too dirty. Nicole says MmHmm.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-25 10-52-41-729

In the fire room –
Derrick tells Cody – we’ve got to go with the odds. Rock it out! The leave the room. Big Brother tells the house guests this is a lock down please go outside and close the sliding glass door. (The Veto ceremony is happening soon.)

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-25 11-03-40-272

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They were told or overheard someone tell them that Frankie was the saboteur. These house guests can get this in written form and still won’t take this guy out. Someone said before “you can’t help these morons just let it play out ”
All I can say is wow Now if Victoria wins we all were nuts watching this play out over the summer.


That would be the besting ending to the worst season. Not only would it piss off Derrick “I got this in the bag” cop, but it would probably piss off CBS.


Cody is the biggest azz hole of all. He could have taken out Frankie. Give Derrick the money already no one else has the balls in that place. What a friggin waste.

Love Donny

It would be so awesome if
Cody used the veto on Donny and put up Frankie. He has the perfect chance to make a big move and send a strong person home.

pants on fire

Knock Knock…Who’s there? P’s…P’s who? Pee Sitter won’t make a move because he wears panties!!


Yeah, it would be and we can only wish BUT asking Cody to grow a pair and stop being this year official pig’s b*tch is just asking too much of the guy…. you know what I’m saying. *SMH* We have to be practical here and think about the situation he’s in after all they are all her to play ‘cops and robbers.’ The pig is the cop and the others he’s aligned with are the robbers. It just goes to show how corrupted the force is getting if he can out maneuver all this years cast of idiots minus those who are actually here to play.


I AGREE……are Cody and Derrick even thinking about the possibility of Frankie winning HOH Thursday night? What if he finally makes a big move? I think Derrick might be too full of himself to consider that and Cody is just too dumb and spineless.

Zing Sting

Cody doesn’t have the balls to make a bold move. He’s Derrick’s little puppet.


The only big move that Cody will ever make in his life is one that comes from his bowels.


Good-bye Donny! We’re going to miss you. You are the only decent person in that house.

Exclamation pointt

Has anyone else considered the possibility of a second buyback since they didn’t give Nicole immunity for the first week. Just seems strange that they would do that without something up their sleeve.


So I’ve only probably watched 4 seasons but last year Judd did not have immunity when he returned; he lucked out cause Elissa won HOH and didn’t put him on the block. A little good it did her since he ended up stabbing her in the back.

I was sad to see Zach go last week (for myself) but happy for him because I think it was best for him to not be in that environment. I pretty much feel the same with Donny – sad to see him go but good that he’ll be with people who’ll show kindness and converse with him.

I actually don’t want Nicole to stay and do their dirty work to eventually go out. They’re all gonna feel badly when they’re not in the final 2 so they have what’s coming for them.

Zach’s my all time favorite player and I’ll be voting for AF but will be happy if Donny or Nicole gets it. Please no Frankie.


I think they should do it in a one vote up/ one vote down system. Try to find the middle ground between most loved and most hated and let that be the favorite.

Cocoa Puffs

Cody it’s time for you this far in the game not to need advice from Derrick. Make a decision for yourself. Use the veto. Your heard with your own ears Frankie is the saboteur. Best move in the house would be to use it and take Frankie out NOW !!!!

Roisen Dubh

I just need to get to finale night. Cody is a pussy. End of story. Dude wants to make a move and Daddy slaps him done again. I’m really tired of Derrick stopping everyone from playing the game. Any other season besides last years, somebody would have told him to go F himself at some point. This guy is worse than Helen and she screwed the entire house’s game including hers. The worst part is that he’s not that great of a player, sorry Derrick fans, but it’s true. He’s in a house with people that want to lay around all summer. He’s not winning 500k, when it comes out he’s a cop, the butthurt goes from 10 to 100. At this point, with his sloppy gameplay, he’s giving the game to Frankie. Frankie comes out swinging this week. Should’ve listened to Cody dummy, he was right about Caleb and he’s right about Frankie. If Nicole wins HOH, Either Derrick or Cody leaves. Derrick’s ego lost him the game.


It really is a shame that this is the year I pick to start watching this show. Because it sounds like this used to be a really good program. It does seem way over the top with all the celebrity wanna be delusions and turning it into a frat house run by mean sorority girls.


the veto meeting has not happened yet anything can change

The Greatness

I agree….Derrick’s ego may be his undoing…..If Frankie survives (highly likely since Cody has NO NUTS!) He will be gunning for Derrick OR Cody….and they will have the votes with Caleb, Chri…(I dont even want to spell out her name) and Nicole may roll with em just to stay safe another week. I can’t wait for them to hear the crowd go NUTS when Donny walks out the door….it is going to be INSANE!! #TeamBeard4ever!

Cody is better at the game than Donny

“The worst part is that he’s not that great of a player, sorry Derrick fans, but it’s true. He’s in a house with people that want to lay around all summer.”

I literally have heard the same excuse made for Will in BB2, Dan in BB10, and Hayden in BB12. Some players are just so good that they make the rest of the cast look like they suck at the game in comparison.

Roisen Dubh

Your case was teetering when you said Dr. Will. Will owned his game and didn’t weasel anyone, he antagonized them and talked himself off the block 4 times when POV didn’t exist. Then it went to hanging on a string when you brought up Dan. Dan didn’t try to control the whole game. Both times, he controlled the game when he went on the block, and that crazy mist he sprayed at both funerals got him to the end. But your case really went downhill when you mentioned Hayden. Matt carried the brigade all season long, but you forget like a lot of people that even those idiots realized Matt couldn’t make final 2 and he got cut right after Britt and nobody gave it a second thought.


Derrick-We have to go with the odds…. more like Oddballs! Hoping Cody gets called to the DR before veto and they tell him to think long and had about using the veto. Freak show Frankie needs a reality check and would look great on the block! BB= Boring Bafoons!!!!


If CBS continues to allow us to watch Victoria do her beauty routine day after day I’m going go nuts. I would much rather watch Donny on the elliptical machine.


Two points to Vic for messing up Fakie’s blocks. Here’s hoping she wins HOH and gets him out the door next. Hey, it could happen, right? Nevermind, I forgot Nic’s still in the house, she needs to win instead.


Minus 2 points for doing that cause DR told her to. He was plugging Arianas record

Floating On Our Backs

I’m going to make the biggest move possible and get Donny out because he called me dumb. And as we all know I’m a genius. I totally meant to punch myself in the face. that’s a genius thing that we all do.

Christine is a floater, Vic is a floater, but I’m a competition beast. I have all the power this week, and I’ll let y’all know what Derrick lets me do with it. Honest, guys, I did want to backdoored Frankie but Derrick says it’s bad for my game. he knows best. I want to make a big move, so I’ll just get out Donny. he’s an army medic, professor, ex-marine, that guy is a genius! no wait…. I’m a genius.


Donny is constantly making little digs at Cody. Calling him “dumb and weak and he thought he was this dumb dumb but he does have some brains” ect ect. Hes mad that he thought he could manipulate Cody into feeling guilty with all this “your family is going to wonder why you didn’t stick with the nice sweet old man” bs…Now that it didn’t work, hes acting like the rest of them.

I think its funny how everyone is saying Donny is nice and sweet and what not, (hes a nice man,yes) but now that he has FINALLY started to play a social game, see how quick things change from nice ,sweet to game player. You sometimes have to tell people different things and that’s how you plant seeds and get further in the game and place doubt about other people to their alliances and so on. It seems evil and shady when its a HG you don’t like, but when its a HG you are rooting for its Game Play.


i also find it funny when people blast Christine for saying Hurtful things … but they do the samething! Idiots

Floating On Our Backs



Victoria is one ugly gal! She thinks she is so beautiful. She spends all day plucking hairs off of her manly face. If I didn’t see those pics of her in her panties I would swear she had a cock! (unless she had it tucked and taped)


I would like cody sooooooo much more if he magically uses the veto. If I was Donny/Nicole, I would go up to Cody in the HoH room and say this:

“I’m not gonna sit here and just tell you lies about the other houseguests just to further my game, but what I want to do is tell you the truth. You are in an alliance with 6 people, and each person in your alliance wants to win the game, yet unfortunately, there can only be one. Who is in the best position here to win? Derrick. Who has almost all of the jury votes locked down? Derrick. Who has managed to string you and Victoria along, knowing that he can beat you once you get to the final 2? Derrick. Derrick has been running this game, and yet, none of you have realized it. Guess who the only person who realized it is? The person leaving the house this week, Donny. If things continue the way they’ve been going, you will most likely place second, and Derrick will win. Actually in most scenarios, Derrick will almost always win. He has played a nearly flawless game. No one ever considered even putting up Derrick on the block. This probably will happen later on, but he wont be going to jury. If you want even a sliver of chance to win this game, me and Donny have some open spots. However, if you want to ‘follow Derricks guidance’, then the doors down there.”

It would be interesting, in a game of lies, for someone to tell the truth in order to save themselves, and even more interesting if it worked.


Now watch Vic spin what Donny said into a hateful remark about her face. Would not surprise me one bit.


If Cody used the veto on Donny I would actually respect him as a player


Cody is a woman in making decisions, I agree, but if he went against the grain he would be an immediate target, so he knows he cant make a move yet. They are setting it up for an ugly back stabbing final 5-6. It will be good. I have a feeling Cody and Derrick are going to make a move next week to get out one of the detonators with Nicole and Vic, they alluded to it last night (unless Christine, Frankie, Caleb win HOH, then it’s back to p***yville)…Here’s to a bloodbath as they slice each other’s throats (one can hope) to the end…

BitchBitch and Bitchsomemore

Reading these posts for the 2nd time and have come to the conclusion that you all accuse the HG’s of being whining, cheating, lying individuals YET you all want to whine and cheat to keep Donny in the house…….just saying. Trying to get people to yell over the wall, get Production to push for Donny to stay and just generally bash the houseguests remaining in the house because your own favorite is no longer there shows the inferiority of your own morals. Thank goodness you people are all spending your time on these sites bashing the few in the house remaining, and not in the real world spreading your hate amongst the rest of us. What a vile bunch of people you really are.

Butters Mom

Those that are bitching are doing so because they need someone to support to win with integrity, and morals. Without Donnie and Nicole in the house there is no one left to root for. These dim wits went on this show knowing they would be television 24/7 and yet they show the very worst of themselves…. Im not talking about game play… Im talking about random chit chat at its very lowest that has nothing to do with strategy and game play… that is what everyone is complaining about when they scrutinize these idiots… Donnie has shown restraint and not sunk to their level of low and that is why he is supported on this site and also why he won the TA team member position. So go cry a river Bitch bitch and bitchsomemore… Im pretty sure you just keep posting under different names but your complaints are always the same…. BORING!


Obviously your here as well so what does that tell you. And we can express our own opinions. Guess your Derricks wife.


Oh yes, we are a vile bunch of whingers on this forum. Donny has played his game but in a different manner to most. Donny sat, watched, observed and listened. He had Derrick pegged from the start. He has never pandered to the other hg’s nor has he engaged in the reprehensible name calling and slagging off that the others find enjoyment in.. He tried to respect each person but because he was older and did not engage in sexual or lewd acts, he was ostracised. The TA put him at a disadvantage as did Double HOH. He has overcome the odds winning comps even when his partner would throw it. Donny has remained classy during his time in the house. When he leaves tomorrow he can hold his head high. When he returns to his post BB life he has nothing to be ashamed of. The remaining hg’s, with the exception of Nicole, will find that they are greatly disliked and will not be in demand for CBS publicity. Donny will come out a huge winner and if CBS has any smarts, they will ask Donny and his “beautiful Christine” to be on the Amazing Race. Donny is a first class contender and a first class gentleman.


Oh, look at your “high morals” bashing the fans of this site. Wow, I have to admit, I respect and admire your integrity. It must be SO awesome to have such high expectations for those around you, let alone yourself. Do you have anything better to do than keep sticking for your relative that’s on the show? Gee, I sure hope so. I hate to see such “talent” being put to such good use than monitor what everyone else has to say on here all day long. #drippingwithheavysarcasm hehe 😉

The Snortmeister

Oh, boo-hoo.

BB16 is the worst season ever

First As much as it could salvage the season, I doubt a twist,DPOV or Cody finally getting a clue will happen in time. I would almost be happy if I were Donny, and it seems He almost is, to put distance between Him and the League of Losers left in the House

Second.. I wanna publically apologize o the BB15 cast, I said CBS could never find a cast as vile as You, I was sadly mistaken.

Third Even a bullhorn can’t wake up the brainless


Derrick told Cody in a earlier post, that if he put Frankie up, he would have Donny, Nicole, and Caleb coming after him. Wrong, Caleb wants Frankie out, he just does not want to be the one putting him up. Caleb will have no problem voting Frankie out.
Caleb knows that he has been lied to by everyone, but Nicole and Donny. {He has told Nicole he knows she is not a liar} Caleb is not quite as stupid as everyone thinks. I don’t know whether he is playing the game as a imbecile, or whether he is a imbecile and some times he has a break through of clarity.

If I were the HOH right now

……………and I finally grew a pair and wanted to throw a curve ball by vetoing someone and putting someone else up, I would say “You are right Grand Piglet. I will leave the noms as they are”.


use the veto and put Porky Pig up on the block.

Won’t happen, but THAT is the BB I want to see,


I like Donny but I hope when this game is over for his own good that someone talks to him about at age 41/42 he still has MANY years to live if he lives a healthy active lifestyle.
I am 50 and work out 5 days per week and he makes me feel 25 when I hear him whining about being an “old man”. That is ridiculous.


When Donny talks about being old, I take it that he means in comparison to the frat pack. Wondering too if that was not part of his intention. Getting older does have certain benefits.


Not that Derrick isn’t playing hard, because he is, but the rest of those dummies make him look like a better player than he actually is. They all fell in line for him like good little children from the very first day. They’re really just a bunch of slackers who aren’t even motivated to win, and are just thrilled to be on a TV show.


How many times a day can Victoria put on makeup? Doesn’t this girl have a normal wear and go look for the day?


Guess she won’t be sponsored by cover girl. That make up lasts all day. Lol.


I’m going to send Vic a trowel.

Cody H8er 2

If Cody chooses to use the veto and put up Flunkie, I may have to change my opinion …but who am I kidding, this is Cody.


Is it just me, or does it seem like Victoria has some crazy in her? First, she cuts up Zach’s beloved hat “just cause” and now, she messes up Frankie’s jenga art of “My Everything”

Roisen Dubh

The noms stay the same. Good job Cody, another wasted HOH and you sealed your fate by not thinking for yourself. Now watch Daddy steamroll you in the next couple of weeks.

Jimmy 64

Time too make a big move Cody put up Frankie and get him out

Go with the numbers

Or shake it up Cody! Stop asking OINKERS for permisson! PLAY YOUR OWN DAMN GAME!


Frankie using his “Star Power” to plug his sisters record….. oh and to remind other HG’s he’s Americas Favorite… what a horses ass

Cody is better at the game than Donny

LMAO at salty Donny fans!

Go Donny

OK, from what I see the majority of the remaining houseguests do not like Donny. Don’t even want to be around him. Makes no sense to me, BUT if i’m Cody why would I not use the power of veto to save him? Isn’t that exactly they type of person you want sitting next to you in the final 2. You already know several people would not vote for him. They are calling him a “pervert”, yet Frankie molests everyone in the house and can’t have a conversation without talking about his **nis. Seriously. This season makes no sense to me.

Christine's crazy eye

Salvation is on the horizon, brothers and sisters! BBAUS is supposed to start Sept 8, hallelujah.

getting bored with this...

how do we get to watch this.. is there a link to their live feeds?


I would LOVE for Nicole to win HOH this week……maybe I’ll start watching the show again!

Worst Season EVER

Just curious, does anyone know if there has been any indication that Cody is going to go through with the “remove Nicole and put up Frankie” plan? I’m sure that he is too much of a pansy to make a move on his own, but I was just wondering.

mr ed

Frankie is a vile little piece of dogshit ! Hope Joey sees him outside the BB walls and decks him !!! The Grandes must be so proud of their talented (LOL) little asshole !!!

Zing Sting

Cody says he’s got a college education and is smart. Um, really?? I know some people that have an education and are the dumbest people in the world… Wake up Cody and stop being Derrick’s little bitch. Grow a pair won’t you!! Maybe Frankie will loan you his lemons…
This season has to be the worst. It’s so predictable!! yawn…. wake me when Derrick wins because no one has the guts to take him out or the brains to know they’re being played…


I don’t know why but everytime I see Frankie I’m reminded of a horny little chihuahua (dog) humping every leg in the room.

So boring...

Now we all now that Donny is leaving, what are they going to do for three days? So boring to watch BBAD!

Roisen Dubh

Duh Duh Duh Blah blah blah DUh……..


Donny is leaving with his head held high first of all. Secondly if all goes well he will get @ $60,000 his $20,000 for TA and @ 13,000 stipend and hopefully America’s Favorite $25,000 which he should win by a landslide !!!!!!!! Go Donny u r a true sweetheart!!!


Attention Cody please send Frankie home as he mistakenly got on Big Brother…he thought he was signing up for Biggest Balls.



Zing Sting

NO! I don’t want to!!

Murphy's Law

Julie ( on finale night): ” This year marks the highest votes we’ve ever had on Big Brother for America’s Favorite Player….and….that is….Donny”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…. and the crowd cheers wildly with a standing ovation!!!!! While Donny humbly wipes a single tear away…….I love this guy!


I’m sorry these guys are no fun. Just to make the house go crazy if I was Victoria I would have spelled out with the blocks Saboteur?. Gone back to sleep and waited to see if someone saw it and maybe make rumors fly around.

I heart zach

I miss zach 🙁
He was so entertaining and funny
I wish he was still in the crazy house!
Zach for America’ s favorite ….
Zach is my favorite player since Jeff and Jordan.