Victoria ” Derrick and (Christine) were on the hammock for 2 hours.. it’s scary”

POV Holder: Zach Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 11th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  Frankie/Caleb Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Nicole’s Noms (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
Final Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny and Zach
POV Players Christine, Zach, Donny, Nicole, Caleb, Derrick

BB16-2014-08-11 18-58-33-363
7:11pm Kitchen Donny and Victoria
Donny asks if this is the longest she’s been away from home.
Victoria went to Israel for a couple months.
Victoria says she use to go to Israel every summer to see friends but is stopping because all it is is partying and she’s over that. plus it’s really expensive.
They wonder if her friends in Israel are able to see the episodes.

BB16-2014-08-11 19-00-59-874

BB16-2014-08-11 19-24-55-426

7:18pm Donny and Zach
Donny says he was in the backyard for a couple hours alone everyone was sleeping.. “If I had a television it would just be like I’m home”

BB16-2014-08-11 19-43-24-691

7:27pm Backyard Chit chat backyard..
Christine hated the movie Wall-E
Frankie loved it
Virgin airlines is “the bomb”
Frankie talks about international first class and how amazing it is. Mentions going to Africa on a new giant airplane there was a spiral staircase.
Zach – Dreamliner”
Frankie – from takeoff to landing never once did I feel it move.. The larger the plane the less the turbulence.. that is why I don’t want to go on private jets I’m like no
Frankie brings up Virgin galatic that travels into orbit it costs a quarter of a million dollars.
Zach – do you leave the ozone layer
Frankie – ya
Zach – that’s dangerous
Caleb says supposedly Lady gaga is filming her next music video on the moon
CHristine – WHAT!.. what is this world coming to
8:23pm backyard chit chat.. Zach talking about going to golf tournaments are really hard to see “Sh1t” Zach adds 90% of the people there are following Tiger. Zach says he waiting in the hot sun for 4 hours with his broski so they could get signatures from the players. “WE got everyone”
Zach says TIger has 8 police officers around, he doesn’t sign balls he has his own pen.

Frankie shares story when Dan Marino walked in on him while taking a sh1t at a restaurant.

BB16-2014-08-11 20-32-15-041

8:30pm Storage room Derrick and Victoria
Victoria – I’m so exhausted.. Nicole told me Christine wants to be the last girl in this house
Derrick – doesn’t matter she’s just trying to get you to flip the vote .. Of course she wants to be the last girl in the house she wants to win.
Derrick says there will be a lot of things said this week there’s a girl that is on the block that will do whatever it takes to stay.

BB16-2014-08-11 20-41-08-247

8:39pm Caleb and Frankie working out

BB16-2014-08-11 20-43-36-210

8:41pm Hammock Nicole and Victoria.
Nicole – even though I slept all day I think i’ll be able to go to bed tonight..
Victoria i’m exhausted..
Nicole – I’ve never seen someone as fake as Christine
Victoria – as fake as Cody
Nicole – no Christine
Nicole – She makes fun of everybody.. Oh my gosh I thought it would catch up to her for sure..
Victoria – She’s a good actress
Nicole – her and Derrick seem like they are getting close to
Victoria – I know it’s scary
Nicole about Christine – Shes like I still love you as a person.. I don’t love you as a person at all I’m sorry… I hope you’re different on the outside.
Nicole says the guys are promising Christine stuff.
Nicole warns her not to trust Christine.
Victoria- Derrick and her were on the hammock for 2 hours.
Nicole – there’s got to be some twist that we don’t know about.. there’s one coming up.. there has to be something crazy
Victoria – a comeback
Nicole – it could be that

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If you watch closely during the live feeds, you can actually see the grass grow.

Big Jacket

I am just waiting for a HOH to nominate Derrick and Cody and convince Caleb and Frankie to take out the trash. D&C are the tightest people in the house and we need MAYHEM!

Big Jacket

Maybe these stupid houseguests that are in jeopardy could figure out that the only person NEVER nominated is Derrick! Maybe rattling his cage would shake things up.

Big Jacket

Maybe these stupid houseguests that are in jeopardy could figure out that the only person NEVER nominated is Derrick! Maybe rattling his cage would shake things up.

I Hope Donny Stays

I just spit up my drink laughing at that. Good one.

Ugly Personality

Is there anything Christine is NOT disgusted by?

pants on fire

Herself…but then mirrors smack her back to reality.


Christine looks like the mother in Bob’s Burgers :))

Horrible Wife

Apparently flirting while your’e married


Ratine has passed flirting a long time ago. Flirting is verbal while Ratine is physically all over NoB@llsCody.

Ariana Grande stinks

I think it would be totally appropriate to hand an artificial vag!na to Cody on the FInal Night. He REALLY deserved it — hands down!






Apparently, she can stand Cody just fine.


You know this season suck when people like GinaMarie are missed …

Boring sheeps… Donny is the only legend there.


There needs to be a twist maybe two juror would return. Julie said this is the twisted season ever and they have only done one twist and it sucks


No thanks


I also think the twist will be BOTB will last until they’re down to six people which means the two HOH will have to put up the remaining 4 on the block. Hopefully that will be the week they have another double eviction and go from 6 players to 4. Make them turn on each really quick


Agreed said that a few days ago. This season one group has or is running through the house and it is SOOO BORING! We need a BIG change to save to year’s game.

Bum Squad

BoB would have been a lot better if the two HoHs competed against each other. As it stands, it only makes sense to put up the weakest players. If the HoHs were playing for their lives, the comps would have been more intense and alliances would have been much more likely to fracture. BB is a great game… until it gets f…ed with too much.


It might have been better if the HOH that nominated the winner of the BOB got to stay. Then everyone would have been putting up the strongest players instead of the weaker ones. The weaker players would then be the ones being back doored.


Why would you backdoor a weaker player when you had a strong player on the block?


I think two people will come back also and it will be another double eviction. Or some special power during a luxury comp. I don’t think they will do Pandora box again this year, because that is no longer a twist, but rather a repeat. I hope if they have the two people come back those two will be the HOH, but I don’t think they will do that since everyone has to compete for HOH, But it would be nice if they did it that way.


If Donny last one more week then maybe Hayden come back in and they can make it to the end. But they will need Zach most definitely.


Agreed Again, we need something way out there to happen soon, Please BB!!! we are falling a sleep here.


I am so glad I have this site to turn to so I don’t have to watch the Frankie show. Thank you Dawg and Simon for telling us what is happening so if something good happens to change this boring season we will know to tune back in.


I am also glad for this site also .. I don’t watch “ Frankie after dark“ anymore… that guy makes me ill….

Big Sister

I wish somehow we could learn the percentage of time Frankie has been featured on screen on BBAD, CBS, and the feeds compared to the rest of the HGs. And to think, this fool thinks America loves him!! Oh, I want to be a fly on the wall when he learns the truth!


I have been a fan since Big Brother 8, and let me tell you the last two seasons have been by far the worst I have ever experienced. A lot has changed since than and production always tries to get involved. However if CBS really wants to turn Big Brother around I think they really need to do another All Stars. I sincerely doubt they are able to add a new cast that will be fun. Heck BB 13 was trash since the newbies (Adam especially) were flat out spineless in the game. Even BB14 would have sucked if it were not for Dan and his misting abilities. Anyways don’t mean to vent I just really love this game.


BB allstars sounds good. As long as Enzo and Lane are back. Enzo is hilarious.

Yo yo

Are you kidding me ? Enzo is an idiot who didn’t do anything all season. He’s one of the most overrated players in big brother history. He just sat around all season while the other brigade members made moves for him. The only reason why he won a veto that season was because he shoved Reagan during the otev comp.


The guy is classic on Dick at Nite.

Yo yo

Good one you fruit loop dingus


Well thought it was Donny’s turn to hit the bricks? lol They’re playing with fire as ypou get less people more alliance members will get exposed. Basically Donny and Victoria as sacrificial sheep. If Donny were safe next week I think Derrick would target a bomb squad and keep Victoria. That’s if his peeps are running HOH.

Still like Derrick/Cody F4 a lot. Christine is getting tight with both that might get her a F4 slot dispite being disliked. Very uneventful season so far. Not overly entertaining as a result. Watching paint dry til Thursday!

Meanwhile I was STILL Thinking...

I love Donny! I like Nicole…Hayden is alright. Everyone that I thought I’d root for at the beginning, I no longer can STAND. Frankie at first, I thought was amusing, Caleb, I thought would be my FAV. Well, I never did care for Christine, Cody or Victoria. Can’t wait till FAKIe and Ratine get to packing.

Dear Allison Grodner,


The Truth

What would be the point of saving Nicole? She still doesn’t get it. She says her game was better before she spoke to Cody and Derrick and yet she still thinks she can trust Derrick??

On a side note, every time I see the word “skeery” I can’t help but laugh.


I don’t think anyone thinks Nicole has a great game going. It’s more that we don’t care for Christine, Frankie, etc. Also, what Christine did to Nicole was pretty shi**y. Christine just sucks.


I don’t think she does trust Derrick… look at who she is talking to when she said this. She knows Vic is under Derrick’s mist and will run back and tell Derrick everything. I think she is saying this to Vic so Vic will tell Derrick how much NIc trusts him. She knows Derrick is running the show and therefore knows she has to get Derrick on her side in order to stay. She has mentioned she knows Derrick and Cody flipped the script on her and Hayden and she has mentioned she knows Derrick has alliances with everyone in the house. If there was someone she could trust in that house we would see what she is really thinking and based on her short convos with Donny I would bet this is what is going through her mind right now.

Team Caleb



they seem to be acting like they don’t know that one of the 4 evictees is going to be coming back? that’s why i can’t believe they (derrick) isn[t being smarter about who he is getting out now. Sure jocasta is there, but now Hayden and nicole, and then Donny? That is 3 out of 4 with great chances of winning their way back in. If they had sent out Victoria this week, and Cody or Christine the following, we’d be looking at 1 out of 4 with a good chance of coming back (as in Hayden). And one in 4 is not that great, plus they could blame nicole and donny for getting rid of cody and christine if one of those returned, they can blow it off. there is no blowing when they backstab and blindside the 4 evictees, one of whom they plan to be Donny, who is easily going to blow up the Team America at the very least.


have any of the evicted or soon to be evicted houseguests given Derrick any reason to worry? He has the numbers overwhelmingly in his favor. Only Nicole has won HOH, and it has basically been a disaster for her both times because of the 2 HOH twist and that she only had Donny/Hayden on her side. The 2 HOH twist makes it much more difficult to make a big move, especially when the numbers are against you.


Best case scenario for next week is Donny and either Frankie, Zach, or Caleb winning HOH.

Post Veto nominees should be Derrick and Cody, Cody and Christine, or Christine and Derrick. I’m so ready for those 3 to go.


The next BOB should be America and one houseguest that wins. America will also vote for the two that should be on the block. That’ll stir up the game.


I kinda like your idea!!! We need something to flip this house upside down. Just bring one back means they are most likely out next HOH.


EvelDick and Tony(Survivor) approve of Derricks game.


OMG I cannot wait until this season ends. This season has been cr@#. Not one person to like…….well maybe a few but their out or going out soon. But this year it’s been a group of guys that really ran through the entire season. It’s all one side and boring. This group like every year, thinks they are going to be superstars, that they where the best season yet. Why couldn’t this game have a few jump ships and mix it up, but no we are going to keep their same old boring game till the end. I hate to say it doesn’t look good for Donny. Frankie shut the FU@# up! He is going over and over about what was said about his sister, funny part is that 2-3 people said it and Nicole was the one that said it out loud. There are going to be a few shocked when they really see what and how said what.

Derrick Smells Like Bacon!

OMG I can’t wait till next season either, that way Julie Chen can lie to everyone again and tell us all “This Summer Will Be The Biggest Twist Ever!”


I know! Frankie is really over reacting about what Nicole repeated she heard from Christine. I don’t think she said anything bad just that Frankie has Victoria in his back pocket.

Meanwhile I was STILL Thinking...

I love you too Zack!


Just heard the horn honking and “I love you Zach” from beyond the BB house. When they had to go inside and Derrick repeated what he heard, the look on Frankie’s face was priceless!!! His face said, “They love Zach and not me?” Tired of the Frankie show. Good to see a minute or two showing someone else.

Meanwhile I was STILL Thinking...

LOL…you are so RIGHT. FAKIe is visually upset that ZACH got some attention!

Kathy B

It was a thing of beauty to see that expression! I was just going to turn off BBAD because I can’t stand listening to Christine’s hyena giggle any more. Curious to see if Giggles works at the Starbucks near my vacation home in Tucson – may have to find another place to get my coffee this winter…or I could just go in and snarl at her.


Frankie seemed happy and sad to me (happy for Zach, wished it was him). Christine kept trying to diminish it, Cody was full-on jealous (please get Cody out…). I appreciated Derrick’s reaction (just in time… Starting to hate him). Donny and Caleb were funny. And OF COURSE Zach’s reaction was adorable 🙂


Wait then he gets out and see all the polls. Would to have a picture of him then as almost everyone is liked better than him.


If you’re talking about Zach I hope you know that you are wrong in that regard. Or were you talking about someone else?


I spoke too soon… here goes Frankie again.


What if two jurors return and they are automatically HOH. Or only one can be HOH then other HOH is fan base voting. Lol.


When Christine watches this season at home, she will be humiliated for what an idiot she is! Jellyfish, with no usefulness to the guys.

Jimmy 64

Hey Simon & Dawg
Get the drones ready and take out Frankie and get
Christine in the crossfire .

Kathy B

I usually don’t advocate violence, but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures!

what kills me...

Is, people on here complain about what people in the house say and act like it defines them as a person.
EXAMPLE Derrick says…
So that means he is a low down dirty cop who deserves to lose his job…WHAT?
Based upon the comment above, and using THAT logic. (I am just making a point i think the comments above are fine and understood for what they are unlike when hg’s say stuff people don’t like)
so using that logic… You (commenter above) should be arrested clearly you have violence issues and are planning to attack your fellow citizens…
Funny to me how people dont see the double standards of judgment on here.


Well Christine, your hideous face and nasty personality disgust me. Along with your slobbering all over Cody. Ugh. Evel Dick is AWESOME. Write that down. And that is why he has fans…and you don’t! You’re at the bottom of the totem poll, sweetie. In every poll. Hate to break it to ya, darlin…but no one likes you. 🙂 Shoo troll.

Teri B

I can’t stand watching anymore. Only reading here. Thanks Simon and Dawg for everything you guys do to make this unbearable season “not so much”. Thanks for being here!! You are truly appreciated!


Idk I like Caleb now. He’s very loyal. And he can not be rude or lie at all! Caleb flat out told Frankie Hes gonna throw the BOB. Caleb’s thinking about the game now and he seems to be smart as well (since he was the one who said “why would we vote out Zach…? He’s a number for us.”) just my opinion

Beast Mode Cowpie

Surprisingly, I find myself agreeing with you. Early in the season I could not stand Caleb and his massive ego (reminded me of Jessie, except that Jessie was acting the part and Caleb really BELIEVES in his own greatness). But now Caleb’s ego has been eclipsed by Frankie’s, and I just can’t stand watching Frankie at all. Caleb has been playing a pretty honest and straightforward game, and seems to be the only one focused on strategy rather than personal crap. And he has always wanted the weakest players to go so the end is a fair fight. I have to say I kind of like the game he is playing – shows just how much I dislike the rest of that alliance I guess.


When Donny and Nicole ,were walking around in the back yard together,I thought I heard Donny say Derrick was playing a good social game, and if he won HoH he wouldn’t put him up.Then the feeds went to commericall .


Hey watch what you say about Cody. He will read the comments then tell derrick how bad he wants to punch you in the face


Lmfao! Can’t wait to see Cody’s tantrum when he is finally nominated! Would love to see Zach and Donny HOH next week, Zach: Vic and Christine, Donny: Caleb and Cody. Christine refuses to throw it, then the team realizes Caleb is more of an asset than Cody… Oops… Cody out the door!


I want snot nose to go home like yesterday! Get a damn tissue! Then it would be interesting to see punk a$$ Derrick scramble for dear life.Zack should use Frankie as much as he can, like he used him. KARMA!

Wade Garrett

Its going to be really stupid for them to bring someone back. You’re in the Jury now, so stay in there til its time to vote.
This will become another hate on whoever comes back n the house. Remember when Gary from BBCAN1 came back in and people were condemning him for it, yet he had no choice but to play the game they dealt him and he played it very well!!!. I think the same people whining for someone to come back are the same people who will whine when its not someone they want or say its not fair their game is over. I don’t like the idea of someone coming back. They need to come up with something else like a secret veto or something for someone to find. IDK anything but bringing someone back. I personally really hate that idea.


I almost spit my water out! Cody had the audacity to say he has had a better strategy than Zach. What strategy are you talking about? Being Derrick’s lackey? Yeah because it takes so much strategy and intelligence to be told what to do.

With Hayden in jury against Derrick and Cody, I highly doubt they’d beat anyone.


Cody is an Idiot! He does realize based on game play alone if it’s him vs zach final 2, cody won’t get a 9-0 vote lol


If Cody was against any of the HGs, he would lose against 90% of them.


Derrick will take Cody and Victoria to the final 3. And if he wins HOH will take Victoria to the final. I just wanna see Cody`s face.

He thinks he is super hot. Sure he has a cute face. But he needs to work more on his body. Caleb and Devin are twice his size.

I bet he still lives with his Parents.


He does…he said that people call the house when they want him or his brother to dance…(maybe he’s just talking game)

Meanwhile I was STILL Thinking...

OMG…Caleb is hilarious, without having a CLUE. Caleb talking to other HG’s telling them that when he was 14 years old; his grandfather told him he was 1/4 Indian. Poor Caleb. Too funny! I thought Christine would cackle her way into a fit!

Beatrix Kiddo

I told my husband that they call Christine “squid” but I didn’t get it. Bird maybe but squid? He laughed and mentioned Sponge bob. (I still think its cruel to talk about people like that but…..)

I think the way that Frankie has treated Zach in the house has been awful and mean. He has done nothing but berate him behind his back ALL THE TIME then wonders why Zach is annoyed at him. Frankie is a total jerk and that comes through in almost every show. I was giving him a chance but I would like to see him out on his ass.Hes a rude little shit with no tact.


After seeing Andy winning last season, I couldn’t even imagine a worse season, but yet it’s upon us. The only reason I’m still watching is I’m hoping something happens to get Derrick, Frankie, Christine, Cody, Caleb or Zach out of the house. I wish Donnie, Hayden, Nicole (even Jocasta) would win over those bunch of losers. It seriously disgusts me how annoying they are. I would rather even see Victoria go farther in the game than the five jerkoffs I listed above (that’s how bad it’s gotten). The two HOH rule completely had completely sucked and it’s disgusting to see people go farther in the game, than the people that are actually liked and deserve to win…Since Production always gets involved, maybe they shouldn’t have allowed a 10 person alliance to form and essentially ruin the season. There’s always hope production will pull their heads out of their ass and have a DPOV or Coup d’Etat or something to change this godforsaken plot line…We can only hope!

I don't think so

You just described the worst season possible with Hayden,Nicole,Jocasta,Donny, and Victoria. What in the hell would be interesting about that? The sound of crickets?


Christine is an attention whore. She couldn’t stand that Cody gave Amber and the other girls the time of day or the fact that people like Zach the best/better than her. Derrick, Cody, and Christine are disgusting human beings (if you can even call them that) by saying that Zach doesn’t deserve to be liked. NEWSFLASH: no one likes you within and without the house so hurry up and hit the bricks Terrible Trio. Just praying that the house is flipped and one of those freaks is sent packing.

Nicole or Frankie

Thumbs up for Nicole and thumbs down for Frankie

Axel Foley

I love that they heard the outside world yell out for Zach. Sorry I missed the look on his face when when he was told.
I really can not believe Caleb is star struck. I missed where Frankie told them about his sister. (in reading about it not live feeds). I thought for sure Victoria would have picked up on it as soon as he was yelling and thanking everyone including his sister Arianna and the Grande family? Hello no one picked up on that? Some of us might not know who she is but I guarantee the younger ones in the house would have heard of her. Hes completely annoying now. Just when I started like like Caleb….he gets starry eyed over a you tube kid. Jee wiz!

Ms Manners

I know they’ re standard bodily functions, but would it kill these guys to cover their mouths when they burp or at least say excuse me. I’ve never seen people be this disgusting on so many levels. Ugh. I try not to watch when I’m eating. Listening to Cody snort and swallow his snot every 5 minutes is equally disgusting. So is listening to Frankie smack his food instead of chew. I don’t know how or why anyone would find these male HG’s attractive or charming –they act like pigs. Except for Donny, you can tell he is a true southern gentleman.


Without getting into a political debate, I’m glad that even though Caleb doesn’t believe people aren’t born gay, that he is so comfortable hanging out with Frankie. Since Amber has gone I have really enjoyed his game.


Yes thank GOODNESS even though he thinks we choose harder lives for ourselves and can be transformed straight “With the grace of god”, he can use us to support is his delusional Country music career he thinks he is going to have after the show. Uh, no.


Caleb is incredibly vapid.


In a game where it becomes challenging to want someone to win over someone else, there is nothing that would give me more satisfaction if Victoria’s grin could be turned back into misery.
She ‘deserves’ nothing and I hope somebody won’t carry her to the final 2 knowing their guaranteed 1st prize is only too sweet.
Having said that, is Victoria a compassionate friend when someone else needs her because it’s been a lot of Nicole being there every time she has cried (which has been damn-near daily).
Anywho – I despise Victoria still and that will not change.
Even when all the lights go on, she still remains blind and dumb.
Seems she might now know that her cop in shining pig armour might grant her the princess dreams so she can get that handbag she always dreamed of… He’s despicable (to me) because of his …..I don’t know, I just have extreme dislike for Derrick.
Hoping whoever gets a shot to come back it would be between Hayden, Nicole (no doubt she’s toast on Thursday), or Donny (if he goes in the next 2 weeks).
Victoria looks like a female troll that hunches under the bridge in a lot of these pics today (maybe just the way I see her).


Don’t worry most BB fans hate Derrick too, myself included

tyrese jones

christine’s personality is worse than her looks lmao that is quite the feat bwahahahahahaha.


Christiane should be on Season 12. With the ‘Off Beats” . She would be great with that weird guy Ronney.


This group is so focused on getting to final 6 or final 4, etc. that they give no thought to how they are getting there. Derrick is the only one who, on the surface, seems to be clean. However, the jury members will talk and will start to figure out what he has done. He has also not won comps and that is something that the jury weighs. Sending Nicole to jury under these circumstances (the past two weeks) makes for a bitter jury member who could quite likely taint the pool.


Am I the only one that is picking up on the fact that Cody is either jealous or in fear of Zankie? Derrick and Christine too. They say it’s disgusting or that they can’t be around them, but I would bet anything that they are using that as a weakly devised cover to make them look annoyed rather than in fear or, in Cody’s case, jealous. But that fan yelling about Zach made my night. ZACH FTW


Am I the only one that is picking up on the fact that Cody is either jealous or in fear of Zankie? Derrick and Christine too. They say it’s disgusting or that they can’t be around them, but I would bet anything that they are using that as a weakly devised cover to make them look annoyed rather than in fear or, in Cody’s case, jealous. But that fan yelling about Zach and then Derrick telling Frankie basically tells Frankie that if he crosses Zach, he crosses America. Frankie loves to be loved by America so he will cling to Zach like a koala to make himself seemed likeable. How the tables have turned… ZACH ATTACK FTW


Well I’m very pleased that Zack is still in the game, second Caleb has stopped
about Amber. It was bothering me so much that no one would tell him, I damn near broke my iPad slamming it to the ground when I heard”at the end of the day and were going to exchange numbers”. I hope with some miracle they both make it to the end so Derrick and Cody can talk about how much they wanna punch Zach and then Zack b$tch slaps them with a stack of money or his fist,what ever hurts more.


Well I’m very pleased that Zack is still in the game, second Caleb has stopped
about Amber. It was bothering me so much that no one would tell him, I damn near broke my iPad slamming it to the ground when I heard”at the end of the day and were going to exchange numbers”. I hope with some miracle they both make it to the end so Derrick and Cody can talk about how much they wanna punch Zach and then Zack b$tch slaps them with a stack of money or his fist,what ever hurts more.


Cody is used to attention. Its usually the attention of screaming women shoving dollars down his (and his brothers? yuck) g-strings but it probably makes him think the world revolves around him. People like that crave attention and enjoy being the object of everyone’s attention and affection. It explains why he is allowing Christine to fondle him all the time despite the fact that she is married and lets face it not exactly the most beautiful woman in the world. He is gorgeous with the body to match but he isn’t much more than that. He has floated and followed Derrick’s lead throughout the game. His personality doesn’t match his looks which is a shame. I still find it jarring that he dances at parties with his brother and french kisses his own father like the SNL sketch.


He’s really not gorgeous. He has a flawless body but his face is average.


Not a Cody fan at all but lets be serious here. If Codys face is “average” looking then your boyfriend looks like a bridge troll. Most of you women would grovel at his feet if he showed you any attention.

I’m really liking Caleb lately. He;s tolerable now that Amber is gone. He’s still egotistical but he’s the most loyal person in the house by far, which is admirable.

Despite Donny acting like a 80 year old man all the time, I still love him. I hope he wins the show.

I have a feeling Victoria is gonna be in the same position that Sabrina was in in BBCAN2. She’s gonna be taken to the finals by someone because no one will vote for her to win lol.


Donny is just so dog-gone patient. Quite impressive.
He must have studied ‘monk’ behaviour or just has the fortitude of a man that is not commonly seen on Big Brother.


Christine was so stupid to listen to those egging her on to give Nicole such a blistering speech when she put her up. Doesn’t she realize she lost Nicole’s vote and probably Hayden’s too if she were to make it to F2.


Part of me desperately hopes he hasn’t drunk Frankie’s Kool-Aid that turns him into the froot loop dingus that he calls others out to be. I’m hoping Zach is just biding his time, tolerating this Frankie appendage while fooling nearly everyone with his acting chops, until he can utterly blindside Frankie. And all that is left as Frankie is shoved out the BB door.are a few sparkles, wafting in the wind. One can dream… 🙂 Be that #WILDCARD, Zach!


After the “I love Zach” thing and Frankie finding out that guarantees that Frankie would do jack squat to Zach because he knows that America loves him so it gives Zach a clear shot anytime to slam the door on Frankie’s way out. I don’t think they should be together in the house but I hope things work out outside the house for them


I’m still disappointed that Frankie won BoB. Caleb was stupid for sitting down and doing nothing. He should have got one of the the chains, stood their, and just refused to move it, thus giving Frankie no chance of winning.


Now calling Cody Cod; as in damp lifeless to the touch.
I don’t get the sense that he places a lot of value on human touch as he is able to fondle and be fondled without any emotion.
It’s always the same stroke, the same dead look in his eyes when he is giving or receiving any so-called warmth. Cold cod.
Anywho – still want someone to blow up Derrick’s game but it doesn’t look like that’s happening even when hints are dropped and out-and-out alliance meetings are always occurring with him, Cody and others. The ostrich dumdumbs are letting it happen.

Totally confounding to witness.


I’ve came to the realization that Caleb could actually win this season. In a F6 scenario it’s looking like Caleb will be in the house, and it’s not hard to see Caleb being able to win either HOH or POV to make it into F3. Against Victoria or Cody, he might just win. He’d obviously have to win the last HOH to get Derrick out.


I remember when I chose to be gay I thought “I want to have a harder life and be potentially ostracized by everyone in my small town…So I better choose to be gay!!!” Thanks for enlightening us with your views, Caleb.


Does anyone know if / where we can see all those goodbye messages that never got shown?
I’d love to see them, and it seems like such a waste that they disappear forever…